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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  July 1, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> from the bay station, you're watching kron. at noon. >> hey, and thanks so much for joining us on the kron. 4 news at noon. i'm stephanie lin. the holiday travel rush is officially on. and if you're watching this right now, please don't be in a rush to get out the door. triple a says right now is the worst time to hit the roadways. conditions out there, golden gate, san mateo bay and richmond bridges. we can see traffic moving along, not quite bumper to bumper yet the people certainly getting an early start to their 4th of july weekend. and it's not
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just the roads. millions of americans also taking to the skies for the 4th edition of july sfo expected to be one of the busiest airports in the country. more on all that in just a moment. we want to make sure you are fully prepared for your holiday weekend. so let's get straight to your 4th of july forecast with kron 4 meteorologist but rescinded rig as how does it look out agrees to pay those, stephanie and all eyes going to be on the sky, especially for your 4th of july monday. so we are tracking coastal cloud cover, but better clearing as you make your way inland. so you do want to check out those fireworks. >> make sure to head to the highest peak and as far inland as you can to get that clear shot. we're going to notice that no sky july, also known as june gloom making impact throughout their bay area coastline. temperatures by 9 o'clock. when the fireworks go off, going to range from mid 50's along the coast to mid-sixties for our inland valleys. so we are going to see cool temperatures and also
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that deep stubborn marine layer. so today is officially july first, happy july bay area. temperatures out there right now. noticeably cooler, especially for those of you in conquer nearly 10 degrees cooler at 62 degrees. but a longer bay area beaches mid 50's out there right now for your friday afternoon. 53 degrees of peace for pacifica and half moon bay. a little bit milder for those of you in livermore and san jose in the low 70's near 20 degree difference out there already. but we're tracking widespread 60's for most of our valleys, with the exception of fairfax, 71 degrees. also one of the mildest cities out there right now. but the cooling trend going to continue all weekend long. in fact, that marine layer only going to get deeper. you can see a pretty socked in along golden gate bridge right now. we are going to see future cast for showing san francisco peninsula coastline. not going to see that much clearing more clouds than sun. better clearing as you make your way inland. but that marine layer only going to get thicker and becoming more widespread to our
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innermost valleys. tonight, bringing us another round of drizzle fest in temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below average saturday. details ahead on your full 4th of july monday forecast in just a few minutes. back to stephanie. i will have my coat ready. thank a if you're out on the road this weekend, the chp wants to remind you, there are also going to be out there in full force. >> they have a maximum enforcement period for the entire holiday weekend and they're planning some extra patrols on the roadways. officers tell us they'll be focusing on enforcing the speed limit and cracking down on drunk drivers. and starting today, extra coast guard crews will also be on the water will be working to raise awareness of boating safety and cracking down on those who are boating under the influence. the coast guard also reminding people to keep their life jackets on when they are on the water. millions of americans hitting the road for the 4th of july holiday. as we mentioned at the top of the hour, it is the worst time to drive right now.
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according to triple a if you do want to leave today, the best time to go is after 09:00pm. if you wait until tomorrow, the best time to go is before noon. the worst time to drive between 2 and 04:00pm. keep in mind, triple a says they will be very little traffic on the roads on sunday or monday. so that could be a better travel window for ya. and if you're headed to the airport, good luck. it's expected to be very crowded and busy through monday. travelers we spoke with just yesterday said that things were already picking up. one woman heading out of town from elsa radio described her experience getting through all that traffic. >> few brief definitely some long lines was shockingly busy, really, really long lines. but they they move people through quickly. it seems like they only had to maybe there may be a little short staffed. >> it sounds like workers are doing their best at the airlines. a nearly 13 million passengers will travel to from
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and within the u.s. this weekend, according to hopper travel booking app. taking another live look outside at sfo is expected to be the 10th busiest airport in the country this weekend. more than 350,000 travelers expected to travel just through there and in the south bay, san jose mineta airport also seeing an uptick in passengers heading out of town. kron four's justin campbell caught up with some travelers. >> i spoke to an airport staff member here at the san jose airport and they say everything has been running smoothly all step to the side to you can see outside no along a line. i'll take you to our next piece of video of what it looks like inside of the airport. you can a little bit of a line outside the key ask but not much trip away predicting this holiday weekend, 47.9 million people expected to travel. here's also what it looked like last weekend. this with a different
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case when >> the x-ray machines, 3 out of 4 of them for the checked bags. we doubt now san jose airport tell us that basically those issues have been fixed and it will not be impacting people if you plan on traveling this weekend and take a listen to what some of the travelers told us how they're how they're chip. they're traveling has been going so far so good. it's not as busy as i, you know, normal. still thursday, though, i think tomorrow to meet with a crazy coming from it was insane like it took me like 40 minutes to get up to the gate and not everybody traveling by air some by road. but triple a says the top destination for people traveling domestically. >> is orlando reporting here at san jose airport. justin campbell kron. 4 news. and a reminder for those of you planning road trips this weekend, you can expect to pay. >> yes, a bit more for gas. california's gas tax is now in
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effect. the increase approved by voters means you'll pay an extra $0.3 a gallon at the pomp. the money expected to cover state transportation projects and services, including road repairs and improvements. meantime, as california drivers pay more than 6 bucks for a gallon of gas, some state lawmakers are investigating possible price gouging by some oil companies. ashley zavala has more. >> the state assembly select committee on gas supply and prices held its first hearing thursday to determine if california consumers are being priced out at the pump out, come as no surprise that gas price increase by the last few months. >> a sharp increase that cannot go unexplained. the california energy commission provided a presentation showing how domestic oil sources are shrinking. >> well, the states consumption of foreign oil is growing. it also provided a look at the price breakdown at the pump showing various taxes, fees and other costs
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that make california gas more expensive than the rest of the country. experts said brand name gas stations are charging higher prices at about $0.30 per gallon. >> and some suggested california look into why the state does not have many an branded gas stations. i'm concerned. >> the concentration among the producers of the gasoline. article relationships downstream with their brand to dealers has allowed them charge much higher prices. but in california individually, not through colluding with one another for years, the state has been looking into a mystery surcharge in california. gas prices that some experts said gas companies have not addressed health, but representatives for petroleum companies and gas station owners point back to the state when it comes to higher prices. the reality is that our members pay countless fees and permits season licensing fees. >> overwhelming compliance burdens that are unique to our industry and our state.
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>> the state department of justice told lawmakers an investigation into the mystery surcharge and price-fixing would require enormous resources. it's exceedingly expensive, particularly bringing in the kind of outside. >> outside expertise that would be required. many millions of 10's of millions of dollars and the and the it would >> and sir, it's moving forward. the committee will hold hearings over the next 3 to 4 months with industry experts, regulators and consumer organizations. the committee's next hearing date is not yet set at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> and we want to update you on the latest numbers here. the state average for a gallon of gas is $6.27. but we're paying a little more than that here in the bay area in napa, regular goes for $6.48. it's
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about $0.10 cheaper in san francisco. you're going to pay 6.35. in santa rosa and one said less in oakland, the cheapest gas can be found right now in san jose at $6.30 and a reminder bar fares also increased today. kron 4 sarah stinson is at the lafayette bart station with a look at the price hike. >> that's right. starting today, bart riders will pay 3.4% more in to put that into. could some context for you. that's 15 more sense for an average dry that cost you $3. and $0.78 another example of how the fare increase would affect arrived. a short trip from downtown berkeley to 19th street. oakland would cost you 5 more cents while a longer chip from antioch to montgomery would increase. you're right by $0.30. this remain the cheapest way to get to work for me. does compare
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to the gas prices out i mean, i take hard every day to work now. so i would still be willing to pay it. this is what bart officials say. the money from the fare increase will go towards so pay for enhanced cleaning. >> we'll pay for the safety staff, including the armed police officers and unarmed ambassadors. and it pays for capital projects. things like buying the new train cars at this fare increase is going to affect you and it's becoming unaffordable. bart does have a clipper start program for low-income riders offers a 20% discount to low income so they basically >> can apply for that. and it's 20% no matter when you write words says they're starting to see more riders on the weekends. and if you're heading out this holiday weekend, here's a few tips. so if you're heading into the city for events, you know, you're not going to pay for parking because park parking is free on the weekends. it's reliable and you can't predict
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how much you're going to pay. you can use our trip planner. find out exactly what your fares going to be. >> where as you head to the gas pump and it changes week to week. >> the best way to ride bar and a lot of public transportation in the bay area is to get the clipper card. you can add money on the app. it's very easy to do so and that way you don't have to pay for a physical clipper card. it's free to download the app and get to where you need to go. but unfortunately, starting today, it will cost you a little bit more. i'm sarah stinson reporting in lafayette. we'll send it back to you. >> thanks very much, sara. also happening now, taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. it's going to cost you more to cross this. the toll increase at the golden gate bridge is part of a 5 year program that went into effect in 2019. the money from this new toll is going to pay for golden gate transit and golden gate ferry transit services as well as bridge maintenance. now taking a look at what the new tolls are for fast track
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users. the toll goes up. $0.35 to $8 and $0.40. this toll will be $8.80 for those signed up for pay as you go. that's for those of you who registered or license plate in the system and the toll invoice rate also goes up to $9.40. the carpool rate also going up. that toll will be $6 and $0.40. well, as you plan your 4th of july celebrations, a friendly reminder that fireworks are not always fun for the furry members of the family. marco torres shares some advice that might help. >> hundreds of dogs escape their homes every single year because of fireworks. dog owners need to be ready in may be a time of celebration, but it's the opposite for our canine companions. hundreds of them are reported missing every 4th of july in bakersfield, fireworks. absolutely terrified. the living daylights out of our pets. and so the most responsible thing you can do on the 4th of july is keep him inside with you. >> if you want to see
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fireworks go up by a show. keeping your dog's microchip in color with all of your up to date. information is essential. in case they scape dog doesn't know what 4th of july all they know is that there's a loud explosions happening in fight or flight know that a flight they might not come back. bring your dogs inside. turn on music and the tv to help wash out the sound of the firework. explosions. >> you can speak with your vet about having your pet medicaid. julie johnson, with the bakersfield animal care center says keeping your dog on a leash even if it's in your own backyard might be necessary because you don't know what will set off your dog if you're not sure police shot him. it doesn't hurt. >> i'm to take him out to go. we've seen dogs go through plate glass windows. we've seen dogs bust through fences, just trying to get away from the noise. fireworks terrify our dogs and send them into a panic. keep your dogs inside for the 4th of july and keep them safe. >> i know that my brother's husky could certainly benefit from some of those tips and kron 4 has you covered on fun
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local events all weekend long. just scan the qr code. you see right there on your screen. it's a nice and big graphic there. >> and that will bring you straight to our website. kron 4 dot com. we have a lot to get to today. coming up, a's fans are rejoicing as the deal to build a ballpark at howard terminal. >> clears a major hurdle. details ahead. and if you plan leaving the country for your holiday weekend, some apps might be able to help you out the planning that's later on in our show. and closer to home. a new vaping ban goes into a bag. the latest details coming out of th
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>> welcome back. san jose's ban on flavored tobacco is now in effect. that ban started today and that means stores can no longer sell artificially flavored tobacco products. mayor sam liccardo says that these products were meant to target kids. anybody caught selling these items could be fined up to $2500 per day and have their tobacco license revoked. premium cigars are not included in these latest restrictions. several other bay area cities have already banned the sale of flavored tobacco, including san francisco, oakland and walnut creek. lots of cheers over this. the oakland a's. now another step closer to building a 12 billion dollars
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ballpark at the port of oakland on thursday, the san francisco bay conservation and development commission voted 23 to 2 to allow howard terminal to be turned into a mixed use area where a new ballpark can be built. now, keep in mind this latest move by the commission is not the end by a long shot. it is just one more step in a series of required moves. other state approvals are still needed, including an agreement with the ports and approval by oakland's city council. here's what people on both sides of this issue shared with us. >> they want to and cry like 5 year-old children because they want what they want. not what theyywant to give the community of oakland. >> it would be in danger. the maritime industry in the area and will. in it as well. the the workers on the port. >> i think we have a huge opportunity in front of us today with this. a proposed stadium project to bring an
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actual economic engine to the city. brain jobs and critically needed help. >> clearly a hot button topic. the a's currently play at the oakland coliseum, which dates back to the 1960's. they are the last professional sports franchise. still in oakland, the golden state warriors relocating to san francisco and the raiders to las vegas in recent years. and oakland, mayor libby schaff quick to share her thoughts about this week's decision. she tweeted she was grateful to the commissioners and every person who showed up to the meeting to advocate for the cause. but the vote was criticized by the east oakland stadium alliance. you can see part of their statement there. the group releasing this lost, it can never be reclaimed. new at noon. police in nevada rest a bay area man for a stabbing in san jose. and we have a photo of the
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suspect to show you their kenneth rogers from alameda county pictured here, san jose police say rodger stabbed a woman to death on may. 15th and they worked with officers in las vegas to make this arrest. rodgers now being held in nevada and he will be sent to santa clara county to face murder charges. all right. talk a bit about our forecast. taking a live look outside at coit tower. bit of a breeze out there and overcast as well. >> you a brace and yesterday i was walking around by ghirardelli square, had my turtleneck on. it was so cold and it's june. i can't believe this. how long have these conditions are going be sticking around for? yeah, definitely all weekend long. that cooling trend going to continue. so we're saying goodbye to june gloom and saying hello to know sky july today being july 1st, we're tracking that deep marine layer out there right now and it is impacting our bay area forecast. widespread 60's for warmest inland valleys with the exception of livermore in fremont in the low 70's,
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fairfax warming up to 73 degrees. we're tracking a 20 degree difference out there right now for your new lunchtime hour between our coolest coastal cities and our warmest inland valleys with pacifica and half moon bay in the mid-fifties downtown san francisco. 56 degrees. oakland barely in the low 60. so temperatures out there right now. >> noticeably cooler. thanks to that gloom. but we are going to see that marine layer making its way inland overnight and also strong sea breeze as well around 30 miles per hour or less expected throughout today. with the radar for tracking our beach is pretty socked in with that low and high cloud cover and overnight lows tonight, widespread low to mid 50's. but those of you in santa rosa. 49 degrees about 10 degrees warmer for antioch. cooling down to 58 degrees and high temperatures. tomorrow. we're going to stay below average. very pleasant for those of you in our warmest inland valley. santa rosa, 78 degrees. mid 70's for livermore, seasonal temperatures for downtown san francisco and oakland in the mid 60's. and we also are going to notice cool
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temperatures with those of you getting the ball park tonight. san francisco giants facing off against the white sox this evening at 7 o'clock upper 50's dress in layers because we are going to notice that strong sea breeze with temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below average sunday. but warming up just in time for 4th of july monday with mid 70's for warmest inland valleys. back to stephanie. thanks for reason for that update. still ahead, my body, my data. that's the message from a bay area. policymaker. >> the steps they say they're taking to protect women's privacy. and google faces new accusations of discrimination. what we know about the class wel
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bay area tech giant google faces new accusations of racial discrimination. >> a group of former employees is suing saying they were discriminated because they are black kron four's. dan thorn reports. >> just weeks after google paid millions of dollars to thousands of female employees over discrimination. the tech giant is facing trouble again. google. >> racism is evil. discrimination is evil. bias is evil. nationally known civil rights attorney ben crump speaking on behalf of several current and former black employees of the mountain view based company. look, accusations include google unfairly policing black employees while also telling those workers they are not
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welcome. >> complaints to hr and managers they say were ignored. my chief of staff told me that my blackness shouldn't come to work, that i should figure out a way to leave it at home. but i look. >> i looked to the sky with my held to my head held high in my fist up. i'm very black and i'm very proud of being that. >> google joins tesla in facing accusations of racial discrimination. the electric carmaker was hit with another lawsuit thursday alleging racism and harassment at its fremont factory. the company has denied any wrongdoing, but he's still looking at the potential of paying out millions. the alleged behavior at both companies may different specific accusations. but overall, the argument stands change is needed. >> google needs to go go racism. >> reporting in san francisco, dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> the international travel apps, gadgets, tips and tricks that'll save you time and
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money and make for a better trip. i'm rich demuro. that's coming up in tech. smart. and politics comes to a portland golf course. what a new sports league is saying. >> and president biden meets virtually with some democratic governors to discuss next steps for abortion rights. you're watching the kron. 4 when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made.
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call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> in national headlines, the battle over abortion rights continues. president biden connected with some governors virtually to discuss access to abortion. washington correspondent trevor shirley has the details of that meeting. >> well, the president's comments yesterday were shipped from his longstanding position against changing the filibuster for almost any reason. president biden hosted that virtual meeting with governors earlier today from the white house one week after the supreme court overturned roe versus wade. the president now says it's time for senate democrats to take action on their own to protect abortion rights. right now, 60 votes are needed to break the filibuster and get legislation passed. but a simple majority of senators could vote to change the rules on that threshold. so legislation could be passed with just 51 votes within democrats reach, however, at least 2 moderate senate democrats, west virginia's joe manchin and arizona's kyrsten sinema are
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opposed dashing the democrats chances for now of breaking the filibuster, even if it's a limited carve out just on abortion and any gains from the filibuster carve out would likely be short-lived. republicans would almost certainly retaliate by doing the same thing when they regain control of the senate. >> for the choice is clear either elect federal senators and representatives who will codify roe republicans who will elect the house and senate. we'll try to and abortions nationwide. nationwide. this is going to go one where the other after november. >> and the white house says h the administration plans to continue to explore all avenues to protect acessto io abortion. following that sueme ccourt ruling reporting g in n n washington. i'm trevor irley ktla. 5 new >> a california congresswoman is ramping up efforts to protect sear datregarding ouououreprodod tive health kron four's ella sogoge onian has th detailsls
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>> after tethe intend to revers roe v wade was first leaked san didimao congresswoman sara jacobobmydrafted the my body my dato act bith the bill. she aims to create a nenenational stananrd to p p p personal reoductive health data erseen by the eder trade commission. . . is is sse of our mostststsensitive and on rsonal d da are and reproducti health data. >> and it deserves the highest level of privacy and protection that the u.s. government can provide. jacobs proposal would limit information that companies can retain to what is strictly necessary to provide their service and prohibit them from selling it or the user could sue if passed, would protect people from having that data disclosed to law enforcement where abortion or contraceptive services have been outlawed. privacy is a foundational concern for san francisco based nonprofit electronic frontier foundation which endorsed the my body by day to act. >> so this is a very strict rule that should limit how
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businesses are processing people's reproductive health data. this will increase their privacy against the businesses. but it also means that when the sheriff's an anti-choice states come calling on businesses. there simply will be best data available them to hand to to the sheriffs. there are more than 40 house co sponsors and 10 senate co-sponsors. >> until it's voted on, we've posted a list of tips on how to protect your internet privacy to kron 4 dot com reporting in san francisco. i'm ella sogomonian. >> 2 suspects arrested in connection with the deaths of 53 migrants in san antonio are due in court today. those migrants were found monday in sweltering conditions inside a semi truck in san antonio. investigators say 2 mexican nationals tied to the incident had guns. they face federal weapons charges. the suspected driver of that truck appeared in court thursday. he's been charged with smuggling. in
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national news. many eyes now on the supreme court. the justices delivering another high-profile ruling just this week and now justice ketanji brown jackson is sworn in reshad hudson with more on what this all means. >> good morning. this is certainly been a historic term for the supreme court with a new justice making history of her own way. and the biden administration vocalizing their frustration with the court. it was a busy day inside the supreme court as it handed down the final round of rulings for many years. we've argued that the epa only had a narrow. >> a bit of authority to ulate carbon emissions. virginia attorney general patrick morrisey is celebrating the court striking down the environmental protection agency's ability to regulate carbon emissions from power plants. and senator shelley moore capito says that authority should be left to congress ministrations on overstepping their boundaries.
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>> abortion right. activists continue to protest last week's decision to overturn roe v wade. and on thursday, history was made with justice ketanji brown jackson becoming the first black woman to join the supreme court. welcome justice jackson to the court and to our common calling george washington university law dean, dayna bowen, matthew says justice jackson will bring a unique set of skills to the court. >> she brings perspectives that had been missing and i also expect that those perspectives are going to be influential and other members of the court. >> and on thursday, the court handed the biden administration a victory allowing them to end the trump era immigration policy known as remain in mexico. reporting in washington reshad hudson, back to you. >> in international news, basketball star brittney griner's trial begins in moscow. these are photos and
12:37 pm
brian are walking into the courtroom this morning. russian authorities arrested her in february claiming she was carrying vape canisters with cannabis oil earlier this week, writers detention was extended. another 6 months to december. 20th griner's wife has previously called on president biden to secure griner's release saying that griner is being used as a political. all right. switching gears here now to talk a bit about our weather, taking a live look now at the clouds from mount tam beautiful view out there. >> we know a number of you are probably planning to head to the sierra for this long holiday 4th of july weekend. so here to fill us in on what people can expect. we have a breeze, every as haim agrees to pay those 70. yeah. let's take a look at your debt away. long holiday weekend forecast live look at half dome. a lot of sunshine out there right now. >> for a bay area coastline, though, much different story and picture tracking that thick fog bank, especially for
12:38 pm
our bay area beaches this afternoon. but a lot of sunshine for those of you in the sierra. but we are going to see some partly cloudy skies for your saturday morning and even clearing out by saturday afternoon with the exception of the eastern slopes of this year, you're going to notice a lot more cloud cover there, but plenty of sun for those of you in truck in south lake tahoe. temperatures in the mid 70's. it is going to be a breezy day for the 1st half of the weekend. those of you looking to get away today, great weather. great driving conditions. but we do have the risk of possible fire danger concerns on saturday because of wind gusts throughout the sierra around 35 miles per hour or less calmer conditions by sunday and cooler temperatures as well. cooling down to 60 degrees with upper 60's remaining for your 4th of july monday. some temperatures going to be about 5 to 15 degrees below average sunday into monday. but still beautiful weather nonetheless for your sierra forecast and temperatures out there right now in the bay area, barely in the low 70's for warmest inland valleys in livermore,
12:39 pm
even fremont and san jose in the low 70's 50's along the coast with 60 throughout the east bay shoreline petaluma starting to warm up to 70 degrees. but novato currently at 68 degrees and temperatures tomorrow below average for most of our inland valleys, about 5 to 10 degrees below normal with seasonal temperatures along the coast. mid-sixties for downtown san francisco or seeing widespread 70's inland with santa rosa trying to flirt with 80's. but 78 degrees and low 70's for your bay area forecast on sunday, but then possible heat risk and concerns one week from today as low 90's return for our warmest inland valleys. so quite the weather roller coaster ride. we're going to be on the next few days. back to you, stephanie. a the fcc approves elon musk's starlink internet service for use on ships, boats and planes. >> so that means the next flight or cruise you take could come with high speed satellite internet. this could
12:40 pm
benefit more people traveling through our who live in more remote areas. but it up. it could also attract auto shipping and airline companies to sign up. it is now in talks with hawaiian airlines to bring internet to their planes sometime over the next couple of years. right now, hundreds of thousands of people are signed up for starlink. we know the service costs $600 to set up and carries a monthly fee of $110. the summer travel season is officially in full swing. if you're planning on taking a trip overseas. rich demuro shares some tips and gadgets that saved him time and money on his recent trip to rome. >> the best trips start with a bit of planning before you leave. use google maps to bookmark the restaurant's landmarks and anything else you want to visit. you can even add a note to remind yourself why you safe place when it comes to money. skip the airport exchange and kerry bit of backup us currency.
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then when you live use the nearest atm, you'll get a better exchange rate and pay less fees. just don't get tricked. be sure to decline the conversion. and you'll save a bundle. also be sure to setcup tap, to pay on your phone nearly every place i've visited excepted this simple, secure way to pay rising atnt will charge you $10 a day to use your phone overseas instead. purchase. a nice him right from your phone or use an app called era low and got 10 gigs of data for just $16. the only downside is that you will get phone calls or regular tax. also be sure to turn off cellular out, floats for any apps like dropbox and google photos. as for a power adapter, this model from africa is top rated on amazon. it has a standard plug along with 4 usb ports and a usb-c port. it worked great and costs about $23. finally use siri or google assistant to translate the language money and more a syrian. how do i
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say i'll take my it >> in an content might check. activate low power mode on your smartphone to squeeze the most battery out of it. and if you have an apple watch, it's great for walking directions. it will even when you're supposed to turn, you might not be local. but at least you can navigate the city like one. >> one more tip before you take off. be sure to download the app of the airline that you're flying. and even if you do plan on paying for the wi-fi, it's a good idea to connect to the network up in the air. often airlines will give you free access to messaging. all you have to do is activated. all right. what these tips, one more time. go to my website. it is rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> room certainly sounds like a lot of fun for this time of year. coming up next, controversy on the golf course. how a saudi sponsor golf league is forcing american athletes to take sides on a controversial issue. and we take a look at
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local businesses thriving despite the pandemic, the secret that the owner shares with us and delta airlines offering $10,000 for flight changes. could this actually be possible? more on this okay.
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got a question for ya. would you give up your airline seat this holiday weekend for 10 grand? several delta passengers did just that this week when their flights were
12:46 pm
oversold. >> joe has the story. >> i think the airlines are trying to do everything they can to make. it is going experience. but i still $2000 is a lot. >> jason his family enjoying their alaskan adventure. turns out just getting there was also an adventure and it started when he and his family were sitting on the tarmac at the 40 airport monday set to take off for their connecting flight in minneapolis. >> and they came on me. pa system and said that they were looking for volunteers and that they're willing to pay $10,000. which everyone assumed like they heard it right? >> not a travel voucher, $10,000 and a visa gift card or right in your wallet. if you have apple pay about now, you're probably thinking and took the money and got off the plane. >> it was that easy for the magazine tech writer who wrote about the experience in a recent column. >> i know 10,000 are seems like a lot of money, but you have to realize that it first of all, i didn't think in that this is really what they're
12:47 pm
offering. and second of all, try to be the math of how many people can get up to plan, how they're going to get to work for the last right now, i've taken bombs as they call it plenty of times in the past. but usually that's for travel agents say while they haven't heard of that large of an offer be either, it shouldn't come as a surprise. airline delays have become common. experts say the pandemic basically shut down the airline industry. >> airlines ended up cutting staff, including offering pilots early retirement. now the public is flying again. there just isn't enough staff to keep up with demand with the airlines. also want to keep customers happy. so big incentives to make woman planes have also become more common. >> i know the airlines canceled about 2500 flights over the weekend and they're probably so backed up trying to get people where they're going, that they just have to take some extraordinary measures in order to. and try to get everybody where they're going. >> you might also be less likely to be able to take advantage of the $10,000 windfall. >> any second thoughts about rundown? do that? i was like
12:48 pm
boston. >> the state's eviction moratorium expired this week. and that means landlords in some california cities can start the eviction process. there is worry from some community and advocacy groups that thousands of californians could be soon without a place to live. the eviction moratorium was set to end in april, but was extended by lawmakers to this past thursday. the goal was to help keep struggling tenants in their homes during the pandemic. so far the state has paid out 3.8 billion dollars in covid rent relief assistance. san francisco voters could decide in november whether landlords should be taxed for leaving homes empty kron. 4 s taylor bisacky explains what this could mean for homeowners going forward. >> why not use the supply that we already have? you know, if you have this many empty homes like we've got to use, what we have had cochran is the campaign coordinator for the
12:49 pm
empty homes tax. >> a tax measure aims to encourage investors to rent out their vacant units that they would otherwise hold until the market value increases. he says the campaign collected nearly 14,000 signatures well above the 9,000 needed to appear before voters in november. he finished nearly a month early. so we are able to get. >> all the signatures we needed in a 15 week period. supervisor dean preston, who supports the tax measure, says if approved the tax could make 4500 vacant units available over a two-year period. it's heartbreaking to see. >> perfectly good homes being helped. make it while we have a huge crisis in affordable housing and a huge crisis of homelessness in the city is just such a disconnect there. preston says there are nearly 40,000 vacant homes in san francisco while some are listed for sale or rent. january's analyst report found that nearly 8,000 empty homes. >> were those that were sold
12:50 pm
but not occupied in the first year. the proposed tax would range from 2500 to 5,000 depending on the size of the unit. the tax would increase each year reaching a maximum of 20,000. preston says the tax is projected to generate more than 38 million in annual revenue. tax revenue would be split. fifty-fifty for 2 purposes. >> one is for rent subsidies for seniors and low-income families. and so that we have the money, the other half the money would go into a which the city could use to purchase vacant buildings to make them into affordable house owners of vacant homes and buildings with 3 or more units. >> would be subject to the tax if a unit had been vacant for more than 182 days, single-family homes and duplexes would be exempt in san francisco. taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. >> all right. let's talk a bit about our forecast. taking a live look outside at the
12:51 pm
exploratorium are at the embarcadero along the embarcadero looking very pretty out there. some cars moving along the roadway. probably some folks getting their 4th of july long holiday kicked off just a bit early on this friday. we have kron 4 meteorologist the resurging is here with more on what we can expect as we step outdoors. him a grease, those 70. yeah. we're going to notice a cooler forecast for your long holiday weekend. tomorrow, temperatures only warming up into the mid to upper 70's for most bay area valleys, mid 60's for downtown san francisco and oakland. and then temperatures even cooler than that on sunday, about 10 to 20 degrees below average with some of our warmest inland valleys, only warming up into the low 70's. but then we're going to rebound back into the mid 70's by monday under partly cloudy skies. a lot of fog along the coast. so make sure to head inland for the best view full of your 4th of july. fireworks peck to stephanie. thank a breeze a new saudi backed off a legal lands in the middle of political controversy. >> news nation correspondent
12:52 pm
paul gerke has the story. >> his music is a little off putting and that's just the point for ricky freeman. one of the things that we can do is be silent. freeman's ranch sits just off the 18th green of the pumpkin ridge golf course. the club hosting live golf throughout the weekend. it's not so much he's been. >> a case of interrupting them as it is. know that those voices are silenced. voices like journalist soggy, assassinated in what turkish officials say was an operation condoned by the highest levels of the saudi government. >> a government that's turned its sights on a slick incarnation of golf teams. shotgun starts an eye-popping purses. american bryson dechambeau was reportedly pocketing 100 million dollars to play liv golf. dustin johnson. 125 million and phil mickelson. 200 million. and that doesn't include a nickel of the 225 million dollars in prize money spread out over 8
12:53 pm
events. >> i think that i respect everybody's opinion. that's the most important thing people can understand. hopefully understand me is that i do respect that golf is a is a force for good. and i think as time goes hopefully people will see the good that they're doing and what they're trying to accomplish them to do. what's best for me and my family. and i mean, but that like i said, things changed. >> in portland, a few pumpkin ridge members leaving the club, taking a stand. they sold a little bit of their honor. >> they sold some of the club's honor in a strange way. they've sold some of my honor. >> and what they do, what they've done >> but the event drives cash into the area. something local politicians are scoffing at. i'm happy this converse with >> events going to finally occur and we can get on with life a little bit. ricky freeman isn't buying it, inviting folks to his property to make some noise.
12:54 pm
>> if you go over there and you buying a ticket, if you support this system in any way, our this live golf tournament, you know, then you're going to be supporting. the people that did that. >> paul gerke reporting for us this afternoon. coming up, some patriotic place. we'll have a look at a local gastro pub dishing up something special for independence day. stay with us. and kron 4 has you covered on the 4? join live in the bay host olivia gordon has we'll bring you the fireworks shows from san francisco, concord and san jose kron four's july 4th live special is monday night at 9.
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12:57 pm
>> welcome back. if you plan to stay local for the 4th, but don't feel like prak being a big barbecue kron four's vicki liviakis introduces us to a patriot, a gastro pub open for independence day. >> like a flashback to 17. 76 patrons here died under the watchful eyes of our founding father thomas or you think got thomas jefferson fan and i am today. welcome to patriot. have patriot house gastro pub is tucked away in san francisco's embarcadero to between big screen tv's patriotic paintings. hang on the wall. you can order up dishes like george washington's fist sure. there's fish and fried chicken
12:58 pm
sandwiches or the u.s. party pot roast. i you know, you cannot go wrong after a healthy amount of grows, you're going to want to wash it down with some. grant's elixir as in euless and this cocktail named for more here, former president des in president town. so who's behind this restaurant with an americana for brown sisters from ireland when came to we wanted to embrace the american culture, the american of the american opening up her own immigrants it's making this our home. >> and apparently that customers supporting you for for the drake says so on during all of that, it's a family operation, including nieces and not named after
12:59 pm
president. no in san francisco, vicki liviakis kron, 4 it's nice to see them achieve their american dream. and despite the challenges of the pandemic, some local businesses are starting to see a comeback. even opening new stores. >> check out the new flagship location, foursquare pie, guys. they're a bay area. pizza parlor and this shop is located in san francisco's ghirardelli plaza. i kick things off at the new location square pie guys is bringing back its collaboration with palo alto basketball star jeremy lin. and you can order the jalen pie topped with by sauce, italian sausage and green goddess dressing a pizza slam dunk. i connected with the owner of the store and how he feels about opening a new location during the pandemic. >> the hardest thing is just trying to gauge where the city will be. when you set for this new location, it's our first kind of return to die haven't
1:00 pm
in our restaurants for 2 and a half lot of excitement nervousness. >> he says his secret to success during the pandemic is a combination of luck and a strong team. and i'd probably say a lot of hard work too. he tells kron 4 he hopes that lawmakers can focus on addressing the city's homelessness crisis, which continues to impact many small businesses in san francisco. you can find square pie guys in san francisco's soma district and in oakland. and they'll do it for us here at kron. 4 news at noon. let's send things over to the lovely olivia horton for live in the bay. how you doing? olivia? >> well, i'm good now, stephanie, your last story was about some pizza. i'm just a little hungry heading into the show today. looks really good, though. hopefully you have a chance to catch some lunch after the show. absolutely. well, coming up today on live in the bay, she's out of the radio station and into our studio. nikki blades from big bay mornings dish on dating and relationships. then she left her job as a veteran trial lawyer to chase her dream of bei


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