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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  July 1, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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we are back for 30 is the time we've got john standing by in the weather center giving us our forecast here on this. first of july. good morning, james yefferson july, but not feeling like july for a lot of areas. coastal areas. you stayed socked in yesterday while the rest of the bay area. >> got a good dose of sunshine. it's going to be pretty similar today. a foggy start in a grey start for a lot of us, especially dense fog in the coast, north bay and east bay hills. even seeing some misty spot. o watch out for a few wet spots on the roads this morning and that low gray is penetrating a bit further inland this morning, meeting areas into the interior of the bexar inland valleys will also be looking at a few low clouds as the sun comes up later, all that cloud cover and fog burns off except for at the coastline. will stay pretty socked in yet again. as for temperatures right now, we're in the 50's for most areas, although a few 40's on the map, redwood city, fairfax, among those spots that are sitting down in the 40's this
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morning. so definitely get the light jackets ready to go. as for that fog and low gray, it is going to stay president towards the coast. that's only part of the reason that we're in for such a cool down these next several days, though, with today being even cooler than yesterday. highs really only in the 70's for most inland areas. all the full breakdown of your holiday weekend forecast. still ahead. as for our roads still looking great. still below 10 minutes at the bay bridge. metering lights won't be on for a while. so i'm expecting it's remains smooth ideally for some time. as for the san mateo bridge, a 12 minute drive across it. the richmond center fell still holding at 8 minutes. a nice and easy one and the golden gate bridge. you're driving with a little bit of a breeze and some low cloud cover overhead. 19 minutes from 37 to the tolls. james. john, thank you very much. back to the headlines now in the state's eviction moratorium has now expired. >> there's concern the thousands of california's could soon be without a place to live that eviction moratorium was initially set
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to end in april, but was extended by lawmakers to july. 1st, the idea was aimed at keeping struggling tenants in their homes during the pandemic. more than 400,000 applications were received with the state paying out more than 3.8 billion dollars. san francisco voters could decide in november whether landlords should be taxed for leaving homes vacant. the empty homes tax campaign announced thursday is aimed at collecting enough signatures to put the measure on the ballot with crop was taylor bisacky take a closer look at explaining what this tax could mean for the city and for voters. >> why not use the supply that we already have? you know, if you have this many empty homes like we've got to use, what we have had cochran is the campaign coordinator for the empty homes tax. >> a tax measure aims to encourage investors to rent out their vacant units that they would otherwise hold until the market value increases. he says the campaign collected nearly 14,000 signatures well above the 9,000 needed to appear before voters in november. he
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finished nearly a month early. so we are able to get. >> all the signatures we needed in a 15 week period. supervisor dean preston, who supports the tax measure, says >> if approved the tax could make 4500 vacant units available over a two-year period. it's heartbreaking to see. >> perfectly good. >> homes being helped make it while we have a huge crisis in affordable housing and a huge crisis of homelessness in in the city is just such a disconnect there. preston says there are nearly 40,000 vacant homes in san francisco while some are listed for sale or rent. january's analyst report found that nearly 8,000 empty homes were those that were sold but not occupied in the first year. the proposed tax would range from 2500 to 5,000 depending on the size of the unit. the tax would increase each year reaching a maximum of 20,000. preston says the tax is projected to generate more than 38 million in annual
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revenue. tax revenue would be split. fifty-fifty for 2 purposes. one is for rent for seniors and low-income families. and so that we have the money, the other half the money would go into a which the city used to purchase vacant buildings to make them into affordable house owners of vacant homes and buildings with 3 or more units would be subject to the tax if a unit had been vacant for more than 182 days. >> single-family homes and duplexes would be exempt in san francisco. taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. >> well, 4 people are behind bars in connection with 3 armed robberies in san jose. each time the suspects threatened the homeowners at gunpoint. even when a 15 month-old baby was involved. prof are dropping as but has details now on what happened. >> police say the victims of the home invasions were subjected to the same assault in their own homes. 2 elderly couples, a father and child go
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into the same horse at gunpoint. a big breakthrough for san jose police arresting 23 year-old eduardo santiago, 19 year-old daniel mendez, 19 year-old armando men's and a 17 year-old sergeant christian camarillo says the 4 started their home invasion spree on may 31st. first, an elderly couple's home on north capitol. ave biting them with belts, assaulting them gunpoint and stealing their vehicle. police say the suspects then drove to this home on summerdale homeowners dashcam catching them in the act as she pulls up her husband and baby both inside the home at the time of the my husband on finding the suspects. >> basically threatened a 15 month-old child kidnapped. the child's father took him to a bank and demanded him to get money. mean, this is who we're dealing with. sergeant camarillo says 5 suspects fled the home with money, bank cards and jewelry. >> he singled and zano who was arrested for an unrelated crime of evading police on june 5th. we have one who was arrested, walked out of jail the next day. and then the day
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after that when he committed another violent home invasion, that home invasion happened on june 7th at an elderly couple's home on valero drive. police say men's ana juan mendez held the couple at gunpoint while violently assaulting them. one of the victims managed to get away and make a 9-1-1 call that eventually led to the 4 arrests. sergeant kim rio says the repeat offenders need to be held accountable with higher bales. what has been said in the past and santa clara county for similar crimes and we want our community members to be safe in their own homes. and we want these folks to remain incarcerated when they need to be police don't believe the suspect stopped at home invasions. they believe they were involved and other burglaries in violent crimes. anyone with information that might help investigators is asked to contact the san jose police department reporting the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> 4 36, 2 teenagers have been hospitalized now after being shot when their car ran out of gas in union city. police say it happened tuesday night when the teenagers are trying to push their car to a gas station on whipple road. well,
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not far from mission hills. middle school police say they got into an argument with 2 people who then shot at them. those bullets hit a 15 year-old and a 17 year-old both are at the hospital. they're expected to survive. police are still looking for the shooters this morning. closer to home the bay area also feeling the ripple effects from the court's decision. the high court's decision to strike down roe v wade, a san mateo startup called favor, provides contraception to women from its online platform in the company tells us that it's has seen a 5,000% increase in orders for emergency contraception in just the 72 hours. following that ruling, they tell us that product orders are now coming in from all over the country. and the company says it is prepared to meet that demand. >> so birth control and the morning after pill have been our focus for 6 years. we more than ready to meet this moment and our top priority now is really to protect and serve our patients. our team and our providers in this new post route world.
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>> the company provides a variety of options for women who want to buy contraceptives, contraceptives online and more. president biden, by the way, is asking congress to do more to protect abortion rights. something he talked about while at the nato summit yesterday. washington, d.c., reporter raquel martin has the story. >> president joe biden is laying out a new strategy to protect abortion rights. i believe we have to how to fly. roe v wade thursday, he called on democrats to change the filibuster rules in the senate allowing democrats to pass legislation without any gop backing is making clear. >> how outrageous this decision was and how much it impacts not just on what was right to choose on privacy. general, the president's broader called to protect privacy comes after justice clarence thomas signaled in his dissent. >> that he like the court to reconsider issues like access to contraception and marriage. >> but the president's plan is easier said than done. senator
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joe mansion, one of 2 senators who refused to change the senate rules last year confirmed to us thursday that his position has not changed. this is not the political environment. be looking for that at the nato summit thursday, illinois democratic senator durbin said he doubts the 2 senators will suddenly have a change of heart. in the meantime, president biden says he will work with states to figure out how to get around the wave of new abortion >> having a meeting with a group of governors when i get home on friday and i'll have announcements to make them earlier. this week the biden administration said it is considering new ways to help women access abortions. >> including paying for women to travel outside their states for reproductive health care in washington, raquel martin. >> one of the main events of the 4th of july holidays. the fireworks, as we know and many are getting excited to see those light up the sky. but for others, it can be a scary scene, especially pets. they don't like it. typically, dogs and cats often terrified by
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those loud noises and they sometimes will. bolton runoff reporter marco torres has some advice that might help. >> hundreds of dogs escape their homes every single year because of fireworks. dog owners need to be ready in may be a time of celebration, but it's the opposite for our canine companions. hundreds of them are reported missing every 4th of july in bakersfield, fireworks. absolutely terrified. the living daylights out of our pets. and so the most responsible thing you can do on the 4th of july is keep him inside with you. >> if you want to see fireworks go up by a show. keeping your dog's microchip in color with all of your up to date. information is essential. in case they scape dog doesn't know what 4th of july all they know is that there's a loud explosions happening in fight or flight know that a flight they might not come back. bring your dogs inside. turn on music and the tv to help wash out the sound of the firework. explosions. >> you can speak with your vet about having your pet medicaid. julie johnson, with
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the bakersfield animal care center says keeping your dog on a leash even if it's in your own backyard might be necessary because you don't know what will set off your dog if you're not sure police shot him. it doesn't hurt. >> i'm to take him out to go. we've seen dogs go through plate glass windows. we've seen dogs bust through fences, just trying to get away from the noise. fireworks terrify our dogs and send them into a panic. keep your dogs inside for the 4th of july and keep them safe. >> that was marco torres reporting. kron 4 has you covered? by the way, you can watch the fireworks from home and keep a hold of those pets. give him a good hug. our live in the bay host olivia horton is going to be hosting a fireworks show. we've got cameras all over san francisco ca kerber in san jose. every corner of the day. kron four's july 4th. live is monday night at 9. join us. if you can. >> all right. we'll take a break at 4.41. coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news. you're taking a live look at the golden gate bridge to the toll to use that bridge has gone up and was starting today. we're going break down how much and where that money
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>> i have no idea we are
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packed. taking a quick look here at the video at a berkeley in kensington where residents say this minivan was swallowed by sinkhole. >> pretty incredible for the second time in about 2 weeks now, a 6 inch water main broke on overland avenue. this time, though, it created that sinkhole. residents tell us is piped hearst was likely caused by seismic activity. that pipe is more than 70 years old. >> they kind of move that a bit and get to a point away. it was too stressed. and so that was not enough flexibility and the water pipe broke again. >> yeah. utility crews, of course, shut off water they're impacted about 10 neighbors and worked with electrical crews to cut power to about 30 homes. that pipe has since been fixed. but boy, you can see by these pictures it didn't end well for them, unfortunately going to get that repaired. it is 4.45. let's get another check of the weather here with in the weather center. seismic activity caused that break. luckily, we haven't had any major earthquakes around here to speak up. even if you're
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woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, at least your card to get that going. yeah. that was rough to fortunately, it seems all clear out there for the rest of us. >> except for the skies which are not clear at all. we're are off to another foggy start this morning. meiji be july first, but we still got the rainbow colors out there on quite sour lit up in this transitioning colors this morning. a little bit of brightness and what is not the brightest of mornings so far and nor will be the brightest of days in general at the coastline with some pretty socked in conditions, especially at the coast of the peninsula, half moon bay. you're only going to be in the upper 50's today. compare that to the rest of the bay, which will get a good dose of sunshine, cool sea breeze, very generous this morning pushing on inland. that's helping to keep things cool. but it's certainly not the only factor at play here. that's keeping us so unseasonably cool as we start off july first today, one of the reasons for that is we're just in a dip in the jet stream that's bringing in a cooler air mass, our direction
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after a foggy start. you've got sunshine for the bay area this afternoon. aside from the coast, which does stay pretty socked in this trend will continue the next several days. another dose of fog tomorrow morning and much like this morning. you may see a few wet spots on roads. some misty conditions out there due to just how deep this marine layer is. it will burn off again tomorrow afternoon, but tomorrow and sunday are set to be the cooler days with partly cloudy skies overhead and daytime highs even inland only in the low 70's. another cold front right behind me. there's going share that this dip in the jet stream stays with us. not just for a couple of days, but well through your july 4th holiday. today's daytime high 60's for most of sf right along the shoreline, though you are going to be in the 50's right there at the coast. bayside in inland areas enjoying a range of 60's to 70's, really, really nice day ahead for these areas. lots of sunshine this afternoon after some morning gray, san jose at 76 pleasanton at 77. we'll
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have walnut creek and danville. at 75 oakland and san leandro to cool 67, few 80's remain in antioch, pittsburgh, in vacaville, not expecting those 80's so much into saturday and sunday, though, as these are the coolest days of the forecast. low 70's inland monday. we'll see temperatures climbing back into the mid 70's for the 4th of july. really comfortable weather overall as we work our way through the weekend and into the holiday itself. as for our bridges, bay bridge still looks good. it's only taking 7 minutes of course, it's early. so that could be changing later on. but let's keep our fingers crossed for friday. light for some of our later commuters. san mateo bridge, a 12 minute drive for you. and the richmond center fell only an 8 minute drive golden gate. it's a bit breezy and definitely foggy a 90 minute drive from 37 to the tolls. james, thank you very much, john. let's go back to the news now and happening right now as we borrow that golden gate bridge camera, one more time. >> and take a live look at it this morning. the tolls are
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going up as of today as part of a 5 year program that went into effect back in 2019. the revenue from this new toll hike will help pay for the golden gate transit and golden gate ferry system as well as maintenance for the bridge itself. and here's a look at the new toll. so be ready to pay these toll starting today. if you're a fast track user goes up to $8.40. that's a $0.35. jump. that whole be 8.80, for pay. as you go. that's for those of you who registered your license plate in the system, but don't have a fast track, a transponder toll invoice rates. that's going to go up to $9.40. the carpool rate is also going up. but it's the cheapest option for you at $6 and $0.40 per cross. it. barry residents are also bracing for another increase in your morning commute to with bart fares. set to go up today as well. so the increase was originally set to go into effect back on january first, but it was delayed 6 months. the cost of a one-way ticket now will go up anywhere from 5 to $0.50.
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the average jump will be about $0.15 for an average strip. money from the fare increase is going go toward spartz operating budget, which includes enhanced cleaning procedures, greater police presence and the purchase of some new train cars as well. more happening today. now san jose's ban on flavored tobacco goes into effect starting today, july 1st stores can no longer sell artificially flavored tobacco products. mayor sam liccardo says these products were intentionally targeted to appeal to kids. anybody caught selling these items could be fined up to $2500 per day that have their tobacco license revoked. we should say that and premium cigars are not included in these restrictions. several other bay area cities, as we know, have already banned the sale of flavored tobacco products that include san francisco, oakland. and while the creek. in the north bay, county fair has returned after a 3 year hiatus. first time it's being held in person since the pandemic first began.
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>> the 4th of july is always activities include lots of things like carnival rides. you can see the ferris wheel there. we'll have live music art, lots of food, too. performing artists include public crews and sheila e they're also fireworks every night at 9.30. so you can enjoy that fire. fair. organizers say that they're expect they're excited. expecting a big turnout for their comeback. >> we an artist's circle tent with hands on art making for kids. we have a makerspace doing realities. scavenger hunts and we're just so happy to be back in person and when welcome our community with open arms. >> yeah. and $25 to what you have to pay for adults and teenagers. tickets for children under 4 are free and 120,000 people are expected to visit the fair over the next few days. hope everybody have a good time. >> it is 4.51. we'll take a quick break and be right back.
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>> welcome back. it is 4.54 on a friday morning, a friday that just happens to be july. 1st feeling so much like july out there this go-around, which, hey, that's ok, we've seen a lot of heat already
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this season. we've got a break from it the next few days. this is your view are not so much of a view at all from the east bay hills, very socked in this morning. another day with some fog and another day with unseasonably cool temperatures, antioch, about one of our only spots holding on to some 80's conquered livermore. you're at 78 today. same for you in santa rosa and napa. well, oakland and hayward at 67 san jose, a beautiful 76 under sunshine for you, oakland, you'll be at 67 sunshine reappears san francisco, especially near the coast golden gate park sunset districts remaining a bit on the gray side with highs in the mid 60's. james, thank you very much, john. well, disney fans have the chance to live in a mansion. >> inspired by the happiest place on earth. look at these pictures. so you can tell it's going to cost you right. a disney dream home just hit the market in orlando for 15 million dollars. 7 bedrooms, 12 at nearly 21,000 square feet. many of the
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rooms, as you can see here themed after disney favorites like cinderella and star wars. there's a toy story themed room, too. and you just saw a moment ago. you can watch your favorite disney movies and that plus home theater. there's also an indoor spa, an outdoor lanai, even a bird aviary or maybe saas is flying around and ever now. all right. it's 4.56. that's it. we'll take a break. >> 15 that all right. in the next hour, fair prices are increasing not only for bart, but also for other key driving points and golden gate bridge. you will talk more about that in a minute. going back into the starting today. also, this weekend is expected to be pretty busy for airports in for roads as a lot of travelers are heading out for the 4th of july weekend. we're going to have multiple live shots across the bay to bring you a closer look at what you need to know before you hit the skies or the roads. and the oakland a's jumping another hurdle to get their 12 billion dollars ballpark.
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built. we'll have more on that coming up in a minute.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news far. >> good morning. and before you know it is friday. and how about that just area and before, you know, it's july again. >> i just like that july 1st today. good morning, july visit now. >> so what are we in for thing is this is looks like june gloom sticking around. i feel like july didn't get the yeah. june gloom is sticking around guys. as is not the most july or summer like weather at all. we're all staying pretty cool today. you're used to that cool at the coast, but are inland areas are also in for quite a cool down these next several days and got quite our little pin. all the colors of the rainbow this morning. also maybe not getting the memo that it's july now, but that's ok, we'll keep those rainbow colors around for a few more days. are seeing some low visibility out there near the coastline in our east bay hills and that


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