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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 15, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> now at 8, exactly one year since california technically reopen for business following a series of covid restrictions will chat live with it. uc berkeley professor doctor john schwartzberg about how we're doing 12 months later. >> and today, the fed raising the interest rate more than any time in nearly 30 years. what this means for the economy and getting inflation under control. >> also a series of car break-ins at local in and out in one case, $18,000 of photography, equipment was taken. but that wasn't the
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most meaningful items taken for one of the students. >> thanks for joining us, everybody. and kron. 4 news at 8. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus one year ago, california reopened by lifting most pandemic restrictions. yeah. what a long, strange trip it has been. well, a lot has changed some things. has stayed the same car justine waltman. takes a look back at the past year and what the next 365 days could hold. >> but not spiking the ball. but today's the day to celebrate. >> let's live again. let's enjoy life again. one year ago, a celebration of sorts is california reopened saying goodbye to pandemic shutdowns. and hello to a new way of life. men to realize that the only thing predictable covid is it's that it's unpredictable. looking back. infectious disease expert doctor peter chin. hong told kron 4 news there have been several surges in cases in the past year. new variants have popped up. masks have come off
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and then back on again in some counties in some settings, proof of vaccine requirements have faded away with 77 million vaccines administered according to the state's covid-19 website. the fda is just about to decide on a vaccine for kids between 6 months and 5 years old. plus, there are more treatments for people who are sick like paxlovid. we're getting better at treating people with serious disease. but again, we don't know what's going to hit in the fall. i personally, i don't think it's going to be that we deal with and friendly overall. the bay area we've hunkered down really well for 2 years. so if there's any time to take a little bit more arrests but still protect itself is right now because we have so many tools available. >> as for what the next year holds, well, there could be booster shots in the fall. >> in the newsroom, i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news. >> so what will the next year of covid look like? coming up at 8.30, infectious disease
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specialist doctor john schwartzberg will join us to discuss what to expect in looking back how far we've come. well, it's not a done deal yet, but you're just seeing allude to this. an fda panel is now recommending the approval of moderna and pfizer's vaccines for kids is young as 6 months old pfizer's vaccine is for children. 6 months through 4 years, moderna's vaccine is for kids. 6 months through 5 years. pfizer shots are a 10th of the adult dose while moderna's shots or a quarter of the adult dose. but moderna has a 2 dose series said to be 40 to 50% effective at preventing mild infections. pfizer's is a 3 shot regimen for kids said to be 80% effective at preventing symptomatic covid infections. the biden administration is preparing for approval by ordering millions of doses. now the fda and the cdc will meet and they are expected to give the final green light. that means shots for young kids could be available by next tuesday. so
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we will certainly look forward to that. >> and locally, health officials in san mateo county say that they're ready to administer the covid vaccine to kids 6 months of age through 4 years. again, the and the cdc still have to issue their final approval before the vaccinations can actually begin if approved vaccinations could start as soon as next week. the county says that they don't plan to offer large scale vaccination sites for children under 5, but they we'll support pediatric providers in vaccinating the children. health providers, including kaiser permanente and stanford health care have confirmed that they are ready to offer vaccinations to their members. doctor anthony fauci, the white house chief medical adviser and one of the leading figures of america's covid pandemic response. he has tested positive for covid. the national institute of health put out a statement saying that the 81 year-old is experiencing mild symptoms and we'll continue to work from
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home. there also was saying that to doctor fauci has been vaccinated, has been boosted twice and has not been in close contact with the president, biden or any other government officials. >> inflation means prices for just about everything we pay for have gone way up and inflation, according to most experts, has not even peaked yet. so to try to bring costs down. the federal reserve today, spike interest rates again today. the spike was of. huge increase that we haven't seen in this country in nearly 30 years. are countries ella sogomonian spoke with a local financial analysts to learn what this means for us at home. >> l a hey, there became grant. so it's economics. one. 0, one demand remains high and supply is low. >> so prices are up for basic things that people either want or need. now, the federal reserve is getting aggressive to force a market to lower those prices. the federal reserve's weapon of choice in the battle against inflation is rising. interest rates.
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>> in an effort to help consumers keep up with the cost of everyday needs like food and gas. the fed chair on wednesday announced that interest rates will go up yet again. this time by 75 basis points. that hasn't happened since 1994. >> my colleagues and i are acutely aware that high inflation imposes significant hardship, especially on those least able to meet the higher costs of essentials like food, housing and transportation. >> the move has caused stocks to decline and mortgage rates to reach record highs. well, this is concerning for the real estate market and people looking to retire. what does a higher interest rate mean for the average american with little savings family wealth advisor george machete with morgan stanley in walnut creek explains. there are remedies to protect your financial health. >> look at what their fixed costs are. try to reduce number. well, many of the variable costs, for example, and nobody wants to hear this. but, you know, maybe dining out less eating at home. it's less expensive. drive blush.
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it's less expensive. if you have credit card debt. that credit card debt is really expensive. if you can pay it off that the best thing if you can't, you can find other credit card companies. brand names that will take your debt. we can have a lower interest rate. you just have to do a little bit of work on that you several $100. all that means less spending, less demand and hopefully lower prices. >> and the looming question now is will we enter another recession? well, there are several key factors that come into play before we officially >> hit a recession. and one of those components that is actually keeping us afloat right now is the unemployment rate that's sitting at about 3.6%. so there are more jobs available nationwide right now than there are people to fill them. live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. thank you. ella. president biden is calling on u.s. oil and diesel. he says their gas profits have tripled as americans struggle with record high gas prices. president
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biden made this request in a letter sent to oil refiners this week. gas prices nationwide are averaging more than 5 bucks a gallon here in california. the average is 6.43, you know, it's been more than 3 months now since governor newsom and democratic leaders promised to send relief. >> to californians in response to these rising gas prices and inflation, all sides of the issue say that they want to get something done quickly as gas prices reached a statewide record this week at 6.43, a gallon. republicans continue their push to suspend the state's gas tax, which we'll be $0.54 per gallon starting july 1st. but the idea continues to be a nonstarter for democrats and the governor who have said that suspending the gas tax would not guarantee gas companies would pass those savings on to customers. being forced to make tough financial decisions as the state's coffers are overflowing with cash and hopefully will be able to reach a resolution on those 2 versions within the next.
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>> coming days or prior to the new fiscal year beginning on july, the first discussions were very they'll continue. but the governor made it very clear that is continuing goal is as much relief as possible as many as possible as fast as possible. >> continue to clash over their separate proposals. the governor's wants to spend sand rather $400 debt cart to california car owners. well, legislative leaders want to send $200 payments to taxpayers making less than $225,000 per year when exactly californians could see any of that money. that's still yet to be determined. but at this point, officials say it would be september at the earliest. >> all right. 4 zone forecast side taking a live look out side over downtown san francisco that took a little walk, a beautiful out there. but it is getting each really are feeling tonight and the wind a little bit right, that kind of kicking up around the bay area say blustery in spots
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out there. and that's for sure. as a sign of change is on the way we're going to come. cooler temperatures really wanted town much cooler well below the average over the next couple of days, sea breeze that been showing a little bit of fog care long. that breeze is still some patches out there right now, mainly out towards the coastline. otherwise temperatures not bad at all this evening. you're looking at 60's for the most part inside the bay. still warm, 70 degrees in concord, 70 in santa rosa and 68 degrees. a nice evening in napa. but we're going to notice some changes coming our way as that wind is really kind of picked up today. we have some gusts of almost 40 miles per hour and that's strong sea breeze blowing all the way into the delta now and that will carny with it. a nice cool marine air. and that means temperatures going to be dropping over the next couple of days. and here you go. you have the nice rule out the coastline. that is going to be the main culprit that area of low pressure is going to actually start to dive south and swing along the coastline as we head to the next couple days and then kind of move into far northern california moves in bringing some showers up north for us. a lot of
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clouds and occasionally some much cooler temperatures going rolling toward the bay area will have more on those numbers. how much cooler get your neighborhood coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. the ashes of former mayor norman minetta arrived in san jose today ahead of his memorial service tomorrow morning. >> friends and local leaders gathered at san jose city hall to remember minetta and talk about his many accomplishments and that it was a member of the u.s. house of representatives and was a cabinet member under president bill clinton and president george bush. he was the first asian american mayor of a major u.s. city and the first asian american cabinet member, a public memorial service for minetta will be held tomorrow with the bill graham civic auditorium. and that starts at 10, 30 in the morning. >> an upset in the race for alameda county sheriff. 25 year. alameda county sheriff's office veteran use any of sanchez is now declaring victory over the incumbent. her? well, the results haven't been certified yet. here are the latest numbers. they're
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clear with all precincts reporting. sanchez has more than 52% of the vote hurns. 31%. assuming that holds, there would be no need for a runoff. sanchez says she will be a different sheriff. then the her and who was first elected 16 years ago. >> it's me at the helm. i will be president. i will be personally accessible to the communities that i can hear their concerns on how we can better provide services to them. we need to get people into jobs that will sustain them. living in alameda county and their families and be able to have benefits and representation. so though those are those are services that we will be providing in the jail. >> the incumbent hearn has conceded late today releasing a statement that reads in part, quote, it has been my honor and privilege to serve as your sheriff for the past 16 years. i will retire from office at the end of my term on january. 3rd, 2023 after nearly 43 years of public
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service, my administration will work to ensure a smooth transition. >> coming up tonight at 8 trying to feed the bay area. the growing challenge, a local food bank faces also. >> it is the 10 year anniversary of dhaka, the program to protect young migrants. why for most it is not a celebration. >> brashness and the boldness and the sense of i don't know the work, right word for it and title meant no, this is totally acceptable. >> a smash-and-grab at an in and out of group trying to show students a brighter future. >> falling victim well visiting the bay area. their story after the break.
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>> students from birmingham, alabama, traveling to the bay area with a nonprofit organization became the latest victims of a smash and grab. this is a local in and out last week, founders of the nonprofit known is cultivating hope foundation. they say that the thieves made off with $18,000 worth of equipment and >> electronics from 2 of their cars conference. taylor bisacky shares their story. >> we were all in shock and said there was immediate kind of wrestling aroun. to figure out, you know, who who got, you know, what take and steve douglas and alan ronna wicks are co-founders of nonprofit cultivating hope foundation. >> which creates experiences
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for teens from birmingham, alabama, to inspire students to dream bigger. they brought a group of 8 students to the bay area last week and on the first day of their trip, they became victims of a smash-and-grab while they were inside a san leandro and restaurant we went in. we ordered our food. and while while we are waiting for it. >> security guard came in not with a lot of hurt and say we must say that kind of came in and said, are those your suvs because they just got smashed into. >> weeks as almost all of the windows were broken in each of the suvs, they rented. he says a witness was parked in between both of the suvs. and according to that witness, 2 suspects in a gray ford mustang were responsible. not only did they feel safe enough to do that, but they also felt secure enough to go ahead and do it to a second car. >> and then go ahead and pull out of the parking lot and then go drive from our understanding all the way south of san jose and hit multiple more cars. and there were 20 of these and one night. that was a point of
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conversation. but the kits where that's really hard as a leader to translate into communicate that that is somehow acceptable. douglas says. >> the thieves stole $18,000 worth of equipment, but thankfully didn't make off with much of the students belongings. however, a family heirloom was stolen from one of the students, backpacks, brashness and the boldness. and the sense of i don't know the work, right word for it and title meant no, this is totally acceptable. is just disgusting. douglas in say it wasn't just a learning lesson for the students, but also for visitors to the bay area to never leave belongings in the car until it reporting kron. 4 news. >> 2 men are now in custody 6 months after an armed robbery at a tobacco store. palo alto police say a clerk at ross smoke shop on california have reported he had been beaten and robbed by a group of 8 people back in january. the victim had minor injuries to his head and during the course of the investigation, palo
8:19 pm
alto police say they found 2 of the 8 suspects were already in san jose police custody. police say their 18 year-old michael earl, a 19 year-old andrew manuel nervia lopez. police say they've learned that the suspects are believed to be involved in a number of other armed robberies throughout the bay. police are still looking for the other 6 suspects in the east bay. the contra costa county sheriff is investigating vandalism. >> at an elementary school surveillance video captured a john swett elementary in martinez shows an unknown man cut the rope to the school's flagpole before pulling down the american flag and the pride flag. superintendent charles miller tells kron 4 that flag went up just recently. >> its genesis was with the voice of our kids. >> who are, you know, intending to make a statement, which is they want an inclusive connected belonging t% environment in their schools. so they decided to fly the pride flag. so it's up in all
8:20 pm
of our school sites. this individual decides to bring it down. so the the intent there's to silence the voice of our kids. but that's not where we're going to allow. >> late last night, less than 24 hours after the flag was yanked down the local fire department came out and replace the rope and the flags. the superintendent says a forensics team came out and collected some dna to be examined. the sheriff's department is also gathering video evidence from the neighborhood. >> in light of the recent events in san lorenzo and idaho where all right groups crashed or attempted to interrupt pride events. san francisco police are ramping up patrols ahead of pride celebrations in the city. they want to ensure the pride month is safe for the lgbtq+ community and people coming to celebrate pride. police say they're in constant communication with local, state and federal law enforcement partners and they say their staff to handle all calls for service throughout the city. sapd says there are no known credible threats, but
8:21 pm
they remind people if you see something, say something by calling 9-1-1, and we sure hope you will join us for our bay area. pride specials love will keep us together. it hosted by our own john shrable and taylor bisacky. it airs thursday night june 23rd at 6.30. >> as we check our 4 zone forecast, here's a live look outside right now the top of our mount tam cam. well, beautiful. >> listen in to the giants game driving in. kiper said this might be but one of the windiest games we've had all year. is that right ballpark? okay. yeah. i mean, you can get very windy. the ballpark member candlestick the way back that other matter. it's yeah. that was hurricane force. right. but not as windy. this part. still a good time to get out there. enjoy lots of sunshine around the bay area today. a little making its way over san bruno mountain there. and that will be a sign of some changes on the way as we look toward sfo right now. highs today. yeah, not bad. in fact, 67 degrees
8:22 pm
for a 3rd straight day in the san francisco oakland checked in at 70. a nice 82 degrees in san jose. still, but on the hot side and live more in the 90's, 93 degrees today and conquer. but those 90's long gone by tomorrow afternoon. in fact, probably not even 80's there. and 89 for a high in santa rosa. big changes are in the works. you've got this cold front off the coastline. look the little swirl off the coast so far bringing all that energy up in the pacific northwest. kind of just clipping parts of california. but that's as close as it's gotten so far. but that is going to drop down southward the next couple of days. and if you're going to get to see a few more these clouds early as tomorrow and it's really going ramp up that marine on shore flow. and that means some cooler temperatures going to be rolling into valleys where it's been hot lately. so seabreeze already blowing. now that will continue throughout the night tonight carrying with it. a couple of patches of fog along the coastline, maybe even inside the bay by tomorrow morning. as that front gets a little bit closer. so let's put on a few more clouds coming our way. and some cooler temperatures
8:23 pm
as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. it's going to be terrible. but these numbers coming down a lot more comfortable in some of the hot 90's. we're talking upper 70's and that's much more reasonable. 74 for high and san jose little breezy and the oakland at 70 degrees and planning about 62 degrees in the san francisco and then the next few days, the temperatures continue to drop friday and saturday warming back up on father's day. summer begins with a little heat wave. thank you, lawrence. today marks 10 years since the obama administration established the deferred action for childhood arrivals policy. >> or dhaka, the program protects migrants who were brought here to the u.s. as children from deportation advocates are using this anniversary to fuel another push for congress to create permanent protection for the so-called dreamers. dhaka was intended as a temporary measure until congress could agree lasting overhaul of the system. but well, roughly 800,000 people have registered since june of 2012. there's
8:24 pm
been no long-term political solution. many senate republicans refused to support any immigration bill that doesn't also include border security analysts, meantime, estimate that the class of young immigrants who grew up in the u.s. but lack permanent legal status grow by 100,000 every year. >> still ahead, the worriers will try to end the nba season in boston tomorrow night as they look to win their 4th championship in 8 years. remarkable how fans are feeling is that head out for the last road game of the season? (music throughout)
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>> check this out. united airlines a surprise to warriors fans traveling to boston with the pep rally at sfo this afternoon. the warriors dance team and the where's dj handed out some free swag to fans just to pump things up at the terminal. they also got some raleigh tell so that when they touch down in boston, they're going to be able to play the excitement to bringing it after this highly anticipated game. >> what kind of funny. take a week ago, the prices are sky high after the warriors won over some boston fans are so eager to go to game 6. it looks i think it's a little cheaper for sitting outside of a boston. right now we have dancers for the know what this is about. we're going back watching the game. a chair for my fellow was there.
8:28 pm
>> time for the game tomorrow at 06:00pm in boston. and we will, of course, have coverage all day and all night long right here on kron 4. >> next tonight on kron, 4 news at 8, it has been exactly one year since most statewide covid restrictions ended where we stand now. what to expect in the future. infectious disease expert doctor john schwartzberg weighs in live. plus, elevated fire concerns in some parts of the bay area. as we're seeing breezy and dry conditions. also a warning from the epa. what it says you need to know about. and drinking it. keep it here. kron. 4 news at 8. we'll be another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want —your team, ours or a mix of both.
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are marking one year since the state reopened, meaning the end to most precautions the state enacted to prevent the >> spread of covid. right. so. >> how are we doing one year later? for that answer, we turn to doctor judge schwartzberg an infectious disease and vaccination expert at uc berkeley who has been with us for more than here. doctor schwartzberg, thanks for joining us tonight. it's a broad question. how are we doing? but we'll start there. >> well, we're doing better than we were a year ago in many, many respects. there are fewer people in the hospital. there are fewer people in intensive care unit and there far fewer people die. we have
8:32 pm
treatments today that we didn't have a year ago. we have home diagnostic tests that we didn't have year ago. we have a society that is fronting a lot better than it was a year ago. so all in all, we're in much better shape than we were years ago. >> that said, >> will we ever be rid of covid? will it one day be reduced to something? >> as benign as the common cold? >> yeah, does the right introductory phrase, isn't it? it's going to be a long time before sars-cov 2, the virus that causes covid will be gone. i think we have to plan on living with this for a long, long time. that said, think that we're going to be living with it better and better as time passes. are sciences grown in 2 and a half years. what it normally would have taken maybe 15 years to grow. vaccines are truly one
8:33 pm
of the miracles of modern science in there were advancing with those and we're dancing with newer and better therapeutics. so i think we'll be able to control this virus. lot better. but predicting with this virus does and we'll do has been very problematic for all of us. we've really been chasing this virus since the beginning. and frankly, we're continuing to chase it as it spins off new variants and subvariants that we're sitting here tonight. worry, is there going to be a brand new variant coming down the pike sometime this summer or the fall? >> you teach courses on vaccine hesitancy. obviously the news today with the youngest kids are the 6 months to to 4 years being all likelihood eligible starting next week. what is your message to parents who might be hesitant to get their young kids vaccinated, especially given, you know, the positive outcome. if if kids get covid in most cases. >> yeah. i think let's
8:34 pm
underline the word most and really focus on that for a moment. it is absolutely true that children in general don't get nearly a sick as older adults and even younger adults. it's also true that children don't get hospitalized to the same extent or die to the same extent. but unfortunately, children do get sick. children do suffer from one covid children. do get hospitalized at a rate far exceeding anything we've seen with influenza respiratory syncytial virus to other important pathogens. the children are and tragically, we've seen more deaths from covid in shook and children, even childran less than the age of 5. then we see with influencer syncytial virus and other viruses. so this vaccine. will be the guards into those parents and they're quite a few of them who have been waiting and waiting and waiting not just to protect their children, but also to
8:35 pm
improve the quality of life for their children and their families. for those people who are vaccine hesitant are on the fence. cerfainly understandable. talk to your pediatrician. make sure you understand the signs and don't try to inform yourself by reading what you can find on the internet are talking to your neighbor. >> so, doctor, we have been living with a covid now for a >> there were certain that took pretty draconian measures. >> lockdowns, you know, all sorts of the public has disappeared for that. no more lockdowns and try to get someone to wear a mask. that's that's a challenge these days is that working against us in the long run or is that just the rearview mirror and we push forward? >> you know, everybody, everybody is exhausted with covid. it's been 2 and a half years. i'm a little less than
8:36 pm
that that we've been dealing with. it was in march of 2021. we locked here in the bay area. the first large metropolitan area to lock so we're exhausted with it. the big shift in the last year has been from public health, telling us, but we have to do mandates 2 personal responsibility. here's what you should do. the public health public health doctors stress what you should be doing. but removing the mandates has for a lot of people that the message that well, i can just go back and live like i was before. and a lot of people are doing that. and that is one of the things that is fueling the surge that we're in right now. going to continue to cause more cases, more hospitalizations and more deaths. i think people need to be very careful and recognize that there's an awful lot of covid around the bay area. he's doing worse in this surge that done. in any other search
8:37 pm
compared to others. other cities, including southern california, so we have to be remain very vigilant. i, for example, where mass confined indoors, for example, at the grocery store, it would be really careful not to get this >> this is just pair of covid. it seems like everybody we know. has covid or he's gotten covid. even people who are really meticulous very careful. it is just really out there, >> doctor fauci today, we heard about sure, you the numbers that we see reported probably represent various a small percentage will be about 8%. of the actual number of cases are occurring. that's because in large part, so many people are testing at home and those tests are getting reported. what you just said, what i've observed 2. practically everybody is getting covid right now. unfortunately, we're not
8:38 pm
seeing a lot of deaths and we're not seeing an awful lot of hospitalization. but hospitalizations are starting to creep up. >> we have to leave it there. unfortunately, we'll talk in a year certainly before then and see where we are that hopefully it's better that that it was now. and last year, infectious disease specialist doctor john schwartzberg with uc berkeley. really appreciate your time. doctor swartzberg. >> thank you, i think you stay safe. you to have a good evening. >> local food bank is helping out families get access to meals here, how they're serving the community right after the break. >> and skies mostly clear around the bay area right now. couple patches of fog forming along the coastline. big changes to come. we'll talk changes to come. we'll talk about it coming up next. meet three moms who each like to bank their own way. luckily they've all got chase. smart bankers.
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chase. counting down to kron four's annual founder's day of caring 1 million people in the bay area rely on food banks and >> that's a number that soared during the they do mason job first. >> took all stopped by the alameda county community food bank in oakland where the need is only growing. >> work and without pay. it's a little selfish. it makes me feel good to do that. >> are selfless. teachers keep the line moving through. >> he's a food that we packages. we're going to go to somebody who really need.
8:42 pm
>> at this time, the alameda county community food bank says that's one in every 4 county residents and the level insecurity county wide accelerated during the public health emergency. we are sending about 50 to 70% more food out the door to serve the needy than we were prior to the pandemic. that is more than 50 million pounds of food. the farm fresh produce and non perishable items are 5 to 6 days a week at the food bank's and then distributed to families at some 400 community pickup sites. this is our old with new doors, food bank spokesperson michael says increased demand from the public has resulted in the nonprofits expansion and then over a warehouse in opening a new and larger cooler has been constructed to accommodate more just went up in the last couple weeks. in fact, we just turned it on. >> this week we have now as a result of this tripled our
8:43 pm
cooler space in our warehouse. this is all of our shelf, stable storage. we've >> you know, tomato sauce and all the canned vegetables. everything is up here. so we've got twice this space now than we did before. and that's just the food bank is in it for the long haul. we knew going into this that the hunger part of this emergency was going to outlast the health part of some urgency because of the impact on the you know, just instability in the making the work being done here. essential for so many of us, you know, believe all kron, 4 news. >> next in sports, we are now less than 24 hours away from game 6 of the nba finals. steph's got the handle on 0.4 years on the cusp of their 7th nba title in franchise history. kylen mills has reaction from keri and kurt as they prepare for this crucial close out games.
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>> hot temperatures today paired with dry and breezy conditions have led to elevated fire concerns in some parts of the bay area. fact, just yesterday, the high allowed a spark to start a brush fire near mclaren park in san francisco. fortunately, though, the accidental fire was contained. 4 acres, no structures burned and no injuries, but definitely a close call. there's also a fire in milpitas fire department there along with san jose fire work to put that one out. it was on mccarthy
8:47 pm
boulevard and another fire sparked in pittsburgh contra costa county fire. working to put that one out near golf club drive started at a homeless encampment. it grew to about 20 acres. there. our enhanced fire right now through thursday >> smack dab in the middle of june and fire season is now almost all year around. yeah, here we go on. and i mean, these spot fires could pop up just about anywhere in that sea breeze. and today we had gusts even stronger, almost 40 miles an hour. we do have another fire today in el that was little scary to as those winds are just kicking up outside the sea breeze still blowing things. going to change, though. the fire conditions, though, once again going to drop off overnight tonight as those winds begin to a decline overnight tonight. so the fire risk and so throughout the night tonight as we head on through, looks like things are going to calm down. and then tomorrow again, we'll watch as the sea breeze picks up, especially into the afternoon. here you go. you start to see all the colors beginning to show up in the yellow, the orange by tomorrow, late in the afternoon. again, the will be
8:48 pm
on the increase across parts of the bay area and the good parts of the north and the east bay. that will be the main concern as you see those strong gusty winds. all right. on the big picture, though, here's where it gets really interesting. we've got to the cold front approaching the coastline. we'll see more low cloud of fall on the way along the coast. morse, more that fog out there tomorrow morning. that's a mid to high level clouds moving on by throughout the day as well. and then the whole core low begins to roll down the coastline. how about that? fact, these models want to try and bring at least a chance of some scattered showers. now, possibly north bay. as we head in toward friday afternoon. that be something last friday of spring. but in the meantime, looks like we're going to see a big cool down across the board. in fact, these numbers 60's breezy in the san francisco again with some 30 some 40 mile an hour gust, a possibility inside the bay cooler numbers to plan on some 60's there, some 60's 70's about the middle of the peninsula and the south bay looking at temperatures generally in the 70's instead of a hot 90's inland tomorrow. here's the good news. you're looking to warm weather mainly
8:49 pm
in the so much cooler. then it has been and will continue to cool down over the next few days into the father's day weekend. warming up on father's day a bit a much warmer for the first day of summer on tuesday. thanks, lawrence. the environmental protection agency is warning that to what they called forever chemicals found in drinking water are more dangerous than previously thought. the compounds pf away and pfl west. >> do not degrade over time. who s manufacturers have voluntarily phase them out. but they're still found in products like cardboard packaging carpets and firefighting foam and their associated with serious health concerns, including cancer. the epa says even very >> low undetectable levels still pose a risk. >> the agency plans to propose national drinking water regulations for the compounds later this year. and the u.s. food and drug administration says a homeopathic allergy medicine for kids is being voluntarily recalled over concerns of elevated levels of yeast and mold. one lot of
8:50 pm
allergy be gone for kids. unable swab remedy made by buzz ago go incorporated is affected during fda testing. the product tested positive for yeast and mold and showed it possibly contained bacteria. if you have this product here urged to stop using it, throw it away or return it for a refund. ford is recalling nearly 3 million vehicles that could roll away when placed in park. the automaker says the problem with the transmission. >> can make it appear that the cars are in park when they really aren't the national highway traffic safety administration says so far. there have been 4 reports of people being hurt. 6 reports of property damage. the recall involves the escape. a c max fusion transit connect and edge models. the years range from 2013 to 2021. owners will be notified in the mail starting june 27th. >> and now kron 4 sports from
8:51 pm
the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> way from an nba championship. the team is in boston game 6 tomorrow night in beantown and kylen mills is here with the latest on the worriers efforts to get it done. >> thanks, grant golden state. just one win away. very impressive from their 4th nba title 8 years. they could hoist the trophy soon as tomorrow in boston after game 6, steph curry needs any inspiration for that game. by the way, here it is. a boston bar made these t-shirts following up on a sign that said i should curry can't cook. they're doubling down on that sign. now making t-shirts and wearing them around with the same slogan. curry clapped back by wearing an i should. curry can cook shirt to game 5 postgame number 30 said today i'm the petty king. i see everything worst fans are hoping will channel that pettiness into a major bounce back game tomorrow night at td garden curry didn't make a single 3 in game 5 for the first time in his playoff
8:52 pm
career. he said today that the workers know cames or heart. however, their big 3 have been year before. >> haven't been here 6 times and been in a lot of different clothes out type of opportunities. you just understand what did the nerves the likes of? you rely on that experience for sure. we understand the specifics of how we need to approach the game from. the physicality perspective. our our game plan adjustments from game 5 game 6. understand what the building is going to feel like, you know that energy and being prepared for it. so because it's going to be the hardest game you probably ever played in your because of what the stakes see, you get. >> talented teams yet talented players. you're going you're in somebody else's building. it's just not easy to enter. you know. close anybody out in the playoffs. there's no common thread. we just ahead.
8:53 pm
we're going to have to play really well to win it simple as that. >> speaking of boston, there's the war zone. pr guru raymond ridder attending a summit stocks game at a game 6. bottom of the 6 red sox up by 5 alex verdugo kits. a nice piece of this one, sending it high and deep to right. see you later. that one is long gone. boston just pouring it on at this point. red sox cruise to. to avoid the sweep tomorrow. the giants hosting the royals. check out this guy pulling a ferris buehler to write his. i think that's an electric boogie board around the bay. vicki grant. i don't know if you can tell what that was top of the first mj melendez grounds that one to crawford to see he bottles it 2 runs come in to score the 2 nothing lead or from the 4 time gold glove winner. the rookie melendez proving he belongs. bottom of the 4th brandon belt launches this one deep to straightaway center out of here. giants get on the board on a solo blast. they
8:54 pm
would tie the game up at 2 apiece on a fly top 8th when merrifield scott to right. just there. however, here comes in, been intending on his horse. he scores the go ahead run. that's all the need. giants fall 3, 2, their five-game winning streak, fun and sf heads out to pittsburgh to take on the pirates on friday. >> our producer here.
8:55 pm
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off for good. microsoft has retired internet explorer. as of today, the company will no longer support the browser, its launch. back in 1995, signaled the beginning of the end for the web's first popular browser. it signal the beginning right? that was netscape. navigator. i guess that was the end of netscape navigator, right? i'm lawyers goes googling well. well, as reading. yeah, i mean, doing like 5 things or the internet explorer is market share peaked in the early 2. thousands at over 90% began to fade. as users found faster alternative school chrome. for instance, that is the widely most widely used browser today with about 65% of the worldwide browser market share. that's all such ancient history ever tried safari. yeah, you've got mail that the other one. and that
8:58 pm
wraps it up for us. but we'll hand it off to left pam. and ken, congratulations on the multitasking because that's what everybody does these days, right? watching tv. they have their phone. they got somebody is in the kitchen. clanging around kids are. and i mean, we're multitasking got to figure it so with the age we live, in with that nice philosophical and to move on to the 9 tonight, coming up with air travel. finally getting close to prepandemic levels. >> passengers are being told to expect long lines at local airports. a live report from sfo tonight on what to expect if you're traveling this summer, a new plan to combat open air drug use in san francisco. the changes and advocates say will get people the help they need. >> well, some say the crackdown could have the opposite effect. the news at 9 coming up next.
8:59 pm
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