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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 30, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> now at 8, a hectic holiday weekend at the air force. the delays and cancellations continue all across the nation. how bay area travelers are handling and lawmakers are investigating potential price gouging by gas companies in california. what happened at the first hearing today as the state gas tax is set to go up tomorrow? >> and a big change in the weather pattern here in the bay area. fact, it could be lot colder for the holiday weekend. we'll talk about that coming up.
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>> hello, everyone. thank you for joining us tonight. at 8 o'clock, i'm catherine heenan in for ken wayne. and i'm pam moore. a busy weekend of holiday travel already under way for some folks here in the bay area. the 3 major airports in our area reporting near prepandemic levels of passengers passing through. and that could cause some complications as airports. airlines continue to deal with staffing problems again today. hundreds of delays were being reported all across the country. we've got a look at our bay area, airports. sfo had 141 delays. 16 cancellations. oakland, 42 delays and one cancellation in san jose. there have been 45 delays and one cancellation that is also where we find kron four's justin campbell tonight. >> he has been checking in with passengers this evening. justin, one of the major issues. yes, so far today i spoke to an official here at the san jose airport and they tell me everything is running
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smoothly, all step aside. so you can actually see what the line looks like behind me. not a lot of people outside. >> here at this time. but we'll show you some video of what it looked like a little bit earlier inside, as you can at those check-in, not a lot of lines here. trip away predicting 47.9 million people expected to travel this holiday weekend. not all of them by air others that will be driving. but here's our second piece of video last weekend. this wasn't the case saturday, june 25th. the check-in line was all the way outside of the building here at san jose airport. they tell us 3 of the 4 x-ray for checked bags actually went down, which slowed southwest ability to check in bags. but they tell us that has been travelers that we spoke to here today. take a listen to what they had to say about how their experience is gone so
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far so good. it's not as busy as i, you know, normal still thursday that i think of all pretty crazy coming from it was insane like it took me like 40 minutes to get up to the gate. >> other travelers say that we spoke to said that their experience has so far been fairly great, traveling just minor delays when where there have been coming from from denver. we were hearing minor delays there, but triple a also saying the top destination this weekend for travelers domestically. >> orlando, i guess they're all going to see mickey mouse. but for now, we're live here in san jose, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> thanks, tess. that sounds like fun. well, it was a fairly busy had oakland's airport today. again, nothing too crazy. this was the scene tonight. some cars dropping off travelers at the curb lines inside to check in. but again, it wasn't anything a terrible one woman heading out
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of town from el serino described her experience. >> a few brief definitely some long lines was shockingly busy, really, really long lines. but they they move people through quickly. it seems like they only had to maybe there may be a little short staffed. >> it is expected that roughly 240,000 people will travel through the airport during the long holiday weekend. tomorrow is expected to be the busiest single day with the highest number of booked flights. >> well, let's check outside and see how our weather is doing for those who are coming into the bay area. and oh, yes, sorry, people traveling one where the other lawrence give us a look at the holiday weekend. get ready. we'll see more of that fog. i think cooler than normal temperatures around the bay area. then as we get in the 4th of july, likely going to see a change in the pattern. again, i think that may work out just right. we've got an area of low pressure approaches the coastline that may actually help the mix out. some of that marine there. that means less fog in fog is always the major concern on
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the 4th of july. really kind scour out fireworks displays. but right now looks like the letter is going to be running a little bit higher. partly cloudy skies. temperatures 50's and the 60's about traveling. yeah. we talked about the airport. you got that fog now really kind of locked in at sfo. no delays, though, being reported there or oakland or san jose. you're free and clear coming and going from all those airports around the bay area in the monterey bay we go. how about some patchy fog tomorrow morning? if you're heading that direction, little cool out there. get into a moderate. get the pacific grove, a little chilly out there along the coastline with low clouds and temperatures running in the 50's and the 60's southern california. little more sunshine. 74 in san diego after couple patches of fog, 89 and sunny, get on the warm side into pasadena. and how about the high country? you've got a lot of sunshine coming your way. some very comfortable temperatures. almost 80 degrees in truckee in south lake tahoe. if you're heading to reno, those temperatures running in the 90's sticking around throughout the weekend. the temperatures are going to start to cool down just like the bay area. the numbers
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going to drop off on saturday into sunday. even much cooler, partly cloudy skies on sunday as well. locally. we're looking good as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. just plan on some cooler weather. again, starting out a lot of fog in the morning giving way to some sunshine in the afternoon. 70's in the valleys. you see a lot of 60's 70's around the bay and cool 50's and fog. even some drizzle out of the coast. thank you, lauren. well, a lot of people, of course, will be driving. and just in time for the holiday weekend and just when you thought it couldn't get worse, california gas prices are set to go up again tomorrow. >> the state's scheduled gas tax increase will cost drivers an extra $0.3 a gallon at the pump. the money will help pay for transportation projects and services, including road repairs and improvements. meanwhile, california lawmakers held an investigative hearing today about the skyrocketing gas prices. according to triple a california is a pain, an average of $6.29 a gallon has more than a $1.40 above the
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national average. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the specifics of this committee's work. >> the state assembly select committee on gas supply and prices held its first hearing thursday to determine if california consumers are being priced out at the pump out, come as no surprise that gas price increase by the last few months. >> a sharp increase that cannot go unexplained. the california energy commission provided a presentation showing how domestic oil sources are shrinking. >> well, the states consumption of foreign oil is growing. it also provided a look at the price breakdown at the pump showing various taxes, fees and other costs that make california gas more expensive than the rest of the country. experts said brand name gas stations are charging higher prices at about $0.30 per gallon. >> and some suggested california look into why the state does not have many an branded gas stations. i'm concerned. >> the concentration among the producers of the gasoline.
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critical relationships downstream with their brand to dealers has allowed them charge much higher prices. profit in california individually and not through colluding with one another for years, the state has been looking into a mystery surcharge in california. gas prices that some experts said gas companies have not addressed health, but representatives for petroleum companies and gas station owners point back to the state when it comes to higher prices. the reality is that our members pay countless fees and permits season licensing fees. >> overwhelming compliance burdens that are unique to our industry and our state. >> the state department of justice told lawmakers an investigation into the mystery surcharge and price-fixing would require enormous resources. it's exceedingly expensive, particularly bringing in the kind of outside. >> outside expertise that would be required. many
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millions of 10's of millions of dollars and the and the it would moving forward. the committee will hold hearings over the next 3 to 4 months with industry experts, regulators and consumer organizations. >> the committee's next hearing date is not yet set at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news there is concern that many californians could soon be out of a place to live with the states. >> vick should moratorium set to expire at midnight. that program was initially set up to and in april, it was extended by lawmakers to july. 1st. the idea, of course, aimed at keeping struggling tenants in their homes during the pandemic. more than 400,000 applications were received. the state paid out more than 3.8 billion dollars. tenant advocates argue that thousands of people could lose their housing starting tomorrow.
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>> a state mental health law goes into effect tomorrow. but some health care workers, a worry that they are not fully equipped to do what the law requires. senate bill, 2 to one, which was authored by state. senator scott wiener will require health care organizations and insurers to help patients who are seeking therapy. get appointments and no more than 10 business days. but some union medical workers say they do not have the tools nor the resources to meet that demand. representatives from the national union of healthcare workers and kaiser employees expressed their concerns during a virtual news conference today. >> according to kaiser, my clinic fully staffed yet. patients currently have to wait about a month and a half in between therapy. sessions. not that long ago when we weren't fully staffed the wait time was 2 months or more in between appointments. kaiser says that we're fully staffed now, but we're not remotely close to providing clinically appropriate care or meeting the requirements of senate
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bill. 2.21. >> kaiser permanente has maintained that it is committed to growing its workforce in order to meet the requirements of sb 2 to one. >> happening nor, the city of mountain view is issuing more water restrictions. homeowners can only water lawns twice a week. the city says people with even home address numbers can water their lawns, tuesdays and fridays people with odd numbers of on the dresses, mondays and thursdays and decorative water features anything like a pool fountain or pond. those have to stay dry. that is unless animals or fish are loving >> coming up tonight at 8, a very divisive term comes to a close. we'll have the latest decisions from the supreme court as a welcomes a new member. >> plus, a sinkhole in an east bay neighborhood getting in the way of drivers and swallowing. this car was being blamed for the mess.
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>> but first, the oakland a's might be a step closer to getting a waterfront ballpark. the reaction tonight the state agency makes a decision regarding the howard terminal project.
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>> the oakland a's are potentially one step closer towards getting a new place to play. this is after another
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hurdle was cleared in the push to get a new ballpark at the howard terminal with its 23 to 2 vote. the san francisco bay conservation and development commission will no longer designate howard terminal as a port priority use area. that means that it no longer must be used for port related activities. the commission staff recommended removing that designation on the grounds that the port of oakland will be able to accommodate projected cargo growth without this particular property. however, those with the international longshoremen's union took issue with that. and with the a's project. >> they want to and cried like 5 year-old children because they want what they want. not what they want to give the community of oakland. >> it would be in danger. the maritime industry in the area and will. in as well. the the workers on the port. >> i think we have a huge opportunity in front of us today with this. a proposed
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stadium project to bring an actual economic engine to the city. brain jobs and critically needed help. >> the latest move by the commission, not the end of this by a long shot. one more step in a series of required moves in just one other state approvals are needed. also an agreement with the port approval by oakland city council, all hurdles to be cleared before the a's get a waterfront stadium and that board meeting today did have a lot of people on the spot. the ports boardroom, in fact, was packed. and once i became very vocal kron four's terisa susko reports from inside the chambers as it all happened. >> 1500 comments and 600 people on zoom. you could feel the tension in the air as commission members cast their vote. in the end, the vote cleared the fence. 23 to 2. the vote allows howard terminal to have a change in
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designation giving an a's new ballpark project. another chance of becoming a reality. and this group in favor of the new stadium celebrated the home great first this. you know, it's a lot of jobs and a lot of housing to repelling great. you know, we had a together to support this. do your part where rally. also gleeful. >> a's president dave campbell speaking to kron 4 about the 7 hour meeting. i think it's definitely a home run. this is a huge approval required a supermajority, 18 votes. we've got 23. >> and it's just challenging organization to get approval like this through. so it's a big step, although this was a win, the end game is still quite some distance away. not over yet. obviously we have a lot 5 for 5 more step in the process, right? we have a vote on tuesday. the city council in to get down. now, just one of the votes that are going to
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be needed. but this is a to reset. stasio kron. 4 news. >> and of course not everybody happy about the outcome. the east oakland stadium alliance said in a statement. >> we are disappointed by the decision to remove howard terminal from port priority. use one sport land is lost. it can ever be reclaimed. it is unfortunate the commission has made that determination, but that is not the case. according to the amendment approved today, the priority use area designation is automatically reinstated. if the a's do not enter a binding agreement and the next 3 years and we first brought you the result of the a's howard terminal vote on our kron 4 app. you can download it to stay up to date on breaking news as it happens in the bay area and across the country. all right. time for another look at the forecast and what are we looking live at? the golden 3rd is the golden gate bridge and so kind of a movie
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golden gate shot a little dreamy. their lives. friday eve. good sleeping along the coastline. now. >> even some drizzle, i think a little more of that out there tonight. we had a little bit along the coastline overnight last night, going to be a little bit damp in spots out toward the beaches overnight tonight again, half moon bay, you're sitting in the fog and low clouds. a couple people out there still braving the chilly temperatures, coast side and all the fog just kind of hugging the coast now and more on the way. >> it is kept those temperatures running below the average day. we have a significant push of low clouds and fog. a marine layer stretching all the way into the central valley of california today. so a 59 degrees. once the fog peeled back of partially in the san francisco 62 in oakland, san jose at 74 degrees. rare to see live more in san jose show the same temperature but more today because of that marine layer, 74 degrees. 77 in concord and well below the average and santa rosa 79 degrees well below normal for this time of year and going to get a whole lot cooler in the coming days. temperatures of
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63 degrees out the door and san jose is cool and half moon bay where you've got that fog there. and now you see the effects now that marine, they're already pushing further and further on shore now. so coolest temperatures off earlier in the evening. so the sea breeze going to carry with of that fog bank, the sitting offshore here are starting to push inside the bay in parts of the bay area. more that again likely to race all the way to the interior valleys. again and all the way in the central valley as we head toward tomorrow morning. plenty of fog on the way. high pressure, nowhere to be found. trough carbon itself out on the west coast. and it's going to kind of settle in. you've got another cold front on the way that's going deep in trough as we head into the weekend. that's going to cool the temperatures even further. so numbers going to be down again. plan on highs running below the average for this time of year. 70's warm inland lot 60's around the bay. a few 70's and the santa clara valley and cool down through saturday and sunday warming up slightly on the 4th of july. >> all right. thank you. lauren says star ahead. the california cities said which will host the first state
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approved state, a safe drug injection sites. plus, a sinkhole catching residents off guard now causing major problems. so the people who live near it for hear what they have to say.
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>> justin cal, fire crews on the scene of a fire along old winery road in shelbyville. that's just east of downtown
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sonoma. you're looking at time lapse video of showing a lot of smoke. this is from a pg and e camera. cal fire is not yet telling us if they know how big the fire is, but they have been advising people traveling in this area to use caution. >> well, the water main breaks in front of some homes in an east bay neighborhood. then the road caves in and then a minivan falls into the sinkhole. well, for solely to go reports on the mess from kensington in the berkeley hills. >> for the second time in about 2 weeks, a 6 inch water main broke on overland avenue in kensington. and but this time the ground creating a sinkhole that swallowed up a minivan. it was like quake with a car sinking. it took all night for crews with the east bay municipal utility district to clear the mud and other debris caused by the break. the utilities were restored early in the morning. hundreds if not thousands of gallons of water was lost. after speaking with east bay
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mud. jillian, you who lives next door to the family with the band says the pipe likely busted again. do the seismic activity. i think they kind of move that out of it and get to a point away. it was too stressed. >> and so that was not enough flexibility in the water you live in a very technically active which really takes a toll on our pie. >> east bay mud spokesperson tracy in raleigh says the utilities distribution system of pipes extends 4200 miles the pipe that failed was originally installed in 1946. partners are actively making repairs. 24 7 ensuring to maintain our system keep that run. was aghast the loss of water during a drought stings even more considering it happened the same week. east bay mud is implementing an 8 per cent surcharge on all its customers to help handle the drought. >> in kensington called kron 4 news that probably.
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>> coming up next, a daytime decisions on environmental protection. also immigration, the supreme court wraps up its latest session. also, it will be more expensive to get around the bay area. the tolls and ticket set to go up in price starting tomorrow and places to avoid. if you're trying to watch the fireworks
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>> the u.s. supreme court
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wraps up a divisive and controversial term with 2 more rulings today. first in a big blow to the fight against climate change, the court ruled in favor of limiting the power of the environmental protection agency. the ruling was that the epa does not have the power to regulate carbon emissions from power plants. the clean air act allows the epa to control which systems are used for the mission reduction. but today's ruling says that does not include requiring power plants to shift to clean renewable energy sources. west virginia's attorney general led the fight against the epa use of the clean air act and argues the ruling is not about climate change. >> and regardless of where you are on the issue of climate change, it's important to play by the rules. don't try to use the agency process to short circuit congress's role under the constitution. >> the supreme court also
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ruled on immigration today citing a siding with the biden administration in the effort to and a trump era policy that requires u.s. asylum seekers to wait in mexico while their applications are processed. today's ruling says the administration did not violate in american history.
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>> and laws of united states. so help me god. so help me god. >> all the members of the court, i'm pleased to welcome justice jackson to the court and to our common calling. >> jackson, who is 51 years old is the core as 100 and 16th justice and the first black woman to serve on the high court. the senate confirmed jackson's nomination in early april by 53 to 47. mostly party line vote that included support from 3 republicans. justice jackson joins the court after several important and controversial rulings, including dismantling roe versus wade. several key decisions are also expected to come up with the court's next term. the high court has agreed to hear a case that could dramatically change the way elections for congress and the presidency are conducted by handing more power to state legislatures. that case will likely be argued in the fall.
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>> president biden now says he does support ending the filibuster to protect abortion access. a striking reversal since biden has resisted calls to scrap the 60 vote threshold to pass legislation. but now he says he would support changing the rules. so a simple majority could save roe versus wade. but even though democrats control the senate there isn't enough support of this point to change the filibuster rule. the party would have to pick up a few more senate seats in the midterm elections. and of course, the bay area also feeling the ripple effects from the decision to strike down roe versus wade. a san mateo startup called favor provides contraception to women from its online platform. and that company says there's been a 5,000% increase in orders for emergency contraception. and just 72 hours since the ruling came down, product orders now coming in from all over the country. the company says it
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is ready to meet the demand. >> so birth control in the morning after pill have been our focus for 6 years. we more than ready to meet this moment and our top priority now is really to protect and serve our patients. our team and our providers in this new post route world. >> the company does provide a variety of contraceptives. >> his sacramento, after a lengthy and emotional debate, california lawmakers in the assembly passed a bill approving a safe drug injection site pilot program. it rolls out in san francisco, oakland and los angeles, san francisco senator scott wiener author that bill, the goal is to prevent drug overdoses and limit the spread of diseases such as hiv. the bill passed with the bare minimum of votes needed a number of his fellow democrats did not support it. but senator wayne are released a statement saying, quote, right now we are letting people die on our streets for no reason other than an
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arbitrary legal prohibition that we need to remove sb. 57 is long overdue and will make a huge impact for some of the most vulnerable people in our community, unquote. that bill heads back to the state senate and then likely on to governor newsom's desk. >> bart fares going up starting tomorrow at 3.4% jump. that will mean the cost of a one-way ticket goes up a little bit between $0.5 and $0.50. the average ticket price, though they figure will we have about $0.15 money from the fare increase will reportedly be spent on things like more cleaning more police officers and buying new train cars. and that's not the only thing going up. north bay commuters can expect to pay more crossing the beautiful golden gate bridge. >> the tolls increase tomorrow. this is a live picture. fast track drivers will see that whole goal to $8.40 pay as you go will be $8 and $0.80. something to think
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about. if you're going on a trip but also the forecast. everything says, though, the coins and there, you know, yes, some of the bridges. yeah, they think they still do on the east coast. but now you're talking about year just under hold but >> hey, we've got that fog. low clouds least nice view, right? least is nice out there. but that fog is moving to the bay now and pushed up against these bales an- pushing further and further on shore. and the good news is to that on shore breeze. we're looking at some good air quality outside all the way from the coast of the bay and all the way to the valleys. you're looking good out there for tonight. low clouds and fog. yeah, they're going to be calm and late tonight early tomorrow morning. watch the push here. you see the green sharp along the coastline. a little drizzle out toward the beaches. but that cloud deck again shooting right to the delta into the sacramento valley. so that cool air. let's take some time to burn off. and that's going to keep those temperatures rather reasonable running below the average by tomorrow afternoon. still find sunny spots away from the coastline up toward
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the beaches will be a little touch and go with low clouds and fog. and of course, that's going to keep those temperatures cooler 50's and 60's in the san francisco tomorrow. cool out toward the sunset. 57 degrees in pacifica. a little drizzle overnight tonight and tomorrow morning out along the coastline. 63 in millbrae 60 in south san francisco. our friends in foster city enjoying 67 degrees and mild by the afternoon with some sunshine. a little bit of an afternoon breeze, too. lots of 70's fill up the south bay and then the east bay. you're going to see temperatures generally in the 70's instead of those hot 90's. we had just a couple of days ago and that trend will continue into the next couple of days as high pressure, nowhere to be found. now, in fact, we've got a trough, this kind of carve itself out and probably going to deepen as we head toward the weekend. that said those temperatures will continue to cool below the average. maybe 10, maybe 15 degrees. plus below the average on saturday and sunday, warming up slightly with partly cloudy skies on the 4th of july. thank you, lauren. still ahead tonight at 8, a baby among those held at gun point. san jose police arrest 4 suspects
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in a string of brutal burglaries. >> and the food, the rides, the fun. all of that is back in person. we're talking about the county fair.
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>> in the north bay, the marin county fair is back in person after 3 years. the first time it's been held in person since the pandemic began. the fair
8:40 pm
runs today through monday. the 4th as always activities include things like carnival >> live music and art. a lot of food. the performing artists include pablo cruz, sheila e. >> and there will be fireworks every night at 9.30, fair organizers say they really are excited to be back. >> we an artist's circle tent with hands on art making for kids. we have a makerspace doing virtual reality scavenger hunts and we're just so happy to be back in person and when welcome our community with open arms. >> tickets are $25 for adults and teenagers. tickets for children under for our free 120,000 people. life figure will visit over the next few days. the san francisco fireworks show is set to start over the embarcadero waterfront at 9.30, monday night. and this year, the san francisco police are telling people not to go to treasure island to try and watch the show. >> they say the roadways into the parking areas will not be
8:41 pm
accessible to the public because of ongoing construction. there. so crowd for has you covered on the 4th joined live in the bay hosts olivia horton, as we bring you the fireworks shows in san francisco and conquered marin and san jose. >> force july 4th live is monday night starting at 9. >> and next in sports, the warriors lose a fan. favorite sports director jason dumas has that story. and the other big news on the first day of nba free agency. 4 people are
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behind bars tonight in connection to a string of home invasion robberies in san jose. police say the suspects were armed and killed 6 people including a 15 month old baby at gunpoint. >> kron four's rob nesbitt has the details of these disturbing violent crimes. >> police say the victims of the home invasions were subjected to the same assault in their own homes. 2 elderly couples, a father and child go gunpoint. a big breakthrough for san jose police arresting 23 year-old eduardo santiago, 19 year-old daniel mendez, 19 year-old armando men's and a 17 year-old sergeant christian camarillo says the 4 started their home inv7sion spree on may 31st. first, an elderly couple's home on north capitol. ave biting them with belts, assaulting gunpoint and stealing their vehicle. police say the suspects then drove to
8:45 pm
this home on summerdale homeowners dashcam catching them in the act as she pulls up her husband and baby both inside the home at the time of my husband on finding the suspects. >> basically threatened a 15 month-old child kidnapped. the child's father took him to a bank and demanded him to get money. mean, this is who we're dealing with. sergeant kim rios as 5 suspects fled the home with money, bank cards and jewelry. >> he singled out monies who was arrested for an unrelated crime of evading police on june 5th. we have one who was arrested, walked out of jail the next day and then the day after that when he committed another violent home invasion, that home invasion happened on june 7th at an elderly couple's home on valero drive. police say men's ana juan mendez held the couple at gunpoint while violently assaulting them. one of the victims managed to get away and make a 9-1-1. call that eventually led to the 4 arrests. sergeant kim rio says the repeat offenders need to be held accountable with higher bales. what has been said in the past and santa clara county for similar
8:46 pm
crimes and we want our community members to be safe in their own homes. and we want these folks to remain incarcerated when they need to be police don't believe the suspect stopped a home invasions. they believe they were involved in other burglaries in violent crimes. anyone with information that might help investigators is asked to contact the san jose police department reporting the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> 2 teenagers are in the hospital. they were shot when their car ran out of gas and union city just before 10 o'clock on tuesday night, the teens were with a group attempting to push the vehicle to a gas station. they were on whipple road near a street not far from mission hills, middle school. police say the group got into some kind of an argument with 2 people who then shot at them hitting the 15 17 year-old. both are expected to survive. police, though, are still looking for the shooters. anyone with information is asked to call the union city police department. it was a case that made national headlines during the years of jim crow america.
8:47 pm
now the family of emmett till wants justice after a new development in the 70 year-old lynching case. researchers recently found a 1955 arrest warrant in the basement of the le flore county courthouse in mississippi. it was for carolyn bryant now known as carol and that warrant charged her with kidnapping. but the warrant was never served and had been stuffed in a folder and placed in a box emmett till who was just 14 years old when he was beaten, tortured and lynched was accused of whistling at dawn on a white woman, her former husband and another man were acquitted of his murder, but they both later admitted that they did, in fact, kill him. is now in her 80's in that hill's family says that aren't amounts to new evidence and they want prosecutors to charge her. the district attorney has not comment on whether or not that will happen. we have an update on the rices fire. this is a burned more than 900 acres and
8:48 pm
has. >> forced evacuations in nevada tonight at 7 cal fire said people who had evacuated could begin to return home containment, not high. it's only about 12%. people coming back are being warned to look out for hot spots and other problems that fire began tuesday. no injuries have been reported. but we know at least one building has been destroyed. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> almost 6 years ago to this day, kevin durant shocked the nba world and commit to signing with the golden state warriors. i remember it like yesterday, 3 years later he committed to signing a contract with the brooklyn nets fast forward to today. durant has requested a trade from the brooklyn nets. he will be on the move once again. it's been reported that he'd like to play for the suns. it's also been reported
8:49 pm
he'd like to continue to play with kyree irving. we really don't know who he will play for next or what really the situation is. but i do know this. it all makes for some great theater. well, the writing was on the wall, but today became official. the warriors have lost hometown hero and fan favorite. want us cano anderson jta reach an agreement with the los angeles lakers today. i grew up in east oakland on 95th avenue. his rise from a pro league in mexico to the golden state warriors caught national attention. he's great toughness and versatility earned him playing time. and the trust of steve kerr. i'm sure there will be a nice ovation when he comes back to chase. next season and received his championship reign. we wish won all the best. some more nba news, all star guard bradley beal. he signed a 5 year 251 million dollar extension with the washington wizards. beal
8:50 pm
season was cut short after undergoing season-ending surgery on his wrist back in february. well, it's a whole lot of money. let me hold something. bradley, devin booker and nikola jokic. they also signed similar deals today. free agent guard jalen brunson is signing a four-year 104 million dollar deal with the new york knicks. you play for years with the dallas mavericks nomads made the postseason twice, including this past season where they lost to the golden state warriors in the western conference finals this season rushing average about 17 points and 5 assists per game. usc in ucl a 2 of the pac, 12 flagship programs are leaving the conference for the big 10 after next season. both schools received notice from the big 10 today that there are applications to join the conference where unanimously accepted the pac. 12 released this statement saying it was
8:51 pm
extremely surprised and disappointed by the news. usc has been a member of the conference since 1922. u c l a since 1928. so it's crazy. these the schools they're located, obviously in southern california, they're going to play schools like rutgers, northwestern for these cali kid that go you know, rutgers in in the fall. they might be playing in some snow down line. what's the upside? why? why has all money? that's that's it there's no benefit for the student athletes. it all comes down to dollars and cents. >> thanks guests >> all right. coming up, you can call this a mini titanic. a cruise ship hit an iceberg while sailing near alaska. hear from the man who captured this dramatic video.
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>> oh, my oh, my >> yeah. look at that. a cruise ship hit an iceberg and the waters of alaska. a man from las vegas capture the impact on his cell phone video. he says he was just hanging out with his family when his brother noticed something in the water and told him to take out his phone. >> i was just surprising the
8:55 pm
sheer size of it like it. just so it's a really is just a little one. and it just got bigger and bigger and bigger as a with passes, decide to roll over and really huge. so that's why want to say, oh, my god, it was like. oh, my god. >> it's huge. we had some eyes. it was huge. >> norwegian cruise line says that the ship was traveling to the hubbard glacier when it hit the ice. the ship was turned around to juneau where it underwent inspection. it then sailed very slowly to seattle to get repairs. >> all right. here's something that looks pretty much like snow, but this is not snow. and they said smells pretty bad. this is a potentially toxic foam inundated a little time on columbia. the foam reportedly came from a nearby stream after heavy rain caused it to overflow samples are being tested. the trying to figure out if this is the result of waste chemicals in the water. >> not not to. plus, that is
8:56 pm
not pleasant at and that wraps up kron. 4 news at 8. but our primetime coverage gets continues. just say with dickie and eller standing by to tell us what's ahead happened. catherine, we'll take it away next on kron, 4 news at 9 suing google. >> a new lawsuit filed today accuses google of racial and gender discrimination. this isn't the first of its kind against the mountain view company. we are following the lawsuits against google and other tech giant tesla. >> plus, should property owners pay a price for leaving their property is vacant. that decision could be up to voters in san francisco. how the proposed new tax measure could help the ongoing housing issues in the city. keep it here. kron. 4 news at 9 is next.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news google. you need to move the discrimination because desk where black employees are facing on a daily basis. >> now at 9, some bay area tech companies are facing major accusations of racial and gender discrimination. in some cases, companies like google and tesla are having to pay out millions of dollars in settlements. good evening, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis elsik ammonia and a group of former black google employees and their attorneys.
9:00 pm
>> all announced another class action lawsuit today. kron four's dan thorn joins us in the newsroom tonight with their complaints stand. >> ellen, vicki discrimination seems to be a big issue for companies like google and tesla. the electric car maker is set to go back to court after an ex worker turned down a 15 million dollar racial bias settlement amid other accusations of a racist work environment. and just last month, google had to pay out 118 million dollars to female employees who said they were getting paid less than their male counterparts. despite these hefty settlements. the allegations are stacking up with even more legal battles on the horizon. just weeks after google paid millions of dollars to thousands of female employees over discrimination. the tech giant is facing trouble again. google. >> racism is evil. discrimination is evil. bias is evil. nationally known civil rights attornbe


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