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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  June 26, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station.
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you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> right now at 9 from scary moments unfolding at today's pride festival in san francisco. the city's police department saying that they responded to multiple fights as the festivities were winding down. and as you can see here, there was a large fight between at least 2 people outside the bill, graham civic auditorium, which is right by civic center plaza, which is where the parade ended today. thank you so much for joining us tonight. at 9 o'clock, i'm dan thorn. this is video from the citizen app of that same area. police saying that there were early reports of a shooting that happened near 7th and market street. but those do not appear to have been credible. however, officials say there was a person that was spraying a caustic chemical into the crowd, potentially mace or bear spray. and that event had to be shut down early. certainly damp bring things out there. but before all of that happened, thousands of people from all over the world attended and enjoyed today's pride celebration in san francisco after being canceled
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for the last 2 years because of covid. this year's event was marked by both celebration and protest kron four's. charles clifford has more. >> well, here along market street on sunday, san francisco pride parade has returned. the parade is actually the culmination of a months-long series of events for san francisco pride. there have been block parties concerts over the last couple of weeks. the parade actually hasn't happened for 3 years since 2019. that's because of the coronavirus pandemic along market street on sunday. lots of people just happy to be back. we are so glad to be back. absolutely. >> i just see everybody here and, you know. >> i have the whole. >> experience. yeah. it's my first time. so. >> there's also a sense of purpose here. a lot of frustration with recent decisions by the u.s. supreme court. it's very need that it's bringing everyone together, you know, and love,
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but also coming together to protest. and it's like cool to see everyone else that like agrees and like everyone that's protesting. hear about that as well as prime community needs to get together an exhibit like this. a >> and there were one big community. >> well, the parade ran from the florida market up the civic center there. also concerts and other events throughout the day here on sunday. but for now in san francisco, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> elected officials were also among the thousands of people that took part in pride today, state assembly member matt haney. he was there with his supporters. cheney tweeting in part, quote, today we celebrate and reflect on the progress and the people who fought back and for the work ahead. state senator scott wiener, his supporters also there today, the senator tweeting that pride is back. team winner showed up in force. and what an amazing day for our city and our community. that, of course, is
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congresswoman jackie spear showing her support for the lgbtq community at the parade today in the city. spear also taken to twitter saying that there's nothing like walking and a pride parade to be reminded that people love each other. now a grass fire in albany, which prompted evacuation orders this afternoon. the fire right near some eucalyptus trees in the west side of albany hill below. i-80 officials are calling the incident a cleveland fire berkeley fire department says all 7 of their fire engines were providing mutual aid along with assistance from the alameda county and oakland fire departments. evacuation orders were lifted just before 7 o'clock tonight allowing residents return back home. there's no word yet on what caused this fire. now to a
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look at our 4 zone forecast. a beautiful night out there tonight. the fog just rolling in. looks like a like a nice comfy dream sequence out every. so anything, just a heavenly shot. that really is my favorite shot this time of night because we just see that marine layer. >> out in full force making it struck from the coast into our inland valleys. and let's take a look at current conditions out there where that albany fire was burning. 58 degrees with relative humidity. now to 87%. thanks to that increase in marine layer, providing some much needed moisture and also helping out firefighters with any pop-up flare ups with that cleveland fire wind speeds, noticeably calmer as well, 14 miles per hour with gusts less than 20 miles per hour. but here we go. here's a look at that fog bank and it's right now currently underneath berkeley for the berkeley hills, though, still have a little bit of a ways to go, but so much needed moisture there as well with visibility at or near 0 along the coast. and now we're starting to notice significantly reduced
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visibility for the east bay shoreline as well. so getting that cool, sea breeze influence for downtown san francisco sustained winds at 18 miles per hour with gusts slightly less than 25 miles per hour in fairfield, seeing winds out of the southwest at 22 miles per hour sustained winds. but the good news is we are going to see calmer winds speeds tonight and even through the overnight hours, single digit wind speeds in the forecast, especially around the bay area shoreline for inland valleys. so going to be a little bit breezy in the teens, but we are going to see warm, dry, offshore breezes out of the northwest for warmest inland valleys, ramping up temperatures once again in the low 90's. but along the coast, we're going to stay with that cool sea breeze. temperatures out there right now. check out concord. 75 degrees. you're exactly 20 degrees warmer than pacifica currently in the mid-fifties. thanks to that fog bank out there right now. san jose. 66 degrees. very pleasant temperatures for those of you in livermore. but both conquered and livermore warming up into the mid 90's. cooling down into the low. 90
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still hot, though, monday and tuesday until we eventually cool down starting midweek. that cooling trend going to continue for your 4th of july weekend. forecast more. my full forecast in just a few minutes. stand back to you. all right, thanks. a lot 3 people are dead tonight. 5 others injured after an amtrak train. >> strikes a car at a private crossing in brentwood this afternoon. this happening around 1 o'clock on or would road one person was injured and they were a child who was airlifted to a local hospital and their condition not currently known. the railways currently closed to train traffic as police are investigating what happened. the beaches near pacific grove near monterrey are back open following a shark attack that happened earlier last week. the attack happening at lovers point beach on wednesday, a swimmer was bitten in the arm leg in the stomach. he's expected to be ok and on their facebook page, the pacific grove police department is warning people to exercise caution when they go into the ocean because they say there is always a chance the shark may come close to shore. the
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oakland police and fire departments are teaming up to collect your on wanted fireworks. you can find firework collection barrels it. 6 fire stations in the city. the police department wants everyone to know that all fireworks, even those ones that are marked safe and sane. those are legal. the fire department will be issuing fines ranging from $1000 to $10,000. they're also threatening possible jail time. if you do want to report someone in possession of these fireworks, you can call opd is tip line at 5. one o 238-2373. are going up starting this friday. the 3.4% increase was originally set to go into effect back on january 1st. but it was delayed by 6 months. the cost of a one-way ticket will be going up between 5 and $0.50. but the average ticket going up by $0.15 money from the fare increase be going towards bart's, operating budget, including enhancing the cleaning and a greater police presence on the trains and also to purchase some new
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trains. and gas prices in the bay area still sky high at this point, as you can see here, the highest prices are in napa right now. regular gas there going for 6.58 a gallon. it's about $0.13 cheaper here in san francisco and santa rosa, the average price is actually down to about 6.43, a gallon. but the cheapest gas that you can find here in the bay area will be found in solano county and mia fairfield, area to be specific right now. there a gallon of regular gas will be costing you around $6 and $0.30. california lawmakers have reached a deal and a long-awaited inflation gas released program. governor gasm gavin newsom announcing today that deal of 17 billion dollars will be going towards providing direct relief to families. people making up to $75,000 a year will get $350. but depending on income and family size families could be
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eligible for up to 1050 bucks. 23 million californians are apparently going to be eligible for this program. that deal will also include the suspension of sales tax on diesel fuel. well, if you're looking to travel across the country and the golden gate bridge, rather, it's going to cost you a little extra starting next week. the upcoming toll increases part of a five-year program that went into effect in 2019. the revenue from the new toll will pay for the golden gate transit and golden gate ferry service services as well as the maintenance for the bridge. here's a look at what that new toll is going to be for fast track users. it goes up. $0.35 to $8.40. the toll will be 8.80, for pay. as you go. and that's for those of you who registered your license plate in the system. the toll invoice rate will be going up to $9.40 in the carpool rate will also be going up to $6.40. meanwhile, airports nationwide delays and
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cancellations are soaring as well as airlines struggling to keep up with demand. in fact, the wall street journal says that one in 4 flights are being canceled or delayed. ileana diaz has the story. >> line say they're doing everything they can to keep customers happy, including hiring more pilots and customer service agents. they're pushing back a week after transportation secretary pete buttigieg threatened to punish carriers that fail to meet consumer protection standards this week, united airlines became the latest u.s. carrier to trim some summer flights. the company is cutting about 50 daily flights from newark, new jersey, in hopes of minimizing excessive delays and improving on-time performance. but it's been delayed twice. so. >> i'm actually trying to find an alternate flight to get back home to florida, delta, jetblue and alaska airlines have also trimmed their summer schedules. >> the increased number of delays and cancellations. also a result of fewer pilots and
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air traffic controllers. >> i've got my 2 hours waiting here for the bags. and you know, that caused me to miss my connecting flight. yeah, it's been crazy out there under staffing at the federal aviation administration is crippling traffic along the east coast. according to the industry trade group airlines for america. but the travel industry woes are not just happening here in the u.s.. >> with 2 years of pandemic restrictions, travel demand has roared back, but airlines and airports that slashed jobs during the depths of the covid crisis are struggling to keep up with the busy summer tourism season underway in europe. passengers are encountering chaotic scenes at airports including lengthy delays, canceled flights and other headaches. >> that was ileana diaz reporting for us tonight. still ahead, self-driving cars are becoming more and more of an everyday thing. but not everyone is on board. we've got that story after the break. plus, we're hearing from our political analyst on if there's a chance for abortion rights protection in the u.s. senate. and also
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after the break for president donald trump gathering supporters in illinois. we're hearing his thoughts on the january 6th hearings.
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president trump held a rally in illinois this weekend. and during that rally he took a victory lap for the supreme court's ruling to overturn roe v wade austin shick reports. >> president trump in illinois saturday endorsing candidate
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for congress in illinois 15th district mary miller and darren bailey in illinois's gubernatorial race. mary is a warrior for our movement and our values. darren is a fearless supporter of the second amendment and a tireless champion of religious liberty cheering on the former president. thousands of his supporters coming from across illinois. probably be the only chance i would ever have you know, see him this come or high water is going to be here no matter what trump and representative miller also touting friday's overturn of roe v wade, victories from life and the second amendment would never been possible if the never trump rhinos had gotten their way. >> miller also taking shots at her primary opponent in illinois's congressional district, rodney davis. rodney davis be trade us by supporting red flag, gun confiscation and voting for the disgraceful january 6, which earned an hour-long speech. trump making his same claims that the 2020 election was stolen and slamming the
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january 6 commission investigating the insurrection of the u.s. capitol. the unselect committee >> are pushing a fake and fabricated narrative based on doctored video lies the testimony. porter say the insurrection doesn't change their views on trump. the best thing that happened about january 6 was i $6 any sense for people that think they hope he will run again in 2024 and is their only choice for president. and i'm on a fixed income just having a hard time with all price increases. >> that was austin shake reporting for us tonight. the representative also called the supreme court decision to overturn roe v wade a, quote, victory for white life. her spokesperson said that she did not intend to say that and that she was actually saying right to life and that the line was delivered out of step with the impact. but the ruling will have on women of color. we'll be taking a look now at our 4 zone forecast. here's a look at highway 92
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bridge. seems to be pretty busy out there tonight. little bit of fog rolling through the bay area. but what were our temperatures like out there today? breeze around riggins. joining us now with the answers, avery said, hey there, danielle, very similar to yesterday. in fact, it was a near repeat for the coast and even our warmest inland valleys downtown san francisco. >> in the mid 60's, very seasonable temperatures there. a few degrees above average. for those of you in oakland, very pleasant. nonetheless, in the low 70's. but once again, hot valley heat, in fact, mid 90's. for those of you in livermore in concord, 10 to 15 degrees above average. remember, you should be in the low to mid 80's this time of year. not mid 90. so certainly toasty temperatures there, but please drive safely for your sunday night commute. visibility right now along the bay area coastline and now into the east bay shoreline at or near 0. so we are going to notice that fog bank increase in only get thicker spreading inland during the overnight hours. impacting your monday morning commute to work. so just keep that in mind and plan ahead. drive safely. we're not going to see better
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lifting in clearing until mid morning into early afternoon. and for those of you along our bay area, beaches, you could see little to no sun by tomorrow. so visibility still going to be very poor even by monday afternoon at 3 o'clock with radar for showing that marine layer making its trek across the bay into the east bay shoreline. but temperatures out there right now. you can see that fog bank not in our inland valleys. and the reason we know why is because of these mild temperatures for concord. in livermore, 71 degrees. but we're seeing that fog bank influence temperatures around the bay area shoreline, even into the east bay shoreline. 58 degrees of peace for oakland and alameda with mid 50's for downtown san francisco. even along our beaches in pacifica and half moon bay, low 60's from palo alto with mid 60's right now for napa and allay starting to cool down into the mid-fifties for those of you in petaluma with overnight lows tonight, widespread low to mid and upper 50's antioch, those 68 degrees. so the mall, the city out there tonight in the bay
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area and temperatures once again warming up into the low 90's. so not tracking any mid-nineties but still going to be hot. nonetheless, temperatures 5 degrees above average for warmest inland valleys in concord. in livermore. those of you in santa rosa nevado also going to see toasty temperatures there above average in the low 90's as well with mid 60's. for those of you at half moon bay. so along the coast certainly going to feel that fog influence and also that cool sea breezes. well, we won't know to seasonal temperatures until wednesday of this week and then that cooldown will continue with 70's for warmest inland valleys by next weekend. so i know a lot of people enjoying that because it is a long holiday weekend. yeah, the july. so. >> there you go. yeah. the great looks great. yeah. really looking forward to the 70's, you know, we got to get through couple more scorchers so to speak and heading in the right direction, though. there you go. heading in the right direction of a recent. thank you. thanks, dan. all right. well, today, russian troops, they launched deadly attacks in the ukrainian capital of kiev. more than a dozen missiles were launched,
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hitting apartment buildings and also hitting a school. moscow's troops are slamming the eastern part of the country. kirin mcquillan has more. >> well, another day of deadly airstrikes this time targeting a southern suburb of the capital. kiev. 5 people injured. one of them, 7 year-old girl has an apartment block was struck by a russian missile. now the father of that girl later died in hospital. now, the timing of this, it comes on the same day as the g 7 summit opened in germany. now, that may be a coincidence. but the last time there was a deadly attack on kyiv was on the 28th of april. also not day this same suburb targeted ukrainian journalist lost her life and not and it happened that antone. it could tear ish the un secretary general was in kiev for talks with president zelensky. not all of this comes off the back of a weekend of missile strikes across this country. it so happens that president zelensky will be addressing that g 7 summit tomorrow. now,
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don, in the front lines on the donbas, the ukrainian forces ordered to pull out of their troops from the city of sievierodonetsk. and it seems that some of those forces are not occupying a twin city just across the river this shines. now, the question tonight is whether or not this will become the new defensive hub, ukrainian forces as they continue to hold on to that small chunk of liu han's province from the russians. there's no doubt that the city is under a lot of pressure that is surrounded and hemmed in on all 3 sides by russian forces and some of those elite forces. it seems tonight have come over from severodonetsk to try and shore up the position of the city of the shanks. but the big question is whether or not the city will be able to withstand withhold the russian bombardment over the next couple of days and whether this will lead to a continuing russian advance into the areas of donetsk held by the ukrainians.
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>> that was kirin mcquillan reporting for us tonight. for your money. used car prices have dropped for a 4th month in a row. that's good news. but prices are still higher than average and not all types of vehicles. we are seeing the same drop. hybrid and electric vehicles are actually seeing greater demand. and that's because of the high gas prices were dealing with and with many vehicles. much more expensive than they were last year among gas vehicles. 3 body types of seen the highest increase which are hatchbacks wagons sedans. and that's in that order. experts say prices are rising on new cars due to the microchip shortage. and that's driving up the cost of used cars. in the wake of the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v wade, some states nationwide. >> are keeping their doors open to the opportunity to have an abortion. we cover where those areas are in just a few. well, many say
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self-driving cars of the way of the future and we see them all around town here in san francisco. but not everyone is comfortable with this idea. consumer reporter steve sprays, a talk with drivers about their concerns. >> automakers assume that we want all the technology we can get in our vehicles. but let's face it. the days of the robot taking control while we relax during the still a long way off. and as far as many
9:27 pm
drivers are concerned, that's a good idea because they want some control over their vehicles when they drive these days. new cars come with a variety of driver assistance systems which monitor and correct or driving. >> these features may be marketed as hands free systems. the insurance institute for highway safety says they are far from that. these are still driver assistance system sock drive a replacement systems. a recent institute survey of more than 1000 people showed drivers prefer or partially automated features, which let them stay engaged in driving. >> how trussville would you be of a car that pretty much drove itself? i would interested why. i don't know. >> i guess i'm too scared to trust it to me is dangers family that i don't see. how is driving is so. >> though most consumers seem to favor driver assistance systems, not all systems off of the same degree of warnings when it comes to alerting drivers that they aren't
9:28 pm
paying attention to is the latest says that all in all to systems they get enough warning. if you take a hands off the wheel or whatever. >> yeah, they do. there's really a lack overall guidance from anyone to tell automakers how these warning system should be implemented in the coming months. the institute will also start evaluating partial automation systems to find out if the safeguards they offer are effective. >> working for you. i'm consumer investigator steve >> and ahead of the 4th of july holiday weekend, i'm tracking your staycation bay area forecast and your
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>> well, in the wake of the supreme court's ruling, attention is turning to parts of the country where abortion is still legal. safe havens for the procedure exists primarily along the west and east coasts. but there are just a few satellite areas there in the middle of the country while there's a number of states that are moving quickly to ban access to abortion is a handful that are going on the offense to ensure that it's still an option. california, oregon and washington. they are leading the charge here and they're looking out at something that they are looking to carry out called the west coast offense. kron. 4 correspondent nancy loo reports. >> oregon and washington building west within hours of the high court decision, california governor gavin newsom, washington governor jay inslee and oregon governor kate brown on the offensive.
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>> newsom signing state legislation to protect women who may head west from trigger law states too pushed back. >> against those republican state legislators and governors that seek to move forward with civil actions against people that was to travel to the state of california seeking their reproductive rights and reproductive freedoms. i feel proud to live in washington because i believe that we're going to be a state. >> make space for for women to come here. >> of the states with legal protections, more than 50 million people live in california, oregon and washington accounting for about a 6th of the total u.s. within the newly declared west coast, sanctuary growing anger over the overturning the night brought some violent clashes in downtown la with police making dozens of arrests. but
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amid the widespread support to welcome abortion-seekers to the west, those who are celebrating the decision. i am so happy i i burst into tears. those who oppose abortion are now campaigning against the proposed amendment explicitly protecting reproductive rights in california november. gavin newsom already said he's going to put it on the ballot for the citizens of california. >> to vote abortion rights into our constitution. so it's a very short term for california. >> that was nancy loo reporting for us tonight. a vote by california lawmakers is expected on monday placing that protection on the november ballot legislation with similar abortion. access protections are also in the works in oregon and in washington. well, after the supreme court overturn roe v wade on friday, president biden is calling on congress to take action. this morning we asked our political analyst michael yaki if there was any chance of a bipartisan effort in the senate to protect abortion rights. >> not to stir a. and this is this point. i really what?
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whole. this whole action. this decision is the culmination a very concerted effort by fundamentalists right wing part the republican party since making 8 since the election of ronald reagan to take control of the supreme court and eventually overturn roe v wade, which has happened. i mean, that just that is a return. it they've got it in entire that they've removed the idea that there's any right to privacy, any right to choose any control over over your own reproductive choices from women. >> well, since the supreme court justices are appointed by presidents and confirmed by the senate. jackie also stressed the importance of voting in the next election and making your voice heard with tension is now turn to abortion bills. our excuse me pills. after the supreme court ruling and south dakota where abortions are now banned republican governor kristi noem has introduced a bill to stop women from accessing
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abortion pills online. but the fda has approved the pills which opens south dakota to a legal battle with the federal government. well, speaking on cbs news face the nation today, the governor explain the bill would ban telemedicine appointments with abortion care providers who prescribe the pills. >> this is a federally approved drugs. are you saying the state of south dakota is now going to overruled the fda and decide which drugs are going to be available to its residents. >> and many of those decisions are made at the state level. they absolutely are. that's what states do. >> well, on friday, attorney general merrick garland said the department of justice will protect women's abortion rights and their ability to get the pills for more information and analysis of the supreme court's ruling to overturn roe v wade, you can head to our web site kron 4 dot com or you can scan the qr code right there on your screen. and that will take you right to our website. president biden in germany
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today for the g 7 summit where the war in ukraine was the top of the agenda. the group agreed to ban new imports of russian gold. it would cost moscow tens of billions of dollars and is the latest economic sanction on russia for its invasion of ukraine. they also appeared close to agreeing on a price cap on russian gas to further isolate the country from financial markets. the group also announcing a new global infrastructure investment program. collectively. >> we have to mobilize nearly 600 billion dollars from the g 7 by 2027. the strategic investments. is of critical to sustainable development and our shared global stability. >> the president said the u.s. pledges 200 billion dollars toward the project. the tackles health, communications and energy infrastructure in the low to middle income countries. this week is the deadline for around 40,000
9:37 pm
army national guard soldiers who have not yet gotten the mandated covid-19 vaccine around 14,000 soldiers have said that they will refuse this shot, even though it could force them out of the service. the deadline is thursday guard leaders say they are still encouraging soldiers to get vaccinated by the deadline and they're working with 7,000 who have sought exemptions. the pentagon says after thursday guard members won't get paid by the federal government when activated on federal status. if they are still unvaccinated. continuing our coverage tonight of a grass fire prompted evacuation orders this afternoon in albany, the fire burning right near some eucalyptus trees in the west side of albany hill below. i-80 officials are calling the incident the cleveland fire, the berkeley fire department says all 7 of their fire engines had to provide mutual aid along with assistance from the alameda county and oakland fire departments. evacuation orders were lifted just before 7 o'clock tonight allowing people to return to their homes. there's still no word yet on what caused this fire.
9:38 pm
4 zone forecast taking a live look at downtown san francisco. transamerica pyramid. the top of it covered with karl. the fog foggy night out there tonight. we've been experiencing these foggy nice what's what should we expect in terms of the forecast? yeah, very similar tomorrow to what we're seeing today and this evening. so let's take a look at your san francisco international airport forecast as we're tracking. >> that thick fog bank out there along the coast. but we are also going to notice it extending into our inland valleys overnight currently over the east bay shoreline, reducing visibility along the coast and even for the bay area shoreline as well. so please drive safely for your sunday night commute. taking a look at radar for out there right now. very dry, clear conditions just south of reno are they are seeing some light scattered showers there. but overall today was a very warm day and tomorrow, very similar temperatures, 5 to 10 degrees above average for your sierra forecast. a lot of sunshine to
9:39 pm
start and end the day with temperatures at south lake tahoe in truckee, warming up into the mid 80's and then low 80's by tuesday. gradual cool down on wednesday with upper 70's and a lot of sunshine. so no threat of pop-up thunderstorms in the forecast in the coming days. for those of you heading out to this year ahead of your 4th of july weekend forecast and temperatures out there right now in the bay area. hard to believe we're still in the mid 70's. for those of you in concord warmed up to 95 degrees today. so you're easily 20 degrees warmer than pacific. and 55 degrees with san jose in the mid 60's livermore. very mild, pleasant temperatures there right now. also warming up into the mid 90's earlier today now at 71 degrees. and we're tracking widespread 50's and 60's for those of you in our north bay valleys, santa rosa. 58 degrees. but check out napa. 64 degrees. so very pleasant. temperatures there as well. high temperatures tomorrow. we're going to stay above average about 48 degrees above normal for warmest inland valleys, especially for those
9:40 pm
of you in concord, antioch, and livermore. 92 degrees. so you're should be in the mid 80's this time of year. but instead, once again, hot temperatures inland with those of you in santa rosa and avato warming up into the low 90's as well. pleasant temperatures along the east bay shoreline. mid 70's for oakland and hayward in downtown san francisco. 68 degrees with the redwood city in the mid 80's. so we are going to see gradual cool down with seasonal tptemperatures arriving midweek and then below average temperatures 5 to 10 degrees below normal. starting friday, lasting through your 4th of july monday. so quite the roller coaster trend starting out the week on hot note. but then cooling down to below average with 70's. so very pleasant temperatures ahead next weekend. back to you. dan. >> all right. thanks a we are wrapping up pride month here on kron 4, but we're still celebrating last weekend. the aids quilt was on display in golden gate park around 3,000 panels were spread across robin williams meadow sharing the stories of those who've
9:41 pm
died from the virus. kron four's rob nesbitt takes a closer look. the largest community, our project in history. >> erik jones, it's an impressive sight to see the aids quilt sprawled across the grass of golden gate park. the first time it's been on full display since 1996 when it cover the national mall in washington, d.c., parties cleve jones came up with the idea for the quilt. 35 years ago during a candlelight march in memory of supervisor harvey milk and mayor george moscone e it was november 1985. and the aids death toll in san francisco hit 1000. it only because so many people shared my need to express our grief and our anger. >> our outrage at the lack of government response. what started as an idea to memorialize the men and women dying of aids still lives on to this day, growing to more than 50,000 panels with more than 100,000 names of those who have died of the virus. it doesn't matter what other
9:42 pm
people say because police everybody told me this was the stupidest thing that ever heard of. you know, it went on to become one of the world's largest community arts project in history. the quilt is overseen by the national aids memorial weighing roughly 54 tons and growing. i have some red thread for its 35th anniversary quilt volunteers like michael been joining and joni just are gathered once a week in san francisco's castro district to help create new panels and repair old ones that use hot michael has had making a panel for friend of e- several times like the one covered in pink tool for his friend, james. he was one of those people that is. >> so smart. but he also nothing stopped him and he would step over the bounds. each time the quote is taken out of storage and displayed. there's a reading of names, jerry james, people are able to see the lights represented and hear who they were over the loudspeaker. and we news. >> that
9:43 pm
>> your emotions. exploding hall high 35 years since the first panel was created and they're still activism being done by the founders of the aids memorial quilt and those who carry on its mission. the group is shedding light on how hiv and aids affects people of color and other minorities who don't have access to lifesaving medications. >> health care should be for everyone. and now each. is the first step. >> it's why new panels are sewn every day and added to the biggest display of the quilt ever seen in san francisco represents a great deal of love and the power of love. the power of community. what family really means for generations to understand why the first reds were stitched. baker in san francisco, rob nesbitt kron. 4 coming up in sports. we have a new stanley cup champion sports director jason dumas. u.s.. >> has more. well, explorers
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have discovered a shipwreck dating back to world war. 2 u.s. navy destroyer uss samuel b roberts was discovered in the philippines. explorers say that this ship sank in the october of 1944. battle of some are that battle destroyed. most of the imperial japanese navy's
9:47 pm
ships. the ship was found more than 22,000 feet under water. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the giants haven't been bad this season, but they're still looking to put together a prolonged stretch of good baseball. it's been mostly up and down all season long. sunday was the last game of their series with the reds and it was a perfect afternoon to be out on the bay. the whole family had to be flown. looked at top of the 3rd. no score. one on for brandon drury center field. have this one over the right fielder's head and sell the wrong comes into score drewery with an rbi triple red strike. first later in the threes it matt reynolds. get all of this one. austin slater missed misplays it goes over his head bounces over the wall for a ground-rule double cincinnati extend their lead to 4 very next batter. albert almora. he
9:48 pm
finds the hole in left. 2 more runs. come on in to score read. just pouring it on a seven-run 3rd ending anthony di school. funny. he's been bad this year. he had 2 outs in the inning before giving up 7 runs. reds win 10 to 3. the giants. they'll have the day off. they'll host the tigers on tuesday. and this is. >> the a's in i twice tonight with in kansas city. trying for their first series win top of the 6th 7006th round baby is gone. >> that's gone. solo home. run his 10th of the season to nothing. a bottom of the frame. edward brooke. >> all of their is hot, one to shallow right? the ball falls were you see those 2 collide run scores to give the royals the lead. the runners thrown out at second. but the bigger concern is second. this collision chad pender. jonah bride, take another look at
9:49 pm
what happened. they both stayed down. pender eventually got up. he was okay. bright. he had to be helped up. he left big game with a cut on his nose in a banged up shoulder. seen this before. that hurts. but fortunately wasn't who series 7th inning. now 3 to royals. nick allen bloops one to center. it falls pender scores cristian scores score for the 3 a's. they win 5 to 3. they take 2 of 3 in kansas city. >> that's their first series win since may 25th >> all right. let's head out to omaha, nebraska, college world series. >> game 2 between ole miss and oklahoma. bottom of the 8th tied at 2 oklahoma's trevon michael for the wild pitch. all miss takes advantage of it. that's the go ahead. run. it would carry a 2 run lead into the 9th. and here is the final strikeout. ole miss wins. 42. they sweep the series. that is their first.
9:50 pm
world series college world series actually say tight. good for the rebels. stanley cup being wheeled into the arena in tampa. >> and then late game 6. artturi lehkonen nice wrister there. find the back of the net. colorado take the 2, one lead. it would never give up that lead. the avalanche win the stanley cup. they take it in 6. its its first championship since 2001. the lightning scared tonight, a 3 night. >> all right. that is your look at sports. come on over. come on. we'll talk a little bit about what do you think these guys are going to win the stanley cup? you know, like when alex ovechkin, one. >> he was like going on a tor and yeah, hair dryer there i was at championship parade out working in that market one, the caps won. they just laugh. and you know, plays like a and yeah, i mean, they get punched
9:51 pm
in the face, losing on their back, like out on the ice in the next 5 minutes. yet they're going have a lot of fun. yeah, they fly. but will there in florida might? so, yeah, they're going to be party in florida is why as eye and tampa's celebrating a lot of championships and all that lately sound it will be 5 and the fun good for them yet. jason, thank you as always. appreciate you. all right. we're going to take a look now at our 4 zone forecast. here's a live look at the bucky ball out there and the exploratorium along the embarcadero and in san francisco. pretty nice night out tonight. had a really nice day for the parade today. breeze is going to stay this way. yeah, we're tracking cool weather along the coast with mild temperatures inland. a lot of you for warmest in the valleys. >> may not even need a sweater at this 9 o'clock hour. so let's take a look at half moon bay. definitely feeling that cool sea breeze and also noticing that marine layer out there for our bay area beaches currently in the mid-fifties and we are starting to see it extend into the east bay
9:52 pm
shoreline and also going to bring us around of drizzle fest not just along the coast, but even for those of you along the east bay shoreline as well to start your monday morning commute with drier conditions and better lifting with that cloud cover by monday afternoon at a lot of sunshine. another round of hot temperatures inland to start your work week monday. but from now, until then, check out livermore in concord, even and chuck in the low to mid 70's there, 20 degrees warmer than our coolest coaatal city. so hard to believe that it's nearly 10 o'clock. and we're still tracking mid 70's out there right now for concord, an antioch, everyone else in the 50's 60's this evening. things of that cool sea breeze and that marine layer that unfortunately hasn't made its way inland along east bay valleys, but enjoy that because these are deadly. the most pleasant temperatures that you felt all day right now at this 9 o'clock hour with tonight, overnight lows, widespread 50's with exception of those of you in antioch, only cooling down to 68 degrees. but once again, warming up into the low 90's. remember warmest inland
9:53 pm
valleys for the north bay and east bay should be in the low to mid 80's, but we're going to see temperatures. 48 degrees above average with santa rosa nevado. also in the low 90 season along the coast. thanks to that marine layer. but we are going to notice some northwesterly winds bring some hazy skies and moderate air particles tomorrow. so we are going to notice poor air quality continuing through your monday workweek forecast. but then finally relief arriving wednesday. so 2 days of hot weather for inland valleys in the low 90's and then 70's by next weekend. i'll have your full 10 at 10 outlook to show you what's going to happen on the 4th of just a few minutes because you're going to love the forecast. yeah, i think a lot of people are looking for that, right. our next holiday coming up, fireworks, all the fun, all the fun and fog as well. so we're going to track the skies to for that fire forecasted to keep in mind. thanks a lot in recent and we >> all right. well, if you're a seafood fan, then you might want to try this. this is that. >> crabb flavored whiskey. maybe you might not want to try it with the story behind
9:54 pm
this bottle. after the break.
9:55 pm
i'm gonna earn 3% on dining including takeout with chase freedom unlimited. that's a lot of cash back. are you gonna stop me? uh-oh... i'm almost there... too late! boom! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours.
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all right. good to be taking a look now some crab flavored whiskey. a man. okay. i don't know if i'd want to drink anything like that. there's a new england company that >> dealing crabs that have been eating up the coastal ecosystem there in new england. it's in the tamworth distilling company. new
9:57 pm
hampshire is made the crab trap or this is a green crab flavored whiskey. sounds disgusting. the drink is a partial cure to find use for the state's invasive pesky green crabs, making a rack of the coastal areas. the crusty critter can eat as many as 50 clams and oysters today. so that's a problem for them. the crab whiskey is a modified sour mash combined with green crabb stock and it cost $65. i think it'll keep my money about buying your own scottish island. that would be cool. the i love a love which is located in the shetland island sits on about 750 acres includes a 17 th-century mansion and even a bell tower that dates back to 18. 94. you can get about 6 and a half miles of coastline. that could all be yours for 2.1 million bucks. that's less than anything you could buy here in like the san francisco bay area, a whole island. that's pretty nice. so maybe you know, some of your friends there. they you know, pull a little cash together you can
9:58 pm
have a your own island, maybe rename it. have a good time. all at the movies, box office rarity, the elvis presley bio-pic actually tying maverick, which is the top gun sequel in weekend ticket sales. the 2 films reported 30.5 million dollars in ticket sales surpassing the initial weekend box office. expectations. >> well, the top gun sequel remain remarkably strong in its 5th week. drastic world dominion took 3rd place with 26.4 million dollars in ticket sales haven't seen toppin yet. but i hear it's awesome. so i just found out that top gun is tom cruise's first billion dollar movie ever. and it's the sequel to top gun maverick's. it's like amazing. yeah. that saute a sequel did to clean up a head of the other one absolutely. it's also really good. yeah. ever seen top gun? yeah. i've seen first on the first one is awesome. i think it still holds up. there's a lot of people out there like second
9:59 pm
one is just as good. if not love it. alright, those. >> all right. strong words. thanks a lot. we're going to
10:00 pm
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