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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  May 5, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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correspondent jessi tenure joins us live with the latest on the abortion rights debate. good evening, jesse. >> good evening to you as well. grant justine democratic leaders are really just going into this vote already knowing that they don't even have the full support of their 50 members. but they want to get every single senator on the record. >> look no further than the new fencing surrounding the u.s. supreme court to see the impact of the leaked draft opinion that would throw out the landmark roe v wade ruling. the justices have been villain eyes and subjected to violent threats and furious at the conservatives on the supreme court for being so cruel. republican john cornyn and democrat patty murray will vote next week with their senate colleagues on legislation that would protect abortion rights. which side are you on? you can't duck it anymore. the push is all but guaranteed to fail. but senate democratic leader chuck schumer called the vote one of the most important in a century. and michigan senator debbie stabenow now stresses women's lives are at risk when
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there's a 12 year-old to spend wright who decides mitch mcconnell. right wingers in the united states supreme court republicans. but gop lawmakers continue to argue the leak puts not only the high court's independence at stake, but also the justices safety threats against the justices aren't going away and are becoming even more intense. lot of courts investigation into the leak continues. cornyn says the chief justice has asked congress to increase protection measures for the justices and their families that can't wait until something bad happens. and cornyn is introducing a bipartisan bill that he says would allow the court to receive the same protections and resources as the other 2 branches of government enjoy. >> live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. justine. jesse. we did hear from the department of justice on the leak today. what did the attorney general say in response? >> the attorney general merrick garland said he couldn't comment specifically on the investigation sense.
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the marshal of the u.s. supreme court is handling that. >> but he did say that no matter how the court does end up like whatever the court does end up deciding ultimately that his justice department will continue tot defend women's rights. >> jessi tenure reporting live for us from washington, d.c., tonight. jesse, thank you so much. supreme court justice samuel alito reportedly canceled his appearance at an upcoming conference according to reuters. >> aledo chose not to attend the 5th u.s. circuit court of appeals judicial conference. he had been slated to go. the cancellation comes after his draft memo suggesting the overturn of roe v wade was leaked monday. the u.s. supreme court has not issued a final ruling on the case. now to the latest on the war in ukraine and the associated press investigation found evidence that that attack on a civilian theater. >> where they were using it as a bomb shelter, mariupol killed way more meant many people than originally thought
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the attack happened on march 16th. the ap is estimating 600 people were killed based on accounts from survivors and rescuers who responded that would make it the single deadliest known attack against civilians since the war started. civilians had written the word children in big russian laters letters in the parking lot. but that did not stop the attack. russian forces are also said to be taking farm equipment and grain from ukrainian farmers. >> ukraine's defense ministry says an estimated 400,000 tons of grain has been stolen so far. russia is also hitting food storage locations with artillery seed planting sev also been this rupp to door, giving up on russia has gained stronger control over some regions of ukraine that are rich in agriculture. typically that's in southern ukraine and this may jeopardize this year's harvest. it's one of the globe's most important grain producing areas. it
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started as a small neighborhood, asian american coffee shop specializing in pastries and it's kind of grown into this multi million dollar family owned businesses. >> it's right here in the bay area. we're kicking off our asian american heritage month celebration. >> we'll take a closer look now at sugar bowl bakery. kron four's has my view, takes us there. >> you're looking at some of the most recognizable pastries of the bay area. madeline's hobby is and brownie bites all made by the sugar bowl bakery and asian-american family owned business that got its start nearly 40 years ago in san francisco. >> we came to the united states out. being in weapons, he in the 1970's, it was 1979 julie. it is for brothers left vietnam looking to restart their lives of the land of opportunity. united states of america. after surviving the
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journey, lee says there were more challenges that he and his siblings had to overcome. we came here with not thing. couldn't speak the language. we didn't have any money, but the lee family did have a very strong work ethic he enrolled in the city college of san francisco got an english tutor moved and to san francisco state university where he graduated with a degree in business. the lee brothers and their wives jobs and decided to pool their resources saving up about $40,000 and 1984, we decided to buy a small coffee shop bakery neighborhood coffee shop cause bakery at the time. it's called. >> at the end of that very first day of business. he says they are $300. >> that is when the leaves discovered their fridge inspired pastry treats were hit. here's the story behind the recipe and they not need. yes, my maya us with a bait thos a meaty fence you know,
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said because we a abundance in our culture. today. these cakes are produced in abundance. approximately one only and pieces a year after starting with about 12 workers, mostly family relocating to the east bay, the sugar bowl bakery now has around 600 employees working in their 2 factories in hayward and atlanta, georgia. >> and is one of the largest certified minority owned bakeries in america. earning the this special shout out by did president barack obama. >> with a lot of hard work and a little luck. the sugar bowl bakery today is a 60 million dollar business. >> this is country and we won come from all over the world the opportunity
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>> make sure that live a good life. we a push to allow american tree and it. we were caught. we obeyed the law while take out one and not the then we can be a successful any american who came before us. >> how's it? but you for news. kron 4 is celebrating asian american pacific islander heritage all month long and will lead up to our. >> special that airs thursday. may 26 at 06:30pm, posted by will tran. >> earlier today, the worriers unveiled a glimmering, bronze statue. there. the former san francisco mayor ed lee. this is it chase center. the statues right outside the arena at the gate house and but they cough thrive. city where fans gather and watch away games. the sculpture depicts show field looking lee in a seated position with the basketball there in his hands. the former mayor would have turned 70 today. lee's widow, mayor london breed house speaker nancy pelosi all attended the ceremony. lee
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played in trickle role in san francisco's quest to bring the warriors to the city. but you never got to see them play at chase center. he died from an unexpected heart attack. fewer than 2 years before it opened. >> coming up, what we know about the passenger who opened the emergency exit door on a flight and then walked right out onto the wing.
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>> some scary moments on a red
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eye flight to chicago and a passenger leaves the plane through the emergency yeah, that's what happened when a united flight landed from san diego. it's about 4 in the morning. the plane was approaching the gate when a male passenger pulled the emergency exit and then just walked out. he slid down the wing onto the ground before police arrested him. one of the passengers described what they saw. >> and he was going out. i heard everybody yelling, no, no, no. and and he just what out the exit door and onto the win i think everybody was just kind of shot. it was. it was just kind of like what just happened here. and he didn't go off the exit door. that was by his feet. he crawled over one person that meant 3 people on the other side went out that. that door. >> just a bizarre decision by that guy. the passenger who we just heard from that lady has that she didn't notice this man do anything out of the ordinary before he accident
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that way. united airlines says the rest of the passengers they got off safely the normal way after the plane arrived at the gate, maybe he was sleepwalking for the morning. >> still ahead, kron four's kate rooney joins us here live in the studio to break down the disciplinary action. the nba took on memphis grizzlies player dillon brooks after injuring warriors player gary payton. the second how the team is reacting and what this means for matchup. the big matc
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>> the warriors are getting ready for saturday's game 3 western conference semifinals. but there is a lot of sort of drama associated with this one. they're not going to have gary payton the second there. yeah, probably second best defender on the team. he was injured during game 2. the last game against the grizzlies. that's right. and payton was hurt after brooks was active in the head, causing him to land squarely on his arm. >> brooks was kicked out of the game. and today the nba suspended him for the next game. kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney joins us now. >> to explain. you want to see a fan base that has some animosity towards a player when brooks eventually play-in game 4 chase is going to let him have it. i would think. yeah, you said it. we're talking off camera. they're going to be a lot of handed down to the sky. a lot of people. >> not happy with the way that plane went down. they were expecting the suspension, but some questioning whether it's even long enough is the
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punishment that was handed down. but nba today, it's brooks will miss one game. that's this upcoming game 3 on saturday. now this comes after he was ejected for a flagrant 2 foul, which is defined as unnecessary and excessive contact against an opponent that comes with an immediate ejection from the game. and in this case, further review by the league determined it wasn't worthy of a suspension as well. we also learn more about the extent of gp two's injury today. in addition to the fracture, we already knew about his dealing with ligament and muscle damage. the set to be reevaluated in 2 weeks when steve kerr was asked about the suspension today, he said the only thing left for the warriors to do is focus on their preparation for game 3. >> doesn't matter. i mean, carries out there is out for the next, you know, for see future weeks. that's the only thing that matters to us. you don't we're doing, you play hard. for every loose ball
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battle for every compete, every possession. you know, don't risk a guy's career if he's a ahead of the planned transition. that's our mantra. >> so even though steve kerr said a couple days ago, the words will not be retaliating. clearly, they are extremely unhappy with the situation. i did an unofficial poll of warriors fans on twitter. more than 70% of them said the suspension not long enough. game 3 is on saturday at 5.30, at t center. so, yeah, there's going to be a lot of animosity in this game. and it really is just heartbreaking for gary payton. the second he'd been playing so well. he's been in the league for 6 years and was really having kind of a breakout season was a huge part of the warriors defense, especially. so they're really trying to figure out how they're going to stop the grizzlies without him. he was a dirty move. if you ask me hard to watch and gp 2 is like the one guy who can really guard. >> john moran, who's kind of on guard exactly so. now it's kind of have to be a team effort. so big, big loss for the dup's for sure. alright, thanks, kate. the justice
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department and environmental protection agency announced a new comprehensive strategy for environmental justice. the goal is to ensure of low-income and minority americans do not continue to suffer the worst effects of >> pollution and climate change. to compensate communities who have been hit the hardest by pollution. i'm talking about children going to school right next door to chemical plants. >> generations of family members diagnosed with cancer likely connected to the pollution in the air. they breed. well, the what are they trying? no american should have to live work. >> or send their kids to school in a neighborhood that carries a disproportionate share of environmental hazard. >> the plan requires the 93 united states attorneys to designate local environmental justice coordinators in the plan. could qualify certain people for compensation.
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>> incredible video out of kansas where a twister touched down last week just outside of wichita, roadside video there showing us gale force winds tearing right through the field. this twister ended up in the small town of andover. it barreled straight for city hall. check out the surveillance video here. the force there enough to up branches and trees and you can see it almost rips the flag right off the post. it swerved away from city hall at the last minute. fortunately, no deaths reported in connection with this tornado. but that video is really something. and the south is now bracing for more severe weather tonight. satellite video shows us the intensity of the tornadoes across oklahoma and texas. you can even see flashes of lightning going off of the thunderstorms. we're also seeing some of the storm damage, including at an oklahoma school where a classroom the trailers there were flipped over and torn apart between 10,011 1000
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customers in oklahoma and texas did not have electricity today. no serious injuries have been reported from the storms, but they are causing a lot of damage. >> it's like 2 and a half months now that we've seen it feels like consistent tornadoes. yeah, every week in that part of the country, it's it's horrible. and now we're headed really toward the peak, which is going to be this next week for tornado season. so here we go. things get a little more aggressive out there tonight. we see another round of some very strong storms developing that cold air coming right off the rockies. got that moisture coming up in the south and look at the storms in between that line there from houston stretching all the way into memphis and on the long that line, numerous reports of tornadoes again, a couple tornadoes in the eastern that and texas and continuing reports of large hail all along this line. so it's not always the tornadoes that cause a lot of damage. a lot of damage actually caused to the head by hail on some of the farmland out there as well on the farm animals, too. but things quieter out west. we do have a storm system rolling in
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that is going to bring with it a chance. some light showers. i think overnight tonight in parts of the north and again, by tomorrow evening as well. you see right here. here's a lower forecast as we get in toward the next 24 hours by tomorrow morning. if there's a chance of a couple light sprinkles north of the golden gate bridge, maybe some drizzle along the coastline, then kind of another round 2 as we head in toward tomorrow evening. so a kind of a double barrel system coming on through behind that. you've got plans for moms. they were. here you go. you've got a very cold inside slider rolling in. and that could bring the snow level. get this down around 3,000 feet. and that means our local mountains of we do get much in the way of precipitation at all. we could be talking about some snow across places like mount diablo. so pretty unusual for this time of year to get a cold system dropping in like this, but not unheard of them. that's going to stick around through monday and tuesday with some temperatures running a good 10, maybe 15 degrees below the average. after that, i don't see a big ridge building in either something staying open. so plans for mother's day will take mom out get her jacket and make sure something warm to drink. we have plenty of clouds rolling across our skies. temperatures
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only in the 50's and the 60's and there is a slight chance we could be talking about a couple of scattered showers out there right now. we've got a lot of clouds moving in overhead. the seabreeze have been blowing and well, the temperatures are staying down. the numbers today are really coming way down from the past couple of days. and tomorrow we're going to see a lot of clouds, a slight chance, some sprinkles to the north, mostly sunny on saturday. then that next storm system drops in on mother's day to bring a slight chance of showers continuing unsettled in the monday. thanks alerts. up next, looking for a fun way to celebrate cinco de mayo. how you can give back to the bay area arts while enjoying the work of one of mex
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>> today is cinco mayo. and if you're looking to celebrate and give back to the arts, there's a way to do that. in san francisco right now. carnival san francisco is kicking off its benefit inside the immersive frida kahlo exhibit. and this is what you can expect when you step inside. lots of color. lots of moving images all inspired by the work of the legendary mexican artist frida kahlo. there will be a musical performances and some tasty food to enjoy an organizer shared with our kron. 4 anchor stephanie lynn, what you can expect. >> tonight, we're going to have taste of maybe go some of them find is delicious mexican food that's being catered by different you can also be able
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to have a duty take the lead because she left are. the here is opportunity for you tonight to experience something beautiful and also support cause that's going to impact thousands and thousands of latino families here in the senate. just the bay area. >> kind of all. san francisco is a nonprofit in the mission district that celebrates the diversity of latin america's they've never had a permanent building to call their own. the money generated from tonight's benefit will help carnival establish a place they hope and the city. if you're interested, would like to help have some fun attend tonight's event, you get tickets and more info on kron 4 dot com. just look for the best places to celebrate cinco de mayo in the bay area. on our website, the event starts at 7 o'clock. so there's still time. a lot of good suggestions. also on kron 4 dot com of what to do to celebrate. let's have fun. let's do. it would be a good way to do it. may be watching kron. 4 news at 6. i could do that.
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>> you know, he's got that. that's that's ken. hey, welcome back. and thank you. thank you. when he left she's laughing at what you just said, that watching kron. 4 news at like it's a party at 6 a or will try to make it a large >> all right. thank you much, justine and grant coming up tonight at 6 o'clock mother's day around the corner as covid cases are on the rise. what an infectious disease expert has to say about gathering with your loved ones ahead of the weekend. and a school fight gets way out of control. a student gets sent to the hospital after all the chaos. >> what happened and how parents and administrators are reacting tonight. i'm ken wayne and moore. the news at 6 is next.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. now at 6, his mask restrictions appear to be falling off covid infections in the bay area are on the rise again, according to the cdc, all 9 bay area counties. >> have a high rate of covid transmission as mother's day weekend approaches. >> good evening. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. thank you for joining us. is 6 despite steady hospitaliz


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