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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  June 2, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> now at 3 o'clock, a major development in the search for alexis. gabe. investigators are now saying that the 24 year-old missing woman, it's the victim of a homicide. what police are now saying about her ex-boyfriend who is believed to be the murder. also, alameda county saying today the mask will have to come back on after a surge in covid-19 cases and hospitalizations when and where people will need to mask back up. also, the warriors in the celtics taking the court tonight at chase center for the first game of the nba finals. we have live special
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coverage at chase center with what we can expect from this major matchup tonight. thank you for joining us here during kron, 4 news at 3 o'clock. there's been a huge development in the case of a missing east bay woman. police have killed. >> the prime suspect in her murder. thank you for joining us. i'm justine waltman. our top story this thursday is that oakley. police now say that alexis gabe's disappearance is being investigated as a the suspect is her boyfriend of 3 years and he has now been killed by police in washington state. kron four's charles clifford has the latest now from officials. we'll get to
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that story in just a minute. but right now the fbi is assisting the petaluma police department in its investigation of the threat that was made against casa grande. a high school police are trying to track down the person who has allegedly threatened violence to happen on the last day of class. for some call, spoke with students. >> plus is carried on as scheduled thursday at casa grande high school in petaluma, though some students and staff were understandably concerned. last thing you need, right? yeah, for i don't know that i want to get a shot on wednesday. the superintendent of petaluma city schools, matthew parris sent a letter out to school district families letting them know they've received information of a threat specific to june 10th at casa grande high school, the last day of school and graduation day for seniors. i think it's just some kid trying to be funny. the superintendent
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confirms in the letter that there have been no reports of any threats related to any other schools on any other days. teacher and athletic trainer heather campbell is nearing retirement and says it's tough having to send students manage through threats like this while trying to focus on their education. it's just sad that >> these kids can just >> groping and graduate and have fun and be enjoying these last week. so i'm just trying to do my best to keep things as normal as possible so that everyone feels comfortable, campbell and her students say they are confident the police and the school district will keep them safe. >> the fbi is also assisting in the investigation. police say they are still working to track down the person who allegedly made the threat and determine the specific details of it. people have passed our >> the the bullied or have the contentions do. so the people because of what people have done to them at this time, neither the school or school district have announced plans to postpone or cancel the graduation. >> it be a shame if it came
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down to that say students considering how many students lost the opportunity for an in-person graduation during the pandemic in petaluma fleet and all kron. 4 news. >> and the mayor of berkeley is reacting to the arrest of a 16 year-old who police say tried to recruit fellow students to take part in a shooting at berkeley. high school mayor jesse airgun released a statement that reads in part, quote, as the country continues to reel from a horrific school shooting. it was disturbing to hear a similar plot was being planted. berkeley high school, which was ultimately foiled. police say they received a tip about that team last saturday when they searched his home, they found parts to explosives and assault rifle. several knives and electronic items that could have been used to create weapons. investigators say that the teen did turn himself in on monday. and another big story we're following this afternoon. san francisco mayor london breed is going to march in the san francisco pride parade. the
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mayor was not going to participate in san francisco pride to show solidarity with the police department after parade organizers band members from the police department from marching in the parade in their uniforms. we have learned this afternoon that the pride alliance and the pride board came to a compromise to end this controversy. so now the police chief and the command staff will march in full uniform and officers are allowed to march in department issued polo's or pride shirts. thanks for joining us here during kron. 4
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thursday as that oakley police say that alexis gabe's disappearance is being investigated as a homicide. the suspect is her boyfriend of 3 years. police in washington state have shot and killed him. kron four's. charles clifford has the latest now from officials here in contra costa county. terrible scale back been searching for her for over 4 months. >> unfortunately, we now have learned that authorities believe that she was murdered and that her alleged killer is also dead on thursday. the oakland police department announced several developments in the search for alexis gabe who disappeared back in january. they say that after a lengthy investigation, her longtime boyfriend marshall curtis jones, has been charged with alexa, says murder. police say jones is the man seen in this surveillance video recorded near where alexis car was found after she
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a friend in washington state when officers attempted to arrest him on wednesday. >> the federal task force and the detectives from the oakley % police departments went to the residents were marshall jones was an attempted to serve the arrest warrant of him for the sole purpose of taking him into custody. marshall jones responded by coming out the front door with a knife and the charge. those officers marshall jones was shot because of his deadly and threatened actions. he died at the scene. >> alexis, his father says the family is devastated by jones's death. he says the 27 year-old had been a friend and this is not the outcome they wanted. we didn't want him dead. we wanted him arrested pay for students. we wanted to meet with him face-to-face. we wanted to look him in the eye and ask him why. ice cube where it looks us. the oakland police department admits that jones's death complicates
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their efforts to find a lexus. but they're hopeful that someone we'll still come forward with information. now, the antioch police department, the oakland police department contra costa county district attorney's office all say that this investigation is still ongoing. >> there's also still $100,000 reward for any information that helps the family. find a lexus. but for now in the east bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> and that we go to the north bay for our wildfire coverage. the old fire that's burning in napa is still at 570 acres. it is 45% contained though. cal fire crews are still putting out hot spots along old soda springs road road closures and evacuation orders have all been lifted. cal fire says one firefighter suffered a minor injury, but no structures have been reported damaged or destroyed. and it is time now to talk about our weather forecast as we take this live look outside looking out towards the north bay today. no fog in this shot right now as we see the golden gate bridge. nice and clear they
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are today and we are much cooler than we have been the past couple of days. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now look at the forecast. yeah. finally getting some inland relief in firefighters getting a little bit of a break. thanks to mother nature. temperatures out there right now. >> in the mid 70's noticing a lot more moisture up to 44%. so that is also great news wind speeds though. >> a little bit breezy 17 miles per hour, sustained winds with gusts upwards of 20. but we are going to see those southerly winds helping improve air quality for those of you in napa county. so tracking good to moderate air particles right now with future wind gusts expected to increase throughout today. and even shortly before the sun sets could see gusts upwards of 30 miles per hour near napa and even along 30 miles per hour for the bay area coastline. as we see the return of those westerly cool sea breezes tonight, even through your friday as that cooling trend continues. but we are tracking some much needed moisture out there down to 20% relative humidity for napa. but we are going to
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notice, though, the current conditions are dry, but they are going to double as far as moisture content goes going upwards of 50 to 60% by tonight. and then that's only going to increase as we see the return of june gloom and also some patchy drizzle as well. returning for our napa valley's but great air quality out there right now. and that's going to continue throughout tomorrow. and we are going to see the cooler temperatures and much needed rain making its way, especially for those of you in the north bay. so now, but when you are going to actually get some help, not just from firefighters, as far as the old fire goes, but also mother nature giving you some measurable rain in the forecast. find out how much my full forecast in just a few minutes. just seen back to you. recent. thank you so much. >> hey, the warriors have some sort of big game today. i don't know if you've heard about it. there's like some finals thing again, some team from boston. i don't all the details logo right now. live to chase center to check in
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with our sports reporter kylen mills. it's a joke island. obviously. but what we expect tonight, huge game. the finals are back. i can't believe that we're finally finally gonna make it happen. >> hey, justine. this warriors course just 4 wins away from winning their 4th nba title in 8 years last couple of days leading up to game one of bin full of excitement, some nerves and reflection for golden state shooting guard. klay thompson said it's incredible what this group is accomplished, but the job isn't done. the words are laser focused on beating the celtics in the series and hoisting another nba title trophy. the players believe golden state's veteran experience is going to be a factor in the series. curry thompson, ford, andre iguodala and draymond green are playing their 6th nba finals in 8 years. not one player in the boston celtics has ever played in an nba finals. however, the were still expect the series to be tough. the celtics have the best defense in the nba during the regular season. they're tall and they are
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long. the celtics also of a dual threat on offense and all stars jason tatum and jaylen brown curry says stores are confident. however, the respect is there for what the celtics group >> has accomplished. on the injury front, otto porter junior, gary payton, the second and andre iguodala are all listed as questionable for tonight's game. they could be key in this series. we should have an update from head coach steve kerr coming up at 4.15. we'll bring you that coming up on kron. 4 news at 5 o'clock game. one of the nba finals tips off here at chase center. >> at 6 for now, we're live in san francisco. kylen mills kron. 4 sports. >> thanks, kyle. and it's all calm and cool there now. but you just wait till dubnation shows up later. and if you want to go to game one tonight, stub-hub says there are more in 1600 tickets available. they start, though, at $615 each most fans are coming from california about 68%, new york, 8%. and the massachusetts, obviously the home of the boston celtics at 3%. ticket sales have jumped
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by nearly 65%, though in the past. 48 hours, you got a couple hours to snag a ticket and empty out your piggy bank. other sports news now, frank gore. is going to retire from the nfl, has a 49 er and to make that happen. the san francisco forty-niners have announced that the 5 time pro bowl running back. has signed a one-day contract with the team and gore spent 10 of his 16 seasons in the league with the niners after being drafted by the team in 2005 gore finished his forty-niners career as the team's leader in rushing yards, rushing attempts and rushing touchdowns. gore will be inducted into the team's hall of fame during the upcoming season, becoming the 31st member in the franchise history to be inducted. red and gold forever. new here at 3 o'clock masks are coming back in alameda county. a new mandate goes into effect at midnight tonight. it will apply to most, but not all public indoor settings. so
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this includes restaurants and grocery stores. masks will not be required in k through 12 schools for the rest of this school year, but they will be required in all other settings for children like summer schools and daycares. this order does not apply to the city of berkeley. they have the whole other separate health department. alameda county health officials say that this decision has been driven by concerning new data. covid hospitalizations have more than doubled in the last month. and the number of new reported cases very close to last winter surge. officials say they are observing the highest case. rates in the county's hispanic population. and they do add because of so much at home testing the virus is likely spreading a much higher rate. then they can detect. there's also no end date to lift this mandate. and again, it starts tomorrow. so joining us right now to talk about this is infectious disease expert doctor peter chin. hong from ucsf. thank
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you so much for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3. >> my pleasure, justine. so let's start with what's happening in alameda county. the indoor mask mandate in most public indoor settings is now a requirement >> how did we get to this point and do agree with this decision? >> so i mean, i got to this point because like you mentioned, the hospitalizations are going up. you know, that in the state they've gone up about 50% in the last 2 weeks. so to take alameda's perspective, they went from about 50 hospitalizations about a month ago to about 100 when he compared to january. it's about, you know, 4 times, 400% that so it's about it was what, 400 hospitalizations due to covid and peak of january. so there's still some room to go and like you mentioned, that case rate, however, is like super high in the community and it's probably an underestimate of the actual number of cases. so hospitalizations ticking up cases, a sky high. they're
3:18 pm
getting a little bit but what i think about it, i that's area moves as a packed. it probably won't work as well because you could be living in berkeley but working in alameda and back and forth and unless everything is uniform, the virus isn't really respect. county borders. >> will happen next. and other bay area counties, san francisco contra costa moran. well implement an indoor mask mandate. >> i mean, i the heat will be on to see how other counties of fall. again, this is somewhat unprecedented that alameda came out front because usually, again, the bay area counties move as that pact to initiatives. so, you know, and then there's the state as well. so i think all eyes will see what will happen in the next few days. whatever happens if we look at what's happening in rhode island, massachusetts, new york there, any side to come down. so we're crossing our fingers that this will be temporary if
3:19 pm
at however, be a 4 and ba 5 are looking around. so that may complicate things and talking about other variants. >> so we're now having the biggest surge that we've seen since the winter. a lot of cases, a lot of hospitalizations. and even as alameda county said, we don't even know how many they are because so many people are doing at-home tests, not reporting it to the county health department. so is it hard to avoid getting covid right now? >> i something you can avoid for example, i still luckily haven't gotten it and that idea is not really to have a 0 tolerance because you're engaging with society. but to be as safe as you can and whatever settings. so i think, you know, carrying a mask with you is definitely something i do like i carry an umbrella. i think having a paxlovid, i know that there have been some breakthrough cases, but these cases have been milder symptoms compared to when you
3:20 pm
first get it and it definitely draw spiraling down overall keeps people away from the hospital typing. that's well, it's important. and then number 3, i think you having a graduation party with lots generations. you want to protect grandma and grandpa. you might bring in intervention 3 which might be to test everyone just before they go to that event. >> so we have the warriors now in the nba finals. we've been talking about it just a little bit. we want to talk about safeway says safe ways to celebrate, including which i wanted you to rank. what you think is the best way to do it. if you're at the chase center, which also good for you. if your eye to indoor bar restaurant or at a friend's house or watching the game at home by yourself or maybe at your desk at work, which is the best way to do it, which will keep you safe and how can you lower your risk? >> i love >> multiple choice question. just the i feel like i'm in school again. but i would rank it as follows. i think that
3:21 pm
jason has actually pretty decent, very good ventilation. >> big open if you are good quality mask, it probably will be fine as long as you don't take it off and scream and shout into somebody faced a very long for more than 15 minutes. i think number 2 would be an outdoor all night be closed and outdoor a bar again outdoors is the 20 times or more less risky than indoors. number 3 would be a home because you have control over that again. and then number 4 might be a hole in the wall ventilation indoor sports part. so that's kind of the ranking. >> and again, you can make any safe environment, risky by, you know, crowding together regardless of where it is and having lack of control. it's all about controlling your environment. if you can do you can weather this very well. >> finally, the white house is saying vaccines for kids in that age group that have not been approved yet, but under 5
3:22 pm
could be available starting june. 21st, that first shipment should have about 10 million doses. if you have a kid under 5, should you be lining up to get that shot? >> yes, definitely 100%. and i would if i had a kid on the fight, i think we've waited a long time for this moment. the data looks and particularly against serious disease, hospitalization and death. and you want to give also is the biggest chance and benefits of having as many become for shield. so that that was vulnerable folks in awe and that also gets protected. so for example, i know this data showing that the youngest in the video may be the team's bring the virus into the home. but everyone don'ts of a small kids so that they become the place in which they can infect other people around them. finally. warriors are celtics. 1 million to good, good answer. >> that was another multiple choice question for you.
3:23 pm
doctor thank you for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3 >> thanks so testing. >> any time? alright? well, if your summer vacation trip involves going to italy. i'm happy for you because the country has lifted all pandemic entry restrictions starting today. foreign visitors no longer have to prove that they're vaccinated against the coronavirus. although the european union dropped its mask mandate for air travel last month, italy, it's going to keep its face covering requirement in place on its local transportation and inside event, venues that will stay in effect until june. 15th. still ahead. and coming up later on at 3 o'clock, we're kicking off the first week of pride month with a look at the return of the pride parade in san francisco. we have details on all the festivities. >> and after the break, it is a case of road rage that turned into a brutal beating. one man ends up in the hospital. the other in handcuffs. one man is in the
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3:26 pm
hospital. another facing a felony charge after a road rage incident escalated and turned into a brutal beat-down. it was caught on surveillance video. >> it happened in in towards that's in los angeles county. the 2 men pull over here. one of them starts to throw some punches. and the man in the overalls there is eventually
3:27 pm
really get natty concerts kicking at the person on the ground. police say the driver in the gray pickup cut off the driver in the white pickup which caused him to crash. a witness said she was shocked to see this violence just unfold. right at the end of her street. i looked outside. i started knocking on neighbors doors because at this point it seems like the incident was. >> quickly escalating. i saw fire engine and my immediate instinct was to run up their flag. the fire, the fire truck down and hope that they could give aid to the guy needed it. >> police say both men were taken to the hospital. the man in the overalls was arrested for felony assault. next. at 3.30, the biden administration is canceling over 5 million dollars in student loans. could you be one of the lucky loners? let off the hook. stick with us to find out and why investors are being told to prepare for economic hurricane has prices for
3:28 pm
everything skyrocket. and one bay area police department is using virtual reality to boost their response to an active shooter scenario. we'll take a closer look at this technology
3:29 pm
3:30 pm
3 o'clock today. the san mateo county sheriff's office is joining law enforcement agencies across the country and using some virtual simulators to train officers and how to respond to an active shooter. kron four's
3:31 pm
haaziq mod-yoon is going to show us how it works. but we do want to warn you some of what we're about to see can be very intense due to the violence that is associated with an active shooting situation. >> multiple >> deputy sergeant david weidner has demonstrated an active shooter inside of a courthouse scenario using this virtual reality simulators set up here at the 7 tail county sheriff's training facility in belmont. wow. >> he's over down san mateo county sheriff carlos bolanos talks about what he aims to accomplish by putting his deputies through this virtual reality based training. >> i believe it's realistic training that will provide my deputy sheriffs with the ability to go in effectively and immediately neutralize any
3:32 pm
threat that endangers the safety of the along with this. the computer program is made by a company named virtua. it simulates both violent and nonviolent situations as well >> dealing with people experiencing a mental health crises there's a scenario is teach de-escalation the beautiful thing about the system is this is actually our art. >> duty to still see. these are real firearms that deputies use with duty. >> however, the weapons have been decommissioned dead, retrofit with lasers to be used to the simulator. >> so it's not capable of taking any live rounds so there can be no >> the program also records the results after the deputy pulls the trigger. and we ask, why did your shots go there? why did you take that shot? we want to know what they're thinking. processes stirring the entire scenario. over the
3:33 pm
next several each of said county's 400 deputies wanted to go there first round of training in the simulator. the sheriff blado says the training will then continue on annual at least 3 to 4 times a year. >> in belmont has a lead. you credit for news. >> more conflicting details in the uvalde school shooting today. a texas state senator says the commander at the scene was not informed of those panic. 9-1-1, calls that are coming from inside the school. senator roland gutierrez says that pleas for help from people inside robb elementary did not make their way to school district police chief pete arradondo, the democratic senator who represents the city called it a system. failure that the calls were going, 2 city police but then not communicated to the command staff and chief arradondo the head of the texas department of public safety has said that police did not confront the
3:34 pm
gunman more quickly because arradondo believe that the situation had changed from an active shooter situation to a hostage situation in 19 children and 2 teachers died and funerals continued today. the 18 year-old man accused of killing 10 black people in a racially motivated attack at a buffalo supermarket pleaded not guilty in court today, a grand jury indicted payton gendron yesterday on a state domestic terrorism charge and a hate crime charge that carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison if convicted. the suspect has been in police custody since the may 14th shooting. he's also been charged with attempted murders of 3 people who were shot in the attack. but they survived. new york does not have the death penalty. and now to tulsa, oklahoma, where investigators say that the gunman in the mass shooting at a hospital was targeting a specific doctor. we brought you the story as breaking news yesterday right here duriig kron. 4 news at 3. we know now
3:35 pm
that 4 people were killed in the shooting yesterday at saint francis hospital. authorities say that they found a letter by the shooter identified as michael lewis. and in it, he wrote that he was intending to kill. doctor preston, phillips, and anyone who stood in his way. phillips was among those killed. he had performed back surgery on the suspect just a couple of weeks ago. and he had the suspect had been complaining of pain that had been meeting with the doctor since the operation. and happening in about an hour from now, president biden is expected to speak on recent mass shootings and the need for congress to passed common sense laws to combat the epidemic of gun violence that is taking lives every single day in america. we will carry the president's remarks live for you right here on kron 4 as soon as they begin his remarks and gun violence is set for 4.30, whenever it starts, we'll bring it to live right here on kron. 4. today,
3:36 pm
thert was some great news for victims of predatory for-profit colleges. they will not have to pay back their student loan debt. washington correspondent alexandra limon has more on the relief for the specific group and whether or not the biden administration will move on student debt for more students. >> the biden administration is eliminating 5.8 billion dollars in debt and that relief will apply to all former corinthian colleges, students, some of the degrees from corinthian were so worthless that they didn't help a single student. >> get a job. we know these schools preyed on students by lying about job placements in credit transfers. the demise of the for-profit college chain came after an investigation. vice president kamala harris launched while she was california's attorney general harris says she vowed then to help those who were defrauded. >> they targeted people who they soon. no one would be there to fight for. and they
3:37 pm
were wrong. >> in addition to lying about things like job placement rates, the investigation into corinthian also revealed it targeted specific groups of people like veterans and single parents. they refer to them as people with, quote, low self esteem. now those who fell victim to corinthians, predatory practices will get the student loan forgiveness automatically with no need to apply. the biden administration is also eyeing more widespread student loan relief for americans who secretary of education. miguel cardona says are facing mountains of student loan debt to provide. >> both targeted and complete loan forgiveness to borrowers struggling with the most. that. >> in washington, alexandra >> for your money right now, increase concerns today that the nation may be headed into a recession with recent and record-high inflation. it's feared that consumers will
3:38 pm
slow down their spending. that combined with high unemployment for at least 2 quarters. would that mean a recession? new job figures out today say hiring within the private sector has slowed the ceo of jp morgan chase as advise investors to prepare for an economic hurricane. in the next few months. coming up after the break, are you missing some fries or maybe just got half a shake? there's a new survey that might have you thinking twice about your next food delivery order. >> and a cool sea breeze out there right now in the bay area. bring us some much needed relief for warmest inland valleys today. and rain returns this weekend, tracking it all with my full
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>> you might have suspected it, but it's been confirmed. most food delivery workers admit to eating part of their customers orders. new survey of over 500 workers, 8 out of 10 confessed. they may have stolen a few fries taking a sip of a drink or even poked around. and some was order. delivery workers also admitted to opening in ceiling packages and even saying that they stole some of them. the same study revealed why delivery drivers may not like a customer of the top 2 reasons. poor tipping and customers who let their dogs bark at them. playing word games might come with actual health benefits. a
3:42 pm
new study is suggesting that these games can improve your vocabulary and even boost your memory skills. experts say it's also a great way to prevent memory loss and the elderly. so overall, world word games have proven to improve your mood, self esteem and increased focus and brain stimulation. >> still ahead, san francisco pride is back after a two-year hiatus. what you need to know before you go out and join in before you go out and join in and all the cel it's beautiful out here. it sure is. and i earn 5% cash back on travel purchased through chase with chase freedom unlimited. that means that i earn 5% on our rental car, i earn 5% on our cabin. i mean, c'mon! hello cashback! hello, kevin hart! i'm scared. in a good way. i'm lying. let's get inside. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours.
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after 2 year hiatus, the san francisco pride parade and celebrations are going to return on june 25th and 26th. >> this year's festivities will bring back rallies and performance stages as well. the city is expecting a huge turnout more than a half-million people throughout that weekend. kron four's taylor sackey has a preview. >> san francisco pride is back in action this year after cancellations of its large in-person events due to the pandemic, it will be the first time since 2019 where we can expect to see celebrations that look like this. >> 2018 2019, i was at the front of the parade on market street of experience that and the joy, the outpouring of love that you feel when you go down that street. i think going to be even magnified this year as interim executive director of sf pride. suzanne ford explains the huge pride parade. rallies and
3:46 pm
performance stages will return throughout the weekend on june 25th and 26th the half a million people out here. that's going to be one main stayed right where we're standing. >> they'll be for community stages out here. we will have exhibition biz exhibitor boost. >> and then we'll also have a beverage foods. it's just going to be amazing. >> the city has seen up to a million visitors during pride weekend in years past and many of the participants, an lgbtq businesses are hopeful to see the crowds return. however, getting to this moment hasn't been easy coming out of the pandemic when city's fighting to recover. it's essentially it's it's essential to the recovery of the city. excited that we're back in full force. and i'm hoping that everybody figures out a way to get back to their community. san francisco drag show host 20 to more. we'll bring back her annual pride party that benefits lgbtq nonprofits in the city. >> she's also one of the organizers of the peoples march, which follows the route of the first liberation march.
3:47 pm
52 years ago along polk street thing that i'm most excited to feel is that she had only sort of feel as big a party is for me during the day on sunday. there's still this really. >> in 2 minutes feeling about it when i look around and so many faces that. so, you know, we're doing something the city i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> and we do hope that you will join us on june 23rd for our bay area pride special love will keep us together. our 30 minute special airs thursday, june 23rd at 06:30pm. east bay mud is adding a drought surcharge to its water bills. the 8 per cent surcharge is set to kick in starting on july. 1st, it is the agencies latest step to address the ongoing drought last month. the agency's board of directors voted to mandate a 10% water use reduction district wide. >> there is a little bit of
3:48 pm
rain coming our way this weekend. not a lot, but it's something and we'll talk about it right now as we take a live look outside here across the bay bridge will be very busy a couple hours from now as fans star in to go watch the warriors take on the celtics at 6 o'clock tonight. and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here that out with the latest drought monitor and also tracking that storm. there's some rain coming in for the weekend. every drop counts. yeah. in june. >> we'll take it right. i mean, we certainly needed drought conditions out there right now. still holding steady in that severe category. so fortunately, not worsening. even with a recent many heat waves. but not getting better, obviously because of that lack of wet weather. but we do have a lot to look forward to this weekend because we are tracking a weak storm making its way to the north first knocking on the north base door by saturday night is going to be an overnight storm primarily benefiting those of you in our north bay valleys and it slowly but surely going to make its way south and east saturday morning through around your sunday afternoon.
3:49 pm
and then we're going to see some light scattered showers early sunday evening. but overall, it is going to be a fast-moving, weak storm. so areas south of golden gate bridge just about a 10th of an inch of rain or less. but those of you in the north bay, specifically for santa rosa, you could get up to a 3rd of an inch of wet weather and about a 10th of an inch of rain. certainly going to help out firefighters and even residents there in napa currently battling and dealing with fire that's burning out there right now. but we are noticing a lot of blue skies out there. so not as gloomy as yesterday, but temperatures out there right now. noticeably cooler about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than where we were around this time yesterday. 50's along the san francisco peninsula coastline of downtown san francisco trying to flirt with 60's. but 59 degrees with the widespread mid to upper 60's for the east bay shoreline. berkeley currently at 69 degrees and concord. 82 degrees with nevado and santa rosa. all in the low 80's as well. so we are seeing some pockets of warm weather. but overall, it
3:50 pm
is a cooler day today compared to yesterday and overnight lows tonight. thanks to that blanket of june gloom that is going to hover overhead. widespread mid 50's low 60's for antioch with low 50's. for those of you at half moon bay at fifty-two degrees in daytime highs tomorrow. relief finally for most of our inland valleys, especially conquered. and santa rosa, mid 70's for you with oakland at 66 degrees downtown san francisco. few degrees below average at 63 degrees. but san jose in the mid 70's at 74 degrees. so we're going to stay at or slightly below average starting friday lasting all weekend long and then we're going to warm up dry out and clear out monday of this upcoming week with warm weather returning. we're just staying. we're tracking mid-nineties a week from today. so looks like another heat wave heading our way just around the corner. all the more reason to enjoy this weekend's cooler forecast. back to you will do thanks from a 20 year-old woman just became the first person to receive an ear transplant that was made from 3 d printed
3:51 pm
technology. >> the woman was born with only one year and doctors in queens used regenerative the technology to create a second year. the transplant has been more than 7 years in the making and the company is not explaining how it did it just yet. but officials say they use the patient's own skin cells to reprint the tissue. so it looks and feels like a natural ear. this also decreases the chances of your body rejecting the new transplant. doctors hope to use this technology to print lungs, hearts and other organs for transplant patients. let's see what news nation is working on for tonight. >> president biden addresses the nation tonight after the second mass shooting in a week. we look at what the president might say in his speech in why he hasn't made a primetime address for other issues facing the country. that's on balance. >> here's dan abrams. thanks, leland. tonight on dan abrams live on news nation. the baby
3:52 pm
formula shortage that somehow continues. president biden claiming he just became aware of the issue in april. yet stores formula makers and others say they knew for months. we have the timeline going back to the first warning signs to see where it went wrong. and who's telling the truth? that's tonight on dan abrams live. >> you can find newsnation on the channels listed right here. we have more details on our website. kron 4 dot com. we'll be right back. oakland
3:53 pm
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3:55 pm
officials took public comment today on the future of the proposed new oakland a's ballpark at howard terminal. they're trying to evaluate whether they should remove the port designation from howard terminal to move ballpark. construction forward. the development project has been met with resistance from maritime groups who say that the project could add supply chain woes. the next official meeting. will be on june. 30th will have more on this during kron. 4 news at 5 o'clock tonight. so if you go for a walk in downtown san francisco, you might bump into these 2 waddling friends around the city. this is lilac and >> daisy, they are to wow and duck duo. their owner says they've been friends the entire ducks life, which is all of 7 months. they like to swim and explore people stopping by. you know, they take a couple picks because this is a little unusual. the owner says everyone mounts at the cute this of this spectacle. nothing like friends. want to be the doctor
3:56 pm
that to of my guests on the all that makes me the dot because of >> look at daytime highs tomorrow. just a because we are going to see cooler temperatures to 5 degrees below downtown san francisco only warming up to 63 degrees. oakland also in the mid 60's. and finally some much-needed inland relief. a few degrees below average. for those of you in concord and santa rosa in the mid 70's there with the redwood city in mountain view at 71 degrees. and it's only going to get cooler from here and also. >> finally, some light showers returning really going to help out those of you in the north bay, specifically, firefighters battling that old fire about a 3rd of an inch of rain or less for north bay valleys in just about a 10th of an inch of rain or less, which that storm track shifted a little bit south or but hey, at least we're going to get some measurable rain out of it
3:57 pm
until we warm up and dry out next week. mid-nineties just seen him already not looking forward to that. it looks like some are once again. >> creeping in sneaking it's likely had toured the very area, even though we're about a month away from summer. officially starting back to you. it's all right. it's june. we're ready for it. thank you so much for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock today. really appreciate your time. don't forget, we will be carrying the president's address live at 4.30 as soon as starts. you can watch it right here on kron.
3:58 pm
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