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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  May 18, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching 4 news at 6. >> and now it's 6. the game is on. the warriors host, the dallas mavericks game, one of the western conference finals, the biggest series, by the way, chase center has ever seen. hello, everybody. thank you for joining us on kron. 4 news at 6. i'm catherine heenan and i'm ken wayne. the bay is buzzing tonight and of course, hoping that the blue and gold can take care of business as they continue their quest for. >> yet another nba championship, we're going to be following all the activities all night long. but first, a kron four's gayle ong is a inside chase center. and gail, i know you've been talking to fans. what are you hearing? >> well, catherine, and just a moment ago, but fans were chanting go as they're going
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up the escalators on their way to their seat. as we go to bob, just happening as we speak, fans are still pouring into the arena. and let's give you video earlier. people dressed for the occasion warriors just about everything head to toe and people at this time are still getting refreshments, buying their t-shirts before they enter the arena. and dan snyder also receiving a new playoff shirts at their seats. and i also spoke with founder of the local street where company adapt to collaborate with the wires, was also a big fan, as you can imagine. and you can hear from other fans after well, it's down fight. we don't have. that's out. okay. so. we did. you will hear from later. but fan a local street where company designed it was gold shirts. these fans will
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be getting. and i also spoke to fans gave came here earlier today. and as you know, it's a work day wednesday feels like a friday seeing this crowd here. but many fans i spoke with they had made excuses with her boss is to leave early. i also spoke with college students who just finished her final and they came straight here to chase center to watch the game and pretty exciting to be here tonight as this is one of the biggest events has seen in the season. we'll check in with you guys later in the broadcast. back to ok, gayle, she's right. it does feel like friday. we just kind of looking at on now. >> thank you, gayle. and though we want to see your warrior spirit, santos of photos of friends, your family and your favorite warriors here. we're going to put it on our web site. might even put you in one of the newscast. you can send those photos to breaking news at kron. 4 dot com and of course, is a gale said will be following the game all night. make sure that you tune in at 10. 45 for a
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playoff edition of hoop session with our sports director jason dumas, us for allthingsd ops. >> other news tonight, much more serious news. another big story we're following. we've confirms the person killed in last night's shooting in east palo alto was the cousin of raiders wide receiver in star nfl player davante adams. investigators have identified the victim as 32 year-old ralph fields. the shooting happened at jack for all park around 6 o'clock last night, 4 people were shot, including fields. police say according to recordings of the shots fired a total of 33 gunshots were fired at that park where children were playing at the time. police say the shooting happened between rival groups are not calling the gangs. specifically some of the gunfire was caught in a cell phone video. you hear the
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gunshots and a child screaming. a terrifying moment for the children. one little girl was captured on the video in on a cell phone as she ran seeking safety. and you can hear those gunshots ringing out. officers said there were 4 different shooters and to the victims were targeted. police are still looking for those shooters. this is the first homicide of the year in east palo alto kron. four's terror attack is following the story should have more from city officials tonight on kron. 4 news in prime time. now to the south bay where san jose's mayor and police chief held a news conference today. >> they were giving the public an update on the state of the department. this comes as the police department has been hit by a slew of internal scandals as well as a spike in homicides in san jose grant lotus. joining us now with more on what the police chief plans to do to try to improve the department grant. can catherine damage control mode? and they say enough is enough. that is what the police chief in san jose said today after
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several officer misconduct issues. >> including one officer allegedly showing up drunk too. try to find that baby who had been kidnapped, baby branded another officer while responding to a domestic disturbance call today. chief mata anthony mata laid out what he calls his seven-point plan, including what he says is a need to change the department's hiring and background check practices. some of the changes include. >> new social media training for background investigators. a series of measures designed to identify hate group affiliations and other by seas. your background investigation, software. and enhancements to our psychological evaluations that are conducted. >> chief have a modest says they will immediately begin cptackling all 7 goals there at
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once in. our justin campbell is covering this story for us tonight. he'll have more on prime time coverage here on kron. 4 news tonight. katherine can for now. back to you. >> all right, grant, thank you very we know that the u.s. reached the 1 million covid death mark this week and the very first person to die from covid in the country was in santa clara county. and it's where doctor sara cody set the tone by if admitting covid regulations for people to follow the bit very beginning days of the pandemic kron four's rob nesbitt reports on how the public health director says the nation would be a better place. had others followed her lead. the country's first known covid deaths happened in santa clara county on february 6, 2020 because the public health department here to do a lot of first and why doctor cody continues to recommend precautions for more than 2 years. the covid statistics have been daunting this week the cdc confirmed that 1 million people in the u.s. have died from the virus. it is very difficult to
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comprehend. doctor sara cody says the restrictions she put in place at the beginning of the pandemic, help santa clara county avoid a high mortality rate and something other should have learned from. >> this other communities had fared as well as we have relatively speaking, hundreds of thousands of people would still be alive in the united states. hundreds of thousands. she says santa clara county didn't just have stricter rules, but ones that most residents followed keeping the death toll to 2,281 people as of wednesday. really this region >> you know, at every turn really stepped from sheltering in their homes at the beginning of the pandemic. when we had really no other tools available, stepping up and getting vaccinated to wearing their masks. she says the current rise in covid cases is due to a subvariant of omicron that spreads more easily than omicron. the number of positive cases being reported aren't as high as the january surge and the same for hospitalizations. but doctor
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cody continues to stress the importance of being up to date with vaccinations testing when sick masking indoors. the virus continues to and so our response to it needs to change is well, doctor, cody says those santa clara county's mortality rate is lower than most other counties. there were more covid deaths here last year than all other infectious disease deaths combined over the last decade in san jose. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> there was a rally today aimed at saving san francisco's laguna honda hospital. >> advocates have been trying to keep it open. this is after lost funding in april. that was after state surveyors pointed out some problems, including smoking in the facility, hygiene problems, infection prevention mayor london breed says the city is committed to finding a solution. >> and we know that many of our patients are probably scared are probably uncertain, but just know that we're going to do everything we can to
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support and protect you. >> last week the hospital released details on how it would handle the closure. meantime, the centers for medicare and medicaid gave laguna honda 4 more months of funding. nurses are saying that they are now evaluating patients on case by case basis in case they do need to move. >> as covid cases and hospitalizations continue to rise, top health officials are urging americans to mask up in public places. a 3rd of americans live in areas where community levels of covid are currently high or medium. different waves of infection. >> have demonstrated that this travels across the country and has the potential to travel across the country. so i i think the important thing to recognize is that we actually have the to prevent it. and so we would ask you to wisely use these tools reduce amount of infections. the comments came during the first white house covid briefing in 6 weeks. the
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country's top health officials also urge congress to approve president biden's request for billions of dollars in new covid funding. they say without it the u.s. will run out of vaccines and treatments by fall or winter. >> there is a grass fire burning in livermore. alameda county firefighters are saying that it is just off west bound 5.80, east of north flynn. and carol, this began as a car fire. we're hearing people, of course, being asked to avoid that area. and there is a red flag warning issued in fairfield. trump for chief meteorologist karnow joins us now with a look at that red flag warning. hot weather. yeah, good. and that's what we see. the sea breeze is kicking in the afternoon. it's not real offshore wind but >> we get those winds kicking up and even their sea breeze get some dry brush out there and a car pulled off the side, starting a fire. and there you go. that's all it takes. and we're watching red flag warnings going up, starting at 11 o'clock in the morning on thursday. that's what expect. some very dry air begin to mix in the parts of the north, especially in the county, the
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sacramento valley winds sustained 15 to 30 miles an hour, maybe gusting to 40 and 50 miles per hour, especially i think on friday that will be the gusty a stay of the week. and the humidity really bone dry down to 5% and parts of county. so, yeah, not what we want to see early on in the season, but here we go. winds more that sea breeze kicking in right now. you see some 13, 14 mile an hour gust in the live more area right now. 20 plus mile an hour gusts along the coastline of the san francisco, an sfo. here's a fire weather forecast as we take you through the night tonight to we've got that sea breeze out there right now. and so the fire conditions are elevated outside. as we take you through the night tonight. well knows things begin to calm down and so does fire weather conditions as well. but then starting to ramp up again by tomorrow afternoon. we'll see that picking up again is spreading across much more. the bay area and a little more intense by tomorrow evening. that will ramp up even further. i think as we get into friday, so fire something going to watch out for as this next pattern. kind of just settles it. we've got
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a weak cold front. it's a dry cold front coming through the bay area means we're not going to rain out of it. we may just from a passing cloud, but that's about it. more importantly, as it moves through dives into the great basin. all of a sudden you start to see those winds wrapping up. and that's what we're expected to see overnight tonight, the sea breeze continuing. but then we start to see more of a northerly come on. the wind as we get in toward tomorrow. and then on friday, all those colors even start to try gauge turn purple gusts of 30 40 miles an hour, probably common across the napa valley and the mountain tops there. also in the county fire. danger running high throughout guys. back to you. all right, lawrence, thank you very much. coming up, as cases begin to climb again in california, lawmakers are taking a closer look at the governor's covid plan. a north bay community grieves the loss of a 15 year-old who was killed in a hit and run accident. we'll have the latest on the investigation. >> also what the president says he is doing to speed up the production of baby formula.
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are you ready to du more with less asthma? tonight as millions of u.s. families continue to struggle to get baby formula. >> today, president biden moved to speed things up by invoking the defense production act. kron four's. raquel martin joins us now live from washington, d.c., where recount the form of the shortage has been going on for weeks. so when can parents expect to finally get some relief?
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>> good evening will. this is a matter of life and death for some families. and we know already at least 2 and that that had to be sent to the hospital because of this formula shortage. it's why the biden administration taking new steps today hoping that they'll get supply back in order in a matter of weeks. >> late wednesday, president biden announced he will invoke the wartime defense production act to require private companies to help ramp up supply of baby formula. also on tonight's announcement from the white house plans to make it easier for foreign manufacturers to sell formula in the u.s. in a letter to the hhs secretary, president biden says, quote, this will ensure that we're using every available tool to get american families, swifter access to the infant formula they need. we're going to keep working on this and focusing on this until. >> every family, every child can get the formula that they need. the house will be in order. lawmakers on capitol hill are also kicking things into high gear. we are laser-focused. wednesday.
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house lawmakers move to advance the plan giving low-income families more flexibility to buy different types of formula through government programs. think about and being a mother. you need to feed your baby, connecticut. congresswoman rosa delauro says the plan. >> also gives the fda 28 million dollars in emergency funding to fix the supply problem and prevent another one from happening. if the crux of this is providing infrastructure, if you will. >> in order to do what needs to get done. this is a catastrophe. but republicans like texas senator ted cruz, a the fda's involvement, has done more harm than good. we need to stop these asinine regulatory barriers and a missouri republican senator josh hawley says he wants to hold hearings to get to the bottom of the shortage. i can't figure out what in the world is going on at the fda or abbott for that matter. i got a lot of questions. >> and just moments ago, the finished its vote on that baby formula legislation. every
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republican voting against it. many of them saying they're concerned about its pricey a price tag in are just not on board unclear. and unlikely rather that it will make it to the president's desk. at the end of the day. >> all right, raquel, thank you very much. in the east bay, the body of a woman has been identified as missing homicide victim. cynthia along. so the body was found may 4th near the a port of oakland. alonso was killed by her boyfriend nearly 18 years ago. she was last seen on thanksgiving of 2004 after 2 years. police determined her boyfriend eric killed her and buried the body. he was convicted of murder in 2012, sentenced to 15 years to life at the time he did provide a general location of alonso's body. but police could not find it. then 2 weeks ago, a work crew found the body at the corner of 7th and maritime streets on the oakland army base.
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>> san jose police are looking for the people responsible for shooting and killing a man. it happened on south king road and courtesy away shortly before 7 o'clock last night. that's right. near the rancho del pueblo, golf course in east san jose. police have not released any information about the victim. this is san jose's 11th homicide of 2022. today, california lawmakers held an oversight hearing into governor gavin newsom and his administration's response to covid. the hearing comes as covid cases are on the rise in california and our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >> we'll hold california lawmakers in the assembly emergency management committee putting governor newsom's covid-19 endemic plan also known as the smarter plan under the microscope as california is now seeing another rise in covid-19 cases. the smarter plan faces its first major test. governor newsom first introduced the plan in february, california, department of public health director. the mask gone reiterated wednesday. the plan boosts state surveillance of the virus by monitoring
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particles in waste water to try to detect potential surge is the plan also includes ramping up the state's supply of masks, a vaccine distribution and daily testing capacity. it is flexible by design so that we can respond quickly as the virus changes. some local public health officers told lawmakers over all their cities and counties feel more equipped for the next wave of the virus compared to the beginning of the pandemic. some criticized the administration's handling of mask recommendations. >> which has been strongly encourage since march, despite varying covid-19 case rates between then and now when the local case rate was 4. >> i would have liked the message that masking had become optional. but i would not have been aligned with state messaging. when the case rate began rising, i would have stepped up my recommendation, according to transmission risk. instead, i've been saying all along that masks are strongly recommended and people have stopped listing. >> others noted the health care workforce needs help with recruitment and retention, especially those working in public health newsom has
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proposed providing an additional 200 million dollars to local public health agencies. but some local leaders say that's not enough. >> but this investment is not enough to counter the longstanding erosion of the public health workforce. the hearing comes as california covid-19 cases climb with the statewide positivity rate. now at 5%. the highest recorded since february. experts say that number is likely even higher because it does not account for everyone testing at home. newsom's administration confident it's prepared for whatever comes next. this infrastructure that we develop helps us for other other public health emergencies beyond beyond covid in sacramento, ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> the cdc has updated covid safety guidelines for domestic travel. people traveling around the u.s. are now urged to get tested for covid as close to the time of the trip as possible. as long as it's no more than 3 days before the actual departure. that includes people who are fully vaccinated and boosted the cdc also recommends people get
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tested after a trip, especially if they've been around big crowds and always be aware of local covid rules and regulations. >> all right. time for a look at the forecast on what's been a lovely, warm one. stay as we look live at the golden gate bridge, you know, took a walk out in san francisco. didn't have to wear a jacket. it's doesn't happen every day. no, you know, the middle of summer, it could be. you need big holes out there. yeah. but today with a nice day, all the way to the coastline, lots of sunshine and the warm temperatures, even hot spots in the beautiful out over the bay. right now, we've got some clear skies all the way the coastline courtesy that offshore wind temperatures soar today to 77 degrees. >> in san francisco, oakland checked in at 75. 86. nice and warm in san jose. and then we started to crank up the heat. 92 and hot in lemore. 94 and hot conquered even hotter in santa rosa at 95 degrees. well, above the average for this time of year. so these are how the numbers work out
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around the rest. the bay area, 87 degrees in mountain view. 87 also in redwood city, 80 in fremont. 72 degrees in yet those 90's inland. and yes, certainly some toasty temperatures, but they're going to get to come down just a little bit outside one of the evening we have for you still 60's. unclear along the coastline, 70 in here right now. 75 degrees in fremont. still in the 80's in that you make your way into berkeley, 91 and hot still in concord and 90 in the napa valley. beautiful weather out there. now changes are in the works. the winds are going to be more effective the next couple days. we'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, lawrence. don't the calm gas prices continue to climb? it's not just all. 50 states. what president biden says he's doing to try to help.
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as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. >> for the first time, the average price for a gallon of gasoline has surpassed $4 in all 50 states. and this is the biden administration is trying to ease economic sanctions on venezuela in the hopes of making gas at least a little cheaper correspondent reshad hudson has more. >> republicans are slamming the biden administration for causing sky-high gas prices. president biden's energy policy is solar. and wishful thinking. louisiana senator john kennedy and west virginia senator shelley moore capito say decisions like canceling recent oil leases will make it
6:27 pm
harder for commuters in their states. we are rural america where cars are the only way to get to the places that you need to be. capita says she's getting letters describing the tough decisions facing americans. i fear before summer, i will literally be choosing which to pay. feel for my vehicle or food. the white house blames russia's invasion of ukraine for the record high gas prices. but republicans argue they aren't doing enough to bring down cost us. lets unleash american energy instead of blaming the president, wisconsin senator tammy baldwin says republicans should help pastor bill preventing price gouging. >> you would see a different behavior from the big oil companies. they wouldn't be able to get away with what they're getting away with the state's aaa says this week, gas prices hit a new high with every state paying more than $4 a gallon reporting in washington reshad hudson coming up, we continue to follow the latest on roe v
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wade and the u.s. supreme court. why some lawmakers say overturning roe >> will be dangerous for all women. and a new poll by the san francisco chamber of commerce is shedding light on how voters feel about some of the city's biggest issues will break it down for you. plus, a 15 year-old boy was killed in a hit and run accident. tonight, the community in the north bay is grieving the loss. keep it here. w ♪ ♪ how's he still playin'? aspercreme arthritis.
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