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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  July 4, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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they're hoping things will be ok and people be able to see what's going on. >> but if you take a look at this video, you can see what things look like down on the embarcadero. lots of people walking around celebrating the 4th of july. there are vendors open and they'll be out throughout the night. i'm at the pier. 39 parking structure right now. it's not quite full yet, but it is very close. many people are here early for the fireworks show. so if you're not down here yet, you're going to want to make your way down here soon. yesterday i did as just how many fireworks we're going to see. i couldn't get an exact number, but i was told it is going to be a lot and the fireworks show should last about. 22 minutes, i'm going talk to some people who are around here waiting for the fireworks show and i will have that on kron. 4 news at 6 live in san francisco. amanda hari kron. 4 news, a before we we lose you. you know, i came
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over from the east bay on the bay bridge slow earlier this afternoon. it wasn't too happy. >> how is how are the crowd sizes looking? well, if i look around just below me here on the embarcadero right now, there are quite a few people down there. i also drove the east bay earlier. i didn't see a lot of traffic. >> i think people may have just got here early because there are quite a few people down here. but the traffic right now when i drove over here isn't too bad. the real quick, the power technicians can adjust the height where the fireworks explode. is that correct? and >> do they have a limit on on how high they can go based on the on the cloud conditions. >> so i did ask about that if they can adjust the height and i was told they actually can't. they just sort of have to hope for the best. the fireworks have a certain amount of ammunition to them and they only go so high depending on the size of the firework. so they're just
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hoping for the best when it comes to this fog. they say sometimes they just kind of light up the clouds, but that's the charm of the san francisco fire that's why i love he put it. the charm. pretty typical one that comes inside a water color painting. yeah, you know, through the clouds. all and it will catch you later as we. >> progress through the evening. thank you for that. this year, the san francisco police department is telling people not to go to treasure island to watch this year's fireworks show. they say. >> construction projects will block access to any of the parking areas out there. the fireworks show is set to start over the waterfront tonight at about 9.30. a 4th of july air show turned into a tragedy in michigan when the driver of a jet powered semi truck was killed in a crash. that happened at the field of flight show in battle creek,
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michigan. the crash took place during the show's pyrotechnic portion when planned explosions were going off to prop planes were performing aerial stunts and flying low above that truck as it raced down the runway. the truck flipped over as it was racing a plane at more than 300 miles an hour. the 40 year-old driver was killed when the truck crashed. a spokesperson for the event says the driver passed by an explosion and then his truck exploded. authorities say they believe a mechanical failure on the truck might have led to that accident. the supreme court martial is asking the governors of virginia and maryland to step in and stop protest outside justices homes. >> he claims protesters are violating laws already on the books in both states that prevent picketing at private homes. both governors have expressed concerns about protests, but say it is an issue left up to u.s.. attorney gederal merrick garland. experts say citizens have a first amendment right to protest, but law
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enforcement can intervene of. protesters are at one specific home rather than walking up and down a public street just in time for the 4th of july holiday. officials at yellowstone reopen its loop. you'll recall the historic flooding last month kept that section of the park. >> closed until now, the south side of the park reopened about 2 weeks ago. ryan bass has an update on the effort to rebuild the park for visitors. >> what kind of been more perfect eruption? because there is a bison that was wandering meandering about in front of the geysers that went off a trip to yellowstone to see old faithful is an independence day weekend tradition for many and a welcome sight. as most of the park reopened to visitors for the july 4th holiday weekend. that is insane. >> just weeks ago, record flooding closed. america's first national park forcing 10,000 visitors to leave as rainfall, water rocks and mudslides washed out roads and bridges. nobody seen anything like not since 1918, and even
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then the flooding >> see if asked. >> levels of river never been higher. they double or even almost 3 times as much as what they've been below. stone isn't the only part dealing with the impacts of mother nature. officials have warned that rising temperatures related to climate change could reach nearly all 423 national parks. >> everything from the loss of ice glaciers. the wildfires. higher sea levels. the 2018 study for p science found the temperatures in national parks are rising at twice the national rate causing physical an ecological changes to our historical landmarks, the videos that we're seeing, the things that we're seeing just from employees and people that are inside. >> these are things that are not making it to the public. but at night. you it's really intense in their extreme heat has been hitting joshua tree national park in california where the average annual temperature has increased by 3 degrees fahrenheit over the last century leading to more wildfires and a dip in certain
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species. population. a twenty-twenty fire in the nearby mojave national preserve killed an estimated 1.3 million trees. 70 national park has been closed to visitors several times in recent years because of deadly wildfires are dangerous air quality from smoke. the average temperature in the park could spike as high as 10 degrees fahrenheit by the end of the century. and in florida, the everglades is under attack from rising water levels. we just heard the critical coastal mangroves. my but coast to coast and in america's heartland. >> the wrath of climate change is taking a toll on our national treasures, making the future of parks and certain and weekends like this. even more of a treat to visit our beautiful landmarks like yellowstone. it is such a peivilege to be able to just to be out in the national park every single day. >> given the circumstances, things will have most definitely. and so not that includes fair, physically, everybody. >> yeah, we are at the whim of the weather. and right now we are taking a live look outside
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from our mount tam cam. >> and he's going to be windy weather for the fireworks show. yeah, well, the clouds, they're always the big factor mean just comes in to slow, you know, to low specially in san francisco. >> a pier. 39, we've got the big displays there. of course, they'd like get out there to see the fireworks. the cloud, the deck lifts a little bit by the time makes to the east bay. right now. you can see the clouds begin rolling outside. right now. you've got some low clouds down below to high level clouds up above up toward the golden gate bridge. you can see that cloud deck moving right beneath the top of the bridge there. so that's not what we want to see. we hope to see a big deck coming like that. that will make it really hard to see the fireworks a little bit later on this evening. so low clouds spinning up the coastline. look at that little swirl in the atmosphere. would you know, on the 4th of july, we've got very low pressure out there. the spin around in effect in your weather. big time. and that southerly surge of moisture that's making its way on shore, making things pretty muggy out around the bay area this evening. we've got some winds. they've been a little gusty in spots. the good news is you got so much moisture in the atmosphere.
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fire conditions remain low because of all that moisture outside. of course, we have a lot of drizzle over the last couple of days. well, we've got low. that's going continue to move a little bit closer and more drizzle overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. i think pretty wet early on when we get up. we may see is month those of the 10th of an inch of drizzle along some of the coastal areas, especially in the north bay temperature wise tomorrow, these numbers still running below the average plan on some 70's, the warm spots inland, partly cloudy skies throughout the bay area. 70's inside the cooler 60's along the coastline and the next few days. here we are. look at these temperatures slowly warming up on wednesday and thursday by next weekend. those temperatures i think soaring into the 90's, we may be talking about triple digits by early next week. all right, lawrence, thank you. coming up, could former president donald trump faced criminal charges for his role in the january 6 insurrection? >> house lawmakers weigh in and a new way to check your temperature is the latest
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>> a new report suggests the next apple watch will be able to tell whether you're running a fever rather than giving you an exact reading, though, the apple watch will detect the spike in temperature and then encourage you to talk to a doctor or use a thermometer. the sensor could also possibly be used to track your fertility. it would record
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shifts in body temperature to help someone determine when they're more likely to get pregnant. still ahead, governor newsom launches a new campaign. >> in florida of all places over the weekend. what he's urging those residents to do and what political analysts are saying about how this move are saying about how this move could affect his political i was injured in a car crash. are saying about how this move could affect his political i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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♪ at usaa we've been called too exclusive because we only serve those who've honorably served. all ranks. all branches. and their eligible family members. yep, that is exclusive. and we're fine with that. >> starting today, governor gavin newsom has a new campaign ad airing in florida.
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the move is reeling. questions about his potential plans for a future presidential run. it's also fueling the flames. international political rivalry. our ashley zavala explains. it's independence day. let's talk about what's going on in america. governor gavin newsom's reelection campaign dropping its latest ad on 4th of july. but instead of speaking to california voters, the ad is airing nearly 3,000 miles away in florida on fox news cable zones across that state. freedom is under attack in your state newsom taking aim at florida governor ron desantis and his efforts to ban abortion limit free speech in class and tighten voting restrictions. >> desantis has been considered a potential front-running republican candidate for president in 2024. for join us in california. we still believe in freedom. the ad setting off political fireworks and raising questions about newsom's future beyond california. steven maviglio is a democratic strategist. i think it's a really smart investment for $100,000. she's getting million dollars worth
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of national publicity. >> you know, there's a lot of buzz these days about joe biden not running again, will run. and i think gavin newsom surrounding what's his name and that running. and this is one way to guarantee that. but newsom has recently said he has subzero interest in running for president. i think the governor smart enough to realize his name is still on the ballot this year to run for governor of california. and even though it's going to be a cake walk. >> i think he doesn't want to take that for granted was voters. so it's just something to say. i mean, anybody spend 5 minutes with the guy knows he has. you know what i always looking at that oval office. meanwhile, desantis has not directly responded to the ad. his campaign spokesperson told cnn gavin newsom might as well let a pile of cash on fire. >> pass the popcorn for his desperate attempt to win back the california refugees who fled the hellhole he created in his state to come to florida newsom's attack on desantis. the latest chapter in a growing political rivalry in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news.
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>> and national news tonight. big developments in the investigation into the january 6th attack on the capitol. members of the house select committee say that the panel may end up making several criminal referrals, including former president trump adam schiff says that he believes that there's evidence that trump engaged in multiple violations of the law and says that he should be investigated. committee chair, a vice chair, rather, liz cheney has not ruled out referring trump for criminal prosecution. other members of the committee say more witnesses have come forward since last week's testimony from former white house aide cassidy hutchinson. the next hearing will likely happen in mid july. >> he was actually mounted upside down. as you see. and they pay very much to his job before the cop takes >> incredible crash of the formula. one race in silverstone england. we should mention right away. the driver
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is okay on the first turn of the race job, a new gets clipped flips upside down. slides down the track before somersaulting into a trackside fence right there. terrifying crash. but thanks to the protective bar surrounding the driver called the halo. he avoided serious injury. the halos been mandatory on those vehicles since 2018 >> police in copenhagen, denmark say a deadly shooting inside a shopping mall was not a terrorist attack. 3 people were killed. several others injured yesterday as a 22 year-old gunman opened fire. those killed included a 17 year-old boy, 17 year-old girl and a 47 year-old man. police say the shooter acted alone and appears to have selected his victims randomly. he will be arraigned on murder charges. 4 other people were treated for gunshot wounds and are in critical but stable condition. the motive for the attack is not known, but police say that he was known to mental health services in denmark. singer harry styles
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canceled a show in copenhagen. he was scheduled to perform just hours after the shooting. he posted a statement to his twitter account sending condolences to the victims. all right. let's take a live look outside at pier. 39, where people are starting to gather for the big fireworks show tonight. crime. just they're not there for the seals this time. >> chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now. anything change? no, we're just watching those clouds anxiously, you know, hoping that it works out, right? you know, you can only forecast so much. >> you can stand back and you just watch it happen. this where we sit right now, if you're headed out the display pier. 39, that's we want to trick your places. if you head inland, got a better chance of seeing a nice clear display. it's going to be a partly cloudy out there. no matter where you go around the bay area tonight in the clouds be thickening up, low clouds moving in along the coastline, hoping those bases stay above 700 feet. right now we're going to keep our fingers crossed for that. right now. we've actually the couple clouds coming a little bit lower than that. but tonight,
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yep, we're going to see some fog some drizzle along the coastline. be prepared for that. temperatures running the 50's and 60's around 9 o'clock tonight. let's see if we can time this out for you on our forecast model. they see the clouds already beginning to move on shore right now as we head through the night tonight. sunset just after 08:30pm, tonight. and there you go. the fireworks starting 9.30, of course, popping up in the southeast. the nice clear skies into san jose displays going to be great there. but boy, that cloud deck being picked up by our model surging all the way to the east by 09:30pm, tonight, as we've got low pressure center off the coastline. that's kind of wrap all this up as we head through the night. yeah. you see those clouds kind of thickening up throughout the night. i think the worst of it comes after midnight tonight that you will see a more drizzle moving in along the coastline, especially but patchy drizzle out there going to be very damp night. i think, especially in the coastal sections overnight tonight. all right, out there right now. here's a live look. you can see that cloud deck. you've got 7 different layers. you got some letters near the surface. that's a patchy fog. then you've got some mid to high level clouds associated with a cold front that's actually off the coastline.
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muggy conditions around the bay area today. temperatures running a little bit above the average is temperatures going 70 73 degrees in oakland. 81 in san jose. 81 in lemore. 81 also in concord and 76 degrees in santa rosa. here's that pesky alarms talking about. look at that little swirl off the coastline. usually a big dome of high pressure camping in along the west coast of this time of year. but this is going to make things a rather exciting overnight. tonight you see some showers moving into far northern california. even a couple reports of a couple sprinkles in the north bay. northern sonoma county could see that again overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. these clouds will continue to surge on shore. so not going to be cloud-free for this 4th of july. we're just keep our fingers crossed. the cloud deck stays high enough. you can see all the fireworks out those guys back to you. all right, lawrence, next. yes, it is the 4th of july. so traditional competitions her back. >> was joey chestnut able to retain is hot dog eating title. we'll find out after the break.
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>> for your health tonight, hold the hot dogs. a new study is now saying the summer staple may be the worst addition you could make to your diet may not be much of a surprise. researchers from the university of michigan analyzed the nutritional index of about 6,000 foods in the u.s. diet. they say they found that eating a hot dog. can kate take up to 36 minutes off your life span for comparison. they say a hit of heroin has been found to cause the body. 24 hours, hot dogs and you might want to plug your ears
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for this. they contain most of 5 meat trimmings, including low-grade muscle cuts, fatty tissues, animal feet, skin. blood and liver products. they've also been found to contain elevated sodium levels. world cancer research fund suggests that we move to eliminate the hot dog from our diet. >> 63 nathan's famous hot dogs and buns for his 15th championship. as long as we're talking about hot dogs. but chestnut. >> it's still the reigning champ and the hot dog eating world today for the 15th time joey is the winner of the nathan's famous hot dog eating contest. he downed 63 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes. chest not was not able to beat his own personal record, though, the 76 he gobbled down last year, maybe because he was
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playing hurt. chestnut broke both of his the bones in his right leg. he also has a tendon injury chestnut. of course, it was born here in the bay area and allay he graduated from san jose state university and on the women's side of the hot dog eating contest a time champ mickey emerged victorious. she ate 40 hot dogs and wow. i think frank sinatra said that a hot dog in the ballgame taste better than a state that morton's. all right. i mean there. you're something upset about >> wrapped up kron 4 news at 5. we have a lot more ahead on kron. 4 news at 6. pam moore here with a look at what's coming up. yeah, i'll be joining. you can thank you. thank you. coming up tonight at 6 o'clock, the manhunt is apparently over. authorities arrest a person of interest after a gunman opens fire on a group of spectators during the 4th of july parade in illinois. we have the latest from the scene. plus, a desperate search for these 3 and they're still missing tonight after trying to save a
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child from drowning in the sacramento delta. >> what fans say happened before they disappear? say with us. the news at 6 is with us. the news at 6 is next. migraine attacks? you can't always avoid triggers like stress. qulipta™ can help prevent migraine attacks. you can't prevent what's going on outside that's why qulipta™ helps what's going on inside. qulipta™ is a pill. gets right to work to prevent migraine attacks and keeps them away over time. qulipta™ blocks cgrp, a protein believed to be a cause of migraine attacks. qulipta™ is a preventive treatment for episodic migraine. most common side effects are nausea, constipation, and tiredness. learn how abbvie can help you save on qulipta™.
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constipation, and tiredness. >> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking
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>> breaking news out of suburban chicago. a mass shooting in highland park, illinois. police say the person of interest in the deadly 4th of july mass shooting is now in custody after a brief chase, 6 people were killed. more than 2 dozen others injured when a gunman opened fire and an annual 4th of july parade. police identified 22 year old robert the 3rd as the person of interest in this incident. >> police released the mug shot along with pictures of the getaway car. good evening on this independence day, everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. hundreds of people scramble to take cover in that chaos in the usually quiet suburb of chicago. highland park is roughly 30,000 residents. it's about 35 miles north of downtown chicago. reporter kailey peace and explains more on how all of this unfolded. >> it's just a very scary and


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