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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  July 6, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> and good morning. thank you so much for joining us here at this early 04:00am hour on this wednesday, july 6, i'm james fletcher. we've got john trouble also standing by with a check of weather and traffic to start things off right? >> good morning, james is definitely early. he so for any of us getting to the roads. >> you always want those roadways to be nice and clear. and hey, you're not just getting it on the roads, but also in the skies this morning, which is helping us out as we begin this morning commute pretty still as well at the embarcadero right here. not all that windy nor all
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that foggy for most of us. these cloud cover is sitting right above the bay for most areas. so you will notice some misty conditions at the coast in the north bay and up into the east bay hills. but most of us, especially a bridge level, are driving right underneath the great. as far as temperatures go much like yesterday. we're starting this morning, really mild hot temperatures right now in the 60's with alameda dublin livermore. it 63 san francisco at 62. only a few upper 50's makes 10 up in the north bay throughout the course of the day today, skies will gradually clear out a lot like yesterday did setting us up for another nice afternoon. most highs in the 70's, although a few low 80's inland and some 60's hanging out near the coastline. as far as our roadways go. yes, we are looking at an easy commute so far. bay bridge looking nice. it's going to take you 7 minutes to get your way across the span. there. san mateo bridge rolling at the limit this early morning, richmond center fell still empty. glad to see everyone is getting some sleet. the golden gate
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bridge a 20 minute drive. got ehe zipper truck out there. ready to do its thing. james, john, thank you very much. one is the time will begin in the east bay this morning where the oakland police department had their hands full during the holiday weekend. >> oakland's police chief leronne armstrong says that they're investigating 3 homicides and multiple shootings. one of them involving a 3 year-old child proper. savannah, harry has the latest now on the investigations. >> very busy week weekend, 4th of july weekend in the city of oakland, a violent holiday weekend in oakland with police responding to 3 homicide case is the first happened friday night near the intersection of 30th avenue and international boulevard. >> a man died at the scene early on the 4th of july. police responded to a murder suicide. police believe there is no risk to the public. the 3rd homicide happened late monday night. police responded to reports of a shooting. they found a man dead inside of a car that was involved in an accident. this scene. >> had what we consider to be
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over 100 rounds. of fire, a gun fire that occurred on the scene by the use of multiple caliber firearms investigating multiple shootings that occurred on the 4th of july. one of those shootings involved a 3 year-old boy shot in the torso. >> police say they believe a relative was involved. think what's important in this case is that a 3 year-old almost lost his life. whatever the circumstances. i don't believe that a family member intentionally fired his gun and tried to introduce child. >> but i think what we would like to see in this case is that whoever was responsible for we'll come forth and explain that to u.s.. chief leronne armstrong says the child will be impacted by his injuries for the rest of his life. >> there were also 5 people injured by bullet fragments at the oakland coliseum. during the a's fireworks show. the chief believes this is the result of celebratory gunshots fired into the air. this particular.
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>> a shooting brings to light that when bullets go up, they also come down. and in this case, if it is clear to us that the shooter responsible or shooters responsible for this particular shooting? we're not on site. police believe the shots were fired outside of the stadium. the oakland police department also towed 27 cars involved in sideshows on the 4th city of oakland had upwards of 200 vehicles come to the city of oakland involved in illegal sideshow. activity >> well, as amanda hari reporting for us, opd says that they're offering a $20,000 reward for any information leading to the rest of those involved in any of these violent crimes. san francisco police meanwhile, are also busy after multiple shootings occurred around that city monday night in the first instance, this was on market and powell streets where a street performer was shot. she sustained non-life-threatening injuries. police say a car took off after that shooting. they're still looking for the gunman this morning.
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meanwhile, the second shooting happened in the bayview neighborhood on engel street and underwood avenue. a teenage girl was shot while watching fireworks. she's expected to be ok and then the 3rd shooting was in sanaa has so much on rich street. police say an employee confronted a person that entered a business and shot that employee and then ran off the store employee is expected to survive their injuries as well. in the north bay healdsburg police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened monday night. this one on monte vista avenue, right near loop in road. police say that officers found a 27 year-old identified as luis gonzales lying on the sidewalk. he was pronounced dead at the scene. turning now to the latest details out of illinois where the suspect in monday's mass shooting at the 4th of july parade has now been charged with 7 counts of first-degree murder. that's according to lake county state attorney at a news conference in highland park. authorities say that the suspect who you see on your screen pre planned
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the attack for several weeks. they say he used a high-powered rifle fired more than 70 rounds. he allegedly went up a fire escape ladder to get onto the roof of a business to carry out that shooting. they say he wore a dress to conceal his identity and escape from the scene. no official motive yet has been uncovered, but he has been talking with investigators. the white house, by the way, is reiterating its desire for congress to ban assault weapons. and this comes just days after the president signed a historic bipartisan gun control bill. despite the forward movement on the issue, many advocates are still pushing for more kron four's washington correspondent raquel martin takes a closer look at >> the president and many democrats are renewing their calls to ban assault weapons according to law enforcement. the shooter in this incident did use an ar 15 style gun. >> my team was just at the very beginning of the parade route, illinois democratic congressman brad schneider
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with at monday's july 4th parade in highland park when the shooting began, the moment was shattered and lives destroyed. schneider represents the now morning community in washington. he says the shooting makes clear congress must do more to keep guns out of the wrong hands. i support a ban on assault weapons. these are weapons of war tuesday. the white house echoed that call. we need to make sure that we ban assault right? that is one of the things that's being reported >> that suspect had. but the majority of republican lawmakers argue gun control is still not the answer. in a tweet, colorado republican congresswoman lauren boebert. >> said, quote, restricting the freedom of law abiding americans will never, ever make us safer. boebert is one of dozens of republicans who voted against the new compromise gun safety bill that president biden signed into law last month but was an important first step. tuesday. the president said he does not know if he'll visit the
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shooting site, but did order flags be lowered to half-staff in honor of the at least 7 victims killed and dozens injured at the parade. the white house press secretary was pressed several times to see if the president plans on changing his schedule to visit the site of the shooting this week. the white house at this point saying there are no plans to make those changes for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. >> thank you, rick allen, vice president kamala harris visited highland park yesterday to meet with city officials and first responders. she encourage those close knit community members in suburban chicago to stay united. >> with nation. deeply about it. stands with you. person will come back.
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>> this marks or second trip to illinois now where the past few weeks. philadelphia after a highway patrol officer and sheriff's deputy were shot during the 4th of july concert. the officer was grazed on his forehead. the deputy was shot in the shoulder. both men, we're providing security for the concert and have since been released from the hospital. no arrests have been made yet in the shooting. fire crews in fairfield worked overnight to mop up hotspots from the nelson fire. that's burning right now off cordella road that fire has burned. 22 acres and for some people evacuate their homes. proffers rob nesbitt takes a closer look at the latest on that. >> the nelson fire moved quickly burning through vegetation on this hillside. behind me, the fire chief with the core delia fire protection district says that forward progress of the fire has been stopped and the firefighters are now putting out hot spots and keeping a watchful eye on vulnerable areas nearby.
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>> no members of the public were hurt and no homes damaged in the nelson fire tuesday. but one firefighter was injured while fighting the flames. according to chief dave carpenter, with the core delia fire protection district, a stable. but but he is heard in house. was it the jury fall injury hurt his back? chief carpenter says it was a 4 alarm with cal fire assisting from above with air drops. that's all retardant. larry welch owns the 22 acres rhere the fire took place and lives just across the street with his wife. his neighbor was the first to notice the fire tuesday morning. he saw the smoke. >> so he drove down and call the fire department. welch says the land has been in his family for more than 100 years. used to be a quarry run by his grandfather. >> he's never surprised by wild fires and evacuations. 57 years living here. yeah, it's happened before. chief carpenter says the fire moved west to east with strong winds making it difficult for firefighters to get ahead of the flames gets very gusty up here. so we had the fire changed direction several
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times went primarily to the east and to the north. then back to the east again, after a few hours, his crew was able to stop forward progress and residents like welch were able to return to their homes, thankful for the hard work of the men and women in yellow. we're very thankful it would just go on control, especially with the wind around here. so, yeah, they work really hard. they do reporting in fairfield, i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. all right. for 11 is the time coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news. a home in pittsburgh engulfed in flames on the 4th of july. we'll tell you what officials sayfcaused that fire. >> and several propositions in california made it to the november ballot. we're going to break down which ones they are and how they might impact you. and committee members in the january 6 capitol riot investigation are receiving multiple threats now we'll have the latest on that coming up in a moment.
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>> we're back at 4.14 and we're monitoring the electra fire burning up in amador county. it's grown almost 4,000 acres in size. cal fire says at this point it's only 5% contained. we know that one first responder was injured and for a time families were trapped in a pg e building. in fact, one mother recounts her ordeal. we've got monica at the end with the story.
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>> scary just being with my kids. i was crying. i was hysterical. and i was shaking for a while there. what started as a family day down at the river quickly took a turn, looked over and there is a smoke cloud that smoke cloud causing concern for families like them. a cool us. and then we saw people drive in drive into the right and their physical. what they must be going out. the way you can get out, though it's a dead akuila says an outdoor county sheriff's deputy told her they were moving families into the pg and e powerhouse down the road because of downed trees and other safety concerns. it was down this road that leads to the pg e power plant where mccool at her husband and 2 young kids were second side for about 6 hours. more than a 50 others, including families with young kids, were also second side is really smoke in there. and you have 2 young kids. i mean, were you worried at all was going? yeah, i was worried about that. they were going to let their healing to its not. i was worried about me or my husband. i mean, >> you know, we had people offer us masks and i gave them
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to the kids. mccool felt trapped as a mother. she just wanted to get her 5 year-old daughter and one year-old son home safely. finally around 10:00pm. they got the green , ght driving down this ro surrounded by flames. but they didn't do a really good job, stopping it. >> scary situation for that family. glad to hear they're all ok and we'll keep you updated on cal fire's progress in containing that fire. but at this point is still burning out of control. unfortunately, let's get an update on the weather here. closer to the it's a touch bit cooler, at least during the morning hours and there was some mist again this morning, john, on my way in. yeah, i saw a little bit of that to james got the windshield wiper on just a time or 2 as we are seeing low cloud cover and some misty conditions out there to kick off this day. watch for some slick spots near the coastline and some areas of lower visibility out that way as well. as far as our skies go, we are set for a another partly cloudy one ahead of us. we are going to see conditions clearing out pretty nicely this afternoon. but as we make
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our way through the day today, looks like my graphic system just went down. so use them to trust me on that is going to be nice out there. skies will clear pretty significantly towards the tail end of the day. let's pull up those traffic cameras right now. so on the bay bridge this morning, we are going to be seeing a 7 minute drive from the maze to fremont street. all integrate a little bit of weather in here. skies are clear enough. that bridge level you can see that we do have some cloud cover sitting above the bay, though. and as james mentioned, a bit of drizzle that could make for some slick spots, especially near the coastline this morning. but as you can see, not so bad on our bridges. we're also going to be seeing some pretty comfortable conditions today. so as we get outside, expect daytime highs still mostly only in the 70's. a couple of low 80's returning for for this inland areas as far as daytime highs down golden gate bridge, a 19 minute drive across it. there's some fog out there. some drizzle as well. skies
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will generally grow clear, come the afternoon. it's going make for a really comfortable feel. james. all right, john, thank you very much. let's get back to the headlines this morning and overseas. let's get you updated on the latest with the war in ukraine. >> the u.s. and other allies say that they're trying to help ukraine meet its most urgent needs while also offering assistance with their longer term rebuilding projects. and that's going to be a massive undertaking in its own right as russia advances further into ukraine's eastern region. the mayor of slovyansk is telling residents to evacuate. the city has come under heavy shelling over the last few days. it's believed to be a major target of president vladimir putin as russia looks to gain control of the entire donbas region. sweden and finland, by the way, are now one step closer to joining nato. the military alliance officially launched the ratification process yesterday the press conference took place at nato headquarters in brussels. canada was the first country to formally ratify the 2 countries session into the
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alliance. they must now be ratified by the remaining 29 member states in order to officially join. a special grand jury investigating potential criminal interference in georgia's 2020 elections has subpoenaed key members of former president donald trump's inner circle and they include personal attorney rudy giuliani and south carolina. senator lindsey graham, the fulton county grand jury has heard testimony from numerous witnesses, including some who had direct contact with the former president. but the subpoenas approved by a judge yesterday are the closest they've come to actually indicting the former president. in other national news, members of congress say that the investigation into the attack on the capitol is leading now to new threats, both against congress members involved in the investigation and witnesses who were close to trump in the days before and after the attack on the capitol. we have alexandra limon joining us once again from dc with the latest on these new developments. good morning. alexander.
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>> james, good morning. what congressman adam kinzinger released several audio clips of phone calls his office received that were just laced with profanity and threats of violence against him. and he was trying to highlight, you know, not just what lawmakers are dealing with, but what their staff members have to go through when they take these calls. >> match really die as quickly as on twitter, illinois congressman adam kinzinger released audio recordings of threatening phone calls aimed at him that he says staff members like college and high school interns have to deal with it. >> no, family is. and we're going to get you. >> lawmakers involved in the investigation of the attack on the capitol aren't the only ones being targeted with threats. california congresswoman judy chu's says trump's inner circle has been threatening the witnesses. the select committee is trying to talk to. they have been intimidating. >> witness says implying that
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there will be tremendous damage if they even do a deposition. >> congresswoman chu says the intimidation tactics have been systematic. they are sending e-mails implying that they will be rewarded if they. >> take the 5th amendment or do not appear. >> still that investigation into the attack on the capitol is moving forward. the next public hearing is scheduled for july 12 at 10:00am. and members of the select committee say that upcoming hearings will focus on brand new details and new information that the committee has learned. >> thanks to the witnesses who are cooperating and who have testified so far under oath. reporting live in washington. alexandra limon. >> for 21. and today marks 9 years since the deadly crash of he on a flight to 14 at san francisco international airport. 3 teenage girls were killed and more than 150 others were injured. as that
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plane clipped a seawall while attempting to land and then burst into flames. one of the victims died after being run over by to rescue vehicles as she lay on the runway covered in foam. they couldn't see here. the plane was coming from seoul, south korea with more than 300 people on board u.s. safety. investigators blamed the pilots for making key mistakes. but the ntsb also said that the complexity of the plane's control systems contributed to the accident as well. >> we'll take a break at 4.22. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. president biden honoring vietnam war veterans. how those men risked their lives to save others. we'll be right back.
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time. and president biden recognized for military heroes yesterday by giving them. >> the medal of honor, the gestures meant to thank them for the unique acts of bravery they exhibited during their time in service. we have hannah brandt taking us inside that special ceremony. >> the medal of honor is the nation's most prestigious decoration for military service. and president biden says each man earns the award by going beyond the call of duty. >> they stood in the way of danger. risch everything, literally everything to defend our nation and our values. the president awarded the medals
4:26 am
to the late staff sergeant edward can shero specialist 5 dwight birdwell specialist 5 dennis fujii e and major john duffy. and he recounted how each of them risk their lives to save fellow service members during the vietnam war. more than 50 years ago. but time is not to manage their astonishing bravery. >> they're self the system putting the lives of others ahead of their own and the gratitude and we as a nation owes them. >> the president says the recognition is not only well deserved but also long overdue. >> we're setting the record straight. were upgrading the awards of 4 soldiers to perform acts of incredible heroism. >> president biden says congress helped make this moment happen by ordering interview of historic actions by asian americans, native americans and pacific islanders who served in the vietnam war to make sure all our country's heroes are acknowledged ensure that united states. >> lives up to our promises. through those who give their best for our country will always always give our best to you.
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>> president biden also took a moment to honor woody williams, a veteran who died last week. he was the last surviving world war, 2 medal of honor recipient at the white house. i'm hannah >> well, for 26 will take a quick break. but still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news are raging south bay fire. quickly swallows a family's home. we'll tell you who they're thanking for sounding the alarm so that everybody got out safely. for your most brilliant smile, crest has you covered. “nice smile, brad.” “nice!” “thanks?” crest 3d white. 100% more stain removal. crest. the #1 toothpaste brand in america. coarse hair crest. thin skin when i'm shaving down there not just any razor will do venus for pubic hair and skin with a patented irritation defense bar for a smooth shave with blades that barely touch skin
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>> and we're back at 4.30, with a quick check of the weather here as we're taking a live look outside with john. take a look at some of those low clouds. good morning, john, yet, ken, nice to look at it from this perspective. james got some of the low clouds out there, but the east bay, some of these resulting in a few wet spots on our roads this morning. although visibility across the bay itself is really good. we are seeing some lower visibility spots near the coastline as well as on some of our mountain sides out there across the bay area. overall, what we do have in store for us today is going to be a pleasant afternoon. radar shows dry conditions right now, which is great to be seeing a dry conditions as we make our way into work. but we love to see a little bit more rain up. the only moisture we've got is in the form of some of these misty conditions. cloud cover sitting above the base of vibi


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