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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  May 13, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> now it's 3 o'clock. a house, a heartbreaking story out of san jose. a 3 year-old dies at the hands of her own family. as we understand that they were attempting an exorcism on the child. the charges the family members are facing tonight. and we hear from a woman who says she was brutally attacked outside of an east bay safeway. how police are responding and what we know about the suspect. plus, california is entering the next budget year with a record smashing surplus of nearly 100 billion dollars. how governor gavin newsom plans to use that money. from the area's local news station.
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>> this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> now at 3 o'clock 3 family members are behind bars in connection to a disturbing death of a 3 year-old girl. police say that she was tortured and killed by her own family during an exorcism like ritual. thank you so much for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock on this friday. i'm justine waldman. it's according to court documents that the little girl died from suffocation and smothering the family claiming that that little girl was possessed by a demon kron four's. rob nesbitt joins us here now live in the newsroom with more details from this very disturbing case. good afternoon, rob. just in court documents identify the 3 year-old girl as a raleigh. police discovered the little girl dead inside an apparent church back in september. it's where her family tried to attempt an exorcism type ritual claiming she was possessed by a demon. here are the 3 suspects in custody or at least mother claudia hernandez. santos, who was
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arrested in january. the man pictured in the middle, renee hernandez, santa's santos, who is the victim's uncle, as well as her grandfather on the right. renee hernandez. the grandfather told police that he was the leader of a church at this san jose location. court documents state that the suspects thought the girl was possessed by a demon and held her down by her neck, torso and legs for several hours at the church attempting to make her vomit by sticking their fingers and hands down her throat. officer steve aponte says the uncle and grandfather were arrested this week after the 4 corners report was released and that all 3 waited 2 hours after the girl died to call police. there was a delay in time. >> before officers and emergency personnel were contacted. the reason behind that is obviously part of the investigation. we're still trying to wonder why anybody would delay in calling first responders at any sign of illness of a child or illness or death of a child. >> many are asking why the family thought the little girl was possessed by a demon in the first place during the
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investigation. her mother told police it was because the 3 year-old was waking up in the middle of the night, crying or screaming, justine. rob, thank you so much. one of the men accused of killing kron 4 security guard. she'd appeared in court today. should mitchell faced a judge for a plea hearing. the shooter was shot and killed last november in oakland while he was guarding one of our reporters, ron gilbert and her shell hail are also accused in this case. hale has been arrested, but police are still looking for gilbert. we're waiting to hear back from the what was decided for mitchell's plea deal today. we'll keep you posted. police in the east bay are continuing their investigation into the disappearance of alexis. gabe, the latest development came last night when officers served a search warrant at the home were gables. last seen this is video from antioch and it shows us detectives with the oakland police department as well as the antioch police department carrying bags of
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evidence out of a home on ben tree way. this is the home of the missing woman's ex-boyfriend. the 24 year-old was reported missing in late january. her car was found the next day abandoned more than 4 miles away with the doors open and the keys in the ignition. a $10,000 reward has been offered for any information. in alexis, gabe's disappearance. 2 people are dead from gunshot wounds after 2 separate shootings in oakland. what happened on thursday evening. the other was friday morning. that's according to police. one shooting happened just before 12, 30. in west oakland on chestnut street. just a block away from the campus of mcclymonds high school officers went there and found a male victim with at least one got gunshot wound. he died when officers found him another male victim died following a shooting on thursday just before 7.30, in east oakland. that was on foothill boulevard. he died after he was taken to the hospital. this now marks. more
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than 40 homicides that happened in oakland this year. at our coronavirus coverage and bay area health official officials are urging the public to take precautions as covid levels rise. again. this includes wearing a mask indoors and keeping covid tests in your medicine cabinets. the bay area now has california's highest covid infection rate. the current wave is fueled by this highly contagious omicron subvariants barry counties are seeing increases in reported cases levels of virus in a sewer sheds and also more hospitalizations. actual case rates are higher than those reported because of widespread use of home tests. and then that doesn't get to the county health department. health officials continue to highlight the importance of getting vaccinated and then getting your booster shot. for your money. right now, governor gavin newsom unveiled his latest proposed state
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spending plan today. the state's estimated budget surplus. it's up to an eye-popping nearly 100 billion dollars. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >> governor gavin newsome rolling out his proposed 300 billion dollar state budget newsom's administration estimating california will have a 97.5 billion dollar surplus. about half of that can be used in whatever way state leaders see fit simply without precedent. no other state and american history's ever experienced a surplus as large as this. the presentation kicking off negotiations with the legislature which have not gone so smoothly when it comes to providing relief promise to californians in response to rising gas prices and the cost of living. the governor sticking with his proposal to send $400 debit cards to california car owners. he says his relief idea has more advantages by relying on the department of motor vehicles. not only speed we get the text distributed, but we actually can include people that were excluded. to at t v. specifically. ssdi recipients,
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seniors, disability. and those that don't pay any income taxes. that effort part of his 18.1 billion dollar inflation package, which also includes bonuses for health care workers and assistance with rent child care and utilities. other proposals include boosts in funding to address enrollment decline in public schools. >> billions for infrastructure and 65 million dollars to launch his proposed care court. that program aims to in some cases forced the severely mentally ill off the streets and into treatment. the governor also proposing to invest 125 million dollars in reproductive health care services in response to the supreme court's leaked draft decision that could overturn abortion protections and roe versus wade to serious moment american history. >> i'm really proud of how serious the state and our legislative leaders take this moment. >> while democratic leaders see big opportunity and yet another year of a massive budget surplus. some state financial experts say over
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time, big budget surpluses can mean big budget problems. that's because they can trigger the state appropriations limit, which basically means every dollar over the limit must equal $2 in required spending. he's using budget gimmicks to skirt, began spending limit. >> that was designed 2 ensure that california government lives within its means. and that is that's irresponsible. and we need to re evaluate our spending priorities and live within the means that californians want. >> the state legislative analyst has said state leaders can address problems over time by either reducing taxes are asking voters to change the limit, which was set in 1979. newsom says he supports tax reform and asking voters to change the limit. but we need reform again tonight. >> again, think its foundational that we reform. are. prop to our reserve system. i think they're all connected. and i just look forward to working with the legislature gets up on the ballot. and put that forward.
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meanwhile, in the short term state lawmakers have until june 15th to approve the state budget in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> after a number of freeway shootings, governor newsom announced funding for a pilot program to install 200 cameras on the state's freeways. they would be placed in locations in alameda and contra costa counties along 5, 80, 80 and highway. 24 just name few spots. the governor says these cameras will provide important information when it comes to safety and holding suspects accountable for these brazen acts. there have been high-profile freeway shootings in the bay area recently, including the alameda county sheriff's recruit. david, when also 23 months old toddler jasper and cal state basketball star gene ransom. the a revised budget also came with some criticism. of course, the california gop put out a statement in part. it says this today a revised budget, reveals that governor newsom continues to believe in more spending instead of real solutions. newsom and the
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democrats per font personified the definition of insanity. they keep making the same mistakes and expecting different results. a san francisco tradition returns sunday. the bay to breakers race is back on. thousands of people are expected to show up and colorful costumes for the 12 k run since 1912, more than 2 million people have competed in this race and it starts on the east side of the city from the bay. get it, the beta, the breakers, the moves along the park and ends at the great te highway along ocean beach. the finish line closes at one sunday afternoon. if you're driving into the city, you're going want to avoid this whole area because traffic is going to be mask. a lot of roads are closed off and there are a lot of people wearing some interest in costumes out and about. let's see what the weather is going to be like. if you're participating in bay to breakers. we've got some fun plans for the weekend as we take this live look outside
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here at downtown san francisco. warmer today than yesterday. and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with more on the warm up. we are expecting for the yeah, we get to be anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees above average. just team. but first, let's take a look at your weekend forecast bay to breakers going to start at 8 o'clock in the morning on sunday. >> temperatures in the mid 50's thanks to mother nature's ac. we're going to notice the stronger sea breeze, more marine layer and cooler temperatures. so expect to be in the mid 60's by around your sunday afternoon. but we are going to notice the wind speeds increasing later in the day around 30 miles per hour or less. and >> cue the fog horn. here we go. take a look at call the fog. and as you can see, it's already starting to make its way along the coast, bringing cooler temperatures for most of our bay area, coastal cities. but we're in the 80's as you make your way inland, specifically for concord and even for livermore. currently 80 degrees. but for those of you in pacifica in the mid 50's. so we are tracking quite a temperature spread out there
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with 50 60's 70's. and yes, even 80's. it's only going to get warmer from here just in because saturday is going to be the hottest day of the next 7 days. as you can see double-digit warming out there right now for north bay and east bay valleys. and it's only going to get warmer from here. a little bit of a cool sea breeze in flux right now for downtown san francisco at 24 miles per hour. but temperatures certainly going to peak by saturday. we could be about 15 degrees above average and even in the low 90's for some of our warmest inland valleys. your full weekend forecast coming up in just a fe minutes. back to you. >> the recent thank you. coming up here at 3 o'clock, cannabis in the classroom. why one california school is warning parents about some suspicious. sweets. and why one musk says his deal to buy twitter is now on hold. also after the break, we will hear from a woman who says that she was brutally attacked inside her car while she was at an east bay. safeway. on the
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peninsula. 2 men are recovering in the hospital after one of them accidentally shot himself and his passenger. this happened. >> just past midnight on thursday, the man had shot himself in the hand and the passenger in the leg. this all happened in palo alto. they then drove themselves to the hospital on. that's when police showed up. at first, the men told police they had been the victims of an armed robbery which turned out not to be true. and after talking
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with the man a little bit more, police found out that the 2 have been sitting in a car smoking marijuana when that hand gun went off. both are expected to be ok. the district attorney's office is investigating this case and will determine if any charges need to be filed. is sacramento school district is sounding the alarm after a student brought cannabis candy to school and shared it with peers. the school district says the edible marijuana was in a package that look like skittles. they say the student share that cannabis candy with other classmates at kostoryz elementary and after school officials became aware of the situation, parents were notified and the students were evaluated by the school nurse. thankfully, no students became seriously ill after this. we continue to follow the latest in southern california after the coastal fire burned about 20 homes this week. the fire started wednesday afternoon in orange county. the wind-driven blaze charred multimillion
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dollar mansions and many people had just minutes to get their things and get out. evacuation orders remain in place despite increasing containment. back here at home, though, some lakes and parks are closed right now because of a blue green algae. the city of santa rosa says the algae was found. it lake ralph fine and howard park. that's near the boat ramp. boat rentals have been canceled at the park this weekend because of it. the algae was found at delvalle and quarry lakes. they are both closed for swimming as well. city and park officials are asking people to stay away from the lakes until the issue is resolved and considering a pretty warm this weekend head into the water. sounds like a great way to cool off as we take this live look outside from our mount tam cam looking out towards san francisco and the east bay. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with details on the warm up for the weekend. yeah, quite the warm-up. we've been below average for the last 2 days and now we're actually above normal for most bay area
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cities, especially our inland valleys, tracking that cool sea breeze out there along the coast. 25 miles per hour sustained winds. >> and we are going to see great air quality. not just today, but even continuing into tomorrow as well. radar for. >> we are seeing the return of that marine layer. thanks to that strong sea breeze out there, especially around golden gate bridge and even along the coast. but temperatures right now, quite the temperatures spread 58 degrees. >> thanks to that marine layer and cool sea breeze influence. but we're seeing more off shore drive breezes for those of you in concord and livermore us about a 20 degree difference between our coolest, coolest coastal city and our warmest inland valleys. downtown san francisco. exactly where you should be this time of year in the mid 60's with upper 60's for oakland and san jose. pleasant temperatures currently in the mid 70's for your friday afternoon. so not a bad way to get a head start on the weekend, right when tracker for we are tracking the stronger sea breeze for downtown san francisco sustained at 24 miles per hour with gusts. you're that 30 mile per hour range. everyone,
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though, a little bit calme in the teens. and tonight overnight lows going to be on the mild side. thanks to today's warm-up for about 5 to 10 degrees warmer than where we were around this time yesterday. so we're seeing widespread low to mid 50's for most of our overnight lows with the exception of half moon bay, a little bit cooler, but mild nonetheless at 48 degrees and this mini heat wave going to peak on saturday. no records are expected to be broken. bow conquered and livermore flirting with the 90's at 87 degrees. mid 80's, a piece for fremont and san jose with low to mid and upper 70's around the bay area shoreline. with the exception of half moon bay, 62 degree. but pretty toasty temperatures for warmest inland valleys. for those of you in the north bay in the mid 80's. so we're going to be about 5 to 10 degrees above average for most bay area cities. but our warmest cities could be upwards of about 15 degrees above average. if we do warm up into the low 90's and then that cool sea breeze with that on shore flow going to increase and a cooling us down. still going to be a
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little bit mild with seasonal weather not arriving until monday of this upcoming week. just ing back to you, but recent, thank you so much. >> still ahead, leaders and one south bay city are changing course on cruising how the loss could change for fans of low rid to the
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south bay. we're cruising could be a legal activity once again in san jose. it has been a part of the mexican american traditions. >> since the 1940's, but san
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jose banded in the 90's. now a city council member says it's time to bring that tradition back. kron 4 s camila barco reports. >> car cruising also known as low riders has not been allowed in the streets of san jose for 30 years. but now city council member follow up or alice is proposing to lift the ban. now these cars have been altered to write very low to the road, hence the name low riders car cruising became a phenomenon in the 1960's and 70's. the cars have become a symbol of the latino community. but in the early 1990's, many cities including san jose implemented an ordinance that banned cruising. there's a misconception at the time that the people driving these cars are part of gangs are involved in criminal activity. perales says that the ban discriminates against the mexican american culture. he's even experienced it. he says back then police officers would pull him over at least dozens of times. well, he was cruising. >> i always remain respectful
3:24 pm
and often engage with the officers asking why i was being detained in such a manner. i was told that because of the car i drove because i was out cruising that they at reasonable suspicion to believe i was a gang member that i might have had weapons or drugs in my car. >> he says san jose police has not issued warnings or citations for cruising for. alice. also has that there's been no fines collected in the last 20 years. this proposal has already been approved by one city council committee. however, it is up to council members to decide if they would like to lift the ban in the newsroom. camila barco kron. 4 news. >> happening today, the bay area's preparing for black restaurant week. it starts today. and last until may 22nd. that looks good. whenever we're looking at right now. the week was created to help black restaurant owners promote their craft will feature food trucks, caterers, even bartenders. so if you are black restaurant owner and you still want to sign up, you can just go to the web site.
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that's on our screen right now. and you'll be able to do it. and i want that sandwich. sounds fun. sonoma county supervisors are temporarily freezing new permit applications for vacation rentals like air bnb ease the 45 day moratorium will allow officials to review a comprehensive ordinance regulating the rentals and also tackle a backlog of permits. and since the possibility of that moratorium was announced, there has been a 500% increase in new permit applications. >> yes, some neighborhoods that are 40 to 50% stake haitian rental homes, which is unsustainable. >> there's also concern that develop alerts will come in and buy up the areas affected by the tubbs fire before the original owners have a chance to rebuild. there could be a vote to extend the moratorium beyond 45 days. next. at 3.30, we have a crime for exclusive,
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a former sheriff's volunteer is now under investigation, accused a building and selling ghost guns. hear from his wife who says that she repeatedly tried to warn law enforcement. plus the warriors are back in the bay area for game 6 against the grizzlies. they're hoping to close out because the home crowd. and as we head to break, we're going to take this look outside. that's our sutro tower camera. we're starting to see some fog roll in over the golden gate bridge, but you will need shorts, sunglasses and sunscreen this weekend. we're going to track those hot going to track those hot meet a future mom, going to track those hot a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here,
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the contra costa county sheriff's office is now under investigation. he is accused of building and selling ghost guns with the parts that he allegedly obtained from the sheriff's gun range goes, skies are privately assembled firearms that are untraceable. the investigation was triggered by the man's own wife who says that she tried to report him multiple times. this is a story you will only see on kron 4 has the has more now on the investigation. >> and despite how many guys did your husband >> i didn't know the exact count until the da's open the safes. there were 132. >> that they seized being in possession of 132 firearms is
3:30 pm
not a crime. that is unless some of those firearms are ghost guns that is against the law. and that is just one of the allegations against it keane's husband, former contra costa county sheriff's bomb and tear john key. this is exclusive video of investigators with the contra costa county district attorneys office serving a search warrant at his home in clayton on february. 1st of this year, what can you tell from for about an investigation mister john mccain? >> well, john is or was. a volunteer with the contra costa county sheriff's office is a resident of clayton, federal and state authorities had seized 132 guns, ammunition. a kit or kits used in the making of goes the possession of the weapons were illegal and the manufacturing of the weapons. we're also illegal selling ghost guns is
3:31 pm
also a crime that is among the allegations listed in the search words, probable cause statement obtained by kron 4. it alleges john king quote. >> with transfer and sell these weapons to civilians and sworn members of the contra costa county sheriff's office, unquote, the names of the people who the guns were allegedly. so too are not specified. the search warrant. what is specified, however, is how john king allegedly got his hands on a gun parts, weapons and ammunition magazines from a property technician while working at the sheriff's talk about your. >> so to be ex husband's relationship with the sheriff's gun range, he had. >> access to everything. parts ammo. >> let's get fully investigated and not push the ad aside. >> attorney michael cardoza is
3:32 pm
legal counsel for key. he says these allegations are extremely troubling for the contra costa. sheriff sheriff's, you allow us to go one. just put parts out there and you let a volunteer take parts. and when he wants to make weapons, if he is. >> it just allow that to happen. you don't track. that's front and the back. >> also troubling michael cardoza says is the lack of investigation on the part of the sheriff's office. king says she tried multiple times to alert the contra costa county sheriff about her husband's weapon. shortly after filing for divorce on new year's day, 2020 on january, 29th twenty-twenty. she says 3 members of the contra costa county sheriff's office came to her home to investigate, but no action was taken. then on august, 3rd, 2020, king sent this email follow-up to the contra costa county sheriff. >> quote. >> to this date, i have not heard from your department regarding this matter as a courtesy to you and your
3:33 pm
department. i wanted to reach out to you personally as i'm not sure if you are aware of the deaths of this situation, unquote. and i never heard a word. i was just making you feel. >> i'm frustrated. disappointed. scared. >> throughout 2020 was king says her divorce proceedings continued and she continued to try to bring attention to her husband's weapons. then in january of this year, as part of the divorce process, clayton police came to the king's home to supervise an inventory of items. photos provided by d at king appeared to show police collecting illegal magazines from the couple's garage. but once again, the it says no action was taken. and i never heard back from clinton d. >> according to documents obtained by kron 4 john king told police he had owned the high capacity magazines for years and purchase them at a time when they were illegal. >> although the high capacity magazines are confiscated by police, no arrests were made.
3:34 pm
no charges were filed. when contacted clayton police declined to citing the district attorneys now and knowing investigation. why does she push so hard? >> why does she have to push the sheriff's department number one to begin the investigation? >> just days after the visit from clayton police nearly 2 years after filing her first report yet canes push resulted in the action she was seeking after directly contacting the contra costa county district attorney's office and inspector was sent to our whole. and is it that is now led to a full criminal investigation. talk about why it was important for you to do this. >> it's important because there's so much gun violence out there and people getting away with it at this point. what do you want to happen? i want the right thing to happen. a lot for my children to be safe, but the community to be safe society, anybody, any woman? it is gone through this. i want to give them the
3:35 pm
straight too. move forward. >> the contra costa da's office says john king's alleged involvement with manufacturing and southern goes goods remains under investigation. so far, no criminal charges have been filed. i think that you on for news. >> kron 4 reached out to john king's attorney and did not receive a response. we also reached out to the contra costa county sheriff's department who declined to comment due to the ongoing investigation by the district attorney's office. let's talk about our forecast as we take this live look outside right now here at san francisco international airport and the fog is also creeping in there coming in from the coast. pretty hard right now on this friday. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here. no details. that usually means it's warm inland. yeah, definitely warm. in fact, we're already in the low 80's for warmest inland valleys,
3:36 pm
including livermore at 80 degrees. >> 25 degrees warmer right now. the pacifica in the mid-fifties thanks to that marine layer and cool sea breeze, the downtown san francisco at 63 degrees. upper 60's for oakland at 68 degrees. but checkup at aluma 68 degrees. we'll just here south nevado is at 77 degrees. so we're seeing a lot more northerly winds out there for warmest inland valleys. that's contributing to our double-digit warm-up, especially for those of you in the north bay and even in the east bay valleys with the novato and livermore almost 15 degrees warmer than where we were around this time yesterday. and that warming trend, though, is a little bit on the calmer side for those of you along the coast. thanks to that cool sea breeze. and as you can see that fog out there in the distance, starting to return to the bay area coastline. but we are going to see winds out there right now. a little bit gusty for those of you in downtown san francisco sustained at 24 miles per hour, 30 miles per hour. wind gusts, though, reported there, calmer conditions for everyone else in the bay area. and we're
3:37 pm
going to see more of those warm, dry, offshore breezes for tonight and even into tomorrow. and that's going to contribute to our warmer weather because we're going to be 5 to 15 degrees above average for your saturday afternoon. highs thanks to those northerly winds but that cool sea breeze going to keep temperatures along the coast in the 60's on account of that on shore flow. so let's take a look ahead at your 7 day weekend forecast because we are going to notice some relief by sunday with seasonal temperatures not returning until monday of this upcoming week. and then we're going to notice a little bit of a midweek. warm up, especially wednesday when inland highs warm up into the low 80's. but as you can see, just seen no rain in sight for the next 7 days. so i think our wet season officially over. back to you. >> yeah, and to that, thanks the coming up, it's been a mystery for decades, but scientists now believe they have uncovered a possible cause of sudden infant death syndrome. delivery services have made grocery shopping even more convenient. but coming up. a new study finds
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westmead in sydney, australia that may have discovered the reason a child suddenly dies with no explanation. researchers have discovered an enzyme in the brain that was lower in babies who died of sids compared to living infants. the study found that that enzyme played a major role in how the brain sends signals. so it's believed that the deaths to billy occur during sleep when the brain is less active. scientists hope to develop a screening test to identify babies who are at a risk, a higher risk for sids. a new study is finding the pros and cons of grocery shopping online or using apps. researchers at new york university gather data from snap recipients and found they were more likely to buy process goods rather than fresh produce when they were shopping for food online. they say that's because they didn't trust the person picking out the vegetables. but make the best choice on the plus side. they were less likely to buy sweets and candy, because it was easier to resist those
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>> a woman is recovering at a home right now after someone attacked her during an armed robbery that happened in the
3:45 pm
parking lot of an east big grocery store today. kron four's haaziq madyun spoke to the woman about what happened. >> i try cannot escape because he came in to like call. by the time he came in, he me open case. you are listening to the voice of him >> this photo was taken wednesday after she was hospitalized following a violent armed robbery in the parking lot of this safeway grocery store on washington avenue in san leandro. she says it happened at around 05:45pm as she was returning to a car after a bit of shopping. i spoke to her by phone. she describes what happened. >> she can into and you try to find jury on me. and then he me one >> and then he tried to find angle on it. 2, he founded try to cap it in. can. you can you can see in need. let me give me a kiss. pay 2 times. there is on-site security in this
3:46 pm
parking lot. but she says the guard was nowhere around when she was being attacked bill by no on duty by to tend to. >> she says her injuries included a severely broken nose. here are photos of him early in happier times. >> san leandro police investigators have a limited description of the suspect, according to the police report, he is described as a male, hispanic or pacific islander around 40 years of age with a heavy build and shoulder-length hair. police say the suspect got into an undescribed vehicle and left before officers arrived. jonas says the lingering trauma from the attack has shaken her sense of safety and public spaces and building scale seen can right >> anyone with information about the incident or if you would like to find out how you can help him you're asked to contact san leandro. police has it you cry on for news?
3:47 pm
>> back now to our weather forecast as we take this live look outside across the bay bridge. it's going to be busy there in just a few hours as fans start into the warriors game. we'll have a preview from chase center just a minute. but now we'll talk with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez about the warm weather we're expecting for the weekend. yeah, that's right. and even for the sierra as well, just seen it's going to be a great day for you to head out to this year for your weekend getaway. live look outside. yosemite have tome looking absolutely majestic out there for your friday afternoon and radar for we are tracking clear skies and that's going to continue for the most part for south lake tahoe. few high clouds lingering overhead saturday morning. but we will notice mostly sunny skies by your saturday afternoon. truckee warming up into the low 70's upper 60's for south lake tahoe and temperatures this weekend. >> looking great, especially if you have any plans of being around the lake. we're noticing come to breezy winds. so no wind advisories to contend with this weekend, mostly sunny skies and above average temperatures with
3:48 pm
slightly cooler daytime highs by monday. cool down into the mid 60's. but your bay area forecast quite the temperatures spread 50, 60 70's 80's. if you want relief from the heat head to the beach because as you can see, we're in the mid to upper 50's for pacifica and half moon bay, widespread 60's 70's, though, for most bay area cities of the nap at 77 degrees. berkeley at 71 as is san mateo. so temperatures tomorrow, 5 to 15 degrees above average, flirting with 90's for warmest inland valleys, including concord n livermore, widespread 70's around the bay area shoreline. but those of you at half moon bay, 62 degrees and take a look ahead at your full weekend forecast relief on sunday cooler temperatures on monday until we slowly gradually warm up tuesday and wednesday of this upcoming week with seasonable weather by next thursday. back to you. just staying. >> thanks for races so much. the warriors are looking for a ticket to the western conference finals. they're back in the bay tonight for game 6 against the memphis grizzlies. and at chase center right now is where we find our
3:49 pm
sports director jason dumas, for what we can expect during the game tonight. it was a kind of a blowout, the last one, but at least now the dubs will have all the fans behind them. that should help. >> yeah, they'll take what they can get. embarrassing, humiliating, shameful. you name it. those were all the words describing that loss on wednesday night from the warriors players won 34 to 99. it was the worst loss in playoff history for this organization. justine, at one point, the warriors were down by 55 points. i thought i was going crazy just watching this game pretty much from the 2nd quarter on the game was out of hand. you could tell from the players they kind of checked out it was, you know, like i said, it was an embarrassing loss. they're not really any way to sugarcoat that. but they understand that they have to get past it because right now all the pressure is on
3:50 pm
golden state. memphis can kind of play pressure free. you know, they're coming into this game with house money because the golden state loses tonight. you have to go back to a game 7 in memphis and asked about as bad of a scenario as you can think. so the pressure is on them. but the fans, they're going to be rowdy in here. and like i said earlier, the warriors they can't really socking their sorrows because of that game on wednesday. and head coach mike brown echoed that sentiment. >> in a span of 3, 3, days or something like that. there are 3 of 4 games were teams lost by 30 plus points. and again, if you sit there and you pout, you think. too hard or too long about you don't think about the positives that you did and then the adjustment you need to make to where you can play better. your travel, you this not a time to let that dark cloud hanging over your in. at the end of the day, we we know that to get to this point in the season. it's
3:51 pm
hard and we expect it to be hard and only thing you can do is attack it head on and bryce. it it's helping us get better. >> as for the game tonight porter, one of the warriors, most important he hurt his knee last game. he didn't play the entire 2nd. half is a game time decision for tonight. so we will find out right before tipoff if i don't. porter is able to go. but as i said earlier, a lot of pressure on the warriors to get this done tonight. but obviously, when you have championship pedigree, when you're led by steph curry, klay thompson and draymond green, there's not a situation that they have not seen so they won't get too big. they won't get too small. they'll stay even keeled as they have all season long and hopefully they get the job done because i don't think anyone in this organization was a hop on a flight and go back to memphis. just eat. >> no game on monday. let's close out tonight. thanks, jason. the anticipation for
3:52 pm
football season is now building. now that the nfl's 2022 schedule is out, the forty-niners will open their season on the road in chicago. taking on the bears the home opener will be a week later against the seattle seahawks other games to note in week for the niners will be playing the defending champion rams on monday night football and in week 11, they will play the arizona cardinals in mexico city. then the niners will head to vegas for week 17 to play the niners. already talking about football off in tech news, elon musk's plan to buy twitter is now on us tweeted this morning, but the deal is pending because of spam and fake accounts. so here was the tweet. twitter deal temporarily on hold pending details supporting calculation that spam fake accounts do indeed represent less than 5% of users. musk has previously tweeted that he wants to remove spam bots from
3:53 pm
twitter, but it's not clear whether the fake accounts issued would really rune this twitter deal in 2 hours after that tweet right there. musk tweeted again saying that he is committed to the acquisition, but unfortunately, that damage was already done. twitter stock has been crashing all week. wall street analysts say that this seems us could see their negotiating a lower deal price or he will simply walk away from it. but we'll have to pay a 1 billion dollar penalty. it's like to him is like $4 up. nats competing for the world. strongest man meet the former world champion who is attempting to pull a fire truck that weighs. >> more than 40,000 pounds. we
3:54 pm
3:55 pm
3:56 pm
are just a couple of weeks away from this year's world's strongest man competition that takes place in sacramento. but before that big show, a former champion, he's trying to make a comeback. our teens lee sees is the 2019 world's strongest man. and he pulled the fire truck today and downtown los angeles. the truck ways over 40,000 pounds. the former champion is back after an injury from 2020 and the strongest man competition will take place starting may 24th. so there he is practicing. you know, just regular friday a fire truck down the street. i
3:57 pm
could barely walk up a flight of stairs. that does it for us here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock on this friday. i'm justine waldman. thank you so much for being with us. it's good to be back to being sick this week trying to keep that boys. hang on a little bit now. see tonight. >> during kron, 4 news at 5 and also prime time this evening. in the meantime, if you want to connect the can on facebook, twitter or instagram and can always get the latest details on any of these breaking news stories we've been talking about on kron 4 dot com also have a great weekend. see you tonight. and then also back here this week on monday at meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c.
3:58 pm
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