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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 26, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> the breaking news at the top of this hour coming out of san francisco with police saying that they have responded to multiple fights at this year's pride event as festivities. we're winding down. this is viewer video of a large fight taking place between at least 2 people just outside of the bill. graham civic auditorium, right by civic center plaza. and this is right near where today's parade wrapped up this here is citizen app. video. same area police saying that there were earlier reports of a shooting near 7th and market street.
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but they do not appear to have been incredible. but many people fleeing that area in a panic as a result of what happened. police did shut down the celebration early as a result. good evening and thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock. i'm dan thorn, francisco's pride parade returned today after a two-year pandemic pause in this year's event was marked by both celebration and protest kron four's charles clifford has more. >> well, here along market street on sunday, san francisco pride parade has returned. the parade is actually the culmination of a months-long series of events for san francisco pride. there have been block parties concerts over the last couple of weeks. the parade actually hasn't happened for 3 years since 2019. that's because of the coronavirus pandemic along market street on sunday. lots of people just happy to be back. we are so glad to be back. absolutely. >> i just see everybody here. you know. >> i have the whole.
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>> experience. yeah. it's my first time. so. >> there's also a sense of purpose here. a lot of frustration with recent decisions by the u.s. supreme court. it's very that it's bringing everyone together. you know, in. love. so coming together to protest and it's like cool to see everyone else that like agrees and like everyone that's protesting. hear about that as well as prime community needs to get together an exhibit like this. a >> and there were one big community. >> well, the parade ran from the foot of market up the civic center there. also concerts and other events throughout the day here on sunday. but for now in san francisco, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> a grass fire in albany, prompting evacuation orders this afternoon. that fire burning right near some eucalyptus trees on the west side of albany hill below. i-80 officials are calling the incident the cleveland fire. the berkeley fire department says all 7 of their fire engines had to provide mutual aid along with assistance from
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the alameda county and oakland fire departments. the evacuation orders were lifted just before 7 o'clock tonight allowing residents to return to their homes. there's still no word yet on what caused this fire. all right. going to take a look now at our 4 zone forecast. this is a live look at what should be the golden gate bridge. but it's completely covered by fog tonight. play view. >> or as you like to say, gobbled up. karl during his. >> evening dinner routine out there. there you go. yeah, not bad. pretty nice looking view. but what are we dealing with today? yeah, we actually saw cooler temperatures along the coast, still hot for inland valleys. so very typical summer pattern in the bay area. let's take a look at current conditions out there right now. >> in the east bay over berkeley, there's karl the fog slowly but surely making his track across the bay. and it's going to arrive tonight during the overnight hours, even spreading into our inland valleys, bring some much needed moisture and relief there when tracker for tracking that classic sea
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breeze out there, winds out of the west. 22 miles per hour sustained winds. oakland's starting to notice some gusty winds out there 18 miles per hour. fortunately that albany fire is out. we are tracking gust slightly higher than 20 miles per hour, but we're going to see calmer winds speeds throughout tonight and even into your monday morning. so that is also great news just to help with those pop-up flare ups of any do for more. that albany fire is burning, but temperatures out there right now. quite the spread checkout pacifica. 56 degrees concord and livermore in the mid 70's. so 20 degree difference out there right now, even at this 8 o'clock hour, san jose, 69 degrees as his fremont low 60's. for those of you in oakland and more that albany fire is burning. we are seeing relative humidity up to 78%, only going to increase throughout tonight as those temperatures get cooler. and we notice that increase in marine layer in that area. but downtown san francisco and timber on 58 degrees. but check out fairfax. 72 degrees. nearly 10 degrees cooler for
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those of you in novato. 64 degrees of petaluma in the mid 50's. so very unique microclimate forecast out there this evening and widespread low 70's for those of you in napa and allay so very pleasant temperatures. nonetheless, taking a look ahead at your next 3 day outlook, hot inland temperatures will continue monday into tuesday. so we're going to be about 5 degrees above average away from the coast for those of you along our beaches and coastal communities mid 60's. so very seasonal temperatures there with mid 70's across the bay. but we're not going to cool down to seasonal temperatures until wednesday of this week and then below average highs going to get a sneak peek of your 4th of july weekend. holiday outlook forecast coming up in just a few minutes. stand back to you. >> thanks a lot. there are 3 people dead tonight. 5 others injured after an amtrak train struck a car at a private crossing in brentwood this afternoon. this happened around 1 o'clock on or would road one of the injured people was a child who was airlifted to a local hospital. their condition is not currently
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known. the railways currently closed train traffic as police are investigating what happened there? the beaches in pacific grove near monterey are back open following a shark attack that happened earlier this week. that is video of the train crash that happened there in brentwood. the attack that happened at lovers point beach last week there was a swimmer there that was bit in the arm leg and stomach that person is expected to be ok and on their facebook page, the pacific grove police department is warning people to exercise caution when they go out into the ocean and they say that there's always a chance that a shark may come close to the shore. the oakland police and fire departments are teaming up to collect your unwanted fireworks. you can find firework collection barrels at 6 fire stations. the oakland police department wants everyone to know that all fireworks, even those ones that are marked safe in saying are illegal in the city. the department will issue fines ranging from 1000 bucks to $10,000. they also threaten
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possible jail time. if you want to report someone in possession of illegal fireworks, you can call opd is tip line at 5 one. 0, 2, 3, 8, 23. 73. if you're still making plans to travel on the 4th of july, triple a just released its holiday forecast. the estimate nearly a 48 million people will be traveling for independence day about 42 of 42 million of those will be out on the road. another 3 and a half million will be traveling to the nation's airports. triple a also releasing its list of the worst times to hit the road. so if you're leaving town on thursday, the best time to travel will be before 07:00am the worst time is between 2 and 8 pm on friday. you want to try and leave before 10:00am. and on saturday, the worst time to be on the road. it's between 02:00pm and 04:00pm. the good news is the triple a is not expecting much traffic at all on sunday. and of course, we're going to be hitting the roads, expected, pay record-high gas prices here in the bay area. the
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highest prices right now. our in napa where the price for a gallon of regular gas is that $6.58. that's about $0.13 cheaper here in the city. and santa rosa, the average price is down to about 6.43. and the cheapest gas and all of the bay area is going to be found. and the valais fairfield area. they're a gallon of regular gas will cost you around $6, $0.30. president biden in germany today for the g 7 summit where the war in ukraine was the top of the agenda. the group agreed to ban new imports of russian gold. it would cost moscow tens of billions of dollars. and it's the latest economic sanction on russia for its invasion of ukraine. they also appeared close to agreeing on a price cap on russian gas to further isolate the country from financial markets. the group also announcing a new global infrastructure investment program. collectively. >> we have to mobilize nearly
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600 billion dollars from the g 7 by 2027. the strategic investments. is of critical to sustainable development and our shared global stability. >> well, the president said that the u.s. pledges 200 billion dollars towards the project that tackles health, communications in energy infrastructure in low to middle income countries. russian forces meanwhile, targeting ukraine's capital ahead of the g 7 meeting. more than a dozen missiles were launched at kyiv early this morning. at least 2 residential buildings were hit. firefighters battling the flames. well, crews were trying to rescue people inside. at least 4 people were hospitalized, including a young girl. the city's mayor says it was an attempt to intimidate ukraine ahead of the summit in germany. coming up in this hour of kron, 4 news, the number of monkeypox cases continuing to go up here in the u.s.. >> with the health organization is world health organization has to say about
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this growing virus. and san jose is implementing new laws around bates. the impact that have when it goes into effect. but first, state leaders are reacting to the supreme court's recent decision on roe v wade. the steps they're taking protect a woman's right chief.
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>> and the way the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v wade, people have taken to the streets across the country in protest here in california. governor gavin newsom has responded by swiftly signing a new bill to protect abortion rights in the state. shelby nelson has the latest. >> anger, frustration, and even relief. the difference of opinions runs deep over a decision marking a major turning point across the country are redlands resident an obgyn karen, hans berger, it's not just about abortion. she says the decision calls into question whether birth control to the i hope that this wakes us up as women. >> that even if we would not make those decisions for ourselves, that we would care enough about other women and their ability to have safe health care to stand up for them. >> governor gavin newsom joined by state leaders staunchly affirming california stands as a sanctuary state for women across the country. i want to take this moment. >> and sign legislation too,
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pushed back against those republican state legislators and governors that seek to move forward with civil actions against people that was to travel to the state of california seeking their reproductive rights reproductive freedoms. the decision to overturn roe v by the supreme court has opened floodgates for 26 different states to restrict abortion or outright ban abortion. tickle ramirez of planned parenthood in orange and san bernardino county says after last september when the texas heartbeat act took effect, which bans abortion after the detection of a fetal heartbeat out of state abortions, increased by 400%. >> now they're bracing for an even greater influx of patients from states that impose stringent abortion laws are banned it altogether because arizona has a 15 week ban currently and could potentially outright ban abortion. we anticipate people be driving in from arizona and california to get that care. >> it was a total shock factor among so many people that we
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spoke with earlier today and rallies happening across southern california, including right here in redlands. you can see just how many people showed up dozens. but there are signs here in redlands. i'm shelby nelson's. >> well, after the supreme court overturn roe v wade on friday, president biden called on congress to take action. this morning we asked our political analyst michael yaki if there was any chance, a bipartisan effort in the senate to protect abortion rights. >> not to stir a. and this is this point really what? whole? this whole action. this decision is the culmination, a very concerted effort by fundamentalists right wing part other republican party since making agency election around the reagan to take control of the supreme court and eventually overturn roe v wade, which has happened 3, not just not just a return, it they've got it in and tired of removed. the idea that there's any right to privacy, any right to choose any control
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over over your own reproductive choices from women. >> since the supreme court justices are appointed by presidents and then confirmed by the senate. jackie also stressed the importance of voting in the next election and making your voice heard with tension has now turned to abortion pills after the supreme court overturn roe v wade in south dakota where abortions are now banned republican governor kristi noem has introduced a bill to stop women from accessing abortion pills online. but the fda has approved the pills which opens up south dakota to a legal battle. but the federal government speaking on cbs news face the nation, the governor explain the bill would ban telemedicine appointments with abortion care providers who prescribe the pills. >> this is a federally approved drugs. are you saying the state of south dakota is now going to overruled the fda and decide which drugs are going to be available to its residents.
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>> and many of those decisions are made at the state level. they absolutely are. that's what states do. >> on friday, attorney general merrick garland said the department of justice will protect women's abortion rights and their ability to get abortion pills. taking a look now at our 4 zone forecast. here's a look from mount tam camera fog still rolling in. looks like a really nice night out there. and we had pretty nice temperatures today. celebrations happening all across the bay area in terms of pride. rodriguez joining us now look at the forecast yeah, unfortunately, most of those celebrations happening in downtown san francisco near the coast with temperatures. >> near seasonal in the mid 60's and even in the low 70's for those of you in oakland. so let's take a look at livermore and conquered because daytime highs today, 10 to 15 degrees above average. so once again above average temperatures of hot inland valley heat for our warmest and driest inland valleys, mid 90's when we should be in the low to mid 80's this time of year. but we
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are tracking that marine le are out there right now. right along golden gate bridge and along the coast and in parts of our beaches, visibility actually at or near 0. so please drive safely. and we are tracking that fog bank starting to make its track across the bay into the east bay shoreline. then chilly reaching our inland valleys during the overnight hours. so let's take a look at radar for right now because we are actually going to see an increase in that cloud cover overnight with some patchy drizzle. so that drizzle fest going to continue during the overnight hours even into your monday morning. before we start to dry out and clear out by your monday afternoon. so we are going to see temperatures out there right now as a result in the mid to upper 50's along the san francisco peninsula coastline and most of the bay ar a coastline for that matter with widespread low 60's for the east bay shoreline and low to mid 70's as you make your way inland, especially for those of you in parts of the north bay and east bay valleys. so we are still tracking very
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pleasant temperatures out there right now. even at this 8 o'clock hour with concord n livermore at 77 degrees, low 70's for those of you in napa and allay. but overnight lows tonight, widespread low to mid and upper 50's antioch, though, the one outlier, 68 degrees for your overnight. temperatures in the daytime highs tomorrow. still going to be in the low 90's. so we're going to be about 5 degrees above average for warmest inland valleys in the north and east bay. mid 70's for those of you in oakland. so few degrees above normal there with downtown san francisco. warming up to 68 degrees. very seasonal temperatures and taking a look ahead at your next 7 day forecast. we're going to see those 90's continuing for our warmest inland valleys monday into tuesday. but then we are going to slowly cool down by next weekend. and don't forget, it's your 4th of july holiday weekend with mid 70's 5 to 10 degrees below average snow. it's going to be great weather next weekend. little hot to start out this upcoming week, though. yes, the at least you can watch the shows, though, and some pleasant weather.
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you're not out there down on my so high, a. >> it's waiting for the sun to go down. i know the one thing we have to worry about is the faa's with the fire ab what they call a june gloom for the month of june. guess what it is for july. what what do i do know? that is sky july. so my hope doesn't happen for 4th of july, but fingers crossed. if you want the best viewing head inland. all right. thanks a dan. all right. well, happening this week, san jose's ban on flavored tobacco is going into effect starting friday, july first stores can no longer sell. >> artificially flavored tobacco products. mayor sam liccardo says that these products were meant to target kids. anybody caught selling these items could be fined up to $2500 per day and have their tobacco license revoked. who couldn't premium cigars are not included in these restrictions. several other bay area cities have already banned the sale flavored tobacco, including san francisco, oakland and walnut creek. turning now to our coronavirus coverage, pfizer says its updated its booster
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shot showing increased immune response against the highly contagious omicron variant. pfizer says its new vaccine tested on 1200 adults appears to be safe. but those results still need to be peer reviewed. this week is the deadline for around 40,000 army national guard soldiers who have not yet gotten their covid-19 shot, which is mandated around 14,000 soldiers have said that they will refuse this shot, even though that could force them out of the service. the deadline is thursday guard leaders say they're still encouraging 6 soldiers to get vaccinated by the deadline and are working with 7,000 who have sought exemptions. the pentagon says after thursday guard members won't get paid by the federal government when activated on federal status. if they're still unvaccinated. the escalating monkeypox outbreak isn't a global threat just yet. that's according to the world health organization. its emergency committee says that many of the outbreaks were unusual in that it should be closely monitored. however,
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the global the outbreak is not a global health emergency. and that is, again, according to the world health organization, more than 50 countries are dealing with monkeypox outbreaks. still ahead here at 8 o'clock, millions of dollars, just god. the latest on the cryptocurrency firm that appears to have been hit by hackers.
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>> hackers have stolen 100 million dollars from california based crypto currency firm harmony. the thieves hit the program that allows the transfer or cryptocurrency harmony tweeted that there working around the clock in their investigation alongside the fbi and multiple cyber security firms. harmony joins a long list of cryptocurrency firms that have been plundered by hackers for millions of dollars at a time. explorers have discovered a shipwreck dating back to world war. 2, the u.s. navy destroyer uss samuel b roberts was discovered in the philippines explores say the ship sank in october of 1944. in the battle of some are a battle that destroyed most of the imperial japanese navy ships. the ship was found more than 22,000 feet under water.
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coming up next at 8.30, we're talking with doctor monica gandhi of ucsf about what we should be doing >> to stay safe and covid free in the coming months. all
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right. welcome back. we're going to be checking in now with a look at the transamerica pyramid out there. fog really rolling through this has been kind of
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the >> theme in the scene here in the city over the past couple of nights from yeah. welcome to bay area summer, right? very typical pattern out there right now. cloudy along the coast. >> hot inland and today was no exception. so let's take a look at half moon bay because we're noticing that fog bank out there right now. cloudy skies over half moon bay. but we are going to see, though, that cloud cover only get thicker becoming inland during the overnight hours as it makes its trek across the bay and into our inland valleys and we're also going to see another round of patchy drizzle not just along the coast, but even in and around the bay area shoreline as well. for those of you in the east bay, really just traces amount of light showers out there right now. so it is great to see that moisture making its way because we certainly need it with these above average temperatures, even for our hottest inland valleys in the east bay. and we're still tracking pretty mild temperatures out there right now. livermore in concord, you warmed up into the bill, low to mid 90's today. so you are easily 10 to 15 degrees above average in now cooling down some relief
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in the mid 70's with dublin. still at 72 degrees. but for those of you in and around the bay area, shoreline 50's and 60's. so we are tracking mid 50's for bay area beaches in pacifica and half moon bay. as you make your way inland, even into napa. 71 degrees out there right now. so still very pleasant. temperatures for your sunday night overnight lows tonight low to mid and upper 50's antioch. only cooling down to 68 degrees. a little relieved there. just an indicator of how hot it was today with tomorrow. going to see temperatures about 5 degrees above average instead of being in the mid 90's. cooling down slightly in the low 90's but really little relief there. don't let your guard down. stay cool and hydrated for those of you in santa rosa, concord and livermore. fremont and san jose in the mid 80's with oakland and hayward in the mid 70's downtown san francisco. pretty seasonal temperatures there at 68 degrees with half moon bay in the mid 60's. so we are going to see, though, because of these warm temperatures, moderate air particles things to those
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northwesterly breezes that 20 miles per hour or less, bringing us moderate air particles to start your work week monday, but we are going to see an improvement in air quality has that sea breeze get stronger and we are going to notice seasonal temperatures but of the middle of this upcoming week with temperatures 5 to 10 degrees below average starting friday, july first. and that's going to continue even for your 4th of july. back to you, dan. recent, thanks. a lot. well, covid-19, it appears is here to stay with us for at least the time being. so we will have to get used to living with it in. >> continue to take those precautions when it's necessary. so joining us now to talk more about coexisting with covid-19 is infectious disease specialist and professor at ucsf doctor monica gandhi, doctor county, thanks for joining us. so doctor gonna you had an op-ed in this weekend. san francisco chronicle essentially talking about coexisting with you point out that the virus which causes covid-19 is not erratic a so we're going to have to get used to it hanging around. so how do you suggest we do this?
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>> yeah. fortunately it is not peas as animal reservoirs and other reasons. but we do have kind of 9 tools essentially to live with this. and one is vaccines. we just got an omicron specific booster we had information released today about from pfizer. i think that's going to boost or in the fall. the second is treatments which is paxlovid and molnupiravir and some monoclonal antibodies is more immunosuppressed. the 3rd is that we have to do wastewater surveillance to make sure we're not getting a worse variant. and then the 4th is that we have to isolate when someone has it. but we're probably not going to keep on quarantining everyone who's been exposed and no more asymptomatic testing. and then the 7th, the is recognizing natural immunity, which is part of this. 60% of adults in this country have seen the virus and then 70's ventilation, which is really important for all respiratory
8:33 pm
pathogens. and essentially the last one is we need a new vaccine nasal vaccines, novavax, kovacs and whole virus vaccines. we have to keep on moving with this because it's never unfortunately leave us. >> and you pointed out vaccines and another one of the things that you you had in this op-ed was about the messaging when it comes to vaccines. what what do you believe needs to change in terms of that? >> yeah. i mean, vaccines are doing an amazing job at preventing severe but they do not prevent every infection. people have all seeing people who get a 4th shot and then get infected right after that. it really has to do with antibody levels versus r cellular and unity. and if we have a free except that that they're not going to prevent every infection until we get measles. vaccines, then we just know our goal is to keep hospitalizations and deaths low, which they are at their lowest they've ever been. since we started recording
8:34 pm
this virus in march of 2020 and that is worldwide and definitely across the country at their lowest in terms of deaths and hospitalizations. >> i also remember seeing this this article as well or that this op-ed as well saying that 67% of covid hospitalizations are being misclassified. can you can you clarify what that means? >> yes, there's 2 papers on this one from southern and then one from massachusetts that we actually swab everyone's nose when they come into the hospital is just we do that. so we make sure that they don't have covid. we can isolate them, but they could be coming in for something else and that this point in the pandemic about 2 thirds of our hospitalizations when we see those hospitalizations go up. we do said by 2 thirds because 2 thirds of those are actually there for other reasons. and they just have covid in your nose, which you and i could have right now. we just wouldn't know. it must be stopped. so it's essentially saying, like i might not be going to the hospital because i i need to be hooked up to a ventilator or icu or whatnot.
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>> but but i i have it potentially present within me, but it's not a severe infection. >> exactly. and that's the idea that vaccines don't prevent infection. so you could have it in your nose. but essentially about 2 thirds of our hospitalizations are misclassified of the screen. so what we're looking at is icu stays and deaths and both of those are ice use taser shorter because we have good treatments in our tests are the lowest they've ever been since the beginning of the pandemic. >> we know on tuesday that pfizer is going to be showing that evidence and information and study about so to speak. what are your thoughts on on what you've been learning about this new shot? and should we expect more of these? >> yes, so this is actually kind of exciting to me because the entire point of mrna vaccines is that you could change them around. if you've got a new variant, they didn't catch up with delta, but we now have an omicron specific vaillant vaccine that pfizer released data on just this weekend. it shows that if you
8:36 pm
give this omicron specific booster nothing to do with the old straight. all the other brewster straight. this is a specific booster to omicron. they your antibodies are 19 times higher than if you use the old booster that should actually help prevent all even minor infections. because the antibodies will be higher. so this is going to be the right vaccine booster for anyone over 50 or whatever the government decides in the fall. >> doctor monica gandhi, infectious disease specialist and professor at ucsf. thanks a lot for joining us. thank you. all right. still ahead on this hour of kron, 4 news, the nation's largest reservoir is showing the effects of ongoing drought conditions. how this could affect a number of states in the west. >> plus, former president donald trump gathering supporters in illinois. we're hearing his thoughts on the january 6th. here it
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president donald trump held a rally in illinois yesterday and during that rally took a victory lap for the supreme court's ruling. >> to overturn roe v wade austin shick's reports. >> president trump in illinois saturday endorsing candidate for congress in illinois 15th district mary miller and darren bailey in illinois's gubernatorial race. mary is a warrior for our movement and our values. darren is a fearless supporter of the second amendment and a
8:40 pm
tireless champion of religious liberty cheering on the former president. thousands of his supporters coming from across illinois. probably be the only chance i would ever have you know, see him this come or high water is going to be here no matter what trump and representative miller also touting friday's overturn of roe v wade, victories from life and the second amendment would never been possible if the never trump rhinos had gotten their way. >> miller also taking shots at her primary opponent in illinois's congressional district, rodney davis. rodney davis be trade us by supporting red flag, gun confiscation and voting for the disgraceful january 6, which earned an hour-long speech. trump making his same claims that the 2020 election was stolen and slamming the january 6 commission investigating the insurrection of the u.s. capitol. the unselect committee >> are pushing a fake and fabricated narrative based on doctored video lies the
8:41 pm
testimony. porter say the insurrection doesn't change their views on trump. the best thing that happened about january 6 was i $6 any sense for people that think they hope he will run again in 2024 and is their only choice for president. and i'm on a fixed income just having a hard time with all price increases. >> that was austin ship reporting. >> representative miller also called the supreme court's decision overturn roe v wade a, quote, victory for white life. her spokesperson said that she intended to say that the decision was a victory for a right to life and that they the line was delivered out of step with the impact of the ruling. >> that will have on women of color. >> coming up next, a prime could be found on and off the court. >> we'll show you how the san francisco basketball association has managed to stay around for so many years. and in sports, we have a news stanley cup champions, sports director jason dumas as the
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cruz and santa rosa extinguishing a small vegetation fire that was sparked by. >> workers grinding metal. the blaze began shortly before noon yesterday afternoon. near dutton avenue and highway 12 that burned about an area of 75 by 75 feet. there were no reports of any injuries or any
8:45 pm
damage to any structures. the nation's largest reservoir is close to reaching an undesired status lake mead which provides water to nevada, arizona and california is on the verge of becoming a dead pool with no water flows. water levels are just over 1043 feet. and that's the lowest it's been since it was filled in the 1930's officials fear they could fall to 1014 feet by september 2023. there are still concerns that the drop in water level could soon disrupt production of hydroelectric power at the hoover dam. take a look now at our 4 zone forecast. here's a live look at sfo out there tonight. we've got some fog rolling through planes don't seem to be affected at all by some of the travel that's going on. i know it's going to be busy one there next weekend rig as joining us now with a look at the forecast there. danielle, let's take a look at your sierra getaway forecast
8:46 pm
because we're tracking right now. the sun starting to set out there at donner summit. >> but warmer and drier weather today. and that trend going to continue for your monday as well. futurecast for going to show plenty of sunshine for your monday morning and afternoon. so no threat of any pop-up thunderstorms like we saw this weekend, truckee and south lake tahoe warming up in the mid 80's with low 80's. for those of you on tuesday. and then gradually cooling down into the upper 70's, a very seasonal temperatures by the middle of this upcoming week. but daytime highs monday about 5 to 10 degrees above average. and that cooling trend going to continue for your 4th of july holiday weekend. if you plan on heading out to tahoe in the coming days ahead of the holiday weekend. your love for tracking great weather there. temperatures out there right now. widespread 50 60's. and yes, even 70's still hanging around at this 8 o'clock hour. concord in livermore, 77 degrees, 20 degrees warmer than those of you at half. moon bay at 57 degrees with everything else in between. so we're seeing a
8:47 pm
lot of 50's and 60's out there right now, especially along the bay area coastline with mid-fifties in the forecast. thanks to the return of that marine layer. so june gloom going to continue in the coming days, especially along the coast hanging tight there. temperatures tomorrow, mid 60's for half moon bay with upper 60's for downtown san francisco. very seasonal temperatures along the san francisco peninsula coastline, a few degrees above average. for those of you in oakland and hayward in the mid 70's there. but about 5 degrees above normal for our hottest inland valleys with low 90's for concord, in livermore and even santa rosa and avato. but those of you in san jose and fremont going to get a little bit of a break with temperatures cooling down in the mid 80's. so take a look ahead at your next 7 day forecast. we are going to notice amid we cool down with temperatures finally returning your average with mid-eighties for warmest inland valleys. that cooling trend going to continue through next weekend with mid 70's for your 4th of july weekend forecast. just a sneak peek on monday. 10 days
8:48 pm
from now for your 4th of july. temperatures warming up into the upper 70's, our warmest inland valleys. so little bit of a sneak peek there. yeah, i wanted to say that for the 10 at 10 but had to brag and show off now because i'm just so excited. weather is not going to be an yeah. not too hot. not too cold. just right. just right like it. a recent thanks a lot. thanks, dan. >> well, pride can be found on and off of the basketball court. and after more than 35 years and hundreds of players. >> the san francisco, basketball association is showing no signs of slowing down. kron four's amanda hari shows us how the league has managed to stay around for so many years. >> diversity inclusion and pockets are all hallmarks of the san francisco basketball association. i just took a chance and it was. take my life as fg. ba is one of the longest continuously operating basketball leagues in the world. tony dzerzhinsk. he says he found the league for a
8:49 pm
very simple reason because i wanted to play and since 1986 didn't ski has created a place where everyone can get in the game. >> doesn't matter if you're and that is totally irrelevant as to what their sexuality as it started. jim, in the hate. >> in 99, they moved to this ship, the eureka valley rec center. well, the cornerstone of the association is basketball. puzynski says it's lasted because it's more than that. it's the comfort of being friends with these people. you really fit. >> close to them. you go to parties with them. you go to bars with them between rising rent costs and covid-19. the league has lost members over the past few years. but commissioner of the league jj said drift is determined to keep it going. he first joined the league 10 years ago when he moved to san francisco from a small town knowing that they were basketball leagues is kind of a mind low for me, but i was able to find community immediately coming in just because of that said rick
8:50 pm
knows how valuable the league can be for people looking for a community like player justin white. it was just a relief. >> you it was just like, oh, i can be myself. can play basketball and there's is really competitive. so like it was just really good, too. >> find a home s of leaders say they're proud to play in tournaments on a national and international level. and won multiple medals, but they're even more proud of welcoming people from all walks of life regardless of race, gender or orientation for you to have a safe space. i'm playing basketball. i mean, that community amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the giants haven't been bad this season, but they are still looking to put together a pro long stretch of good baseball. it's been mostly up and down all season long. today was the last game of their series with the cincinnati reds in what a
8:51 pm
perfect afternoon to be out there on bay. him. great scene there. top of the 3rd. no score one offer brandon drury he drives this one into the gap. run comes into score drewery with an rbi triple redskins strike. first 30's later in the inning is 3 zip red. matt reynolds. he's going take this one over my case. head. we're not actually austin slater. can't get to it goes over his head bounces over the wall for a ground-rule double cincinnati extend to lose very next batter. it albert almora round one into left for a base hit. who runs come in to score reds pouring it on all part of a seven-run 3rd inning. anthony responsible for all of them. he had 2 outs in the innings before giving up the 7 runs read. they cruise 10 to 3 guys will have the day off tomorrow before hosting the tigers on
8:52 pm
tuesday left to outreach to the a's in cincinnati in kansas city. one of the be trying for their first series win in a month. the top of the 6 brown. >> folks down the right-field line. that's a solo shot. brown's 10th home run of the season. it's 2, nothing a's. bottom of the frame, edward, a little bright going back. all of our u.s. hot one to shallow right field. >> bol for a hit to those 2 guys. a lot of runs scored to give the royals a lead. but at second base, the bigger is this collision 100 jonah bride. it's pender, nasty one right there. they both stayed down on the turf. pender eventually got up. bryant had to be tended to and help the left this game or in detroit, a cut on his nose. and and this of colder. but it doesn't look to be too 7th inning 3 to 2 royal out lose one to center
8:53 pm
tender score score. tristan possibly scores 4 to is going to win this 1, 5, to 3. they take 2 of 3 games in okc opens about that first series win since may 25th. set out to omaha college world series game 2 between ole miss and oklahoma. bottom of the 8th, we have a tie game. oklahoma's trevon michael. throws a wild pitch. >> miss take advantage. they scored the go ahead. run. there's harry. a 2 run lead into the 9th inning. here is the final strikeout to seal it all missed. they won their first college world series. 42. congratulations to that. >> stanley cup stanley cup, if you will, into the arena in lightning in game 6 of the finals. >> that's the ball. i'm not even want to try to put your that guy's name. colorado day
8:54 pm
when it 2 to one. a stanley cup. good for the risk on the attack. >> for them out there with a win. i know. i know. i don't know of were supposed cross talk. i think you got to toss to break. let's go to the break.
8:55 pm
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>> a cross station bottling up new england's coastal ecosystem is getting turned into a beverage as a solution. tamworth distilling of new hampshire made the crab trap or which is a green crabb flavored whiskey. the drink is a partial cure to find use for the state's invasive pass. key green crabs making a wreck of the coastal areas up there. the cross, the critter kenny does that has 50 clams and oysters a day. the crab whiskey is a modified sour mash combined with green crabs stock and it cost $65.65. dollars. for that bottle of whiskey. made out of mashed up crabs. yeah, i don't know anyway. well, broadway going back to the future. a new musical adaptation of the classic time traveling blockbuster set to open next year. this could be pretty cool, right? lot of good music in that huey lewis and the news, of taking over the soundtracks over the years. well, the show will be featuring new music from the
8:58 pm
original film's composer. there's no word yet on who is going to be in the cast or which theater will be hosting the adventures of marty mcfly and doc brown. but certainly something to look forward to on broadway. something different. let's get a wrap things up here at 8 o'clock. we're going to be back in just minutes for kron. 4 news. >> at night, see
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news io


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