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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  July 1, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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area. right now we are seeing ok, visibility as this cloud cover is aloft. at least you're not driving through it. now. temperatures right now in the 50's to 60's those sunnier spots further inland. san jose over to brent would pittsburgh, concord and dublin all hanging out in the 60's already. and the rest of us will get there. pretty easy to see where the cloud covers that on satellite currently near the coastline, right through the golden gate into the bay with the rest of us already. nice and clear. i'll be talking about what to expect into the holiday weekend. still ahead, roads, though, really, really easy drive this morning. a lot of people already off for the long weekend. i believe that's why we're so empty out there. look at this. the bay bridge has never gone above 10 minutes all morning long. didn't even need the metering lights this morning. san mateo bridge, a 12 minute drive across it little bright spot there in the middle richmond center fell a 7 minute drive and the golden gate not looking too bad itself. dari. >> ell right, john, let's stay on with the travel because that's our big story how are
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you going to get there if you're going somewhere or and is it going to cost you more? the answer is yes, pretty much no matter what california's gas tax went up overnight. so that's a few pennies. more. also, it's going to cost you more starting today to cross the golden gate bridge. a lot more actually. and bart is charging more too. so let's go to kron 4. sarah stinson first. she's been following the bar hikes in lafayette and has the impact on folks there. hi, sarah. >> daria, that's right. i'm out here live at the lafayette bart station here. john just said not a lot of people on the road, not a lot of people riding bart on this holiday friday, but people who are riding bart are finding out from me and from learning when they get there that they're paying 3.4% more than they were yesterday. what does that mean to give you some context that adds $0.15 to the average fare of $3 and $0.78. this fare increase was supposed to go into effect january first, but was delayed 6 months by
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bart due to a big surge in covid cases at the time. here's another example of how this fare increase will affect a ride if there's a short trip from downtown berkeley to 19th street in oakland that would cost you 5 more cents while a longer trip from any up to montgomery would cost you 30 more sense. our officials say money from the fare increase will pay for train service enhancement of cleaning and also more staff or police and an armed safety staff. >> now i talked with bart riders and all yeah, i'm still going ride this. this is cheaper than driving and also caught up with a bart spokesperson who says, yeah, it definitely is still the cheapest way to get to it. >> this in the cheapest way to get to work for me. does >> compared to the gas prices out here really take the bargain. i got get part is a cost-effective way to get to and from where you need to go. >> it's not all commuters. we've seen a big increase in our weekend ridership. so if
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you're heading into the city for events, you know, you're not going to pay for parking because park parking is free on the weekends. it's reliable and you can predict how much you're going to pay. you can use our trip planner. find out exactly what your fares going to be. where as you head to the gas pump and it changes week to week. >> ain't that the truth? now? it is nice to know exactly how much money you're going to be spending. and if it's becoming to an affordable, you can apply for their program. that gives low-income riders a discount back out here live. you can see this is the app. the bart clipper app and the clipper app is so helpful in making sure you get your fair, the money in there correctly to make sure that you're getting your ride correctly. there's a map and there that will get you to and from where need to go. clipper app is where it's at in terms of writing bar in a lot of transportation in the bay area. daria, it is going to be
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an interesting time for everybody, july 1st, all of these increases going into effect. but everyone i've talked to here says he's still the cheapest back to. well, it definitely is. sarah, if you compare it to driving over the golden gate bridge, which is >> another thing that just went up today. so let's take a look first live at the bridge right now, which is still socked in by fog and traffic looks pretty equal in both directions. from marin county into san francisco. that's where you got to stop and pay the toll and it's going to cost you more. this is part of a 5 year program that went into effect in 2019. so it's nothing new. it was scheduled to be a hike because the increase is going to go to the golden gate transit golden gate, ferry services, maintenance for the bridge and whatnot. so that all adds up to more for fast track, more for pay as you go. i mean, you can see is about $0.35 more for fast track 8.40, now. that's the going rate every day for you to cross the bridge. so you don't forget something. double back and pay
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again. can imagine the biggest prices, if you do the invoice rate where they charge you 9.40, to cross the bridge carpool? still the way to go that still at 6.40, every time you cross. and california's gas tax went up at midnight. the gas tax. >> went up about $0.3. it will be $0.3 a gallon that you'll notice at the pump. >> or maybe you won't prices just keep going up so much. you'll think, oh, it is just part of the regular price item seeing daily it supposed to pay for transportation projects services, road repairs, improvements in the wlex. let's take a peek at the rising cost of gas and this was at last check. so did include the extra $0.3. you might see built into today's prices. but now for right now is averaging the most 6.48. a gallon for regular. and then as you go down the list in san jose, it's quite a bit less san jose's averaging 6.30, a gallon. time now is 9, 0, 5.
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and meantime, california lawmakers are looking into whether the gas companies are gouging us at the pump. experts say the brand name stations are charging drivers nearly $0.30 more a gallon. and for years the state has been looking into a mystery surcharge. they say the gas companies are not explaining this surcharge, but stay justice officials say and then an actual investigation into the surcharge and potential price fixing would need enormous resources to fund. >> it's exceedingly expensive, particularly bringing in the kind of outside. outside expertise that would be required. many millions of 10's of millions of dollars and the and the it would unser. >> there will be some hearings
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over the next few months with industry experts and consumer groups on this. and as we hit the long holiday weekend, some people are taking to the skies. and this is a live look. >> at oakland international airport at this hour. is it busy or what? it definitely is. there's a wait security. there has been all morning off and on. it comes in waves. it depends when you're taking off. but if you are taking flight, they're recommending 2 hours ahead for domestic travel and 3 for overseas. one woman was heading out of town from el serino yesterday and she told us what she experienced. >> a few brief definitely some long lines was shockingly busy, really, really long lines. but they they move people through quickly. it seems like they only had to maybe there may be a little short staffed. >> it just seems better if you get there early because then you're not so worried that that line is going make a late. of course, if you have bags like they do, know if to check them. >> and that takes longer to. so that's another thing you might want to consider. also
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definitely check for cancellations and delays. that's something that is fluid throughout the morning. we've been checking. we saw some delays but no cancellations. and we're also at san jose's and then at the airport as well comforts justin campbell takes a look at there. i spoke to an airport staff member here at the san jose airport and they say everything has been running smoothly all step to the side to you can see outside. >> no along a line. i'll take you to our next piece of video of what it looks like inside of the airport. you can a little bit of a line outside the key ask but not much trip away predicting this holiday weekend, 47.9 a million people expected to travel. here's also what it looked like last weekend. this with a different case when >> the x-ray machines, 3 out of 4 of them for the checked bags went down now san jose airport tell us that basically those issues have been fixed and it will not be impacting
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people if you plan on traveling this weekend and take a listen to what some of the travelers told us how they're how their trip there traveling has been going so far. so good. it's not as busy as i, you know, normal still thursday that i think of all pretty crazy coming from it was insane like it took me like 40 minutes to get up to the gate and not everybody traveling by air some by road. but triple a says the top destination for people traveling domestically. >> is orlando reporting here at san jose airport. justin campbell kron. 4 news and these gets sfo. we don't want to forget sfo because it's expected to be the 10th busgest airport in the country this weekend. >> with more than 350,000 travelers expected to use sfo. and today they say will be the busiest day for the arriving flights and monday, the busiest for the returning flights at sfo. cheers as the
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oakland a's jump another hurdle or around another base. and they're a drive for a new place to play a ballpark at the howard terminal with a 23 to 2 vote. the san francisco bay conservation and development commission decided they will no longer designate howard terminal has a porch priority use area. that means it won't be reserve strictly for port related business. and that opens the door for a potential ballpark. the commission's staff recommended removing the designation on the grounds that the port of oakland will be able to accommodate more cargo in the near future. here's what people had to say on both sides. >> they want to and cried like 5 year-old children because they want what they want. not what they want to give the community of oakland. >> it would be in danger. the maritime industry in the area and will. in it as well. the
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the workers on the port. >> i think we have a huge opportunity in front of us today with this. a proposed stadium project to bring an actual economic engine to the city. brain jobs and critically needed. how. >> this latest move by the commission is not the end by a long shot is just one more step on a long road. other state approvals are still needed an agreement with the port still needs to be hammered out an the oakland city council. these to give a final seal of approval on this at this point, though, oakland mayor libby shaft is happy about the decision. she tweeted that she's grateful to the commissioners and every person who showed up to advocate for advocate for more affordable housing, more union jobs and more public access to our waterfront. she says. but on the other side, there are critics, as you can see here, the group, the oakland stadium alliance releasing this statement saying they're disappointed by the decision.
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they say one sport land is lost. it can never be reclaimed and it's unfortunate the commission is made this determination. however, the decision states that if the a's don't enter into a binding agreement by 2025. howard terminal will revert back to port use. 9.11. is the time. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, a bay area tech giants are facing accusations of racial. >> and gender discrimination. we'll hear the employees. but what this is going on there. and the new act is trying to protect women's personal reproductive health information. we'll show you how it would limit your personal information. >> and we are going to be looking at some sunshine later on today after some gray burn-off above oakland will enjoy that. 67 under the sun already there in san jose with some mid 70's. i've got more in your forecast for the 4th weekend. still to come.
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>> 9.15, right now. and what if you're looking for a quiet way to celebrate the 4th of july? there is a new family film that's looking to knock elvis and top gun out of the top spot at the box office. dean richards has a preview. >> getting haiti. for
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something completely different than top gunning or dinosaurs bus at the movies. >> this week there's family fun to have for the holiday weekend with minions. the rise of brew. it's been 5 years since the yellow. this gbs creatures hit the big screens and 12 since they were first introduced. there's a layer of predictability here that is wrapped around the rise of group. but there's so much more of that surprises you along the way, too. character's chilly creatures, plenty of pop culture references and for the grown-ups, a definite 70's 5 that will bring back some good memories in the latest installment. the bad boy grew as a dream of becoming a super villain and does his best to become part of the group called the vicious 6. the storylines are pretty much split between grew time in union time. i like the balance of the 2 and especially like the compact 88th minute runtime us from us. the
9:17 am
returns as the voice of grew and is joined by julie andrews to rush up henson jean claude van damme, russell brand and many more in the voice fool. it says some of the themes list b plus for the 4th of july weekend will be a great weekend in chicago. >> and dean richards, it's nice to have so many good movies to choose from if you want to be inside. but it's gorgeous outside to john. i know i don't want to be inside this weekend. i've been talking to the 70's all morning and it just makes me want to outside right now. but then i look at the skies and you think, well, maybe a little later, actually, the low gray is still with us across san francisco out to the east bay. but skies have cleared out really nicely for areas further inland. you can see pretty clearly those great spots hovering right along the coastline. and we're going to stay pretty socked in on the coast of the peninsula today. >> rest of us across the bay area. if you haven't tempted to sunshine, you're about to. later on now, winds are again, a factor pushing in from the
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coast at around 15 to 20 miles per hour. mostly so breezy, but not enough to keep you indoors. we are going to see a lot of sunshine this afternoon. temperatures for july first. well below average for this time of year for tomorrow and sunday for that matter will be kicking off for days. pretty similar to where we are today with the fog. misty conditions during morning hours and sunshine returning during the afternoon, sunday will be are cloudy. a stay of the forecast, but also among our cooler ones. now, why is cool? well, the slow to our north is anchored this dip in the jet stream right across the region. this is keeping us consistently cool and it's not going to last forever. next weekend heats back up. so enjoy this weekend's break from the summer heat 60's for your highs in sf 50's mostly along the coast. not the best day to head to the coast. if you want this sunshine, just stay in your own backyard. if you're in the rest of the bay area. 60's 70's for your daytime highs for most areas, ample sunshine, really, really comfortable stuff. san jose at 76 pleasanton at 77 along with concord at 78 oakland and san
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leandro. you may be great right now, but you've got sunshine on its way. antioch, in vacaville, our warmer spots in the low to mid 80's, but also a lot more comfortable that we have been and only getting cooler into saturday and sunday monday for the 4th looking great. we've got mid 70's, partly cloudy skies. great weather for any sort of outdoor plans. maybe that backyard barbecue actually quite enjoyable. this go around. now, the bay bridge has been easy all morning long. only 8 minutes to get you across it. a lot of people taken an early holiday weekend. see, you know what's going to happen later today as everyone is going to be on the roads trying to get to tahoe are up into the north bay. so it dissipate that maybe leave early san mateo bridge. nice and empty as is the richmond center fell and the golden gate empty of cars, not so much of the clouds this morning. thanks a lot, john. 9.19, right now. and happening now, san jose's ban on flavored tobacco. >> is in effect, which means stores can no longer sell
9:20 am
artificially flavored tobacco products. mayor sam liccardo says these products were meant to target children. anybody caught selling these items can be fined up to $2500 per day and have their tobacco license revoked. and premium cigars are not included in these restrictions. and several other bay area cities already have bands like this, including san francisco, oakland and walnut creek. a california congresswoman is ramping up efforts to protect search data regarding reproductive health. kron four's ella sogomonian has more. >> after the intent to reverse roe v wade was first leaked san diego congresswoman sara jacobs drafted the my body my day to act with the bill. she aims to create a new national standard to protect personal reproductive health data overseen by the federal trade commission. this is some of our most sensitive and personal data are and reproductive health data. >> and it deserves the highest level of privacy and
9:21 am
protection that the u.s. government can provide. jacobs proposal would limit information that companies can retain to what is strictly necessary to provide their service and prohibit them from selling it or the user could sue if passed, would protect people from having that data disclosed to law enforcement where abortion or contraceptive services have been outlawed. privacy is a foundational concern for san francisco based nonprofit electronic frontier foundation which endorsed the my body by day to act. >> so this is a very strict rule that should limit how businesses are processing people's reproductive health data. this will increase their privacy against the businesses. but it also means that when the sheriff's an anti-cho ce states come calling on businesses. there simply will be less data available for them to hand to to the sheriffs. there are more than 40 house co sponsors and 10 senate co-sponsors. >> until it's voted on, we've posted a list of tips on how
9:22 am
to protect your internet privacy to kron 4 dot com reporting in san francisco. i'm ella sogomonian. >> it's 9.21. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news, we have some tips on how you can keep your pet safe. this 4th of july. get a 10% off rebate with the purchase of 4 or more eligible samsung appliances at lowe's. like the samsung bespoke refrigerator with customizable and changeable door panels. this 4th of july find the color that fits your style.
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right now. and fireworks or do
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i for you? but for a pet, they're confusing. scary. >> and they can kind of freak them out. marco torres takes a look at what you should do to keep your pets safe. >> hundreds of dogs escape their homes every single year because of fireworks. dog owners need to be ready. it may be a time of celebration, but it's the opposite for our canine companions. hundreds of them are reported missing every 4th of july in bakersfield, fireworks. absolutely terrified. the living daylights out of our pets. and so the most responsible thing you can do on the 4th of july is keep him inside with you. >> if you want to see fireworks, go a show. keeping your dog's microchip in color with all of your update. information is essential in case they scape dog doesn't know what 4th of july all they know is that there's a loud explosions happening in fight or flight know that and stay flight. they might not come back. bring your dogs inside. turn on music and the tv to help wash out the sound of the firework. explosions. >> you can speak with your vet about having your pet medicaid. julie johnson, with
9:26 am
the bakersfield animal care center says keeping your dog on a leash even if it's your own backyard might be necessary because you don't know what will set off your dog if you're not sure police shot him. it doesn't hurt. >> i'm to take him out to go. we've seen dogs go through plate glass windows. we've seen dogs bust through fences, just trying to get away from the noise. fireworks terrify our dogs and send them into a panic. keep your dogs inside for the 4th of july and keep them safe. >> that was marco torres reporting. and you know what? you could stay inside with your little pups and watch the kron. 4 july 4 special. we've got all of the best fireworks from all around the bay in one place. and you know how it's kind of cloudy out this morning if it's socked in one show, you can see the other one. it's clear we switch back and forth to show you the best of the best. it's going to be hosted by our own olivia horton. we'll be right back. coming up next, a local organization wants homeowners. >> to have to pay a tax if
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♪ ♪ how's he still playin'? aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength. reduces inflammation. don't touch my piano. kick pain in the aspercreme. >> 9.29 right now and we haven't said this often like you might need a jacket for the 4th july. 1st let alone. it's very odd. >> yeah, very, very weird. and we're not just talking about the either like it's in london that we're looking at quite
9:30 am
the cool down as we work our way into this first weekend of july, july. first today, pretty gray above the bay itself. we are seeing skies cleared out pretty nice for the south bay. parts of the peninsula and east bay. but that cloud cover still persisting over sf oakland all the way up into san pablo bay in parts of the north bay. it will clear out nicely this afternoon and temperatures only in the 60's to 70's below average for this time of year. and a nice break from the heat. 50 60's currently brentwood. you're at 68 oakland to san mateo at 58 degrees right now and believe it or not, cooler into saturday and sunday. the rest of your forecast is still ahead. good news on the roads this morning. if you are heading to work, you're one of the few 8 minutes to get you across the bay bridge. we never saw the metering lights on this morning. no backup whatsoever. a few of you out there on the san mateo bridge, but you're still rolling at the limit. richmond center fell hardly a car making the crossing so far and look at this across the golden gate heading into the city. not a
9:31 am
lot going on, but i've been looking at that commute out of the city and on up into marion county. that's definitely where most of the traffic is. a 9 to a lot of you are already getting out of dodge. getting to your destination is a little early as we head into the holiday weekend. daria. >> thanks a lot, john. it's 9.30, and a bay area. tech giant is facing a new round of accusations of racial discrimination. a group of former google employees has filed another class action lawsuit saying that they were discriminated against because they're black kron four's. dan thorn has the details. >> just weeks after google paid millions of dollars to thousands of female employees over discrimination. the tech giant is facing trouble again. google. >> racism is evil. discrimination is evil. bias is evil. nationally known civil rights attorney ben crump speaking on behalf of several current and former black employees of the mountain view based company.
9:32 am
look, accusations include google unfairly policing black should figure out a way to >> i looked to the sky with my - held hit my head held high in my fist up. i'm very black and i'm very proud of being that. >> google joins tesla in facing accusations of racial discrimination. the electric carmaker was hit with another lawsuit thursday alleging racism and harassment at its fremont factory. the company has denied any wrongdoing, but it's still looking at the potential of paying out millions. the alleged behavior at both companies may different specific accusations. but overall, the argument stands change is needed. >> google needs to go go racism. >> reporting in san francisco, dan thorn kron. 4 news.
9:33 am
>> happening now, the state's eviction moratorium has expired. and now there's concern thousands of californians could soon have no place to live. the eviction moratorium was initially set to end in april, but it was extended by lawmakers till today. so today it's over the idea aimed at keeping struggling tenants in their homes during the pandemic. more than 400,000 applications were received in the state paid out more than 3.8 billion dollars to renters. but again, those protections go away today. san francisco voters could decide in november whether landlords should be taxed if they leave their property is vacant. the empty homes, tax campaign got enough signatures to get this on the ballot covers taylor. the second has more. >> why not use the supply that we already have? you know, if you have this many empty homes like we've got to use, what we have had cochran is the campaign coordinator for the empty homes tax. >> a tax measure aims to encourage investors to rent out their vacant units that
9:34 am
they would otherwise hold until the market value increases. he says the campaign collected nearly 14,000 signatures well above the 9,000 needed to appear before voters in november. he finished nearly a month early. so we are able to get. >> all the signatures we needed in a 15 week period. supervisor dean preston, who supports the tax measure, says if approved the tax could make 4500 vacant units available over a two-year period. it's heartbreaking to see. >> perfectly good. >> homes being helped make it while we have a huge crisis in affordable housing and a huge crisis of homelessness in the city is just such a disconnect there. preston says there are nearly 40,000 vacant homes in san francisco while some are listed for sale or rent. january's analyst report found that nearly 8,000 empty homes were those that were sold but not occupied in the first year. the proposed tax would range from 2500 to 5,000 depending on the size of the
9:35 am
unit. the tax would increase each year reaching a maximum of 20,000. preston says the tax is projected to generate more than 38 million in annual revenue. tax revenue would be split. fifty-fifty for 2 purposes. >> one is for rent for seniors and low-income families. and so that we have the money, the other half the money would go into a which the city could use to purchase vacant buildings to make them into affordable house owners of vacant homes and buildings with 3 or more units. >> would be subject to the tax if a unit had been vacant for more than 182 days, single-family homes and duplexes would be exempt in san francisco. taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. >> 9. 35. and in these they look what happened in a berkeley kensington residents minivan was swallowed up by a sinkhole. luckily they were driving was just part. there became as you come out and really only my car or soap and
9:36 am
under. and there's a reason there was a 6 inch water main that broke on overland avenue. and it just created this whole residents were told that the pipe burst likely causing seismic and that's how it happened. the pipe is more than 70 years old. >> they kind of move that a bit and get to a point away. it was too stressed. and so that was not enough flexibility in the water pipe broke again. >> do you think you get a ticket if you don't move your car? i mean, how do you move your car? >> utilities were shut off the water. they had no water power. anything for about 10 people in that neighborhood. >> 30 homes, sorry, 30 homes are affected 9.36. is the time right now. other news that we're following this morning. still to come. >> a group of robbers busted going on a home invasion spree. we'll tell you how police cracked this case. and we're going to tell you the best and worst times to drive as you're heading out for the july 4th weekend. you don't have much time left this
9:37 am
morning jog. i think you was and red county fairs bag. so time to hit the fair will tell you all you need to know before you buy tickets. >> winds going to be so nice that the fair this weekend, aria, we are seeing some gray out there this morning. but skies clear up great during our afternoon hours and to top it off some 60's 70's for highs. more about it. still highs. more about it. still ahead. frosty time is kinda like "you time", if "you time" tasted like a frosty. hey willie! can i get a hand with this? you got this brother. i know you've been working out. please, this is pretty heavy. that's why i got the small man. when it's frosty time... choose wisely. choose wendy's new strawberry frosty.
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>> it's 9.39. and according to this next story, that means you have 20 minutes to hit the road. if you want to go somewhere and not have a ton of traffic, we've got the best and worst times free to travel. according to triple a if you're heading for the holiday weekend to go somewhere on the roads. let's take a peek. they say any time before 10:00am today is great. so believe now the worst time is any time after noon. and we're talking noon till 09:00pm. so it looks the roads are going to be well traveled this afternoon. if you're waiting till tomorrow, let's say you're going to work today and everybody is going to take off tomorrow. well, the best time would be again in the morning because everybody really is taking on at noon. and later, the worst travel times in particular tomorrow are 2 to 4. that's when it's going to the heaviest. >> and then it doesn't really matter if you head home on sunday. >> or on monday, that not a lot of traffic, but the whole point is that because heading all they're waiting till july 4th, they'll have their july for the virus that everyone's
9:41 am
going to have one tuesday. i mean, i can pretty much history with that. a chp knows what's going on there out there with extra enforcement on the roads. it's called maximum enforcement period where they really keeping their eye out for speeders and impaired drivers to keep the roads safe. so they're going to be focusing on that and on educating you about drunk driving and the dangers of that. and if you plan to be out on the water, the coast guard will be out. they are trying to keep the water's safe, making sure that everybody's educated about wearing life vests. and, you know, you definitely want to protect your kids and your pets and you, too, specially look, if you're going fast and there's big waves and that kind of thing. also, they're going to be looking out for people who are voting under the influence 9.41. is a time right now and we'll be back with more few minutes.
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9:44 am
>> i-44 right now and in the north bay, the marine county fair is back. first time in 3 years, cut the ribbon there, enjoying the rides. >> the food, the fair food, right? and the animals? i think they still have animals, but they're not doing this every like just the 4th. so in past years, i know you had a few weekends to enjoy it. it's just this weekend and will cost you 25 bucks unless you're under 4 years old in which case you don't even understand what i'm saying because you're too young. pablo crews in are some of the performers. so that'll be fun.
9:45 am
plus, they have fireworks not just on 4th of july, but every night at 9.30. >> we an artist's circle tent with hands on art making for kids. we have a makerspace doing virtual reality scavenger hunts and we're just so happy to be back in person and when welcome our community with open arms. >> good to times. the weather's going to be great, too, which is amazing. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to go over the weekend and they're not going to be hot waiting in line. that's usually it's like your ice cream melts. and then it's all over your hand. it's usually pretty hot for the county fair. i recall i know everyone's looking for the ice cream, but it's perfect for the fried foods this yes, warm between keys. exactly. little something to keep you warm >> it's definitely going to be a beautiful weekend. aria, 60 70's. it doesn't feel like the first weekend of july, but >> i don't think too many of us are going to mind that. that's great. fair weather. great weather to be out and
9:46 am
about in san jose skies have cleared out really nicely. you were partly cloudy to start not so much anymore. obviously. now you can see the blanket of cloud cover that we have sitting offshore. this is going to stay pretty present at the coast, especially along the peninsula all day long today, while most of the rest of us are tapping into a lot of sunshine, if not yet, you will be soon. now winds from the coastline at around 15 to 20 miles per hour today, pushing on inland at times that making conditions a little brisk for coastal spots. but the rest of us that 15 miles per hour breeze shouldn't be much of a nuisance for us paired with the sunshine and the 70's. it's going to feel really nice towards the afternoon. now, tomorrow and sunday, temperatures pretty similar to where we're about to be today. we're keeping with the 70's, if not even a little bit cooler. we've also got low gray hovering with us through morning hours both saturday, sunday, even into monday for the 4th itself followed by afternoon, clearing going on sunday and monday will remain partly cloudy as we do see this cold front sitting right across the region, potentially
9:47 am
bringing a couple in north bay. sprinkles towards monday for the 4th of july, but a dry one for us. and that does mean fire danger remains high, even though we are getting a break from the heat that break from the heat just means get out there and enjoy it this weekend. maybe not the best day for the coast as we will see the gray in the 50's out there to stay in your own backyard plan, the barbecue and expect 60's to 70's palo alto and mountain view at 74 today, south bay temperatures in the mid to upper 70's mostly with san jose at 76 livermore in concord at 78 while san leandro and oakland. a nice and cool. 67 degrees today. antioch in vacaville being our warmest spots, but only in the 80's and tomorrow's temperatures likely to take both of you down into the 70's were also stay into sunday and for most of us into monday for the 4th itself, as we've been talking about, we have our fireworks show on monday and we'll show you all those displaced from across the bay. so in the case that san francisco's a bit foggy
9:48 am
not to worry will be showing you the displays and other towns as well will warm up towards the middle to end of next week. that's going to take us eventually back to the 90's inland. so enjoy this cool down. while we do have it. as for our bridges this morning, still in the easy drive across the bay bridge, we never saw how your commute time going over 10 minutes. wish we could say that every day. but, you know, everyone's just off because it is the beginning of a holiday weekend. i bet you that traffic's going to be looking a lot more intimidating later on today. so take advantage of these relatively calm conditions while we have them a lot more heading up into the north bay, then down into the city on the golden gate bridge that zipper truck already coming through, adjusting the lanes under some gray skies at the golden gate. daria. >> thanks a lot, john. as 9.40, a and new this morning basketball star brittney griner began her trial in moscow. these are pictures we haven't seen her for months. she's walking into the courtroom this morning. i'm wearing a jimi hendrix t sure
9:49 am
you can see they're accompanied by security. she was taken into custody in february because the russians said that they caught her at the airport, which cannabis in a vape pen. and her detention was extended. she's been there for months and now they've extended it another 6 months. her wife is calling on president biden to do something secure her release, saying that she's become a political if she's convicted of having this vape pen, it's 10 years in prison. in the south bay. 4 people are behind bars in connection with 3 armed robberies in san jose. each time the suspects threatened the homeowners at gunpoint. even when there was a 15 month-old baby conference. rob nesbitt has the details. >> police say the victims of the home invasions were subjected to the same assault in their own homes. 2 elderly couples, a father and child go into the same horse at gunpoint. a big breakthrough for san jose police arresting
9:50 am
23 year-old eduardo santiago, 19 year-old daniel mendez, 19 year-old armando men's and a 17 year-old sergeant christian camarillo says the 4 started their home invasion spree on may 31st. first, an elderly couple's home on north capitol. ave biting them with belts, assaulting gunpoint and stealing their vehicle. police say the suspects then drove to this home on summerdale homeowners dashcam catching them in the act as she pulls up her husband and baby both inside the home at the time of the my husband on finding the suspects. >> basically threatened a 15 month-old child kidnapped. the child's father took him to a bank and demanded him to get money. mean, this is who are dealing with. sergeant kim rios as 5 suspects fled the home with money, bank cards and jewelry. >> he singled out monies who was arrested for an unrelated crime of evading police on june 5th. we have one who was arrested, walked out of jail the next day. and then the day after that when he committed another violent home invasion, that home invasion happened on june 7th at an elderly
9:51 am
couple's home on valero drive. police say men's ana juan mendez held the couple at gunpoint while violently assaulting them. one of the victims managed to get away and make a 9-1-1 call that eventually led to the 4 arrests. sergeant kim rio says the repeat offenders need to be held accountable with higher bales. what has been said in the past and santa clara county for similar crimes and we want our community members to be safe in their own homes. and we want these folks to remain incarcerated when they need to be police don't believe the suspect stopped a home invasions. they believe they were involved and other burglaries in violent crimes. anyone with information that might help investigators is asked to contact the san jose police department reporting the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> 2 teenagers were hospitalized after they were shot while they were pushing their car which ran out of gas and union city. this happened tuesday night. the teenagers were trying to get to the gas station on whipple road. and that's not far from mission hills. middle school. that's when they got into an argument
9:52 am
with 2 other people who then opened fire hitting the 15 17 year-old. both are expected to survive. police are still looking for the shooters. it's 9.51. for your health this morning. the fda formally recommends an update to the covid vaccines. >> they want to protect against strains of omicron this fall. would be boosters in the fall and then the wind expecting a covid surge. then the manufacturers have already submitted their clinical trials to the fda. so more boosters could be on the way. we'll be right back.
9:53 am
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>> just about on a friday. before we go, let's check in with olivia horton and see what's coming up on live in the bay today. high livia. good morning. you guys have been out all morning how you doing this? we have just trying to help people plan their 4th of july and i'm so excited for this weekend and i'm also excited for today's show. we have some amazing things coming up on today, show. >> friday, which means we're taking a look back at some of our great guests of the week in today. it's all about girl power, the new soccer team, the oakland. so we're officially announced. i learn more about this women's soccer team and how you can check them out on the field in 2023. then she stopped us in studio with her beautiful works of art. hear what local artist
9:56 am
kate tova had to say about being inspired by the bay area. and you hear on your morning drive a look back at with 97 7. now's nikki blades stop by and dished on what she's looking for in a man and maybe you're going on a date this 4th. we want to hear all about it. so go ahead and scan that qr codes. you can chime in on our question of the day today. we want to know what the pen in stay weekend plans, daria. any big plans for the 4th of july knoll and go to the airport. but it's going to be real quiet. no, i'm not. i'm picking up my kids so that okay. so you're not traveling? no, no. i'm if i'm gonna offering a ride, okay. there you go. slow have fun with that. you to have a great time on the show to all be watching you because i don't like to go out and see the fireworks. i want to watch on tv. >> thanks, olivia. >> that will be i recommend it highly recommend it. >> you know, we saw was the big celebration. the warriors preyed on omicron for cover this. it now won just
9:57 am
anderson, who was so much fun in the parade in during the finals. and now he's got a ring and he's leaving. he grew up in east oakland. everybody's watching him rise to the pro league in mexico and then he got to the warriors and that was exciting. and now >> he's going to the lakers farewell. yeah. >> well, the weather won't be as fun i >> but we're gonna have a great weekend for the 4th and we'll see you back here on monday. with
9:58 am
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