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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  April 18, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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? choose wisely. choose wendy's. >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> time flies. 8 o'clock about that. crowd for on since 04:00am with rain and john and now we're looking at the weather. john has been saying the rain is on the way again. yeah, though you wouldn't. rain is all and only rain is on the way because rain is on the way. she is not. john. always still some rain is on the way. yes, raindrops will be falling later. page on rain and rain the way we will be looking at rain a little quicker than the rain, though,
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because that's holding off until later on after the sun goes down. you can see out there a little bit of a breeze at the bay bridge. nice and clear. still rain as well to the northwest of us. and we'll gradually see an increasing cloud cover today at today. ahead of it. >> but really not seeing those showers, intel even after evening commutes. your drive to work, drive home from ok, as far as weather goes, it's not going to be until the evening. if you're out and about that will start to see some wet conditions. 40's for most of our current temperatures, take it to the north bay petaluma. you're at 39 palo alto. you were at 39 earlier. now. you're 46, pittsburgh and alameda at 50's. so we're starting to see temperatures warming up. we can thank the sunshine for that. we'll be breaking down tonight. slight rain in some moderate rain later this week. all still to come. now it's thank you for that. you guys. all right. so wish i could tell you we had light traffic on this monday morning. that's not the case. >> here in belmont, southbound 1 one, ralston, it's getting pretty backed up here. some saying 82 or 2.80, good alternates for navigating in getting around that heading
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into the city. look at that. 60 minutes traveling from the maze to that fremont street exit, the san mateo bridge around. 21 minutes because of those delays were seen along. one o one that i just showed you richmond, tulsa, one-on-one, about 15 minutes. so traffic is picking up there. and let's look at the south bay along one o one. 85 in to menlo park. a little under 40 minutes. tara, james, back to you. thanks. a lot of 8, 0, 2. right now, more than 8,000 nurses and health care workers at sutter health facilities are going on strike right now. yeah, they're on the picket lines. the cna is calling for. >> better health conditions. better safety standards. cropper sarah stinson actually been chatting with them out of san francisco. good morning, sarah. >> it is quite the scene here. it is so loud you can get blasting music. they've got their they're screaming saying enough is enough. and the strike as he got. this is one-day strike. and joining us now, one of 1000 nurses and
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health care this is a me tell me why is it? so we're going to try been fighting last summer for contracts. we are looking for content that includes things like safe infectious disease protections and obviously a competitive salary so that we can recruit and retain nurses. >> but is about patient care and safety. now you guys are asking safer staff, more ppe has been short staffing our hospitals for years. it got worse during the pandemic. we want safe stepping on every unit. every shift. >> every day because we needed take proper care of our patients and our patients deserve it. >> so we asked a sutter health for statement. they said they're ready to go to the bargaining table. what's happening at the bargaining table? we're not and understanding. so we've been
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at the bargaining table with them since last summer have had opportunity to come back to us meaningful and they used to do and that's why we're out here have today's strike does for your that here said today they know about we resources and the staffing that we asked for. and we need the infectious disease protections that we've asked we need better pandemic preparedness we need them to come to we will here all day and we did hear from some we have a statement from them that their leash yesterday hoping this strike would not happen say
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may have to in other people to fill in for those on strike says 8,000 nurses and health care workers strike right now 15 different sutter health facilities. and so they said we're going to have to put people in. we just got a new statement from that for you in the next hour. but for now, it's going to be extremely lively out here. i don't like than ever had so many people out here rallying together. so we'll be live in about an hour with an update for now. back to the studio. alright, lively and loud. thank you very much, sara. >> it's 8, 0, 5 right now. and it island easter weekend in oakland. there were 2 deadly shootings. yeah. which brings now >> to 37, the number of people who died by homicide in oakland so far this year, cropper taylor, second takes a closer look and its reaction. >> the if you're that i have is that it becomes the norm. oakland city councilmember noel gallo, responding to the city's grim death toll after several shootings over the weekend. and last night, i
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they are, you know, the helicopter was flying over with my home, my yard with their lights on in the neighborhood. and the night before that. well, the same thing was happening. police are investigating a possible double homicide that happened early saturday morning at near the 900 block of 77th avenue. >> when they arrived, police say they found the victim bleeding from a gunshot wound who later died on scene. police say short time later a second victim was dropped off at a nearby hospital, but they also died from their gunshot wounds. gallo, who was born and raised here in oakland says the city has had its fair share of crime, but he's definitely noticed an increase in violence is an ongoing challenge. and i think >> those of us here in open certainly. you know, we need to stand up rice up to you know, not only support our police department, but also some of these young people on the street. now with the gang activity has really risen. oakland police are also investigating another shooting that happened around 04:00pm saturday near the 700 block of
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international boulevard. they say the victim is in critical condition. gallo was also on the public safety committee believes police staffing shortages and loosing a bail fees. >> are part of the problem leading to increased crime? the only thing some of us growing up in the neighborhood. only thing we understand his push for. and so i think that. >> the reality that in alameda county in california, we have due to the pandemic. and some of us feeling sorry for everybody we release people on the street this impacting our children and families that are trying to make a living. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> oakland police need your help to find this man. 27 year-old lebron gilbert is wanted in connection with the murder of kevin nishita. our kron. 4 security guard was shot and killed in november while on assignment guarding one of our reporters, herschel hail and shadia mitchell were
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arrested last month. mitchell appear in court last friday was expected to enter a plea, but didn't his next court date is set for may 13. >> we also have new developments in the sacramento mass shooting investigating call at best a geisha that is court documents show. >> that 3 of the 6 people who were killed were actually involved in the gang fight involving that shoot out the sacramento district attorney's office says at least one of the men who died fired a gun himself. court documents also show that shooting suspect smiley martin and josh mahoney of the casey posted on social media earlier that day saying that they wanted to shoot rival gang members. hoilett casey died in the shooting. smiley remains in custody. >> later this morning, officials from across the state are going to be joining victims of crimes to demand changes to how they're being treated during investigations. local senators, along with survivors of other mass shootings are going to be speaking. the event is going to be held on the west steps of the capitol building in sacramento. and it's set to
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begin at 11 o'clock this morning. meanwhile, happening today, the city of san francisco marked 116 years since the 19 0, 6, earthquake and fire. the ceremony was held at lot of stuff out market street earlier this morning. people who lived during the earthquake went to that found the post the names of family members to see if they were still alive and connect with them. the ceremony moved to dolores park where a fire hydrant was painted gold. that fire hydrant was key to saving the city's mission district. the 19 0, 6 earthquake was 7.9 magnitude and scale more than 3,000 people died from the earthquake and fires with 200,000 left homeless mayor breed was there along with former mayor willie brown. but mayor breed commented on our commended the people in san francisco for doing that hard work of rebuilding the city. >> this city, 80% of it over 3,000. people lost their lives. and i know there were probably people. discouraged
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and felt. what do we do now? but i also know that there were more people who stepped up and said let's rebuild. >> yes, city leaders say that today's ceremony should serve as a reminder that everybody needs to be prepared in case san francisco has another big earthquake. >> with no end in sight to russia's attack on ukraine. some u.s. lawmakers say that we should be doing more to stop russia. this comes as russia says, did some air strikes and they killed at least 7 ukrainians just this morning in lviv. alexandra le mon has the latest from dc. >> gooa morning. it's a delicate consideration for lawmakers and the biden administration to decide how involved the u.s. can get in ukraine because of fears of what russia will do to retaliate. >> ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy said ukraine won't give up its fight against russia in the besieged eastern city of mariupol. it is very important for us not to allow them to
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stand our ground. that despite the warning from russia to the remaining troops there to surrender or die on cbs face the nation. delaware senator chris said the u.s. shouldn't give up either. the american people cannot turn away from this tragedy in ukraine. senator advocated for more u.s. involvement in ukraine. i think the history of the 21st century turns and how fiercely defend freedom in ukraine and that putin will only stop when we stop an and on capitol hill. more than one u.s. senator has said perhaps u.s. troop involvement in ukraine shouldn't be completely off the table as russia shows. no signs of backing off its attack on ukraine of the president in terms of his decisions as commander in chief need to look clearly at the level of brutality. russia has already sent a warning to the u.s. to stop sending weapons to ukraine. u.s. involvement in helping ukraine has been measured in part because russia possesses
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nuclear weapons that some experts fear putin would use. and pope francis address those fears in his remarks easter sunday, but they will feed it. shall we put an end to the human race or shall mankind, renounce war asked pope francis. another reason the u.s. hasn't sent troops to help defend ukraine is because that country isn't part of nato. >> so far president biden has been firm in his decision that the u.s. won't send troops in washington. alexandra limon. >> it's a 12 and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news somebody stole a baby goat. it was all caught on camera. now the owners say that it needs to be in as soon as possible. we'll tell you why. plus amazon is making sellers pay extra fees because of inflation. we'll see how that will impact you. and we've got a clear morning ahead of what will be some showers. well, after the sun goes down tonight, steve actually got a really nice day ahead of us
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with 60's and 70's. >> after these 30's and 40's get out of here in short order. light rain tonight and more of it later this week. your forecast ahead. >> and a few delays to update you on and a look at your drive times th
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>> 15 right now and we'll check out the weather now.g it's getting interesting after all these months of predicting no rain, no rain, no rain. no, it turned out. we have wait
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till april to find gets back showers. winter a dead but spring. that's apparently where it happens these days. this looks nice. look >> quite the sunny start to the week. that is going to bring more rainfall, right? so that all starts tonight. light showers during overnight hours tonight, but obviously not just yet. we got this clear start to the morning cloud cover does gradually increase through the day today. so by the afternoon, you're not good to see near as much of this crystal clear skies and then come tonight that works its way down or direction. for now, though, enjoy this clear morning. just do it bundled up because it is really chilly out there. cloud cover, as you can see, gradually increases towards the latter part of the day, even by 02:00pm could see a couple sprinkles north of santa rosa. maybe even a couple along the coastline. but rainfall really arrives later on. this is 09:00pm tonight, random or in sonoma, napa counties pushing in towards 10, 11 midnight tonight for the rest of the bay. now the showers are going to stay pretty light and be pretty short, lived to already
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working their way out of the region. buyer pre-dawn hours of tomorrow morning 05:30am, here starting to see rainfall pushing out into the central valley central coast in snow in the sierra, nevada should hang out with us through mid morning bay area just starts the morning tomorrow. really cloudy, but sunshine returns come tomorrow afternoon. wednesday will be a continuation of dry weather that will start on tuesday. and that's before wednesday night into thursday and friday are more significant round of rainfall in this forecast. again, that's wednesday night lly got to watch out for tonight's rain is going to stay pretty light. a 10th of an inch for most of us around 4 tenths of an inch for santa rosa. maybe half an inch in those mountains north of santa rosa. rainfall amounts later this week, like wednesday night and thursday. well, over an inch possible in the north bay and looking at the potential of it half an inch for some spots in the rest of the bay area. so that's the one that's really going to be coming through for us. it also in the sierra nevada. so we do have winter weather advisory that takes effect basically smack dab in the middle of the night
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tonight. last until 11:00am tomorrow. just a few inches of snowfall from this system in the sierra. but that is enough to make things slick on 50 80. if you were planning on getting up there tonight into tomorrow morning, maybe delay. those travels until tomorrow afternoon. when things start to calm down up there, 50's for your highs near the coast in 60's to barely low 70's for the rest of the bay. it is going to be a really pleasant day familiar because we've been spending a lot of time in this range of comfortably cool upper 60's to low 70's last week. and this past weekend, we're going to keep that around all the way through friday of this week. so light jacket, kind of stuff again, if you're out and about tonight, it's going to be the rain jacket, although anticipate its monday night, most of us will be pretty settled in by the time those showers get here tomorrow and wednesday should be dry starting tomorrow morning into wednesday. later in the day. now, wednesday night into thursday and friday as when showers get here again and that rainfall is going to be something that slows us down even more. specially feeling thursday and friday, mornings
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now saturday and sunday. 70's for your highs coming right back with this. and lots of sunshine just in time for the weekend after we get through these showers this week. great, don. we've been keeping a close eye on this accident in belmont because of the delays we're seeing southbound, 1, one north of ralston avenue. so you can see all the way past san mateo. >> starting to slow us down along the san mateo bridge. 82 to 80 good alternate for getting around that accident traveling into the city. let's check on drive times here. wound down to 13 minutes traveling from the maze. 2 that fremont street exit. it's the san mateo bridge. we're starting to see that uptick because of those delays. so 17 minutes, 80 across towards one o one. let's get a look at crockett down towards the maze. nearly a 20 minute drive for you there. san pablo avenue also starting to pick up as well highway. 24, i don't see any major accidents or delays as you're traveling highway for traveling from antioch, into conquered a little under. 21 minutes for you. and in the south bay,
8:20 am
we're looking at the roads there. look at that. 41 minutes. 85 and to menlo park. remember if you travel a little further down, want to one. that's when you start to see those delays. so 2.80, might be your best bet. james, back to you. thanks. a lot rain at 8.19, and today muni is bringing back 2 of the lines that have been dormant since covid. they're bringing back the x and the 8 bx. >> express bus service from uni and were suspended because of the pandemic. nobody was riding in now. they're hoping people do. that service runs from south san francisco to downtown and chinatown and community leaders will be on board. the buses later this morning to celebrate the return of those lines. it is also tax day and you may not be celebrating if you haven't finished your tax return, the irs expects to get tens of millions of last minute electronic and paper filings because you always have till midnight to get in the mail. if you're going there. april 8th, as of then, the irs had already gotten 103 million returns and they issued about
8:21 am
63 million refunds. those were worth 204 billion dollars. so that handed a lot of money. but they have record low staffing numbers, a huge backlog, they say. so they're warning of some a lag in the return times. if you need refund check in your last fall, you can bet it's going to be a while. if you have not filed by today, you need to make sure you at least file for an extension that will give you another 6 >> inflation and those high gas prices that we've been dealing with are hitting big name retailers as well as the mom and pop shops on main street. amazon, for instance, is now adding a fuel and inflation surcharge on to what it charges its 3rd party sellers and the charge is likely to get passed on to you. we've got alex caprio with more. >> this came from nowhere and it's like and basically the week small, just amazon will now add a 5% fuel and inflation surcharge to 3rd party. us sellers who use their fulfillment services maxim corner love who owns
8:22 am
organa republic. a florida based e-commerce see dealer has been selling products on amazon since 2016. his company will be affected by the new fee that goes into effect april 28th that it's a great opportunity. said. >> and it's a lot of but every year i think it's getting hard they're in a letter. amazon says they've been able to absorb cost increases in the past to reduce impact on sellers. but the constant change in inflation has led to this new charge. it's still likely to be dropped plane because increase in their fees all the time under the different excuses. that means businesses will have to decide for themselves whether to pass the cost on to you, the consumer or work it into their own expenses. courtney love says he's pivoting to more website promotions outside of amazon and encourages consumers to check companies direct sites for products. prices can be a lot more than you all have the same product from amazon and probably will
8:23 am
be the case even more and more because they keep change in their fees. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news, a mail thief caught on camera in san francisco will tell you why the homeowner says it's stuff like this. that's just got to stop. we'll be right back.
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>> a 25 and a thief is stealing from mailboxes around san francisco. this time caught on tape. take a look. >> doorbell camera, whatever was rolling and you can see the car come up the stairs. this is in russian hill. >> there's 3 mailboxes there and they're the locking type. but she's able to quickly pop them open. and then got away with some male. this happened last week and one of the homeowner says it's not the first time. >> we had our garage broken into late last year. and nothing was stolen because he was caught in the act by my husband and our 2 dogs. >> at that time. but this time, like i said, creek to get away with may look prying open the mail boxes. so the best advice from the postal inspector is have locking ones that can't be, you know, broken into because they do make different types and then also put your mail on a wholek different going to be there. and if you are home, make sure you get it out of the box
8:27 am
before, you know you go to bed. >> speaking of boxes about the batters box because it's getting ready right now as the oakland a's have their season home opener. finally right there, back home in the bay area. we'll talk all about you're a champion. you're not a quitter. quitters don't do what they're supposed to. champions do. and you're a star. and you shine. that's what you do. that's what you do every day.
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>> 8.29 right now. and mother nature has been working out pretty well like often on rain. get a break. it's an and
8:30 am
this is kind of how you want to get that rain. right. rain for a good couple daybreak. then rain again. looks like we're in that break today. now with more on the way. >> and then john and then and head thinking core of it. it somewhat get some right here because we finally broke our dry pattern. and now we're back to eractly what darren james are talking about. the good stuff, the on and off rainfall. this allows it to soak into the ground without running off and causing problems for us. this has been really solid the past week and a half now. and let's keep it going. indeed. we are for another week. lots of sunshine this morning. it's not going to stay around for too long. cloud covers getting increased through the afternoon and then rain gets here overnight. tonight, mother nature actually timing it out. really conveniently for us because it is monday night. most of us are going to be all settled in by the time this rain gets here and it's going to stay pretty light having a bit of a slick impact on our early risers tomorrow morning for commute. now 40's for most of our current temperatures. alameda pittsburgh, brentwood in the low 50's. we're all pretty much out of the 30's.
8:31 am
now, aside from point raise, if you're out that direction, i will be talking tonight's light showers and moderate rainfall later this week. all still to come. bring a john. thank you for that. all right, let's check on the golden gate bridge. if you're traveling from 37 to the tolls. >> around 22 minutes for you there. so no major uptick and drive times the bay bridge. now back down to 13 as you're traveling from the maze into the city to that fremont street exit still have that accident near belmont southbound ralston. and we are still seeing some issues to san mateo, thankfully, not really impacting the san mateo bridge too bad because of that 70 minute drive any akin to conquer. and let's leave you with a look at crockett down towards the maze along 5, 18, 80, just about 18 minutes. darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot rain. a 31 east bay woman is pleading with the public to help find her baby goat, which was stolen. the day was born. yeah. a security video actually shows a woman holding that gold under her arm and walking away. kron four's gayle ong takes a closer look at what happened.
8:32 am
>> there was a little monaco. think decided it was a great time easter weekend to lay down and have a baby dario and says she was on her way to pick up the mother goat and it's newborn. but sadly someone else decided they wanted that baby, too. we have woman on a security video just taking this poor little baby away from its >> yards in says the newborn went missing friday sometime after 10, 30 in the morning. the mother goat is part of the herd seen here on surveillance video working to clear dry brush off a ping wei in pinole yards in is the owner of goats r grazing contractor that helps with fire mitigation in the east bay area. the baby go vanished. the day was born your son says without the proper care, the chances of survival are very slim. mama coats have room. >> that is very significant. it's it's super critical for the babies to have that.
8:33 am
>> the missing goat is described to be cream colored similar to its mother in this picture. please, please let this little goat family be reunited. part me wants to believe that people were just. an informed and educated about what this animal needs to be able to thrive. >> it isn't something you can raise in an apartment or your backyard very well very years and says she found reports police and contra costa animal services. >> reached out to both agencies for comment but have not yet heard back. gayle ong kron, 4 news >> 8.33, and look at with the fit in antioch, destroyed this atm and part of the building trying to get delta schools. federal credit union posted these pictures on facebook and they didn't get away with anything but they sure destroyed the front of that building trying to rip the atm off the wall. the damage has been boarded up now. it just needs to be repaired. well, if
8:34 am
you're someone. >> or or if you know someone who works for contra costa county, well, you they could be a victim of fraud. that's because a data breach has exposed the personal information of county employees. now an investigation revealed that someone was able to access the employee email accounts multiple times between june 24th and august. 12th of last year. county officials say that that breach included getting information about who was communicating with the county's employment and human services department, which then put at risk everything from names to social security numbers, driver's licenses. officials right now are sending out letters offering complimentary credit monitoring to any potential victims. >> a little bit older. but yeah. >> and was years? >> after 2 years of searching, a california family finds their son in utah. they
8:35 am
reported their autistic teenager missing. his name is connerjack oswald from his clear lake home. and that was in 2019. he was 16 years old. and ever since then, they've been searching for him. they were they've been identified persons posts and checking hospitals and morgues. and then last thursday, police in utah found a 19 year-old sleeping outside a store in the team can said to a finger scan and that is what led the deputies to find out his name and his family oswald is now safe in a treatment center and his family is relieved and thankful. yeah, he's back home. >> soon will you know, he's back on right now. oakland a's. >> oh, holed up in her baltimore orioles tonight at the ballpark. it should be a good time said yes. san francisco got to their home opener right out gate. will tran gets to go to both. >> and i he's an oakland right now because and i will. >> there's no place like home.
8:36 am
you call the oakland a's the oakland dorothy's because there's no place like home, especially after a 10 game road trip. it's about 2 weeks. >> they don't have players here, but they will finally have the players in the dugout, including the manager, of course, new manager. >> bob melvin took off to san diego padres. so under new administration, but same team rooted in oakland since 1968. hopefully they'll stay in oakland for a long time. but that's something that's cannot be controlled by the fans. what you can control if you're a fan. first pitch 06:40pm, tonight. this feels like getting ready for the look at this. the guests are not here is that you're very busy getting your house ready to go. they have been busy since about 5 o'clock in the morning because a lot of people will be in attendance. the oakland a's actually should have done this 2 weeks ago, but because of the major league baseball lockout, they were not able to do it because logistically things just got topsy-turvy.
8:37 am
so they were not able to do it. that's when they said you got to hit the road. they got to do that. but they're back now playing against the orioles. the a's. they actually did a wonderful job as far as the record 5 in 5, nothing to sneeze at, especially with the team that historically has one of the lower payrolls and major league baseball. but 5, 5, philo keep up the momentum. not sure who is going through out the first pitch. not sure he's going to sing the national anthem but that will all be worked out in this closed a little bit later. what you need to know is bring your vaccination card. you might be like what? so last month or so now because the city of oakland still requires you to have your vaccination card if you going indoors to the bars and certain locations at the coliseum or places where they serve. food indoor, you'll need that. but outside, you will not have to prove your vaccination, but you will have to prove your loyalty by screaming your head off. if
8:38 am
you're in oakland a's fan, back to thank you very much. well, >> all right. we'll take a break. it is 8.37, coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news. the warriors air getting ready for game 2 against the denver nuggets. they're also going to be at home at the chase center. we've got kron. 4 sports director jason dumas, swat more coming up in a minute. >> and we've got plenty of sunshine this morning, but don't stick. it expected to stick around all day. we are going to see increasing clouds middle of the day and then some showers on the way tonight. just some light stuff overnight before even more later this week. all the details are in your forecast. >> and we've seen our fair share of delays this morning. but we also some lighter
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> we're back a 41 is the time. and oakland students and teachers are coming back to class today with their masks on and they're going to keep them on for at least another week. there are concerns over a potential surge in covid cases following spring break. so the oakland unified school district says they're going to keep this mask mandate in place until at least sunday. april 24th. after that, the indoor masking policy will just be a recommendation, not a mandatory thing. >> and doctors do continue to warn about the spread of covid, especially after easter weekend when a lot of people traveled, many of them by air. you do need to still wear a mask. as you know, they extended the rule for masks at airports and on airplanes, but still new cases are on the
8:42 am
rise because of the omicron sub variant ba 2. a lot of travelers say they just want to get their lives back to normal, even though they know there's a possible risk. >> it is what it is approval to travel. i think that's that's awesome. it's fine with me. it's not not too big of a deal. so, yeah, it's great. >> health officials say the best thing you can do is make sure that you're vaccinated and boosted and that you get tested. if you're wondering if you think you might have covid. also, they say despite whatever rules there are wherever you're going, that if you want to wear a mask, you can would be extra safe. it's a 42. we'll be right back.
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>> okay. we are back with a look here at tahoe. this is some of the video that captured over the weekend showing that, yeah, they got that snow that john was expecting them to get and it was perfect, too, because the snow did come down. >> on saturday and then sunday, everybody had the slopes to enjoy upwards of what, 3 feet in some spots. i'm pretty sure this was shot on saturday because saturday was actively snowing. it was always it was also very wet snow. that's what we're here. and then sunday my sister was out there and there was snow and it was clear it was pretty nice. ok%y. so it actually made for a pretty good weekend tahoe. you go look. so hopefully that snow stick around. hopefully we get more on top of it, which looks like
8:46 am
that's what's going to happen. yes, it does. when when john, i know all 3 of those systems last week really added up to something up there and you could see right there piled up along 88 castle peak rate here. >> just for reference about 10 days ago that was looking pretty dry right alongside the road. so this is such a nice change of pace. >> tonight is when we'll start to see some light showers in the bay and some decent snowfall this year. we're only going to add a few extra inches to tonight. it's a definitely a weaker system, but it's we do have a winter weather advisory that goes into effect at 02:00am technically tomorrow morning. but right in the middle of the night tonight 11:00am tomorrow will affect highway 50 as well as i-80 maybe planned to drive up there a little later in the day tomorrow, rather than earlier in the day because it will be slick. it all has to do with this system right here. rainfall that will drop into the bay during overnight hours tonight will be hard to expect that just looking outside right now because it's nice and sunny for most of us. but skies will already be clouding up towards the middle of the day today. you will be
8:47 am
seeing a couple light sprinkles towards mid afternoon. up in northern sonoma county and maybe even a few drops near the coastline. rainfall really doesn't move in, though, until well after the sunset tonight, it's monday night. most of us are going to be well at home, settled in by this point 09:45pm widespread showers across the north bay dropping into the rest of the bay area around 11:00pm midnight tonight into early hours of tomorrow morning. showers move in quick and move out pretty quick, too. this one not really packing much of a punch is they will be remaining pretty light and short-lived by early tomorrow morning, some wet spots on the roads, especially for early risers. but by the time the sun comes up, you just going to be seeing some great conditions and already drying back out. snow remains in the sierra through mid morning tomorrow before diminishing as well. finished the day tomorrow looks nice and clear and we'll stay dry overnight tuesday night into wednesday morning. then wednesday night into thursday. that next system arrives and that one is going to stick around through thursday into early friday really be upping our rainfall
8:48 am
totals. so this first dose is definitely the smaller about tonight's rainfall moves in and out really quickly. mostly a 10th of an inch for parts of the bay nearing half an inch for parts of the north bay. you'll add on top of this, another inch or even more than that for the north bay towards the end of the week, another half an inch from india, other spots in the bay area. so that midweek to late week system is the one that's really going to be helping us out. as far as temperatures go today, upper 50's to low 60's near the coast. most of the rest of the bay area in either the mid to upper 60's or just barely making the low 70's like you'll see in san carlos down the mountain view down into the south bay with san jose, one of her more mild spots at 72. keep the light jackets on hand much as we've gotten used to this past weekend and last week, this cooler trend of weather with rain interspersed by sunny days really does continue. and today, daytime hours will be dry evening hours tonight. not so much. those light showers arriving will drive back out to tuesday and early wednesday before wednesday night thursday into friday. more rainfall. and
8:49 am
then just in time for the weekend, the nice weather of your forecast highs back into the 70's by saturday and sunday with lots of sun reyna. john, thank you for that. ok, if you're traveling through an we have an accident up there. westbound highway 12. >> at old sonoma roads. you are seeing some delays along the air. i would say you could take romell road which runs just adjacent to that and hot back on 12 to navigate and get around those delays heading into the city. look at this. down to under 30 minutes. we haven't been this light on a monday morning in the 8 o'clock hour for a while, a little under 15 minutes, a 80 to one o one across the san mateo bridge. now that accident in belmont. still there, southbound north of austin avenue. so you are still seeing delays as you're traveling south. remember, 82 or 2.80, really good to take those because no issues over there and the south bay. we'll check in on ones. 85 in to menlo park around 34 minutes for you there. and out of richmond heading across to we're sandra fell about 10 minutes story of james. back
8:50 am
to you. >> thanks a lot 88. 49. the warriors are playing game 2 tonight after their win over the nuggets. see if they can make it 2 in. oh, good. bad week for bay area baseball. however, depending on which team you're rooting for. we've got sports director jason dumas, us with the details. >> the warriors, they were back on the practice court after their game. one win over the nuggets on saturday night and good news for them. steph's left foot reacted just fine after his first game in more than a month. here he was after practice getting up some shots. the last player on the court going through his post practiced. >> regiment as usual step work ethic is unrivaled. and how about jordan poole? he made his playoff debut and >> he scored 30 points with just 13 shot full-time mitch richmond for the second most points scored by a warrior in their playoff debut. the record holder is a guy by the name of wilt chamberlain. he had 35 looking pull. he was
8:51 am
just phenomenal. he had been all year. he averaged about 19 points per game this season last year, only 12 points. that's a big jump. but somehow he was not nominated for the league's most improved player award. draymond green. he has an issue with that. >> if jordan poole isn't the mvp that i mean, i'm the most improved player. then the nba really need to relook at their process because you cannot find a guy on that list that has made a bigger improvement. i don't care. so if you are. less, if if he's not the most improved for the less renamed war. 2, we i'm going to say as but to to home, we like the most. >> first rea, you've got a podcast. now your immediate to the big bad media giants go for the series sweep of the guardian's top of the second tyrell estrada here. that just gets over the fence for a 2 run home run. let's try to have 4 rbi giant cruise. 8 to
8:52 am
one. alex wood pitched 5 scoreless here. now 7, 2, on the year. how about the a's? they wrap up their series in toronto. first 10 games of the season for oakland on the road. 3rd inning, eat your heart out. a's fans. there's matt chapman in that baby blue. he drills a single to left center run comes into score. that makes it 3 to nothing. a's lose. 43. they dropped 2 of 3 in toronto. they come back here to the bay area for a 3 game set guys with the baltimore orioles. >> and that was jason dumas reporting the tip off for the e cond playoff game for warriors against the nuggets. it's tonight at 7 will be watching. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
and that spacex successfully taken off. they launched a spy satellite. her out. malcolm 9 rocket 06:00am from which, you know, southern california. most times they take off out and >> florida. but this was chance where we had a launch here on the west coast and they did put out a warning to all the residents in the area that there is going to be
8:56 am
large like sonic booms because, you know, easter morning here, i there's going to be loud. them meant it was a success. you can see the second the first stage settled back down for a flawless touchdown. back of an a bird. the rest of it went up in space cool so we don't know satellite right? but i mean, i just love seeing the pictures of it going up and down are really pretty night. it's pretty cool scene again that we don't often get to see here on the west. and you don't know it's been used for because it's, you know, can tell the national. yeah, yeah, it's for intelligence. >> all right. let's check this out. it is not your run of the mill easter egg its under water. this is cool. it's the under under the eggs floors. >> and they do this. a scuba diving. that's fun. yeah. hard to get a hold of those florida and the waters are looking can't do that kind of stuff here. still too cold in the water. but and the florida
8:57 am
keys and juggle. yeah, they had a good time with that. the underwater easter egg hunt is stage every single fund actually to help with charities and support children in need. so good because yeah, and unusual and fun way of spending the tie. >> it 56 is the time right now. and we've got lots more coming up on the kron. 4 morning news. there is a big nurses strike happening today this morning. we're on the picket lines and see how my affection. >> and we're also following the latest out of san francisco today. the 100 16th rememberance of the 19, 0, 6, san francisco earthquake. we'll show you how the city honored those we lost their lives and 2 deadly shootings this weekend in the city of oakland. we're going hear from one city council member about this spike in violence.
8:58 am
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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron 4 morning news. at know. >> good morning. it's the finest hour. 9 o'clock on a monday which is not chopped liver. i mean, you pretty good. you had a nice weekend, maybe even have today off to east or if you're just waking up. lucky we've got a great morning starting off for you this. well, tonight say this evening really is more overnight. things get a little weather, right? so john's got the timing. all the rain that we're expecting this week. i hey, guys. yeah, we've got 2 rounds of it this week. the first, which is tonight's a little on the lighter side later


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