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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  June 29, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> and now and noon residents of oakland rally for the right to vote on public funds that could go towards building that brand stadium. a big change coming to the united states supreme court. the justices retiring a new one comes on board. what this means for the makeup of the court. and we're looking ahead to the july 4th holiday will have a look at how to keep your pets safe. >> from the bay news station. you're watching kron. news at noon. >> well, everyone, thanks for joining us here at kron. 4 news at noon. i'm theresa a big show of support before a key meeting on howard terminal
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and the a's proposed stadium. oakland city council members will consider whether they will put on the november ballot. the issue of using public funds for the project. councilmember noel gallo says that the athletics are asking citizens to pay too much to get the project off the ground is main point is that oakland has a duty to take care of its residents. first. and that the city has been burned before by sports teams. >> i want the oakland to stay here in oakland, but at the same time, i have to recognize the investment, the citizens in terms. so what the priorities that we have before us. so if i go beyond the 1 billion expenditure and that increases to lifetime. and this is what the raiders and the warriors didn't open, that the city taxpayers are responsible for all the court cost overruns because at the
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stadium coliseum, the raiders and warriors are left have left. i am still paying as a taxpayer. >> council member gallo says that the city has launched a cost benefit analysis of the project and he wants to see that report before he can support the howard terminal project earlier this morning. welcome. mayor libby schaff gave her perspective saying that a public vote on whether to use public funds would only serve to delay the project and ultimately be legal legally binding. >> on whether or not to basically delay this project by putting an advisory vote, which isn't even binding on the ballot. so if you like this project, i encourage you to tell your city council members don't do that. >> now this is all ahead of an oakland city council meeting that's going to be taking place in july 5th, more than 5,000 oakland residents have signed a petition and supported the measure. a
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recent poll found that 75% of residents want that vote. well, the oakland school board could vote on a plan to keep some schools open. tonight's resolution vote could request the use of 66 million dollars. now the district budget to cape for schools that were slated to close open next year. the oakland unified school district had decided to close or merge a handful of schools due to a budget deficit issue. the school district says 35% of its schools are enrolled at below sustainable levels. advocates say that the schools that will be closed will hurt underserved communities. tonight's meeting is set for 4 o'clock. new at noon, a big change to the united states supreme court is now official justice stephen breyer has notified. the white house said he will be officially retiring tomorrow. justice breyer has spent 28 years on the bench.
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he in a letter to president biden, he wrote that it was a great honor to serve the court in an effort to maintain our constitution and rule of law. he was one of 3 justices of the court's liberal wing who dissented and last week's roe v wade decision, there are still opinions and orders. the justices have to finalize this week, including 2 very significant cases involving the environment and immigration. now, once briar does retire, his seat will be filled by judge ketanji brown jackson. she is the first black woman to serve on our nation's highest court. it's not clear right now when exactly she will be sworn in and her appointment will not affect the ideologically balance of the court as the 63 conservative majority. they will remain intact. meantime, the fallout continues last week from last week's ruling of roe v wade. many states are already rolling back abortion
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rights and now the decision could make it even harder for women seeking fertility treatments like ivf kron four's taylor bisaki explains. >> if you consider life beginning at fertilization. can we inseminate extra sites? can we freeze every owes? can we test embryos to exclude genetic diseases in fertility treatments like in vitro fertilization or ivf? >> brings together ag's in outside the body to create an embryo doctor marcelle cedars director at ucsf division of reproductive endocrinology and infertility says multiple embryos are typically created for those undergoing care. however, if states pass laws stating life begins at fertilization and only one embryo could be produced and transferred at a time which could cause complications nature. >> best incubator.
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>> around only about one in 4 fertilized days makes a healthy baby. and so in the process in the laboratory, we can actually witness that growth and development of the embryos. and you can see those embryos that are able to make it to what we called the blastocyst stage. doctor cedars says. >> about 50% of embryos make it to this stage, which has the highest chance of a successful pregnancy. and by only allowing one embryo to be producing transferred that success rate significantly drops and it adds additional risks to the mother and to the children. doctor rubin now vero who's the director of stanford's division of reproductive endocrinology and infertility says broad or imprecise language used in some state-level abortion bans could also impair access to ivf. hope >> not only nationally do we have a return to the rights couples and women to the
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by-product of care that they that they want and the and serve but also prevent any further expansion of this thinking that which i think is is indeed dangerous. while the overturning of roe v wade doesn't immediately restrict infertility treatments. >> experts say the wording of laws in some states could unintentionally impair access to ivf. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> well, there's some new research out that shows of babies born through ivf in vitro fertilization are more likely to be smarter teenagers and naturally conceived children. however. that study which looked at 280,000 children in finland, also found that babies born through ivf, for prone to mental health problems. researchers say that better schooling performance among ivf babies may come down to wealthier families, be more likely to afford the procedure. more
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than 8 in 10 couples conceive naturally within a year of trying to. well, amazon is now the latest retailer to limit emergency contraceptive pills. the supply of the pills are dwindling, forcing retailers to limit purchases. amazon is joining companies like ride a cvs and walmart and temporarily capping sales of plan b pills. ave and 3 different products. so you can only buy 3 at a time. plan b pills can be sold without a prescription. and facebook and instagram have started removing ads for the morning after pill. this comes after some people have been posting about how women can legally get abortion pills in the mail. some even offering to mail them the platform says parent company meta says that it has a policy against giving or selling pharmaceutical drugs. well, house speaker nancy pelosi, would she receive communion at the vatican this morning? she and her husband met with the pope
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francis ahead of the mask. the speaker is catholic but has long been a vocal supporter of abortion rights last month. the archbishop of san francisco announced set miss pelosi would be barred from receiving communion in his diocese until she ends her support for abortion rights. switching gears, let's talk about our forecast as we take a live look outside. you can see that there's some it could mix with some blue skies, but to get all the facts. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here to tell us what is the deal is kind of cooling down a little bit, right? yeah. finally feeling some inland relieved for our warmest inland valleys. concord, in livermore, double-digit cooling low to mid 70's. so conquered. you're currently at 73 degrees. >> nearly 20 degrees warmer than pacifica in the mid-fifties with low 60's. for those of you in oakland into bron and widespread 60's and 70's as you make your way in the north bay with nap and
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delay at 68 degrees. santa rosa in the mid 70's, but still very pleasant. temperatures out there right now. 5 to 15 degrees cooler from coastal valleys. biggest drop in temperatures for those of you in concord and livermore. so hope you're enjoying those pleasant temperatures out there right now for your wednesday afternoon when tracker for tracking a stronger sea breeze out there as the winds out of the south and west going to see gusts 20 to 30 miles per hour throughout today and even for tomorrow. but that marine layer going to stay stubborn along the coast. details on that. and also your full 4th of july weekend forecast in just a few minutes to thank you very much. looking forward to that will bring you now to wildfire coverage. the rice is fire. it's burning in nevada county, east of sacramento. hundreds of firefighters are trying to take control. >> on the ground from the air it on. wallace has a report from the fire lines. >> this is the good news that a lot of people in this area wanted to see. the air attack has started today and notice that helicopter. these
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helicopters started to come in and start to douse these flames this morning since about 9 o'clock. so they've been going after for a few hours now. of course, they did not do that overnight because of the darkness. but here they are again. and this is really important because you can see here we've been seeing all morning is this is a ridge very difficult to access on the ground. so you have to have this air attack to at least help significantly with this fire fight. now we are standing just south of the yuba river and west of highway. 49 flames towards the hillside throughout the night. and this really is the concern for firefighters heading into the day as temperatures begin to heat up in this late morning and early afternoon. crews are hoping to get a handle on this fire, a fire they say started yesterday afternoon when some sort of structure in the rural area of rice's crossing near bridgeport went up in flames and quickly spread to nearby grass and brush. now crews immediately got to work from the air on the ground yesterday afternoon trying to protect now hundreds of structures that remain under threat. and that's why back
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ation orders are in effect for many small communities in this area, including the french corral community. and coming back here, you can hear and see those helicopters hard at work. and that is certainly good news. and you can imagine this firefight is going to is going to continue for the entire day. as long as the sun is up because you can see this fire certainly stubborn. but with the help of the air attack, well, they're giving it all. they have reporting here from nevada tom wallace. >> thank you for that one. nato declares russia me number one, how this will affect the u.s. as the west ramps up support to ukraine and later on in our show, we'll have some tips and how you can keep your pets com when the fireworks start to explore. i explode for the 4th of july. and coming up, santa's a low riders are now on the right side of the law. but supporters are calling a big win. for that. when the south
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bay, the san jose city council voted unanimously to approve cruising within city limits. kron 4 sarah stinson has the story for us. >> yeah, big win. the latino community, especially for city councilmember raul peralez. he was really the person who fought to make this happen. and last night the san jose city council unanimously decided to repeal this 30 year
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ban on lou writing slash cruising. i've already received a number of calls and messages on social media and people posting in in. >> enjoying the moment and really sharing in what is a historical moment. >> 4, the low reading culture that you kind of community, latino community. this is a, you know, a phenomenon that really started back in the 60's and then it continued more as a part of the chicano civil rights movement. so driving display of cars if you're not familiar. but then in the early 1990's, many cities including san jose but local ordinance into effect into a crime and council member prelates called on city leaders to change is saying he remembers being stopped several times by police who assumed low riding. then you are involved with gangs. i was pulled out of my car, sat on the curb surge, had my car search right and realized that i had an ability to to to deny that. >> and this was happening
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regularly. not just to me, right, but just to to loretta community out there and to people like myself that had nothing to do with gangs or drugs or violence or criminal activity. and now, right, we get to celebrate the fact that's not going happen with i think we'll likely see some people cruising out this weekend have already been invited by some friends. write book. you know, you want to go out and celebrate and grows. so, you know, san jose police haven't really issued any citations for cruising in the last 20 years. but here at city hall council members voted on this unanimously to make sure that it's not a crime. when people do this. and that's what council member perales says is so important. >> i'm sarah stinson reporting in san jose. back to you. >> sarah, thank you for that. well, let's talk about our forecast as we take a live look outside. you can see kind of chilly conditions of all that fog. is that going to hang around? kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is going to tell us if that is going to happen. bruce, their yeah. very stubborn. june gloom going to
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hate it long. our bay area coastline today downtown san francisco. 58 degrees. check out and tiago in the mid 80's of toasty temperatures there with conch are finally getting some much-needed inland. relieve. >> currently, 10 degrees cooler than that in the mid 70's at 73 degrees. so we're seeing a lot more sunshine for those of you in the east bay over berkeley and that june gloom pattern going to stick around for the remainder of this week. but we are going to see, though, as we take a look at futurecast for some patchy drizzle as well tonight, even through your thursday morning commute. so just keep that in mind. and we're going to cool down even more this weekend ahead of our 4th of july monday. so let's take a look at futurecast for i know a lot of people want to know that sky cover and there's a reason why they call it no sky july, especially throughout the first couple of days. for those of you in july. but we are going to see a little bit of better clearing, but make sure the state inland because that's where you're going to see the best viewing for our
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fire. for fireworks for your 4th of july monday. and also that stubborn marine layer along the coast going to hang tight there. so details on that in your full weekend forecast and what you can expect for the remainder of your work week. coming up in just a few minutes. theresa, back to you for braces. thank you for that was a police are investigating a crash that killed one person and happened in the area of santa teresa boulevard. and santa schober old guard. >> the car crashed into a tree. the driver was taken to the hospital but sadly died. no word yet. right now in the driver's name of what caused the crash. a woman is in critical condition this afternoon after she was hit by a bus in menlo park. this is video of the scene. they're at el camino near glenwood avenue. it happened around one this morning. menlo park. police said that it appears she was not in the crosswalk when she was hit. the investigation is ongoing. new at noon, a bart police have arrested 2 people in connection to a shooting at the west oakland bart station that sent one person to the hospital that shooting
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happened saturday around 1 o'clock in the afternoon. officials say that an officer spotted the 2 suspects at the montgomery station last night. 28 year-old selvin lopez, a 19 year-old jesse. so the goods man taken into custody on multiple charges. the victim of the shooting is expected to survive their injuries. staying in the u.s. by the city of san leandro is considering offering higher pay and ordered to deal with police staffing shortages. the proposal would mean that current staff members, we get $20,000 to encourage them to stay. >> this also includes emergency dispatchers who would be paid in 3 installments over a two-year period. the first payments would go out within 30 days of the council's approval. the idea will be discussed at the july 5th city council meeting.
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>> if you are a gun owner, you may want to pay very close attention to this. hackers breached a california department of justice database. >> that contains the names, addresses and licenses, types of every gun owner in the state of california. this is according to the for fresno county sheriff's office. they say that hackers release of personal information of every quote, concealed carry weapon permit holder in the state. the state attorney general's office is trying to figure out just how many people are affected and also plans to contact permit holders directly to let them know about the bridge. and this just in disgrace. singer r kelly has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for using his fame to subject young fans to abuse. the 55 year-old was found guilty last year of racketeering. another council jury in brooklyn agreed with prosecutors that kelly used his entourage of managers unaids done meet girls and keep them loyal in an
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operation. they said amounted to a criminal enterprise. kelly has been held behind bars without bail since 2019. he is also facing child and obstruction of justice charges in chicago. the trial is scheduled to begin in august. still ahead, a warning this afternoon about a popular food delivery service called daily harm us. why? >> hundreds of people say that they have gotten sick. and new housing rules and san francisco could make things a lot more affordable for homebuyers. more details on that coming up. and as the bay area gets ready to celebrate 4th of july, kron 4. well, we have you covered. join live in the bay host olivia horton. as we bring you the fireworks show in san francisco, concord, brand and senate say don't miss kron four's july 4th live this monday, starting at 9. more housing could soon
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be coming to san francisco. the board of supervisors approved an ordinance yesterday which would allow small multi unit buildings and areas previously zone for new single family homes. kron four's amanda hari has the story. >> we have huge housing shortage. this will mean that, you know, instead of the monster how you know what, you might get his own. yeah, one 3 or 4 flat building in
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ordinance passed by the san francisco board of supervisors would allow large single-family homes to turn into multi unit buildings. the ordinance was sponsored by supervisor rafael mandelman. >> he says in a statement, quote, the way much of san francisco, his own today makes it easier to flip existing housing into luxury monster homes. then to build small apartment buildings for regular people. if someone is going to build to the size allowed by our current z-ning in a given neighborhood, why not have 4 or 6 middle-class households in the same size box other than one very wealthy family. the ordinance would allow for units and most lots and 6 units on corner lots. it provides an exception to density limits in residential house owning districts. >> which covers roughly 60% of the city's developable land area. tom ridge will of executive director of livable city, a nonprofit that advocates for more affordable housing says he's excited about the chain says it's been a long time coming and a long
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overdue step for san and, you know, creating more opportunities for housing. he says people don't have to worry about major changes to their neighborhoods. it will happen slowly. it's not going to change physically. and one of the goals of this ordinance was to make sure that the new buildings are pretty much the same size and scale. >> that you're used to. the ordinance says no rent-controlled units or current multifamily units would be removed to create these new unit. he says he believes this change could positively impact people that are ready live in these areas. so that's going to, you know, not continue to drive up rents and property prices in the way that it has. but >> provides housing options that folks in there but actually need the vote was the first of 2 required for the ordinance to be adopted. it's expected to be at the board's next regularly scheduled meeting on july. 12th. >> if approved by the mayor, the new zoning would go into effect in late august. amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> well, next at noon taking action against an epidemic. how the cdc is trying to slow
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the spread of monkeypox. plus, staffing shortages could trigger another turbulent to travel weekend. what companies are doing to get more pilots back to work. and president biden says that more u.s. warships are heading to european waters to support nato, how the alliance is strengthening response to the russian invasion. all of that comi
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back to 12, 30 on this wednesday. big news overseas at the nato summit in madrid. the alliance officially declaring russia is the most significant and direct threat to its 30 members. this is part of nato's new strategic concept released today. the document is only renewed every 10 years and lays out nato's biggest challenges and goals for the next decade. also new this morning, president biden saying that the u.s. will enhance its military presence in europe. 2 positioning ahead of further russia aggression in ukraine. >> are from unity and determination our lives, too. the friend every inch, >> troops will be stationed in romania, the uk and spain. this comes ahead of the expected announcement that nato will increase in number of combat, ready troops along
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its eastern flank by nearly 8 times. there is dramatic new video of the moment. a russian missile hit a shopping center in central ukraine. at least 18 people di did. but that number is expected to go up ukraine. president zelensky said that hundreds of people were in the mall at the time of the missile attack. many are still unaccounted for in the rubble. solon ski has called it one of the most daring terrorist attacks in european history. and developing this afternoon, there are new questions about what some are calling the most detailed and dramatic testimony yet. and the january 6 investigation, former white house 8 cassidy hutchinson testifying under oath about former president trump's behavior on that day. but now one of her claim is being disputed by mister trump himself and members of the secret service. joe khaleel has more for us. >> some of the most damning testimony yet in the january 6
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hearings from cassidy hutchinson, former aide white house chief of staff mark meadows, who had a front row seat inside the west wing in the days leading up to and on january 6 hutchinson testified she heard second hand inside his armored suv. a furious president trump angry secret service wouldn't drive into the capital trying to grab the wheel followed by this. we're not going to the capitol. >> mister trump then used his free hand to lunge towards bobby angle and mister, when mister not have recounts, the stories me hit motion towards his clavicle. ys. that account now under dispute and it's an allegation under oath that the former president and making he's learned the agents involved deny trump posting. >> her fake story that i tried to grab the wheel of the white house limousine in order to steer it to the capitol building is sick and fraudulent very much like the on select committee itself wouldn't even have been possible to do such a
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ridiculous thing. hutchinson also painted a picture of a chaotic white house leading up to january 6th. >> sounds like we're going to go to the capitol. he didn't look up from his phone and said something to the effect of. there's a lot going don't k get real real bad. on january 6 hutchinson testified the white house counsel her boss mark meadows. >> and the president all knew the potential for violence before january 6th, among the most serious allegations she leveled that president trump pressed to secret service to waive armed protesters through metal detectors near the white house to make his crowd size look bigger and knowing they were armed called for them to head to the capitol. anyway, president trump publicly questioned hutchinson is credibility during the hearing, posting, quote, i hardly knew who this person cassidy hutchinson is other than i heard very negative things about her. a to al phony and a leaker. and when she requested to go with certain others of the team to
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florida after my having served a full term in office, i personally turned her request why did she want to go with us? if she felt we were so terrible. i was judge joe khalil reporting far as we have learned that 2 secret service agents who were there >> on that day are willing to testify. we're going to bring you the details as soon as we get them. well, today the cdc activated its emergency operation center to respond to monkeypox the outbreak in the united states. there has been more than 300 cases across 27 states and washington, d.c., so far, california, illinois and new york. each reported more than 40 cases, no deaths yet u.s. health officials have expanded the group of people who should get vaccinated against the virus, adding that people who think they may have been exposed to the virus. health officials are also providing more vaccines and offering more testing. a 2 dose shot is approved for monkeypox in the united states. there is a warning
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this afternoon about the popular food delivery service daily harvest. hundreds of people say, but they have become seriously ill after eating one of the company's meals. sandra mitchell tells us it's still unclear what is exactly making people sick. >> scared me scared my husband. a few weeks ago, sarah shot wondered if she would live through the night. she went to the hospital with severe stomach and body pain. having like pack up and go to the er. just say here, my labs. it sounds like we need to make sure that i'm going to be ok tonight. shots illness could be linked to what she ate a product from daily harvest, a popular vegan food company. almost 500 people cross. the u.s. already reported they became extremely ill after eating french lentil and leek crumbles. >> from the food delivery service, the company now has recalled the product. i know enough. >> about outbreaks to be.
12:37 pm
really concerned. the fda is investigating and the first lawsuits have been filed. but so far there is no explanation for the mystery illness. >> tests coming back negative for hepatitis e-coli and salmonella daily harvest posted on their website that despite consulting with numerous experts cooperating with fda's investigation, working with our supply chain and conducting extensive testing. we have not yet identified a cause. another patient. 32 year-old kara lynn sweet of hollywood told me by telephone just hours after she ate the product, she too, became realy sic. i was i was. >> like nahshon and really sick to my stomach. the fda now is testing for a wide range of toxins. but right now there is no real explanation and no prognosis for those who are still suffering, not knowing what caused all of this damage is scary because you can't know yet if there's
12:38 pm
long-term damage. >> that was senator mitchell reporting for us. food safety advocates say that this issue highlights the need for more government oversight when it comes to the food we eat. now, let's talk about the forecast as we take a live look outside to the bay bridge. i want to know what food, whether i'm going to have for food on 4th of july, right. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here to give us all the details. hi their trees. a great barbecue weather not going to be as scorching hot for inland valleys as it has been the last couple of days. our heat wave officially over as of this afternoon, widespread low to mid 70's for warmest in the valleys. still a little bit toasty for those of you in check at 83 degrees. but check out 58 degrees with low 60's. for those of you at half moon bay. so we are tracking an increase of that cloud cover june gloom. very stubborn along our bay area coastline. specifically the san francisco peninsula coastline. that's why are beaches in the 50's 60's out there this afternoon
12:39 pm
with future cast for going to show that marine we're pushing its way inland, giving us some patchy drizzle as well into your thursday morning. but overall, the cooling trend going to continue overnight lows tonight, widespread low to mid and upper 50's santa rosa barely in the low 50's at 50 degrees with antioch trying to flirt with 60's. but 59 degrees for your overnight lows in temperatures tomorrow. we're going to stay below average. in fact, we're going to be really warm up into the low 80's for those of you in santa rosa, flirting with 80's for livermore, fremont and even san jose and widespread 60's 70's along the bay area shoreline with half moon bay at 59 degrees. so >> temperatures this weekend going to track cooler 5 to 10 degrees below average pace of that thicker marine layer. we are going to see widespread drizzle this weekend specifically saturday morning and sunday morning. and then no sky july is going to be in the forecast for your 4th of july monday. so remember along the coast, that's where we typically see the deep u.s.
12:40 pm
marine layer with better clearing inland. but we'll have more of that cloud cover in your 4th of july forecast coming up in just a few minutes. back to you, theresa race and thank you for that. it is summer travel season and travels expected hit a highway traffic levels soaring ahead of the 4th of july weekend. >> officials say that the airport was especially busy for memorial day weekend. they estimate more than 240,000 passengers could pass through the airport between tomorrow. and next tuesday. meantime, the airline industry continues to cancel. we're delay hundreds of flights daily. pilot shortages are so bad that some regional pilots with american airlines will make more than $600,000 an hour flying in july. kelsey kernstine has more for us. >> summer air travel has become the perfect storm. ticket sales skyrocketing and a pilot shortage still grounding flights. they offered so many early
12:41 pm
retirements that now they have in the scramble situation to hire part airline companies blame the pandemic and now they're paying a hefty price. american airlines desperate to get pilots back to work now offering 300% more pay from july. second through the 31st to operate its regional carrier envoy air the company stressing it's fully staffed for its summer schedule. but former commercial pilot mike hat and says companies need extra pilots to account for bad weather and or sick calls. the airlines in days past would just replace those products with reserve pilots that were at the airport. now that there's a shortage, we don't have those pilots and add to the pilot crisis. some pilots at delta are planning to picket these frustration thursday. the union representing them say pilots will hit the line at hartsfield-jackson international and other major airports around the country right before the busy 4th of july weekend upset over short staffing and mass cancellations and demanding a better contract. and delta
12:42 pm
airlines responding to the picketing in a statement this informational exercised by some of our off-duty pilots will not disrupt our operation for our customers. >> that was kelsey kernstein reporting for us. delta airlines says that it wants to provide more flexibility to travelers over the 4th of july weekend offering waivers. >> to rebook with no change significant. well, coming up in our next half hour, experts are sounding the alarm on tech support scams. what you need to look out for popular music app as a way for you to join and more on spotify karaoke. coming up. and some tips to help your pets get through the scary time of independence day. we'll have a live interview for you with some tips that you're going to want
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>> the 4th of july weekend is just a couple days away. some local vendors have already begun selling so-called safe and sane fireworks. as you can see on the map. we want to share this with you. safe and sane. fireworks are legal and a handful of bay area cities. the sales often go towards local charities or and or organizations like little lake safe, meaning that the fireworks to not actually explode or fly around in the air, but they still can cause some injury. and if you are caught using them in cities where they are not legal, you can also expect a fine.
12:46 pm
fireworks aren't just a legal and some cities. they can also be pretty problematic for your pets. right now, we are joined by micah mckechnie and she is a behavior and training specialist with the east bay spca. and she's here on some tips. >> to help keep your pets com make it through. i know that we lost a pet one time one 4th of july. so it's something that touches my quite closely. so please help us what is the one thing that you really like to share with people to take into consideration? when talk about the 4th of july. it's great, but it's loud. >> absolutely thank you so much for having me. i think if there was one take away message that you can really use to keep your pet safe. but during this 4th of july weekend, keep them inside and make sure that if the worst should happen, they have dented the cajun on multiple forms of identification are
12:47 pm
both color with up to the information on that as well microchips microchips are really, really essential. and i can't tell you how hard it is when do get a stray animal in her chair, we're able to reunite them very quickly and efficiently with their humans because they have that microchipped very quick and easy. it's generally fairly inexpensive. i believe it's only $20 come in and get your membership without. so that's number but number 2, i think definitely there's a lot of things that we can do to help prepare pets we know maybe are not feeling super good about the upcoming holiday they hear fireworks are very fearful. there are many things can do to help them feel more comfortable in your living space. number keep them inside. that's definitely a big one. we want to make sure that all exits and entrances are secured so that if noise goes off, there's a sponsored
12:48 pm
panic response easily get to the outside and get confused, disoriented and so securing entrances and exits and whether you're talking dogs or cats, because cats definitely are affected by this making sure they have a safe sanctuary space to be able to all that setting areas up in your home is pretty easy >> crates are a fantastic way. just keeping them nice and open. you can soundproof d i y things like comforters but making sure that they have the choice to go to a place that feels safe for we often recommend setting up several feet. so want to set of a back lighting or like i said, craig, if you've got cats, what i personally like to do, it might have to set up lots of accessible hiding spots in areas that wherever they are in the house, they can quickly access if something is going to start of them. definitely it so white noise can help
12:49 pm
depending on your area. all that one of the big factors of how scary these lawyers are. of course, even if you're farther away from them is how startling there. so there's some background noise that can help mitigate that was often very, very helpful as well. >> and the one i i think that we we know that a lot of people adopted pets during the pandemic. so this could be the first go-around that those owners are going to have this holiday. so that said, michael, what do you think it? it is maybe best practices to stay home with the pet because you're not exactly sure how they may be responding to these loud noises. absolutely interested. that's definitely one of the things try to advocate for as much as possible. if you happy with your animal, it's best if you don't know how they're going to react during this though, some of us may have been getting a preview over the past few weeks, especially live in oakland. there has been some noise, but if you
12:50 pm
are unsure about how your animals going to react, if at all possible staying with is is is preferable and being able to be there as a comfort to them as needed. >> this guy, i talked to his mom. this is an alumnus of our organization, his name and jamison. and i talked to his mom this morning about how she firework. preventing them being stressed are fearful. and she said that one of the biggest factors in how comfortable he is is whether she's there regardless of where they are in the house. he'll just kind of stay close. he doesn't panic necessarily she's they're not responsible. absolutely right. staying home with her animal, especially during those peak times, know happening. so so important. great tips. thank you so much. will make sure that we put that on kron 4 dot com and we appreciate your time today. >> absolutely. thank you so much for having me. thanks, mike. a well, the nonprofit l
12:51 pm
vet projects is visiting to san francisco streets and providing free veterinary care and supplies for pets owned by homeless people. they tell us that they helped more than 3,000 pets around the country last summer. the pop-up will be at mother browns in the bayview district tomorrow and friday. they're open from 9 in the morning until 2 o'clock in the afternoon. and a great service. let's talk about our forecast as we take a live look outside the bar code or you can see that the >> trees are swaying a little bit. so that kind of gives me the indication that's a little bit windy. but, you know, who has all the facts? kron 4 meteorologist mab4isa rodriguez joining us to tell so what's the current temperature out there? >> yeah, right now we're seeing 50's and 60's out there along the coast. last check downtown san francisco at 58 degrees with up mid 50's. for those of you in pacifica, widespread low 60's along the east bay shoreline and really finally for warmest inland valleys, low to mid 70's out
12:52 pm
there right now for your new lunchtime hours. so when tracker for we are tracking a cool sea breeze, a little bit stronger. so not seeing those northerly winds, warm, dry, offshore breeze is going to be a thing from the past for the next couple of days. in fact, we're going to see winds out of the west-southwest increasing that cloud cover stubborn marine le are going to hang tight along our bay area coastline. and you can see right now it's over half moon bay, june gloom out there in full force, especially for bay area beaches, a mix of sun and clouds for downtown san francisco. but overall, we are going to see with futurecast for that really are going to push inland into our valleys by tonight. thanks to that stronger sea breeze around 30 miles per hour or less. and then for your 4th of july outlook, we're going to see that thicker marine layer on sunday, but then better clearing by monday. but we're still going to see that coastal fog right along the coast, areas of the bay area. so just keep that in mind. if you want the best viewing for 4th of july, fireworks head inland, we're going to have great barbecue weather warming
12:53 pm
up into the mid 70's for warmest inland valleys after being in the low 70's by sunday. still a little bit below average with temperatures warming up a week from today. back to you, theresa thank you for that for your money. right now, the federal trade commission has filed a lawsuit against wal-mart saying that the retailer allowed money transfer services to be used for fraud. the agency says that wal-mart's policy was to issue the money even when fraud was suspected. it also says that the company >> failed to properly train staff to help prevent consumers from sending money to scammers. walmart acts as an agent for wire transfers on services like moneygram and western union. in a statement, wal-mart is called the lawsuit baseless and factually flawed. it's easy to fall into scams. but now hackers are getting really creative. rich demuro talks to one woman who avoided to scam which takes over your screen and speakers was scary warnings and sounds.
12:54 pm
>> microsoft has been tracking so-called tech support scams for years now. but the scammers continue to get more sophisticated with scary windows that take over your entire screen and even sounding alarm. here's how one woman avoided a headache and how you can too. >> it was a very bizarre moment writer and photographer beverly morris was working on a computer when suddenly to one few years. he's all support immediately. it's looking like a threat that if i don't press like the one that says except. >> i'm going to lose the program. i'm working on and maybe everything else is on my screen. she panicked for graft or phone to start recording and dialed her daughter to help decide what to do. i didn't want to turn it off second, telling the truth and not it's such a huge industry right now. chris hadnagy is an expert in social engineering scams. you see a screen comes up and says your computer's
12:55 pm
locking, you need to call this number to get it unlocked. >> when you call that number, they, of course, want you to pay neither gift cards or cryptocurrency problem is you're not calling microsoft, but a call center filled with scam artists trying to get you to us all software that lets them control your computer and of course, and they locked the computer and tell you that that you need to pay a fee in order to have those errors wiped off. microsoft will never. >> pop for you. that has a phone number for you to call its just not the way we do things. very joe's trade is with microsoft's digital crimes unit. they've been tracking so-called tech support scams since 2014. there have already been over 40 reins of call centers in india. if it happens to you, pause, turn the volume down on your speakers and turn off your computer or use control alt delete to quit the program. you can also go to the website. microsoft dot com slash report a scam to explain what happened. as for beverly, she pushed the power button on
12:56 pm
her computer and avoided a headache. people what do. we can certainly not people. i don't know. it's also a good idea to make sure that your computer is fully backed up. you can do that with max time machine option or windows backup. both are built into those operating systems. >> you can get more information on my website. just go to rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> well, coming up, a popular app is adding a new feature just in time for july 4, right now, it's even easier to sing along with your spotify playlist. matt is coming up the
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12:59 pm
millions jackpot has grown to an estimated 333 million dollars in yesterday's drawing. this after someone in los angeles, 1 7 million dollars for getting 5 out of the 6 numbers correctly in friday's drawing that ticket was bought at a cvs store in inglewood. there's no word right now on the identity of the winner. the powerball jackpot is also huge to 300 and 65 million dollars. well, you can now tester vocal skills using spotify's new karaoke feature. the update will be available for all users starting next month, but some users already have access to see if you have it, pick a song, then select the lyrics option at the bottom of the screen. once you see the words to the song, you can select
1:00 pm
the seeing option on the top right corner. and the new mode will also rate you're singing. that would do it for kron. 4 news at noon right now. let's send it over to olivia horton for live in the bay. can you sing? well, olivia, i listen. all i heard is and i don't know about shoe but karaoke is my while i'm going to i'm going to allow you to do it because i am leave that to my daughter, zahara and appreciate it. well, listen, coming up on the show, another fun show coming up on today's roster. you listen to him on your afternoon. drive. >> morris night from 96 5 it is back in studio for another round of buzz in the bay. then are you in sf music fan? what you need to check out the san francisco music hall of fame. >> we're more about their more than 90 exhibits. plus the film how successfully fail in hollywood was filmed right here in the


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