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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  July 4, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> that breaking news, a manhunt underway in illinois for the person responsible for killing 6 people and injuring dozens more at a 4th of july parade. thank you for joining us on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm noelle bellow. justine waltman has the day off. july 4th is meant to be spent celebrating the birth of america. instead, today's dates like so many others this year has been marred by gun violence. this time shots ringing out at an
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independence day parade. it happened in the highland park suburb about 25 miles north of downtown chicago. reporter sean lewis. is there. he begins our coverage of the tragedy. it is still eerily quiet. just a block and a half from where the shooting happened. one man with a high capacity rifle is believed to be. >> the cause of all of this destruction and chaos here in downtown highland park about 25 miles north of downtown chicago. you can see here what was left behind. this began shortly after 10:00am just as this parade was getting underway. those who are here with their families got up left as soon as they figured out what was happening as you can imagine, people from all over the area. we're here for this parade. it is a large event for the 4th of july. do it was hard for even in the vicinity of this shooting just a block away from here to figure out what was happening. you can imagine d the beginning of the parade route.
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the sirens and lights from first responders who are in the parade bands playing children yelling all of this leading to a little bit of confusion at the beginning here. some families thought it was just fireworks happening until they saw people running. >> where the family kids, 2 kids and my wife were a whole group right here. we come here every year. ice, it's sad that someone would do something like this. such a great next or in celebrating coming together and for sure, that's not what happened today. i heard light. >> 30 gunshots. and then everybody started running to the store. i was helping everybody get in. there was a woman, the fellows you got up and then i hope and stories. gives the bandages and everything. you know. i mean, i everywhere is going to be about you know. >> it's crazy. yeah. >> and still a very active situation here at the scene. a number of nearby police agencies, law enforcement agencies, upwards of 20, including the illinois state police involved in the search for this gunman. again, believed to have been firing from the roof outdoors store,
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the roof of that building with a high capacity rifle. at least 6 people dead. another 24 injured brought to various hospitals around the north, suburban chicago area. that is the latest from highland park, illinois. i'm sean lewis. now back to you. >> president biden has issued a statement in response to the shooting saying he is has spoken with the governor of illinois and is offering the full support of the federal government to the communities affected by this and help search for the shooter who went on to say, quote, i recently signed the first major bipartisan gun reform legislation and almost 30 years until law, which includes actions that will save lives. but there is much more work to do and i'm not going to give up fighting the epidemic of gun violence and quote, now the shooter is still at large at this hour just in the last 10 minutes, police identified a person of interest is 22 year-old robert hospital officials say they're
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treating at least 30 victims right now. their ages range from just 8 to 85 years old. local police departments are on high alert in response to that shooting in illinois. many agencies had already increased their staffing for the 4th of july holiday. in a statement to kron for the san francisco police department says they're working with federal, state and local partners to ensure everyone feel safe and secure. tonight, officers will be visible and attentive at all events. although no threats have been identified at this time. police say anyone who sees anything suspicious or out of the ordinary while you're out celebrating, should contact police immediately over in oakland police there have also added extra staffing for the holiday. we do have this is video of last year's 4th of july which chief leronne armstrong referred to as, quote 24 hours of chaos, including a massive sideshow. 7 shootings, even some small fires. lots of illegal fireworks as well. the department was so strapped
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most fireworks related calls didn't even get responses. police say this year they're going to be working with other city departments to monitor areas for potential fires resulting from fireworks. now the city of oakland is also closing several roads as a safety precaution and then to ship anticipation of tonight's celebrations. kron four's taylor bisaki spoke with oakland fire about their concerns of illegal fireworks ahead of the holiday. >> one of the best lookout points in the east bay grizzly peak is now closed at grizzly peak boulevard between skyline boulevard and centennial drive to deter people from this high-risk fire zone ahead of the 4th of july. the holiday brings heightened fire risk with people setting off illegal fireworks across the east see multiple fires from about. >> you know, it's just. >> they look pretty in the sky. however, when they land, they do produce potential fires for all of us as well as the safety of. regulation. just injuries. do see burn injuries well as catastrophic
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injuries from people lighting a little fireworks. we should just leave those big shows to the professionals. >> linda buhl battalion chief at oakland fire says the department increased its staff and patrols for the holiday. she says they also have a new volunteer patrols this year to help out with firework calls. always a busy season. last year we had multiple structure fires and we take things. a lot of mitigation efforts in order to prevent. >> some of the x excess of preventable fires. so we do have some closures around the city. the city of oakland also has active closures around lake merritt at lakeshore avenue and grand avenue. >> until 10:00pm sunday and again, monday from 08:00am until 06:00pm as seen in the map below. ellen barkin darrow is also closed in preparation for the large crowds. fire crews say it's crucial to everyone safety and the department's resources. the people pay attention to the law and do not cause preventable. fire calls multiple 2 alarm fire last year due to fireworks as well as the smaller ones that we catch real quick. so.
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>> ideally that we don't have if we have 0 fires on july 4th, the we're going to call that when i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron 4. >> the area fire and police departments are also urging residents not to call 9-1-1. if you do hear fireworks in your neighborhood calls for fireworks on the can overwhelm emergency systems. if yhu're in san jose or san francisco, you can call 3, 1, 1, to report. fireworks in your neighborhood. it's going to help keep emergency lines open for active fires or any life-threatening situations. so how will the weather turn out tonight on this 4th of july holiday? we're taking a live look over san francisco towards the north bay. lots of clouds still kind of hanging around a little bit of fog as well. but blue sky kind of peeking through. not sure how long will be able to see the sky, dave sphar is standing by. he's got a look at our forecast. hey, david welna. well, you're seeing that are shot there. looks like a little of that. fog is already trying to move across the
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golden gate to return yet again. and then a top of that. >> look at the ways some leftover stratus cloud cover which we see at the shot here, too. richmond, sandra fell bridge, same imagery. also on the east bay shoreline a little bit. but as you mentioned, things opening up a little bit for the late afternoon into the early evening hours. storm tracker for also kind of shows how things somewhat clear out a little bit for the bay area. we're going to repeat this again tomorrow. however, i think it's going to be little bit slow clearing slower clearing tomorrow that we saw today, 80 look at that antioch, really racing ahead. 70's line up the east bay shoreline. 75 up to santa rosa. but for 3 o'clock in the afternoon, july 4th, these are very timid number. 67, san francisco in half moon bay comes in at 65 winds. kind of variable around a little bit here. but the general trend has been obviously on shore driven also by that low. it's going to be around for tomorrow departing. it looks like towards the latter portion of the week and that's we'll see a better little warm up here as we go into the evening hours, a little patch
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of things kind of clearing up a little bit. then comes the clouds and the fog. again, it looks like better viewing for fireworks going on over the east bay hills, but anywhere around the bay, it looks like karl is going to join the festivities as well. a look at the forecast for this evening coming up in a bit. well, thanks, dave. >> several bay area are preparing for 4th of july parades earlier to or did their 4th of july parades earlier today, one of the biggest celebrations took place and alameda prompted promoted as the longest parade in the nation with a around 3.3 miles parade floats, antique cars, the u.s. coast guard all hitting the streets. city officials expected roughly 60,000 people to attend this parade. it was a welcome return after the 2 year pandemic hiatus, california attorney general rob bonta and his wife assembly member mia bonta. also attended the parade today. another big annual tradition is the 4th of july parade in the city of danville. typically attracts as many as 40,000 spectators
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each year. kron 4 sarah stinson was there's the parade got underway earlier this morning. >> well, the danville parade is back yet again. we've got a band behind has really, judy. and you got the american legion right there behind us. >> happens to the pandemic favorite now it is back but also to be here we have we've all been trapped at home for the last couple of years. so it's great to actually see everybody out. all the balloons are out all the all the army is over here see the police dogs walking around. it's great. it's great to going on since 1975. and it is finally back on this year's theme is celebrating local olympians to recognize community members who have taken part in the olympic movement. there public bally and danville. they put this together every single year,
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usually attracts 30 to 40,000 people. again, something we haven't seen at this scale since the pandemic started this year, there's about 100 different groups involved that would be in the parade. they've been going with their different floats. have a good core. god bless you. god bless you. good night says >> little watching the parade say they've been waiting for this type of it's been a while, right? we haven't been able to do having a parade after an entire just thankful. i mean, this is this is what it's all about, that is, what it's all about, being with the family out of the and being able to celebrate america yet
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with crowds loud and deliberation. i'm stinson reporting in was in the >> happening now finishing touches are being put on san francisco's annual 4th of july. fireworks show pat diocese has produced a show for the last 5 years. put it together for years before that as well. he designed the fireworks himself with the help of the computer. diocese says he and his crew are all specially trained to handle the fireworks as safely and as neatly as possible. >> michelle fires and it comes out. you will. why are will cut right there and it won't drag all this extra wire up guy. we have to be very careful about getting debris in the water to knows what order to fire the man. it's time with the music and it also the computer knows how much ahead that you have to fire. >> dias also says it's important to leave the
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fireworks to the professionals. they can be incredibly dangerous. see now you can celebrate the 4th of july from the comfort of your own home as well. we are going to be broadcasting fireworks shows happening live across the bay area. the san francisco 1, one over and conquered. got them all this year's july 4th live hosted by live in the bay host olivia horton. it begyns tonight at 09:00pm. >> stick with us here. coming up on kron, 4 news at 3. a small plane crash up in the north bay. we've got details on the destruction left behind. plus, a desperate search for 3 bay area. matt may have drowned in the sacramento delta. we've got
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osteo bi-flex - and napa county over the weekend. officials say a man drowned while trying to rescue his son. >> at lake berryessa, witnesses say 35 year-old perez of san pablo went into the water around 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon trying to save his young son from the water. the boy survived. but perez, unfortunately, was not able to make it back to shore. he is the second person to drowned at lake berryessa in less than a week. rescue crews, meanwhile, are searching for any signs of life after a group of oakland men. what missing after trying to save a child from drowning in the sacramento delta garage. has the very latest on the search. >> tonight, the search continues for 3 missing people near the 3 mile salute break
3:17 pm
in sacramento county in the air and on the ground as family friends watch 2 guys. >> don't do well. and though the guy's without. >> that chris malas says he has been friends for years. the 3 men from oakland who have been missing, he identified them as good steal reavis edwin perez. and then the low get here. it's, you know, the farming isn't what role is. shys the up and coming to the spot. a brennan island state recreation area for years coming. everybody. >> july 4, you've you know, the time being. you've got into this you know, is because every year of coming to you. officials say a total 5 adults were fishing on the river bank and a child was 20. and then the child again to drown. and then all 5 adults went into the water to seep the kit. >> 2 came out of the water, but the other 3. >> get this is an unguarded swim be so we do not have lifeguards on duty. credit island is only open during weekend for day use in boat
3:18 pm
launch. officials say after they exhausted all search efforts, then they switched to recovery. and the winds have been whipping here pretty good all day. and i some occasions it's been close to 20 miles per hour, but you can see the effect it's had on the water. at some occasions. it's been causing those many waves in officials say. >> that is what makes it dangerous making just for difficult swimming conditions out here with what was meant to be a celebration on this 4th of july weekend, leaving friends and family unsettled watering does look relatively inviting. but the current is misleading and unfortunately part of the cause for the incident today. >> that was gurajpal reporting for us this afternoon. a friend of the missing people say the group visited the recreation area every 4th of july weekend. none of them were wearing life jackets. in the east bay. one man has been arrested for allegedly stabbing another man near the union city bart station. it happened around 5.30, last night. police say when they arrived on scene, they found a man who had been stabbed in
3:19 pm
the neck. it was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive. witnesses helped police track down that suspect inside the bart station. 38 year-old iran. martinez was arrested on murder charges. witnesses also told police the victim was walking with his wife and young child when he was apparently attacked at random. an investigation is ongoing. take a look at this. the faa investigating after a small plane crashed into a building at the petaluma airport happened just before 7 o'clock sunday evening. authorities say the pilot is from fairfax and was the only person on board at the time of the crash. the hangar significantly damaged in the it's not clear if the pilot was taking off or landing at the time of the crash. tesla saw a dip in deliveries last quarter after one of its largest factories was shut down due to covid restrictions in china. its 2nd quarter, tesla manufactured 258,000
3:20 pm
vehicles. down from the 305,000 produced in the 1st quarter. the drop is being blamed on an extended lockdown in shanghai and supply chain constraints. situation also speaks to the importance of tesla's shanghai factory to its overall business. tesla has been working on getting manufacturing and delivery up to speed that it's 2 new factories in texas and germany. still ahead here this afternoon, disturbing new video showing police officers in akron, ohio, opening fire on a black man. how the calls for change have led to a state of emergency. >> plus, a well-deserved homecoming for a california marine who nearly lost his life in afghanistan. his message for all those
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>> the last remaining medal of honor recipient from world war. 2 will lie in honor at the u.s. capitol hershel woody williams passed away last week in west virginia at the age of 98. he received the medal of honor for bravely defending his unit during the battle of jima. williams used a flame thrower to destroy 7 enemy positions of the marines could advance. no date has been set for one. he will lie in honor, only 6 private citizens have ever been given this honor, including rosa parks and reverend billy graham. a northern california marine. meanwhile, who survived a suicide bombing in afghanistan is now back home safely. and
3:24 pm
speaking about his experience, tyler vargas andrews arrived back in full some friday night, 11 months after the incident that nearly took his life. the bombing left 183 people dead, including 13 members of the u.s. military vargas andrews managed to survive but was gravely wounded. really mission greatly. winn-dixie is narrowing a shot. got the chance to meet the 24 year-old marine who says he's happy to be here just in time for independence day. >> these yellow ribbons are a big welcome home to tyler, who is grateful for the love and support that he's received from his home town right here in full sun. >> there are words to express grateful i am. sergeant tyler vargas andrews is among 18 service members who survived the suicide bombing at the airport at kabul last august. the attack killed 13 other marines. but after extensive physical and occupational therapy, which will continue. tyler is home. emotions ran
3:25 pm
deep as the 24 year-old tried to answer what it meant to be home, especially in time for the 4th of july celebrating our country's freedom. >> injuries are extensive. he's undergone 43 surgery so far. >> surgeries after losing his left leg and right arm and suffering catastrophic injuries to his midsection and organs from the sun. >> have more guns and aims you know, but can show show you know, there's no there's no reason not to be successful life. he hopes to reach out to those who are despondent and have no desire to continue with life. >> the military really need to take care of the mental health of these boys because i confirm the numbers that i was told by one of the other
3:26 pm
killed and actions and others the other day that there's been 7 suicides since kabul since the return of the marines. it's not hopeless. there's a lot of people, you know, ever they us to know all shows some point life, you know, how about a maybe to whatever degree. but there's you know, there's always so someone out there cares as he looks back at the bombing and believes the reason he survived is from being in the best physical shape of his life. not only myself as a hero. i don't i think the >> we're all doing, you know. break out of job and kelly place >> fortunately, i was physically prepared to get blown tyler, once those in this country to always remember the sacrifice of the 13 who died and for the community to embrace the soldiers and marines out there who suffered both physical and emotional pain. you know what? i'm having a hard other. some guys were. there's plenty. people are still lives our sunday. some rowena shaddox.
3:27 pm
>> tyler aspires to one day compete in the paralympics for weightlifting and shooting. a lifeguard in new york is lucky to be alive after he was attacked by a shark during a training exercise playing the role of a drowning swimmer when the shark bit him in the chest and hand terrifying encounter happened yesterday morning off the coast of long island even with his injuries. the lifeguard says he fought off the 5 foot shark by, quote, punching down until it swam away. other guards rush to get him out of the water. he was taken to a hospital. and is expected to be ok. officials say shark attacks are rare on long island, but sightings have become more and more common in recent years. be safe out in the waters. all right. next at 3.30, the holiday weekend crackdown in full swing across the state. how many people chp have already caught driving under the influence. plus, as
3:28 pm
yellowstone national park reopens just in time for the july 4th weekend. details on how experts say climate change is threatening our national parks and tragedy in illinois. 6 killed dozens injured in a shooting during a 4th of july parade. we have the very parade. we have the very latest on the s if you have copd, ask your doctor about breztri. breztri gives me better breathing and helps prevent flare-ups. before breztri, i was stuck in the past. i still had bad days, [coughing] flare-ups, which kept me from doing what i love. my doctor said for my copd, it was time for breztri. breztri gives you better breathing, symptom improvement, and helps prevent flare-ups.
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welcome back. our top story this half hour. authorities in illinois are searching for a
3:31 pm
22 year-old man believed to be a person of interest and the mass shooting that unfolded at a 4th of july parade. at least 6 people are dead this afternoon. dozens more are injured. that shooting happened in highland park. it's a suburb about 25 miles north of downtown chicago. police say the shooting started a few minutes after the parade began just around 10:00am local time. the unidentified suspect is described as a white man with black hair and small build. he allegedly fired at parade goers with a rifle from the top of the building and is considered armed and dangerous. authorities have identified this man. 22 year-old robert as a person of he's a highland park resident who goes by the name of bobby officials are urging people living in the area to stay indoors and remain calm. several neighboring cities have canceled their 4th of july events tonight due to this ongoing threat. a 4th of
3:32 pm
july air show turned to tragedy in michigan when the driver of a jet powered semi truck was killed in a crash. wow. the happened during the pyrotechnic portion of the show so planned explosions are already going off to prop planes. we're performing aerial tricks and flying low above the truck as it race down a runway at the battle creek executive airport. that truck flipped over as it was racing the aircraft at more than 300 miles per hour. the 40 year-old driver killed in that crash. authorities believe a mechanical failure on that truck might have caused the accident. closer to home. sacramento police are investigating a shooting that left one person dead. 4 others injured happened around 2 this morning. now the coroner of l and 15th streets just a a few
3:33 pm
blocks away from the state capitol. it's also not far from where other mass shooting claimed the lives of 6 people back in april. residents say they're shocked second by this latest act of gun violence in their city. i can. so let's go in a little tense as soon as everybody a run-in, people freaking out that people crying and stuff. so it's pretty well. we're here in a moment where we continuing to see done vines, another senseless act. >> another cowardly act. and then again, what are we going to do? because it's going to happen again unless we do something different. >> victims been identified as greg grimes. 31 year-old sacramento, native and teacher. there's no word on a possible suspect at this point. on our california road. chp warning folks to be safe while driving today on 4th of july. the agency says 291 people were arrested friday alone on the first night of its holiday. maximum enforcement campaign. it runs through tonight all available.
3:34 pm
chp officers are on patrol on patrol, looking for distracted, aggressive drivers and those suspected of driving dnder the influence of drugs or alcohol last independence day saw as many as 997 motorists arrested on suspicion of dui this year. chp also reminding drivers about its 0 tolerance approach to all traffic violations. do want to get you a check of your forecast. taking a live look says quite tower. i want to say that the beginning of the show we could see a lot more blue sky out there. it's looking like those clouds are creeping back in pretty quickly. kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr standing by. he's got the details on what the weather is looking like tonight. hey, dave. well, i know. well, it looks like also the golden gate bridge. we're seeing quite a bit of blue skies to were worried, however, about this fog sneak in on in. it's really a spoiler sometimes, although sometimes it can be. >> quite a thrill to to sometimes see the the fog light up a little bit with the firework action. so let's get
3:35 pm
to the winds now. we have them kind of picking up a little bit in the afternoon. somewhat typical, though, the directions, a little differenth there out of the northwest a bit here and somewhat variable. but there into the teens. now they do encourage a little bit of that fog and marine layer coming in for tonight. speaking of which the fog cast tells us, we've got the fog at the coast. pretty much socked in by 8 o'clock tonight. already starting to cover portions of the east bay shoreline. going to be dicey in around the immediate bay when you're talking 8 to 9 o'clock, however, inland looks like you won't have any problems for at least the fireworks. but later you get the fog. the only place in lynn, we're not seeing much happen is probably the santa clara valley looks like they're being so much shielded for tonight. fireworks forecast calls for some partly cloudy skies. developing will be some coastal fog might even be some bay fog to deal with as well. those temps upper 50's lower 60's cool day. mild evening and mild night for tonight, 60 san francisco, 62 oakland, 63. meanwhile for san jose and that's somewhat
3:36 pm
typical for lows tonight. a lot of lower 60's with all this marine layer just pushed across the bay area. it is a nice relief with this. not just temperature wise, but it keeps those fire threats down quite a bit here. looks like these these clouds will stick around quite a bit for tomorrow. we'll take a look at the long-range forecast of the bit. noel. thanks, dave. >> coming up here on kron, 4 news at 3, a horrifying scene inside a crowded mall in denmark. but authorities are revealing about the motive behind a deadly shooting over the weekend. plus, could former president donald trump face criminal charges for his role in the january alright. shortest roost fry drives next. ♪ worth it. ♪ my $4.00 roost fries with 100% all-white-meat chicken,
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>> taking you live now highland park where authorities are holding a press conference on today's mass shooting accidental at this difficult time. our community like so many before us is devastated. possible to imagine the pain of this kind of tragedy. and so you're confronted with that. gun violence, a mass shooting such as this castle much, much wider net of agony than what the public is typically exposed to. it's a crisis that devastates entire families and communities in a single moment. and we know it's going to take a long, long time if ever to you. again, i want to extend my thanks to the people and resources for moving this
3:40 pm
investigation forward and we all look forward to bringing this individual to justice. on % behalf of the city of highland park. our hearts are broken for the victims and their families. as we always do. we support each other. we are highland park, strong. at this time. i'd like to introduce governor jb pritzker. thank you, during. >> thank you for your leadership on this tragic day. good afternoon. i want to begin today by honoring the heroic actions of law enforcement ward the gunshots that they heard today. in particular lives were saved because the highland park police department. courageously protected and served their community. i also want to thank our illinois state police who have been coordinating on the ground since this morning with highland park pd, neighboring
3:41 pm
police forces. the county task force fbi and atf. our troopers will continue the investigation and search until the job is done. to the residents of highland park and surrounding communities. this murderer will be brought to justice. but until that happens, please follow instructions from local authorities on how best to keep you and your family safe. and please, no that every resource at the state's disposal will be available to you in the day. >> we've listening just for a moment here as authorities. the governor illinois speaking now about the mass shooting in highland park that left 6 people dead. 30 others injured. many more, of course, traumatized as this was a independence day parade that those shots ring out. we will
3:42 pm
continue to monitor this situation and give you the latest as authorities continue to search for the person responsible. just in time for the 4th of july holiday, officials at yellowstone were able to reopen the northern loop of the park. historic flooding last month. cut that section of the park closed until now south side of the park reopened almost 2 weeks ago. ryan bass has an update on the effort to rebuild the park for visitors. >> kind of been more perfect eruption? because there is a bison that was wandering meandering about in front of the geysers that went off a trip to yellowstone to see old faithful is an independence day weekend tradition for many and a welcome sight. as most of the park reopened to visitors for the july 4th holiday weekend. that is insane. >> just weeks ago, record flooding closed. america's first national park forcing 10,000 visitors to leave as rainfall, water rocks and mudslides washed out roads and bridges. nobody's seen anything like not since 1918,
3:43 pm
and even then the flooding see if asked. >> levels of the river never been higher. double or even almost 3 times as much as what they've been below. stone isn't the only part dealing with the impacts of mother nature. officials have warned that rising temperatures related to climate change could reach nearly all 423 national parks. >> everything from the loss of ice wildfires. higher sea levels. the 2018 study for p science found that temperatures in national parks are rising at twice the national rate causing physical an ecological changes to our historical landmarks, the videos that we're seeing, the things that we're seeing just from employees. >> and people that are inside. these are things that are not making it to the public, but i you it's really intense in their extreme heat has been hitting joshua tree national park in california where the average annual temperature has increased by 3 degrees fahrenheit over the last century. the more wildfires
3:44 pm
and a dip in certain species population. a twenty-twenty fire in the nearby mojave national preserve killed an estimated 1.3 million trees. 70 national park has been closed to visitors several times in recent years because of deadly wildfires are dangerous air quality from smoke. the average temperature in the park could spike as high as 10 degrees fahrenheit by the end of the century. and in florida, the everglades is under attack from rising water levels. we just heard the critical coastal mangroves. my but coast to coast and in america's heartland. >> the wrath of climate change is taking a toll on our national treasures, making the future of parks and certain and weekends like this. even more of a treat to visit our beautiful landmarks like yellowstone. it is such a privilege to be able to just to be out in the national park every single day. >> given the circumstances, things will have change most. definitely. and so i'm not that includes fair, physically, everybody.
3:45 pm
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3:48 pm
done. the city's 4th of july fireworks display has also been canceled. this all comes in response to the newly released body cam video of the shooting that took walker's life. police now say more than 90 rounds were fired at him. they believe walker had a gun in his possession. jack shea has the very latest on the investigation and how family members are responding. >> 6 minutes after the chase began, it ended when jalen walker stopped his car and jumped out of the passenger seat. he then began to run. officers chased jaylin walker to a parking lot. a short time later, 8 officers fired an estimated 90 rout. we're told jaylin walker was hit at least 60 times and the attorney for the walker family saysosome of the shots were fired after the
3:49 pm
25 year-old was on the ground. the police chief of akron says the 8 officers involved in the deadly shooting have not given formal statements to apd investigators, but he says during a walk through at the scene right after the shooting, they told a supervisor that they opened fire because they perceive that the movements of jaylin walker indicated that he posed a threat to their safety. each officer independent of each other related that they felt that mister walker had turned. >> and was motioning in moving into a firing position. but the attorney for julian walker's family says on thursday the police chief indicated that he saw no evidence on the videos that the 25 year-old was posing a threat before the officers opened fire. >> as he's running away, what is reasonable to gun him down? >> that's not the attorney for the walker family revealed on sunday that at the time of the pursuit and the shooting jaylin walker was quote, obviously in pain as the
3:50 pm
result of an accident earlier this month that claimed the life of his fiance, a gold wedding ring was found next to the gun and magazine in his car. what has happened to him about that time that he would flee the scene? >> he would act in the manner that he did in that way with the be indicative of some distress, some fear, something that he was going. don't know. we're going hopefully jewel that find that. >> that was jack shea reporting for us. all 8 officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave. police say they do plan to release all of the body cam video captured by the officers. meanwhile, police in copenhagen, denmark, say a deadly shooting inside a shopping mall was not a terrorist act. 3 people were killed. several others hurt yesterday after 22 year-old gunman opened fire. those killed include a 17 year-old boy, a 17 year-old girl and a 47 year-old man. police say the shooter acted alone appears to have selected his victims at random. he was arraigned earlier today on
3:51 pm
murder charges. the motive for the attack is unknown, but police say he was known to mental health services in denmark. >> he's going to have mental and the investigation will come >> 4 other people were treated for gunshot wounds. they are in critical but stable condition. singer harry styles canceled his show in copenhagen. he was scheduled to perform just hours after the shooting. posting this statement to his twitter account, sending his condolences to those victims. new at 3 big developments in the investigation into the january 6th attack on the capitol. all members of the house select committee say the panel may end up making several criminal referrals, including against former dot former president donald trump. democrat adam schiff says he believes there's evidence trump engaged in multiple violations of the law says that should be investigated. committee vice chair liz cheney has not ruled out referring trump for criminal prosecution. other members of
3:52 pm
the committee say more witnesses have come forward since last week's testimony from former white house aide cassidy hutchinson. the next hearing will likely happen in mid july. we do want to bring back home here. get you a check of your forecast. taking a live look outside at coit tower. the trees really blowing in some winds there. that cloud cover seems to continue it up. kron meteorologist dave spahr as here he's got your details. heyday, ok? noel of going into the late afternoon, early evening hours. we're going to get a little break here. looks like a some clear sunshine work in the bay bridge toll plaza looks pretty good. but as 10 o'clock rolls around, you can see the partly cloudy skies come back again. one look at the moisture levels here. we frequently look at this. we have fire problems, but >> into tonight, the green is already encroached up to the east bay hills and of course, flood the entire area for tonight. usually we see this kind of thing with a rain event by 05:00am everybody's in the 90% range, at least. all right. that's somewhat typical. the numbers do pop up tomorrow afternoon. nice and
3:53 pm
low. this is the driest will get mid 50's even some 40's in here and the clearing will be a little slower. it looks like for tomorrow. so and again, tonight comes a cloud cover the fog and all of that. then tomorrow morning will greet us with a thick fog at work. the cloud cover that looks to linger past about the noon hour. so it's not going to be just in the morning. it's going to take a while to clear even in the inland spots. it looks like after a post the noon hour or so for tonight, got some of that. they fought redeveloping tonight. cloudy, start for things tomorrow. then for the week ahead, it looks like tomorrow will be the cloudy, a stay to kind of fight all this wednesday, a little bit better clearing and kind of drying out at least a law for us thursday into friday weekend actually pops a little bit temperature wise. check it out. 70's through the 80's and then we're into the lower 90's by sunday. looks like it's kind of cool along the coast or the bay, rather should say you're about 80 with 60's covering the coast. well. all right. thank you, dave. >> coming up next at 3, don't mess with the portland pickle.
3:54 pm
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ask your doctor about breztri. if you have copd, i was injured in a car crash. i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> he's going on out in left field. we have a streaker. what is going? >> ballpark take down after streaker ran onto the field at the home of the portland pickles of the west coast league dylan, the pickle held
3:57 pm
the guy down until security was able to cuff him. a lesson learned for sure by this streak or do not run in the field in portland or the pickle mascot. i just wreck you speaking of reckoned things, joey chestnut, he wrecked a bunch of hot dogs today. still the reigning champ in the hot dog eating world. he won the nathan's famous hot dog eating contest for the 15th time in 16 years. i believe he down 63 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes. not able to be his own personal record of 76, though. that's when he gobbled down last year. congrats. i guess it for kron. 4 news at 3. thanks for joining us. we'll be back here for kron. 4 news at 5. what are you recommending for muscle pain?
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