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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  April 29, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> we know the schools are more than buildings is or communi rocks of the community and we know how important they are to our parents are the community. >> and now it's 6 o'clock. hundreds of teachers in oakland on the picket lines today for a one-day strike. they are fighting the district plan to reduce spending by closing and merging several schools. hello, everyone. thanks for joining us kron. 4 news at 6. >> i'm catherine heenan and i'm vicki liviakis. pam and ken have the night off teachers of oakland unified school district walked off the job to protest the closing and merging of some 11 schools. school district officials advise families to keep their kids home and called the strike illegal kron four's. rob nesbitt joins us now with how parents and teachers on folded their day. vicki, the district says enrollment isn't high enough to keep the schools open. the teachers on
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strike and parents joining them in the schools are a lifeline for black and brown communities. oakland educators were up early friday starting their day on strike with picket at school sites in the city. >> and uniting for a rally at lake merritt, a giant crowd asking for the unified school district not to follow through with its plan to close 11 the first 3 scheduled for june corrin haskell teaches science of brookfield elementary school. he says his school is on the chopping block next year and that the students who will suffer if forced to attend a school for the from home to some on safe streets, for lack of a better term is just. >> it's not an ideal environment for young children to be walking through, especially with all the street crime, haskell and other protesters made their way from lake merritt to oakland city hall. joined by parents like max orosco whose daughter goes to the less cali to school. he says the middle school. there is one of the 3 closing in june caught in the wings. so our students. >> they're giving them a
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straight path to me. >> the oakland unified school district asked parents to keep their kids home friday since there wouldn't be enough staff to teach them in a statement to kron, usd said, quote, while most students across the district stayed home today with excused absences, some did come to school. our focus right now is ensuring that they are having a positive experience on campus so the district sent a letter to the teachers union last weekend saying that a strike would only hurt students missing out on a day of in-person instruction. orozco disagrees and says his daughter is learning how to fight for a cause. frustrated that the closures are planned at schools made up mostly of black and brown students. we are at family what the district is actually breaking this families >> haskell says the election in november will be crucial for the future of oakland schools with 3 school board positions and the mayor's seat being voted on live in studio. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news.
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thanks, rob. a protest opposing uc berkeley's development of new student housing was held on campus today. the protests targeted a plan to build 1100 unit complex of people's park, which is about a quarter mile away from cal's campus. >> protesters say the student housing will displace homeless, who live there and increase the cost of local housing. they also say the park has significant historical value. and while they acknowledge there's a need for student housing, they are accusing uc berkeley of overreaching. tripled at berkeley schools in just a week's time. this is according to the district superintendent. >> as of thursday, there were 91 cases in a week earlier there were 29 berkeley unified says it's also seeing more cases among its sports teams and the factors being blamed include the easing of mask restrictions. the district is planning to pass out more at home testing kits.
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>> spring usually means prom season due graduations and other end of your celebrations. but now a covid outbreak in greene county schools is threatening those events prompting health officials to issue some new guidelines. and our grant lotus joins us now with details on the new guidelines scrapped. here we go again. at least everybody's vaccinated here. marin county are most people, marin county health officials are advising schools to take extra precautions after seeing a spike in covid cases. recently. they say the spike could be due in part to people coming back from spring break trips and also, you know, dealing with these large indoor gatherings downs this season, proms and the like where students are inside big crowds and not wearing masks. in a letter to marin county schools, experts say they are monitoring this increase in cases and they are now recommending that schools reinstate certain precautions. things like requiring proof of a negative same day covid test
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proof of vaccination and requiring masks indoors. again, these are only recommendations not requirements to doctor matt willis with marin county public health says it is not surprised surprising that they are seeing these increase cases. >> so that was an important time to remind people of the elements of a safe gathering, just not to say that we should be getting together, but remind people of how we can do it safely as possible. >> public health officials say they do certainly want to move away from mandates and get back to simply advising the public, which they say they are doing here. catherine. vicki, back to you. all right, the fda meantime, is set some data in june to review uovid-19 vaccines for the youngest american kids. that means. >> newborns up to 4 years old. the fda will review moderna and pfizer vaccines for this age group. no covid-19 vaccines have been okayed for children younger than 5 here in the u.s. that group makes
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up about 18 million people. >> all right. time to look at the 4 zone forecast. let's look live this great shot overlooking san francisco. kind of a little warmer for. first chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to confirm that it's not we're working on a weekend and this one is going to be very nice weather wise. a lot of sunshine coming our way today. the winds really begin to back off a quite a bit. there's breeze out there that sea breeze, but more of a general, a type of sea breeze outside those 55 mile an hour gusts like yesterday, a couple votes make their way through the golden gate bridge right now. and why not some sailboats out there in the bay as well. yeah, just a beautiful day outside as we've had a lot of sunshine and some warm temperatures away from the coast up toward the beaches. you little cool. there are still 55 in both pacifica and half moon bay. 61 in san francisco. you've got 71 in 70 now in napa and warm. 74 in santa rosa and safely in the 75 in fairfield. so warm weather way for the coastline and well, we're getting ready for the weekend. we got a cold front there. most of that
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energy heading up the pacific northwest. if you're going to seattle, yeah, you better prepare for rain. even a parts of portland, medford, you can likely see some raindrops may be in far northern california, but the bay area not not going to happen. we're just going to see some passing clouds and probably more low clouds and fog moving in along the couple clouds out there right now toward the beaches, more that sea breeze continuing to blow outside. and that will be the case overnight tonight. we'll see that on shore breeze continuing. that will bring with it. some low clouds and fog near the coastline. how that all spells things out for the weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up few minutes. thank you, lawrence. well, now that baby brandon is safely back home with his judge has denied bail to the. >> 2 people accused of taking the 3 month-old from his san jose home this afternoon. jose por and just send ramirez had their second court hearing. attorneys for the 2 requested that the bail be set for the suspected kidnappers. but the santa clara county judge, you know, decided to keep the no-bail order in place. kron four's dan kerman was at the
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courthouse in san jose and has more. >> a very brief hearing today. no real change to the status quo, though, but still plenty of questions around the taking of baby brand. it. >> it was on monday when 3 month-old baby brandon was abducted from a san jose apartment only to be reunited with his family. 24 hours later friday, the 2 people charged with the kidnapping. 28 year-old jose por and 43 year-old use ramirez returned to court. when you go from working 3 jobs all day long, every day. >> to being placed in handcuffs and held in custody without bail. i think that anyone would be terrified and she is terrified. the 2 defendants are currently being held without bail and friday. >> their attorneys argued bail should be set at $150,000. >> keeping her in custody really does hinder the ability to present care for what's ahead, which i anticipate it's going to be a lengthy and very fact heavy case. but at least for now, judge luis ramos opted to continue to hold the
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2 without bail. i think the big factor for the court is that they. don't have enough information to say that they're not a danger, not just a baby brandon, but to the community in general attorney and legal analyst stephen clark says that's because at this point the da's office has not indicated the motive for the kidnapping. >> he says that will likely determine whether or not they'll will eventually be set because it's not just about maybe brandon, but it's about where they seeking out. >> this child and others. and so motive is important in assessing there a level of dangerousness to the community. clark says the mental health of the 2 defendants will also be looked into in the weeks ahead. >> and he says it's possible defense attorneys might ask for a gag order or to have the trial moved out of santa clara county. it's going to be difficult for these 2 to get a fair trial here. >> i think also the pretrial publicity surrounding it is going to make it very difficult. the 2 defendants
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will be back in court on may. 12th to argue the bail issue again at that time. they may also enter a plea at santa clara county superior court in san jose. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> state prosecutors have taken down a major ring of thieves suspected of organizing mass retail thefts from stores all across 9 counties, including contra costa, sacramento and placer. the ring is set to have stolen over a million dollars worth of retail products from jewelry to clothing. the new online portal was launched today to further fight organized retail theft. it's an online form so you can submit tips attorney general bonta says that this is just the beginning of statewide efforts to crack down on crime. today's announcements should serve as yet. >> another warning to those who engage in this criminal activity and commit brazen crimes, you will be held accountable. you will face consequences. and here's a look. at the website. you can
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submit photos, video evidence in a summary of the crime. you're reporting. >> in san francisco, thieves got away with about $100,000 worth of merchandise from a jewelry store, a store employee here says it was not the first break in kron four's haaziq madyun has that story. >> another jewelry store, smash and grab burglary this time in san francisco. apparently they said that he used like a torch because they said that there was burned on the glass and then he kicked in. it happened wednesday around 05:20am, here at the margaret elizabeth jewelry store on chestnut street in the city's murray. did this get this store employee asked not to reveal her identity? yes, that there's just like a whole >> came in through that hole and took all the stuff out of the hole and then is. the case that was there that was broken. >> she estimates the heist that netted the thief around $100,000 in merchandise both of our vented anti were broken
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into on. >> the anti case that was sitting on that completely smashed. so we had to throw that one away. and then our main case towards the back of the store is open in the back. wasn't broken. but they almost everything out of it and then they drop joy on the way. so what's left in the case is what was stopped on their way out. not the first time this has happened. >> now, this is the second time in 8 months, 3, western, because, you know, we're just a small business. you know, we're not like a big department store. so, i mean, you know, we have our struggles just to try to get by because we're small. and, you know, traffic is slow. >> so i mean, it affects us, you know, very negatively. and, you know, the joy that he took was brand we hadn't even gotten it posted online yet before it was stolen. it's definitely frustrating. and i definitely wish that they would be, you know, a little bit more attentive to it. >> san francisco police investigators say at this time
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a connection to this burglary in the previous break-in. back on august, 16th of last year has not been determined in this recent case, investigators released no suspect description. they are asking anyone with information to contact san francisco police has it made you go on for news. also in the city, the district attorney chesa boudin announced today that >> they have charged 2 suspects who they believe have been receiving or buying stolen goods. the da's office releasing a statement saying a la la la see and site were allegedly purchasing stolen goods from nordstrom out of his zain liquor store. the crackdown comes after the da's office launched an undercover organized retail theft operation. dean says that the team will continue to combat organized retail crime and hold perpetrators accountable. coming up, russian forces are gaining moment and in eastern ukraine. >> what concerns the u.s. the most about this new move.
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also, health experts talk to us about living with covid as we approach the summer travel
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>> as americans look ahead to the summer travel season, the nation's health experts are offering advice on the pandemic status. and there's news on the vaccine front. our washington correspondent alexandra limon joins us live with that story. alex, what can you tell us? >> hey, guys, good evening.
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well, while the worst of the pandemic may be behind u.s., medical officials say it's still really important for americans to exercise some caution. >> by no means is it over? we still are experiencing a global pandemic chief medical advisor to the president, doctor anthony fauci says the goal now is to learn to live with the coronavirus under control. >> and the knowledge that it may not be completely eliminated when you get those levels low enough, that really is not disrupting. you don't overwhelm the hospital since many states and communities are now considered areas of low transmission. life may feel like its return to normal. but doctor fauci says it's still important to exercise caution in some situations but fat to get on a plane tomorrow. i would definitely wear a mask. the biden administration announced last week it would seek to reverse the judge's order that lifted the federal mask mandate on transportation. something republicans like
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congressman steve scalise r highly critical of the options. there they were 2, 3, 4, masks that they want. it should be mandatory. >> meanwhile, the fda announced an advisory committee will review applications for moderna and pfizer's covid vaccines for children under 5 in june. and the white house says the u.s. should have enough supply if those vaccines are approved. we have been planning for the possibility of approval. >> for vaccines for children under 5 for some time. now. >> and because it is unlikely that the coronavirus will be completely eliminated. it's likely that people may need yearly booster shots reporting live in washington. alexandra limon, thank you, alexandra. meantime, officials in beijing are tightening covid restrictions as they try to contain an outbreak in the china's capital and today they closed all schools in the city as they conducted a 3rd round of mass testing. residents of to housing compounds were ordered to stay inside some
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clinics and businesses closed down altogether. beijing reported nearly 50 new cases yesterday bringing the total in the latest wave to nearly 200. china has a 0 covid tolerance policy. residents in shanghai. they've been on lockdown now for 5 solid weeks. all right. time for another look at the forecast for looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. lot of traffic there. but >> maybe because it's such a nice day. there was a lot of trade, the insult. they're coming and going a lot of week almost back to prepandemic levels. yeah, you know, will out there and about one on weather looking good. getting ready for the weekend. >> now the temperatures kind of rebounding today quite a bit. we're cool yesterday with that ocean air. that wind coming right off the ocean and bring the temperatures down today. we watch those pop a bit out there. now. the winds have kind of a gun slack in parts of the bay area. just an easy sea breeze and the temperatures coming back up. 64 degrees in san francisco. 68 just slightly above the average in oakland today. a
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nice warm 74 in san jose. 75 degrees in livermore. 76 in concord and the beautiful 74 degrees in santa rosa. so looking good right now. there's a cold front off the coastline. most that energy head up a d the 7 northwest. it's a beautiful looking storm. unfortunately, it's targeting well to the north. and that means we're just going to see some passing high clouds as probably help to ramp up the marine litter overnight tonight. and tomorrow morning's that means more fog out toward the coastline. otherwise what a beautiful evening we have for you on a friday night, 70 degrees and lamar 73 in conquer right now. 74 degrees still in santa rosa. a lot of 60's inside the bay and a cooler along the coastline. mainly in the 50's. that front is going to move in as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. o% that will bring a few more clouds. expect tomorrow to be a little bit breezier around the bay area. thank you, lawrence. now to the latest in the war in ukraine. russia. >> hit the ukrainian capital of kiev with 2 missiles killing at least one person. and the u.s. is continuing to monitor this as it is sending
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more weapons and more supplies to ukraine. washington, d.c., correspondent basil john has the latest. >> and nuclear weapons, a nuclear weapon. pentagon press secretary john kirby says russia is making reckless threats of nuclear war as irresponsible as it is for him to use that rhetoric it would be equally irresponsible for us not to take it seriously. for now, kirby says the u.s. sees no reason to change deterrence strategy and his focus on helping ukrainian people defend themselves. training has already occurred outside ukraine in particular on the howitzers. a russian missile strike killed at least one person inside could leave on thursday. kirby says it's another sign the russian aggression is unjustified. none of them. none of them were threatened by ukraine. it's hard to square that rhetoric. what he's actually doing inside ukraine to innocent people. the white house is also concerned russian president vladimir putin still plans to attend the g 20 summit in november. the president has expressed
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publicly his opposition to president putin attending the g 20. we have welcomed the attending or invitation to attend the g 20 kirby would not say whether what is happening is genocide but very clear that russian forces have committed war crimes. there's no question about that reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> coming there's a new government effort aimed at stopping dis information. but why some lawmakers say that it will censor free speech. >> also, why elon musk is (music throughout)
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>> elon must be looking for liquidity after agreeing to cough up. 44 billion dollars for twitter. now he's sold 4.4 million shares of tesla that happened this week for about 4 billion dollars and a big chunk about happened tuesday when tesla shares drops 12%. the majority of the twitter purchase will be financed by banks. a texas rancher. meantime, this is interesting is offering 100 free acres of land. if musk will move twitter headquarters from san francisco to texas. jim shorten or is offering the land in a town which is aptly named shorten or he has 20,000 acres about 40 miles north of austin. from false information targeting migrants to russian propaganda lawmakers on capitol hill say dis-information is a growing
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problem. the department of homeland security now has a new board dedicated to doing something about this. it's called the dis information governance board. it will focus in part on human smugglers who spread false claims about border policies in the u.s. to migrants to help drum up their business. many republican lawmakers argue the board is unconstitutional and sensors free speech. >> they want to police the speech of american citizens. it is absolutely insight. this is nothing more than a blatant attempt to install a ministry of truth. in order to push biden's propaganda, they're going to say we're going to step in here and we are going to take control. >> because there are some things we want you to know. and they are some things we don't. >> the biden administration insists there is a major need to fight any lies, switch mislead people coming up, the decisions california lawmakers have to make when it comes to
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spending projected 68. >> billion dollars in why republican lawmakers say it's time to put an end to mail order abortion pills. plus a man's body hidden in a pile of trash. how the community in alameda reacts to the suspicious death. tonight. you're watching kron. 4 news at alameda police are
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sharing pictures of a car that might be connected to a
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suspicious staff. >> a man's body was found in a parking lot last week. our kron forcefully to kyle has details now on why police think someone killed him. >> he got out of my car. always like to look around the parking lot of guys. you never now. and then i sold god way to their blankets in carpet on the ground. and i thought that looks >> of we're de la cruz then winning side here studio and blending avenue and broadway thursday last week where she works as a hairdresser and finished the first part of her shift when she returned to the studio after lunch, the parking lot was saturated with police. investigators focus behind the garbage bins where de la cruz says a man's body was discovered underneath trash. it's concerning because our customers get really nervous to you know, they never expect things like that, especially around here like. how is this possible? also use is not good. investigators say the death is suspicious
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