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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  June 29, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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♪ vive en el estado dorado live in the golden state ♪ >> now at 3 just before a key vote this week on the a's howard terminal ballpark. there is a new push to add the issue on the november ballot. how oakland city leaders are responding. and u.s. health officials step up their fight against monkeypox. what the biden administration is promising americans who want to get vaccinated against the virus. plus summer air travel has become the perfect storm. ticket sales skyrocketing and a pilot shortage still brewing. the warning from airport officials ahead of the 4th of july holiday. >> from the area's local news station. this is kron. 4 news
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at 3. >> thank you for joining us here this wednesday on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm theresa just the wollman has the day off several headlines to let you know about this afternoon. but we begin in the east bay, a big show support before a key meeting on howard terminal and the a's proposed stadium. oakland city council members will consider whether they will put this on the november public funds for the project. councilmember noel gallo says that the athletics are asking citizens to pay too much to get the project off the ground. his main point is that oakland has a duty to take care of its residents first and that the city has been burned by its sports teams before. >> i want the oakland to stay here in oakland, but at the same time, i have to recognize the investment, the citizens and term. so what the priorities that we have before us. so if i go beyond the
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1 billion expenditure and that increases to lifetime. and this is what the raiders and the warriors that an oakland. that the city taxpayers are responsible for all the court cost overruns because at the stadium coliseum, the raiders and warriors are left have left. i am still paying as a taxpayer. >> council member gallo says that the city has launched a cost benefit analysis of the project and he wants to see that report before he can give support to the howard terminal project earlier this morning. welcome. mayor libby schaff gave us her perspective saying a public vote on whether to use public funds but only serve to delay the project and when ultimately be legally binding. >> on whether or not to basically delay this project by putting an advisory vote, which isn't even binding on
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the ballot. so if you like this project, i encourage you to tell your city council members don't do that. >> this is all ahead of an oakland city council meeting that comes on july 5th. more than 5,000 oakland residents have signed a petition in support that measure. a recent poll found more than 75% of residents want that vote. also in oakland, the call for help in oakland's vietnamese community is getting louder this morning. over a dozen business owners called on the city of oakland to allocate funds for community safety residents and small businesses of little saigon say that they are experiencing verbal and physical assaults, robbery and vandalism. they say that they feel neglected and have been for a long time and they're fed up. they say, getting more financial assistance with the support and the budget could bring relief. >> they're very brazen criminals around this area. but yet you don't. have the support of the city yet, you
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know, and that's what we're asking for. we're asking for, you know, a lot of services. team. directed towards this area to help us because we do need help. >> this item will be heard at the oakland city county budget meeting tomorrow morning. happening tonight, the oakland school board is set to vote on a resolution that could reverse and earlier decision to close some schools. the oakland unified school district is slated to close or merge a handful of schools due to a budget deficit. parents and teachers are not happy about the closures and say that the schools that will be close will hurt under served communities. the school district says 35% of its schools are enrolled at below sustainable levels and changes need to be made to save money. tonight's resolution could request to use some 66 million dollars on the budget to keep for schools that were slated to close open next year. tonight's meeting is set for 4
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kron. 4 news will keep you posted on the board's decision. a new today a victory for low riders, a cruising band that had been in place for more than 30 years has been lifted by the san jose city council. kron 4 sarah stinson is in san jose with more for us. >> yeah. big win. the latino community, especially for city councilmember raul peralez. he was really the person who fought to make this happen. and last night the san jose city council unanimously decided to repeal this 30 year ban on lou writing slash. >> cruising, i've already received a number of calls and messages on social media and people posting in in enjoying the moment and really sharing in what is a historical moment. >> 4, the low reading culture that you kind of community, latino community. this is a, you know, a phenomenon that really started back in the 60's and then it continued
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more as a part of the chicano civil rights movement. so driving display of cars if you're not familiar, but then in the early 1990's, many cities including san jose but local ordinance into effect into a crime and council member prelates called on city leaders to change is saying he remembers being stopped several times by police who assumed low riding. then you are involved with games. i was pulled out of my car, sat on the curb surge, had my car search right and realized that i had an ability to to to deny that. >> and this was happening regularly. not just to me, right, but just to to loretta community out there and to people like myself that had nothing to do with gangs or drugs or violence or criminal activity. and now, right, we get to celebrate the fact that's not going to happen with i think we'll likely see some people cruising out this weekend have already been invited by some friends. write book. you know, you want to go out and celebrate and grows. so, you know, san jose police haven't really issued any citations for cruising in the
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last 20 years. but here at city hall council members voted on this unanimously to make sure that it's not a crime. when people do this. and that's what council member perales says is so important. i'm sarah stinson reporting in san jose. >> back to you. >> sarah, thank you for that one unsettling news for licensed gun owners. hackers have gotten a hold of the names, addresses and license types of every gun owner in california. this is according to the fresno county sheriff's says that data from the states justice department was breached. they also said that the information released includes personal information of every concealed carry weapon permit holder in california. the sheriff's office says that the state attorney general's office is working to determine the size of the breach. it also plans to contact permit holders to let them know about what's happened. for your money. monkeypox is spreading quickly in the united states. and
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health leaders are trying to contain the outbreak. the white house just announced a plan to target the disease. our dc correspondent hannah brandt explains what they're doing. >> news about another contagious outbreak may feel like deja but there are some very important differences. monkeypox does not spread nearly as easily is as covid-19. monkeypox is generally spread through close or intimate contact and is rarely deadly. but doctor richard kennedy says handling the disease is similar through containment testing and vaccines. and that's what the white house says it's doing. we are well prepared for this moment. but the tests and the treatments that we need. assistant press secretary kevin munoz says they're working with major lab companies to increase testing and they're sending out 10's of thousands of stockpiled vaccine doses with priority for high-risk areas. i focus is on making sure communities and jurisdictions know the they have those resources so we can stop the spread as quickly as possible. the cdc is recommending the vaccine
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for anyone who may have had close contact with someone infected with monkeypox. right now, health officials believe the disease is mostly circulating among men who have with men. for most people, the risk of encountering this virus right now is really, really low on the case count is currently low. doctor kennedy says the white house is right to act. now there's going to be a lag time as we get these procedures and processes in place. we will see more cases. we will see that spread. >> but do you think at this point we can get a handle on it. we can't control. and the biden administration feels these proactive steps. put the u.s. in a good position. we're not going to put our feet off the gas. you know that we want to stop the spread and we want to avoid any severe outcomes in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> and we are tracking monkeypox cases here in the bay area's of today, san francisco county reported 16 cases. alameda county has 5 santa clara county, one san mateo county also has one case in salon. ok, solano county is
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coming in at 0 cases. we are waiting to hear back from a marine county and contra costa county for their reports. and coming up on kron, 4 news at 5 san francisco has already received some doses of the monkeypox vaccine. will take a look at how other bay area counties are preparing for this move and bring you all the details that you need to know. >> pretty scary. just gets kerry addressed, grabbed the dogs in the kitty cat son. stuff like that. and got out of there. >> we are monitoring a wildfire burning right now in nevada county. it's spreading quickly and it has burned more than 900 acres residents in the area were told to leave their homes as flames are threatening about 500 structures. the fire started yesterday afternoon, according to cal fire. there. rice's fire started in the area of rice's crossing. that's near bridgeport, california. so far the fire is 0% contained. here
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at home. cooler temperatures this week are bringing down our concerns from fire. kron. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is tracking this all for us from the weather center. hi member said hey, there our heat wave officially over in the bay area. specifically far inland valleys. check out all the 70's out there right now. 87 degrees for those of you in and chunks of still toasty there. but seasonal temperatures of everyone else below average conquered 82 degrees. 58 degrees for downtown san francisco in half moon bay in the low 60's. so we are tracking double-digit cooling not just for santa rosa, but conquered and livermore as well. hope you're enjoying the relief. very pleasant temperatures out there right now for most of our inland valleys. and that's all thanks to a stronger sea breeze starting to extend inland, going to see winds out of the west southwest at around 30 miles per hour. less throughout today. tomorrow going to be no exceptions. so expect to see an increase in that june. gloom in the coming days right now, hanging tight over golden gate bridge out
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there. so. >> very stubborn marine layer along the coast and it's only going to get thicker. bringing us drizzle fest tonight during the overnight hours and into our thursday morning. details ahead on how this sky cover is going to impact your 4th of july forecast. coming up on monday in just a few minutes. back to you, teresa embrace and thank you for that. well, our continuing coverage on the impacts of the supreme court's ruling on abortion rights. >> but the overturning of roe v wade could mean for fertility treatments like ivf. and a warning about the popular food delivery service daily harvest. customers are blaming one of its meals from making them sick. with some even ending up in the er. and it is sentencing day for our kelli. details on what the judge decided. and as a bay area gets ready to celebrate 4th of july kron four's got you covered. join live in the bay host olivia horton. as we bring you the fireworks shows in san francisco, concord,
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to more wellness solutions every day. on this wednesday, disgraced singer r kelly has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for using. >> his fame to subject young fans to abuse. the 55 year-old was found guilty last year of racketeering and other counts. a jury in brooklyn agreed with prosecutors that kelly used
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his entourage of managers in aides to meet girls and keep them loyal operation they said amounted to a criminal enterprise. kelly has been held without they'll with since 2019 is also facing child and obstruction of justice charges in chicago. the trial is scheduled to begin in august. happening tomorrow, u.s. supreme court associate justice stephen breyer will officially end his 28 career. your career on the bench of the high court and the court will issue its last ruling of the current term tomorrow and a letter to president biden. the 83 year-old liberal jurist said, quote, it has been my great honor to participate. as a judge in an effort to maintain our constitution and the rule of law. judge ketanji brown jackson, who was confirmed by the u.s. senate in april to replace justice breyer. she's set to become the first black
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woman to serve on our nation's highest court. it's unclear right now when she will be sworn in. meantime, overseas, house speaker nancy pelosi received communion at the vatican this morning. she and her husband met with pope francis and ahead of speaker is catholic but has long been a vocal supporter of abortion rights last month. the archbishop of san francisco announced that pelosi would be barred from receiving communion in his diocese until she and her support for abortion rights. the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v wade has already prompted many states to roll back abortion rights and now the decision could make it harder for women seeking fertility treatments like ivf kron four's taylor bisaki explains. >> if you consider life beginning at fertilization. can we inseminate extra sites? can we freeze every owes? can
3:18 pm
we test embryos to exclude genetic diseases in fertility treatments like in vitro fertilization or ivf? >> brings together at eggs and outside the body to create an embryo. doctor marcelle cedars director at ucsf division of reproductive endocrinology and infertility says multiple embryos are typically created for those undergoing care. however, if states pass laws stating life begins at fertilization and only one embryo could be produced and transferred at a time which could cause complications nature. >> best incubator. >> around only about one in 4 fertilized days makes a healthy baby. and so in the process in the laboratory, we can actually witness that growth and development of the embryos. and you can see those embryos that are able to make
3:19 pm
it to what we called the blastocyst stage. doctor cedars says. >> about 50% of embryos make it to this stage, which has the highest chance of a successful pregnancy. and by only allowing one embryo to be producing transferred that success rate significantly drops and it adds additional risks to the mother and to the children. doctor rubin now vero who's the director of stanford's division of reproductive endocrinology and infertility says broad or imprecise language used in some state-level abortion bans could also impair access to ivf. hope >> not only nationally do we have a return to the rights of of couples and women to the by-product of care that they that they want and the and serve but also prevent any further expansion of this thinking that which i think is is indeed dangerous. while the overturning of roe v wade doesn't immediately restrict infertility treatments. >> experts say the wording of laws in some states could
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unintentionally impair access to ivf. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> amazon is now added to the list of retailers limiting purchases of emergency contraceptive pills. the supply of the pills are dwindling, forcing retailers to limit purchases. amazon is temporarily capping sales of plan b pills at 3 products a week as we first reported yesterday morning, retail chains like friday, walmart are also restricting how much people can buy plan b pills can be sold without a prescription. well, facebook and instagram have started removing ads for the morning after pill. this comes after some people have been posting about how women can legally get abortion pills in the mail. some even offering to mail them to them. the platforms, parent company meta says that it has a policy against giving or selling pharmaceutical drugs. now,
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let's turn our attention to talk about the weather. you can see for yourself right there at the golden gate bridge. lots of fog. meteorologists rodriguez telling us how long that's going to be sticking around. hi mabrisa. they their yeah. it's only going to get thicker through the weekend. let's take a look at temperatures out there right now. >> typical bay area, summer pattern. 88 degrees for very seasonal temperatures there. 30 degrees warmer than downtown san francisco 57 degrees. so noticeably cooler thanks to that thick fog being. but we are seeing better clearing out there in the east bay over berkeley. so hope you're enjoying that extra sunshine. their radar for very dry conditions. but we are going to see the return of drizzle tonight during the overnight hours and into your thursday morning commute. so poor visibility and slick roads, please drive safely and plan ahead. and it's only going to get thicker through the weekend because we're tracking temperatures 5 to 10 degrees below average. and that's going to continue saturday morning even through sunday night. better clearing,
3:22 pm
though, by your 4th of july monday with slightly warmer temperatures. but, you know, the drill typically cloudy along the coast of better clearing inland. so right now the forecast calls for partly cloudy skies for your 4th of july. and let's hope that clearing trend continues into the evening hours so we can definitely take advantage and celebrate with those fireworks for your monday night. but temperatures mid 70's for warmest inland valleys. perfect barbecue weather with 60's along arcos. back to you. risa, thank you for that was still ahead at 3.45. with 4th of july. just days away. why like local doctors are saying safe and sane fireworks or anything. but that. up next, get ready for another weekend of travel turbulence and skyrocketing airfare prices. skyrocketing airfare prices. >> and staffing shortages. this burger will blow your mind? really? how? bacon two ways... cheese two ways... any more questions? try my $5.99 double bacon cheesy jack combo.
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like my new double bacon cheesy jack, with double the bacon and double the cheese. it's so good, i put my name on it! the double bacon cheesy jack combo starting at $5.99. order on the jack app today. happening tomorrow. you might want to pack your patience. oakland airport says it is expecting to prepandemic traffic levels ahead of the 4th of july weekend. >> on next week, officials say that they at the airport are especially busy for memorial day, even more busy. and thea estimate more than 240,000 passengers could pass through the airport between tomorrow and next tuesday. air travelers could be in for a big headache, as well trying to get away for the upcoming 4th of july weekend. airlines continue to struggle with that surging demand. more than 1800
3:26 pm
flights have already been canceled so far this weekend. it is because of a pilot and staffing shortage. delta airlines is waiving rebooking fees for passengers who might have to change your flights during what is being called a potentially challenging 4th of july weekend. the waiver, it's said to be good through july 8th. the first lawsuits have been filed against vegan food service daily harvest's after hundreds of people became seriously ill from some of its products. nearly 500 people reported illnesses after having daily harvest's french lentil crumbles and leek crumbles. in one case, a woman in oklahoma and to have her gallbladder removed. she has sued claiming that she got sick after eating the product. the fda is investigating and is now testing for a wide variety of toxins. after initial results show that the food was clear of e-coli and salmonella and hepatitis. >> not knowing what caused all
3:27 pm
of this damage is scary because you can't know yet if there's long-term damage. >> daily harvest has recalled the products. it issued a statement saying, quote, despite consulting with numerous experts, cooperating with the fda's investigation, working with our supply chain. i'm conducting extensive testing. we have not identified a cause. next. at 3.30, nato declares russia enemy number one, how this will affect the u.s. as the west ramps up support to ukraine. plus tiktok. good be removed from the app store amid security concerns from federal officials will explain my. >> and right after the break, a one or one interview with nathan hochman, the republican candidate looking to take attorney general rob bonta c his take on abortion rights, guns and more californians hot topics.
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>> and we have some breaking news out of antioch where there is a brush fire threatening homes right now. it's burning in the area of in your drive and 18th street. that is near the hillcrest exit off of highway 4. firefighters are asking drivers to avoid the area. no word on any evacuations at this point. we will continue to follow the developments in the story as soon as more information comes into the newsroom. let's check in right now with meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez for conditions out
3:31 pm
there in antioch. yeah. extremely hot and dry out there. theresa 88 degrees specifically in antioch. and we're seeing. >> very low humidity, 30 percentile range and wind speeds in the teens but out of the northwest. so it is having a drying effect out there right now for our east bay valleys. so no surprise a fire sparked there, even though we're actually tracking cooler temperatures in that region. but still exceptionally hot for this time of year. let's take a look, though, at current temperatures out there right now in the bay area, widespread 50's along the coast, 60's throughout the east bay shoreline. and finally in the 70's for warmest inland valley, santa rosa livermore and even conquered double-digit cooling conquered currently in the low 80's. thanks to those warm, dry offshore breezes. but everyone else noticeably cooler out there for your wednesday afternoon. we're actually seeing that june gloom out in full force over half moon bay with the radar for tracking that stubborn marine layer along the coast, especially for those of you along our beaches in the san
3:32 pm
francisco peninsula coastline. temperatures for your overnight lows today low to mid and upper 50's and we are going to see daytime highs tomorrow cooler. so we're going to track upper 70's for warmest inland valleys with the exception of santa rosa warming up into the low 80's mid 60's for downtown san francisco. very seasonal highs. exactly where you should be. and even your average temperatures for those of you in oakland at 68 degrees. and taking a look ahead at your next 7 day forecast. the cooling trend going to continue through sunday. that's going to be the coolest day of the week into a gradually start to warm up on wednesday with low 80's in the forecast one week from today. back to you, risa, thank you for that at 3, a new poll shows a growing a majority of americans say that the u.s. is heading. >> in the wrong direction, including 8 in 10 democrats. >> 85% of us adults polled say that the country is on that wrong track. 79% describe the economy as poor. the poll shows only 39% of americans approve of mister biden's
3:33 pm
leadership overall, while 60% disapprove. the poll comes as inflation drives up gas and food prices among democrats. 43% disapprove mister biden's handling of the economy. >> kron 4 is your local election headquarters. republican candidate for state attorney general nathan hochman is speaking out in response to the supreme court's decision. >> on guns and abortion in his first tv interview since the primary election hochman spoke with kron four's ashley zavala today. she shows us what he wants voters to know when it comes to these 2 key issues. >> i will commit now. >> to enforcing all laws on the books of the state of california, protecting a woman's reproductive rights. >> full stop. republican state attorney general candidate nathan hochman making this promise in response to the supreme court's decision to strike down federal abortion protections have beautiful daughter. i have a wife a
3:34 pm
mother. >> sisters, their rights, you know, their ability to control their own reproductive decisions is something that i was steeped in from from the beginning and so committing to protecting women's reproductive rights is something i would take extremely seriously and dedicate myself as the attorney general to do hockman who has served as a federal prosecutor and assistant united states attorney general said he was surprised by the supreme court's decision has more than 2 dozen states prepare to have abortion protections stripped. >> hochman weighed in on california's effort to help out of state people seeking abortions. i will leave for the state legislature decide how best to allocate california's resources and if they want to pay for certain things are not pay for certain things. >> that's the decision. the california legislature, the california attorney general on the hand enforces those laws once they come on the books and that's what i would intend to do. the supreme court's decision on abortion has
3:35 pm
raised future concerns for lgbtq rights and contraceptions which hochman says he would protect fully in support of. >> you know, the same unions, same marriages. you know, contraception, surly in people to be able to to take charge of their own liberty and have a substantive right to do it under the u.s. constitution. i fully believe in on guns. the supreme court last week struck down a new york law similar to california's that requires people who want to carry a gun in public to prove they have a particular need such as a direct threat to their safety. hochman does not expect too much to change in california. in response. >> he says he's prepared to enforce california's more than 100 firearm related laws on the books. one that may become law soon would allow private citizens to sue the makers sellers and delivers of illegal assault weapons and ghost guns. the law was modeled after texas's abortion ban. i don't believe generally in private bounty laws to
3:36 pm
begin with. >> i think that if the state attorney general is actually doing his job, you do not need citizens doing the job for the state attorney general state attorney general has over 4,000 lawyers and a huge number of investigators and partners across law enforcement document also said if elected he'll crack down on ghost guns and take away guns from those on the state's backlog list of those in the armed and prohibited persons system. >> and these are 26,000 people who should not and are legally prohibited. >> from having a gun, here's my vow within the first 18 months. if we have the funding will go after all. 26,000. >> hochman says he's prepared for his democratic opponent and current attorney general rob bonta to attack him for being part of the republican party. hochman says his campaign is focusing on making california safer. bonta does not want to face that issue. he does not. so he's going to try and make abortion and the constitutional amendment. the issue that voters focus on for
3:37 pm
the california attorney general's office. >> the problem is there is no distance between him and myself and enforcing those rights in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news >> now to breaking news overseas at the nato summit in madrid. the alliance officially declaring russia as the most significant and direct threat to its 30 members. this is part of nato's new strategic concept released today. the document is only renewed every 10 years and lays out nato's biggest challenges and goals for the next decade. also new this morning, president biden saying that the u.s. will enhance its military presence in europe to positioning ahead of further russian aggression in ukraine. >> we're going to approve a new nato is to check your concept reaffirmed the unity and determination our lives too. the friend every inch, >> troops will be stationed romania, the uk and spain. this comes ahead of the expected announcement. the nato will increase the number
3:38 pm
of combat ready troops along its eastern flank by nearly 8 times well, coming up, a warning from the fda to parents about a particular floating device for babies will show you which one. >> and with the holiday weekend coming up, we will have some tips to help your pets. it's scary time that independents can be for that.
3:39 pm
3:40 pm
for your money. a warning going out to parents and
3:41 pm
caregivers this morning to not use inflatable neck floats. >> on babies for swimming, giving a bath or even water therapy. this is especially so, for have developmental delays or special needs. the fda says that there is risk of death from drowning or suffocation or serious neck injury with those devices. officials say it is aware of one baby death, another that was hospitalized in both cases. their caregivers were not directly monitoring the babies. an fcc commissioner is calling on apple and google to remove tiktok from their app stores. sprint car share that request on twitter. he says there is concerning evidence. >> regarding tick tok's practices when it comes to user data. he cites a buzz feed reports that uncovered ways that tik tok's parent company byte dance access private information from the united states. carr says that he is giving apple and google until july 8th to either
3:42 pm
remove the app or explain themselves. still ahead, local hospitals bracing for a potential surge of injuries. >> after the holiday weekend, why doctors say safe and sane fireworks are not safe for fireworks are not safe for anyone. fireworks are not safe for anyone. that was quick. and rewarding. i earn 3% cash back at drugstores with chase freedom unlimited. that means i earn on my bug spray and my sunscreen. you ready to go fishing? i got the bait. i also earn 5% on travel purchased through chase on this rental car. that lake is calling my name! don't you get seasick? we'll find out! come on. and i earn 3% on dining including takeout. so much for catching our dinner. some people are hunters. some are gatherers. i'm a diner. pow! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours.
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3:45 pm
>> shares why health officials are advising us to leave the fireworks to the professionals. >> next time you hear or see fireworks illegally shooting off in your neighborhood. think about the unnecessary sacrifice. the person setting them off may have made for a brief moment of excitement. 3, see folks come in with fingers, kind of dangling on by a piece of skin. >> you don't need to see that wants to know that they're not safe. in fact, after serving 17 years as the director of santa clara valley medical center's burn center, doctor yvonne coronas does not believe any fireworks should be considered safe for even those approved by the state fire marshal and sold in cities like dublin, sparklers can heat up to upwards of 2000 degrees. >> so you imagine your stow that you cook and, you know, usually we put those on at 3.50, maybe 400. >> this is 2000 degrees. and so the burns that can be sustained from those can be
3:46 pm
severe. the u.s. consumer product safety commission says there were some 9100 fireworks-related injuries treated in u.s. emergency rooms in 2018. >> with more than 60% of them happening in the month around the 4th of july. they look safe. they look like there are a lot of fun, but they're really not. but if you do happen to stop by a booth to make a purchase in dublin, vincent for jaycee says visitors should pay close attention to the rating system here to help determine rage, appropriate for being the highest one being the lowest. >> so when it says for that means that some maximum amount of color, 3 is average amount, a height and noise on this one 3 average matter noise. it's a good diving system. if you have younger kids, you want to keep it on the lower noise like that. but you like something a little colorful and keep a bucket of water handy. if you use the fireworks just in case something unexpected happens. >> in dublin, police call kron 4 news.
3:47 pm
>> i as you can see on this map safe and sane. fireworks are legal in just a handful of bay area cities. the sales often go towards local charities organizations like a little league safe, meaning that the fireworks to not actually explode or fly around in the air, but they can still cause injury is fully was mentioning. and if you're caught using them in cities where they're not legal, you could expect to pay a fine. and when those fireworks go off, you might want to know how to help your pets states safe. we caught up with the east bay spca today. they say that you should definitely keep your pets indoors as much as possible. you can prepare your pets by setting up a place or a little area for them to feel safe like a crate, her nest area that is full of familiar items. you can also try playing some white noise for your pat and if the worst thing that could happen, your pet runs away. make sure that your pet is microchipped so that that can help find them. >> and i can't tell you how
3:48 pm
heartwarming it is when we do get a stray animal in our care, we're able to reunite them very quickly and efficiently with their humans because they have that microchips very quick and easy. and it's generally fairly inexpensive. i believe it's only $20 come in and get your microchip with >> one of the biggest factors in peace of mind for pets is just to stay with them. let's talk about our forecast as we take a live look outside. there's sfo you can see kind of. >> the fog hanging around there, but is going to hang around for a long time. >> to get all the answers. mabrisa rodriguez joining us to tell us, yeah, we're going to see that fog make only hang around and get thicker specially along the coast in the coming days, inland valleys during the overnight hours. let's take a look at half dome at yosemite because it is going to be a getaway forecast after all with the long holiday 4th of july weekend radar for showing dry conditions, but a lot of cloud cover along immediate bay area coastline. but a lot of
3:49 pm
sunshine for those of you in this year's. if you are heading out there, you're going to try great weather, not just for your thursday, but even for your getaway friday. if you're looking to enjoy that long holiday weekend in the sierra truckee, 79 degrees tomorrow with south lake tahoe in the mid 70's, we're going to hold steady on friday with temperatures very similar. and in the mid 70's slightly cooler on saturday. and that cooling trend going to continue on sunday with a nice bump in temperatures for your 4th of july monday. so there aren't any threats of any pop-up thunderstorms for the sierra this weekend. let's take a look at temperatures out there right now for your bay area coastline. quite the spread and quite the cooldown, especially for warmest inland valleys, livermore and conquer. tracking double-digit cooling flirting with 80's for those of you in livermore. but 82 degrees for concord. 57 degrees for pacifica for bay area beaches. but we're also tracking upper 70's for santa rosa. also seeing that double digit cool down. so i hope you're enjoying those pleasant temperatures out there because
3:50 pm
those 70's going to stick around little change tomorrow from today's forecast, 66 degrees for downtown san francisco with low 70's. for those of you in hayward and widespread mid to upper 70's for warmest inland valleys. santa rosa warming up just a touch into the low 80's, but happen. they still going to stay on the cool side in the upper 50's. thanks to that thick fog bang. but it's only going to get cool from here. temperatures 5 to 10 degrees below average on sunday teresa. but great weather for your 4th of july monday. back to you. thank you so much from brusett time now to check in with newsnation to see what they are working on. >> tonight, an fcc commissioner says apple and google should band tick tock. why more government officials will protect us from chinese spying. plus, the texas sheriff who says if the border patrol will do their job, he will. that's on balance. here's dancing. >> i'm brian entin in for ashleigh tonight on banfield, cousin of prince andrew and former friend of maxwell. christina oxenberg tells all who is in epstein's little
3:51 pm
black book and will the epstein 8 be revealed? that's tonight on banfield. >> you can find newsnation on the channels listed right there on your screen. more details available on our website. of course, kron 4 dot com. up next, how about a flying hotel? details on one man's concept that could put your next vacation high in the sky.
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a jelly bean that's good for you? try nature's bounty jelly bean vitamins. good-for-you nutrients in a tastier-for-you form. more sweet dreams. more flavorful immune support. get more with nature's bounty jelly beans. >> happening tomorrow, the murray county fair is back
3:54 pm
after being canceled for 2 years because of the pandemic kids 12 and under. >> and adults. 65 and over. get in tomorrow for free. marion transit is offering free rides to the fare every day. >> the fair runs through the 4th of july with big fireworks shows. at the end of every night. well, california set to become the first state to offer food benefits to immigrants residing in the u.s. illegally. about 75,000 people will benefit from the expanded food assistance benefits by the year 2025. the new program only applies to californians older than 55 undocumented children and adults younger than 55 will remain an eligible for benefits such as food stamps. nba finals, mvp east. stay with us because steph curry will host this year's deputies. espn made the announcement earlier this afternoon. curry was responsible for some of the year's top moments in sports,
3:55 pm
along with his hosting duties. curry is nominated for several awards, including best male athlete, best nba player and best record breaking performance as he surpassed ray allen for the most career three-pointers made in nba history. now warriors teammate klay thompson is nominated for best comeback athlete and golden state is nominated for the best team. yes, bays will air live on july 20th at 05:00pm. a hotel in the sky could become a reality. according to one scientist. you've got to see this for yourself. this is a 3 d rendering of sky cruise. that's a flying hotel operated by nuclear power. according to the team hotel will have a shopping mall, gyms and small airplanes to drop off customers at their destinations. since the hotel works by nuclear power developer say that they can stay suspended in the air for years. however, some people
3:56 pm
online believe it when work because of physics. the team says that despite some criticism they think it could become a reality by 20, 40. we have time to get a final check on the weather with mabrisa rodriguez. hi, marissa. hey there. jury say yeah. let's take a look at tomorrow's temperatures because if you're enjoying what you're seeing out there right now, you're going to love tomorrow. very little change. seasonal weather along the coast of mid 60's for downtown san francisco in upper 60's for oakland. exactly where you should be for this time of year with hayward warming up into the low 70's. but temperatures about 5 degrees below average for warmest inland valleys. if you're enjoying the 70's out there right now, that's going to continue for your thursday afternoon, widespread upper 70's for concord livermore and san jose. but santa rosa, you are going to warm up into the low 80's tomorrow. and take a look ahead at your next 7 day forecast. >> the cooling trend only going to continue. the coolest day will be on sunday. 5 to 10 degrees below average for
3:57 pm
warmest inland valleys. remember, we should be in the low to mid 80's this time of year, but we are going to warm up slightly just in time for your 4th of july monday. and then that temperature trend going to warm up slightly a week from today with low 80's returning for warmest inland valleys. back to you. teresa, thank you very much. well, that's it for kron. 4 news at 3 on theresa thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here at 5.
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