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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 25, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10, we're closely following the aftermath of the supreme court's ruling to overturn roe v wade, giving states the choice to ban or
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allow abortions. now multiple corporations, including amazon, netflix and starbucks are offering to cover travel costs for employees seeking legal abortions outside of their home state. good evening and thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. i'm dan thorn. there's a lot at stake for companies no matter which way they lean on this ruling. crowds of protesters returning outside the supreme court today. some supporting the roe v wade decision. others coming out very much against it. the ruling will impact women all across the country and now companies continue to come out saying how they will respond. kron 4 correspondent tom dempsey reports. >> outside the supreme court building on saturday, emotional protests could once again be heard following the ruling overturning roe versus hundreds of people some voicing outrage at the decision. others voicing
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support. there's absolutely no way to describe me not having autonomy over my body. all the people that are for the u.s.. >> are here today because their mother chose live now as the country enters into a post-roe era, corporate america's offered a glimpse of what the future could hold for. women living in states with no access to legal abortion. >> companies like amazon, apple, disney, netflix, starbucks and zillow all say they will reimburse travel for women's health services. not available to employees in their home state. dick's sporting goods released a statement saying it will provide up to $4,000 to employees as well as their spouses and dependents to travel to the nearest location were care remains available. on saturday reactions to the company responses brought yet another debate. it's not something about as a corporation has not supporting employees. think that's great. i don't believe that a corporation. >> or anyone else has the right. to this. the future of
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women's health now leading to companies taking a stance on the issue. >> that was tom dempsey reporting for us tonight. hobby lobby won a case in the supreme court back in 2014 dealing with employer provided health care and contraception zahn. its objections due to religion. the company has not provided a comment on the latest supreme court ruling. earlier today. east bay congressman eric swalwell held a rally at planned parenthood in hayward to protest the supreme court's decision. the congressman took to twitter. to praise those who came out to stand up for women's freedom. in his tweet, swalwell said, quote, it's an honor to stand aside. so many people across the east bay who are committed to protecting a woman's right to make her own decisions about her body. thank you for making your voices heard. >> as part of the republican party's start vision for america. they want to roll back every possible, right?
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that has been earned over the decades. he trying to tell women what to do with bodies. that is >> we're not going back. we're not going to be second class citizens and were dangling. sure not going to be treated as property. >> leading u.s. women, politicians expressing their anger at the u.s. supreme court's decision to overturn roe v wade soon after friday's announcement, democratic congresswomen gathered in washington. however, the court's ruling was welcomed by controversial republican congresswoman marjorie taylor. greene. >> i am overjoyed. my heart is really full and just absolutely thrilled that the supreme court justices over turned wrote for says, wait with their jobs, and the beginning of the real mark, the >> the ceo of planned parenthood affiliates of california is weighing in on the reversal of roe v wade.
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jodi hicks says yesterday's decision was impossible to prepare for, but california has already been seeing an increase in out of state people seeking help with abortions. >> the decision back the supreme court to not act and intervene when texas since 2 did their affected our clinics back in september. so since one state it banned abortion september, we've had about 1500 folks coming from out of state already. >> expecting those numbers to increase following yesterday's decision. however, she assures people seeking help that is available in california. several organizations and companies, of course, denouncing the supreme court's decision today, the naacp tweeting, quote, the scotus decision is a direct attack on all women. but we know that black women stand to be disproportionately impacted according to the cdc, black women are 3 to 4 times more likely to die from pregnancy
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related complications than white women. for more information and analysis of the supreme court's decision. you can head to kron 4 dot com. you can scan the qr code on your screen. there and it will take you right to our website. kron 4 dot com. thousands of people hitting the streets of san francisco to attend the 30th annual march this afternoon. kron four's justin campbell was there and shares more on why their message this year is more important than ever before. >> a big show of support here at dolores park for the eid festival. many people out here response the supreme court's decision this behind the dancing. people are marching and speaking out. >> people come to support my kids. you know, myla chance. a mother of 2 brought to tears, thankful to have her kids by her side. you've got to grateful because there's some fans of families that don't support with the rain chance and others at the festival upset over the supreme court
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overturning roe versus wade. this is a very frightening time. >> and i want to be around women that were angry and willing to stand together with each other. the march and rally established in 1993, says their mission is to celebrate, die power, supporting others and the community. but despite what may have happened in washington, people like my chance. >> and others are happy to march and live here. i enjoy different this but the city and appreciate it. >> all people all walks of life and it's it's one of the unique places in the world that allows you to be you. as a whole person, regardless of the stigma is the disadvantage is and the realities of our world. and reporting here in san francisco, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> also today in san francisco, you see pride pride weekend in full swing. you're looking at the 42nd annual front. runners pride run state
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senator scott wiener based out of san francisco tweeting this video with the message they're coming for us. we're not going anywhere. there was a 5 k 10 k kids dash. all that money raised for lgbtq youth. afterwards, participants were treated to some snacks awards and community activities. san francisco's pride parade is happening tomorrow. that's along market street from beal to 8 starts at 10, 30 in the morning. >> muniz rerouting buses for market street largely to mission street. a lot of that information you see here on this map been could take a little while to get through. so if you need a longer look, we have this map over on our website. kron 4 dot com. also right now in san francisco, there's a massive rainbow laser that's being projected down market street. this is an art installation that's called welcome the four-mile rainbow flag stretching from the ferry building on the embarcadero to twin peaks. very, very nice out there. and here's a live look at the embarcadero
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tonight. not really seeing the welcome flag going on here, but some sort of light show going a town there. meteorologist reeser rodriguez joining us now to look at what to expect as we head to the parade tomorrow. hey, but recent paid and did you see that laser beam last night or today? it looks pretty cool. awesome. yeah. like i was in star wars. oh, the space look. futuristic. >> laser beams shooting across the sky. very cool. yeah, i love this let's take a look at your pride parade forecast for sunday morning. 10, 30. we're going to be in the low 60's, partly cloudy skies. a little bit of a cool sea breeze, 10 to 20 miles per hour. >> but get ready to shed some layers because we're eventually going to warm up into the mid 70's for downtown san francisco. so future cast for going to track tonight of return of that drizzle fest giving us some much needed moisture, even extending into our innermost valleys. but we are going to see better clearing by 10, 30 mid-morning downtown san francisco, a mix of sun and clouds. but going to see a lot more sunshine and
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then even more sunshine by the afternoon with plenty of sun until that fog bank returns once again. so let's take a look at city hall because it's lit up in pain tonight in honor of today's illumination of the pink triangles is sticking with that pride thing this evening. very thick fog bank out there right now. visibility at or near 0 throughout the bay area coastline and making its way into downtown san francisco. so just keep that in mind that we were in the mid 50's for our bay area, coastal cities, but low 70's for dublin in livermore livermore, you warm up to 96 degrees today. 15 degrees above average. so that's why you're still tracking cool pleasant temperatures in the 70's while everyone else is in the 50's and 60's san jose. 65 degrees of 56 degrees of peas for downtown san francisco in berkeley. but san mateo in redwood city in the low to mid 60's there in starting to cool down into the mid 50's for most of our north bay valleys. but napa and allay 60 degrees out there right now for your saturday night. so when tracker for we're going to see
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warm, dry, offshore breezes for tomorrow, and that's going to keep temperatures from warmest inland valleys. still hot in the mid-nineties. find out when a cooldown is in store for us in the bay area. in my full forecast and your 10 at 10 outlook coming up in just a few minutes. stand back to you reason. thanks so much. coming up here at 10 o'clock following several wildfires that broke out across the bay area in the past week. >> we'll give you an update on how it's going and the overturn of roe v wade raising new questions about online privacy. details on that after the break. and also coming up. >> worries and concerns looming after a supreme court justice urges the court to re evaluate other issues, including same hroughout)
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>> well, the overturning of roe v wade has led many people to speculate on what happens next. one of the court's conservative justices set speculation aside and made it clear in a separate opinion that he thinks the right to same marriage should be the next to go. kron four's dan kerman reports. >> caitlin and monica decided the best way to kick off pride weekend was to get married at san francisco city hall friday. it's important to be someone that >> kids wanting to grow up and get married one day and start families speed with the ones they love that that that's a wonderful, beautiful thing and
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that that something to be celebrated after an intense fight, same marriage became the law of the land in 2015. >> but th t precedent, maybe the supreme court's next to overturn americans are less free today than they were yesterday. >> and reading justice, thomas's opinion. >> it's a road map for taking on more fundamental freedoms. so it makes one wonder what we're going to wake up to tomorrow in a separate opinion to the supreme court's ruling overturning roe versus wade justice clarence thomas wrote in future cases we should reconsider all of this court's substantive due process. precedents. >> including griswold, lawrence and obergefell. those 3 granted the right to obtain contraceptives, the right to contact between consenting adults and the right to same marriage. >> are there are 5 votes for this? there are not 5 votes for this. chief justice roberts is clearly not going to vote for that. at least not
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today. i think justice kavanaugh who wrote a separate opinion today is not going to vote for that. but what it shows the importance of presidential elections. the presidential election is huge in the next 6 years they're going to be they can we have to keep fighting. >> and actually after this morning with the future unknown, married, same couples are ready to battle again, both those who just got married and those who've been together for decades. >> we do that by voting in november by getting involved in where the people who put these people on the are up for election. we need to do everything. and that involves standing up and speaking up for for our relationships, for the very dignity of lgbt people. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> now an update on some wildfires burning across the bay area. this is a one and a half acre fire that's burning
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near highway 17 in santa cruz county. that's up. 75% containment at last check. officials are calling this the rock fire and it's been a pretty difficult for crews out there fighting this fire because of where it's burning, access becomes challenging in those oak and pine forests out there. cal fire has deployed helicopters and air tankers as you see here to try to get this fire under control. they say they will be on scene as long as necessary. of course. and the cause of this fire still under investigation. now to an update on the wildfires stories that we've been bringing you all throughout the past week. that s the fire burning in alameda county. now 100% contained, but it burned 524 acres that fire near tesla road and corral hollow road. that's 11 miles southeast of livermore. cal fire said that that fire was actually caused by a car crashing into a tree. and then erupting into flames. the scenic fire that had been burning between crockett port costa. also 100% contained at this hour, 120 acres burned
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there. but it was a big difference on thursday afternoon. as you see here, the flames threatening homes there and that smoke. wow, seen from miles and miles and the canyon fire, which has been burning off of kill care road near. so nolan, alameda county, that blaze now 71 acres and 70% contained. firefighters still working towards full containment. this broke out thursday afternoon. the fire prompting manda ory evacuations for residents living in the area of golden eagle estates in pleasanton and the kill care road area of seminole. those evacuations were lifted later the oakland police department fire department teaming up to collect your on wanted fireworks ahead of 4th of july. the oakland fire department setting up firework collection barrels that 6 fire stations where you can drop off your fireworks. the oakland police department reminding residents that all fireworks even the safe and sane ones. they are illegal. the department will be issuing fines ranging from 1000 bucks all the way up to $10,000.
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they're also threatening imprisonment for possession of fireworks. additionally, if you want to report someone with fireworks, you can call the tip line at 5, one. 0, 2, 3, 8, to 3, 7, 3, fireworks are kind of dangerous this time of year, especially when you're dealing with the hot, dry weather we've been dealing with out there. i'm just terrified to think about, especially with 4th of july approaching. let's be safe out there. bay to the pros, right? you know, various all angry about it. neighborhoods just want to go to sleep at night. and then, you know. >> it is what it is. but anyway, summer are we dealing with in terms of temperatures today? once again, another hot day today, especially for our hottest inland valleys in livermore in concord, 10 to 15 degrees above average. but check out downtown san francisco. 63 degrees. so 4 degrees below normal there with oakland, pleasant temperatures, but still 4 degrees above average. there is a lot 71 degrees. so really tracking that cool down just along the coast. everywhere else, though, we did see
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another warm day with the exception of our north bay valleys. but we are tracking that fog bank out there right now. and it has extended making its way across into the east bay shoreline, socking in berkeley right now with visibility at or near 0, not just along the bay area coastline, but east bay shoreline as well. so radar for we are tracking dry conditions, but we are going to see patchy drizzle throughout the overnight hours into your sunday morning. but temperatures out there right now still in the low 70's for those of you in dublin and livermore. remember, you warmed to 96 degrees today in livermore. so you're finally starting to notice that relief. >> feeling that cooldown there with concord out of the 70's and at 67 degrees. fremont 63 degrees for you with san mateo. also in the mid 60's to bron 54 degrees and santa rosa and petaluma both in the mid 50's overnight lows tonight. going to see widespread low to mid and upper 50's a little bit milder for those of you in antioch, though, cooling down
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to 65 degrees. but beats the 70's that you were in just a few nights ago during our heat wave. but temperatures tomorrow going to get hot once again, 5 to 15 degrees above average conquered livermore, an antioch, 96 degrees with mid 90's for santa rosa and even fremont at 93 degrees for you downtown san francisco today. you were at 64 degrees tomorrow. you're going to warm up 10 degrees. more at 74 degrees and even low 70's for those of you at half moon bay. but we are going to see the return of those warm, dry offshore breezes bring this moderate air particle. so it is going to be a little bit hazy out there. just a heads up. but cooling down after sunday. so sunday is going to be the hottest day of the next 10 day forecast and then gradually cooling down into the 70's for warmest inland valleys. starting friday, july first. but fortunately, no more 90's after monday of this week. so that's really great news. stand back to you. all right, thanks a lot. coming up, boosting protection. but pfizer says it's done to
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improve immunity in its covid-19 shots. >> and still ahead, state lawmakers approving plans for a gas rebate. how much qualified recipients can expect to see coming up.
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wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. through project up, comcast is committing $1 billion dollars so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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>> that was significant development in the war against covid-19. pfizer says its updated booster shot shows increased immune response against the highly contagious omicron variant. pfizer says its new vaccine appears to be
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safe and well tolerated. but these test results of 1200 adults have yet to be peer reviewed or published moderna has also produced a new booster that targets the omicron variant. both companies will be presenting their data to an fda advisory committee on tuesday. starting today, face masks came off again inside most buildings in alameda county. that decision effect at midnight since the county says the covid case rate is improving, masks will still have to be warned, though, inside of health care settings, correctional facilities, homeless shelters and long-term care facilities. allegheny county became the only bay area county to reinstate an indoor mask mandate earlier this month. well, if you're tired of sky-high gas prices, some relief could be on the way. california lawmakers reaching a tentative 9 billion dia dollar deal yesterday giving eligible residents their money back. taxpayers who make $75,000 or less could get a $350 refund. if you make
10:26 pm
$125,000 or less, you are eligible for a $250 refund. the plan is to the plan is set to provide larger refunds for lower-income households. an official vote is still needed before. all this goes into effect in this is all part larger state budget agreement that the governor and state legislators are expected to reveal soon. coming up next. tomorrow is san francisco's pride parade. the extra steps police taking. >> we keep people safe after friday's supreme court ruling. plus, we're going to be talking about privacy concerns for women online in a post road world. abortion access becoming increasingly restricted. >> and i'm tracking warm temperatures not just for the bay area, but for this year as well. details ahead on your weekend getaway forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
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>> of course, this weekend, people all across the bay area are celebrating pride in contra costa county. the city of clayton had their first pride parade today. this morning residents came out to support this event. as you can see, they had a pretty good turnout and there are now heightened security preparations that are being made for tomorrow's big pride parade in san francisco. the interim executive director of this year's pride celebration gave the media an update on the security plan. kron four's haaziq has more.
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>> this week in san francisco pride celebration comes in the wake of the u.s. supreme court overturning the federal abortion rights law. roe versus wade. >> but we're or find any time people's rights are respected in this country where for biden, that's what i was pride has been here for to liberate our people for many, many years. >> however, the timing of the supreme court's decision put security this year's pride doors of the spotlight, perhaps more than ever. the interim executive director of the surprises and forward talks about the security plan. but we do good to are organized >> partner turnout. and so done some training. yes, i think talking with local and federal officials and the mayor's office and all the heads of different departments of the city for plan. we feel we felt that a buyer plan make sure the park site. >> while san francisco police officers will be fully staffed
10:31 pm
and at the ready throughout the pride celebration, police chief bill scott is also urging pride goers to be vigilant in terms of security as well and what that means, if you see something suspicious. >> please don't sit on that information. please say something. please call. you know, if you're out with friends, keep your friends close. don't lose anybody. don't leave anyone behind. i don't accept drinks from strangers. it is important to note chief scott says, although at this point there has been no credible threats that they know of targeting sf pride. >> but with events with it, the amount of people that will be participating. you never know where on high alert where we are watching. we are monitoring that we feel we feel secure and top that that will make sure everyone site. >> how is it that you cried for well, countries across the globe are also taking part in pride celebrations. there was one in europe, though, that ended in tragedy. >> 2 people were killed, 20 others injured after a
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shooting in oslo, norway. this happening outside of a and bar during the city's pride week. celebrations early this morning, a suspect was arrested. he's been identified as a 42 year-old norwrgian citizen originally from iran. norway's security service called the attack an islamic terror act and raise the country's terror level alert from moderate to its highest level, which is extraordinary. the city's pride parade has been canceled as a precaution in the afternoon crowds gathered to pay respects to the victims, including norway's crown prince. the princess and the prime minister. today. >> we say more than enough. we say more than not enough. its time when it seems impossible gaining done in washington. we are doing something censequential. >> this was president biden signing a landmark gun safety measure this morning. it is the most significant gun
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reform bill in decades. so here's a look at the measure. it beefs a background checks for 18 to 21 year-old gun buyers and works to close the so-called boyfriend loophole restricting gun ownership for domestic violence offenders, not married to their partners and it sets up funding for states to pass red flag laws allowing police or relatives too petition a court to remove guns from a person considered a threat to themselves or others. the measure also funds school safety and youth mental health programs. a federal court has put a temporary hold on the fda's order to stop jewel from selling their e-cigarettes. the company filed an emergency motion to appeal the sales ban from the fda thursday. the agency ordered juul to stop selling its vaping devices and it's cartridge is citing the jewel did not give enough information to evaluate the potential health risks of its e-cigarettes. the company disagreed in its court filing
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saying it did provide enough information. san francisco supervisor shamann walton who introduced legislation banning in the city. join us earlier today to discuss the latest developments. i'm excited about the fact that the fda decided to toe. >> due to remove the products from the shelf. we obviously knew how harmful they were. they were addicting young people to nicotine and eventually tobacco. and so that's why we fought hard to ban e-cigarettes here in san francisco. just like when we benes agrees to jewel stepped in and tried to commit a ballot measure to overturn our law here in san francisco. so i expect them to continue to do everything they can to continue to young people versus be responsible and get their products out of our stores. i'm glad that, you know, the fda decided to come on board and say we're not going to have a company put products in our stores that are going to be harmful to young people that are going get people to nicotine for futures to come and quite frankly, there been dishonest about what's in there and
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they're cartridges. and that's something that we know a long time ago here in san francisco. so i'm glad that the federal government has stepped in to to make sure that these harmful products are not getting in the hands of children. the city attorney and i, you know, both knew that these products were harmful to our children. parents will come to us in droves. talk about what was happening in their children's middle schools and even some cases elementary schools. plus jewell was located in my district. and so that was something that we can not stand for. and that's why we fought hard to make sure that these harmful products were off the shelves in san francisco. well, that every hole gives jewel time to file an emergency motion, which the court will then consider. >> along with the response from the fda. privacy concerns have come into question after the supreme court ruling on roe v wade. there's concern that states could criminally prosecute women for seeking abortion and then use cell phone records and internet searches as evidence. kron four's ella sogomonian brings us perspective from an attorney.
10:36 pm
>> san francisco based nonprofit electric frontier foundation released a guide on their website for women seeking an abortion in states where it is illegal. it's a reminder of the importance of digital discretion in the event that with probable cause their phone or computer is subpoenaed as evidence. the tips shared include choosing a separate browser with harden privacy settings, like brave firefox and duckduckgo turning off the browsing history and site data or cookies, getting a burner phone or keeping a secondary phone number like google voice, which is free or paid apps like cash and burner carefully examining privacy settings. if using a period tracker app turning off at identifier is on your phone with the help of their guide and choosing an option. like while using for apps that require location data or just turning off and leaving your phone at home all together. while these steps are helpful for various scenarios, privacy attorney in san francisco, kelly savage day says she doesn't see prosecutors going to the great lanes. it takes
10:37 pm
to collect that evidence and try woman for an abortion. i just don't envision prosecutors. >> taking that extraordinary staff. and then i think it would be a difficult prosecution. i think first of all, there are constitutional issues about whether or not we can even prosecuted in the interstate commerce >> she explains that constitutional clause protects a person from being tried for actions in another state by their home state. but if a woman chooses to stay and have an abortion where it is illegal, savage day still doesn't believe the data collected, like location, phone calls and searches would be enough to prove them guilty. the one question remains uncertain whether medical records normally protected by the federal law. hippa could somehow be used depending on the case. >> that was ella sogomonian reporting for us tonight. taking a live look outside right now. here's a look at the exploratorium, bucky ball, right? we've been talking. this has been our our thing
10:38 pm
here on the weekend talking about the bucky ball. is it now? yeah. is it when a and son adam or whatever who cares anyway rates are up against and we actually care about the weather. what's going on thank you. dan grade set up. >> you love the weather, right? love it. >> as much as you love the yankees. >> that's a tough one. that has no comment. no, i like nice weather. so i'm i'm here. good weather. weather. well, i know you love the fog. and as we specially needed for a dry is inland valleys. let's take a look at san francisco international airport. we see karl the fog overhead. and it is starting to make its into the east bay shoreline. and right now for south lake tahoe still tracking some light scattered showers out there right now. but calmer conditions. >> we did see some pop-up thunderstorms today. so very active. severe weather for those of you in the sierra today. tomorrow, though, warming up and drying out, in fact, are going to continue to see that drying trend throughout tonight. and tomorrow, temperatures 5 to 10 degrees above average. so we're going to see widespread 80's for truckee and south
10:39 pm
lake tahoe. and that trend is going to continue with a slightly warm temperatures for those of you monday, holding steady at 83 degrees. plenty of sunshine there. and tuesday, still going to toes toasty there with low 80's for your tuesday afternoon. highs until you gradually start to cool down midweek just like the bay area. but temperatures out there right now in the low 70's for dublin in livermore. so very pleasant temperatures after being in the low to mid 90's for this afternoon. so very hot and dry conditions today yet again, especially for east bay valleys, including concord. but san jose cooling down to 65 degrees with conquer that 67. and we're seeing fremont currently at 63 degrees with alameda at 58 degrees. as is hayward with widespread mid 50's on the bay area coastline, even downtown san francisco. 54 56 degrees with a low 60's right now for napa. but temperatures tomorrow, 5 to 15 degrees above average.
10:40 pm
so not only are we going to continue to see hot temperatures for warmest inland valleys, but even along the coast, we're going to see a near 10 degree warm-up for downtown san francisco. you are at 63 degrees tomorrow. warming up to 74 degrees. so 11 degree jump there with half moon bay in the low 70's and low to mid 80's throughout the east bay shoreline, oakland and hayward. 81 to 83 degrees. but then we're gradually going to start to cool down on monday. still hot in the low 90's for warmest inland valleys with near average highs not returning until wednesday, but relief in sight. great way to start july first, 77 degrees. so 5 to 10 degrees below average for most of our inland valleys, low 70's for east bay shoreline and 50's and 60's for our beaches by next weekend. back to you. dan. >> for brazen bank, lot of technical glitch in san jose mineta international airport causing some significant delays for passengers trying to check in for their flights this morning. according to airport operations, 3 of their 4 x-ray scanners that screen
10:41 pm
checked luggage, went offline for unknown reasons that slowdown southwest's ability to check bags causing those long lines. as you see here, creating some disruptions for the passengers. it's not clear how many people are flights were affected by this glitch. but a technician responded to the site to take care of this issue. and those long lines were reported to be no more. power back on in stamford. but today's scheduled the california clasico still off the edgewood fire, knocking out power to the campus on tuesday afternoon. the fire located about 10 miles north of campus in redwood city burned about 20 acres and took out of pg and e transmission lines that supply power to the school. the power wasn't restored until yesterday. so the clasico match between the san jose earthquakes in the la galaxy will now be played at stanford stadium on saturday september. the 24th, all of those tickets that were bought to this match will still be good for that date. coming up
10:42 pm
next in sports, the guy bats coming alive today at oracle park, a ruling. >> has all the highlights.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the first weekend without nba hoops since october. longtime. fortunately, though, >> plenty of baseball to fill the void today. giant taking on the reds loaded wet on the mound for the orange and black
10:45 pm
today. yet another stellar outing. top of the second we go reds up by one webb strikes u.s. garcia to limit the damage to one. 6 shutout innings and 6 strikeouts for today. of the second now tied at one time strada hammers. this one deep to left. that is long gone. giants take the lead. we go to the bottom of the 5th. they're now up 5 to one jock peterson what a season he's having and more right here gets all of this one deep to straightaway center, his 17th homer of the season in the 40 in attendance. he's loving it. by the way, it was before bobblehead day today. next inning 2 on for wilmer flores and he this one to left way out of here. giants just pouring it on and they would go on to win 9 to 2. they'll look to take the series if they get a win tomorrow. meanwhile, the a's looking to bounce back as they take on the royals. they have lost 4
10:46 pm
straight wind top of the 7th ace up a run. one on for sean murphy and he grounds this one into right for a base ground comes into score. the a's had their lead to to next inning. one on for tony and he skies wonder right down the it will stay the 2 run shot put oakland up by 4. but come the royals. bottom of the 8th 2 on for michael taylor and he takes should be no deep to left. that's a no doubter. so that cuts the deficit to one. bottom of the 9th. now trivino hoping to preserve the 2 run lead, finish it off and he gets his by striking out taylor to end the finally win a 97. the score snapping four-game losing streak and a rubber match and the series tomorrow get themselves listen to this. even the mighty can fall from time to time. the yankees have the best record in baseball this season with their ace gerrit cole on the mound today stage was set for a win in the bronx right?
10:47 pm
well, instead, the visiting astros combined for a no-hitter against new york. so rare that the first time a team has no hit the yankees since 2003 was today. houston did it back then, too. and the first time the yankees have ever been no hit in the new yankee stadium. it's not even that new any more. astros starter cristian javier through 7 hitless innings with 13 strikeouts in the relievers, hector neris ryan pressly that the dodgers and the yankees will be fine, though. >> the end of the nfl season feels like it was about a million years ago. doesn't it? partly because we're still waiting for a resolution to the jimmy garoppolo saga with the forty-niners. a little update today, though. garoppolo is set to start throwing soon after he had shoulder surgery early in the offseason. that means his recovery is on schedule and that means that once he is able to pass a physical, there could be renewed interest from teams may be looking for trade. >> garoppolo's excuse for the forty-niners mandatory mini camp earlier this month. but during that many camp head
10:48 pm
coach kyle shanahan said he expected rob lowe would report to training camp if a big if he hadn't been traded by the time it starts in late july. >> and finally, guess it was back in action today. the u.s. women's national team always fun to see them on the pitch just a couple weeks ago. remember, they struck a deal with the u.s. soccer federation for equal pay. now winning a friendly against colombia by a score of 3 mil sophia smith. taylor cornea and alex morgan. they all scored for the u.s. this match was part of the test for the team's world cup qualifiers. the concrete cap championship is coming up next month. uswnt are the reigning champs. but first team usa will face colombia one more time. that is coming up on tuesday. >> dan, back to you. okay. thanks. a lot june marks world ocean month and whether you live in santa cruz or here in san francisco. >> chances are you've enjoyed the magnificent waters of the bay, but sadly, our ocean is
10:49 pm
not as healthy as it once was talk with experts with the khaliq adam e of sciences in san francisco about what we can do as a community to help our oceans. >> i've seen so many images of, for example, the great barrier reef just huge portions of it completely bleached. it's a tall white. so when you see pictures like that with what goes through your mind, what emotions are you feeling? it's something that creates a sense of loss. but that doesn't mean that there are wonderful things we can do to help these coral reefs survive and thrive and be on our planet from tea fit for future generations. one of the biggest things that we can do is help reduce those co 2 emissions. and so by supporting public transportation people, power movement, those are all really great ways for us to keep it co 2 down and keep the water temperature of the oceans down as well. other things like recycling reducing our waste, volunteering for beach cleanups. those all helped. you can also use resources like seafood watch. and that could help us in our next grocery shopping trip. we can
10:50 pm
choose fish that are fished sustainably for next seafood base meal. want to and us through the work that the of sciences is doing in san francisco, too, really raise awareness about the situation facing our oceans. pio, funny. some hope for reefs. so this is the hope. >> and then the season in the city so 10? well, it has 2 objectives of said first, one east to record morning tour. the bio diversity inquiry fun. we're very excited this we combining a bunch of according it sting knowledge, easter aches a high in my dna. 2, the court that by a diversity from cynthia meters to the hole like assistance from shallow, too miss a 4 to minus on 500 feet. so we're really trying to capture the whole diversity this taken off to east to find their with local communities and institutions. so we promote the friend a conservation models that we've t the protection of puerto rican different sites around the world. and finally also
10:51 pm
and maybe many second expanded beyond that is creating awareness like information so important that we understand what's going on. however, related with oceans of, if you want to expend of being in that absolutely. >> with most important things that we try to remember is that human beings are deeply connected to every single living thing on this planet from penguins to crow reefs, to alligators in south florida. we can create a chain that puts our choices in deep connection with every other living thing. and that creates an incredible amount of power. if we choose to, we can utilize that power to help the world regenerate itself. and so by doing some the things we mentioned by making the changes when the biggest things is talking to friends and family. if you can share your passion for coral reefs in shares in the great things you've got to learn, then that spreads the word about the coral reefs. how amazing the are and how they need their help and what we can do. and that's incredibly powerful. >> for more ways on how you can help the ocean and marine
10:52 pm
life. you can head over to the california academy of sciences website at cal academy dot work. >> well, the world's ugliest dog has been crowned. we'll show you the winner, mister. show you the winner, mister. happy face after the break. big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm.
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♪ stack that cheddar, make it melt. ♪ ♪ cook it up, stretch it out. ♪ ♪ we're breaking the mold. ♪ ♪ estado dorado. ♪ ♪ shining like gold. ♪ ♪ estado dorado. ♪ ♪ vive en el estado dorado live in the golden state ♪ >> this is what we've all been waiting for. the chihuahua mix pooch named mister. happy face on believe. are you kidding me? he's been named the world's ugliest dog. yeah. this competition taking place yesterday in petaluma and it
10:55 pm
featured 9 other scrawny scruffy contenders. but none of them came close to mister. happy face. he's a 17 year-old dog that suffers from a number of health conditions. no kidding. he took home the grand prize of $1500. wild thang he see here took home second place. the contest highlighting the need for people to adopt pets, which is good, right? of course, it shows that even the ugliest dogs are totally lovable dogs. what do you think? i don't know. some of these are i mean that that not so bad. they'll have like the same time. the thing that's what i was noticing too on the theme is the wagging out. >> time mister, happy face looks anything but happy. you looks like. i don't know what i mean. that's not mister happened. there we go. law. >> it doesn't only a mother could like just ended that with that dog looks like it's it's saying us like. >> why are you putting me that the owners have a great time but the dog, i mean, guys got
10:56 pm
a little bit of a mohawk and it looks i know baucus know like a little bit little bit. yeah, maybe maybe to bach is long. last 30 cousin twice removed. he that were microwaved anyway. all right. so here's a look at coit tower pride weekend. all right. all right. what's going on with the pride weekend? weather alex, take a look at your pride forecasts right now. we're tracking reduced visibility at or near 0 along golden gate bridge now extending into the east bay shoreline. so please. >> drive safely for your saturday night commute. if you're going to any fun pride festival or festivity out there tonight, temperatures cooling down of otto in downtown san francisco. even santa rose in the mid-fifties about 17 degrees cooler than antioch. still in the 70's at 72 degrees. here's a look at your pride parade forecast. low 60's when the parade begins at 10:30am, in the morning by the afternoon. warming up into the mid 70's. so enjoy that temperatures. 5
10:57 pm
to 15 degrees above average and then cooling down by the middle of next week, even into next weekend, 70's for warmest inland valley. so you're welcomed and enjoy that. yeah, i'm going to enjoy. i mean it tomorrow. the 96. okay. it's a little worrisome because it's, you know, been hot and dry and all that. >> then we have things start to drop off, not so even into 4th of july. looking good for that on. all right. thanks, so that's going to do it here at 10 o'clock. we'll be back tomorrow morning.
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