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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  May 4, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>>we begin right now with breaking news. >>thanks for joining us on kron on news at noon. i'm stephanie lynn, that breaking news in the south bay where san jose police say there is a man with a knife at empire gardens elementary school. the campus is located near watson park just off highway one. 0, one and alum rock avenue. but a lot of details right now. but we do know that the school is sheltering in place. the police department has sent a mobile crisis assessment teams to help out. and we also have a crew on the way to the school and we'll bring you updates as soon as more details are available again. empire gardens elementary school in san jose is
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sheltering in place because there's a man with a knife on campus. we're continuing to follow the developments out of washington after a leak of a supreme court draft opinion on roe v wade. it suggests the high court could overturn women's rights to an abortion. a reminder the final opinion has not been made and votes could change before the decision is released this summer. if the supreme court does overturn roe v wade the issue of abortion could reshape the midterm elections and the battle between democrats and republicans for cntrol of congress. the winners of the primaries in the days and weeks to come will be on the ballot this november. that's when all seats in the house of representatives and more than a 3rd of senate seats are up for grabs. and abortion has suddenly emerged as an issue that could galvanize voters across the nation. correspondent evan lambert takes a look at how the elections may be impacted. with one side enraged.
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>>and the other the supreme court draft ruling which suggests the downfall of the landmark abortion case. roe versus wade experts telling newsnation the divisive issue hangs heavy over november's midterm elections in the first moments after politicos report leaked the draft opinion striking down the constitutional right to an abortion. democrats sought to galvanize their voters. the elections this november will have consequences. >>because the rights of 100 million women are now on the ballot. to help help fight this court's awful decision. i urge every american to make their voices heard this weekend this year. meanwhile, republicans in congress who overwhelmingly support the likely outcome banning abortion spoke not about the substance, but the leak itself. i think the story today >>effort by some on the inside. to discredit the
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institution. >>kyle kondik managing editor of the university of virginia's 7. those crystal ball says anger over the decision could help drive democrats or swing voters to the polls. there may be fewer democrat, illinois, you if you don't like the governor there for one reason or the other you thinking of voting republican >>but maybe this decision pushes you back your corner, hanging in the balance of the control of the house and the senate, which democrats hold on to by the slimmest of margins with vice president kamala harris's tie breaking vote. >>not to mention the 36 governors up for election on the ballot in november 2022, but the issue of abortion has historically energized republican voters to i don't know if this really would change the sort of overall expectation for the mid term, which is that i think continues to look like a pretty republican leaning year. but it is a a wild card that i think we've all been thinking for months. really. >>that was evan lambert reporting for us. just this
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morning, governor gavin newsom spoke on efforts to protect abortion rights in california. the governor made his speech at a planned parenthood facility in south los angeles. entire history. >>united states been about expanding rights, not restricting rights, not rolling back rights in this supreme court is poised to roll back constitutionally protected rights and don't think for a think for a second. this is where they stop. and if you think it affects. someone else over there. this is about you. i mean, if the right to privacy, it's not foundational that coming after you. >>and some california lawmakers, including governor newsom, have proposed amending the state constitution to guarantee the right to an abortion. hundreds of people across the bay area are protesting after the release of that leak supreme court
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draft. we're hearing from people on both sides of the argument. kron 4 s camila barco has more. >>as soon as a draft opinion leaked many people across the bay area voiced their opinions for both sides of the issue. there are pro choice for alleys here in san francisco and oakland outside the city's federal buildings on the left, you can see the turnout in san francisco and on the right. you'll see how many people showed up in oakland, families, community activists, elected officials all called to keep abortion safe and move the ceo of planned parenthood says if roe v wade is overturned, more people will come to california seeking an abortion attorney general rob bonta that that california will always stand to protect reproductive rights. protesters are still in disbelief that they are protesting something. >>many fought for it. >>15 years ago and here protect the rights for my children, their children and
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all sorts of underrepresented communities are going against lamb is this actually >>we also checked in with pro-life activists in the east bay. they prefer not to show their faces or names but say their cars has strengthened by the opinion. the supporter volunteer for a movement called 40 days for life. and that's aimed to end abortions there normally rallying outside planned parenthood in more increased 6 days a week. if roe v wade is overturned, the group hopes california does not become a sanctuary for people having abortions. >>not a real answer. it's it's hopelessness. its debt. it's a it has to do with the culture of death, not the culture of life. life begins from conception until natural death. and so that all abortion. >>pro choice groups say it's going to take more than just people voicing their concerns. they say it will have to take
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people going to the polls and voting in the newsroom. camila barco kron. 4 news. >>in the south bay planned parenthood in santa clara county is getting a 3 million dollars boost in funding. the county says the money comes in anticipation of an increase and up out of state patients seeking abortion procedures. if roe v wade is overturned, kron on's will tran is in santa clara county with the latest. >>planned parenthood is already busy in this location here in san jose. they have about 6 or 7 workers already inside and they just open to the public and they expect it rode the way gets repealed. it will get even busier and they already got a small sample last year when texas and other states started tightening their abortion rules that forced a lot of those patients in those particular states to come to locations like california, specifically santa clara county. they saw about
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80 patients in that weeks right after those states started changing their abortion laws. and that was just a sliver with this particular situation with roe v wade possibly be repealed. we're talking 26 states that will make it illegal to handle abortions. and that is why the san franciscans me the santa clara county supervisors unanimously passed 3 million dollars. the money will be used for better training, better equipment actually talked to some workers inside news said at the very least they would like a better location, a newer location because they are so overwhelmed with so many people going inside that in certain cases they would like to see a better facility that's on the table. that's the money that they have at their disposal. as far as what's going to happen. according to planned parenthood, they expect to possibly see about 400 to 500 patients. she roe v wade gets repealed and roe v wade has been on the books since 1973. of course, that's still on the
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books. but this is a preemptive measure just in case that happens in a few months from that. >>you can always stay connected with kron 4 on our website and our free mobile apps for the latest news on the supreme court. in roe v wade scan the qr code on your screen there and it will take you straight to our website. now, let's get a check of our forecast from kron on meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. hey agree. so how's it looking out there? >>hi there, stephanie. yeah, we're tracking quite the unique microclimate forecast out there in the bay area. >>for your new lunchtime hour, barely in the low 50's for those of you at half moon bay. >>check out conquered and dublin. more than 30 degrees warmer at 81 degrees. each will learn more already warming up into the low 80's as well. widespread low to mid 70's for most of our north bay valleys in the downtown san francisco. 62 degrees in oakland. 67 degrees in. you can think fog the carl. and with that, we are tracking, though, very foggy conditions
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right now at half moon bay. and even along golden gate bridge out there. so please drive safely because we are seeing wind tracker for going to see the return of that cool sea breeze influence pushing in that marine layer and we are going to notice a big drop in temperatures for our warmest inland valleys, about 5 to 10 degrees for your thursday afternoon. highs holding steady on friday. slight chances of showers returning to our bay area forecast. mainly for those of you in the north bay. details on that and your full mother's day weekend forecast. >>coming up in just a few minutes, stephanie, back to you. looking forward to it. thank a coming up on kron on a group of teachers are camping out at san francisco city college to protest cuts being made to the school with the school administration has to say about that situation. plus, comedian dave chappelle assaulted by an audience member. we have a look at the chaos that unfolded on stage. you're watching kron on more news after this.
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>>welcome back. i'm an attempt comedian dave chappelle. he was performing on stage last night in los angeles. police arrested the man and say he was armed during the attack. carlos herrera has the latest. >>dave chappelle was performing as part of the netflix is a joke fest here at the hollywood bowl last night when witnesses say a man rushed on stage and tackled him this morning. investigators and multiple sources have confirmed that
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the man was armed with what appeared to be a weapon. witnesses at immediately took to social media. they say 48 year-old supp l and the unidentified man tell sold on the stage floor before the man ran away behind a screen on stage security staff surrounded and tackled the man in the rear corner of the stage. while the individual was being subdued by security, chappelle appear to run toward the altercation, saying the man was being, quote, stopped. he asked repeatedly for security to remove him from stage and joked to the audience that the apparent attacker was, quote, a trans man. those remarks, of course, coming after the comedian has been continuously criticized for his remarks about the transgender community. now video circulating online show the chaotic scene outside the hollywood bowl. the apparent attacker was surrounded by security guards, then place on
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a gurney and loaded into an ambulance to be taken to a hospital. the los angeles police department this morning has confirmed that they responded to an incident at the hollywood bowl around 10. 45 last night. and the man who was reportedly armed with a gun and a knife was taken into custody. investigators say one of the weapons the man was carrying can a jack, the knife blade. when you discharge it correctly. it appears to pell was uninjured. he went on with the show last night this morning. we have reached out to netflix and the hollywood bowl for comments. we have yet to hear back. >>the self-proclaimed prolife spider man is arrested now after climbing to the top of the sales force tower in san francisco. it happened early tuesday. san francisco police identified the man as 22 year-old my son to shaw of las vegas. according instagram, he calls himself the pro-life spiderman. it took him a little over an hour and a half to get to the top of the tower
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causing a lot of anxious moments for first responders. >>what is that noise? what is going on? i looked over and saw shoe right outside my window and i no ropes. i was a way back the cleaning crew. sure enough. there he was. i mean, san francisco's one of those places where you see a lot of crazy things. i think this is the craziest thing i've ever seen. >>sfpd officials say a motive is still under investigation, but they do believe it may have something to do with the supreme court's draft majority opinion on roe v wade police arrested shell for trespassing. he was cited and released. 3 men suspected of being involved in the deadly mass shooting in sacramento are now facing murder charges. kron on's to recess to has the details. >>3 counts of murder each and other serious crimes. those are the charges against these 2 brothers, smiley and dandre martin announced by the sacramento district attorney. >>there were over 100 shell casings recovered from this
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scene. there have been countless witnesses that have been interviewed by law enforcement. some are co-operative and some are not. 6 people died. 12 were injured when gunfire erupted at a sacramento nightclub in early april. >>in addition to the martin brothers, a 3rd suspect. but to la peyton is charged with murder of 3 people as well as domestic violence and insurance fraud. he is not in custody yet. we have a team of detectives, those currently using all resources available to them. but i would ask if any members of the public have any information about his whereabouts. >>to please contact the police department or contact crime stoppers. investigators quickly revealed the mass shooting involved 2 rival gangs, although 6 people died. the 3 suspects are only being charged for killing 3 people described by prosecutors as innocent bystanders. >>one question why the brothers in peyton are not charged with killing the others who died that night.
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the da explained a change in the law, prevented them from doing so why no charges for the 12 other people that were shot. this is an ongoing investigation. that is a significant amount of work that requires forensic evidence. analysis. >>ballistics, more interviews hundreds of hours that it reviewed by law enforcement terms of videos. so as i those decisions will be made accordingly. when all of that investigation is complete. the da also said it's too soon to say whether they will seek the death penalty in this case. >>theresa kron, 4 news. >>you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after this.
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>>welcome back. in justice samuel alito is leaked draft opinion aimed at striking down abortion rights. he makes reference to another landmark supreme court ruling allowing same marriage that has many in the lgbtq community concerned that marriage equality may be under threat kron on's dan kerman has the story. >>they took away our first marriage whether prop 8 passed the prop proponents tried to take a where's our second marriage? the court said no, you can't do that. and yet here we are for more than 35 years. stuart gaffney and john lewis have been a couple.
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>>first, mary, during san francisco's 2004 winner of love. and then legally remarried. in 2008, they've seen the ups and downs of prop 8 and the supreme court's 2015 reeling legalizing same marriage. the latest shoe to drop a supreme court justice samuel alito, sleek draft opinion striking down abortion rights in it. he references that 2015 same marriage ruling which raises the question is marriage the next to fall? it's very chilling to see that marriage is like ours are front and center on the minds of the justices as they go taking away women's reproductive freedoms. it's not irrational to be concerned about whether or not there will continue to be federal protection for the right of same couples to marry. >>constitutional law professor jessica levinson says well, part of the alito opinion separates abortion from other issues. it also calls into question all cases that depend
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on the right to privacy. this is a court that is comfortable overturning its prior decisions we're talking about at least half a century of prior decisions here and to this is a court that potentially is just looking at what is specifically written in the constitution and saying we're only going to protect a much narrower swath of rights than we used to these things. cause us concern. and as a happily married couple growing altogether. >>we >>really just want are happily ever after. gaffney in lewis believe marriage equality is about bringing people together and they're ready to fight again to maintain that. >>stand up. speak up. do not be silent because that's what we have been doing for decades. and that's why we are where we are now. my mom has won it. >>in san francisco, dan kerman kron, 4 news. >>the biden administration says wnba star brittney griner
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is being wrongfully detained in russia. that means american officials will work more aggressively to secure her release while the legal case against her plays out. russian authorities detained griner at an airport back in february after vape cartridges containing traces of cannabis oil were allegedly found in her backpack. her case has been moved to a state department section that handles hostage situations. president biden visited a lockheed martin plant in alabama tuesday. that plant manufactures. the javelin is which the u.s. is providing to ukraine along with other weapons. our washington correspondent alexandra limon reports on the president's trip. >>i can say thank you. thank you. thank you. >>president biden toward a weapons manufacturing plant in alabama tuesday and praise the employees who make javelin missiles. those challenges. i saw 10 for every time. >>there is and ukraine. >>change people's lives. the
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u.s. has shipped thousands of javelins, stingers and howitzers to ukraine. but the study shipments of weapons come with a cost to the u.s. stockpile of the weaponry could be replaced within the next year with this budget. >>all of it won't be replaced with a more than a year. analysts estimate that the u.s. has shipped about one quarter of its stingers and one-third of its javelins to ukraine. defense secretary lloyd austin says he's optimistic manufacturers will increase production, but a shortage of semiconductors may prevent that since each javelin requires more than 200 chips and boosting domestic chip manufacturing isn't just critical to making more in america or lowering prices. it's also vital component of our national security. president biden urged congress to quickly approve more funding to help ukraine and boost domestic production of semiconductors. >>this fight is not going to be cheap. but caving to aggression really be more cost.
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>>republicans have expressed opposition to provisions in both bills but say it's likely the bills can be revised and passed in washington. alexandra limon. >>and that, hey, was sworn in as a member of the state assembly for the 17th does assembly district tuesday with a landslide victory in the special election last month, the newly elected assembly member will represent the diverse district encompassing the eastern side of san francisco. >>california has been leader nationally. i have on a wide variety from from climate change to how we protect a fundamental human right marriage equality access to reproductive health in freedom. and these are things that that california is willing to stand up for and protect and even go first in the innovative. >>before his election to the assembly, represented district 6 in san francisco on the board of supervisors. he also previously served as the chair
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of the budget and finance committee. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after this.
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>>thanks for joining us on kron on news at noon. i'm stephanie lynn, back to that breaking news in the south bay where san jose police say
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there is a man with a knife at empire gardens elementary school. the campus is located near watson park just off highway one. 0, one and alum rock avenue. the school is sheltering in place. the latest update here is police say they have the suspect contained and students are not in danger. police say they are continuing to speak and negotiate with the suspect on campus. kron reporter charles clifford is on the way to the school. we'll bring updates as soon as they are available again. empire gardens elementary school in san jose is sheltering in place because there's a man with a knife on campus. san francisco community college professors are camping out to protest cuts being made to the school. they want the school to reject what they are calling unnecessary layoffs. kron 4 sarah stinson takes us inside the demonstration. >>staff and students are camped out outside of conlon hall at the city college of san francisco in protest. a
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potential staff cuts. we're looking at over 200 faculty about just over 20% of our faculty members. >>the union american federation of teachers. 21 21 is hoping this camp out has the board of trustees vote no on faculty layoffs during a meeting this friday. i'm worried that the the final nail in the coffin of city college, if these cuts go through, union members say this will cause hundreds of fully enrolled classes to shut down. that would push tens of thousands of students out of seats in classes. we've already seen, you know that enrollment declined after the administration began aggressive class cuts starting in 2019. >>and we don't want to see more students pushed out of an we don't want to see students having to go somewhere where they have to accrue student debt students who camped out as well say they worry how these cuts would affect their education. someone like myself depends classes. >>are here for my educational
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journey to obtain my associates, agreeing to be able to transfer. and so it's very important that we saw some of their a t and unification. but the fact that teen students and staff are also in progress of putting a measure on the november ballot to get more funding for the city college of san francisco. we just have an opportunity to go to the ballot in november and actually figure out how we can fund the college so that we can address the educational >>but for now, it's all about making signs by day and trying to stay warm by night. camping out with the hope that the city college's board of trustees rethink staff cuts. the vote is set to happen during a meeting this friday at 4 o'clock. it is online too. can join in. get involved. if you'd like reached out to the board of trustees, several of them. >>and have not heard back yet. for now, i'm sara stinson reporting at the city college of san francisco. back to you. >>in the south bay, san jose police say 3 men were injured
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in 2 separate shootings. the first happened around 11, 15 last night on the 3200 block of williamsburg drive. police found 2 men shot. the second shooting happened about 20 minutes later on grammar. see place. one man was found shot there. all 3 injured people are expected to be okay. police are working to uncover a possible motive for these shootings. in san jose pd is also managing a slew of concerning accusations against its own officers. an officer allegedly showed up drunk at the kidnapping scene of 3 month-old brandon couillard last week. that officer has since been placed on leave. another officers accused of misconduct while on duty. and a rookie officer died in april. the santa clara county medical examiner's office determining that officer died from fentanyl. mayor sam liccardo now proposing random drug testing across the department to address the problem. the police chief adding there will soon be resources in place to help any
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officers dealing with possible substance abuse. turning now to the war in ukraine, a new attempt to evacuate ukrainians from mariupol is underway. the port city has seen the heaviest fighting of the war so far, the united nations and red cross have negotiated a humanitarian corridor for hundreds of civilians sheltering underground at a steel plant. widespread blackouts are being reported elsewhere in ukraine where russian missiles are targeting power stations. russia's defense miss minister says troops will also continue to target supplies sent from nato and the west russian is dismissing reports that president vladimir putin plans to formally declare war on may 9th when russia celebrates the defeat of not see germany in world war. 2. a top european union official today called on the eu to ban oil imports from russia. the new round of sanctions would require member nations to phase out imports of crude oil within 6 months and refined products by the
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end of the year. there were also calls today that russia's largest bank be disconnected from swift. the international banking payments system. all 27 nations in the eu would have to unanimously approved the move and says he's will likely be difficult, especially for those nations highly dependent on russia for energy supplies. just a short time ago, the u.s. federal reserve announced a hike on interest rates in an effort to slow down inflation the fed raise rates half a percentage point. but as interest rates rise, economists say it will cost more to borrow money. the fed also said it's shrinking its supply of treasury and mortgage bonds, which will tighten credit. also making it more expensive to borrow. for your health. fda officials say yearly covid vaccine shots could be part of our future. top fda regulators say they expect to decide by summer weather covid-19 vaccines should be updated for the fall. if the fda finds the
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updates necessary annual boosting against the virus could become part of the new norm. meanwhile, the fda's vaccine advisory committee is set to meet in june to discuss vaccines for kids under 5. newly released documents show the cdc tracked millions of phones to see if americans followed covid-19 lockdown orders. according to vice news, the cdc purchase phone data from the data broker. safe graph. the cdc reportedly paid $420,000 for access to one year's worth of data. stay at home. orders visits to pharmacies and the effectiveness of covid policies in the navajo nation were among the activities. the cdc monitored the cdc has not commented on this report. now, let's get a check of our mother's day forecast from kron on meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. but recent is it a good day to take your mom to brunch outdoors on mother's day? yes, specially golden gate bridge southward. there's a slight chance of possible showers, though, by around.
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>>your sunday afternoon in the north bay. more on that in just a minute. but first, let's take a look at the unique microclimate forecast out there in the bay area. low 50's for half moon bay at 51 degrees. >>check out conquered in fremont. 30 degrees. warmer at 81 degrees. so we're tracking widespread low to mid 50's for bay area coastline. thanks to the return of that deepening marine layer mother nature's ac working into high gear. berkeley. 71 degrees as is napa, but fairfax in the low 80's out there right now for those of you in the north bay. and we are tracking some changes, especially tomorrow cooler weather northwest. well, 5 to 8 feet is going to produce dangerous beach hazards could get conditions with the rip currents and sneaker waves starting early thursday morning through thursday night. so just keep that in mind. and here's a look at that. marine le are out there right now. just blanketing golden gate bridge. you can barely make out the bridge in the distance. so please drive safely for your wednesday afternoon commute
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radar for though, tracking a lot of sunshine and warmer temperatures as you make your way inland with a slight chance of traces amount of rain returning for those of you in the north bay by around thursday afternoon. we're going to see that storm track well to our north, but by later into the evening and even friday night could see traces amount of rain at best but dry for everyone else in the bay area. during the overnight hours, we could see some very light hit or miss sprinkles out there throughout the san francisco peninsula. even clipping parts of the east bay shoreline saturday morning. now going to be a big drought buster, though, as you can see that storm track going to remain just a little bit to the north for those of you in the north bay by monday. but we are expecting to see by tuesday, some very light scattered hit or miss showers right along the coast. but really traces a few hundreds of an inch of rain at best. but the good news is we are seeing valley rain and mountain snow. for those of you heading out to this year. and we are expecting to see though, cooler temperatures not just starting tomorrow, becoming more widespread all weekend long. mother's day
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sunday. we are going to be slightly below average, but still looking great if you have any brunch plans and even slightly warming up to near average a week from today. but overall, it's going to be a very cool forecast with some very light hit or miss sprinkles in the coming days. back to you, stephanie. >>all right. we'll have our life jackets ready, thanking the new video has surfaced in the search for an alabama correctional officer and the murder suspect she's believed to have helped escape. now, take a look at this video. it shows deputy vicky white walking from her patrol car into the jail facility last friday. about 30 seconds later she comes back with the inmate casey white close behind. she told coworkers she was taking him for a mental health evaluation. but none was scheduled. her patrol car was later found abandoned. authorities say deputy white sold her home a month ago and was supposed to retire the day that she vanished. they've issued a warrant for her arrest but say they're also worried for her safety. amber
12:40 pm
heard took the stand today and her ex-husband, johnny depp's multimillion dollar defamation trial against her. >>i was a scholarship kid at a catholic growing several different catholic schools. but they were always in the other. you know, on the other side of town in the part of town. i grew up working class. and thankfully you as long as they maintained an a average, i i enjoyed the benefit of a scholarship. >>this follows testimony from a clinical psychologist who says she diagnosed heard with ptsd due to multiple alleged acts of abuse and violence by death. but depp has denied abusing heard and accuses her of violence against him. the trial centers on a 2018
12:41 pm
washington post op-ed where heard insinuated she had been the victim of domestic violence at depp's hands. depp claims the allegations ruined his career and he wants her to pay him 50 million dollars. president joe biden welcome team usa to the white house this morning. the president along with first lady jill biden and vice president kamala harris hosted both summer and winter u.s. olympic teams on the south lawn. the event celebrates olympic and paralympic athletes who combined 100's of medals in tokyo and beijing. >>they look at you and see that despite the emotional mental and financial and physical toll, you've never given up. just don't quit. as i said, our foreign leaders, my counterparts, there's no quit in america. there's just no quit your the quintessential example of that. there's no quit in america.
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>>around 600 athletes were at that event. the president, as you just heard pointing to the olympians as sources of inspiration during difficult times. coming up on kron on, we're looking ahead to wildfire seasons. more on the preparations ahead. working on for watching kron on. we'll have m
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>>and here's something to give you an idea of just how bad the drought gotten in california. it's visible from
12:45 pm
space video from the international space station shows the extent of the drought. the normally snowcapped mountains actually looking pretty dry. california snowpack is vital because the melting snow helps fill the state's reservoirs. right now it's below where it needs to be. 95% of california is currently under severe or extreme drought. it was just 66% in february. that snow pack. california's office of emergency services is gearing up for wildfire season. the agency handles disaster preparedness response and recovery efforts across the state. callaway has has a fleet of 270 engines to deploy to wildfires if needed. the agency's director tells kron 4 they are developing new technology to help fight and track fires. >>being able to actively identify weather patterns, using technology for situational awareness, having the ability to actively see
12:46 pm
fire spread how we deploy resources. all of these new technologies are essential in our ability to have the most robust mutual aid system capability to respond to all the threats that we have in california. >>governor newsom is proposing an additional 1.2 billion dollars this year as part of a 2.7 billion dollar investment to boost forest management. all right. this week as well for wildfire awareness week and cal fire's newly appointed director is sharing his safety and protection plans. chief joe tyler shares his biggest priorities and what keeps him up at night. here's wildfires and exhausted workforce aging equipment and overgrown forests. dennis shanahan reports. >>this is really a an all-hands approach. we have seen the fires larger, more damaging and more devastating. >>is cal-fire career kicked off in 1991. the climate has changed. the environment has
12:47 pm
changed. and in march of this year, governor newsom appointed chief joe tyler, the new director of california's fire department replacing retiring cal fire chief thom porter in this new position. what are your top priorities? these fires are taking a toll on our firefighters on the ground. so my commitment coming in here. number one, priority. >>is the health and wellness of our firefighters. and we have seen that in the commitment of the governor's proposed budget. so placing 400 million dollars in his proposal for the health and wellness of our firefighters who are working 2030, 40, 50 days on the fire with out any relief trying to add additional really staffing to allow them to get a little time off the line to be able take care of their personal needs and see their families and get away from that destructive environment. if only for a couple of days before they return to the front lines. my next priority is really looking for ways to ensure that we're operationally ready for the
12:48 pm
2022 fire year and beyond. not only 2022, 2025 2030, what the future of department is looking like. >>that future includes new aircraft with enhanced capabilities. cal fire now has 7 shiny new black hawk helicopters in service and 5 more in production. these fire hawks as they're called, can carry 1000 gallons of water in a single load. that's almost 700 gallons more than the vietnam era. super huey's. these birds are replacing one of the big reasons. these aircraft are a game changer. the night vision capability fighting fire from the air. 24 7. >>our goal is through the national defense authorization act as we're going to add a c one, 30 aircraft that will be able to drop up to 4,000 gallons are returning to time. cal fire secured federal approval for 7 c one 30's adding to an existing fleet of nearly 2 dozen air tankers.
12:49 pm
some of the c one 30's are now being retrofitted for firefighting inside this calfire hangar at mcallen airport. >>tyler says they'll be ready for service in 2024, but when go into service much like the black hawk helicopters, they will be a game changer to the aviation community. >>and he says governor newsom's proposed budget addresses the need for more resources on the ground. additional fire engines, additional bulldozers in investing. in additional hand crews while we focus on suppression, we also have to focus on fuels treatment and the fuels reduction. we need to i continue to focus our personnel on ensuring that we're doing mechanical in hand, thinning and using opportunities for beneficial fire and and manage fired and the winter months when it is prime to try to reduce those what kind of keeps you up at night as far as when you look ahead to this fire season,
12:50 pm
when i see through the drought monitor that 100% of the state of california is already extreme or severe drought. i look at our reservoirs that are critically low levels. i look at snow pack. that is also a critically low levels for this time of the year. yeah. and i look at the light amount of precipitation here in the sacramento area north that we have received this spring. the winds behind that that are drying all the fuels out and the grass crops that are going to carry fire. all going to lead to what will likely be a fire season. much like we have seen in 2022 1021 again, that really keeps me up at night. chief taylor wants to impress upon property owners to do their part as well to commit to conducting their own fields reduction and their own defensible space clearances ensure they have their gutters. clean and fuel is removed from around their homes. if you want to say fuels, i mean, vegetation removed from around their
12:51 pm
homes, a group effort to make it through or better yet avoid another catastrophic fire season. it is a combination of everything that brings us forward to try to reduce what we're seeing in california year after year. >>you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after this.
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>>well, if you like we sports, i do. he loved intentos latest consul. it brings back fan favorites like bowling in tennis. rich demuro takes a closer look in this morning's tech smart. >>about 15 years ago we bowling put that console on the map. now nintendo is bringing back interactive sports. but this time on the switch. got the spare interactive bowling is back. and so is tennis. plus, soccer volleyball, badminton and sword fighting. >>it's all in intend those latest game called switch sports. the sequel to we sports comes more than 15 years later the time normal council video games out of control with 2 joysticks tonight, the pad and a ton of buttons and something that was really simple. invited everybody into video games.
12:55 pm
christopher plant is editor in chief of the gaming site polygon. i think it's sports going to be a hit. the game takes advantage of the unique detachable motion-sensitive controllers on the switch. nintendo calls them joy con. they translate real world movements into on-screen play. so you can ball swing bloc and more. they also have this unique version of bowling with obstacles in the lane, which is really fun to play. this version is slicker than the original with more customizable characters and regular updates. it's just still very fun to pretend to bowl and you're living it for the first time. you can play online with friends, family members. or even complete strangers. and when you play online, you unlock new features costumes, accessories. you can get you have new face mask, which is a very twenty-twenty to think there are 6 ports in all including fan favorite bowling along with soccer volleyball, badminton and swordplay. this was the trick is to get the
12:56 pm
hang of but they all make you smile and get you moving. just don't throw your controller into the tv, especially since these joy come just don't already have the wristband on it. i won't be surprised if a few people and destroy really nice tv's in the coming months. >>switch sports is available now. it's $40 for the digital copy $50 for the bucs version which includes a leg strap for better soccer shots. and by the way, golf will be added as a free update in the fall. if you want to link to the game, go to my website. it is rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >>and an adorable newborn giraffe to tell you about. he took his first steps at the seneca park zoo in rochester, new york. very is looking just a little bit wobbly, but he manages to keep his balance. the lanky calf is less than a week old. the zoo says he's very active in doing really well wobbles in all. he'll
12:57 pm
spend lots of quality time behind the scenes for now bonding with his mama before being put out into the bigger enclosures. so all the visitors can finally catch a glimpse of him. thank you for watching kron on at noon. i'm stephanie lin. we'll see you back here at 3. >>the news continues on kron on grab your phone and scanned the qr code on your screen to download the kron on app. also available on roku. amazon fire stick and apple tv.
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