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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  May 13, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> and now to the warriors looking for a ticket to the western conference finals. they are back in the bay area tonight for. >> game 6 against the memphis grizzlies. how everyone thank you for joining us on kron. 4 news at 6. i'm cath rine heenan and i'm grant lotus after a rough loss on the road in game 5 earlier this week. couple days ago, the warriors are back home looking to close out the grizzlies once again. >> memphis still without its best player, john rat, who is injured? >> tonight we have team coverage on the game. 6 kron four's gayle ong. she's live at chase center. she's been talking to fans. first, though, want to check in with kron 4 sports reporter kate rooney who >> is with us with what to expect tonight, kate, what kind of nerve wracking game.
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>> yeah, i don't think anyone expected that result game 5 grand and tonight the warriors are hoping the game 6 looks a whole lot different than not game find. they have the chance to close out the series in memphis, but instead they lost one. 34 to 95. that is the 5th worst playoff loss in franchise history. so what are the warriors have to do differently to avoid a similar result? the last time out? well, short answer everything. a little bit of rebounding, a little bit shooting. they got to have better team event look at current over. that was a big one. so last time out the words from the ball over a whopping 22 times leading to 29 memphis point. it was also the first time in the series, the grizzlies outrebounded the jobs and the warriors were missing. a head coach steve kerr who tested positive for covid-19. now he's going to be out tonight as well. but acting head coach mike brown has experience here. we've got
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him for steeper with or without back during the 2017 finals run. he was out before tonight's game. how different is this time? take a listen >> don't even go to the huddles during the game because i'm talking defense right away the whole time with with the pope and i have no clue what he wants to do. offensively. and so for me more than anything else is just been trying to get caught up to speed. and, you know, in a couple days on that side of the ball, you know, it's it's really i should get my trails a shout out every time you guys were asking that question. but it's feel like i'm back in my usd san diego days, you know, cramming for an exam and and so, you know, as as the days go along, you feel a little more comfortable in your flight. you can help them a little bit more. hopefully it shows on the court. >> so i guess we've got to hope. mike brown is good at cramming. got get back to those college stands now, depending on which way you look at it, it could be a good luck or bad luck day for the worst because friday, the 13th
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and only one other time in team history have a of playoff game on back in 1973 and they won that one against the grant. catherine, guess it depends if you're superstitious today. >> boy, oh, boy. i hadn't thought about that to good old in here for them. okay. i mean, a lot of quarters not going to play with the foot. they obviously don't have gary payton a good dollars still out. and memphis just seems so physically dominant. the last game. i see clay right behind you getting up threes. does it feel to you like if the worriers don't make a lot of shots, they're in trouble. >> yeah. and they got to take better shots because their shot selection has not been that great. this serious some of their worst shooting percentages of the season actually shot. 35.9% the last time about 48% overall not as but not as bad as it was in game 2 and game 3, but they definitely got to run. that offense. gets out shooting. we
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expect to see from play and death and now jordan poole and that could make a big difference hopefully being home will help. and it's a make or miss league. hopefully they make most of them live for us at chase. thank you, kate. >> yeah, thanks a lot, kate. and look who has juut popped onto the along with she's been talking to fans at chase center. and gail, i are they excited. what what are you hearing? >> catherine and grand fans are just pouring in the arena. i did get a chance to talk to many of them as they're getting settled in doors open 30 minutes ago. you know, some admit they are nervous from the last game and others are very confident and they call tonight payback. so they think the lawyers will bounce back and win tonight's game. a lot of good energy. it's very electric at game starts in an hour or so. fans you can see behind me. are there going up the escalators to their seats, getting food?
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>> i can see some are still at the stores by jersey's summer. still outside at thrive city. but we'll see. a lot of them seem very confident for tonight's game. and you'll hear more from them later on in the show. when we check back in with you guys are live at chase center along from 40's. thank you. gayle will talk to you later. >> all right. thanks, gayle. now to a san francisco tradition that returns sunday, another sport. but different uniforms here, bay to breakers the races back. thousands of people expected to show up in colorful costumes for the 12 k runs since 1912, more than 2 million people have completed this race. people were colorful costumes. some people don't wear costumes. that starts on the east side of the city moves along the panhandle and through golden gate park. you see there and that the great highway along ocean beach, some people go in the ocean finish line closes. and 1 o'clock sunday afternoon. and if you're driving into the city sunday,
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you'll certainly want to avoid these areas because they close off roads. traffic will be heavy. it's a big day in the city. the big day and time select pretty good weather time for a look at the forecast we're looking live over the city. >> meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is with us. beautiful picture there of this city. just a beautiful day and hopefully it carries for the weekend. i had to run. >> and the great day to run, right? i mean, just 2 days ago, we were below average 5 to 10 degrees. but today we saw for the 15 degrees of warming for our warmest inland valleys and your bay to breakers forecast. we are going to see the return of that cool sea breeze after our toasty day that we're expecting to have on saturday. so fortunately not going to be as warm sunday like it will be on saturday mid 50's to start out the run at 8 o'clock in the morning. we will notice the return of that marine layer and cool sea breeze along the coast out of the west, 10 to 20 miles per hour. but we could see gusts upwards of 30 miles per hour day. so that cool onshore flow and
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temperatures warming up into the mid 60's along the coast. so you're going to get some much needed relief. thanks to mother nature's natural ac system, working into the high gear. but temperatures out there right now. quite the spread, 50 60's 70's. and yes, even 80's for warmest inland valley. santa rosa, 80 degrees with pacifica. 54 degrees. so yeah, that's like about a 25 degree difference out there right now. and we're seeing widespread warming for most bay area cities from coast to valleys. and it's only going to get warmer from here with temperatures by saturday afternoon could reaching the low 90's for warmest inland valleys. but overall, we're going to be about 5 to 15 degrees above average. net, we are going to see a nice cool down on sunday. thanks to the return of that marine layer a gray out there in full force for the 2nd half of the weekend. and yet additional cooling by monday. your full weekend outlook coming up in just a few minutes granting catherine, back to you. >> appreciate another big story we're following tonight is a disturbing 1, 3 family
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members in san jose been charged in connection to the death of a 3 year-old girl. yes, they are accused of killing that little girl and an exorcism like ritual kron four's. rob nesbitt is here with that disturbing details on this investigation. >> rob? >> katherine police found the little girl dead inside a parent church back in september. her mother told investigators that the family tried performing an exorcism on the girl because she was waking up in the middle of the night crying or screaming. what looks like a quiet san jose residents was operated as an apparent church and where police say a 3 year-old girl named a rally was killed by her mother, claudia hernandez santo's. >> ago, renee hernandez santo's and grandfather renee hernandez. we're comfortable in saying that. >> these 3 individuals are going to held be held accountable for the deathdof a 3 year-old child. the charges that are set before our child abuse resulting in a child death court documents. explain how the family attempt an exorcism type ritual on the 3 year-old. >> holding her down by the
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neck, torso and legs for nearly 12 hours attempting to make or vomit by sticking their fingers and hands down her throat. officer steve aponte says the trio waited 2 hours after really die to call police. there was a delay in time before officers and emergency personnel were contacted. >> the reason behind that is obviously part of the investigation. we're still trying to wonder why anybody would delay in calling first responders at any sign of illness of a child or illness or death of a child. claudia hernandez santos posted about her daughter's death on youtube for days before her january arrest. >> saying, quote, if you weren't there, you don't know what happened. officer upon to explain friday why it took another 4 months for the victim's uncle and grandfather to be arrested and charged follow-up done by the full coroner's report which was released just very recently. this as of this week, i believe, was with later implicated. the 2 individuals that were arrested just 2 days ago. >> according to that full report by the coroner's office rallies, death was caused by suffocation and smothering
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live in the studio. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. thank you, rob. one of the men accused of killing kron 4 security guard kevin nishita was back in court today. >> a couple hours ago should be mitchell pleaded not guilty. and alameda county court. the 25 year-old is being charged for the murder of love crowd for guard. the shooter who is shot and killed last november in oakland while guarding one of our reporters. lauren gilbert and hershel hale are also accused in the case. hale was arrested, but police are still looking for gilbert. the next court date for mitchell. he's scheduled for june 15th. that is for a pretrial hearing. governor newsom unveiled his latest proposed state spending plan today. the state's estimated budget surplus. he's up to an eye-popping nearly 100 billion dollars. alright, capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what's in that very high price plan. >> governor gavin newsome rolling out his proposed
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300 billion dollars state budget newsom's administration estimating california will have a 97.5 billion dollar surplus. about half of that can be used in whatever way state leaders see fit simply without precedent. no other state. >> and american history's ever experienced a surplus as large as >> this. the presentation kicking off negotiations with the legislature which have not gone so smoothly when it comes to providing relief promise to californians in response to rising gas prices and the cost of living. the governor sticking with his proposal to send $400 debit cards to california car owners. he says his relief idea has more advantages by relying on the department of motor vehicles. not only speed we get the text distributed, but we actually could include people that were excluded to at t v. specifically ssdi recipients, seniors, disability. and those that don't pay any income taxes. that effort part of his 18.1 billion dollar inflation
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package, which also includes bonuses for health care workers and assistance with rent child care and utilities. other proposals include boosts in funding to address enrollment decline in public schools. >> billions for infrastructure and 65 million dollars to launch his proposed care court. that program aims to in some cases forced the severely mentally ill off the streets and into treatment. the governor also proposing to invest 125 million dollars in reproductive health care services in response to the supreme court's leaked draft decision that could overturn abortion protections and roe versus wade to serious moment american history. >> and i'm really proud of how serious the state and our legislative leaders take this moment. >> well, democratic leaders see big opportunity and yet another year of a massive budget surplus. some state financial experts say over time, big budget surpluses can mean big budget problems. that's because they can trigger the state appropriations limit, which basically means every dollar over the limit must equal $2 in required spending. he's using budget gimmicks to
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skirt, began spending limit. >> that was designed to ensure that california government lives within its means and that is that's irresponsible. and we need to re evaluate our spending priorities and live within the means that californians want. >> the state legislative analyst has said state lead rs can address problems over time by either reducing taxes are asking voters to change the limit, which was set in 1979. newsom says he supports tax reform and asking voters to change the limit. but we need reform again tonight. >> again, think its foundational that we reform prop to our reserve system. i think they're all connected. and i just look forward to working with the legislature gets up on the ballot. and put that forward. meanwhile, in the short term state lawmakers have until june 15th to approve the state budget in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> coming up, the federal judges ruled that oakland police need to now enter a one year probationary period,
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yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. >> the oakland police department is inching closer towards ending its federal oversight. a federal judge has now ruled that oakland come enter a one-year probationary period. >> the oversight was the result of a lawsuit in 2000 when 6 man in west oakland argued they were falsely
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arrested on drug charges and assaulted and framed by police. those officers were found not guilty, but the civil case led to a settlement. the settlement required oakland police department to complete 51 tasks as they put it to improve the way it trains and disciplines officers and 50 of the requirements have been completed. >> joining us now to explain what this all means is civil rights attorney john burris, who has been following this story for 22 years. john, thanks for your time tonight. should this be considered something of a victory for oakland to be entering? what we hope is this final stage. >> say so. you know, i've been involved in this case since 2000. and, you know, at the time we started this case and it activities taking place. we actually represented 119 people. i would become my buddy up being so during this period of time. also and they've been setbacks. we have reached a point where we think
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that 50 have the path have been completed. at least they've been a substantial compliant. that's a very positive statement. we haven't been that close before. and so this next phase of probation which we to a sustainability, part of what we always want to do, whatever we did, we want to make sure that was sustainable and that would last beyond the terms of the agreement. my point of view, it's important at last be on. and when you first and build up the senate bill deep, it is important. but my way of thinking all this were to happen under this down to the years. it really was about generational change is not and something did come to a lot progress has been made and that we've got is not over. it will always be problems in dealing with these going with people involved. but the issue is they have a system in place. hold officers accountable when they do step out of line and that the i've been finding does not turn a blind eye and allowed go
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families to prevent them from holding office accountable. if you do that, then i think you have changes that were last time indefinitely until forever. some of the issues out very concerning to question racial profiling. and that is after the man who will be in stop disproportionately on by police representative that gone down substantially. it's not totally done to my place but certainly significant changes have been made so that we know that the department noted is where bases outliers in terms of officers seem to be stopping at american without just cause that they would take appropriate action there are a lot of areas of the positive, very positive. we had this whole question about hand cupping, not how they were being treated and it's by the office in terms how they communicate aside from the force, the issues and we do go on to that were taking place and required lot of positive changes and that not and i said reminded me in franklin
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when he said constitution was signed, he says now we have a republic. the question is, can you keep? and that's important because not only have this agreement, can we keep and we all know than what you checked through. pretty adamant. but if you don't do it with one, you're going to continue. i mean, it definitely. and so there's that kind of backdrop that i think that should hold these officers and the department. it i'm thinking of fire and keep them working positive in this regard. we will stay involved but not on the same level we've been involved because is taking its toll. we've been involved with the prime will 20 years now and we'd like to not have me on a consistent basis around these cases by this particular case will say we would hope so. >> mister burr's just on the face of it died 20 years, something yes, we're talking about dozens of reforms, but i think a lot of people don't really understand why it has taken this long. >> well, tell you my way of thinking it took this long because there was not a commitment. comply and meet
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the terms we to well over 10 years with that constant meetings, how we're going to court trying to get the department to work through it and then have a was a commitment and seemingly from top to bottom part of that, we think that because miley options with and started the day, they were committed to the old way of doing policing and they were resistant to that change. you could even get caught stop car main tenant organize way. so part of that was in the resistance of the department and the officers, the people who ever wasn't readership position to make the kind of commitment was necessary. and plus, that would be different gamble that would occur from time to time. some of which, you know and heard about public scandal that also because it backs up, frankly, i think that kind of embarrassing to me have been involved in this case home 20 plus years. but at the same time has also committed to getting it done. and so is not completed yet. i think they
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got the kind of leadership and partly now along with commitments in the public officials to really hold this department commit them standing compliant and longtime no doubt about it. but that we want you hopefully that that they will get that his one-year probationary period sustainability period. and that would be put in place will be culturally part of how the department runs and will last a generation. if so, which is my hope. >> alright, civil rights attorney john burris, a a friend of kron four's. thank you for coming on tonight and sharing your expert insight on this topic. we appreciate your time. >> they thanks. mister burre in
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coverage of the bay area now has california's highest covid infection health officers are urging people to keep wearing masks indoors. continue to have covid test kits in your cabinet. so they say the current wave is fueled by the highly contagious omicron subvariants bay area counties are seeing more reported cases. they're getting more hospitalizations, actual case rates are higher than those reported. that's because of the widespread use of those at-home test kits. health officials, of course, are continuing to urge people to get vaccinated and boosted. the white house. covid coordinator is arguing that congress needs to approve yet
6:26 pm
more money for vaccines and treatment saying otherwise the u.s. will become more vulnerable to new cases. he says that immune protection is waning. covid is becoming more easily spread and booster shots for most people will probably be needed. he is predicting the next generation of vaccines will offer a lot more protection. meantime, the white house says there could be as many as 100 million infections later this year. and doctor anthony fauci is raising concerns. >> as we start to creep up with cases and hospitalizations overload as shown on the chart. there is not nearly as high as the peak as we have. it's going in the wrong direction. >> meantime, flags on federal properties. so you may have noticed they've been flying at half-staff at is to mark the fact that 1 million people in the u.s. have died from covid >> coming up, russian forces suffered major losses in
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ukraine while american basketball star brittney griner. it's still detained in russia and she's going to stay there longer how top u.s. officials are now planning to deal with that situation. and texas is getting mixed transgender youth right. the latest on the state's order to investigate parents of trans kids. and we'll hear from a woman who says she was brutally attacked inside her car right outside a safeway in the e
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>> a family and or woman is recovering at home after being attacked during an armed robbery. it happened in the parking lot of an east bay grocery store today. kron 4 says deep and you talk to the woman about what happened to her that day when she was minding her own business in her own car. >> i try cannot escape because he came in to like call. by the time he came in, he me up case you are listening to the voice of in >> this photo was taken wednesday after she was hospitalized following a violent armed robbery in the parking lot of this safeway grocery store on washington avenue in san leandro. she says it happened at around 05:45pm as she was returning to a car after a bit of shopping. i spoke to her by phone. she describes what happened. >> she can into and try to find on me. and then he punched me one


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