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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  June 3, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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oating. meow mix tasty layers. the only one cats ask for by name. >> now at 3 indoor mask mandates making a comeback in the bay area. the county's calling people to mask up and why some health officials are not following suit. plus, a fatal hit and run caught on camera. the latest from police on the investigation to find the driver. and today marks national gun violence awareness day. how survivors of gun violence and advocates are coming together to push for tougher gun laws. >> from the area's local news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3.
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>> thank you so much for joining us this friday here on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm stephanie lin. we begin this hour in the east bay, new indoor masking guidelines go into effect in alameda county. those rules coming after the cdc found higher levels of covid spread and hospitalizations in parts of the bay area. kron four's charles clifford joins us from the city of alameda. and charles, how are people reacting to the changes there? >> some people are ok with that. some people are you bay area ended months ago and we hope they were gone for good. but now county officials are saying that there's enough community spread of covid-19, that new mandate is necessary. as of friday. morning masks are now required for most indoor public places across alameda county, regardless of vaccination status. in an order issued on thursday, health officials say the county is experiencing a worsening wave of community transmission. >> the current wave exceeds
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the size of the way from the delta variant in 2021, they also note that hospitalizations are increasing. >> the county's health officer says that widespread indoor use of face coverings also known as masking is the least disruptive and most immediately impactful additional measure to take to limit the spread of covid-19. i think it's a good idea. and while some people may not be happy about the return of mask mandates, others like blanche kim, we should have never gone away. i wish it had been in place this whole time that that work in the schools and >> and i saw a big surge there. and i wish the that hadn't happened. i think it might not of the all the kids and have won their masks. >> there are a few exceptions to the new mandate to the city of berkeley, which operates its own health department will not be requiring masks indoors and students will not need to wear masks at school for the rest of the school year, which ends next week. although masks will be required at summer camps and other activities that are held indoors.
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>> all right, back live now. and this mask mandate does not have an expiration date. it will be up to the county's health officer at some point, the future to decide when that mask mandate will be lifted. but for now in the east bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news, it really does feel in many ways that were just taken a step back here and this a fight. >> to beat coronavirus. thank you, charles. all right. the new mask mandate does extend oakland international airport. an announcement happening this morning that caught some travelers off guard. >> despite >> that announcement, some travelers we spoke with still did not know the mask mandate had returned. >> i have no problem with it. i just didn't know about you didn't see any anybody telling you mask up when you've got no
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texts, no, no nothing on social media. and at the moment, i'm people would nice on a regular basis. so i didn't anything. >> it's still not clear exactly how the county plans to enforce its masking rule. health officials in contra costa county are keeping a close eye on the spread of covid-19 kron forcefully to checked in with them on what needs to happen before people are asked to mask back up indoors. there. >> indoor masking remains optional. in contra costa county and contra costa health services says there are no plans to change that policy anytime there's a lot of covid-19 within our community. still the current positive covid-19 case rate pales in comparison to what the county experienced in january right now, the 7 day average of new cases is 478 at the start of the year. that number was 2,832.
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>> but keep in mind, the current number is skewed. it isn't under county in terms of cases because they're test county deputy health officer doctor. so fema korea says hospitalization data. >> is a better indicator of the severity of the virus and may be used as a metric to determine when the county could possibly re implementing indoor masking mandate currently at 77 in the hospital contra costa county. and look at the peak hospitalizations. >> at the last on the const bike. we had 333 individuals in the hospital for covid. and so it is it is low in comparison to the other spikes that we've seen. health services says stay at home and isolate if you test positive regardless of your vaccination status and take advantage of test to treat sites, set up county wide. >> as of now, indoor masking is only recommended the centers for disease control and prevention classifies the current spread of the virus in contra costa county. as moderate phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news.
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>> in the south bay, a school library worker in san jose is charged with lewd acts with a minor. this is a photo of the suspect. uni u.s. brown. he worked as a librarian media aid at sylvan dale middle school in san jose. police got reports from parents of a 13 year-old girl who said brown sexually assaulted the child. police arrested brown on wednesday. this is an ongoing investigation and police are asking anybody who knows more about this to please reach out. a former uc davis assistant water polo coach is indicted by a grand jury. daniel noble is charged with distributing child. according to court documents back in march, noble group joined a check groupon a messenger app where he sent out disturbing videos of children if convicted, noble faces a max sentence of 20 years in prison, along with a $250,000 fine. today, a former air
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force sergeant who joined an anti-government militia group is sentenced to 41 years in prison. 33 year-old stephen pleaded guilty to killing court officer david underwood in oakland twenty-twenty drive-by shooting. curry also admitted to participating in anti-government groups and promoting anti police violence on facebook as an alleged member of the boogaloo boys. still faces state murder charges for the death of a sheriff's office sergeant in santa cruz. today marks national gun violence awareness day. this day honors victims and survivors of gun violence and supports efforts to prevent gun crime next week. survivors and loved ones of victims from the buffalo and uvalde mass shootings testify before the house oversight committee. the hearing comes as lawmakers work towards bipartisan legislation to stop more deadly shootings. the house is expected to vote next week on a series of measures including
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federal offenses for drug trafficking and raising the legal age to buy a semiautomatic rifle from 18 to 21. governor gavin newsom announced a new outreach campaign to promote gun violence, restraining orders also known as red flag laws. a red flag laws allow for the temporary removal of guns, guns and ammunition from people at risk of harming themselves or others. the new campaign includes 5 million dollars in grants to local community-based domestic violence groups. another 5 million dollars going into at education efforts, research and multi-lingual outreach in at-risk communities. and 1 million dollars is expected to go towards education and training for law enforcement groups. happening tomorrow, the marion county sheriffs and the san mateo county sheriff's office is whole gun buyback events. the run starts at 09:00am at the sheriff's parking lot at 1600 los drive the event in south san
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francisco starts at 10:00am at the north county courthouse parking lot at 10, 50 mission road. they're getting $100 for handguns and shotguns and $200 for assault weapons. you can visit the marin and san mateo county sheriff's website for more information. and firefighters continue to make progress on the old fire burning in napa. it's now 65% contained. officials say the flames scorched about 570 acres so far the old fire broke out tuesday afternoon, sending one firefighter to the hospital for minor injuries. they are expected to be okay. no structures have been damaged or destroyed. cal fire says all evacuation orders and road closures are now fully lifted. ok, let's check in with kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. what the weather conditions are looking like out there today for our firefighters working to contain those flames of a breeze. a high there, 70. yeah. fortunately, firefighters they are dealing with cooler temperatures and
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that's increasing relative humidity with moisture content. >> in napa up to 4.53%. mid 70's right now with wind speeds in the double digits, light to breezy in the teens at 15 miles per hour. but tonight, shortly before the sun sets, we are going to see gusts for those of you in napa in that 20 to 30 mile per hour range. but then tonight, during the overnight hours, we're going to notice calmer winds speeds even continuing through your saturday morning. so we are noticing a lot of that sea breeze helping to push that fog bank out there. so things to june gloom. we're tracking a lot of moisture for most of our inland valleys in the 50 to 60 of percentile range, half moon bay. a lot of that low and high cloud cover. 99 1% relative humidity. so a lot of moisture there with downtown san francisco currently in the mid 80's. thanks to that june gloom. but we are going to notice it only increased tonight. they say that thicker marine layer and also going to see another round of drizzle fest. so expect traces amount of patchy coastal drizzle even as you
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wake up for your son saturday morning in napa valley. but we are tracking also very good air quality out there, not just today, but also thanks to that westerly seabreeze good air particles out there for the 1st half of the weekend. that's going to continue. and also firefighters going to get a much-needed boost from mother nature, helping firefighters hopefully reach that full containment soon because we're tracking rain, mainly benefiting those of you in the north bay valleys. until we start to warm up and dry out later next week more. my full forecast has a tracker storm hour by hour in just a few minutes. back to you, stephanie. that's great news for our fire crews. thank you so much. mabrisa. >> coming up here at 3, we now know the name of a man killed in a haze light and crashed in the south bay and a weekslong manhunt for a convicted killer comes to a dramatic end. what we're hearing from texas authorities. plus a fatal hit and run is caught on camera in oakland who police are looking
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in the east bay surveillance video captures a deadly hit and run killing an elderly woman who was on her way to church. the video belongs to a business leader who says that they've seen enough and that they're getting ready to leave the area. kron four's haaziq madyun has this story. >> this is surveillance video showing an elderly woman crossing the street when she was killed by a hit and run driver last tuesday at around 05:30pm, in the intersection
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at 16th avenue and international boulevard in oakland. but happen is >> pedestrians holding a bag? waiting. a little caution section on ne. i spoke by phone to oakland business owner bruce van. >> his surveillance camera recorded the video. he describes what happened. >> you see on the video you see officer also fun of make the left turn. and the hummers. under deal also making up in the opposite directions. i just kept panic something happened and making a left turn. ran over a pedestrian. so with this and did not make the alameda county coroner identified the victim as 73 year-old martinez of oakland. >> opd investigators say the officer, the patrol car seat in the video made a u turn to assist. the victim blog says this is just the latest incident of what he calls
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lawlessness. the city of oakland, your business is that the targeted by criminals to her? >> i mean my point. addition of broken and i must say the city going to have to business own a property owner, but i'm going out to the so out of control, even i myself at almost 40 years, no fun of myself >> you know, i i say can i having grown up here in east open living here my entire life. this is the worse i've plant. >> the deadly hit and happened oakland city. councilmember noel gallo is fruitvale district. one of the recommendations. so we'll be making to my counsel we're going to a budget review. >> so we need to get our motorcycle officer speck on the street to be able in and force a traffic speed, make sure, you know, running red lights and making sure that that our children and families crossing the sidewalks are protected and are safe. opd
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investigators describe the suspect vehicle as a white 2000 tub one $1000 reward out there for any information. >> shot. she deals will she didn't deserve this. >> anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police housing, but you kron 4 news. >> new at 3. we now know the name of the man killed in a hang-gliding crash earlier this week. 58 year-old david jacob of fremont died monday while flying above living county park in milpitas. investigators still don't know what caused the crash, but they do say the park is known for its strong winds. a woman was also injured. she and a man were riding together. officials say she was airlifted to the hospital in critical condition. no word yet on her current status. in the south bay. a woman is charged with a hate crime after allegedly attacking people at a starbucks in mountain view. witnesses say 33 year-old die sheen kwan physically attacked a
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customer, then went after a child. it all began when kwan apparently yelled at the manager of the store, telling him to go back to his country and that she would have him deported. police arrested kwan. she faces a year in jail. >> prosecuting this woman for misdemeanor hate crime. we want to hold her responsible in jail for some period of time. >> rosen says the number of hate crimes has nearly doubled since the start of the pandemic. 14 cases were filed in 2020. and 23 in 2021. in national news, a nationwide manhunt is on for or rather, i should say a nationwide manhunt for a texas, a fugitive. texas fugitive is over. the man died during a wild shootout with police in texas. there's a lopez was serving 2 consecutive life sentences when he escaped from a prison bus on route to a medical appointment by stabbing the driver.
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authorities say lopez then killed 5 people, including 4 children and stole a truck from their cabin as he continued to make his escape. officer spotted that truck and followed it on thursday evening. eventually using spike strips to flatten the truck's tires that led to the shootout where lopez died. in more national news. a tropical storm brewing in the gulf of mexico is expected to bring heavy rain to florida and other southeastern states this weekend. the national hurricane center in miami says winds are expected to strengthen later today. we'll keep an eye out that on that for you right here on kron. 4. let's check in on our bay area forecast. a live look now at the golden gate bridge, looking a little cloudy and overcast out there. we have proper meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is. >> here who says that apparently more rain is coming this and hey there, stephanie. yeah, it's a pretty rare june storm, but i'll get more to that details coming up in just a few minutes. but first, let's take look at radar for because we are tracking
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florida with that tropical storm. in fact, tropical storm warnings have already been issued for the southern half of the florida peninsula. >> gusty winds and heavy downpours expected were flooding. certainly going to be a concern there and closer to home in the bay area. no rain just yet, but we are tracking a lot of cloud cover with our storm just to our north and out in the pacific. it's actually going to tap into a plume of moisture from hawaii. going to bring us some much needed rain, especially far north bay valleys. specifically those of you in napa where that old fire is burning. so that marine layer only going to get thicker tonight, we are going to see another round of drizzle fest for our saturday morning. and for those of you in the north bay, you're actually going to see some light scattered showers by saturday afternoon, very dry, mild weather for the first have the weekend for the rest of the bay area's. if you do have any outdoor weekend plans take advantage of saturday because as you can see by saturday night, we're going to notice shortly before midnight. that storms starting to make its way into the north
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bay. and it's just going to hang tight during the early overnight hours until they gradually starts to make its track to the south and east by sunday morning, bringing scattered showers by sunday afternoon. as that storm starts to break apart. but then we're going to start to notice a drying trend for your sunday evening. so rain totals with this storm, but a 3rd of an inch of rain or less for those of you in santa rosa for the old fire, about a 10th of an inch of much needed moisture, slightly higher amounts for nevada. but everyone else really just racism out golden gate bridge southward just about a 10th of an inch of rain or less, but then warmer and drier weather early this upcoming week with mid 90's. stephanie, a week from today more my full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. looking forward to it. thank you so much. >> still ahead, a measure on the san francisco ballot is unsettling. some lawmakers will tell you why. plus the urgent warning from doctors to slather on the sunscreen and an often overlooked area.
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your health. as the weather heats up, a reminder from doctors to put all your sunscreen, especially in those places you might forget about that would include your eyelids. doctors say that's where they're seeing some of the worst types of skin cancers, sometimes even resulting in loss of that part of the eye lids. so don't forget the sunblock. it's good for your health and helps with your look to doctors say that
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too much exposure to uv rays. uv rays rather can cause your eyelids to droop. a new cdc study is drawing attention to a rise in melatonin poisoning in children last year. us poison control centers got more than 52,000 calls about kids accidentally consuming a large amount of melatonin. that's a six-fold increase from about a decade earlier, the biggest spike happened during the pandemic. most kids or rather, i should say, most calls are about kids who accidently got into bottles of melatonin, some of which come in the form of gummies. so they might think it's candy. doctors say parents may think of melatonin like a vitamin, but it's really best to leave it stored away in your medicine cabinet out of the reach of your young children. and hundreds of tesla owners around the nation say their vehicles are stopping for no apparent reason. the national highway traffic safety administration says there have been 750 complaints about
3:26 pm
sudden braking. the agency adds there have been crashes, injuries and even deaths because of this problem. safety regulators now want to know if the car's self-driving and automatic emergency braking systems were active at the time of any of the incidents. tesla has until june 20th to respond. in game. one of the nba finals is in the books and unfortunately the warriors did not win, but they did look pretty great for most of the game. steph curry came out on fire, making 6, 3 pointers in the 1st quarter. that's an nba finals record. but it all fell apart in the 4th. that's when boston went to work. outscoring the worriers 40 16, they shot 75% from the arc warriors head coach steve kerr says when a team is shooting like that there's not much you can do. >> they were moving the%ball really well. and they they had us on our heels. they made good push, you know, to start the 4th. and they kept that momentum going. it's going to be it's going to be tough. you
3:27 pm
know, to to to beat boston of if they're making 21 threes and they're getting, you know, combined 11 from and hartford and you know, those give them credit. they knock down every big shot in the 4th quarter was a tough loss, especially the way we did lose, you know, squandering 15 point lead. >> very, very rare for us. so something in the world and group tomorrow? well, pretty much better effort on sunday telling us yes to the final score was one 20 to one '08. >> celtics lead the series. 1, 0, game 2 is sunday. back at the chase center. coming up next at 3.30, today's jobs report is good news for the white house. but what does it mean for the economy and average americans will explain. >> it's a bay area. lawmakers want to extend last call. the 04:00am the cities that could be affected. and we're just
3:28 pm
days away from the california primaries. we take a look at for voter turnout and what polls are showing when it comes to governor newsom's reelection campaign.
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>> top story at 3.30, we're just days away from california's primary elections. that's this coming tuesday, june 7th, a new poll from berkeley and the la times shows governor gavin newsom and attorney general rob bonta could coast through tuesday's
3:31 pm
primaries. the poll showing the democratic incumbents for statewide office hold a bulk digit leads compared to the republican and no party preference. opponents. meanwhile, the latest ballot tracker from political data intelligence shows just 11% of ballots have been turned in. that's 2 and a half million ballots returned out of 22 million sent out. that means voter turnout so far has been extremely low. we see. >> statewide, 40% of the state's latino. but only 15% of the people have returned about or latino. i'm only 13% of the state are seniors. they make up a quarter of the registered voter. they make up over half of the people that are returned a ballot. so the big issue with turnout is unjust. you know, being able to know the raw number of people have returned a ballot. the being able to know what that means in terms of the people who are making choices for this state as we go
3:32 pm
forward and how representative are not representative, they are of the overall population. >> now, experts go on to say that voters simply don't find the races this year as compelling. still, it is important to get your make sure your voice is heard to cast your vote. >> kron four's election headquarters were just 5 days away from the primary election. as we just mentioned earlier. >> one of the ballot measures grabbing the most attention. the recall election of san francisco dha dean, according to our political analyst, who dean has become a scapegoat for a lot of frustrated voters. our analysts pointing to the big money being spent on the recall effort and the political organizations involved with this. we should have mentioned. and that means that there is, if you will, a threat behind the door. >> against most politicians for moving too far too fast and in a difficult direction. for example, if you look at san francisco and you see the pictures and the images of
3:33 pm
retail robberies of burglaries break-ins of a feeling of insecurity or where you have to, you know, file a police report on line because you'll never get an officer to come by unless it's a life-threatening situation. all of that becomes a a sanction of this protest politics. and that's where the san francisco dhs ability is really the target. >> what we see is it becomes a sanction. a pox on all your houses. i think one of the things to watch on tuesday is up. not just a few loses, but if he loses by more than 20 points, 60 40 something like that, and that will be a rapid and huge, deep message. >> that this electorate is not just worry. they're very upset and they're using the d a recall race in san francisco as a proxy for all that is going on. >> and our analysts goes on to say that a lot of people are probably going to be watching what happens to be able dean, including the la da, saying that. all right. what's going
3:34 pm
on to say that this whole recall election is sending a chill over politicians and leaders across the country. the legislation is back on the table that would keep fars in some california cities open until 04:00am closing time right now across the state is 02:00am now this is the 3rd time state senator scott wiener is proposing this bill. it passed the legislature back in 2018, but governor brown vetoed it saying the bill would lead to more drunk driving. well, today, senator wiener joined by other local officials in san francisco's castro neighborhood announced their plans for the senate bill. 9.30. >> when you think of why people move to cities. there are many reasons and one of them is that they want to have 5 runs with this it's a little control. wires that is to do anything powers cities to decide what night makes most
3:35 pm
sense for high end joining said earlier, it's rise in >> to to get this done and get it signed into law this year since i've been there we once bars in san francisco over in west hollywood, fresno. >> palm springs cathedral city and coachella could stay open until 04:00am if they choose to do so. well, your money, new economic numbers showing a growing job market, but many families are still feeling the impacts of inflation. our correspondent hannah brandt is in washington to break down the latest numbers and the president's reaction. >> our economy added nearly 400,000 jobs in may. and our unemployment rate is at 3.6%. but high inflation is still a problem that the president has to contend with. the president is praising the latest economic numbers. americans achieve the most robust recovery in modern history that we does admit high prices, particularly around gasoline and food.
3:36 pm
>> real problem for people, the federal reserve has already raised interest rates in an attempt to combat that inflation and economic advisor doctor cecilia rouse as we are starting to see the economy cool down. this economy is strong. it's also showing signs are starting to make the transition to a normal a more normal economy. but she doesn't think we should worry about a recession. we don't see signs that the u.s. economy is slowing down in response to the federal reserve's actions in a way that would suggest that a recession is around the corner. the biden administration says the war in ukraine is a major driver of high i understand that families who are struggling probably don't care why the prices >> they just want go down. the president says he has taken steps to tackle that like releasing oil from the reserves and negotiating with global trading partners for grain. i'm going to continue to use every tool available to me to further blunt those price hikes. but he says congress also needs to act. >> we can do so much more if
3:37 pm
we come together to lower costs for american families. >> specifically the president wants congress to pass the legislation that he's proposed for things like investing in clean energy and lowering prescription drug costs. but right now, many of those measures lack the republican support they need to pass in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> let's take a quick look at our forecast live. look now outside at sfo. going to be gloomy out there this afternoon. we're in store for a cool weekend with a bit of rain. >> from 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here with all we need to know about what to expect him a >> those 70 and never too early to plan ahead for the weekend. tgif bay area. we needed happy friday. let's take a look at coit tower because we're tracking that stubborn june gloom out there that brought us some traces amount of patchy drizzle as well. this morning. temperatures out there right now, though, on the mild side in the low to mid 60's for downtown san francisco all the
3:38 pm
way into half moon bay, very seasonal temperatures there with berkeley, a few degrees below average as our oakland currently in the mid 60's there with low 70's for paulo alto and even our warmest inland valleys out of the 80's and in the 70's today as our cooling trend continues, conquered 74 degrees with santa rosa currently at 72 degrees. but petaluma 68 degrees. so we're tracking widespread cooling, especially for inland valleys, anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees cooler than where we were around this time yesterday and overnight lows tonight on the mild side. thanks to that blanket of high cloud cover mid-fifties half moon bay, though cooling down into the low 50's with antioch, about 10 degrees warmer at 60 degrees for your overnight temperatures in daytime highs tomorrow. widespread 60's and 70's in fact, are going to rebound to write about where we should be with a few degrees of warming along the coast and east bay shoreline. temperatures, though, going to be a few degrees below average for warmest inland valleys with the at 74 degrees. livermore in the mid 70's. but fremont
3:39 pm
trying to flirt with 80's but 79 degrees so easily. the mildest city out there in the bay area for the 1st half the weekend. take advantage of saturday's forecast, especially those of you along golden gate bridge southward because it is going to be dry for those of you in the north bay, specifically in santa rosa could see some light scattered showers of the bulk of the wet weather not arriving until the overnight hours into your sunday morning. thanks to a rare june storm brings about a 3rd of an inch of rain or less and thank goodness we're getting some showers. could take a look at a week from today. warming up into the mid 90's about 5 to nearly 20 degrees above average with the coast warming up into the 70's a week from today. back to stephanie. thanks very much for that a >> coming up next time you have to hail a taxi. it might not have a driver in it. >> details on the new robo taxis just approved for service in san francisco. and the results are in. we show you which california bridges may not be so safe to drive on. and this bridge is one of them and see if we can get
3:40 pm
some picture up there for us up live. it's not showing up. we have a list of those
3:41 pm
3:42 pm
if you're planning to hit the highway for a summer road trip, this could be good to keep in mind. >> the american road and transportation builders association just released its new report on the condition of california's bridges. here's what we're seeing in the bay area. the bridge in the worst shape is interstate 80 over
3:43 pm
soon. creek in fairfield, the second can be found on interstate 80 again. but over dan wilson, creek in fairfield, the 3rd on the list, interstate 5.80, over piedmont and broadway in oakland. so you might want to steer clear of those bridges. and the russia-ukraine conflict reaches 100 days today where things now stand and the message from ukraine's president.
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>> welcome back. it's the one 100th day of russia's invasion of ukraine. >> president biden said today he believes a negotiated settlement will be needed to end that war. but he added he will not be telling the ukrainians what to do because this is their territory. meanwhile, russian president vladimir putin blamed the west for the growing energy and food crisis. he did offer safe passage for ships to export grain from ukraine. if mines are removed from the waters in the area. and time now to check in with newsnation to see what they're working on tonight. >> tonight on dan abrams live on news nation. radicals on both sides digging in their heels when it comes to gun legislation. the left proposes laws they know won't pass the right in their 0 tolerance for change. how common sense is the key to bipartisan gun reform? now, here's ashley with a look at ben c. >> thanks, dan. tonight on bpnfield, $36,000 and up stashed in a couch. why is this wheelchair worth almost
3:47 pm
400,000? what you've got an alligator infested swamp with these guys watching your 6 and the queen celebrates 70 years on the throne. but everybody's looking at this little prince tonight on banfield. >> and you can find newsnation on the channels listed right there on your screen. more details available on our website. kron 4 dot com. almost 4 o'clock now on this friday, time for a check of our forecast as we take a live look outside towards coit tower. looking quiet, cloudy and breezy out there this afternoon. a good day for your jackets. the weekend is officially here. let's check in with proper media. meteorologist, but guys who has more on your getaway. sierra said, hey, there's 70 yeah, whether you're planning a staycation in the bay area are looking to get away in the sierra. got you covered. we're tracking light scattered showers saturday night through sunday morning. >> just about a 3rd of an inch of rain or less for north bay valleys, a 10th of an inch of rain or less for the rest of the bay area. but radar for we are tracking south lake tahoe
3:48 pm
right now. we're seeing those storm clouds billowing and in fact, by saturday morning and even saturday afternoon, we could see some light scattered hit or miss showers with the chance of pop-up thunderstorms. for the 2nd half of your weekend on sunday, low 60's over truckee in south lake tahoe on saturday. but then by sunday we are going to see more active weather. but rain totals with those 2 storms saturday into sunday. just about a 10throf an inch of rain or less for south lake tahoe. but we do have to watch out for pop-up thunderstorms if any do form. so it is going to be very unstable for the 2nd half of the weekend. head out saturday afternoon, looking noticeably drier until we warm up by monday with temperatures in the low 70's. and if you're planning a staycation in the bay area, upper 50's right now for pacific at 59 degrees, mid 60's for downtown san francisco with hayward at 68 degrees. san jose. 73 degrees. conquer. just a degree. warmer at 74 with napa. also one of them, all the cities out there currently in the mid 70's and
3:49 pm
we're going to stay in the low to mid 70's for warmest inland valleys in the north bay and east bay, san jose and fremont flirting with 80's in the upper 70's tomorrow with the mid 60's continuing for downtown san francisco and back to low 70's for those of you in oakland and hayward. so very seasonal temperatures there until we gradually start to warm up after this weekend with temperatures. well, above average 10 to 20 degrees above normal on friday. so looks like we're going to get another sneak peak of summer before it officially arrives later this month. back to stephanie. thanks very much. mabrisa. you could soon see more self-driving taxis in san francisco, gm just given permission this week to operate its cruise service in the city. >> the company and some city and state officials applauding this approval. they say it's a way to help the environment by cutting emissions. now test rides were free earlier this year, but now fares will start being charged. this app based service will run from 10:00pm to 06:00am daily but only in
3:50 pm
good weather. a company called sunder is mixing the best of eric b air bnb and hotels. the twist here, though, is that you can check everything out from your phone from checking in to unlocking the front door. we'll explain. rich demuro is here with that. >> for years, hotels ruled the travel scene and then air bnb came along now. a company named sonder is mixing the 2 concepts along with self-service technology to standardize the quality of stays and bring down the cost. >> which brand at this new tech forward chain of places to stay. don't forget to pack your phone and son or is a startup that makes his aspects of air bnb and traditional hotels. sunder is a very tech in a bold design for hospitality company. we visit
3:51 pm
a location near lax there in more than 30 cities around the world. the biggest difference is that much of the experience is self-service. many locations aren't staffed around the clock. i think you get that that honda mean you kind of get that stay on your own terms. so what if you need something? every sonder has an essential serious. you don't need to go to the front desk to get something that you might need it stocked with extra stuff like towels, coffee and toilet paper. you can also request services through the app but they might not be immediate rooms are cleaned between stays but housekeeping isn't typically provided daily because of our model and really lean into the technology. you're looking at a much more it's affordable rate. you check in with your phone and unlock doors of the code rooms are bright, modern and airy amenities vary. but there's typically streaming tv coffee, a fridge and good wi-fi saunders chair, gen z traveler. they want to do everything on their phone. dennis shaul is an editor at
3:52 pm
the travel site. skift to which side are at least you're going to get some you know, they manage the it's not a slapdash as taking your chances with an individual there are also discounts the longer you stay. it's another like anything in travel. if you're looking for a deal, you have to shop around. >> now if years to room service, concierge and valet saunders, probably not for you. but if you love doing everything from your phone there, probably worth a look for your next day. all right. to learn more on my social media. i am at rich on tech. i'm rich demuro newsnation. los angeles. >> all right. very the first raising cane's restaurant is coming to the bay area. details on the big grand
3:53 pm
3:54 pm
3:55 pm
all right. at this next story doesn't make you i don't know what will >> known for it. chicken fingers and warm toast. raising cane's is coming to the bay area. it opens on july 14th at 84 30 edgewater drive. that's about a 5 minute drive from the oakland coliseum. company says it will have a drive-thru and outdoor patio as of now closest locations to the bay area are lodi in stockton. the company is hiring for this location. more details on an upcoming job fair on our website. kron 4 dot com. and the first mexican born woman is scheduled to launch into space with blue
3:56 pm
origin. she'll be on board the ns. 21. there she is, which lifts off tomorrow. the 26 year-old electric, electrical and hardware engineer is the first passenger sponsored by the nonprofit space for humanity. she'll become one of the youngest woman ever to fly to space. >> i want a little mexican girl who looks at their parent. it tells of i want to go to stay stand that pair it that their reaction is it what do? what i tell them that's never happened next. if that doesn't happen to but rather, it's slow. well, many people have done it so you can do it, too. if that's really what want. >> katya was born in guadalajara and moved to the u.s. at the age of 7. she was selected from a pool of 7,000 congratulations and great job to her. let's get a quick final check of our weather with mabrisa rodriguez. a brace to pay their 70 at.
3:57 pm
>> we're tracking june gloom this evening. but just to our north and out in the pacific where june storm is going to make its way into the bay area dry for everyone except for those of you in santa rosa saturday afternoon. so take advantage of the 1st half of the weekend. mild temperatures and then we're going to see that storm making its track through the south and east of the bay area starting saturday night shortly before midnight and it's going to linger there until early sunday morning. and that's when expected to see some scattered showers through sunday afternoon. just racism out. but those of you in santa rosa per to a quarter of an inch 70 thanks very much. that's it for kron. 4 news at 3. i'm stephanie land. >> thanks so much for joining us. we'll see you again at 5
3:58 pm
it's beautiful out here.
3:59 pm
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