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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  June 15, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> tonight at 9 san francisco's new supervisor is proposing more police enforcement to help crack down on drug problems near the city's treatment facilities. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore. the idea is to have officers focus on arresting drug dealers and confiscating drugs in areas where people are seeking help with recovery. >> well, for us, dan thorn is live in our newsroom tonight. he joins us with more on this
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plan than pam and ken district. 6 supervisor matt dorsey, who just got the job last month. >> is calling this plan the right to recovery initiative doors. he says drug enforcement priority zones should be set up to help stop open air drug markets from existing. well, keeping dealers from preying on those struggling with addiction groups on board with this plan include the san francisco adult probation department who say it's a bold step in the right direction. >> as san francisco city leaders are seeking ways to get more people struggling with addiction into recovery. one proposal is to crack down on the open air drug markets outside of treatment facilities. the goal is to protect those who are seeking help. it's something you really need it. it's really hard to abstain from something that you're 52. if it's all around you christel to lock is the chief of the san francisco adult probation department. she says supervisor dorsey's right to recovery zones would create a safe space by keeping drug dealers away from those who are vulnerable while also
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preventing open air drug use. there are some concerns that this approach may discourage people from seeking treatment. i got clean in a set of handcuffs. i'm not quite sure. that's that's a deterrent to getting into recovery might to turn to to using around a facility that is. >> promoting recovery. dami who struggled with addiction but is now a recovery advocates as dorsey's proposal is a bold step. the initiative is not going to change any drug laws, but does have police taking a stronger role in tackling the problem? >> we're at a place where we have to try a of approaches to try and get a handle on what's happening right now in the community. >> we reached out to some organizations in san francisco who provide substance use disorder, treatment services. and then as of this report, those organizations have not responded to our request for comment reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn kron, 4 news stand. thank you for that
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report. >> summer 2022 is on his way to becoming the busiest travel season since 2019. that's according to hopper and online travel site at san francisco airport. air travel is pretty close to prepandemic levels. kron four's gayle ong is live for us at sfo. so, gail, what are the passengers saying? looks like there's a whole bunch there behind you. >> yeah, ken and pam, take a look at this line. it stretches all the way from the entrance passengers. travelers, as you can imagine, are really excited to get out there again, as we are a little more than 2 years into the pandemic. and as you can see, people are not hesitating to get on a plane. >> everyone seems to be happy we feel like life is coming back to normality. this traveler and her husband at san francisco international airport are heading back to australia after visiting their daughter in the bay area to it, >> to send his day in the san francisco to tip your own right on the ferry. let's
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above the moves that a trip that was delayed for 2 and a half years because of the covid. i mean, it changed everything for one last that procedurally with all of the. >> it a national vaccination certificates and the crew from plenty of documentation. >> but it works also flying to australia. jeanne thompson might just been waiting until. >> just recently, everything opened up again. and so i can travel really excited to have the new granddaughter that's there. so i'm excited to see according to hopper in online travel site, about 24% of travelers will be taking to the skies for the first time since the pandemic airport officials at sfo say june is at about 75% of prepandemic levels. >> last june was a little under 50%. but as a foe is expected to get full pre-pandemic levels until 2023 at the earliest while travelers wednesday, we're jetting off for their summer vacation. we nor is flying for business. going to the
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philippines today specifically to do a good guy. the purchase an air bnb. i see opportunity to buy property. >> after 2 years of being shut down, i think the tourism industry is hurting. i think the land values are at an all-time low. so i think there's some opportunity. i'm 72 and ready to retire. i want to have some fun. i think this is where to do it. >> and back here live at the po overall, they have avoided any cancellations or delays. we haven't really heard of any reports of major delays or cancellation, but really depends when you arrive to the airport. i'm told early mornings and late evenings can get quite busy. but as we head into travel season this summer, it is and courage to get here early 2 hours. if you're flying domestic 3 hours, if you're flying international reporting live from sfo, gayle ong kron, 4 news. all right, gail, thanks for that information. a year ago, california reopened by lifting most pandemic restrictions. and while a lot
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has changed. >> some things have stayed the same kron four's justine waltman takes a look back at the past year and what the next 365 days could hold. but not spiking the ball. but today's the day to celebrate. >> let's live again. let's enjoy life one year ago, a celebration of sorts is california reopened saying goodbye to pandemic shutdowns. and hello to a new way of life. >> men to realize that the only thing predictable covid is it's that it's unpredictable. looking back. infectious disease expert doctor peter chin. hong told kron 4 news there have been several surges in cases in the past year. new variants have popped up. masks have come off and then back on again in some counties in some settings, proof of vaccine requirements have faded away with 77 million vaccines administered according to the state's covid-19 website. the fda is just about to decide on a vaccine for kids between 6 months and 5 years old. plus,
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there are more treatments for people who are sick like paxlovid. we're getting better at treating people with serious disease. but again, we don't know what's going to hit in the fall. i personally, i don't think it's going to be that we won't deal with. well, unfriendly overall, the bay area, we've hunkered down really well for 2 years. so if there's any time to take a little bit more arrests but still protect itself is right now because we have so many tools available. >> as for what the next year holds, well, there could be booster shots in the fall. >> in the newsroom, i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news. >> well, it is not a done deal just yet, but an fda panel is recommending the approval of the moderna and the pfizer vaccines for children as young as 6 months old. pfizer's vaccine is for children 6 months through 4 years. but during his vaccine is for 6 months to 5 years. pfizer just one-tenth is adult dose while
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moderna's shots. one quarter of the dose of the company's adult shots. moderna has a 2 dose series and was 40 to 50% effective at preventing mild infections. pfizer has 3 shots and is 80% effective in preventing symptomatic coronavirus infections. the biden administration is getting ready for approval by ordering millions of doses and advisory panel for the cdc meets later this week to discuss covid vaccines for that younger age group. doctor anthony fauci, the chief medical advisor to president biden has tested positive for covid. >> the 81 year-old is said to be experience experiencing mild symptoms and has not recently been in close contact with the president or other top government officials. doctor fauci is fully vaccinated and has been boosted twice. >> now to the economy, federal reserve is tackling high inflation by raising its key interest rates by 3 quarters of a percentage point. it is the largest rate hike since 1994. the latest data from the labor department show in may.
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wholesale prices were up 10.8% over a year ago. that means producers pay more and passing those costs on to us. the consumers. the fed has also signaled it may be ine to raise rates again if inflation remains as high as it is now. >> my colleagues and i are acutely aware that high inflation imposes significant hardship, especially on those least able to meet the higher costs of essentials like food, housing and transportation. we're highly attended to the risks high inflation poses to places both sides of our mandate. and we are strongly committed to returning inflation to our 2% objective. >> the inflation rate is currently at 8.6%. well above that 2% goal. some fear that raising interest rates will lead to another recession. economists say even if a recession can be avoided, the fed will have to inflict some pain most likely in the form of higher unemployment as a way of defeating inflation.
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>> meantime, demand remains high and supply is low. so prices are up for basic things that people want or need. yeah, that's economics one on one. and that is why the federal reserve is trying to force the market to lower those prices sogomonian talk with a financial analyst to learn what all of this means for you at home. ella pam and ken manufacturing costs are up in the supply chain is still disrupted. but there are americans who actually save money during the pandemic and they keep on spending. so as you mentioned, because of that high demand prices shot up and the federal reserve resorted to raising interest rates today by 75 basis points. >> to make it harder to borrow money and rain and that spending to force the market to bring those prices down. >> people have more we have the most never hatched world war. 2 have a about 2.2 trillion dollars right now in savings. people are spending it down, though, because you still want to pump more gas. you still want to go out even though costs are really high and that's one of the reasons
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why we're having inflation. our supply of a fuel food parcc is low. and for that there's high demand and that's raising the prices and people that have money that we're able to work during covid next. save money. they now want to go out and spend it. so we're seeing those kind of pressure is put out there. but federal reserve is indicating that they are going to be hawkish, an aggressive that will start to camp or the inflation rate down because people stop spending. >> so this already caused stocks to go down, which impacts retirement plans. and the once hot housing market which cool too. but what does this all mean for the rest of us with little savings, financial planner george machete, who you saw there recommend spending less so cooking your own meals, ditching the car and paying your credit cards down or transferring it over to another bank for a lower interest rate. so we're still missing one key factor before declaring a recession. our employment rate nationwide is pretty low at 3.6%. so there
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are actually more jobs available than there are people to fill them. live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. ellis, thank you. president biden is calling on u.s. oil refineries to produce more gas and diesel fuel. >> he says their profits of tripled as americans struggle with record high gas prices, president biden made his request in a letter sent to the oil refiners, gas prices nationwide are averaging more than $5 a gallon. and here in california, the average is 6.43, the bay area's averaging 10 to $0.20 higher than that. >> the united states is sending another 1 billion dollars in military aid to ukraine. it comes as u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin convenes a meeting in brussels with more than 45 nato members to talk about support for ukraine. the aid will include weapons systems that ukrainian leaders have urgently requested. among them anti-ship missile launchers, howitzers and more rounds for
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the artillery rocket systems. u.s. forces are currently training their ukrainian counterparts to use. it will be the largest supply of weapons and equipment since the war that started. and today in ukraine, a missile strike destroyed a train car that was carrying much needed food was being sent by chef jose andres is nonprofit, which is called world central kitchen and blamed russian forces for destroying several dozen pallets of food nobody in the attack was hurt. some of the food can still be salvaged was en route to his eventual destination in eastern ukraine. the suspect accused of killing 10 black people in a racist attack at a buffalo supermarket last month. >> now facing multiple federal hate crime charges if convicted on the new charges the eighteen-year-old suspect could face the death penalty. the self-avowed white supremacist was reportedly motivated by conspiracy theory about a plot replace the white race with people of color.
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earlier today, u.s. attorney general merrick garland visited buffalo and shared disturbing new details about the investigation. >> his goal was to quote, kill as many blacks as possible. he selected the target in this zip code because it has the highest percentage of black people close enough to where he lives. he traveled to tops on multiple occasions to sketch the interior of the store count the number of black people present serve the presence of black security guards. >> during his visit to buffalo, garland laid flowers at the site of the may 14th massacre. >> a somber day in los angeles county today. people stopping by a growing memorial to pay their respects to to el monte police officers who was shot and killed in the line of duty. corporal michael paul at u.s. and officer jose santana. so i joseph santana, were killed yesterday while
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investigating a possible stabbing at a motel. police say they were essentially ambushed. santana was a rookie officer and former public works employee. he is survived by his wife, his daughter and twin sons. but it is a longtime veteran of the department is survived by his wife, daughter and son. >> california officials have agreed to pay 51 million dollars to settle lawsuits from the shooting at the veterans home in yountville in napa valley was back in march of 2018 that albert wong took 3 women staffers hostage and then later shot and killed them at the pathway home in youngsville before he turned the gun on himself. wong was a previous patient and u.s. soldier who was expelled from the program due to refusing to comply with his treatment plan. the money will settle all 4 cases brought by the families of the 3 women who were killed. >> today marks 10 years since the obama administration established the deferred action for childhood arrivals policy or better known as dhaka. the program protects
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migrants from deportation who were brought to the united states children. advocates are using this anniversary to fuel another push for congress to create permanent protection for the so-called dreamers. was intended as a temporary measure until congress could agree on a lasting overhaul of the immigration system. but while roughly 800,000 people have registered since june of 2012. there has been no long-term political solution. >> we point to the examples of dhaka recipients have a graduated high school many times about the i hear the stories every haven't graduated from college. have we got on to graduate school, becoming teachers, sons, doctors, frontline workers and so many sectors that have been so critical during the course of this pandemic. >> can you imagine trying to start a family but not knowing how long you will be able to live in the country. you've always known as home. congress
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can no longer continue to kick this can down the road. we have to have a permanent solution signed in to law. >> republicans and democrats urging colleagues to get on board. many senate republicans refused to support any immigration bill that does not include border security. meanwhile, analysts estimate the class of young immigrants who grew up in the united states but lack permanent legal status will grow by 100,000 every year. >> our 4 zone forecast as we step outside, looking at the blue and maybe turning gold light. there it is turning gold coit tower celebrating the warriors as they get ready lee austin tomorrow right. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing but says get a little evening to stay inside. watch the game. watch. really good crop in the wind is really going to be picking up around the bay area and changes are on the way today. it was still hot spots inland, a mostly clear out toward the golden gate bridge. although you see klopp couple of clouds
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there in the distance, we will see more clouds on the way for tomorrow. now, look at it from up above our sutro cam. so the golden gate bridge looking nice out there right now. well, today was another nice day of temperatures in the san francisco above. the average is slightly the 3rd day in a row. 67 degrees. how about that? for consistency, 70 in oakland, 82 degrees and warm in san jose that we got hot in livermore 91 degrees there. 93 in concord in 89 degrees in santa rosa. temperatures, though, you're starting to see the effects of that sea breeze. look at the 50's along the coastline. but cooler temperatures penetrating some of the interior valleys yesterday. we're still looking at some 70's at this time. but now that cool marine air starting to work its way further on shore, helping to bring the temperatures down. and we've had some pretty impressive sea breezes today. we have some 30, all the 40 mile an hour gusts along the coastline today. still, it's breezy in spots out there right now and that sea breeze going to continue overnight tonight and usher in some more low clouds and fog that moving along the coastline. couple patches likely to be seen inside the bay. but the bigger
9:20 pm
factor here, look at that little system churning off the coastline that some pretty impressive one for june, mostly energy. the rain moving up in the pacific northwest. eventually this low right here. that's going to drop right off the california coastline as we head in toward the next couple of days. and that's going to bring some clouds and some much cooler temperatures in the forecast. in fact, tomorrow you can see that more. so we saw a few patches of fog along the coastline today. we'll see more of that. even a few more mid to high level clouds. the front gets a little bit closer. you see low swirling off the coastline. so those temperatures going from hot to mild around much of the bay area. still be toastie inland about 96 in fresno, but cooling off to 88 sacramento on 64 degrees in san francisco. kind of interesting here, though, as we head through the night tonight, you're going to see a lot of clouds beginning to gather along the coastline tomorrow morning, we're waking up some patchy fog and then some mid to high level clouds kind of filtered through the day tomorrow. then watch what happens as we get into friday will take in closer. how about that? this model trying to bring a chance of a few scattered showers, at least across parts of the north bay
9:21 pm
by friday afternoon. we'll have to wait to see that all come sure. doppler right now looks pretty neat as we're going to see some much cooler temperatures on the way tomorrow. 7 90's looking at 70's and some of the warmest parts of the bay area. lot of 60's to 70's inside the bay and 50's toward the coastline. cooler temperatures over the next couple days. partly cloudy skies, warm things up. those starting on father's day. thank you, lawrence. coming up, a box truck engulfed in apparently just driving down the south bay streets. >> one witness called to the craziest thing they've ever seen. >> plus, how the late a former mayor of san jose is being honored in his hometown and a pride flag vandalized in the east bay. it was caught on camera. now the community is responding to the hateful act.
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>> well, this was a stunning sight in the south bay today, a box truck completely on fire, dropping smoldering debris as it drives down the street. the truck was saying throughout the san jose and santa clara area, including along highway one. 0, one, it was eventually parked on a street in sunnyvale, a literal shell of its former self. no word yet on what caused the fire or why the driver continued to drive while the truck was on fire. >> in the east bay, the contra costa county sheriff is
9:25 pm
investigating vandalism and an elementary school surveillance video captured at john swett elementary school in martinez shows an unknown man cut the rope to the school's flagpole before pulling down the american flag and the pride flag. superintendent charles miller tells kron 4 the flag just went up recently. >> its genesis was with the voice of our kids. >> who are, you know, intending to make a statement, which is they want an inclusive connected belonging environment in their schools. so they decided to fly the pride flag. so it's up in all of our school sites. this individual decides to bring it down. so the the intent there's to silence the voice of our kids. but that's not what we're going to allow. >> late last night, less than 24 hours after the flag was pulled down, the local fire department came out and replace the rope and the flags. the superintendent says the forensic team came out and collect a dna to be examined. sheriff's department is also gathering video evidence from
9:26 pm
the surrounding neighborhood. >> i california will soon swear in its first ever latina sheriff after 2 stunning upsets, including a saying sanchez on seating, heard in alameda county. details ahead. plus, after months of waiting, california still not seeing relief from high gasoline prices. the compromise state legislators are getting closer to striking and a group of students lose thousands of dollars worth of equipment in a smash-and-grab in a parking lot. a priceless heirloom that was also manhood looks different from guy to guy. but when yours bends in a different direction, you might feel bothered by it. so talk to a urologist. because a bend in your erection might be peyronie's disease or pd.
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>> so students from birmingham, alabama, traveling to the bay area with a nonprofit organization became the latest victims of a smash and grab. it happened at a san leandro in and out last week. founders of the nonprofit known as cultivating hope foundation say the thieves made off with $18,000 worth of equipment and electronics. >> from 2 of their vehicles for state of second has their story. >> students traveling from birmingham, alabama, with a nonprofit became the latest victims of a smash-and-grab. while they were inside an in and out restaurant in san leandro. the group of 8 students were on a trip with cultivating hope foundation, an organization that creates experiences to inspire young adults who won in. we ordered our food. and while while we are waiting for it. >> security guard came in not
9:30 pm
with a lot of herd and say we must say that kind of came in and said, are those your suvs because they just got smashed into co-founders. allen bruneau extend steve douglas, a. >> it happened on the first day of their trip last week. we were all in and said there was immediate kind of wrestling around to figure out, you know who who got, you know, what taken? douglas says. >> the thieves made off with $18,000 worth of his equipment. but thankfully, most of the teens belongings were left behind except for one of the student's family heirlooms. he says they spoke to a witness who saw the 2 suspects responsible. he said that he, >> you know, started to pull out and there were 2 guys that jumped out of the mustang. there asked and they just literally took out the back of the window of the car that allen was driving with. my equipment and then just went around like it was customary like nothing was wrong. and then they literally got back in the car, drove around just the parking lot. and then came around to the other car. douglas and run alexei.
9:31 pm
>> it was an unexpected learning lesson for the students. however, they say it should have never happened in the first place. brashness and the boldness and the sense of i don't know the worst right word for it. and title meant no, this is totally acceptable. >> is just disgusting. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> 2 men are now in custody 6 months after an armed robbery at a tobacco store. palo alto police say a clerk at smoke shop on california avenue reported he'd been beaten and robbed by a group of 8 suspects back in january. the victim had minor injuries to his head during the course of the investigation. palo alto police found 2 of the 8 suspects are already in san jose police custody. they are 18 year-old michael early and 19 year-old andrew manuel novia lopez. police say they learned that the suspects are believed to be involved in a number of other armed robberies throughout the bay area. police say they're still looking for the other 6
9:32 pm
suspects. >> and upset in the race for alameda county sheriff. 25 year. alameda county sheriff's office veteran use sanchez is declaring victory over the incumbent. greg ahern. well, the results have not been certified yet. here are the latest numbers with all precincts reporting. sanchez has more than 52% of the vote hurns. 31% assuming that holds, there would be no need for a runoff. sanchez says she'll be a different sheriff. then incumbent hearn was first elected 16 years ago. >> it's me at the helm. i will be president. i will be personally accessible to the communities that i can hear their concerns on how we can better provide services to them. we need to get people into jobs that will sustain them. living in alameda county and their famplies and be able to have benefits and representation so that those are those are services that we will be providing in the jail.
9:33 pm
>> outgoing sheriff greg ahern has conceded releasing a statement that reads in part, quote, it's been my honor and privilege to serve as your sheriff for the past 16 years. i will retire from office at the end of my term on january. 3rd, 2030. 23 after nearly 43 years of public service, my administration will work to ensure a smooth transition. >> san jose honoring one of its very own today as the remains of former mayor norm. and arrive at the airport that bears his name before traveling through japantown to san jose city hall. >> kron four's rob nesbitt talked with mayor sam liccardo and others who knew the politician well, and he has more from downtown san jose on how was honored and remembered. >> in his 90 years, norman mineta accomplished a lot here in san jose and in washington, d.c., it's how he made people feel that he'll be remembered for most. >> norman minute is ashes arrived at the airport that bears his name wednesday morning before they were
9:34 pm
carried through san jose where he served as mayor from 1971. to 1975. want always be broad. era dawns spoke at san jose city hall about minute as many accomplishments locally but says it's a long list that doesn't come close to what he'll remember most about his friend of 55 years is here. sincere can sear sincere concern about how i felt it was a member of the u.s. house of representatives and was a cabinet member under president bill clinton and president george w bush, san jose mayor sam liccardo was an intern from in washington, d.c., when he was 18 years old never and he had such a connection to the people said it was very important and everybody had a story. there are a lot of first highlighted wednesday that it was the first asian american mayor of a major u.s. city and the first asian american cabinet member. just incredible breaking barriers,
9:35 pm
not friend self, but for so many others been found known day in the city soon a legacy in the bay area and country that reverend gerald second moto says everyone can learn from and be inspired by it was really which the policy an issue sure work trying to collaboration and working together for >> a public memorial service will be held from an eta tomorrow at the bill graham civic auditorium at 10:30am, several prominent figures are scheduled to attend, including former president bill clinton. >> in san jose, i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news >> still ahead, concerns over semi autonomous vehicle software like tesla's autopilot linked to hundreds of crashes a year. what it could mean for the future of that technology. >> and unbelievably stormy
9:36 pm
weather making its way through parts of yellowstone here in the bay area. yeah, kind of quiet now but things are changing. we'll show you that coming up next. and as for us, we're less than 24 hours away from game 6 of the nba finals and the warriors. >> we're on the cusp of their 7th nba title. kylen mills has reaction from staff and steve kerr say get ready with this crucial close out games. coming up. (music throughout)
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the golden state warriors are just one win away from their 4th nba title in 8 years. they could hoist the trophy as soon as tomorrow in boston. if steph curry needs any motivation for game 6 fault. here it is. a boston bar made these t-shirts. aishah curry can't cook. they're actually doubling down on a sign they posted last week. curry clapped back by wearing a curry. can cook t-shirt to game 5 postgame number 3 said today from the petty king. i see everything warriors fans are hoping will channel that pettiness into a major bounce back game tomorrow night at td garden. kerr didn't make a single 3 in game 5 for the first time in his playoff career. he said today that the warriors know close out games are hard. however, their big 3 have been here before. >> i have been here 6 times and been in a lot of different clothes out type of
9:40 pm
opportunities. you just understand what did the nerves are like? so? you rely on that experience for sure. we understand the specifics of how we need to approach the game from. the physicality perspective. our our game plan adjustments from game 5 game 6. understanding what the building is going to feel like, you know, that energy and being prepared for it. so because it's going to be the hardest game you probably ever played in your because of what the stakes see, you get. >> talented teams yet talented players. you're going you're in somebody else's building. it's just not easy to do. you know. close anybody out in the playoffs. there's no common thread. we just ahead. we're going to have to play really well to win it simple as >> speaking of boston, there's warriors own pr guru raman rate or attending days. red sox game ahead of game 6. that raymond citing the best fans
9:41 pm
would see in this game. bottom of the 6th. >> alex verdugo goes yard deep to right. boston just pouring it. on red sox cruise to a 10 1 victory. >> ace look to avoid the sweep tomorrow. the giants hosting the royals. check out this guy pulling a ferris buehler riding his electric bogey board around the bay. a day came a voice like what are all these people doing? no one has work. mj melendez grounds one to brandon crawford who can't hang onto runs, come in to score. the real stake in early 2. nothing lead in the first on a rare error from the four-time gold glove winner. the rookie melendez proving he belongs in kc. bottom of the 4th brandon belt one deep to straightaway center out of here. giants get on the board in the solo blast would tie the game up at 2 apiece on a sac fly top of the 8th whit merrifield skies one to right. mike yastremski is but here comes andrew benintendi on his horse. he scores the go ahead. run. that's all the royals
9:42 pm
would need. giants fall 3 to their five-game winning streak, snapped sf heads out to pittsburgh to take on the pirates on friday and be sure to join us in our next hour. we will be doing kron 4 hoopsession with much more on the warriors ahead of game 6. that's all for. that's all we have for now. kron 4 news. we'll be right back.
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we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. >> it has been more than 3 months as governor newsom and democratic leaders promised to send relief to californians in
9:45 pm
response to the rising gasoline prices and inflation. the governor and legislative leaders are still at odds on the best way to send direct payments while republicans continue their push for a gas tax suspension. well, it was actually serve. ali explains how soon a deal could be reached. >> another day and still no deal on those relief efforts here at the state capitol. all sides of this issue have said they wanted to get something done quickly. but republicans continue to criticize the slow negotiations between democrats. meanwhile, governor newsom's administration says it's aiming to have this settled by the end of the month. >> 100 days is far too long. 100 cones set up at the state capital to mark the number of days since governor newsom promised to send relief to californians in response to rising gas prices. republicans used the props to continue their push to suspend the state's gas tax, which will be $0.54 per gallon. starting july first, gas prices reached a statewide record this week at $6 and $0.43 per gallon.
9:46 pm
families are being forced to make tough financial decisions as the state's coffers are overflowing with cash. but the idea continues to be a nonstarter for democrats and the governor who have said suspending the gas tax would not guarantee gas companies would pass those savings on to customers. governor newsom and democratic legislative leaders met tuesday to continue negotia4ing relief efforts and other budget related business. the leaders continue to clash over their separate proposals. the governor wants to send $400 debit cards to california car owners. well, legislative leaders want to send $200 payments to taxpayers making less than $125,000 per year and hopefully will be able to reach a resolution on those 2 versions within the next. >> coming days or prior to the new fiscal year beginning on july, the first discussions were very they'll continue. but the governor made it very clear that is continuing goal is as much relief as possible as many as possible as fast as possible. newsom's plan would spend about 11.5 billion
9:47 pm
dollars to help about 28 million people versus the legislature's 8 billion dollar plan for about 16.5 million people. but democrats in the legislature have said their plan is the fair approach and have concerns about using a third-party vendor to send out debit cards. we i think we agree that we definitely want to be able to. >> the money out as fast as possible, but also want to do it in a way that's safe. and reliable. >> it's still to be determined when exactly californians could see those direct payments. but at this point, officials say the earliest is likely september in sacramento. ashley zavala kron, 4 news. >> a sacramento county gas station manager who accidentally said the gas price at $0.69 a gallon has been fired. john was updating the cost of gas at a shell station in rancho cordova. senate. changing the price is $6 and $0.99. e put the decimal in the wrong spot, making the gallon cost just $0.69. hello, 1970, when he
9:48 pm
returns the next day. his district manager informed him about the mistake and that it cost a gas station about $20,000. he was fired, but he says he wants to pay the money back and with the help of his sister, he started a gofundme page and the donations are pouring in. >> it's wonderful. so many nice comments. one man said that he's going to go far because, you know, has that character. and, you know, i just well, this is so encouraging to me to think that people, you know, respect him because, you know, he wants to, you know, pay back for his mistake, not just sail. well, you know, that just happened that sorry. but he wants to make up for it. >> some people on social media calling john the gasoline robin hood. but he says he's just hoping to raise enough money to repay his box and maybe get his job back. >> layoffs have reportedly begun at tesla less than 2 weeks after ceo elon musk
9:49 pm
announced a 10% reduction in its workforce. the company's fremont factory employs some could affect thousands of bay area workers, according to business insider 13 former tesla employees have already posted to linkedin to announce that they have been laid off. the workforce stood at a total of 100,000 employees at the end of 2021, tesla is responsible for nearly 70% of car crashes involving vehicles with partially automated driver assistance systems. that's according to statistics that were collected by the u.s. safety regulators over 10 month period. according to the report, tesla's crashes happened. well, vehicles are using autopilot traffic aware, cruise control or other driver assist systems that have some control over speed and steering in total, the crashes involving driver assist systems killed the 6 people of the deaths 5 occurred in tesla's. the agency is now looking into whether or not new regulations or recalls are needed.
9:50 pm
>> flood waters from the yellowstone river hit montana's largest city shutting down the municipal water treatment plant in billings. the flood level is at 16 feet. that's a foot higher than the water plant needs to work effectively. the historic floodwaters raged through the nation's oldest national park earlier this week. yellowstone national park is closed driving more than 10,000 visitors out of the park. the northern parts of the park may not reopen for months. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has been tracking the conditions there. he joins us now with more that steady lows. just been spinning around kind of churning in just bringing all that heavy rain on top of the snow across the mountain. there causing a major snow melt. all that water draining down on the hills flowing into the rivers there, causing that massive flood. >> and that's what they're dealing with. now. things begin to wind down a bit, but you can see some leftover showers in these last 24 hours. just addict to the issues. in fact, extended now the warning there all along
9:51 pm
yellowstone river all the way until thursday at noon originally set to expire today. but floodwaters running just too high, expecting flooding to continue throughout that period. of course, you can see yellowstone to the south, buffalo bill, reza bore just to the east here of the yellowstone and all those tributaries just filled up with all that rain over time causing the massive destruction. unfortunately, yellowstone park out there tonight, kind of a quiet night out there. we do have some patchy fog developing along the coastline. i'm going to be some interesting weather here. i think in the next 24 to 48 hours as we've got this low that's spinning off the coastline. most energy has been running up in the pacific northwest. we have high pressure overhead today and brought us a lot of sunshine, warm weather. but all of a sudden kind of a log jam here and that's going to force is low. the sag to the south. and as that low dragged off the coastline, going to bring in some much cooler temperatures in the bay area. and how about this even a chance? some scattered showers in northern california as that system come through. some of the models want to try and paint even a raindrop or 2 in sonoma county
9:52 pm
will have to see if that happens. but if you're camping over the weekend, watch out for this as well as that system moves through a chance for more showers across the sierra nevada into that all region. maybe couple snowflake or so across some of the higher peaks after that high pressure takes over just in time for summer. and here we go. they'll be looking at some nice weather ahead. but yeah, as we head out over the next couple days, changes are in the worst tomorrow. really to watch these temperatures dropping all across the board. the temperatures. and so the hot 90's, you're probably in the 70's, the warmest spots, then even cooler as we head toward friday, that low begins to move in. remember that low was in the gulf of alaska. so spring, all that cool air here to moderate somewhat by the by the time to get your kind of chilly compared to what it was. and then we get a father's day and this got a nice father's day. we start to warm things up and guess what next tuesday is the beginning of almost right on track. it looks like we're going to see a little heat wave sneaking in town and back into the 90's around the bay area. all right. thank you, lawrence. coming up next, i'm lucky warriors fans got a surprise
9:53 pm
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9:56 pm
will be in san francisco until august 14th. >> united airlines apprised lawyer fans traveling to boston with a pep rally at sfo today. the warriors dance team and the lawyers dj handed out free swag to fans played music and fun to pump things up at the terminal. they also got some raleigh tell. so when they touch down in boston, they'll be ready to bring the excitement for this highly anticipated game. >> what kind of funny. take a week ago, the prices are sky high after the warriors won over some boston fans are so eager to go to game 6. it looks i think it's a little cheaper for sitting outside of a boston. right now we have dancers for the know what this is about. we're going back watching the game. a chair for my fellow was there. >> tipoff for game 6 is tomorrow. it 06:00pm in boston, 09:00pm boston time. of course, we will have coverage all day and all night long right here on kron 4. you
9:57 pm
play hooky and jump on a fly out there with you know, basis of gone down. >> make arrangements. will you hopes of kron? 4 news at 9? we'll be back. more news coming up at 10 tonight.
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station.
10:00 pm
you're watching kron. 4 news. >> and thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. one year ago, california reopened by lifting most pandemic restrictions while a lot has changed, some things have stay the same kron four's it's unpredictable. looking back. infectious disease expert doctor peter chin. hong told kron 4 news there have been several surges in cases in the past year. new variants have popped up. masks have come off and then back on again in some counties in


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