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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  July 5, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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first-degree murder. the white house has ordered flags to be flown at half-staff to honor the victims of yesterday's shooting in illinois. kron four's washington, d.c., correspondent raquel martin joins us now live from the nation's capital. raquel, how are people in washington responding to yet another mass shooting? >> grant, vicki, good evening. what we know that president biden and the vice president are among the course of democrats now calling for a ban on assault weapons. that's after today. we heard from law enforcement that the gunmen at this shooting was carrying an ar 15 style gun. >> my team was just at the very beginning of the parade route, illinois democratic congressman brad schneider with at monday's july 4th parade in highland park when the shooting began, the moment was shattered and lives destroyed. schneider represent the now morning community in washington. he says the shooting makes clear congress must do more to keep guns out of the wrong hands as the
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court, a ban on assault weapons. these are weapons of war tuesday. the white house echoed that call. we need to make sure that we ban assault right? that is one of the things that's being reported >> that suspect had. but the majority of republican lawmakers argue gun control is still not the answer. in a tweet, colorado republican congresswoman lauren boebert. >> said, quote, restricting the freedom of law abiding americans will never, ever make us safer. boebert is one of dozens of republicans who voted against the new compromise gun safety bill that president biden signed into law last month. that was an important first step. tuesday. the president said he does not know if he'll visit the shooting site, but did order flags be lowered to half-staff in honor of the at least 7 victims killed and dozens injured at the parade. it remains unclear when or if president biden will visit the community of highland park. but we know the vice president
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is there as we speak, meeting and greeting with highland park police. earlier today. she spoke before the national education association where she good. >> call for a ban on assault weapons. we're not washington. raquel martin, back to making work out. what's inside the latest safety bill for guns and then could we see more action from lawmakers after this latest shooting? >> well, the package is historic in itself. it's the first time that congress, i think inaction on gun safety in nearly 3 decades and inside includes resources for mental health school safety. >> it also will make it more difficult for someone under the age of 21 to buy a gun by expanding the background check. now there were democrats or republicans are able to galvanize behind that legislation, but it doesn't look likely like they would go further. we know republicans have drawn a line in the sand saying they will not infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens. so this call to ban
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assault weapons will likely go nowhere in this congress because there are just not in a vote on the democrats side to get that done. yeah. it took decades to just get this gun safety bill. thank you. >> raquel martin reporting live for us from washington, d.c., thanks, rick. >> now to the latest on the war in ukraine. russia continues to make advances in the eastern part of ukraine. russian president vladimir putin claimed victory in the eastern province of lohan's ke ukrainian troops withdrew from their last stronghold in that province over the weekend. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy is hoping for a counterattack is the russians move towards the larger eastern city of donetsk. brittney griner made an appeal to president biden in a heartfelt letter asking him. >> to not forget about me and the other american detainees. that letter was passed on to the white house through her representatives saying that she fears she may never return home. griner's agent says that the letter was delivered on
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monday. her trial in russia began last weekend is supposed to resume on thursday. he's been nearly 5 months since her arrest on charges of possessing cannabis oil. >> the latest a variance of covid are posing a threat to have a summer surge. the ba 4 and ba 5 subvariants are making up about 60 to 70% of current cases. 4th of july gatherings are expected to contribute to an increase in cases. and doctor peter chin hong with ucsf says even if you had an omicron infection earlier this year, you are at risk of being infected again. but he says the severity of the case depends on your vaccination status. >> getting a better sense, actually. and it's the unit called the escape artists of the houdini. and that's because the spike routine looks so different even to be a one that the front guards, which of the antibodies on
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recognizing in. but the insight bowl dog, that memory t cells and b cells are keeping us away from the hospital. >> doctor chin-hong went on to say if you are testing yourself at home, swabbed both your throat and your nose. he says many people are getting false negatives for several days, which is contributing to the spread of these new subvariants mosquitoes with west nile virus. they've been detected now in a small area of sonny bill. >> supervisor auto lee tweeting out this map today. the positive test is centered between ajax drive and joshua way, santa clara county vector control will conduct a targeted adult mosquito treatment next monday around 10:00pm. it will last about 3 hours. west nile virus is the leading cause of mosquito-borne disease here in the u.s. and a reminder you want to get rid of any standing water near your property is it can serve as a breeding ground. first. it was kind of mosquito whether, you know, humid, moist out there
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live. look here from. >> mount temple pious and it is the season where you live. tropics can get going not your imagination. >> yeah, no, it's cooking. we've got a major hurricane out there right now. this one, a category 3. this is bonnie that sitting out there now in the off the coast of al capone co mexico. you can see right here spinning around right now not too far away from the coastline. got man's neil. of course, we've salon just to the north there as well. seeing some large swells moving in along the coastline right now, the current track, though, it's taken a little bit further away from the coast and that is good news. this would be a terrible storm at this came on shore, sustained winds of 115 miles per hour making it a category 3, a major hurricane moving west northwest at 15 miles per hour. that is a good track. you can watch as we take you through time continues to maintain the strength for 24 hours, then starts to move into some cooler waters. and then as we get toward the latter part of the week, well, even cooler water starting to
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affect bonnie down to a category one as we head toward friday, starting to weaken and should begin to fall apart shortly after that, none left some very uncertain whether they're here in the bay area, a little muggy outside. and again, we're going to see temperatures a little bit below the average for this time of year. some low 80's well inland. lot of 70's inside the bay, a few 60's patchy fog and drizzle out at the coast. thanks, laura. it's a monumental higher today for the san jose sharks. mike greer was named general manager for the team making him the first black gm. >> in nhl history, greer played 14 seasons in the league, including 3 with the sharks from 0, 6, 0, 9, he most recently served as a hockey operations advisor for the new york rangers. greer replaces doug wilson who spent 19 years as the sharks, gm before stepping down earlier this year. greer says he's excited to be back in the bay area and is ready to build a competitive team again, his first task will be hiring a new coach. the team fired coach bob uecker last week.
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>> coming up us 76 million year old fossil to be auctioned off. just how much is expected to sell for? >> a smoother drive for tesla owners may be details on the new feature that tries to keep a lo
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>> tesla owners could soon be in for a bit of a smoother ride. the latest software
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update includes a feature enabling vehicles, too. scan the road for potholes and then adjust the car's suspension to compensate for those rough roads. drivers can activate the feature by selecting comfort. under the adaptive suspension, setting who doesn't want comfort. the company says the and has ride may not be available in all locations as the vehicle only be aware of potholes on roads that have already been driven by other tesla fossilized skeleton of a t rex relative that roamed the earth about 76 million years ago will be auctioned off in new york this month. the gorkha sorace skeleton will highlight. so natural history auction on the 28th gorgous source. of course, was he top dog of carnivores that lived in what is now the western u.s. and canada during the late chris stations period predated its relative. the t rex by about 10 million years. it's big. get about 10 feet tall. 22 feet long. they're thinking
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>> california and florida both have what beautiful beaches in
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comment. but the state's 2 governors. well, there political office, you could say that governor gavin newsom's campaign ad, though in florida, it sure as the camp of governor ron desantis upset, firing back politics aside. neither state is near the top when it comes to overall rankings. correspondent nancy loo reports. >> i urge all of you living in florida to join the fight for join us in california. we still believe in freedom. governor newsom's campaign ad in florida takes direct aim at the sunshine state's conservative agenda. they're banning books making harder to vote. restricting speech in classrooms, even criminalizing women and doctors. florida's governor has yet to respond to newsom directly. but in a statement, a spokesperson tells news nation pass the popcorn for his desperate attempt to win back the california refugees who fled the hellhole he created in his state to come to florida, comparing the 2 states is complicated. it's not just one thing >> it's multiple facets that
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appeal different types of people. del myers specializes in demographics at usc's price sshool of public policy. he lives in california now but grew up in florida, according to del demographic show, young people willing to make housing sacrifices for career opportunities. they want kind of start the careers that one's going looking to buy a house or an apartment. i would focus on them. and those young people there also are very, very sensitive to issues of family planning. >> and so some of the big differences between florida and california, our political and policy based in the most recent rankings of best states by u.s. news and world report based on dozens of metrics, including health care economy and opportunity. >> it is washington at number one. florida comes in at number 10 and california barely makes the top half at 24 population numbers are expected to remain on the same trajectories. florida will keep growing more than california. see general rule
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is a bigger place gets the slower grows. >> well, that was nancy loo reporting for us tonight. state numbers show california has lost nearly 300,000 residents in the past 2 years. while florida gained more than 200,000 people. most californians have been relocating to other western states such as nevada, arizona or again. also, texas is high on that list. and in that time past couple years, nearly 40,000 californians moved to florida. vice president kamala harris is visiting highland park with a mass shooting took place yesterday. >> and while she was there, she talked about with the biden administration is doing to provide support for the community. >> the president and our administration have put. all the resources will continue to put all the resources that the mayor and the chief and others need in terms of the federal assistance. so the fbi, the atf, are here. and there's a
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lot of healing that's going to have to happen. that is both physical. an emotional. there's no question that this experience. something that is going to linger in terms of the trauma. >> this marks the vice president's second trip to illinois over the past few weeks on june harris was in plainfield and chicago for events. >> not every service member as we see the full recognition they deserve today, we're setting the record straight. >> a special ceremony at the white house this morning. president biden awarded the medal of honor to for u.s. army soldiers who fought in the vietnam war. those man had been decorated for their valor, but had their awards upgraded to the nation's highest military honor. president recognize specialist 5th class dwight birdwell major john duffy, specialist 5th class dennis fujii and the
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posthumously awarded a medal of honor to staff sergeant edward can a my weather time now as we get a live look outside on this. >> tuesday, the golden gate bridge. there was little cloud cover been some really cool clouds in the sky the past couple days. yeah, aka fog. >> yeah. this the to you know those. yeah. we have some cumulus out there. so yeah, claude monet yeah, we we could use the humidity in any form. it feels like a why write about the palm trees. but yeah, looking good out there around the bay area. all that humidity in the atmosphere, of course, keeping the fire danger down. you've got some of the puffy clouds moving through right now, the golden gate bridge more that on the ways we're going to see is a lot of clouds overnight tonight is going to think again, as we will see plenty of fog, more drill temperatures today at 70 degrees a little bit above the average in san francisco. 74 in oakland, 81 degrees in san jose. 82 in livermore 80 in
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concord and 76 degrees in santa rosa. the sea breeze continuing. and it will do so overnight tonight, deep enough bringing that marine layer % well on shore all the way in the central valley overnight tonight. so it going to be a thick blanket of fog developing around the bay area. but look what off the coastline missing? a little swirl in the atmosphere rescheduled a little low pressure center that's out there right now. that's going to really kind enforce that marine their move further on shore, probably deep enough that we're talking drizzle along the coastline. again, maybe couple patches inside the bait. here's the good news with that fresh ocean air. we've got the fresh, a bay area or to all around all the way to the valleys, looking good air quality wise. and that's way it's going to stay kind of interesting here, though. watch what in the atmosphere. we've got that low off the coastline approaching the coast deepens. the marine layer and you got fog and low clouds everywhere. tomorrow morning. maybe a the slick for the roadways early on tomorrow morning by the afternoon, a pull back to the coastline. but then again, we've got another swirl in the atmosphere. you see that right there. that will factor into thursday and friday to bring
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us another round of some low clouds and fog. but i think overall, i think we'll see a slow warming trend of the weekend that starts to get hot as we head in towards sunday into monday of next week. temperatures drop 15 60's and the san francisco about 60 degrees in daly city. a lot of fog along the coastline and some drizzle to was very wet out there today. 66 degrees in millbrae. 67 in burlingame, 72 degrees of warmth in redwood city. 73 amount to the south in joint temperatures of the mid 70's tomorrow afternoon. up some morning fog, a foggy skies early on in the east bay, too. but by the afternoon near the 7 th running a little bit below the average for this time of year, but not by much. 75 degrees in pittsburgh. 77 in benicia back toward the coastline. we'll keep those temperatures cooler with that fog 50's and 60's there about 75 in nice and sunny by the afternoon in santa rosa. here we go. look at our the next few days will watch those temperatures march of the scale a bit into friday, a little more sunshine as we head in toward the weekend that we start to crank up the temperatures. i think on sunday getting hot inland back in the 90's getting close to triple digits by next week.
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sounds good. thanks, lawrence. nasa has lost contact with its newest satellite capstone. >> the microwave sized satellite launch last week from new zealand. it was testing out an orbit around the moon. it is the same orbit nasa is planning to use in future crewed missions to the moon. the initial communication session was a success. but the second attempt ended unexpectedly no further contact has been made. engineers they say are working on a fix. next up, searching for the best pizza here in the state will have to look very far in the bay area. pizzeria tops the list.
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>> a web site run by italian pizza experts. they ought to know that they've released a list of the top pizza spots in california that this will make you hungry. according to those experts, the best pizza in the golden state could be found right here in san francisco. 50 top pizza ranked several local pizzerias on its california list at the top of the list. tony's pizza napolitano. oh, yeah. the north beach institution is owned by world pizza cup champion. yemen yanni jim and johnny. that's what wanted to did not. i say that before. we didn't have tony gemini, that champ is that tony? yeah, look
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at a between the legs, a champion, pete, to talk little bit riders, other things. off the this organization top 50 pizza. they of the restaurant. tony's ranked second behind only when the pizza napolitano, which is in new york, new york, always a long line out. there are other bay area pizza rias though that made the california list. do pio 16 del popolo and flour and water pizzeria. they're all great. they can be found right here in san tony also has a pizza. you teaches how to make pizza pizza gauge your interest. >> for you. news at 5. it does in a way, but you've got to try our nehls. okay. it's want to berkeley, ken and pam. they also have one on valencia in the mission as a little hole in the wall. you know i wanted to family that you bring up high and will be the judge so hungry, right? like towards
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going all right. vicki and grant, thank you both so much. coming up next with us at 6 o'clock, new developments in the mass shooting at the illinois florida 4th of july parade. >> charges have now been filed against the gunman who opened fire in a crowd of innocent people will have details ahead. plus, monkeypox is spreading here in the bay area. health officials are now reporting 40 cases. >> in san francisco, what local doctors are expecting to see in the coming weeks and can weigh. i'm pam moore. the news at 6 is next.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> now is 6. we begin with a major development in the investigation into the mass shooting at an illinois 4th of july parade. authorities have announced charges against the young man who they say started shooting from a rooftop, killing 7 people, injuring dozens of others. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore ken wayne. the shooting happened in highland park. that's a suburb just north of chicago tonight. that community continues to mourn the loss of life. the 7th victim was pronounced dead earlier today. just a couple of hours ago, prosecutors announced that the 21 year-old suspect has been charged with 7 counts of first-degree murder. and prosecutors say that is just the beginning. kelly davis has the latest.


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