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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 5, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> and thank you for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne, a new report. tonight's jess united states may be playing a bigger role in the war in ukraine than previously thought. the new york times is reporting tonight that intelligence provided by the u.s. helped ukrainian forces located and strike russia's black sea flagship the sinking of the last month was an embarrassing blow to vladimir putins troubled invasion of ukraine. 2 senior american officials told the times ukraine already had obtained the mosque was tmrgeting data on its own and that the u.s. provided only confirmation of
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that. but other officials said the american intelligence was crucial. 2 ukraines sinking of that warship. for more on this report and the latest on the war in ukraine, we're joined by bay area congressman john garamendi. the congressman is a senior member of the armed services committee and chair of the armed services subcommittee on readiness. thank you for being with us again to talk about what's happening in ukraine. congressman, let's start with the new york times report about the sinking of that russian ship. >> and also whether or not infect the u.s. role is expanding in the war. >> but the united states from the very outset of this entire situation has provided significant intelligence to ukraine prior to the invasion itself. united states knew exactly what the russian a buildup was, where the troops were and wheresthey were going. all of that was shared with ukrainian government way back at the beginning. and we've continued to the right significant intelligence
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information throughout the course of the war. this is no secret. it's a very, very important part of the american. i support for ukraine. it has a very negative effect on rushed. >> the times also said that the u.s. intelligence officials were wary of letting many people know about the involvement of american intelligence in assisting ukrainians because russia could see that as too much involvement by the united states and ratchet up their threats against our country. what do you make of that? >> certainly russia doesn't like it. there's no doubt that this is a serious problem to russia because the russian military has been all right. it's a his last the keep battle. and it's also being very slow and being able to make any progress in the east river. john region and intelligence is a key part of every military operation. is that fundamental? no. what's fundamental is the desire and
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the strength and the courage of the ukrainian army. the intelligence is a vital piece, but it is not the deciding factor. the deciding factors the will to fight and the desire to win which russia seems not to have at least a strong as the ukraine's also the united states is providing weapons as our nato countries. there's a very significant about of all kinds of weapons going into ukraine, including some very advanced artillery, a counter battery radars and the like all of which our fundamental to the success, the ukrainian government. so russia, yes, doesn't like it. but are they going to do about it? well, we've certainly seen some blessed are about to nuclear weapons. i think pressure knows that. that's where they cannot go. congress cannot go there. if they were to go that way, they'd be a whole different matter.
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>> well, i would live. well, we're talking about the nuclear possibility. what what would that mean? >> well, we may nuclear war. probably starting a limited, all of the research has been done on any use of a nuclear war in a situation. so excuse me, nuclear weapons in a situation such as this is that it cannot be contained. it would be one that another back and forth and pretty soon we have it all out. nuclear war. russia knows that. and your next question is where would they use their nuclear weapons in ukraine? well, they really don't need to have a nuclear weapon to destroy cities were saying that they're quite capable of doing that with their their vessels, as well as their artillery. so what's advantage of a nuclear weapon to back down ukraine? i doubt that that would be it to attack nato. they know that they were attacked. nato would be the end of rush. so that's not going to happen. i think it's a lot of bluster right
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now. >> may 9th is a really big day in russia, especially for vitamin pueden. it's a day russia celebrates its victory over the nazis in world war. 2, there's going to be a big military parade in moscow signs are that to vladimir putin has to have something to celebrate on may 9th and up till now he's had very little to celebrate with the russian people. and that's why mariupol, for instance, is getting bombarded so heavily. so that maybe he can claim that as a victory on may 9th. what's your assessment a night and how that figures into the war effort in ukraine. >> well, that's 4 days from now there is no indication that the ukraine for gates that are in mariupol, are going to collapse in the next 4 days. i'm sure food and would like to have some sort of major victory. and i'm quite certain that the ukrainians are are well aware
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of that and they may be provided. they may be working on some surprise on the other side, this question may 9th celebration. it may very well be that the ukrainians are planning their own celebration. we'll see what happens. but i seriously doubt that mariupol will collapse and the next 4 days. >> mister putin may not have the successes that he wants so far, but he certainly is stepped up the attacks on civilian side just relentless in his attacks on civilian locations, where even sites have been marked. the children are in these locations. how do you assess where things stand right now? >> there is no doubt as a war criminal. there's no doubt that he's targeting civilian side is targeted schools and hospitals and doing what russia does so well. and that is to destroy. they did this year and a you know, they get this year all of in syria.
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wherever you see the russian army, you're going to see syria, a city's flat as you're showing that video right now. that's russian way. just simply destroy using artillery. and now with missiles. i just that when a war. as it turned the entire world against beshir, yes, the sun does put prudent as the international pariah. yes, whether it be a long-term consequences for russia doing this, this invasion totally unnecessary and and criminal in every way. so putin, it's going to pay a price now and into the future. the sanctions are ratcheting up every day. current work in europe is that europe will not buy russian gas were used for russian gas. now and russian oil within the next 6 months. so that major market for russia's economy is going to shut down. russia be
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able to sell that oil and other places perhaps? but the international sanctions are getting stronger each and every day, particularly as pueden shows his war. criminality by flattening cities by going after civilians and all of the. terrible atrocities that he is instigating. ukraine. >> the biden administration is committed. 33 billion dollars more to the effort in ukraine. the american people today a largely support what the administration is doing in ukraine. but how long will that continue and how much more money will it take to finish this effort and defeat the russian invasion? >> i think you need to look at the the american history and in the early days of world war. 2, we supported united kingdom. and lend lease
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program. we stayed with that throughout that entire were eventually the united states entered into it. i don't believe the united states will be actively with our troops on the ground. ukraine president said no, and it would take an act of congress for that to happen supporting as we are. those are individual pieces of legislation. there was a 16 billion dollar piece that passed just a couple of months ago. the 33 billion is in addition to that. i think the american public, i understand that this is not just about ukraine. this is about democracy europe. and this is not only thing that couldn't pass in mind if he were to win this war he will quickly move into mode idea. and there's already a russian troops and b, eastern part of that country we know he has his eyes on the the baltic countries, estonia, lithuania, that area. we do know i'm
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well. last week i met with the ambassador from sweden finland and they are very, very nervous. so nervous that for the first time in the 70 years, finn a sweet is pushing aside its neutrality and asking to join. as is chandler. this is a major step for those 2 countries. they know that this war is about them. they know that if crudeness allowed to push forward and win this war, that they're going to be next on the russian agenda. and this is not new defendant. they've had this situation before the night in the late 1930's or early 40's when russia did invade finland, the fans were able to countered. but they lost a lot of territory to russia as result of that this is more than just ukraine, we're out of time. but i just
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want to ask you real quickly about u.s. readiness. we have sent. >> a large a number of javelins and stingers to a stinger missiles to ukraine. and because of the semiconductor shortage, we had a story earlier this week about concerns on how quickly manufacturers can turn out new supplies for for the u.s. to maintain our readiness. what are your concerns in that area? briefly? >> serious, serious concerns. that's my job. chairman of the readiness where that used a moment ago and readiness is many things and that is that we have a satisfactory reserve of military equipment of all kinds, not just new additions, but also the artillery and on and on missiles, javelin missiles and the like we're simply going to have to ramp up one of the problems that we have is the consolidation. the defense industry. many of
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armaments were built and made by companies that no longer exists that were swallowed up by the big national and international arm country companies. and so we're going to have to push those companies or find new manufacturers for those critical munitions as well as equipment. and so that's a key task. my staff is already working on it. we're working with the department of defense. what do they need to do this? the defense production act is available that that is already in place. first pharmaceuticals and ppe is that we need for that covid crisis for the pandemic. and now we're going to have to turn our attention to restocking the american warehouses with the necessary equipment of all kinds bay area. congressman john garamendi, thank you very much for your time and insight. an explanation of a lot of the issues that concern us all during this crucial time. thank you. >> have a good evening.
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>> other news tonight here at home. new at 10, we're learning about arrest made during a camp out at city college of san francisco. a viewer shared this video from the campus today. san francisco police tell us tonight that they responded to city college around 4.30, this afternoon and ran into several protesters. police say they arrested 11 people for civil disobedience. the school staff and union members are camping out to protest job cuts tomorrow. city college, the board of trustees. they're set to vote on more than 200 faculty layoffs. >> another big story we are following tonight. the fallout from the late u.s. supreme court opinion on roe v wade. demonstrators marched down santana row in the south bay this evening. their message defend roe v wade. meantime, senate democrats are trying to do just that. they are gearing up for a vote next week to try and make roe v wade a law. but as our washington correspondent jessi tenure tells us, the move is expected
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to be largely symbolic. good evening. democratic leaders are going into this vote knowing they don't even have the full support of all 50 of their members. but they want to make sure every single senator is on the record. >> look no further than the new fencing surrounding the u.s. supreme court to see the impact of the leaked draft opinion that would throw out the landmark roe v wade ruling. the justices have been villain eyes and subjected to violent threats. i'm furious at the conservatives on the supreme court for being so cruel. republican john cornyn and democrat patty murray will vote next week with their senate colleagues on legislation that would protect abortion rights. which side are you on? you can't duck it anymore. the push is all but guaranteed to fail. but senate democratic leader chuck schumer called the vote one of the most important in a century. and michigan senator debbie stabenow stresses women's lives are at risk when there's a 12 year-old to spend wright who decides mitch mcconnell. right wingers in the united states supreme
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court republicans. but gop lawmakers continue to argue the leak puts not only the high court's independence at stake, but also the justices safety threats against the justices aren't going away and are becoming even more intense. lot of courts investigation into the leak continues. cornyn says the chief justice has asked congress to increase protection measures for the justices and their families that can't wait until something bad happens. in corning is introducing a bipartisan bill that he says would allow the court to receive the same protections and resources as the other 2 branches of government. >> in washington, i'm jessi tenure. >> let's check on our 4 zone forecast. inching closer to the weekend. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge and there's our friendly karl. the fog is in. lawrence is back to talk about that and more. yeah, guys, pretty thick stuff out there right now. more that on the way. maybe a little drizzle along the coastline. maybe a couple light showers coming our way to is we've got unsettled
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weather pattern is a late season. the system start moving in. we're seeing some of that northern california already >> plenty of clouds over san francisco right now, but they have filled inside the bay as well. and more of that to come. in fact, we'll see more of the cloud cover as we head into early tomorrow morning. plenty of clouds rolling through the bay area with a chance of even some drizzle or light showers around the bay area. so that all being you can see some raindrops in far northern california from glad. switch to my weather map there, guys. we've got the rain drop showing up in northern california. there it is. you see the showers popping up their most. that is very light right now a weak cold front sliding into the bay at this time. but further to the south, just some clouds so far, not much in the way of rain to worry about the but tomorrow morning that could change, especially north of the golden gate bridge. and i think maybe in some drizzle along the san mateo county coastline, temperatures out the door right now in the 50's outside and yeah, we've got some much cooler air coming in. we don't have the big dominant ridge of high pressure settling in yet. and that's really good news. that means we're not seeing these massive heat wave. we did have
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some hotter weather early this week, but now it looks like we're going to actually see these temperatures snap back, maybe 10, maybe 15 degrees below the average. now do have a chance of showers. there's the possibility temperatures could be cold enough as we head into late sunday and monday, we could actually see a dusting of snow across some of our higher mountain peaks. about 3,000 feet. this going to stay unsettled as we head in toward tomorrow, that cold front comes through. i think a better chance. few rain drops actually by tomorrow evening. and then another round as we get the mother's see here on the computer models overnight tonight in not a whole lot of energy with it. and there you go by tomorrow morning. see some scattered light showers. lot of clouds on and off throughout the day and that stronger band moves in by tomorrow evening. that will bring with a better chance. i think of some rainfall around the bay area by tomorrow night. but this just the beginning, we've got some more the systems on the way, maybe a little more impressive as we get actually into mother's day with some very cold air moving into. we'll have more on that. you're 10, 10 looks pretty impressive this time of year on that coming up. thank you, lawrence. thank you. house speaker nancy pelosi was in
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san francisco today. she joins mayor london breed and other community leaders to celebrate the grand opening. >> of the affordable housing project called casa. i don't want a kron four's. gayle ong joins us from our newsroom tonight with more on this scale. >> again, it is 143 in an apartment building that is located on 16th street in the city's mission district. this building is formally known as 1990, fulsome. the development designates 36 units for public housing residents relocating from the trial hill and sunnyvale hope s of sites, the remaining 170 units are designated for low income households making between 40 and 60% of the area. median speaker pelosi credits president biden for the funding. >> last year the house democrats passed to start the 24 billion dollars for housing which would be the largest case and 228,004 28,000 affordable housing. you think
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california. >> and i cannot wait until we continue to cut the ribbons purchase these properties and get these homes built. so the san francisco truly remains a place for all. >> and san francisco mayor london breed also has that this building allows families to stay rooted in their community while providing critical on-site service says live in the newsroom. gayle ong kron, 4 news. gayle, thank you for that. in the east bay at concord, teachers now facing a number of felony and misdemeanor counts. >> related to alleged inappropriate acts with minors. the man identified as sixty-year-old deann walker last taught at pine hollow middle school. the mount diablo unified school district says it first learned of complaints from students against walker in march walker was placed on leave during an investigation. concord police say walker is now incarcerated at the contra costa county jail in martinez. the district says he is not allowed to return to the classroom and they're working on permanently ending his contract with the school all. police are looking for this man, 19 year-old
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search chance moliga in connection to a shooting at a bowling alley. the shooting happened back on march. 27 set the pinole valley lanes. police say 2 people were injured shortly after 8 o'clock that night. investigators later found that they say the shooting happened after 2 groups of people got into an argument inside the bowling alley. and then that continued into the parking lot. that's when police say moliga fired a number of rounds, striking 2 people in several vehicles. anyone with information only good. his whereabouts is asked to call pinole police. >> tomorrow, a new crime fighting is launching in the bay area. it's called bodyguard and it's kind of like a uber for security services where users can hire on demand security. the apps creator says he started working on it after saying that countless attacks against the aap i community. however, the app is to protect everybody and >> anyone who feels vulnerable on first and has the details. >> a new safety app called
10:21 pm
bodyguard will hit the streets of san francisco on friday. this episode of this is what it spied meet with staff. i want to come here. santa con care. doris says he founded body guard in the face of rising anti-asian hate crimes during the pandemic in hopes of preventing future attacks like these from happening. bodyguard is a mobile app to hire on demand security professionals to help you get from point a to point b safely talk great and frustration of seeing all these >> if recent anti asian hate attacks specifically towards asian and particularly at asian elderly women. when i saw those 2 asian lady gets staff waiting for the bus after going grocery shopping. it broke my heart. however, queued our says the app is for everyone as a tax and safety concerns reach all demographics every day. i watch all these attacks. >> you know, for a fight, you know, robberies, invasion of homes. it's like, oh, my god,
10:22 pm
i can't believe it's it's this chaotic. it's. >> is this kid? our first launched the app in los angeles. now he'll be in san francisco and oakland over the weekend, educating people and businesses about these new services. >> first, here's doesn't point out per hour is that you open it up, you know, you go and you browse through the profiles. we have sections >> you know, and you see his rating, his review, its price get the service offers. and you request just like a kid says all security guards and independent body guards have to be licensed and insured and go through strict background checks. he says customers will be able to choose whether or not they want armed security. >> and they also have the option for on foot or car ride assistance. i'm taylor reporting kron. 4 news. >> coming up tonight at 10, a body found buried in oakland. what we're learning about it tonight. >> plus, concerns over the upcoming fire season. what
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>> and flowers for mother's day on sunday. we're going to dig deeper into your pockets. there's a shortage of fresh flowers. new york times is reporting. it all started when the world went into lockdown in 2020 because of the pandemic, new crops were planted as usual and combine that with supply chain issues
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and some bad weather and some growing areas and you get a flower industry that is still not fully recovered. some customers have decided to cut streaming services. they are going outside more now that the pandemic has eased and more people are vaccinated. but the average person still have expects to stream nearly 300 different movies or tv shows this year. that is according to a recent survey and regardless of what they will be watching, people think they will stream about 450 hours of content in the year ahead. that's equivalent of more than 18 full days of sitting in front of the television. >> next at 10, another deadly accident in san jose. this time a contractor killed at a home as he started his work day. plus, save, save, save california. hear that over and over again about their use of water. but how saving water may hurt the state in the long run. we'll explain that. and where you can now get tested for covid and then get medical help you need if you test
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positive. >> and the clouds, a lot of the moon up above. right now we've got more clouds on the way, much cooler maybe couple raindrops here. 10 is coming up next. >> and coming up on monday, san francisco district attorney will sit down with kron 4 to answer questions about crime in the city and the recall effort against an interview will be live in prime time monday night at 9.30. booking most cruises can be complicated. but this isn't most cruises. this is celebrity cruises. and we think cruising shouldn't be confusing. so, on our award winning vacations
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>> now at 10, 30 nearly 15 million. that is the number of lives lost to covid-19 around the world. according to the world health organization. more than 1 million of those deaths are in the united states. researchers looked at deaths between 2020 and the end of last year. the numbers. >> more than double the previously listed death toll of 6 million. most of the deaths happened in southeast asia, europe and in the americans, the united states is averaging about 53,000 new covid cases a day and that number has more than doubled in the past month in california, we are averaging almost 5,000 new cases a day and according to the cdc, all 9 bay area counties currently have a high rate of transmission. there is some good news in all of this hospitalizations and deaths remain near record lows on average 13 people a day are dying from covid in the state
10:31 pm
of california. if you think you have covid, you can now get tested and treated at the same time. free test to treat sites are popping up around the country. it's part of a federal program launched by the biden administration. organizers say it's a one-stop shop to help communities fight covid here in the bay area. test to treat site just opened at the college of san mateo today. anyone who tests positive for covid at the site will be evaluated, possibly offer the drug paxlovid that has proven to be effective in preventing severe cases of covid. the medication is suitable for people over the age of 50 and people who have health issues. san mateo county health officials say we are seeing more covid cases and people should know their options. the likelihood that you're going to be affected. >> is higher. and if you're at risk for severe disease, talk to your doctor and if you don't have a doctor come to a test to treat site whether it's a retail pharmacy or one of these community locations.
10:32 pm
>> this location at the college of san mateo offers walk-ins and appointments for information on how to book an appointment online. you can go to our website kron 4 dot com. >> meantime, doctors at ucsf believe that paxlovid which is used for high-risk covid patients may also help those who are dealing with long covid. they say the drug is usually given at the onset of symptoms, but some patients saw improvement in long covid symptoms. weeks after getting the virus from force amanda hari talked with infectious disease specialists about further studies and how the treatment could be applied to other viruses. >> if we could easily get a read occasion, it's affordable around the world to everybody who could immediately take it. this virus would not be so threatening to any of us. 7 facts. u.s. disease specialists believe antiviral is like paxlovid could change the game. >> professor of infectious diseases at uc berkeley, doctor john swartzberg says more people need to know about paxlovid for its benefits for additional covid symptoms and
10:33 pm
possibly long covid. if they take. >> paxlovid within the first 5 days of their illness. it reduces the risk of hospitalization or death close to 90%. it's fabulous. and, you know, there are lot of people who are availing themselves of this. doctor. mike gundy is an infectious disease specialist at ucsf where doctors gave patients with long covid symptoms. paxlovid long after infection. and they saw improvements from their lingering symptoms. >> gundy says giving them paxlovid makes sense because if you had a severe reaction to the virus initially, you may still have information or the virus may be lingering in your system. the ideas that you give an oral can you make any virus that still in your system? >> go away because you're killing the virus with a whole lot she says realizing this antiviral can be used for long-term symptoms. >> may change the way doctors approach treating long-term
10:34 pm
symptoms of other viruses. probably good something lens as so would be huge if we do have easy to use. >> medication targeted towards the virus that makes on covid go away. but right now, this is just preliminary data and a very small group. doctors say it still needs to be tested further. what we need is a double blinded placebo controlled trial. translation. >> what that means is we need to take people with long covid and some of them will get a placebo. sugar pill and some of them will get paxlovid and we'll see. >> how they do. amanda hari kron. 4 news. a big change today for covid vaccines. regulators are limiting who can receive the johnson and johnson covid vaccine because of the risk of rare but dangerous blood clots. >> the fda says that the shots should only be given to adults who cannot receive a different vaccine or for people who specifically request it in
10:35 pm
december. the cdc recommended prioritizing moderna and pfizer shots due to the concerns of safety issues with the j and j. >> with 4 zone forecast as we get a live look at san francisco international airport and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a long-range look at the weather. yeah, unusually cool forecast coming our way. temperatures going to be way down and there's a chance we could see a couple scattered showers not going to be much but a pretty impressive as we're going to see a couple systems come in and the next 24 hours you see the first one is already impacting northern california is going to slide a little further south to bring a chance. some showers in the bay area by tomorrow morning. then another one fast-moving not kind of hot on its heels by tomorrow evening. that system moves onshore. think that's going bring a better chance of a couple raindrops in the north bay, especially but maybe even some showers, some heavy drizzle along the san mateo county coastline. as we head in toward tomorrow night behind that. how about this? we get ready for mother's day and you get this very cold system will be called inside sliders. got a lot of cold air, not a ton of moisture with it. but as it
10:36 pm
comes in bringing with it, a chance of showers on sunday and even cold enough. we could be talking about snow down to about 3,000 feet. that's impressive for this time of year to get that cold, that kind of lingers around keeping the temperatures running below the average through monday and probably tuesday as well. and then behind that, i don't see a big ridge of high pressure. in fact, another front because the move in by the following friday and looks like we keep things a little unsettled even after that. so that is good news for us. as far our weather is concerned about mother's day. well, here's your forecast for you. plenty of clouds are taking mom out. yeah. make sure that you dress warm is going to be a little chilly outside numbers. going to be the 50's. maybe some 60's inland and there is a chance of some showers on mother's day clouds bumping up against the east bay hills. right now you see all the fog that has moved in as well. we'll see more of that into tomorrow morning. back to start to see some of those were showers develop in or north. and you see that next system off the coastline. see a little swirl in the atmosphere that is going to be pushing in by tomorrow evening. so little bit of
10:37 pm
everything going on right now. in fact, the system coming into the night tonight, just a chance. some scattered light showers by tomorrow morning. don't think enough to really hurt your commute. but by tomorrow evening, this one looks a little more substantial coming through as that next system rolls on by behind that looks like we'll start to clear out. looks like a saturday around the bay area. by sunday. those clouds gather once again, rainfall amounts doesn't look too bad, especially for this time of year, more than half an inch in northern california toward eureka, about a quarter of an inch in mendocino out just a few hundreds here in the bay area. looks like we're going to see some interesting weather head specially for this time of chance of a few scattered light showers for tomorrow. saturday looks dry mother's day. i think a better chance of a couple raindrops and some much cooler temperatures. scattered showers continuing possibly into monday will dry things out as we head into tuesday. and it looks like overall these temperatures staying down for quite a while. maybe we get back to some 80's by the following saturday. but the good news is we don't have big heat wave that's the last thing that we need at this time year. all right. thank you, lauren. chinese state
10:38 pm
media reports 53 people were killed in a building collapse. that happened a week ago in central china. >> the last survivor was pulled out at midnight thursday, local time. a total of 10 people survived the collapse. they are all said to be in good condition after being treated at a hospital. at least 9 people have been arrested in connection to the collapse on suspicion of ignoring building codes. we're committing other violations. >> in the east bay, a police investigation continues after a dead body was found buried in oakland on wednesday. the crime scene is located at maritime street neare7th. that's by the port. the person who sent us these pictures says the body was wrapped in plastic and uncovered as home was being dug. there. police have not confirmed all of those details, but they are asking anybody with information about the case to call the department's tip line. and to the south bay now where one man is dead after being hit by a work truck at a home construction site. well,
10:39 pm
for us, justin campbell has the details from san jose. >> the homeowners told me, unfortunately, their general contractor was tragically killed while working on the job this morning. it happened a little before 8 this morning. san jose police say they responded to. >> this home on newport avenue in malone road near willow. glen high school, they say a work truck was backing up into the driveway to unload supplies for this patio construction. the driver first hit a red bmw. you can see from these tire marks humane hopped the curb, win over the grass and hit the contractor. pinning him between the rear of his truck in a car that was parked in the driveway. police say the man died at a local hospital. the driver remained on the scene and authorities say he did not appear impaired. san jose police working to improve roadway safety. this marks the 8 teeth pedestrian fatality of the year. reporting here in san
10:40 pm
jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> also in the south bay, one person is dead. 50 others have been displaced after fire tore through a 3 story apartment building happened yesterday afternoon on escuela avenue in mountain view. the fire broke out on the second floor. a dog also died in the fire. fire officials say 5 others were injured and treated at the scene. we talked to some residents in the neighborhood said it was all pretty frightening. >> it was very scary i think like we didn't fully understand the extent of everything. you know, you just hear fire and it's it's a scary thing to figure out. >> fire officials say the damage could be around $700,000. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> take a look at this new statue outside chase center. the golden state warriors unveiled a glimmering bronze statue of former san francisco mayor ed lee today at chase center. lee, of course, played an important role in san francisco's efforts to bring the warriors to the city.
10:41 pm
>> without his contribution, we may never have got to see the chase center and its completion chase opened less than 2 years after his death from a sudden and unexpected heart attack today would have been the former mayor's 70th birthday. >> coming up next in sports, the giants back home trying to break out of their slump against the cardinals. what's director jason dumas has highlights. he's coming up. under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin
10:42 pm
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the suddenly slumping giants after tonight's series with the cardinals losers of 5 of their last 6 games trying to shake off the rust tonight at oracle park. there you go. the hometown hero, brandon crawford, signing some autographs for the home crowd. the 5th inning, one, nothing carter's tommy edman. live one up the middle. jose alvarez off jose alvarez. 2 runners come into score is 3, nothing. st. louis, 7th inning now is 4 to one tyler o'neill. that's another line or this time off. tyler rogers, 2 more runs
10:45 pm
score. it's 61 cardinals now despite getting 10 hits, the giants offense just could not get a big one. joc peterson who had been great this year. can't catch up to that one. he went o for 5 final score of this one. 71 cardinals, the giants has lost 6 of 7, but the good news late night lamont wade. he returns makes his first game of the season tomorrow. well, you've seen this play dozens of times by now, but we're going to show it to you one more time because news broke today that dillon brooks has been suspended for game 3 for his flagrant 2 foul. gary pack payton, the the second. of course, we know he broke his elbow and he tore some ligaments have some damage there. but steve kerr, he's not worried about his team looking for any sort of retaliation on saturday night. play hard. battle for every
10:46 pm
>> loose ball battle for every compete, every possession. you know, don't risk a guy's career if he's a ahead of the planned transition, that snow, that's our mantra. he's crushed. you know, he's 6, 6, years toiling away in the league. as i said the other night. in the spotlight, you know, playing in the playoffs playing a huge role playing well. that's all been taken away from. so we all feel terrible for gary. he he deserves better. he sure does. well. >> we knew it was coming today. it became official. draymond green was fined. 25 k for flipping the bird to the memphis crowd on tuesday night, he flipped off the crowd as he was going back to the locker room to get stitched up after he caught an 8 elbow from xavier tillman. he said they were cheering when he got elbowed. dream on. went on to say that he makes 25 million dollars a year. so he thinks it will be okay. meanwhile, we got andre aidala, an update. he's out
10:47 pm
with a neck injury. still, he has made some progress, but he is not ready yet. he will be reevaluated again in one week. as for the guys who will play steph and company, they were back on the court today. the warriors got a good practice in and they look to protect their home court on saturday night. we want to have ourselves a day on saturday. we have the giants at 4.15, at oracle park. they'll be honoring buster posey. who knows what they have up their sleeve. then in just hours, some change. the warriors tip off just down the street. >> a chase is going to be probably the loudest it's ever been would be my guess. and you know, this is really become a great home floor for we love playing here. and we're excited for the challenge and for the opportunity on saturday. >> all right. i'm excited to
10:48 pm
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
>> with california facing his 3rd year of drought. fire officials say that we could be dealing with one of the worst season jet. >> conference, theresa stasi reports on what officials are seeing and how they're preparing to save homes and lives. >> november 2018 paradise, california. the camp fire killed. 85 people level close to 19,000 homes and structures and charred nearly 154,000 acres. cal fire officials say that it is still the most
10:51 pm
destructive fire in california history. now approaching the peak of fire season. fire officials say that they have some very deep concerns about what is around the corner. aware of what's going on. we're a month into a pretty profound drought. >> so we are the normal precipitation that we may get. and that showing that we have the possibility of having above normal fire season when it goes activity just due to those weather and fuel conditions. robert foxworthy of cal fire says since the count fire, the destruction has accelerated. >> for example, last year's dixie fire stretched into 5 counties and burned 1400 structures. usually it's very difficult to when we'll get those fire starts. but i can tell you with the conditions we have now. >> they are setting up possibly start sooner versus
10:52 pm
later. foxworthy says that crews are assembling now getting ready to fight hiring is on the rise and more equipment such as >> special air units are in position. we do get the dispatches to any of these fires. we throw everything out and try to get it stopped as and as small as possible. this week marks wildfire preparedness week, he says officials are touring the state to drive home the message to prepare now. >> just in case this is why we get out there now and try to impart on the public that now is the time to take those steps. >> to make your home and your family a safer and more survivable in a wildfire. >> theresa kron, 4 news. >> they areas still in a severe droughts. the latest drought monitor shows not a lot of change over the last week, but compared to the map on the left that a year ago this week, that's when the entire area was experiencing extreme drought conditions. despite the ongoing drought, marin county is relaxing some of its water restrictions for
10:53 pm
customers. earlier this week, the board voted to end restrictions on washing cars at home, irrigating golf courses and filling swimming pools, some water conservation rules from last year will now be in place permanently. sprinklers can now be used up to 2 days a week drip eric irrigation can happened 3 days a week and swimming pools must have covers to reduce evaporation. >> while moraine county is ending some restrictions, many people across northern california are already being told to conserve water. but as reporter jeannie nguyen found out cutting back on how much water you use may hurt us in the long run. californians hear it all the time. the warning is if we don't cut. >> we don't have enough water to last us for the entire year. and people living here get it by now. after years of being told to conserve water. this using less water when not only necessary, but when people cut back the ability for us to pay for projects
10:54 pm
like this become a lot harder. so how will the projects get funded if the people continue to conserve water? it's something the sacramento county water agency is trying to balance >> people use less water. it means that the revenues for the second county water agency or less. and so that ends up hitting pocketbooks in terms of our operations and maintenance, trying to get the various projects like this completed. >> this is the arden area pipe renovation project that will put in water meters for residents in the neighborhood and replace old pipes to allow for fresher flow of water in the long run, it will help with water conservation. this 165 million dollar project is scheduled to be finished by 2025. and a majority of the funds come from people paying their water bills during the previous drought. the county was forced to delay this project. >> we ended up losing a lot of money because of not being able to pull in the revenue
10:55 pm
which caused a project like this to be stalled. >> but until the day comes where we can grab our umbrellas with the abundance of rain, the sac county water agency says our water supply is still the top priority can serve first. >> that's the main thing. >> and that was jeannie nguyen reporting and rainy season is supposed to be over. but lawrence, little bit more coming in on to a few more showers. i mean, this is not going to be a ton, but yeah, the good news is we've got a few more raindrops in the forecast. looks like a a series of systems going affect the bexar over the next coming days and some much colder weather out there as well. clouds over sfo right now. we've got plenty of cloud deck out there at this time and it's going to stick around overnight tonight. in fact, being reinforced by a cold front that's now beginning to move on shore. so that cold front likely to bring with it a chance. some sprinkles around the bay area tomorrow. thank you. look at the san francisco. it's going to be cool planet about 59 in golden gate of 61 downtown. 64 degrees in the mission about 57 degrees in the sunset along
10:56 pm
the coastline. and there's a very good chance you're looking at some drizzle there, maybe early tomorrow morning. and then i think ramping up again by tomorrow evening. maybe even some light showers as this weak system slides through inside the bay. still some lingering clouds on and off throughout the day. that will keep the temperatures down a bit. the 50's and low 60's burlingame in millbrae little warmer as you make your way down the peninsula. you're looking at about 69 degrees in redwood city. 68 in palo alto and the south. going to be warm day, even with some partly cloudy skies to see those temperatures generally running up in the mid 70's in many spots. also the east bay. they get over the east bay hills. you'll see some warmer temperatures in the tri valley about 74 in pleasanton 65 degrees. in fremont, a pretty good breeze in the hayward by the afternoon at 67 degrees. 7100 to 74 degrees in walnut creek and 65 degrees. downtown oakland, 69 hercules 70 degrees and a lot of clouds moving into parts of the north bay. and i think especially along the coastline, maybe a chance of a few light scattered showers early on tomorrow morning and then partly cloudy skies after that
10:57 pm
on the see the rain pick up a little bit again by tomorrow evening wi to see an unsettled weekend ahead. saturday doesn't look too bad. moms day. yeah, mother's day looks like a chance. some scattered showers with some much cooler temperatures that system an unusually cold storm system going to swing around brings in colder, maybe some snow. our local mountain picks about that. that's unneeded jack. yes, to keep a war. okay. haha. thanks, lauren. thank you being with us tonight. have a great night and we'll see you tomorrow.
10:58 pm
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