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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  April 25, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

3:00 pm're drooling. my $3.50 triple cheese & bacon sauced & loaded fries. order on the jack app today. >> now at 3 elon musk buys twitter for 44 billion dollars. what he plans to do with the company. now. also, stanford nurses are on strike where contract negotiations stand and what it means for patient care. plus, how fentanyl flows through the bay area. we follow the drugs, deadly path starting in the east bay. >> now from the area's local news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> now at 3 o'clock twitter takeover. billionaire elon musk has reportedly reached an agreement to acquire twitter
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for about 44 billion dollars and thank you so much for joining us this monday right here on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm justine waldman. the outspoken tesla ceo declared his intent to buy the company back in april 14th. but it was not until this weekend that the deal actually seemed possible. kron four's. well bellow joining us here now live from the newsroom with the very latest on this deal. good well, good afternoon, justine. the whole thing has been a bit of a whirlwind from twitter's board at first wanting to invoke a poison pill to block the sale to now a deal being announced. >> just a couple of hours ago and as you can imagine, reaction to the deal is split among users. many tweeting it's time to leave the platform. now elon musk likes to position himself as a leader for free speech. today he tweeted free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy. and twitter is the digital town square after the sale is closed, twitter would become a privately held company as far as changes to the platform, go and edit
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button is a possible feature. users could soon see. musk actually tweeted asking people about their opinions on one just a few weeks back. musk also says he wants to bring new features and make algorithms open source to increase trust. musk has also previously said he would be very reluctant to delete tweets in the future. and would generally be cautious about permanent bans on the platform. some find that ironic, though, as musk does regularly block users who have criticized him or his company. >> yeah, ladee is that you want most kids made it clear that he does not agree with the way twitter is moderated. right. and by the way, there are a lot of people critical of it, including myself over scene what's going to be interesting, i think, is to see how he actually makes decisions about this stuff. >> of course, the money has not been passed over the table just yet of the deal is still technically in the air. a lot of people have been wondering if banned users would be allowed back on the platform once the sale is said and done. that remains to be seen.
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of course, former president donald trump is one of the most well-known banned users of the platform. however, he has said previously he wouldn't want to rejoin twitter. so i guess we'll see. you can catch that entire interview with seen that on our streaming service kronon. you can download it for free in your app store. justine, back to you. thank you. and on that note about former president joining twitter again, the naacp sent out this statement. it reads in part, mister musk. >> free speech is wonderful. hate speech is unacceptable, disinformation, misinformation and hate speech have no place on twitter. do not allow 45 to return to the platform. mister musk lives are at risk and so is american democracy. there are 18 house republicans that are asking twitter's board to preserve all the records related to musk's buyout offer. republican lawmakers have repeatedly accused twitter of censorship and say this request is part of their examination of big tech. also
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happening right now, thousands of stanford and lucile packard children's hospital. nurses are on strike. the nurses say they're burned out overworked and in many cases understaffed. so now they're demanding change. kron four's. charles clifford joins us now live. >> he is in palo alto has the latest for us this afternoon. good afternoon, charles. >> good afternoon. yeah, i'm on in palo alto here. just the next to the stanford hospital. other still a few protesters are people out on strike right behind me here. it's kind of dwindle little bit as we head into the afternoon. but thousands of left the job today. they go on strike. they plan to keep on striking until they say the hospital make some changes. >> monday morning about 5,000 nurses at stafford hospital in packard children's hospital in palo alto went on strike, pdemanding better benefits and wages. >> want to and live here because cost of living is so high and the wages love. they say that if nurses are well
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compensated, that will result in better care for patients if we cannot secure nurses to give us the support to give our great care that we're known for. you know, this is why we're here is for the safety of our patients. the nurses union contract with stanford expired on march 31st. despite 13 weeks of negotiations and the involvement of a federal mediator, they have been unable to reach an agreement. stanford hospital says they believe the nurses have been offered a reasonable package, wages and benefits. we value and respect all our nurses, our competitive proposal. >> has our nurses still at the top of the range even before this new contract? our nurses have been with fixed an outstanding benefits higher than the bay area. so we're hoping that the union will come to the table so that we can continue our conversations prior to the strike. the union did get the hospital a 10 day warning. so the administration was able to prepare. >> they say that patients will still receive care, but some appointments may need to be rescheduled while the strike is ongoing. but what i'm
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recommending is that they all call the offices to see >> appointments are going to be our schedules or if they're going to need to be rescheduled. i know that we've done some cancellations of routine surgeries. so those will all have to be re 3, a site. >> all right, back live now the hospital expects the contract negotiations will resume tomorrow tuesday, but for now in palo alto, charles clifford kron, 4 news. charles, thank you. senator dave cortez. he sent us this statement on the strike. it reads. >> i encourage everyone to listen to the needs of these frontline heroes who led us through this pandemic. and colin stanford to invest in their nursing staff that are suffering from extreme exhaustion and burnout authorizing senate bill to 13 in the california senate to make it easier for registered nurses and other health care workers too access the workers compensation system in line with those protections. a 42 other frontline professions.
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also happening today, oakland unifiedtstudents and teachers do not have to wear a mask while there are on campus. indoor masking is now strongly recommended, but not mandatory. the school district will continue to provide covid testing and vaccines at schools. the state lifted its indoor mask requirements for schools on march. 12th. but due to concerns over covid surge after spring break, the district postponed lifting the mask mandate for another 6 weeks. that was until today. and today bay area mayors gathered in sacramento to push for more funding to help deal with the homelessness crisis. members of the california city mayors coalition including oakland, mayor libby schaff and san jose mayor sam liccardo. they were there. they say the pandemic actually helped significantly when it came to giving shelter to the unhoused and it's critical to keep the funding in place for the future. >> we need flexibility. we need to be able to move more nimbly more quickly, more cost effectively to really address this crisis. we're in the
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middle of a pandemic. so we have emergency orders all that we could move more quickly. we could move without a lot of red tape. months and months of public hearings and debates, we could get housing >> the next fiscal year starts on july. first of 2023, the mayors want to make sure the funds are earmarked by then. in the south bay, san jose police are investigating a shooting that left a 17 year-old girl injured. it happened around 9 o'clock on snow drive. the victim has been taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. we don't have any information from police and a suspect at this time. but we will continue to follow this story and bring you updates as soon as they come into the kron. 4 news room also in the south bay, san jose. police are looking for man who allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in the area of summer side drive an april 13th. police say that the suspect they have the sketch of here is described as being 16 to 22 years old about
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5, 6 with brown hair and brown eyes. police say that the victim and the suspect were complete. strangers. >> stings can quickly we're lucky it didn't turn more violent, but she did a fight him off and he quickly ran away. but he's still out there, right? i mean, he did it once. probably will do it again. very emboldened, 12:00pm middle of the day, you know, engage in this type behavior. >> anyone with information should call police. there is a cash reward if the suspect is arrested and you can remain anonymous. we'll have more on this story. on kron. 4 news in primetime tonight. starting at 8. police in pittsburgh are looking for a shooter who opened fire on a man who was sitting inside of a truck on scene. it appeared to be linked to road rage, but police are still investigating. this happened last night near the intersection of thomas way in crestview drive. that's pylos. but on asylum entry school video shows 2 bullet holes in the driver's side door of the truck with the windows
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shattered. police tell kron 4 the man was sitting in his car when the shooter drove up and then shot at him multiple times. so far. he's still in the hospital in critical but stable condition. we don't have the new information about a suspect right now. in the east bay. people living in danville found antisemitic flyers in their driveways. danville police posted on facebook saying they are aware of the flyers that were left in neighborhoods starting on sunday morning. they say the leaflets go against the town's values and they do not condone violence or hate in any form. they say they're committed to welcoming families and people of all backgrounds to danville. no word on if police know who left those flyers. and police on the peninsula are investigating 2 separate but incredibly similar robberies. the first happening just after midnight sunday in redwood city. police say the victim was returning home when he was targeted. the next happened 30 minutes later in foster city. the gunman in that rob, a robbery reportedly
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got into the victim's garage as he was parking his car. the robber then fired a shot into the driver's side window after demanding the victim's wallet. police say the person wanted in both robberies is a woman who was driving an suv. a lot more ahead here today during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock. >> a failed stunt swat 12,000 feet in the air. what went wrong here as 2 skydivers attempted to trade places midair and the trouble they could now be in for this. gone terribly wrong like this. and former president trump is found in contempt of court. details on a new york judge's decision and the mounting fines to force the trump organization to cooperate in this fraud investigation. also tracking the flow of drugs in the bay area. how dealers are moving fentanyl starting in the east bay. we'll be
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>> we're learning more this afternoon about a major fentanyl distribution bust right here in the bay area. 42,000 grams were seized. however, investigators tell kron four's haaziq mod-yoon this bust only scratches the surface of the bay area's fentanyl problem. >> that video that i was was a glimpse of when they first walked in. and that was just one room of many rooms. >> where the fentanyl was being cut and ready for
3:15 pm
distribution. >> you're looking at part of the result of what is to date the biggest distribution network busted in alameda county says alameda county sheriff's spokesperson sergeant ray kelly. >> 92 pounds of illicit end all were recovered during the search warrant. operation happened last friday in the cities of oakland and hayward. the culmination of several months of investigation by the alameda county narcotics task force who served search warrants looking for 2 suspects. >> one of them is in custody. the other one seems to be on the run. >> were searching for him. so i did. kelly says this major drug bust only represents taking down would fit tunnel distributor in the east bay, but he says it is far from being the only one. this is just a sample. >> of what's out there, right? we we believe that there's many, many distribution networks like this one and that we haven't even scratched the surface. the fentanyl epidemic that's impacting cities across the bay area can often be traced back to
3:16 pm
alameda county. >> a lot of it comes into the east bay and then the tentacles go out to san francisco the peninsula and other park for the north bay and other portions of the bay area. so every day we're seeing overdose deaths to a coroner's bureau related to fentanyl. a lot of young people dying. the devastation of this in our homeless population and the effects of mental poverty addiction and overall, a death in our community. officials at the sheriff's for investigative reasons. the names of the person in custody and the remaining suspect on the run are not being made public. >> want to get them before the flee the country. has made you cry on for news? >> the national prescription drug take back day. is this saturday. it's a day where people with unused prescription drugs can safely dispose of them. the u.s. drug enforcement agency organizes this event. they say it helps
3:17 pm
keep harmful chemicals out of local water systems and out of the hands of anyone who might accidentally or intentionally take someone else's medicine. you can drop off your unused prescriptions at your local police department from 10:00am until 2. and you can also get rid of e-cigarettes and vape pens at the same time. this week, more than 600 victims from across the state are gathering in sacramento for a two-day conference. the event kicked off with a discussion with attorney general rob bonta. the group is calling for more access to victims resources and support like mental health and compensation. bonta says. he's hearing their calls. always must be center. it must be culturally competent and it must be trauma informed with understanding of the because survivors have gone through. so. >> i'm here to say that i hear that i support those efforts. >> the conference is meant to provide a network of support and a place for gathering and healing for victims. the group plans to rally at the state
3:18 pm
capitol tomorrow. >> and kron four's ashley zavala will have more on today's event coming up during kron. 4 news at 5 o'clock. and now we'll switch gears and talk about our weather forecast on this monday as we take this live look outside across the golden gate bridge. no clouds out there and a nice breeze. it's a beautiful spring day out there. and i'm meteorologist dave spahr is here with our forecast. >> good afternoon day. hey, good afternoon, justine and we're looking at no shot to the east bay shoreline. all lit up nicely. know these clear skies. by the way, skywatchers won't last all night. we do have some clouds kind of rolling on in basically times as we get to tonight. 79 for antioch now. nice clothes, nice climb for temperatures here. upper 70's east to the east bay hill. 75 santa rosa. 62 san francisco. 73 san jose stormtracker 4. we kind of see what we're talking about this front up towards the north. that's driving some breezy conditions. you see the flag working there. it will do the same tonight tomorrow with this front. but more importantly, this will be bringing in some cloud cover. it's pretty well timed, though. late in the overnight
3:19 pm
early tomorrow morning and then kind of clearing out for the afternoon tomorrow. also a little bit of fog, but not as much as you think it will be along the coast shore in some of those valleys. it looks like in the east bay all the way by tonight, as you will notice and then clearing out, as you can see by tomorrow morning. so get some temporary fog and here. but but not covering everybody and not all morning long. so that part will clear out and the cloud cover will happen by the afternoon, clearing out as well. back to those winds, by the way, we go into the evening and they're going to be with us all night tonight. it's just a breeze is not those heavy winds, no statement or anything with this even post all of this into tomorrow. we'll have some of those onshore winds as a nice climate control. keep those temperatures down a bit for the afternoon. so they won't be as lofty as they were today. and in fact, we will see numbers like this again until maybe friday, but most likely on saturday. so here comes the cloud cover develops by tonight. fighting some cloud cover by 10 o'clock. and that will be the story early tomorrow morning. we'll take a closer look at your inspection of your forecast for tonight. and tomorrow. justine.
3:20 pm
>> dave, thank you. now the faa is investigating a dangerous aerial stunt that did not go as planned. 2 pilots attempted to swap planes while they were in the air. but the stunt ended with one of the planes crashing into the arizona desert. crazy. it was 2 cousins lucan andy luke atkins and andy farrington. that would have been the first ever to pull off this maneuver. they try to. yesterday the pilots had planned to send their plans into tandem nosedive at 14,000 feet. and then skydive into each other's aircrafts. akins was able to successfully get into his cousin's plane and land safely. but the other started to spiral out of control and then crashed nose dived right into the ground. farrington was forced to deploy his parachute. he was able to get to the ground
3:21 pm
safely and uninjured. >> we're just so happy you are us too. this is the best outcome of a situation. really? yeah. i mean, i had to get to a spot where i could open my parachute. everything. >> you know, it's i just tracking along an open my to get out too. >> absolutely not says this afternoon, the faa is saying it will investigate the stop that was live streamed on hulu. the agency said it had denied red bulls request. that is the sponsor. this event for an exemption from federal regulation saying the stunt was unsafe and not in the interest of the public. no comment yet for red bull on that man. they're lucky that they made it out of that. still ahead, a 3.45 the supreme court is tackling a dispute over. >> a former high school football coaches right to pray on the field. the case could determine whether or not prayer returns to public schools. and after the break,
3:22 pm
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fantastic! now, scammers from overseas are targeting your phones with. >> texts calls and emails making victims think they have to clink, clink. click a link to receive a package that they have ordered reporter courtney from has tips on how you can protect your private information. >> you have a package, john,
3:25 pm
your weight, click on this link. and that's where they get you. roseanne freight s warning of texts, phone calls and e-mails. so they're hoping that they're going to you a little bit and not deliver your package. so when they start to do that, that's a big red flag trying to interfere with the delivery steps of your most recent online order. this is not the day in age of the scams where it was the pats telling them that grammar and those days are gone. we're now dealing with sophisticated international crime rings, text like these. and they are just that this is my order and that's how they fall for it with links trying to get your personal information. so now they have access to your system. and some case says frida says trying to see what's going on. >> at your house, you'll start to see that more at the local level. someone's trying to is home to take a package. >> because then you know, that house isn't being occupied, but the catch, she says the scammers spread a wide net.
3:26 pm
often the messages are sent to thousands hoping someone will bite most of time. they're taking a hit and dark that they know somebody ordered something there. and statistically it shows they're right and something to keep in the back of your mind. according to the bbb scam tracker risk report, amazon was the most in-person ad company stay being out. the social security administration. the irs as well as other entities. that was courtney from reporting for us. the better business bureau says >> it helps the victims report being targeted right away. don't click. that's click a bad link. click. >> next at 3.30, ukraine is getting more help from the u.s. after a visit to kiev by the highest level american leaders since russia's invasion. what the biden administration is now promising to help ukraine win this war. plus, if you have at-home covid-19 tests that are just sitting in your cabinet, you're not using them. can you use them if they're past their expiration
3:27 pm
dates? a doctor will weigh in. coming up. also, a woman with a long career in law enforcement is running for sheriff in alameda county. what changes she wants to bring if elected. you're watching kron. 4 news
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3:30 pm
conflict began. our washington correspondent alexandra limon joins us now live with details. thanks for joining us, alex. >> good evening. the secretaries of defense and state traveled from poland into key by train and there were told they met with president zelensky for about 3 hours and they pledged that the u.s. will continue to provide support to ukraine. >> this was. >> you know, i talked an important moment. secretary of state antony blinken says the meeting between top american and ukrainian officials happened at a time when russia is failing in its primary goal to totally subjugate ukraine to take away its sovereignty to take away its independence. that has failed. blinken says the problems for russia are only on the battlefield. the military that is dramatically underperforming. >> an economy as a result of sanctions as a result of a mass exodus from russia. that is in shambles. officials also announced u.s. diplomats will begin returning to ukraine
3:31 pm
starting next week, though, reopening the u.s. embassy in kiev will take longer. and as this fight of you know, their needs will change. and so as needs change. >> we'd like to be one step ahead. >> and as part of that pledge for continued support to ukraine, the u.s. announced an additional 300 million dollars in defense 8. plus the sale of 165 million dollars worth of ammunition. >> alex, can you tell us a little bit about the change in tone that we heard from the american officials who were visiting the ukrainian president. >> yeah, definitely. seems like we have heard a change in tone from american officials sounding like the u.s. is trying to help ukraine survive this attack from russia to a tone that implies that officials do believe now that ukraine has maybe a serious shot at winning this conflict. >> alex, thank you so much for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 3. ukraine is calling
3:32 pm
on the united nations to step in and oversee the evacuation of civilians from the besieged port city of mariupol. new satellite images are showing the destruction at that steel plant were about 2000 ukrainian fighters are keeping russian troops that day. an estimated 1000 civilians are sheltering in underground bunkers at the plant with them. russia said it would allow a humanitarian corridor to operate out of the facility today. but ukraine says. it does not appear to be trustworthy. a new york state judge has found former president donald trump in contempt of civil court for failing to turn over documents related to a probe from the new york attorney general. trump must now pay $10,000 a day until he complies with the subpoena. new york attorney general letitia james has been investigating the trump organization for over 2 years because of its business practices. james alleges that her office found a lot of evidence of fraud. trump has
3:33 pm
denied any wrong doing and has called the probe a witch hunt. 2 days before she was set to die, a texas appeals court has delayed the execution of a woman amid growing doubts about whether or not she beat her 2 year-old daughter to death. the texas court granted a request by melissa lucio's lawyers for a lower court to review claims that new evidence in her case would exonerate her. the ceo has been set for lethal injection this wednesday for the 2007 death of her daughter, mariah prosecutors say that the girl was the victim of abuse and noted that she was covered with bruises all over her body but lucio's lawyers say the mariah died from injuries sustained in a fall going down a steep staircase several days before she died. so it's not immediately clear right now when the lower court will begin reviewing this case has gotten a lot of attention from politicians and celebrities as well. and this year, voters in
3:34 pm
alameda county will decide on their next sheriff. one of the candidates, how the meet and greet in hayward over the weekend is sending a sanchez has a long career in law enforcement and is hoping to unseat incumbent sheriff hurt. now she joined the alameda county sheriff's office as a technician in 1997 and he's moved up the ranks. she is currently the division commander overseeing the santa rita jail in dublin sanchez says her candidacy will focus on rehabilitation and job training for incarcerated people, racial justice and law enforcement holding the sheriff's office accountable and connecting with people. >> number one priority is to be president and accessible to our community members. that's what's needed to build trust and for them to be able to give me some critiques on how the sheriff's office is providing service. >> the primary election is set for june 7th. we'll talk about our local weather forecast right now as we take this live look outside across the bay bridge toll plaza, beautiful
3:35 pm
blue skies on this monday. and we're tracking some breezy conditions this week. kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr is here with us on a monday with details on. but the forecast has for the week ahead. good afternoon. looking pretty good. also in the east bay shoreline, the blue skies sticking around for a while. although overnight, we expect some cloud cover here. it looks like, however, that will clear out for most of the ballots the day tomorrow. >> not bad on those temperatures. however, even though the sun is going to return tomorrow afternoon, we're still going to see temperatures slide complements of a cooler air mass in the onshore. winds were in the upper 70's over the over the east bay hills up in the north bay, some middle 70's to east bay shoreline cooler in the mid 60 73, by the way, for san jose. here it is on storm tracker 4 up towards the northwest bringing with it. some cloud cover for tonight. handing it over to future cast for there. we can see it sliding on in past midnight, but already by 09:00am looks like we're going into the clear will be a little bit of fog with this tomorrow morning. expect that in other marine layer coming back with the onshore winds at all. but on balance looks pretty good
3:36 pm
going into the middle of the week. now for tonight, we put the clouds and they're 50 san francisco. 51 for oakland, 50 meanwhile for san jose, the clouds also act as a blanket a little bit. keep temperatures supported. so somewhat mild. we expect a lot of 40's on the board here, but near around the perimeter perimeter, the bay, a lot of lower 50's to 50 san jose. meanwhile, 46 for mountain view tomorrow. now clearing out early clouds, san francisco. 66 now. 63 66 for oakland, 68 san jose. so a little bit reduced for those highs and across the wider board. we produce those 80's. now we're in the lower 70's for highs, lower 70's also up in the north bay, too. that sets the tone for a lot of the week ahead. we'll take a look at the longer range coming up in a bit. justine, thank you so much. doctors from vanderbilt university say at-home covid test work. >> after the expiration date. but under certain conditions, the test typically last for about 4 to 6 months after fda approval. but the expiration date can be extended based on
3:37 pm
new information from manufacturers. this is why some at-home covid-19 tests have different expiration test have shown to last a year or longer. doctors say as long as the tests have not been tampered with, it can still show accurate results after the expiration date. and airline officials say they're trying to work with passengers who are afraid to fly with others. now that masks are not required on airplanes. this is coming after a federal judge in florida struck down the mask requirement in airports during flights. now, some airlines like united and american say there offering options for passengers, including refunds in some cases for those passengers were worried about flying doctor john swartzberg, professor of infectious diseases at uc berkeley says he thinks getting rid of the mandate was just the wrong call to begin with. he says now will be up to each person to weigh the risks of not wearing a mask. >> if you're elderly, if you've got. conditions that
3:38 pm
would really predispose you to have outcome like being immunocompromised or even things like diabetes or obesity or chronic lung or heart disease. those are some examples of people who, you know, need to really weigh the pros and cons more. >> doctor schwartzberg still recommends wearing a well-fitted mask. if you're worried about traveling and getting covid, he also suggests being fully vaccinated and getting boosted. coming up here, how climate change may impact your favorite menu items, especially when it comes to seafood. >> and this next video might give you chills a slithering gassed that showed up on one woman's doorstep.
3:39 pm
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tackle grease wherever it shows up. no flip, no mess. dawn ez-squeeze. no flip, no mess. out. scary moments on the road that were caught on camera when an unsecured lawn chair flew from the back of a truck and smashed into a police vehicle. >> boom. america owes state troopers and vermont share this dash cam footage this week. high winds in the area lifted that chair and sent it flying from the back of the truck bed with just a second to react. the trooper said he could only watch as the chair and smashed his windshield. the driver was ticketed for having unsecured cargo. a woman in north carolina got a surprise at her doorstep and an unsuspected visitor arrived. the woman was working from home when her doorbell alarm went off. turns out a
3:42 pm
giant snake was the guest. you can see it there. slithering on the side. the woman said she ran out the back door to get help from a neighbor. and when she got back, the snake was gone. should a public high school football coach be able to pray at the 50 yard line? >> the justices heard both sides of the debate today. i'm sides of the debate today. i'm just a chore at the supreme ♪ pop it like it's hooooot. pop it like it's hot.♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot.♪ ♪ pop it like it's— pop my $6.49 classic and spicy 50/50 popcorn chicken combo. only at jack in the box. at adp, we use data-driven insights to design solutions to help you manage payroll, benefits, and hr today, so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪
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>> the u.s. supreme court is tackling a dispute over a former high school football coaches right to pray on the field. the case could determine whether prayer returns to public schools. washington, d.c., correspondent jessi tenure reports on today's arguments. joseph kennedy wants his job back as an assistant football coach at a washington state high school. >> after he says the school wrongfully fired him for preying on the 50 yard line after games. something i thought we can work you know, week turn into a seven-year battle on monday. kennedy's new team, this group of attorneys argued before the u.s. supreme court that the constitution allows him to prey on the field with players free to join. if coach goes to a need to pick up his contact after the game. that's okay. >> but he goes to a need to say a prayer. he's fired. that's pure religious discrimination. but attorneys representing the school district said kennedy's actions interfered with
3:46 pm
students, religious rights. the school district here did just the right thing. the arguments focused not only on the after praying itself, but the ramifications that could have because of who exactly was doing it. every player's trying to get on the good side of the coach and every parent is worried about the coach exercising favoritism, justice brett kavanaugh and others question how participating in the prayers impacted starting lineups and play time. >> kennedy's attorneys said he never required players to join or asked any student to pray calling it a private practice. does that look like a private and personal prayer to you? this is a coach pressuring students to join him in public prayer. the high court's decision is expected this summer. >> in washington, i'm jessi tenure. well, if you want to save some money on your groceries, you might consider just grown them yourself. nearly 20 million americans started gardening during the pandemic. >> now with rising costs and limited options and some
3:47 pm
produce aisles. more and more people are looking into growing their own food. both seed companies and community gardens have sein steady increases in demand. in fact, community gardens across the nation saw a 40% increase in people coming in the last year alone. >> there's nothing better than a homegrown to meet. the satisfaction of planting a seed and seeing that sprout within a couple of days. the magic nature. >> one new study also found that just being around green space or plants for as little as 40 seconds can improve your mental health. good reason to get outside today. your favorite seafood dish might be different because of climate change. according to research from the university of british columbia, climate changes will affect seafood. that's appearing on restaurant menus. analysts studied species favorable water temperatures between 18, 80 2021. and found
3:48 pm
that gradually warming temperatures are causing a drop-off in sockeye salmon. scientists say restaurants may turn more towards products like sardines because they do well in warmer waters. alright, forecast time as we take this live look outside at a really pretty shot here at the embarcadero. it's the last full week of april were rounding out with it looks like no rain in the forecast or meteorologist dave spahr is here now to look at what we can expect this week. >> thanks for being with us adjusting and the scope that we're going to show you here. there is a little bit of possibilities. some showers that will point out for you. but half moon bay looking pretty good. a couple little puff puppy cumulus out there. no major deal. but this front dropping south driving winds. we discussed cooler air mass behind it. so we do. we're looking at a cooler week. coming up ahead, the breakdown for you this evening. turning somewhat more partly cloudy. 64. 55 by about 10 o'clock. so little bit interruption for the space watchers are skywatchers futurecast 4. here we go. the overnight clouds
3:49 pm
but clearing out by looks like 9 o'clock in the morning. so most of the day shouldn't be essentially mostly sunny, but cooler much colder than what we saw today are really going to feel the inland valleys, particular with a bigger drop tonight, we're looking at upper 40's cloud cover, kind of helping out some lower 50's hanging out too. and these are the highs tomorrow. upper 70's east bay up to the north bay as well. so forget about the upper 70's near about 80, but we will return to that later. so tonight, increasing clouds, mild, breezy 50's, a few 40's. then for this week, cooler tomorrow, warm late with 70's by thursday and then 80's potentially released touching 80 as we get into this weekend. now looking at the maps as we go forward this a couple opportunities for some showers. this system looks like it's going to be to the north of us. all right. we're going to the weekend now on saturday. maybe a little chance there. get past the weekend, boom. there's a hit and it looks like the mountains get something out of that followed by another one next thursday. so in the scope of what we're talking about, at least there's some opportunities this week ahead. cool, but a decent amount of sunshine, lower 70's, a little
3:50 pm
warm up happening by the weekend. keep it 60's at the bay and up the coast. a little chilly 50's watch that breezy conditions to justine. >> okay. thanks so much. it's time now to check in with newsnation to see what they're working on for tonight. >> tonight on dan abrams live on news nation. the left-leaning media are always quick to the scene when police or even potentially on the wrong side of the law. but now the fbi director is asking why with a major spike in attacks on police nationwide? why that same media remain silent. that's tonight on dan abrams live preying on the football field. launched his case to the supreme court. tonight, we're talking with high school coach joe kennedy. >> what he thinks the nation's highest court will decide and why it's so controversial on news nation. special coverage. >> you can find newsnation on the channels listed right here and we have more details on our website. kron 4 dot com. up next, the animal but
3:51 pm
decided to interrupt a world championship game. >> what's also the goose that has stirred up
3:52 pm
3:53 pm
>> well, here's something you don't hear every day in santa clara, silicon valley power says a goose took down multiple spans of power lines around 1400 customers were impacted this morning. and as of 2 o'clock officials are saying about 400 customers are still without power, but it
3:54 pm
could take several more hours to get this whole situation fixed. we have reached out for some photos and some more information and how this could have possibly happened. they're blaming a goose. >> i was very close to taking a full to lead last night and it's put this it. we're going out. >> expensive. is it to her i was able to take? and that is the question. >> that players face is everything to me. a feather guest made a surprise appearance at the snooker world championship. fy snicker as a table sport very similar to pool the pitch and decided to make an entrance in the middle of the match. swooping down sitting right there on the table. we're guessing he wanted a better view of all the action after being shooed away. the brave bird was quickly captured and then. released unharmed outside of the arena. but that is my monday mood right there. just like. well side, i smirk because a pigeon is. raining
3:55 pm
on your parade. the happiest place on earth has officially dropped its last covid-19 mask requirements. guests will no longer have to wear masks on shuttle buses running to and from the toy story parking lot. this follows orange county's decision to end masking on public transportation. disneyland dropped most mask requirements in february except for the passengers on its shuttle buses. visitors can still request a mask once they arrive. and i'm sure if you want to wear when you still can. well, if you're feeling lucky today, the powerball lottery is now up to 421 million dollars. it could be even higher by the time the drawing happens tonight, there were no jackpot winners saturday when the pot was about 400 million dollars. so the drawings later tonight and going to go out there and limb and say that they're going have the numbers for you during conference in prime time, starting at 8 o'clock tonight. good luck. and today
3:56 pm
and 1990, a new window into our universe was open when the space shuttle discovery placed nasa's hubble telescope into low earth orbit after some early issues with its lens. the images it sent back to earth gave astronomers and unparalleled glance into the galaxy since its mission began. hubble has made more than 1.3 million observations. and just this year edged further into the universe than ever before. we're about a minute left here during kron. 4 news at 3 in dave spahr is standing by with a look at the forecast. totally awesome. that was i want it. i justine they that i don't have heard the story about when they set it up. that took a little piece of sky. that's all dark. there's nothing there. take a picture. and when they got it back, it's loaded with galaxies. >> so it's like, whoa, did not realize it was that crowded. now we have the james webb telescope the doubt it's going to send back licking their chops the physicist everywhere. just going crazy on this. so stay tuned. more to come on that temperatures this week we're dropping down
3:57 pm
to the lower 70's. we'll pop maybe on friday into the weekend. we're going get back to business. may be the 80's and so forth. now, some variable clouds because we have some traffic going up above us. so most likely if there's some sprinkles to be putting in here, maybe the north bay potentially, we do have some winds going on for tonight. tomorrow, breezy conditions on shore and some scattered clouds overnight. that will clear out for your afternoon. justine, enjoy the stars. there's a lot of them out there that there are. and there. >> a lot of you watching that fpturn from and i really appreciate your time. you right back to the mom. i'm justine waldman, great one.
3:58 pm
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