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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  May 6, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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we're back at 4, 30 and at the half hour, let's get another check of the forecast with reyna harvey standing by in the weather center and a very foggy misty morning it is in a very cool one as well. definitely a day to where your jacket at the house than what you're doing. >> we're looking at san francisco. you can see that fog and mist james just talking about. well, my commute from the east bay into the city. a few sprinkles on the windshield. so that's something to keep in mind on the roadways out there outside radar shows us quiet conditions, cloudy conditions, a chance of some sprinkles in the north bay today as well.
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current temperatures outside upper 50's hayward. alameda fremont oakland, half moon bay mid-fifties pacifica, timber on 53 and up there in petaluma. 54 tracking that 7 day. we'll have more coming up. james, back to you. ok, thank you very much. rain and a quick check of your ride once again for you this morning shows that we've got nice conditions here. westbound i-80 your bay bridge toll plaza camera shows you get pretty good conditions that are moving around the bay. we're looking at the san mateo bridge next. and from here, we can see our highway. 92 right is moving well. and an update now on that. >> traffic alert that was on southbound 8.80, at tennis and the couple vehicles got tangled up, blocking all lanes for a time. they were able to reopen all with the left lane in our last update. and now it looks as though they've been able to completely reopen the roadway. so that alert has been canceled, although just to the south of that, there is another accident on i-80, but that one looks like it's just a minor single-vehicle accident. looks like a car crashed into the center divide. so you got the number
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one lane blocked. this is southbound 8.80, just north of dixon landing road as you're heading down between fremont and milpitas. so just know that that's there. but traffic sitting around at the seams fairly fine. the west bound 5, 80 right at the richmond, sandra fell bridge. also uneventful at this early hour. pretty much what you'd expect at 4.30, in the morning. and our final stop. the golden gate bridge. chp has issued a fog advisory for the span. and you can see why it's pretty dense there as a north bay commuters are making their way south across the bridge and into san francisco. so just keep your eyes glued to the road ahead. 4.32 is the time the headlines now. we've got nearly 15 million people dying from covid-19 worldwide. those are the latest findings from the world health organization. more than a million of those deaths are right here in the u.s. researchers looked at deaths between 2020 and the end of last year. and the number is more than double the previously listed death toll of 6 million. most of the deaths happened in southeast asia. europe and the americas.
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the u.s., by the way, is averaging about 53,000 new cases of covid each and every day. and that number has more than doubled in the past month in california, we're averaging almost 5,000 new cases a day according to the cdc, all 9 bay area counties currently have what's considered to be a high rate of transmission. so there is some good news. however, hospitalizations and deaths remain near record lows. fact, on average 13 people a day are dying from covid in california. and again, that's extremely low. thanks in large part to the high vaccination rate that we enjoy. well, if you think you have covid, you can now get tested and treated at the very same time free tests to treat sites are popping up around the country. it's all part of the federal program that's been launched by the biden administration. >> with organizers saying it's a one-stop shop to help communities fight covid and here in the bay area, a test to treat site just opened up at the college of san mateo. so anyone who test positive for covid at that site will be evaluated and then possibly
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offered the drug paxlovid. it's proven to effective in preventing severe cases of covid. the medication is suitable for people over 50 and for folks who have health issues. san mateo county health officials say that as we've seen more covid cases, people should know their options. >> the likelihood that you're going to be affected is higher. and if you're at risk for severe disease, talk to your doctor and if you don't have a doctor come to a test to treat site whether it's a retail pharmacy or one of these community locations. >> yeah. the location of the college of san mateo, in fact, offers walk-ins and appointments for more information on how to book an appointment online. you can go to our website at kron 4 dot com where we've got some information there for you. doctors at ucsf believe that paxlovid which is used for high-risk covid patients may also help with long covid these long haulers from prison. and harry actually spoke with infectious disease specialists about further studies and how this treatment could be applied to other viruses.
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>> if we could easily get a revocation, it's affordable around the world to everybody who could immediately take it. this virus would not be so threatening to any of us. 7 fekkai u.s. disease specialists believe antiviral is like paxlovid could change the game. >> professor of infectious diseases at uc berkeley doctor john swartzberg says more people need to know about paxlovid for its benefits for an additional covid symptoms and possibly long covid. if they take. >> paxlovid within the first 5 days of their illness. it reduces the risk of hospitalization or death close to 90%. it's fabulous. and, you know, they're of people who are availing themselves of this. doctor. mike gundy is an infectious disease specialist at ucsf where doctors gave patients with long covid symptoms. paxlovid long after infection. and they saw improtements from their lingering symptoms. >> gundy says giving them
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paxlovid makes sense because if you had a severe reaction to the virus initially, you may still have information or the virus may be lingering in your system. the ideas that you give an oral can you make any virus that still in your system? >> go away. mister killing the virus. with all that talk she says realizing this antiviral can be used for long-term symptoms. >> may change the way doctors approach treating long-term symptoms of other viruses is probably good something lens as well. >> so would be huge if we do have an easy to use. >> medication targeted towards the virus that makes on covid go away. but right now, this is just preliminary data and a very small group. >> doctors say it still needs to be tested further what we need is a double blinded placebo controlled trial. translation. >> what that means is we need to take people with long covid and some of them will get a placebo. sugar pill and some
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of them will get paxlovid and we'll see. >> how they do. amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> well, a big change for covid vaccines. regulators are limiting who can receive the johnson and johnson covid vaccine because of the risk of the very rare but dangerous blood clot. the fda says that the shot should only be given to adults who cannot receive a different vaccine or for people who specifically request it in december, the cdc recommended prioritizing moderna and pfizer shots due to that safety issue with the j and j shot. it is national travel and tourism weekend. and if you're aware, but it is, however planning your next trip might be a little difficult to navigate because of covid the president of the american hotel and lodging association made stops in san jose and san francisco encouraging people to travel to the bay area. and for business trips to come back to prepandemic levels. kron four's rob nesbitt shows us what travel trends are showing for the bay area. >> in a survey conducted by the american hotel and lodging
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association. 2 thirds of people say they plan on traveling during the summer months. the numbers are almost back to where they were pre pandemic, but it's been more of a struggle, bringing business travel back while more americans are making the choice to make their travel plans. the bay area doesn't seem to be the destination of choice. according to president and ceo of the american hotel and lodging association, chip rogers and san jose. he says leisure travel will be down this year by 16%. and business travel will be down by more than 50% total economic activity generated that will be lost because those numbers are back to 2019 levels. there's about 750 million dollars, the san jose community. and that means a lot of jobs. rogers was joined by the san jose chamber of commerce president derek seaver to encourage people to chew san jose as a travel destination and dor businesses to book flights for their employees. instead of sending zoom invites, don't just focus solely on productivity but also put a focus on connectivity and the importance of getting individuals back out.
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>> a face-to-face meetings getting individuals together. it's a request that mayor london breed made back in march when she announced the bloom sf festival. since then, there have been towards draws such as march madness. basketbalh games and for 20 in golden gate park. but business travel is having a harder come back. hotels in san francisco are on pace to see the sharpest decline in business travel revenue of all major u.s. cities with a drop of nearly 70%. it's why the american hotel and lodging association held a panel discussion in the city. >> to highlight the importance of reigniting travel overseas >> it doesn't stop a travel campaigns. roger says policy plays an important role and wants to see the federal government lift the testing mandate that requires travelers from other countries to provide a negative covid test when entering the u.s. regardless of vaccination status, courage people to get back out and travel to encourage our elected officials to take steps that are necessary to help improve the travel conditions to give an idea for how much leisure
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and business travel affects the local economy. >> rogers says that for every $100, a person spends in a hotel, they spent another $220 in the community. they visit in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> new data shows hundreds of thousands of college students who receive federal financial aid nationwide may not return next semester as those applications are lagging now behind typical levels. this is a sign of today's college age. students are choosing the job market over the classroom. we've got paul gerke breaking it down. >> to enroll or not to enroll. that is the question. a growing number of students are forgoing federal student aid year-over-year fafsa filings are down 9% overall renewals, 12% build a bomb researches and writes about college access for the national college attainment network. he sees the decline as a sign of things to come. if we see declines in fafsa applications or renewals. >> that that, you know, is kind of the canary in the coal
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mine for. it's always about how many says expect to be on campus in the fall. the pandemic is partially to blame but fast. the filings were declining before covid down 11% in the last full prepandemic year. that doesn't necessarily mean fewer students will attend college. but according to the national student clearinghouse research center enrollments did drop by about 3% this past year, accounting for 465,000. fewer students to bomb suspects. the current job market is enticing young people away from academic pathways. the exact opposite of what happened during our last recession. >> but wages are high, but they are now and with jobs are abundant that the cost of forgoing the options to to be in the workforce is high for students right and that is especially true for students from low-income backgrounds. affordability is another critical factor. according to an cans research, only half of
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two-year community colleges are affordable for the average pell grant recipient. >> just a quarter, a four-year institutions, the cost of an education is going up. it's relative value is going down and something has to change the post-secondary educational experience can't exist in a vacuum anymore. >> we really need to connecting students to next best step after college. >> for 12 or 4.42, is the time coming up next. in sports, the giants unfortunately unable to get out of their slump, losing their 4th game. now in the series opener to the cardinals, worse record. jason dumas, us. we'll take a closer look.
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>> 4.45 is the time or in county is ending some restrictions. but many people already being told to conserve water. we've got jeanne, when as she found out cutting back on how much water you use may actually hurt us in the long run. >> californians hear it all the time. the warning is if we don't cut, we don't have enough water to last us for the entire year. and people living here get it by now. after years of being told to conserve water. this using less water when not only necessary, but when people cut back the ability for us to pay for projects like this become
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a lot harder. so how will the projects get funded if the people continue to conserve water? it's something the sacramento county water agency is trying to balance >> people use less water. it means that the revenues for the second county water agency or less. and so that ends up hitting pocketbooks in terms of our operations and maintenance trying to get the various projects like this completed. >> this is the arden area pipe renovation project that will put in water meters for residents in the neighborhood and replace old pipes to allow for fresher flow of water in the long run, it will help with water conservation. this 165 million dollar project is scheduled to be finished by 2025. and a majority of the funds come from people paying their water bills during the previous drought. the county was forced to delay this project. >> we ended up losing a lot of money because of not being able to pull in the revenue
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which caused a project like this to be stalled. >> but until the day comes where we can grab umbrellas with the abundance of rain, the sac county water agency says our water supply is still the top priority can serve first. >> that's the main thing. >> conserve first. all right. well, let's get a check of the weather forecast. i we don't have any rain on the horizon, although the pavement is a little damp this morning. rain and good morning. good morning. seeing a few sprinkles outside on our windshield as you're driving just a little mist across the bay area this morning and a whole lot of fog east bay hills can't see much of anything right now. not the only area across the bay area where we're seeing fog and the north bay and along the coast. you also have some pockets in the east bay as well that you're seeing that fog that last early morning hours into the afternoon. so again, it's going to be a cloudy, foggy day. also, those onshore winds cooling us down today and into the next few days across the bay area. high temperatures for you. you're looking at the
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mid 70's inland and in the south bay east bay, upper 60's. 67 there in hayward up in the north bay mill valley. 58 68 in nevada. santa rosa, you're 65. and along the coast, upper 50's. all right. 7 day forecast for you. so today, again, the warmest day of the next few days, we're going to see on mother's day inland. you cool off into the 60's. looks like we may see some scattered showers on monday. if the system continues to bring those offshore winds like that bayshore 60's at the start of the week and then come sunday. you're in the 50's. you return back to the low 60's on tuesday along the coast mid to lower 50's for the rest of the week. james, back to you. all right, randi, thank you very much. all right. let's get another update on your ride this morning. traffic tracker rush. yeah, traffic tracker shows us that the westbound 80 right here at the bay bridge toll plaza is moving without. >> any issue again, you're moving well, as you make your way from oakland in the san francisco, the san mateo bridge continues to be a nice ride for you. not much going on, but you do see a few water
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droplets on the lens there. so misty damp conditions on that span as well. we were tracking an issue on southbound 8.80, just south of a mission. looks like all lanes are open there. so nothing to slow you down really anywhere on 8.80. let's jump up to the north. we've got our westbound right at the richmond. sandra fell bridge toll plaza and it continues to be extremely light. no headlights in view. here is we're looking at the westbound lanes that is your commute direction from richmond out towards sandra fell. let's head to the north bay in our final stop. the golden gate bridge, the one and only bridge right now that is under a chp fog advisory and for good reason, you can see just how dense it is here in the shot. so they'll be some mist on the windshield for sure, with some damp roads as you're traveling around the bay this morning. let's turn our attention here for 49 to sports. the giants losing their 4th straight game now in their series opener against the cardinals and dillon brooks is suspended for game 3 after injuring golden state warriors guard gary payton. the second we have kron, 4 sports director jason dumas following it all.
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>> there you go. the hometown hero, brandon crawford, signing some autographs for the home crowd. the 5th inning, one, nothing carter's tommy edman. live one up the middle. jose alvarez off jose alvarez. 2 runners come into score is 3, nothing st. louis, 7th inning now is 4 to one tyler o'neill hit. that's another line or this time off. tyler rogers, 2 more runs score. it's 61 cardinals now despite getting 10 hits, the giants offense just could not get a big one. joc peterson who has been great this year. can't catch up to that one. he went o for 5 final score of this one. 71 cardinals, the giants has lost 6 of 7, but the good news is late night lamont wade. he returns makes his first game of the season. you've seen this play dozens of times by now, but we're going to show it to you one more time. dillon brooks has been suspended for game 3 for his flagrant 2 foul. gary pack
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payton, the the second. of course, we know he broke his elbow and he tore some ligaments have some damage there. but steve kerr, he's not worried about his team looking for any sort of retaliation on saturday night. play hard. battle for every. >> loose ball battle for every compete, every possession. you know, don't risk a guy's career if he's a ahead of the planned transition, that snow, that's our mantra. he's crushed. you know, he's 6, 6, years toiling away in the league. as i said the other night. in the spotlight, you know, playing in the playoffs playing a huge role playing well. that's all been taken away from. so we all feel terrible for gary. he he deserves better. he sure does. well. >> we knew it was coming. it became official. draymond green was fined. 25 k for flipping the bird to the memphis crowd on tuesday
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night, he flipped off the crowd as he was going back to the locker room to get stitched up after he caught an 8 elbow from xavier tillman. he said they were cheering when he got elbowed. dream on. went on to say that he makes 25 million dollars a year. so he thinks it will be okay. meanwhile, we got andre iguodala an update. he's out with a neck injury. still, he has made some progress, but he is not ready yet. you will be reevaluated again in one week. as for the guys who will play steph and company, they were back on the court. the warriors got a good practice in and they look to protect their home court on saturday night. we're going to have ourselves a day on saturday. we have the giants at 4.15, at oracle park. they'll be honoring buster posey. who knows what they have up their sleeve. then in just hours, some change. the warriors tip off just down the street. >> a chase is going to be probably the loudest it's ever been would be my guess. and
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you know, this is really become a great home floor for we love playing here. and we're excited for the challenge and for the opportunity on saturday. >> all sports director jason dumas reporting to golden state warriors are going to be playing again. the grizzlies tomorrow tip off at 5.30. >> in the evening.
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>> 4.55, is the time and take a look at this new statue outside of the chase center.
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golden state warriors unveiled a glimmering bronze statue of former san francisco mayor ed lee. it looks just like him. lee played an important role in san francisco's efforts to bring the warriors to the city. in fact, without its contribution, we would never got to see the chase center in its completion. chase. open. less than 2 years after his death from a heart attack yesterday would have been the former mayor's 70th birthday. we'll take a break at 4.56. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. the vta has approved the extension of farc into san jose and santa clara kron. 4 sarah stinson. >> is going to be live with the details for us coming up next. and the oakland police broke up a big sideshow overnight. we've got photos from the scene in a live report.
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center with our darya. james, i'm glad both of you made it to work safely because like you said, visibility was low. and then on top of that, we have missed. >> falling down on our wind chills. make sure your wipers are clean. make sure you leave the house a little early. you can see san francisco right now, little shrouded behind the clouds that we were just talking about. there. visibility is low across many pockets of the bay area. we're also still in to sup 8 in a few sprinkles up in the north bay. no heavy rain here currently temperatures right now. if you are leaving the house at this hour, bring a jacket with you. half moon bay along the coast, mid 50's upper 50's in oakland, alameda conquer and the north bay mid-fifties are nestled there. we're tracking your seven-day because you got a plan for mom on sunday. we'll have that coming up. darya james, back to you ok, randi, thank you very much. quick check of the ride for you this morning. we've got our bay bridge approach here, westbound 80 moving. well, no problems to report for you as you're making your way. >> in the san francisco, in fact, we've been looking at the entire stretch of 88, 80 in the east bay


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