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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  June 24, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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learn how abbvie could help you save on botox®. >> from the bay news station, you're watching kron. at noon. >> now woodrow gone. let's be very clear. the health and life of women of this nation now at risk. >> now at noon, one of the most consequential days in recent american history. a landmark ruling by the supreme court overturns roe v wade sparking protests and celebrations across the nation. thanks for joining us on kron. 4 news at noon. i'm stephanie lynn with today's
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ruling, the high court eliminates a woman's federal constitutional right to an abortion. now individual states will decide on the issue. our washington correspondent trevor shirley starts our team coverage from outside the supreme court. >> well, obviously, we didn't know until this morning, which way the court was going to go on this decision. we now know its final ruling, but leading up to this point, a lot of people both here in washington and across the country at least had an inkling of which way the court was leaning. not only based on that leaked draft that published several months ago, but also just based on the fact of the ideological break down those 3 justices in particular that were pointed under former president donald trump. the crowd out here very loud, very animated, very energized, largely peaceful. the police presence here has been very strong. they were anticipating this decision coming out for the past several weeks. the court itself is still surrounded by that fencing and got a lot of officers, both from the court, the local
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police, capitol police are out there trying to maintain some sense of order. but as i mentioned, the crowd largely peaceful despite being very animated, very emotional over this decision. obviously, a developing story will be interesting to see over the next couple weeks, how both parties pivot to this reaction. democrats are saying this issue is on the ballot coming up this fall in the midterms and beyond that, republicans are also going to have a challenge because this is a goal that they've wanted to get. now they've achieved it. the question for republicans is how do they keep this issue front and center for their own days to keep them engaged in the political process? i think that something's going to be really interesting to see play out over the next few months. >> today's historic supreme court decision is a victory for the sanctity of life. it will save countless innocent children. >> the court has done what he's never done before expressly take away a constitutional right. that is so fundamental. so many americans, they're already been recognized. the court's
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decision to do so will have real and immediate consequences. state laws banning abortion. are automatically taking effect today. jeopardizing the health of millions of women. some without exceptions. >> and we are expecting to see more demonstrations by the court later on today and throughout the coming days. obviously, security will maintain a heightened presence over the next few weeks reporting in washington. i'm trevor shirley. >> in the ruling exposed a deep divide over the abortion issue across our country. 13 states already passing legislation banning abortion this month, including many of the southern states, including texas, louisiana and kentucky, alabama and georgia. also likely to pass band soon. today we heard from governors of oregon, washington and right here in california responding to today's landmark decision, they announced their commitment to defend access to reproductive health care. and
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local leaders are also reacting to the supreme court's decision. this morning we spoke with san francisco congresswoman jackie spear. she rrised concerns over the possibility of a nationwide ban on abortion. she also pointed out what she sees as inconsistent season, how the court rated 2 major topics in american politics. >> if you go back and look at the constitution, these are the supreme court justices that are called the so, you know, abortion isn't in the constitution. so therefore. >> you can't have that right? well, you know, in the constitution talked about guns, they were talking about muskets. >> so maybe what if you want to go there them? let's allow muskets but no longer assault weapons and handguns. >> and we'll continue to bring you the latest reactions from our local lawmakers all day, including from governor gavin newsom. he's expected to speak later today and that's going to come up on the kron. 4 news at 3. so stay tuned. and we also want to bring you some
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perspective on all of this from our local legal experts right now. we're joined by uc hastings professor rory little, thank you so much for joining us. professor. >> thank you. happy to be here. you are not so happy with this opinion. >> yeah, it's a sentiment that we're hearing from a lot of folks this morning. now it you followed and written about supreme court cases for more than a decade of did this morning's decision surprise you at all? >> well, you know, we know that this leaked opinion. we knew where the court was going. we also know where the 3 trump appointees were likely to be on this. so in that sense, it's not surprising. what is surprising is how disruptive this is to the american culture and how really unprecedented it is. the court here right has to be deeply rooted in history and tradition and abortion is not. but you know, what else was deeply rooted in our history tradition and the 19th century was race discrimination. and today we all agree that brown
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versus board of education was correctly decided and you can't discriminate basis of race. they should have done the same thing here. deep history and tradition is wrong and that's where they're wrong. in this case. >> in a big concern from some lawmakers and pro-choice is the long-term legal implications of this. the president's that this could set. how likely do you see this impacting same marriage access to contraception so forth? >> well, you know, the majority opinion says, oh, this doesn't threaten anything but abortion. don't worry about any other right. but justice thomas write a separate opinion, which is truly frightening and he says, look, we should reconsider everything. we should reconsider same marriage. we should reconsider the access to birth control. we should reconsider conduct between consenting adults. we should reconsider the right to refuse medical treatment. if you want to, which affects a lot of people in their senior lives
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the idea that this opinion doesn't threaten those rights is just hypocrisy, which is something to dissent, says. and it shows you how important the election is going to be in 2024. because the presidential picks for the supreme court really, really have changed this. if merrick garland had been confirmed at the end of the obama administration, we would have a different majority today. >> and you just touched on this, but i'd like to go into it a little bit further here. we heard from some lawmakers who said that they'd like to see at some point all states go pro life. so what are the chances of that happening from a legal perspective >> well, justice kavanaugh, fortunately in this case today says in a separate opinion, this does not outlaw abortion because states have the right to choose to favor abortion. use me. so a state like california, we'll be able doris abortion, but you're going to see some litigation around the country about this traveling across state lines with some of the antiabortion
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states are now going to say is a criminal conduct. going to see more litigation on that. but i don't think the current majority would allow than outlawing abortion on some federal level state by state. you're going to see that and women who can't afford to fly to another state to get an abortion are going to be hurt by this decision very dramatically. >> we know that the san francisco city attorney's office, they that they're offering free legal services for when in full it be coming from out of states potentially fleeing criminal prosecution for trying to seek abortion in the state of california under this ruling. can women be criminally prosecuted for trying to seek abortion services in other states? >> well, it looks like it. i mean, texas has sort of crazy law which the supreme court did not stopped from going into effect back in december. there are states that are
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going to make it a crime for doctors to perform for other people to help for, you know, a taxi driver to drive you to the abortion clinic. it is frightening what states will try to do now, whether the constitution would allow a criminal prosecution for conduct that is not criminal it in any in most states. you know, right now we have a divergence of criminal law in various states and some things that are legal in california aren't legal in alabama. so i suppose it's not out of question. i do think california's effort to provide a safe haven for women who are trying to pursue a right to abortion will be upheld. but i think you're going to see years of litigation coming out of this decision today, which is which is really bad effect of overruling a precedent that has stood firmly for the last half century. >> and what do you seeing? i mean, do you think we'll be hearing from the supreme court in the coming days on this and what's the reaction going to be from perhaps congress at this point?
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>> well, we'll see what congress says that the supreme court will keep its now shot. they have 7 cases left to decide they'll decide the next week and then they'll go away for the summer and we won't for the summer and we won't hear anything from you know, then leave the field you know, it's a partisan debate right now. there is legislation kamala harris has sponsored legislation as a senator. and as the vice president create a federal constitutionally protected right to abortion. whether there were 50 votes for that, whether it can survive a filibuster, whether we should even have the filibuster. these are all questions still up in the air. >> okay. you see hasting, professor, rory little, thank you so much for your time and insight on this this afternoon. all right. we're going to move now to some breaking news from washington, d.c., the u.s. house just passed the first new gun safety legislation in decades. the bill and han says
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background checks for people under the age of 21 wanting to buy a gun. it also prevents convicted domestic abusers from purchasing guns regardless of whether they were married to their victim. the bill provides money to states to help enhance red flag laws and provides money for mental health services and keeping school campuses safe. the senate passed the measure just last night with 15 republicans crossing the aisle to move this bill forward. president biden saying he will sign it as soon as it arrives at his desk. lots more to get to today after the break. we have a look at the latest on our local wildfires. >>tand we're continuing to follow the impact of the supreme court's abortion ruling throughout the hour. more perspective from political expert straight ahead. and we're tracking hot temperatures for our warmest inland valleys yet again today, widespread low to mid-nineties. more details on that a
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>> california. >> oregon and washington are building the west coast offense, protect patients. access we work with their legislators with our providers, with the patient advocates. we will continue to protect patients from any state to come to our states. >> we're here and doctors, nurses and medical professionals working to support patients. secret. we productive can states.
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>> a strong response to today's supreme court ruling. governor newsom joining forces with governor kate brown of oregon and jay inslee of washington to form what they're calling a multi-state commitment to protect abortion rights. the group says they will defend access to reproductive health care, including abortion and contraceptives. they also protect patients, they say and doctors from efforts by other states. any other state which may go after those trying to seek an abortion. and joining us now for more perspective on all of this is donna crane. she's a political science lecturer at san jose state university. thank you so much for being with us today. all right. let's start with commitment from the saying that he's going to protect people seeking abortion. now, will other states really have the ability to target people in california trying to seek or provide abortions.
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>> well, this is unknown in my opinion, it would be unconstitutional for another state to try to prevent one of its own citizens from crossing state lines to get the service is perfectly legal in another state. right. imagine you are traveling from a state that banned gambling, for instance, and you wanted to go to las that your home state can't prevent you from going to las vegas. so it seems logical and legal that the state wouldn't be able to block it from doing that. but some anti-abortion states have said that's part of the next generation of restrictions that they're going to look to impose on their own citizens. so i think that's what governor newsom is leon brown are looking to head off with today's announcement. >> what other sorts of moves that you anticipate local lawmakers here in the bay area making in response to this morning's decision. >> well, i think they're going
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to look to do a couple of things. first of all, they're going they're going to look to shore up our own state protections for reproductive freedom. and, you know, i think that's but let's be clear that will not protect us from any action that the federal government takes either congress or hostile executive branch takes against reproductive freedom, california. still part of the united states. we won't be immune from that. if congress gets in on this act. now that roe v wade has rollback, i think also some state and local officials might look to shore up funding for doctors, clinics procedures for women who come in to our state from other states where it's illegal and unsafe. i think shoring up the network of providers, clinics, health centers, hospitals, making sure that that there are enough provtders enough appointments to accommodate women in more than half of the states where abortion within weeks, if not days is about to
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become illegal and and this morning we also heard from president biden. he said that he's going to take whatever action he can within his power in response to this rule. he also called on congress to act. but he also seemed to imply he's not expecting congress to be able to do much because of the situation in the senate. so >> what sort of turnout and messaging are you expecting as we head closer to that election season? >> this is very so on one point particular, let me say that there's actually very little congress can do what this moment, even if congress had the votes and it passed the most fulsome pro choice law, you could imagine we're staring down the barrel of a supreme court that just overturn roe. the supreme court would strike that new law down. so there's very little congress can do. the supreme court is called supreme for and moving on to the elections. i would say when abortion rights are on the ballot that tends to favor
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but mid term elections tend to disfavor of the party that's in the white house. so it will be interesting to see how these 2 balance each other out going into the midterms. we just don't know because we've never quite seen anything like a civil right. this big being rolled back before. it's hard to know how people will react in the voting this what other sort implications or things that you're looking out when it comes to the political impacts of all this. well, it's very, very important to say that to people who think maybe abortion rights are not an issue, they give a lot of stock to. they don't. they aren't pregnant. they don't plan becoming pregnant. don't imagine that whatever impact their lives. think about the idea of a supreme court that has just said you don't actually have the privacy in your private in your personal life and your reproductive like that. you think you have to think about how that could affect do use do you care about being able to marry or being with the person that you
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love all of these other rights are also embedded in the right to privacy. and the supreme court just took a really big bite out of that freedom. so this is going to affect all of us in ways more than just abortion rights. all right, donna crane, political science lecturer at san jose state university. we appreciate your perspective. >> all right. talk a bit about our forecast now taking a live look outside at the beautiful bay. nice overhead shot there. looking a little bit hazy in the distance, though we have kron 4 meteorologist rodriguez here with more details for us. hey, mabrisa. >> hey there 70. and we're tracking fire coverage out there today in the bay area. so we're treating that cool cloud cover out there along the coast. pleasanton 99 degrees, relative humidity, 29%. so it is going to be another hot, dry day in the bay area. fortunately, wind speeds on the calm side right now out of the west southwest at around 9 miles per hour sustained winds. but crockett, though, already heating up,
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going to hit that century. mark, possibly later this afternoon. flirting with that right now at 97 degrees with relative humidity up to 41%. but gusty winds, 20 miles per hour out of the north-northeast of still seeing a little bit of that offshore flow when tracker for though, going to see calm, wind speed throughout today and future wind gusts 20 to 30 miles per hour, primarily along the san francisco peninsula for most of our east and north bay valleys, where those fires are burning, going to stay around. 25 miles per hour or less. stephanie, back to you. >> he's very information and we do want to bring you the latest on several wildfires burning in the bay area. you might remember they sparked late yesterday afternoon now in the east bay, the scenic fires still burning between crockett and port let's take a look at that. we know the fire has burned more than 100 acres and is now 50% contained. the good news here is that firefighters have stopped the forward progress of that fire, but a very different picture on thursday afternoon as
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flames threatened homes and smoke could be seen for miles. >> our chief officers arrived on scene immediately recognize that this this fire was moving quickly just with temperatures in the wind, there was quite a bit of spotting. you know, they called for additional resources right away. it really that that the air resources where the key that that was really the key slowing this down. >> and firefighters also telling us that they know this is going to be a very busy fire season and they're doing everything they can to stay ahead of any potential wife wildfires that could spark. and in the firefighters fought brush fires in vacaville and the nation as well near vacaville fire continues to burn in the area when a vista lane and tim road, those flames burned. 26 acres and they're now 80% contained at last check with cal fire. fire officials say the fire is under control and they're working on putting out hot spots in the forward. progress
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is now stopped on a brush fire burning in court do near the valero oil refinery. that fire burned just 10 acres. still ahead in this hour, the suspect in a san francisco shooting now behind bars. the breaks in room in the investigation. and good workers take to the streets protesting and calling for better can
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>> in the south bay rideshare drivers rallied outside the lift hub to demand increased safety while on the job. they also want to form a union. the rally was held by a group called gig workers and they're working to push back against alleged pressure to work longer hours. drivers also demanding that companies provide adequate support in compensation to family members. if workers are killed on the job. >> we're fighting every day to protect our workers and our working families so that they have better benefits, have better pay. but never did. i think we would have to ask our companies to protect their workers so that they don't die on the job. >> the group released a report in april that found over 50 app workers were killed from 2017 to 2021. next at noon, more summer travel headaches. how the delays are affecting local airports. >> in san francisco about to
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kick off pride weekend, we'll tell you some tips to help keep you safe while you're out celebrating. and a woman's constitutional right to an abortion overturned by the supreme court. nearly 50 years. a legal president coming to an end with this details and more reaction welco
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kron. 4 news at noon. i'm stephanie lynn. >> this afternoon we're tracking the impact of the supreme court's decision
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striking down federal abortion rights. justices ruled 63 to strike down roe v wade and reaction now pouring in around the country. house minority leader kevin mccarthy from bakersfield speaking on capitol hill for prolife advocates. right to life has been vindicated. the voiceless. we finally have >> this great nation can now live up to its core principle that all are created equal. not for you created. >> back here in the bay area in the south bay county supervisors and city council members say they plan to protect health of women seeking an abortion kron four's. charles clifford joining us live now from san jose with more on their message. hey, charles. >> they're yeah. just a short time ago here in san jose, a rally wrapped from folks who are pro choice who are very much unhappy with the supreme
12:31 pm
court's decision. we spoke to that. we heard them speak just a short time ago expressing their outrage and also sort of outlining what california's role will be in the months and years ahead after this decision. >> what is happening today to women across america to people seeking abortion across america. it is made us second-class citizens making abortion illegal does not make abortion go away. it simply makes it unsafe. removing the constitutional right to abortion will not minimize abortions. >> but will very likely lead to an increase in maternal deaths in this country by more than 20%, california will become a sanctuary community in the post roh world. >> but we recognize as leaders in california that california cannot be an island that we must continue to push these right back out across this country.
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>> yeah, definitely some strong feelings about today's decision from the supreme court. and certainly this won't be the last day that we talk about this. but for now in the south bay, charles clifford kron, 4 yeah, thanks for following this for us, charles. we appreciate it. >> 5 years ago, the high court gave women the right to have an abortion kron four's. justine waltman takes a look at how roe v wade came to be. >> in january 1973, the supreme court ruled the united states constitution protects a woman's right to an abortion. the case was brought by norma mccorvey jane roe, who in 1969, was pregnant with her 3rd child. she wanted an abortion but lived in texas where abortion was illegal. her attorneys filed a lawsuit against her district attorney henry wade alleging the texas abortion laws were unconstitutional. the case went to the supreme court where the justices ruled in her favor 7 to antiabortion
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politicians and activists have sought for decades to overrule that decision. what is before the court now? dobbs first jackson women's health organization. the case centers around a mississippi law that would ban most abortions after the 15th week of pregnancy. in may of 2022. a leaked draft majority opinion penned by justice samuel alito hinted the court is prepared to overturn roe with its final decision on dobbs versus jackson. the release of a draft opinion for a pending case is unprecedented in recent supreme court history. justine waltman kron. 4 news. >> the latest from the january 6 committee hearings, former justice department officials, dee rail, then president donald trump's attempts to use top law enforcement officials to stay in power. 3 attorneys testified about what they experienced at the justice department. they described how trump insisted the 2020
12:34 pm
election was stolen and that he demanded they work to keep him in power. the former u.s. deputy attorney general saying in the weeks after the election, the president trump excuse me, then president trump increased pressure to try to overturn the election, threatening to fire those in his circle who did not cooperate. >> the common element of all of this lets the president. >> expressing his dissatisfaction that the justice department in his view had not done enough investigate election fraud. he had concluded based on actual investigations, actual witness interviews actually views of documents that these allegations simply had no merit. >> and for the first time, the committee also revealed that several of the president's closest allies, including republican reps, matt gaetz and marjorie taylor. greene requested pardons for their roles in the plot to challenge the election. the next hearing is scheduled for july. for
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your health. a bay area health departments put out a warning urging people to protect themselves against the monkeypox virus. monkeypox looks a bit like this. a rash with blisters or pimples. it spreads through prolong skin to skin contact and bodily fluids, which could happen with or if you're in a crowded setting for an extended period of time. now, health officials say you can protect yourself by covering any exposed skin. and if you're going to be in a packed crowd indoors, you don't want to be sharing bedding or clothing with others. and you should be aware about countries that you're traveling to see if there might be any outbreaks there. a monkeypox is not new, but this is the first time this virus has spread in so many countries at once. and with summer travel expected to really take off in the next couple of months. officials are afraid monkeypox cases will climb. kron four's terisa stasio as more advice on how to protect yourself.
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>> what we should keep in mind is that a monkey pox is in the community and ucsf. infectious disease expert peter chin. hong on how monkeypox cases are escalating like never before. but adding, there are ways to slow things down. really trying to break that chain of transmission and then to fit ways. i think about it. trying to protect yourself and then trying to protect others. the doctor says most cases come from prolong skin to skin contact with someone with open, visible sores. this concept that we're trying to get up out, reach and awareness to everybody. if you don't feel that stay home. frank is with san francisco public health department, all of our surrounding counties are coming together to to work on ways to keep this >> in minimal out or, you know, experience is happening. this is the time now when we can stop it from getting advanced doctor peter
12:37 pm
chin-hong, as although being in direct contact is the most likely way of getting the disease. it could somehow spread. >> sexually that said, he has this advice. it's all about harm reduction. i think you want to have a honest conversation with the going to be intimate with. >> and use your generalized. you say this is what i do with everyone. i'm going to be you know how you're feeling. are you doing you know, and you know, you take it from there. >> to recess stasio kron. 4 news. a new study finds even babies and toddlers can experience long. covid researchers in denmark followed 44,000 children. >> including 11,000 who tested positive for covid. they range did the children rather ranged in age from newborn to 14 years and those who contracted the virus were more likely to experience one symptom for 2 months or longer. the most common symptoms were in kids 3 years and under and they were mood swings, rashes and stomach aches. older kids
12:38 pm
experienced memory and concentration problems as well as fatigue. all right. let's switch things over to our forecast as we take a live look outside their. this is from our sutro tower camera. just a beautiful view. can see those clouds just out there. a little bit of sunshine. and it looks like we're also looking at some fog come from meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez year with more details on what people should expect when they step outdoors. yeah, we're tracking a very stubborn marine layer out there right now. stephanie, especially for those of you driving along golden gate bridge. >> please drive safely. we have seen a little bit of lifting, but still make sure that you are driving cautiously out there because we are seeing very stubborn marine layer right there along the bay area coastline. i wish i could just push that fog bank into our driest and hottest inland valleys. but we are expecting to see, though, for your san francisco giants game right now. we are going to notice, though, but this temperatures in the low 70's, but then we're going to see in
12:39 pm
the upper 50's by tonight and plenty of sunshine, though. so that marine layer is going to give way to a lot more sunshine later in the day. but high temperatures tomorrow. as you can see, we're tracking still hot temperatures inland, widespread low 90's, even for those of you in concord, in livermore. so some relief there. but still about 8 degrees above average. but we're going to see, though, for oakland and hayward mid to upper 70's with low 70's for downtown san francisco and mountain view in the mid 80's. so overnight lows tonight, it's going to be in the 50's for most of the bay area. but 2 outliers, half moon bay at 49 degrees with antioch in the mid 60's. and take a look ahead at your next 7 day forecast. we're going to notice hot temperatures on sunday. some relief on monday, but still very similar to what we're going to experience later this afternoon with seasonal temperatures not arriving until the middle of this week and below average highs a week from today, stephanie, our warmest inland valleys going to cool down in the upper 70's. back to you.
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all right. something of a thank a well, some major airlines cutting routes to reduce flight delays and customers are not happy about it. >> complaints to the u.s. f% department of transportation up 321% from april of 2019 the number one complaint about refunds followed by delays and cancellations. and we're getting answers on why it's gotten so bad. officials on capitol hill have a strong message for airline companies. just ahead of the summer travel boom. dray clark reports. >> travel has been maddening at airports across the country as streams of cancellations and delays have left travelers frustrated and stranded for hours inside airports. but it's been delayed twice. so. >> i'm actually trying to find an alternate flight to get back home to florida. easier to hop online. real quick to make adjustments. if you have to the airlines blame pilot and crew shortages.
12:41 pm
>> air traffic controller issues and poor weather for the travel chaos. but it also seems the airlines underestimated just how many americans were eager to fly again after 2 years of pandemic calls, hibernation secretary transportation, pete buttigieg has warned the airlines to improve their performance before the july 4th holiday weekend. and if they fail, they could be fined. >> that was during clark reporting for us. according to the 2022 air travel consumer report in march, frontier airlines logged the most complaints per flight allegiant air was followed by jetblue spirit, united and american airlines. a man is recovering after getting bitten by a shark in monterey county wednesday. stephen bruemmer is listed in fair condition. that's the name of the victim. i was swimming at lovers point beach in pacific grove. when the attack
12:42 pm
happened. and we have some video here of a good samaritan swimming out with an extra surfboard to help bring them offshore. hopefully we can pull that up in just a moment here, an off-duty nurse were told, help stabilize the victim's wounds until paramedics arrived. rumor suffered multiple bite wounds. his co-workers are wishing him well on his road to recovery. >> really active. he swims all the time. he's constantly out in the bay. it didn't surprise me that he was out there in the middle of it all. i just him all the best. i want him to get well soon have a quick recovery. >> after the first attack, first responders used a drone to search for the shark but were not able to find it. the department of fish and wildlife forensics lab will figure out if it was a great white that attacked the person lovers point beach nc. palm turnout will remain closed until saturday, according to pacific grove police. still to
12:43 pm
come tragedy in oakland, a father killed while riding his bike with his children. >> the latest on the search for the hit and run driver. and a suspect behind bars in connection to a fatal shooting on a muni train. we have the latest on the police san franci
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
police make an arrest in the deadly shooting on that happened on a muni bus from earlier this week. kron 4 sarah stinson reports.
12:46 pm
>> san francisco police just confirmed. 26 year-old javan green was arrested for the deadly shooting that happened on a muni train on wednesday. these screenshots from the surveillance video from the scene were released by police calling the man a person of interest. police say putting these photos out quickly helped investigators identify the shooter as javan green. he was arrested last night around 7.50, in pittsburgh. inspectors had recovered evidence related to the crime which included a farm that we believe was used in the incident. >> green has been booked on charges of homicide possession, have a weapon and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. >> green is accused of opening fire on a muni train just before 10 wednesday morning killing a 27 year-old man. the sf medical examiner just confirmed him to be nesta. bo, it. police say a heated argument occurred between boeing and green before shots rang out. a 7 year-old man was also shot and taken to the
12:47 pm
hospital. he has since been released and is recovering. the second victim was transported to hospital was not related to. >> the confrontation. was really innocent bystander? what was this argument about? well, police say the motive is still being investigated. the police department continues to say confidently that this shooting is isolated and not related to pride festivities. you based on our investigation. you know, we can safely say that this incident had no relationship to. >> the castro area, lgbtq community. our pride weekend. and want to, you know, put people's minds at ease, especially our residents and visitors are getting ready to celebrate pride. police say they will add more patrols to muni stations and they'll be all staffed up for this pride weekend saying >> they want to make sure people will be able to celebrate and celebrate safely. i'm sarah stinson reporting in san francisco. back to you. >> and this weekend, san francisco host, one of the biggest pride celebrations in the world. and police say they've been planning for
12:48 pm
weeks to make sure everyone can celebrate safely. >> we are going to have officers on hand at all the events. but as with any large gathering really want to assure people if they see anything out of the ordinary to please let us now. we can't be everywhere. so we really rely on eyes and ears of people who are out of the celebrations. if they see something that's out of the ordinary, something unusual. please let us know. >> sunday's pride parade starts at 10:30am. on market street. it's going to run from the embarcadero and ends with a celebration at the civic center. police say point people might be screened by metal detectors and bag searches will also be conducted. police also say there is safety in numbers. they recommend staying with a group. when you're on the streets or when you're leaving a venue. in san francisco has a new facility to help with the city's drug crisis. it's called a drug sobering center and it's located on howard
12:49 pm
street in the u.s. so much neighborhood. it's a place where people can walk in and have a place to rest if they're not feeling well, there are showers, beds and food. volunteer counselors will be on hand to connect with anyone experiencing any difficulties with drugs. these counselors will help with treatment and connect people with housing resources. the city already has something similar to help those with alcohol problems. but this is a first specifically for drug users. >> this is the one and only program in the city specialized helping people to sober up from drugs. we have lots drug prices on the street and it's safer to come inside facility like this to be on the street. it's safer for those. are intoxicated, as well as the neighborhood who are witnessing having drug intoxication. >> this is all part of an 18 month pilot program that could be expanded upon later. if it's successful. happening
12:50 pm
today, the los gatos woman infamously dubbed the party mom will appear in court for a plea hearing. shanon o'connor faces. 23 counts for throwing for allegedly throwing rather alcohol fueled parties for under-age los gatos high school students. last time she appeared in court in april, prosecutors revealed phone calls that connor supposedly made while she was in jail were she allegedly told her 15 year-old son not to cooperate with investigators. now, officers say that she also told her husband to come up with a plan to hide their finances. in oakland, police are searching for the driver who killed a father in a hit and run that happening all in front of his kids. the crash happened last thursday night at the intersection of 14th and jefferson right by oakland city hall. the victim was riding his bike with his 2 young kids following just behind. and when he entered the crosswalk, the suspect in the vehicle there hits the man
12:51 pm
at a high rate of speed. the victim was taken to the hospital where he later died. the victim has been identified as 42 year-old dimitri put involved. he was taking 2 of his youngest kids back to their mom's house. the driver, though, just kept on going while the children were left behind to help their father. >> he was thrown from his bicycle. one of the his son's tried to give him cpr, try because nobody else was there to help. and the other son was screaming. i mean, that was horrific. it made it so much worse for the children that this driver didn't stop and help. >> and police are now looking for the black door or excuse me, the four-door black infinity. that was involved in the crash. they're hoping that releasing the video will result in someone coming forward with more information about the hit and run. police now offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to an arrest in this case. some good news for bart
12:52 pm
riders. the agency saying it plans to reopen the track between concord and pleasant hill today. the track has been closed since tuesday after a triple digit temperatures caused a part of the track to bend warping. that ended up derailing a train. the closure of the track has led to delays for east bay riders. stanford university says power is now restored but only partially on the main campus. the averages started on tuesday when the edgewood fire sparked in san mateo county. the university expects to have power fully back on by this weekend. but cancels are canceled or excuse me. classes are canceled today. now this weekend's big soccer match between the san jose earthquakes and the la galaxy also canceled because of stanford's power outage. the game is now rescheduled for september 24th. speaking of all, that hot weather was all those hot weather talk. talk a about our forecast as we take a live look outside
12:53 pm
from our camera on mount tam looking very pretty out there. kron from meteorologist the recent 100 is here with more details on what we need to know before we step outdoor. same of recent. yeah, very stubborn marine layer along the san francisco peninsula coastline. but as you can see, crystal clear for those of you in the east bay over berkeley, toasty temperatures once again for our hottest inland valleys. check out dublin in livermore, 93 degrees. >> mid 80's for those of you in san jose. but half moon bay. 55 degrees out there. so yeah, we're tracking in near 40 degree. difference between our coolest coastal city and our warmest inland valleys out there. so we're going to have very dangerous, hot heat, even though we don't have any heat advisories in effect. stay cool. stay hydrated. bay area, especially those of you in fairfield, 91 degrees. low 80's for santa rosa and petaluma. but napa and delay hope in the mid 70's. so enjoy those pleasant temperatures there. when tracker for tracking winds right now around 10 miles per hours, a little bit breezy with gust 20
12:54 pm
to 30 miles per hour later this afternoon, especially along the san francisco peninsula. but temperatures tomorrow cooling down into the low 90's, but still going to be hot about 5 degrees above average for concord in livermore at 92 degrees. low 90's for santa rosa and san jose with low 70's for those of you in downtown san francisco at 71 degrees. but then even cooler weather after this weekend. so that hot valley heat going to stick around for inland valleys all weekend long, even through monday. stephanie, back to you. thanks very embrace a next at noon, a beloved 80's blockbuster and its a broadway. >> when you can expect to see doc brown and marty mcfly on stage.
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12:57 pm
>> welcome back. if you're looking for something to do this weekend, you can always head to the movies. ian richards has a preview for us. >> wish to promote you. missed the first is there. >> few entertainers have been the subject of as many movies, documentaries and tv projects as elvis presley. that after also appearing in 31 movies of his own, the curiosity about the personal and professional life of the king of rock and roll. seems endless in the latest presley project. elvis, the focus is on the relationship between the young singer and the evil genius. colonel tom parker who became
12:58 pm
his manager, but all done with high voltage storytelling. part of that comes from the over the top directing style of australian showman, boz letterman. he did the same thing to moulin rouge, romeo and juliet, leonardo dicaprio's, the great gatsby here. he turns the visuals, the words and especially the music on its head, transforming the flat black and white. very vanilla, 1950's into an explosive greatest show on earth that on top of the performances that are just as exciting and at their core easily as movie. butler, as elvis captures the king's inner soul from pure innocence to overwhelm globalstar, 2 self-destructive victim of its own success. butler is on the mark doing his own singing for the early offense years and meals. the lip sinking of the real elvis tracks for the rest. he doesn't just do an impersonation. he digs much deeper is colonel thomas
12:59 pm
played by 2 time oscar winner tom hanks who slid there's around the young singer's explosion of success fragile. personal life reportedly siphoning off an amazing 50% of elvis's earnings. he's a character who is not very likable, but sure is captivating the rest of this ensemble beautifully pounds off the different moments of elvis's life like a well played pinball machine. it's a tragic life. that's an ultimate joy ride. and one worth seeing what dean's list a in theaters only will be a great weekend in chicago. i'm dean richards. >> and broadway is going back to the future. a new musical about the classic time traveling blockbuster is set to open next year. the show will feature new music from the original film's composer. no word yet on the cast or which theater will host the adventures of marty mcfly and doc brown. but sure to be a good time and that'll do it for us here at kron. 4 news at noon. let's send things over
1:00 pm
to olivia horton for live in the bay. olivia, you get you a big fan of musicals. hey, how's it going 70? was just thinking, is it back to the future or back to the past? because that's in 1985. classic. true, very true. what do you have for us today? >> we have an amazing show coming up for you today. we're taking a look back and a conversation we had with jessamyn stanley who shutting light on body positivity and a lack of diversity in the world of yoga. >> then another strong woman we spoke to this week. air force veteran haley mcclain. he'll stop by with her fashion line. >> for fellow service women plus. >> with pride this weekend, we wanted to take a rewind on some of the entertaining tips you can use at your home gathering before the parade and she's a drag icon here in san francisco. it's d'arcy drollinger. she has the 4, 1, 1, on the events this weekend in honor of pride at the oasis. >> that and much more happening today on live in the bay.


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