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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 2, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> well, it's 4th july
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holiday. many people traveling by air this weekend yesterday, the number of folks passing through tsa checkpoints was greater than the same date in 2019 folks are itching to get out of town. thanks for joining us here tonight at 9. i'm noelle bellow and i'm dan thorn kron four's amanda hari was at sfo today to see how >> things compare. >> it appears to be much less busy here at the airport. then it was in previous days. i spoke to some people that say they purposely chose to fly on saturday versus friday because they thought it might be less busy. >> i was kind of like think you'll be ok, this is is the second and it's the night and people who travel probably to the morning. >> after days of travel woes, many flights reportedly canceled, more delayed and millions of travelers moving through tsa checkpoints. saturday seem to be a little thankfully for me. i guess i'm just grateful that it that, you know, chaotic.
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>> what i know for some people, it's probably very different experience you she is flying to denver. >> she says she chose to fly saturday instead of friday because she thought it would be less crowded. it seems pretty nice because i i was like looking at the security. >> and this seems like not a lot of people are there. so seems pretty good. she says she feels comfortable traveling despite the fact that covid-19 is still an issue. >> but she wishes there was more consistency when it came to people masking up right now. i feel like people taking it more for granted and it's has a discrepancy. i have to say that in different states because i feel like in colorado out like all over kind of that situation here in california. a lot more people are wearing mask carried show says he didn't realize it was a holiday when he booked his flight. but he do it again. >> you're probably i mean, of based on my personal experience, while saturday appeared to be a light day,
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travel experts believe monday, july 4th, we'll actually be the lightest day of travel at sfo. amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> all right. well, as people are getting ready to light up the sky on the 4th of july, many cities are telling the residents don't even think about it. ok, the map here on your screen shows that safe and sane fireworks are only allowed in just a handful of bay area cities. and those include pacifica, dublin union city, san bruno, newark and gilroy. the safe and sane label, of course, means that the fireworks don't explode or fly around, but they can cause injuries. and again, they are still usually illegal in most places in the bay area. so if you are caught using them where they are banned, there are hefty fines that you will have to pay. well, many bay area fire departments and police departments are urging residents to not call 9-1-1. if they do hear fireworks, the calls for fireworks on the 4th of july can overload emergency systems. so instead in cities like san jose and san
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francisco. you can call 3, 1, 1, and in many other cities, you can report the use of illegal fireworks on the internet. this will, of course, reserve 9, 1, 1, 4, active fires or life-threatening emergencies. only. >> with the 4th of july holiday comes the concern over people popping off their own fireworks. the statewide drought has cal fire on high alert this weekend n santa clara county fire department's urging folks to leave fireworks shows to the professionals to avoid starting a wildfire. >> so we really are asking and some boys were leading is please leave fireworks to the professionals at they are. they're in an area like ours where we have so much natural beauty and so much open space. it is truly not worth the risk of sparking a wildfire. and we've seen year after year after year for the last decade, the destructive nature of wildfires, whether whether it's to human lives to property or to the environment that we rely on.
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>> well, of course, fireworks are fun for us. but for our pets, it could be a pretty scary time. animal organizations across the bay area have been warning people about these booming sounds, of course, and how they affect your dogs and cats. the loud noises often confuse your animals. and in some cases, it might force them to run away. >> unfortunately, a lot of dogs and cats as well and up as strays 4th of july activities at various shelters. so if you ever become separated from your animal, not just rain. the 4th of july activities. please check with all your local shelters to see if your animal has ended up there. >> well, the peninsula humane society says they're always prepared for an uptick in strays around the 4th of july. they recommend that your animals have proper identification and most importantly, a microchip. >> if you are looking for a good show in the skies city of concord going to be showcasing its annual live fireworks display come monday. yeah. as kron four's gayle ong reports
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organizers are looking forward to bringing back thousands of people to mount diablo high school to watch the spectacle. >> it is quiet now here at mount diablo high school. but that is going to change on monday, july 4th. >> fireworks will be lighting up the night sky and concord were really excited. this is our welcome back. celebration for concord city council member to medallion looking forward to bringing back the annual fireworks show to mount diablo high school for the first time since the pandemic events were canceled in 2020 in 2021, the fireworks show was held at the concord pavilion, but the show pods after 2 small grass fire sparked this year. the fireworks will launch from the high school's football field. we are going to have live music. we're going to have a dj out we are going to have some food trucks as well. >> it will be independence day festivities leading up to the big show. starting at 08:00am
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with the stars and stripes. kids, fun run and 5 k run followed by a parade at todos santos plaza. later in the evening. spectators can gather here on the line and mount diablo high school. >> to watch the fireworks. >> idea is just to be a low key. find evening for everyone to come out. bring your bike. it's bring your chairs. and we just a great time. >> the fireworks show begins at 09:00pm on monday. the event is free to watch gates open at 06:00pm reporting from concord, gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> now, of course, if you'd like to just stay at home and catch all the spectacles we've got you covered here at kron 4. join live in the bay host olivia horton. as we bring you the fireworks shows from concord, san francisco-marin and san jose. we've got it all kron four's july 4th. live is monday night at 09:00pm. now a two-year pandemic pause on the 4th of july parade in the city of alameda has finally been
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lifted. kron forcefully juggle has the story on one of the bay area's biggest celebrations billed as the longest 4th of july parade route in the nation at 3.3 miles, the city of alameda is bracing for some 60,000 people. >> to head into town monday morning, the island's first foray them independence day since 2019. >> at that time, no one had a clue. the event would go on hiatus during the pandemic. >> residents and business owners are welcoming the floats and marching bands back with open arms. so first time we went was 3 years ago and they were very little so. >> this year, i feel like to really be able to enjoy the alameda recreation and parks department has barricades set up along the parade route. american flags also lined the city streets. mayor marilyn ezzy ashcraft believes people will start heading into town. early. people will be sitting in the chairs that they put up the night before on the curves and they're dressed in their red, white and blue. the dogs >> are decorated red, white
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and blue. >> and you just see everybody out. people love a parade and they're usually willing to spend money when attending one and business owners are looking to i'm so excited because of the t a s yes, i'm so excited to see so 6 year-old solomon drewery drawing back on his fun experience at the last parade. i'm flowing to them is they're going to throw candy and maybe a little in alameda. philippe djegal kron. 4 news. we do want to give you a check of your 4 zone forecast tonight. taking a live look out at sfo. the sun has set. >> and the fog has remained. yeah. a lot of people traveling out there at sfo, right somewhat of a busy airport. not not too bad. a lot of people, of course. >> take the road trips as well. but man with these gas prices are maybe stay closer to home. recent, though, is going to be a taking a look now at what we can expect, but come 4th of july, right? yeah. if you're planning a nice staycation for the long
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holiday weekend, your love, beautiful weather warming up in the afternoon. >> just in time for any outdoor barbecue plans, you have partly cloudy skies during the day. but watch out for that. fog bank knows sky july will certainly impact our coastal cities. bringing us a deeper marine layer along our bay area coastline. temperatures anywhere from mid 50's to mid 60's. when those fireworks go off at 9 o'clock. so make sure to stay safe out there. bay area and also leave it to the professionals because we don't want any fires to spark with any illegal activity, especially with these dry conditions. but fortunately today, mother nature giving us a little bit of a break in the weather department. >> we actually saw measurable rain. thanks to our widespread drizzle specially half moon bay, more than a 10th of an inch of rain with downtown san francisco reporting 5, 1, 100's of an inch of wet weather because of that deepening marine layer traces amount for those of you in oakland and sonoma county airport. at least you got some moisture out of it. and we're expecting some moisture as well with traces amount of
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rain expected overnight into your sunday morning tracking that big fog being very gloomy out there along golden gate bridge with the radar for tracking a lot of cloudy conditions along the coast and even our inland valleys didn't see much cooling today. that's why we're well below average. and today is expected to be the coolest day of the next 7 futurecast for going to show that marine layer only get thicker overnight. and but we are going to see, though, clearing by your sunday afternoon and a few degrees of warming as well. so feels too chilly for you today. don't worry. tomorrow, we are going to see a little bit of a rebound. but along the sonoma county coastline could see some light scattered showers. for those of you on your 4th of july monday morning, giving way to partly cloudy skies by the afternoon. so going to keep an eye on this storm, but not really expecting that much rain. in fact, today, we certainly saw more measurable rain with that deepening marine layer. but taking a look ahead, warmer weather after independence day. your full outlook coming up in just a few minutes standing. well, back to you, abrasive. thanks a lot. coming up, staffing
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shortages at restaurants is causing employees to be. >> worked to the bone. but how are these restaurant owners coping? >> plus, the police chief of the center of controversy in the uvalde mass shooting resigns from his position. we've got details coming up. >> and also after the break, how chp is planning on keeping drivers safe on the roads this holiday weekend?
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>> a law enforcement is encouraging everyone to do the right thing. this 4th of july holiday last year, more than 40 people lost their lives in dui related incidents. kron four's theresa reports on c h p's efforts to keep that number as low as possible. >> rolling out to protect the public. that's the goal of the california highway patrol over the next few days is the 4th of july holiday shifts into gear. >> this last year during the same time stream too. just us. 43 people that died a 70 to say officers arrested 997 people still drinking and driving can lopez is with the california highway patrol. the agency kicked off its maximum enforcement period at 6 o'clock friday evening. >> and through the end of monday, it is all hands on deck. as you're on our roadways. the promise that you made when you went to go get your driver's license that you're going to drive at the speed limit. >> have your seatbelt on. don't be driving to close.
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don't be drinking and driving. officer lopez says that when he speaks to groups about traffic safety, he always asked. >> this question, if you had the opportunity to pay $100 to pay over $18,000, which one would you choose? and everybody obviously choose this $100. and what's that. >> $100 was going to cost you last taxis are still and services far as i know. and we always have a designated driver. there's always somebody's family member friend who doesn't drink because the first dui that you get in a most going to be $18,000. and that said, if we find you and stop the that's if you haven't crashed in either injured somebody with a new car or somebody else's car. now there's other penalties that come with that. >> andy and driving is a privilege. not a right to have this travis license. it's a privilege that's been given to him. it's a promise that we had made to be able to keep it. so i was tired. but pleads drives like a it's like how you would want other shoe drive around your family. >> and the officer have this
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advice plan ahead. download an app designate a driver before heading out to a barbecue. some small steps that can have a big impact to make sure that everyone has a safe 4th of july in the north bay tree says stasio kron. 4 news. >> that maximum enforcement period began yesterday. chp says they've already made nearly 300 arrests of impaired driving in that first night of their maximum enforcement period. they're reminding drivers to never drive impaired. buckle up, travel to safe and legal speed. >> well, with summer in full swing, a lot of people are expected to hit the bay area beaches this holiday weekend. local community groups are asking those traveling to the coast to help keep those beaches clean each year around this time, a massive amount of plastic waste ends up in the beaches along the sand there. and of course, in the ocean and that waste, of course, is brought to the beach and then left behind. we talk with jennifer savage, the surfrider foundation about this issue. >> to arrive at the beach and
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sea. it literally trashed is a terrible feeling. the more at long-term and profound effects is that this waste. it breaks down into fragments and smaller fragment fragcents, but it never goes away. and these microplastics in that, you know, harming marine life all seen photos, unit, turtles and and whales and these different animal suffering from all the plastic in the ocean. >> well, one way to keep the beaches clean is to avoid bringing plastic bags with you. instead, you could try a you reusable bag and make sure that you take it with you. when you leave. >> if you're looking for somewhere to take the family weekend, then there's another fun option aside from fireworks and whatnot. after 2 hiatus, the marin county fair is back for the next 2 days. lots of attractions on dec are camila barco gives us an inside look. >> murray county fair is back and so is grace and ryan
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williams. we visit here every year and we're excited to try everything out. this pair has been open since 2019. it's also been a while since williams went to an amusement park like this one a long time ago. and i was like, >> very little i don't really remember a lot of things. but now they'll be able to enjoy everything. the marine county fair is offering like its carnival games and attractions fun and exciting. different. >> yeah, like i can go on my right now via some taller used to be small. >> from the cows to the chickens, to the goats, people can also check out the fair's barnyard and we have practiced for years and years without exhibitors and without being able to show. and my youth are raising animals day in day out. they have poetry or rabbits that they're raising and that they're putting time and effort into they're excited to show. and if you build up an appetite by then you can get a taste of all the food vendors that are dishing out their specialties like
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this hawaiian pineapple bull or cotton candy mimosa. you know, it's given me back and see all the kids and family have a great time here to end the night. the fair is putting on nightly concerts at 7.30. >> and a fireworks display at 09:30pm. the fair will stay open on sunday and monday entering county camila barco kron. 4 news get time. >> it's to get you a check of your 4 zone forecast. taking a live look along the embarcadero there at the bay bridge. that fog really sticking around here tonight. yeah, there was some breaks today, though, there were a few moments where it where i feel like the sun kind of peek through and that was nice. but it just stayed cool. you know? yeah, i was up an hour earlier today. it was nice and warm up there. and then, course, as soon as you got back to the bay murray surround rig, as will tell you, it cooled down. yes, sonoma county airport, the warmest city in the bay
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area. 78 degrees today. so still below average, but certainly warmer than those of you in concord and livermore. >> barely or flirting with low 70's. so easily 5 to 15 degrees below average for warmest inland valleys, even downtown san francisco. we should be in the mid 60's this time of year. instead you in oakland only warming up into the low 60's for today, just because of that thick blanket of cloud cover. let's take a look at that marine layer out there right now. and it is extremely poor, poor visibility issues for those of you in the east bay over berkeley and even along the please drive safely. not just tracking that low cloud cover, but dense, low clouds and fog definitely hanging around. we are seeing temperatures in the low to mid and upper 50's. those of you in pittsburgh barely in the low 60's at 60 degrees with santa rose at 61 degrees. but along the coast, widespread mid 50's. so we are tracking very cool temperatures out there even this evening with wind tracker for commerce, sea breeze. for most of you in downtown san francisco, we were seeing
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gusts earlier in the 8 o'clock hour, 30 miles per hour less. and now we're down into the teens with those of you in fairfield. certainly noticing those blessed the winds out of the southwest at 30 miles per hour. but the good news is we're tracking a lot more sunshine and calmer winds for the 2nd half of the weekend, which should be felt by your sunday afternoon overnight lows tonight, they said blanket of cloud cover low to mid and upper 50's. so not really going to budge that much from current temperatures that we're seeing and feeling out there right now in the bay area. daytime highs tomorrow. also not really going to warm up all that much downtown san francisco in the mid 60's as opposed to low 60's like you were today, seasonal temperatures for oakland and hayward. 66 to 67 degrees but well below average for those of you in concord livermore and fremont still in the low 70's with santa rosa nevado hanging tight in the mid 70's. but remember, we should be in the low to mid 80's for warmest inland valleys this time of year. and we're not really going to see seasonal temperatures until tuesday. so
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after independence day that some are gradually going to warm up. but the good news is we are going to warm up just in time for 4th of july. you have any barbecue plans in the afternoon. very pleasant temperatures for inland valleys, but then hot weather next weekend. fire danger, risk and concerns and heat risks as well with 90's and triple digit heat returning to our warmest inland valleys next weekend. i feel like we've been doing this like kind of every 2 week dance where we get this cool down and then it warms right back up again. i call it the weather all purchased a ticket. so thanks, guys. all right. well, coming up, health officials find that most of the new covid infections come from 2 times. >> of omicron subvariants turns out they're highly contagious.
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>> welcome back. restaurants nationwide are facing the issue of staffing shortages and now it's impacting the employees that they do have the latest problem they're facing overworked employees, markie. martin reports. >> they usually say like excuse the wait time like post-pandemic diners are getting used to the staffing shortages but owners art that house gets overwhelmed with we're looking at 30 minute to get time so high washers and they want to come in there. what a half hour. 45 minute shift. >> and then we break or an hour and they don't come back but not having enough people isn't the only problem. that
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we can't even get a hold of that. we still have all the time. the prices are all just drastically changing shifting by the day. sometimes. >> it's such an issue that some restaurants or at least temporarily throwing in the towel. the original huff browse steakhouse in austin has been open for 85 years, but he's taking the entire summer off. owners say they will be back in september when things have cooled down. and this restaurant in arizona announcing a 2 week break over the 4th of july on their facebook page. i don't know. one of means. taco owns la duty in dallas. any famously hired on robots to help support his understaffed servers were very reach on sunday night and we'll awfully poor by tuesday because we're already spent all the money of the weekend. >> he loves the idea of shuttins down. but for him. it's just not feasible. the one thing you don't want to do
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is give the opportunity to work for your own staff to start looking for another job because we team 5 minutes. they do find that although one. >> that was markie. martin reporting for us tonight. well, still ahead at 9 o'clock, several cars getting. >> hit their windows, smashed in san francisco neighborhoods for unknown reason tell you where you can eat a dinner fit for a patriot on tonight's dine and >> and i'll have your full independence day long weekend forecast. whether you're planning a staycation in the bay area are heading out to this got you covered.
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>> now at 9.30, new developments are emerging about the new subvariant of the omicron variant health officials say the ba 4 and ba 5 are now responsible for most new infections here in california. not only are they highly contagious, the strains are also capable of re infecting those who survived earlier omicron infections and a blog post doctor eric topol. i'm the director of the scripps research translational institute in la jolla called ba 5 the worst version of the virus that we have seen. california public health officials are saying that students and staff will not be required to wear masks in the upcoming school year. the guidance does, however, recommend that students get vaccinated against covid-19 and wear masks indoors. so we want to say again, that masks are not being required at
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school. the guidance, though, does say that students cannot be prevented from wearing a mask in order to participate in a school event or an activity. >> take a look at this. some san francisco residents waking up to their car windows and windshield smashed our taylor bisaki tweeted out this video of smashed glass for several different cars at lake street and 18th avenue. this is located in the city's richmond district just about a block from the presidio. not necessarily a heavily tourist area. there was at least a another car in that area as well. that was hit most seemingly not targeted for theft just for simple vandalism. it seemed. other news tonight, a california congresswoman ramping up efforts to protect search data regarding reproductive health. it's another countermeasure to the supreme court overturning of roe versus wade kron four's ella sogomonian has details on
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a bill in the works. >> after the intend to reverse roe v wade was first leaked san diego congresswoman sara jacobs strapped to the my body. my data act with the bill. she aims to create a new national standard to protect personal reproductive health data overseen by the federal trade commission. this is some of our most sensitive and personal data are and reproductive health data. >> and it deserves the highest level of privacy and protection that the u.s. government can provide. jacobs proposal would limit information that companies can retain to what is strictly necessary to provide their service and prohibit them from selling it or the user could sue if passed, would protect people from having that data disclosed to law enforcement where abortion or contraceptive services have been outlawed. privacy is a foundational concern for san francisco based nonprofit electronic frontier foundation which endorsed the my body. my data act. >> so this is a very strict
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rule that should limit how businesses are processing people's reproductive health data. this will increase their privacy against the businesses. but it also means that ran the sheriff's, an anti-choice states come calling on businesses. there simply will be best data available for them to hand to to the sheriffs. there are more than 40 house co sponsors and 10 senate co-sponsors. >> until it's voted on, we've posted a list of tips on how to protect your internet privacy to kron 4 dot com reporting in san francisco. i'm ella sogomonian. >> meanwhile, the texas supreme court blocking a lower court order giving abortion clinics confidence to resume their work a lower court order issued this week by a houston judge reassure doctors they could temporarily resume abortions up to 6 weeks into pregnancy. well, last night, the texas supreme court blocked that order and still is unclear whether the clinics will stop providing abortions yet again, a hearing is scheduled for later this
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month. >> back here at home, democrats in the house are pushing the biden administration to enact new environmental protections just days after the supreme court curb the power of the epa. the efforts being led by local representatives, mike levin and katie porter. they're calling for epa leaders to take executive action to combat air and water pollution. includes removing all lead pipes from public water systems, increasing vehicle emissions standards and strengthening pollution, regulations for businesses. it comes after the supreme court ruled this week. the epa does not have the authority to limit carbon emissions from existing power plants. you know, the school district police chief pete arredondo will be resigning from his seat on the uvalde city council. >> according to local newspaper reports, chief arradondo was sworn in to the council position in may just a week after the mass shooting at robb elementary school, the director of the texas department of public safety told a senate hearing arradondo made terrible decisions as the massacre
9:36 pm
unfolded. the chief has been administrative leave from his school district position since june 22nd. >> the suspected driver of the truck where 53 immigrants were found dead last week says he did not know the air conditioning had stopped working. amero zamorano is one of 4 people charged in this. he and christian martinez allegedly sent text messages to each other before and after the truck was found, both could face the death penalty if found guilty on smuggling and conspiracy charges. several children found in that truck are still being treated at the hospital. the victims were from mexico, honduras, el salvador and guatemala. >> now to the latest on the war in ukraine. officials in eastern ukraine say that at least 8 more civilians were killed in the last day by russian missile strikes. those deaths coming after 21 people were killed yesterday by russian missiles hitting an apartment building in a small
9:37 pm
town north of odessa. investigators are looking at missile fragments saying that the weapons are typically used to destroy aircraft carriers and other large warships. they say the mission missiles lot were launched from a ship as payback after russian troops were forced to withdraw from the nearby island in the black sea. >> the number killed in last month's earthquake in eastern afghanistan has risen to more than 1000. it's estimated 18,000 homes were destroyed and 3,000 people were injured. there has been humanitarian aid. however, the taliban, which now controls the country, say they've had few reach out to help. earlier this week, u.s. officials met with taliban leaders about assistance. the biden administration is reportedly considering ways to allow afghanistan to use its frozen central bank reserves to tackle the crisis. >> 17 americans who have made a lasting mark in the nation will be receiving the presidential medal of freedom
9:38 pm
next week. they include olympic gymnast simone biles, soccer superstar megan rapino actor denzel washington, the late senator john mccain and apple co-founder, steve jobs, former congresswoman gabby giffords will also be receiving the honor for her work against gun violence along with sandra lindsey who if you don't know is the first american to receive a covid-19 vaccine. the presidential medal of freedom is the nation's highest civilian honor. president biden will be holding the ceremony thursday at the white house. >> well, closer to home, some towns are going high tech to celebrate the 4th of july. these colorfully lit drones. we're going to be flying in patriotic formations in some communities across california. also over in colorado, new mexico, utah and texas. the ongoing drought here on the west coast is causing some towns to rethink or even cancel traditional fireworks shows due to the risk of
9:39 pm
wildfires. some companies that run drone light show say they are completely booked this year due to record demand. and now these drone shows lee usually last up to about 12 minutes. they use anywhere from 100 to 500 well, of course, a big part of the 4th of july celebrations is food and not just hot dogs and hamburgers, but the desert to livermore chef leslie dabney showed us her red, white and blue patriotic themed cake. that is quick and easy to put together and it tastes delicious. so i have my strawberries, blackberries. some blueberries and raspberries. honestly, you can use rent. >> and live fruit that you like to make that make the case. now for me, if you've got little hands in the kitchen that want to help, let them help you decorate this cake because honestly, you can't go wrong with that and just love to be creative look at how pretty this is. >> that's a very nice looking cake, right? i mean, the cake
9:40 pm
featuring fresh raspberries, blueberries and a cream cheese frosting and hey, could be put together in less than an hour. >> now, despite the challenges of the pandemic, some local businesses are starting to see it come back. they're even opening some new stores. this is a new flagship location for square pie. guys. >> just open today. it's a bay area pizza parlor in san francisco's ghirardelli plaza just by the historic chocolate store, which if you can recall, also just went through a major remodel itself to kick off the new store square pie. guys is bringing back its collaboration with palo alto basketball star jeremy lin. you can order that jalen pie topped with white sauce. italian sausage and green goddess dressing. it's a pizza slam dunk. we we connected with the owner of the store on how he feels opening this new location during the pandemic. >> the hardest thing is just >> trying to gauge where the
9:41 pm
city will be. guest we when you set for this new location, it's our first kind of return to die haven't in our restaurants for 2 and a half lot of excitement over nervousness. >> he says the secret to success during this pandemic has been a combination of luck and a strong team. he tells kron 4 you hopes lawmakers can focus on addressing the city's homelessness crisis, which continues to impact many small businesses in san francisco. you can also, of course, find square pie guys in san francisco's soma district is also a shop in oakland. >> well, if you're planning on staying local for the 4th of july, there is one spot you may want to visit for drinks and dinner. of course, if you don't plan to barbecue at home, kron four's vicki liviakis visits a patriotic gastro pub open for independence day on this week's dine. and dish. >> like a flashback to 17. 76 patrons here died under the watchful eyes of our founding father thomas jefferson or you
9:42 pm
think got thomas jefferson fan and i am today. patriot patriot house gastro pub is tucked away in san francisco's embarcadero to between big screen tv's patriotic paintings. hang on the wall. you can order up dishes like george washington's fist sure. there's fish and fried chicken sandwiches or the u.s. party pot roast. i you know, you can not go wrong after a healthy amount of patriot pot roast are going to want to wash it down with some. grant's elixir. as in and this cocktail named for more here, former president as in president town. so who's behind this restaurant with an americana for brown sisters from ireland came to we wanted to embrace the american culture, the american the american opening up her own
9:43 pm
evergrande and it's making this our home. >> and apparently that customers supporting you for for the drake so on during all of that, it's a family operation, including nieces and not named after president. no in san francisco, vicki liviakis kron. 4 news first >> well, yellowstone national park has finally reopened its north loop. and just in time for this holiday weekend, the reopening allows access to nearly the entire park. now after that catastrophic flooding shut down the park a few weeks ago. this full opening comes a week after the park reopened the south loop, which was spared the worst of the damage and does include access to the famous old faithful geyser. >> good to see that pell. yeah, i know you're big, big national and their yeah. i got
9:44 pm
on the wi-fi. you've been there. haven't been there. but the flooding, though, was like really compelling and like, oh, my is the scary stuff. all right. 4 zone forecast. of course he's coit tower. i think it's going red, white and blue is all really i think that's >> the white all yeah. there comes the blue. yeah. right earlier there go very nice. it's a little windy out there. you can see the tree. we're definitely foggy out there as well. tonight, kron meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joining us now with a look. yes, certainly a very blustery day out there for us in the bay area. we did notice some wind gusts. >> 30 miles per hour or less. and it certainly felt cooler thanks to that wind chill. but we're starting to see slightly calmer winds still in the teens along the coast. as we just saw the let's take a look at your getaway forecast. >> especially for those of you heading out to south lake tahoe to celebrate our independence day on monday, we're going to track another round of gusty winds for the 2nd half of the weekend.
9:45 pm
today, our lake wind advisory expired at 8 o'clock this evening with another one being reissued. 2 o'clock through 8 o'clock for your sunday afternoon and evening. we're going to see wind gusts upwards of 40 miles per hour less creating some very dangerous choppy conditions at south lake tahoe. so please boat safely. and a lot of you really want to head out to the waters there. but for us here in the bay area and even for those of you in this we're tracking dry conditions, at least for the time being. but we are going to see an increase in that cloud cover 4 ares early sunday afternoon with better clearing by sunday night. but temperatures also cooling down for the 2nd half of the weekend in the sierra with truckee and south lake tahoe at 67 degrees. temperatures rebounding some, but not by much, but very pleasant. nonetheless, a lot more sunshine for your 4th of july monday, warming up into the upper 60's at 69 degrees with low 70's by tuesday. as we begin a gradual warming trend for those of you heading out to the sierra, forget their long holiday 4th of july weekend. back to dan and well.
9:46 pm
all right. thanks reset. coming up here, back at where it all started, elvis presley's childhood home on the market. >> want a new owner? >> and in sports, the giants looking to even up the series with the chinese stocks will have highlights of that game coming up.
9:47 pm
9:48 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports.
9:49 pm
>> well, after losing a heartbreaker to the white sox last night, the giants are looking for some redemption today in game 2 lamonte wade junior bobblehead day out at the ballpark. some of the lucky fans out there is getting the bobblehead. and speaking of lamont wade, he goes yard in the bottom of the first. there was no score. but yeah, he he got the giants. the lead right here. that one to straight away center back. it goes leadoff home run for wade. giants take their early one. nothing lead. yeah. he's happy about that. top of the 4th white sox bases loaded gavin sheets drives this one to left joc leaders and just misses it. all right. over his head. >> ball rolls all the way to the wall. the tying run scores. and then comes around the go ahead, score chicago taking the lead. they would go on to win 5 to 3 giants looking to avoid that sweep coming tomorrow. let's head up to washington. the a's are up in seattle looking to make it 2 in a row against the mariners. let's go to the bottom of the 8th. the a's are up one, nothing. justin upton. he gets all the way dave to
9:50 pm
left field. that one is god mariners. tie it up. >> let's go now to the bottom of the 9th inning. bases loaded for abraham toro >> he shoots it into right. it is out of reach of the right fielder sky. both there. >> winning run comes into score mariners. end up, walking it off. one, nothing. the yeas are going to even up that series tomorrow. >> all right. some really bad action involving the nba. the warriors hosting the kings in the california classic nba champ steph curry in attendance there with his son. this is the chase center. let's go to the 3rd quarter. 4 years down by 4 golden state's pick. the 55th pick in the draft de santos with the steal finishes and on the other end, 23 points for san jose. this one moments later. king's up by one. the number 4 pick keegan murray knocks it down. that's a triple their 26 points for murray in this game. kings, though. hey, go on to win. 86 68. they'll be hosting the late show tomorrow. still. all right. let's head out to silvis, illinois around 3 of the john deere classic. jt poston, of
9:51 pm
course, looking to keep his first place lead in round 2 on the 17th hole. nice drive year. nice approach there. his next shot is looking to secure an eagles. yeah, he's a he's in a good position that boston stays on top of a 3 stroke lead heading into the final round tomorrow. scott stallings emiliano grillo and denny mccarthy just behind boston. they are all tied for second man all right. finally, good news. let's go there the 4th round fee on the doll, the beating us with 27 year-old lorenzo son. a go. this is the 22nd time grand slam champion who addressed the audience after the match saying that this was his best match of the championship. so farms against the most difficult player that he has ever faced at this level. the doll is, of course, looking to advance to the quarter finals. that's going to do it here for sports. we want to get your check of your 4 zone forecast tonight. lots
9:52 pm
of a cloud and fog out there for sure. >> murray surround rig as though tracking what the weather's going to be like tomorrow for that white sox game. they're against giants. what's going on recently dan likes to call it the that's he said the white sox games, the giants you're wearing orange to. i know. i know my is okay. you are loved and she called white sox not shy. overall again. all right. let's take a look at your giants forecast first pitch 1 o'clock in the afternoon. we are going to see some better clearing with temperatures in the upper 50's eventually warming up into the mid 60's at the ballpark. so enjoy that extra sunshine. >> not going to be as breezy as well. still going to see a little bit of a cool sea breeze, 20 miles per hour or less, but much better than the 30 mile per hour wind that we were certainly feeling today. temperatures out there right now, widespread low to mid and upper 50's with santa rosa. 61 degrees. the mall. this city out there right now in the bay
9:53 pm
area. so we're certainly feeling the affects of that cool weather. thanks to our no sky july. pretty socked in with that high cloud cover and it's going to hang tight even through your sunday afternoon. going to see partly cloudy skies by the afternoon and temperatures well below average. we should be in the low to mid 80's this time of year for warmest inland valleys. instead, we're tracking low mid and even for those of you in santa rosa and avato, 76 degrees to 75 degrees. so very pleasant temperatures, though, nonetheless, even though we're going to be about 5 to 15 degrees below normal downtown san francisco getting a little bit of a boost in the temperature trend with 63 degrees. even though today we were in the low 60's. enjoy that slight warm up with half moon bay at 59 degrees. and then we're going to warm up just in time for your independence day monday and that gradual warming trend going to continue through the end of the workweek forecast with a heat wave in store for the bay area next weekend where i'm tracking triple digit heat in our 10 at 10
9:54 pm
outlook. find out when at 10 o'clock in just a few minutes when and where so i can you'll be sorry. yeah. it didn't like the cool weather today. just brace yourselves for next week. fighting for that natural. mother named abu thing to us for free. >> we're taking advantage right now. you go that. >> all right. for your money tonight, booking any vacation while can make people anxious. but there are some things you can do to avoid some stress. yeah, from language barriers to navigating a new city tech reporter rich demuro. has you covered international travel can be tricky since many of us don't do it very often. here are the tech tips and gadgets that save me time and money on a recent trip to rome. the best trips start with a bit of planning before you leave. use google maps to bookmark the restaurant's landmarks and anything else you want to visit. >> you can even add a note to remind yourself why you safe place when it comes to money.
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skip the airport exchange and kerry bit of backup us currency. then when you arrive, use the nearest atm, you'll get a better exchange rate and pay less fees. just don't get tricked. be sure to decline the conversion. and you'll save a bundle. also be sure to set up tap, to pay on your phone nearly every place i've visited excepted this simple, secure way to pay. verizon and atnt will charge you $10 a day to use your phone overseas instead. purchase. a nice him right from your phone. i use an app called era low and got 10 gigs of data for just $16. the only downside is that you won't get phone calls or regular texts, also be sure to turn off cellular uploads for any apps like dropbox and google photos. as for a power adapter, this model from africa is top rated on amazon. it has a standard plug along with 4 usb ports and a usb-c port. it worked great and costs about $23. finally use siri or google assistant to
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translate the language money and more a syrian. how do i say i'll take my check >> in town on time i checked, activate low power mode on your smartphone to squeeze the most battery out of it. and if you have an apple watch, it's great for walking directions. it will even buzz when you're supposed to turn you might not be a local but at least you can navigate the city like one. one. more tip before you take off. be sure to download the app of the airline that you're flying. and even if you do plan on paying for the wi-fi, it's a good idea to connect to the network up in the air. >> often airlines will give you free access to messaging. all you have to do is activated. all right. what these tips, one more time. go to my website. it is rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich
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9:59 pm
>> well, they say it's a home fit for the king and it could soon be yours. elvis presley's childhood home in tupelo, mississippi is about to go up for auction. the home was actually abandoned for years and almost had a date with the wrecking ball. but back in 2017, it was meticulously dismantled piece by piece. it's now been stored in a 30 foot trailer. so whoever buys this is going to have to put it back together, there's instructions. the trailer is also included in this sale. elvis live there just from 1943. to 1944, but it is his only childhood home to ever go up for sale. so big fanatics
10:00 pm
might be really into this. the auction set for august 14th, starting price. $25,000. so $25,000 and you have to put it together by yourself. i don't know that that's a deal. i don't know. i mean, considering inflation these days of prices on 25,000 bucks for a home might not be. so it might not be. so yeah, this move it wherever you want and then there you go. figure it out. of them. that other companies that nigh


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