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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  July 4, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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we continue to follow that breaking news out of illinois. a 4th of july celebration turned into chaos and confusion when a gunman opened fire. 6 people were killed as many as 30 others were injured. that shooting happened in the chicago suburb of highland park. tonight we've learned the 22 year-old robert the 3rd is in custody. >> following a manhunt that lasted several hours. he is being called a person of interest at this time. officials tracked him down on a highway just north of chicago. meanwhile, witnesses to the shooting are now describing what they saw. >> he reloaded and then that's when i grabbed my son i ran around the corner and i put him in a dumpster with garbage dumpster. nasa people.
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>> stay there with him. had to go back to find the rest of my family. yeah, she was scared because, you know, you know, is going on. but i was trying to keep. >> tom and telling her everything is going to be ok? >> police say the gunman used a high-powered rifle that was recovered from the scene. >> meanwhile, police in copenhagen, denmark, say a deadly shooting inside a shopping mall. there was not a terrorist act. 3 people were killed. several others hurt yesterday as a 22 year-old gunman opened fire. those killed included a 17 year-old boy, 17 year-old girl and a 47 year-old man. police say the shooter acted alone and appears to selected his victims at random. he will be arraigned on murder charges. 4 other people were treated for gunshot wounds and are in critical but stable condition. the motive for the attack is unknown. but police say he was known to mental health services in denmark. singer harry styles canceled a show in copenhagen. he was set to
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perform just hours after that shooting. he posted a statement to his twitter account sending can condolences to the victims. sacramento police are investigating a shooting that left a person dead and 4 others injured that incident happened about 2 o'clock this morning and the coroner of l and 15th street just a few blocks away from the state capitol. >> it is also not far from where another mass shooting claimed the lives of 6 people back in april in sacramento, residents say they are shocked and sickened by this latest act of gun violence in their city. >> i can. so let's go in a little tense. soon as everybody started running, people freaking out that people crying and stuff. so it's pretty well. we're here in a moment where we continuing to see done vines, another senseless act, another cowardly act. and then again, what are we going to do? because it's going to happen again unless we do something different. >> the victim has been identified as 31 year-old greg grimes of sacramento, native and teacher. there is still no word on a suspect. >> 2 people are in the hospital tonight after a
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sideshow in the north bay. want to show you video of that sideshow that took place at bw william's drive and lewis brown drive in the late last night around 10:00pm. gunshots were reported shortly after that, a person walked into a hospital with gunshot wounds. that person was taken into surgery and is expected to survive. a second person arrived at the hospital after he was reportedly hit by a vehicle during a sideshow. the victim was listed in critical condition with a number of different injuries. both incidents are currently under investigation by police in san jose. police arrested 7 people and handed out 500 citations as after breaking up a side show saturday night which >> they said involved at least 200 vehicles. it happened at the intersection of south 10th street in elma avenue. citations were issued for various reasons, including so people who were sideshow. spectators officers recovered 2 guns and impounded 5 vehicles for 30 days. now to
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our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live across the bay and grab your jacket if you're going to be heading out to watch the fireworks shows the city. pam looks yeah. that's our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with the details. yeah. so we're going to see clouds out there. there's no getting around that. it's the question, the fog and how low that fog layer comes in right now. >> obviously, the kind of a mixed bag right now. you've got a very low pressure off the coastline. this kind of interfering with that fog bank. so not a true bank of fog out there just yet overlooking coit tower. right now, the breeze is blowing out there. some of the clouds moving in right now and more on the way looking toward the golden gate bridge. you can see part of the tower begin to cut. get covered by the golden gate of the tower, the least the top of the towers at 746 feet. so you can imagine lower levels of the clouds moving in right now, hoping to break that up. it's kind of broken all around the bay area right now. but you got the big swirl off the coastline and that is the big concern. that area of low pressure. we'll continue to approach the coastline. so the clouds, we'll continue to move on shore as we head through the evening hours. so if you're headed outside,
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yeah, grab a light jacket you may need along the coastline. you could see a couple patches of drizzle as we head through the fireworks display. so be prepared for that. otherwise that on shore wind making for the muggy conditions, kind of the muggy conditions, kind of a southerly componen wind today making a little muggy outside. but here we go. time it out for as we head through the night. the clouds already entering inside the bay tonight as we head through the evening hours, really kind of filling into the bay, even stretching into parts of the east bay. start to see the south bay, though, looking nice and clear in the santa clara valley. as you start out your fireworks displays. but then as we head through the night, just after 9 o'clock, you see those a pop-up displays and also the fog and low cloud cover continue to increase. and that's going to be the case tonight. as you can see, the fog and low clouds continue to roll on shore that maybe even a little drizzle out toward the coastline. so be prepared for those weather conditions out there tonight. partly cloudy skies, fog and some patchy drizzle. temperatures running on the cool side generally in the 50's and the mid-sixties. thank you, lawrence. governor gavin newsom launches a new ad campaign in florida over the weekend.
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>> what he's urging those residents to do and what political analysts say, how this could affect his political career. >> in sports, the giants try to break out of their recent doldrums against an old friend in arizona. kylen mills has the highlights coming up and want to take you live to new york city where you can watch a spectacular fireworks show that's underway over the big apple. looks like it's over the east river of manhattan. we'll be right back.
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>> starting today, governor gavin newsom has a new ad campaign that is airing not in california, but in florida. of course, the move is renewing questions about newsom's potential plans for a future presidential run. it's also fueling the flames in a national political rivalry. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has more. >> it's independence day. let's talk about what's going on in america. governor gavin newsom's reelection campaign dropping its latest ad on 4th of july. but instead of speaking to california voters, the ad is airing nearly 3,000 miles away in florida on fox news cable zones across that state. freedom under attack in your state newsom taking aim at florida governor ron desantis and his efforts to ban abortion limit free speech in class and tighten voting restrictions. >> desantis has been
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considered a potential front-running republican candidate for president in 2024. for join us in california. we still believe in freedom. the ad setting off political fireworks and raising questions about newsom's future beyond california. steven maviglio is a democratic strategist. i think it's a really smart investment for $100,000. she's getting million dollars worth of national publicity. >> you know, there's a lot of buzz these days about joe biden not running again, who will run. and i think gavin newsom surrounding what's his name and that running. and this is one way to guarantee that. but newsom has recently said he has subzero interest in running for president. i think the governor smart enough to realize his name is still on the ballot this year to run for governor of california. and even though it's going to be a cake walk. >> i think he doesn't want to take that for granted boaters. so it's just something to say. i mean, anybody spend 5 minutes with the guy knows he has. you know what i always looking at that oval office. meanwhile, desantis has not directly responded to the ad. his campaign spokesperson told
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cnn gavin newsom might as well let a pile of cash on fire. >> pass the popcorn for his desperate attempt to win back the california refugees who fled the hellhole he created in his state to come to florida newsom's attack on desantis. the latest chapter in a growing political rivalry in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> in an effort to try to avoid rolling power blackouts. the state of california may have to start tapping into fossil fuel power plants right now, california gets most of its energy from renewable sources during the day. but there's not enough storage to run solar power once the sun goes down, some environmental groups say they think the state didn't act fast enough to build up renewable resources to prevent the potential use of fossil fuels. >> big developments in the investigation into the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol. members of the house select committee say the panel may end up making several criminal referrals, including former
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president trump democratic california congressman adam schiff says that he believes there is evidence that former president trump engaged in multiple violations of the law and he says that should be investigated. committee. vice chair liz cheney has not ruled out referring trump for criminal prosecution. other members of the committee say more witnesses have come forward since last week's testimony from former white house aide cassidy hutchinson. the next hearing will likely happen in mid july. >> a lot of clouds rolling into the bay area right now. look what spinning off the coast like. can you believe that low pressure, how it might affect your weather for tonight? the fireworks forecast coming up next. and speaking of fireworks, look at we're taking you live to the east coast. this is fireworks exploding in the sky over the big apple. >> boys almost looking like they're getting near their finale. the sky is lit up in new york city.
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>> in warren county, 4th of july, fireworks will be lighting up the skies in just a couple of hours. climb for charles clifford joins us live as we countdown to the big show there. charles. >> either. yes. so right now i'm at the marin county this is the 5th day of the fair. you know, they haven't held the fair since 2019. this is
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the big return of the fair this year going to take a look at some video. we got everything they usually have here at the fair. they've got the ferris wheel. all of the rides, the midway games, lots of exhibits. lots of live music here as well. the one r% thing they don't have this year, they're not doing anything indoors. they don't have any exhibit set up in any of the indoor areas are doing that for pandemic reasons. they have been working on this for months. they weren't sure if the pandemic would be a problem. so they just planned for a completely outdoors fair. now, this is the last day of the fair. got left here this evening as we have to music from george porter on the stage right behind me here. you should come on pretty soon. and then the fireworks will launch from a barge up the middle of the lagoon over 9.30, they go up in the air. i'm going to point my camera up at the fireworks and you can stay in the comfort of your own home and watch the fireworks. if you so choose, if you want to still to come. >> expecting it should be pretty nice this evening. we're kind of worried about the fog there for a while, but hasn't showed up just a light breeze blowing. otherwise,
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it's pretty nice. and the fair is open until 11 o'clock this evening. 25 bucks for adults to get in kids under for free. we'll have some more here this evening from the marine county. but for now in the north bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. all right, charles, thank you for that. what's really fun about the marine shows that the water behind charles it reflects a friday. and so it's kind of like to fireworks one in the water and one in thank you enough. and charles, now to our 4 zone forecast. of the weather is a big concern tonight. you're looking out at the bay bridge toll plaza, not much traffic folks coming into the city and for the fireworks. >> we have clear skies and we're in at i think they're going to some cloud think just about the entire bay area except the of all. i think you're going to start to look at some clouds, but it's about all about the bass and those clouds. i think in san francisco a little more difficult to see those clouds coming in pretty low right now between 50700 feet. so yep here, 39, maybe a little bit difficult to see some of those fireworks outside least the big ones. if you're around the bay area, partly cloudy some
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fog and some drizzle out toward the coastline. be prepared for that. tonight as you're going to see all this moisture begin to surge on shore from all that cloud cover factor seen that making its way through the golden gate bridge right now. so that on shore breeze blowing right now carrying with it. some of those clouds that fog rolling back in effect, really kind of an interesting set up here. now we've got to an area of low pressure off the coastline. so made for muggy day, 70 degrees in san diego. 73 and temperatures. cush should say 73 in oakland, 81, it settles a and livermore and conquered and 76 degrees in santa rosa. we are looking at warming up as we head into our wednesday and thursday. but partly cloudy skies, possibly getting hot by the beginning of next week. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> welcome into sports. after going 2, 6, on the recent homestand. the giants are up and get back in the win column on the road to get a 7 game road trip in arizona on this
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independence day. they're for him to diamondbacks. madison bumgarner supporting the 4th of july hat. top of the first flips. but my way junior, nice to see him back. flipping one into right for the base. it wilmer flores and darin ruf score. 2, nothing giants bumgarner gave up 3 runs in 5 innings score. bottom of the frame, buddy kennedy. >> up next, lashes one through the hole into right field. 2 runs score just like that. this ball game is all tied up at 2 apiece. bright spot for the giants. david be are playing his first major league game and what a game he doubled his first at bat here. he follows it up with an rbi single mom and dad must be so proud watching his first career rbi. there they are for 3 d backs years. 6th inning now 5, 3 d backs daulton varsho pokes one through the left side and into left that
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scores another run, partial hospitals and the second on the throw home 6, 3 d backs and they would run away with there's your final score fan. francisco loses their 5th straight. >> the chicago white sox cancel their fireworks show today in light of the mass shooting at a 4th of july parade in suburban chicago team talk with major league baseball about calling off the game against the twins altogether. however, they decide to play schedule, canceling postgame festivities holding a moment of silence for the victims. at least 6 people are dead and more than 2 dozen hurt after a gunman opened fire on great attendees in highland park, illinois. the white sox said in a statement, quote, the entire organization express our deepest sympathies to the families and friends of the innocent victims of today's horrific shooting. all of those who've been affected by this tragedy and quote, also white sox closer. liam hendriks told reporters something needs to change. on to the golf course. tiger woods at the jp mcmanus
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program in limerick, ireland, 12th hole tiger with some of his old magic watch. this. he chips it in current illegal. he finished with a 5 over 77 and his 40rd in a 50 player field. it's his first competitive golf since the masters in april. for what's the event is a tune up for next week's open championship at saint andrews in scotland. of course, what 4th of july without joey chestnut stuffing his face with hot dogs. the san jose native is at it again. chestnut won his 15th nathan's international hot dog eating contest coney island, new york, starting 63 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes. he put down 15 and a half more hot dogs than the runner-up but fell way short of his own record of 76 hot dogs set last year. however, there was some drama today midway through the competition and animal rights protester made it onto the stage chest, not put the person in a headlock but didn't make the espn showing.
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but the footage has made the rounds on social media. congrats to san jose's finest. joey chestnut, another big win on this 4th of july. that's all we've got for sports. i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> all right, kyle, and thank you for that big brother to the rescue. a teenage girl attacked by a shark in florida. firefighter brother saves her love. details on that experience after the break.
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>> a firefighter who is also an emt used his training to help save his sister's life. when a shark got hold of her in florida, 17 year-old addison but fail was collecting scallops with her brother. rhett. you see them there in the hospital. this was thursday off florida's gulf coast. >> she says she felt something tugging on her leg. but first she thought it was her brother messing around. but then came the horrifying realization that a 9 foot long shark hatter by the thigh at a since brother managed to get a sister to safety. >> a historic airplane raises coming back to southern california this year after more than a decade is called palms to pines. it is the longest-running all female pilot race ever and they will be kicking off at santa monica airport this summer. this year's edition of the race is a relaunch of the event which was held annually from 1969 to 2009 anywhere between 30 to 60
6:56 pm
planes from all across the western united states will be flying all the way up. the the central oregon. >> the palms to race is an amazing. high-speed, energetic air, a 750 miles statute miles full throttle, descending climbs. everything you can do to push yourself, support your fellow aviators and raise money for scholarships for our future pilots. it is something that is. difficult to describe, but it is amazing to experience. >> sounds like that's the case. the event gets underway in mid august for your health tonight. get ready for this. you better hold off on the hot dogs. a new study is now saying that the summer staple might actually be the worst addition you could make to your diet. researchers from the university of michigan ann elizah nutritional index of about 6,000 foods in the u.s. diet. and they say that eating a hot dog can take up to 36 minutes off your life span for comparison. a hit of heroin
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has been found to cause somebody. 24 hours. close your ears for this hot dogs contain most of 5 meat trimmings, including low grade muscle cuts, fatty tissues, animal skin feet, blood and liver products. they've also been found to contain elevated sodium levels. world cancer research fund suggests that we moved to eliminate hot dogs from our diets. when we put so much ketchup and mustard hoping spoil your dinner, >> that's it for us is 6, happy 4th. we'll see you tonight at 8. the inning. psoriasis really messes with you.
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>> announcer: dogs and the fourth of july, how to keep your dog from going berserk during fireworks. and elevator baby. >> she got on the elevator pregnant and when she got off she had a baby. >> announcer: plus real-life mother goose, the topless mom who came to the rescue of her pet goose, as she was breastfeeding her baby. >> topless, outside, in your underwear. going to save your goose. >> sums it up right there. >> announcer: and the creepy intruder staring at the husband and wife while they were sleeping. >> it was unbelievable. >> announcer: then, the new trend, sal


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