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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  April 14, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> today a new report says that some democratic lawmakers are concerned that california senator dianne feinstein is
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losing her memory and might even be unfit to continue to serve in congress. this has been a concern for some for a while now. the senator is responding now to the latest e% report. crowd force. >> justine waldman joins us live in studio tonight with the latest details that has been swirling around for a little while. but this is the first time we're actually hearing from other lawmakers that she works with. and those report by the san francisco chronicle that site for senators, including 3 democrats as well as 3 former feinstein's staffers. none of them are identified by name, but they are all quoted as having concerns over her mental fitness saying that her memory is rapidly deteriorating and that you can no longer fulfill her job duties without her staff doing much of the work again, this is what the chronicle is reporting that these lawmakers are saying anonymously and the senator has responded now to this report telling us here at kron 4 in a statement, quote, while at while i have focus for much of the past year on my husband's health and
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ultimate passing, i have remained committed to achieving results and i'd put my record up against anyone's in the past few months. i have successfully led the reauthorization of the bipartisan violence against women act secured more direct government funding for my state than any other democratic senator and secure additional funding to retain federal firefighters to help california prepare for the upcoming wildfire season. the real question is whether i'm still an effective representative for 40 million californians and the record shows that i am also coming to her defense is house speaker nancy pelosi telling kron 4 in a statement, quote, it is unconscionable that just weeks after losing her beloved husband of more than 4 decades after decades of outstanding leadership to our city and state, she is being subjected to these ridiculous attacks that are beneath the dignity in which she has led and the u.s. team which she is held.
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the senator is 88 years old and is currently the oldest sitting u.s. senator. she has represented california in congress since 1992 and is up for reelection in 2024, i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news. thank you, justin. >> the republican national committee has voted to withdraw from the presidential debates commission. the committee had been threatening to do that for a long time. arguing the commission is biased in favor of democrats. the bipartisan commission, which was established in 1987 and has been hosting the debate since 1988 is denying the charge. the rnc chairwoman says the republican party is committed to free and fair debates but says they will be held through other platforms. now to the latest on the war in ukraine where officials are claiming victory after sinking a russian warship that had been launching missiles into the city of mariupol. >> this comes one day after president biden approved
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another round of weapons to ukraine. kron four's washington correspondent reshad hudson has more. >> ukrainian officials say their forces launched a successful missile attack on a major russian warship. we do believe that there was a significant explosion on this cruiser, the mosque, pentagon spokesman, john kirby says the strike is unlikely to have a major impact on russia's military. and un secretary general antonio good. tara says the chances of any sort of pause in the fighting are not good. i don't think we have the chance to have a minute and he's he's fired as we want locally. 800 million dollars worth of military assistance, including helicopters of high-powered weapons is on its way to ukraine after president biden approved the aid wednesday while speaking to a group of students at the university of michigan, secretary of state antony blinken said the u.s. will help ukraine's military learned to use the weapons. some of the things that ukraine's of asked for,
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they're not get trained on blinken also defended u.s. support for ukraine in its fight against russia. if we allow them to be violated with impunity, it opens a pandora's box not just in europe but potentially in every place around the world where others are watching. president biden says the administration is considering a further show of support by sending a top u.s. official to ukraine as a number of european nations have done. we're making that decision out reporting in washington reshad hudson. >> now to our coronavirus coverage in the fda has granted emergency use authorization for the first covid testa breath kit. it is being called the in spektr covid-19 breathalyzer. the agency says it can be used in medical offices, mobile testing sites, workplaces. and the big thing is it can give results in fewer than 3 minutes. meanwhile, the state of california is no longer
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recommending a 5 day quarantine period for people who are exposed to covid. but who remain asymptomatic? health officials say with increasing vaccination rates and anti-covid drugs now widely available. the risk of hospitals being overwhelmed has been greatly reduced. however, if you test positive or have symptoms. the state department of public health still recommends you isolate for at least 5 days. >> pfizer now wants to include a healthy grade school age children and its covid booster shot program. the fda and the cdc already recommends people 12 and older get at least one booster. pfizer says that new information shows 5 to 11 year-olds could also benefit from one more child sized shot and plans to ask the fda for authorization soon. supply chain headaches have leaders on the hunt for a fix. president biden in the white house are pushing legislation which they hope will help.
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hannah brandt is in washington to explain how exactly that might happen. good evening. had a >> catherine grant. good evening. the biden administration is in high gear on high tech and they're focusing on ways to push their main america agenda. >> robot dog named spot stole the show during president biden's visit to a north carolina tech school work you're doing important. the trip is part of a push to highlight white house efforts to improve supply chains and invest in a high-tech workforce. we are educating who will lead us into the future. congresswoman kathy fanning joined president biden as he called on congress to pass the innovation and competition act saying it would boost america's semiconductor industry and help bolster our high tech capabilities. congress needs to get this bill my desk as quickly as possible. >> our economic strength is on the line. republicans have been railing against the administration in recent months as inflation, booms and supply chains break north
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carolina republican senator thom tillis blames biden for, quote, the worst inflation in more than 40 years. but president biden argues things are improving. americans are back to work. our economy has gone from being on the man. >> being on the move. >> and he says this legislation could pave a path to a better economy. there's not a fan. >> not a single thing. america cannot do not a single thing we can outcompete >> there is bipartisan support for this legislation. but the senate and house have passed different versions, which means they have some negotiating to get a final version on the president's desk live in washington. i'm hannah brandt. thank you. hannah. >> coming up, the software problem that could mean a dangerous situation for some toyota drivers. what's being done about that? also, the troubling new information on overdose deaths in the u.s. is they hit yet another re
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>> the rise in drug overdose deaths in the u.s. continues reaching another record high. the cdc estimates that nearly 107,000 people die due to drug overdoses last year and synthetic opioids. that includes fentanyl accounted for about 2 thirds of overdose deaths. >> a 3rd of all overdose deaths happened in 5 states, california, florida, pennsylvania, ohio and texas. >> well, deaths involving her when have declined in recent months. deaths involving synthetic drug send psycho
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>> the skyrocketing inflation is also having an effect on online sellers. is passing on the cost to merchants then. i guess the merchants then pass it on to us. you know, amazon
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is now hitting sellers with a 5% fuel and inflation fee reporter alex capriello has that story. >> this came from nowhere and it's like a basic to the week small. just amazon will now add a 5% fueling inflation surcharge to 3rd party. us sellers who use their fulfillment services maxim corner love who owns organa republic. a florida based e-commerce see dealer has been selling products on amazon since 2016. his company will be affected by the new fee that goes into effect april 28th that it's a great opportunity. said. >> and it's a lot of but every year i think it's getting hard and they're in a letter. amazon says they've been able to absorb cost increases in the past to reduce impact on sellers. but the constant change in inflation has led to this new charge. it's still likely to be dropped plane because increase in their fees all the time under the
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different xq knows that means businesses will have to decide for themselves whether to pass the cost on to you the consumer or work it into their own expenses. courtney love says he's pivoting to more website promotions outside of amazon and encourages consumers to check companies direct sites for products. prices can be a lot more than you all have the same product from amazon and probably will be the case even more and more because they keep change in their fees. and that was alex capriello reporting for us tonight. >> toyota is recalling roughly 460,000 cars because of a software flaw. >> this problem, they say can disable the electronic stability control system that helps drivers keep control of their cars. the problem affects several twenty-twenty to current models of toyota cars and suvs. some models of the luxury brand lexus. also part of this recall owners will be notified by mid-june to come to a dealership to get the software update.
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>> there it is going supports up in flames. that's going to her for hours. >> a driver caught that big explosion at a natural gas plant. this is near wichita. kansas happened today. you can see the flames. officials turned off the gas to the plant while firefighters put out the flames. 2 people had minor injuries. >> the tornadoes, 2 blizzards and wildfires. severe weather is really causing issues across much of the u.s. cleanup is underway tonight in parts of the midwest. a large tornado. look at that. touchdown near austin, texas. at least 10 tornadoes swept through northern iowa and minnesota is also cleaning up storm damage. >> and they also there to t like a train. >> they can hear there. meanwhile, wildfires are devastating parts of new
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mexico into the north. a blizzard is dumping snow. >> on north dakota, lot of snow. this is unlikely to be the last time we see a blast of severe weather this year in that part of the country or elsewhere. forecasters are predicting this hurricane season. looking ahead will be above average with roughly 19 named storms and 9 hurricanes possible from june through november. and check it out. was that look like? that? a tree? it was are kind still is mother nature turning that thing into something that from afar certainly looks kind of appeal. but that and old hickory tree in missouri, depending how you say it was hit by lightning. as the storms rolled through that area wednesday. the homeowner says they heard a loud noise while they were sleeping and then. saw that trina. if you will. i was like like a pill all right. erica caturay is
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here. so some drama for us was just great to see the rain. yeah, i saw the story about the hurricanes you're talking about. luckily, we don't have that. but the lightning strikes sometimes we've got to pay attention to because that can cause of wildfires. >> you know, right now we are still seeing a drop, a drought. as you can see, our latest drought monitor map was released today. now this was from a couple weeks ago and you can see that the red spread towards other parts of northern california into the extreme drought sugar wondering is that rain outside right now going to help with that? unfortunately, it's not enough precipitation to change that right now, even with the next storm are expected to get over the weekend. our high temperatures tomorrow will be in the we're actually going to get a break from the rain tomorrow. however, we do have that second storm system that will be and as you can see, it starts to enter the north bay here around 1, 2, in the morning is when it shifts and then it spreads to the rest of
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the bay area. when most of you guys will be sleeping. this is before 06:00am on saturday. we could see some areas of heavy downpour. so the south bay's actually get more rain from this system than what we've been seeing today. just light showers for the south bay and north bay could expect to see the same amount of rainfall amounts from this system. now, as you can see here, it starts to dry up later in the morning. this is around 10:30am, the north bay will dry up first, but we will still see some light showers popping up for the east bay here and the peninsula as well as the south bay. however, in the afternoon dries up even north bay, we'll see some sunny skies and then some cloudy conditions along the peninsula. >> and it looks like easter is going to be pretty nice. if you want to do any outdoor activities with your family, we don't have to worry about at bringing an umbrella on that in the meantime, if you're running any errands tonight, i do have your umbrella in and saturday
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morning as swell up be safe. if you're traveling for the weekend on the roads because we were talking about the sierra as well as going to get some snow and rain up there. >> all right. good advice. thanks, erica. you've got passover. friday, easter sunday, busy weekend and california could see electric car sales triple over the next 4 years says is imminent. the new proposal from the state air resources board does include hydrogen, powered and plug-in hybrids in their target goal, along with the all electric vehicles. it also aims to see a 3rd of all new vehicles purchased in the state. go green by 2035. this is the latest step in and aggressive campaign to try to phase out the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by the middle of the next decade. 2035 californians would still be able to drive and sell gas, powered cars. a space tourism
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company is planning to offer people the chance to float into space. this is a few can. >> for the sky-high price of a ticket. the company space perspective is planning to take passengers to the upper atmosphere on a giant balloon. it's a 6 hour trip. the luxury cabins include 5 foot tall windows, dark purple mood, lighting wi-fi. there's a space launch at least 600 tickets have already been sold $125,000. each and the company is hoping to begin launching the balloon from the kennedy space center in florida by late 2024. coming up, the late 2024. coming up, the gorilla celebrating a big when a truck hit my car, late 2024. coming up, the gorilla celebrating a big the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm, that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth.
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>> the world's oldest gorilla celebrated her birthday they did it in style. this is cute. fought who lives in the berlin zoo. happy 65th. well, that's amazing. to celebrate the milestone. zoo workers brought her cake made of. vegetables gets better. blueberries and raspberries. no tofu for fatu she apparently arrived at the zoo. i'm sorry. back in 1959, after a sailor traded her as payment for a stay at a hotel in france. i don't think i knew they live that long. but
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good for 5, 2, i don't think i knew gorillas get trade. no, that's the thing that hopefully doesn't happen anymore. all right. it's friday eve. so some of you might be feeling a little worn out of the towards the end of the week. apparently this included 2 gorillas. this is the atlanta zoo. zoo keeper shared this video of a young gorilla named floyd taking a break. 2 from playing to take a nap with his mother lulu. so everybody needs a quick recharge now on an even little gorillas like floyd. kind of feel like but a long week that those acute, you know, there's a very good to see the and that does wrap up kron. 4 news at 5 tonight. yeah, there's a lot more coming up at 6. ken wayne is here with a preview. getting back to the sailor. thank you. i'm guessing that there's a pretty good chance he doesn't even remember how he came to possess a gorilla in the first posse. just trying to offload it.
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>> yeah. and got a free night out of the deal. a weird card game last used to hang out with sailor they think you are used to be used to be as the so things like that just kind of sailor. all right. thank you, guys like you. coming up at 6, a possible new link between mental health and breakthrough covid cases. >> we're going to talk to a researcher who says conditions such as anxiety may have an adverse effect on the immune system. plus, a multi-billion dollar offer is on the table for twitter. what led up to today's splashy announcement today's splashy announcement from elon musk. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more.. catching my train... making moves... ♪ making a connection... a train connection. that's how you du more with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news news at 6. >> tonight at 6, the elon musk's twitter saga continues today. the world's richest man and largest twitter shareholder made an unsolicited bid to buy twitter outright. thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. moscow is valued at 265 billion dollars is offering 43 billion for the san francisco based company kron four's. dan kerman has been following this story and he joins us live from the newsroom with more. dan. >> you know, was in recent weeks when musk revealed he'd been buying up shares of twitter to the tune of about 9%. twitter responded by offering him a seat on the board on the condition he


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