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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  July 6, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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it's something we pride ourselves on at folgers... yeah, i said folgers. now at 3 o'clock, the suspected shooter at the 4th of july parade appears in court what he said to investigators about shooting up another event miles away. >> plus, monkeypox is surging in the bay area. san francisco now reporting nearly half of all the state's cases how health officials are responding. and the oakland city council has voted not to have the howard terminal ballpark proposal on the november ballot. so what does this mean for getting the project approved? >> from the area's local news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3.
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>> thank you so much for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock today. i'm justine waltman and we will begin with our top national story this hour. the man accused of shooting and killing at least 7 people at a 4th of july parade in highland park has made his first court appearance. officials say that the suspect confessed to carrying out the attack and even considered another shooting in madison, wisconsin, before he was arrested. the judge ordered that the 21 year-old be held without bail with 7 counts of first-degree murder that he's facing. now, prosecutors say that they plan filing more charges in the coming weeks. we'll get the latest now from reporter kareen wynter. >> she was just a good mom. >> got 22 years with her. when i caught. to have 22 years, the best of the world. 22 year-old cassie goldstein, one of the survivors in highland
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park, july 4th parade massacre recounting that horrifying day in this nbc news interview after her mother, katie was shot in the chest. >> kasey said she knew it was fatal and told her mom, i love you. she kept running to dodge the bullets flying all around cables. teen was one of 7 people killed in the attack that alleged gunman made his first appearance in court today. authorities say he admitted to investigators to firing on the crowd of attendees but didn't enter a plea during the proceeding. he went into details about what he had done. >> he admitted to what he dot. officials also revealed startling new details of the alleged shooter consider targeting another independence day celebration in the wisconsin area after fleeing illinois while he was driving and he located this celebration occurring in the madison area. he contemplated another attack with a firearm he had in his car. the alleged gunman used a high-powered rifle similar to an ar 15 to fire more than 70 rounds from a rooftop near the highland park parade. >> investigators say he legally purchased that weapon along with 4 other firearms, despite officials being called
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to his home twice since 2019 after he threatened to kill himself and later threatened to kill everyone. according to a family member, the state of illinois in the united states should ban these types of assault weapons. >> we had this band from 1994 to 2004 with bipartisan support. we should have a statewide and national ban on assault weapons. the u.s. attorney general also addressed the mass shooting. just another horrific reminder. >> the violence leave the violence that we face and that we must do everything. our power to. >> that was kareen wynter reporting for us. the fbi director also confirmed today they could be announcing federal charges in this case as well. the biden administration says it's cracking down on violent crime. today, the attorney general merrick garland announced federal law enforcement made 1500 arrests last month. washington correspondent raquel martin has more. what the attorney general had to say. >> the biden administration has been facing mounting
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pressure to address the spike in high crime in major cities across the country. today attorney general merrick garland said operation or star will be taking violent criminals off the street through the summer. >> the department of justice as in june alone, federal law enforcement arrested 1500 criminals take the most dangerous shooters, street at a press conference wednesday. attorney general merrick garland, thank the u.s. marshals for carrying out operation northstar. i know how hard and dangerous work operating in 10 major u.s. cities. >> garland says the initiative focused on criminals wanted for the most serious offenses. >> including homicide. >> along the arrested 3 individuals are suspected last month's mass shooting it and spend on south in philadelphia. but the country is still dealing with the horrific aftermath of other mass shootings like this week's just outside of chicago. >> and that's from a house like just reminder. violence
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that we face, both the president and vice president are renewing their calls to ban assault weapons wednesday. lake county state's attorney eric rinehart echo that call say a ban of these types of weapons between 1994 2004. >> everything shows that these types of horrifying devastating incident went down during that time. local law enforcement say the alleged highland park shooter used an ar 15 style rifle. right now there is 0 appetite among republicans to ban assault weapons. today. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell weighed in saying he believes the latest gun safety package passed in congress just weeks ago. >> addresses the real root of the problem. he says that's mental health. for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. >> san francisco assemblyman phil ting announced a 30 million dollar grant today to help stop crimesbagainst the aap i community. the money will mean greater services for
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victims. more senior eseort programs, mental health programs and additional activities that promote greater cultural understandings. the asian american legislative caucus is now working with 165 million dollars in state funds to fight anti-asian hate crimes over the next 3 years. >> so we're very, very excited to see the grants go to many of our. largest community organizations also working in large coalition, really proud of the coalitions that have come together to really work together to fight. >> ap, i hate. >> some of the groups already slated to get grants include the commission on asian and pacific islander american affairs and the coalition for community safety and justice assembly member team is working on a bill to get law enforcement agencies statewide to adopt an official hate crimes policy. we have new information now out of the east bay where authorities have recovered the bodies of 3 men from oakland who tried to
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save a child from drowning. fire officials made the discovery on tuesday afternoon in the 3 men went missing after they went into the water to save a child near brandon island. that is on the sacramento river. delta, just north of oakley. the child made it back to shore safely. we're getting new details from san jose police about the city's 8th homicide of the year. this killing happened to april on 5 full avenue and kron four's. charles clifford is in san jose with all the details. >> well, here in san jose, the police department says that 3 people are in custody in connection with the city's 8th homicide, which occurred back in april. police say the 26 year-old ricardo padilla was arrested in oakland. 28 year-old jocelyn velasquez's was arrested in san jose. and 31 year-old daniel macias was arrested in redwood city. all 3 are facing homicide charges in connection with the death of 28 year-old lucas torres. back on april. 16th. in that case, police responded to 5 hill avenue around 08:00pm on
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the 16th on reports of a man suffering from a gunshot wound. the victim had been taken to the hospital where he died after months of investigation. the police department arrested all 3 suspects. as for a motive for the attack that is still under investigation. but police say at the time of the shooting in that area, all 4 people, the victim in all 3 suspects had attended an illegal pop-up event. basically a block party where there was some sort of altercation. >> and as a result of this non-sanctioned event, some kind of interaction happened to the suspects and the victim resulting in his death. >> now, anyone with information, anyone who might have been at that block party who saw what happened, who has any details? you're asked to contact the san jose police department. all 3 suspects remain in custody. but for now in the south bay, charles csifford kron, 4 news. >> now to an update on a story we brought you yesterday. the city of san leandro will pay its police officers an additional $20,000 to keep them on the force. city
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leaders say officer staffing is half of what it should be. officers, dispatchers and command staff would be eligible for the pay incentive. the money would be made in 3 payments over the next 2 years. for your health this afternoon, there is growing concern that a recent pride event in san francisco may have exposed people to monkeypox and now there's a push to get more people vaccinated. this is coming as the number of new monkeypox cases in the bay area spiked over the last week. there are now 40 confirmed cases event. organizers with the afterglow twenty-twenty 2 parties say they got an e-mail saying someone who attended the event was showing clear signs of monkeypox. they've been shared this information with everyone who was there, the group that hosted afterglow known as the group comfort. and joy says people should not stereotype this one group. >> it's important that we not stigmatize the community during this outbreak. this disease does not discuss the man a based on what you look
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like or who you love. this could happened anywhere could have been someone's kingston area apartments, wedding, a camping trip. the biggest risk factor for monkeypox is having monkeypox in your network. and in this case, it just happens to be moving through clear social networks. >> the virus is rare, but it is very contagious. it can spread through skin to skin contact, sexually or through infected clothing. some symptoms include body aches, fever, chills, and rashes. plus, those plus the bumps if you're experiencing one of those symptoms and went to that event, there are a few places where you can go to get tested in san francisco for monkeypox. we've all those details on our website. kron 4 dot com. out of california's 111 monkeypox cases. san francisco does account for nearly half of them. the city is reporting 40 cases. alameda has 5. sonoma county is reporting 2 san mateo has one case, napa and contra costa
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county right now have 0 cases. we have reached out to the health officials in bran and santa clara counties are waiting to hear back from them. and the number of monkeypox cases in those communities and for the latest information on this disease, including the emergency response monkeypox case tracker. you can scan this qr code. it will take you right to our website. kron 4 dot com. and when it comes to covid-19, the latest variants could send cases skyrocketing the summer. they're called ba 4 and ba 5. according to the cdc. the 2 subvariants now make up about 70% of the current cases. the new strains are now spreading across california in re infecting people who have already had the virus coming up at 3.30. we're checking in with our local hospitals to see how they are doing and also what they're doing to prepare for the next surge and what we can do to keep ourselves safe from these new variants. coming up here at 3 o'clock today, a
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somber day in bay area history as remember the deadly plane crash at sfo from 9 years ago today. >> and dhaka recipients are waiting for answers as advocates head to court to keep the program alive. and right after the break, a ballpark ballot proposal denied why the oakland city council voted against letting people have a say. i mean, howard terminal project. and tracking another day of below average. but pleasant temperatures for our warmest inland valleys, 15 degree difference between antioch in half moon bay in the low 60's. >> find out when we're going
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>> the howard terminal ballpark proposal will not be on the ballot for voters to decide in november. the oakland city council made that decision late last night. kron 4 sarah stinson now has the details. >> late last night, the oakland city council members decided against putting the a's ballpark project on the november ballot. many people voice their opinions during the meeting, some saying they have the right to vote on this other saying that they don't think it's necessary at this point to vote no on the >> proposed november advisory board for the howard terminal project. u.s. councilman burst yourselves and your staff members have done most of the work needed for the howard terminal project. this must move forward past that you support local residents right to vote on any deal committing
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public funds to the a's proposed howard terminal project. 5 council members voted no to putting it on the ballot to voted yes. and one abstained. mayor libby schaff was in favor of the council members vote to not put this nonbinding advisory measure would have jeopardized keeping the a's in oakland. >> cost taxpayers as much as a million dollars nothing but provide special interest with opportunities to spread misinformation. she says. i also want to thank the many residents who called in to support continuing the work with the a's to find a win-win solution for a new waterfront neighborhood with good jobs and community benefits. >> dozens of people spoke at the meeting. people in favor of the public vote thought they deserved a say in whether public dollars went towards this project and the bay democracy is all we have. some democrats fossils. >> and all about people saying no, don't let other people boat. >> on issues. >> those opposed to it said it
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would be a stalling tactic to kill the project. the 12 billion dollar ballpark project was approved by the san francisco bay conservation and development commission last thursday. that was a big win for the project. but even so the team still has to clear other hurdles before it can start building the ballpark. so this is one more step in this long process to get this project finalized and fans worried that if it doesn't, then we can lose them to las vegas. i'm sarah stinson reporting in the newsroom. back to >> happening in just a few hours from now, protesters plan to gather and march in downtown berkeley to try and stop uc berkeley from building student housing in people's park. protesters say the housing project would displace homeless people who live in the park and increase the cost of housing last month, the california state appeals court granted an order to temporarily delay the school's plan. the next court date is on july 19th. today's rally is set for 5 o'clock. in the
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south bay. san jose's largest school district has voted to keep officers on campus until next june one year ago, the san jose unified school district voted to keep officers away from schools. and now 6 months later, they have quietly reversed course and approved $800,000. that would allow each school to hire san jose police officers. if they want to. now, the board has voted to extend that contract with police. the decision applies to high schools and middle schools. each school will be allowed to decide if they want an officer on campus and how those officers will be used. it's time now for first full check of weather right now as we take a live look outside of the clouds that have gathered across much of the bay area today. here's a live across the golden gate bridge. things are going to slowly start to warm up by the weekend. so says our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez, who is here now with our full they're gifting. yes. so enjoy those comfortable temperatures while they last. we're tracking know, sky july along immediate
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coastline. >> but the sun finally coming out in downtown san francisco. so let's take a look at temperatures out there right now. low 60's. thanks to that cloud cover for those of you at half moon bay. but we're seeing widespread low to mid and even upper 70's as you make your way inland. but we are getting a little bit of a cool sea breeze extending into our warmest inland valleys, pleasant temperatures along the coast at 68 degrees with low 70's. for those of you in oakland. but check out conquered and allay in the mid 70's with nap at 77 degrees and low 70's. for those of you in petaluma at 72 degrees. so easily 5 to 10 degrees below average for warmest inland valleys. remember, we should be in the low to mid 80's this time of year, but we're seeing that cool sea breeze and also that flow, coastal fog that cooling trend going to continue through tomorrow as well. noticing a lot of moisture out there right now. they say that slow clearing, but we are tracking, though, happened a 98%. thanks to that cloud cover out there right now. but we are going to see
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temperatures rebounding tomorrow. 5 to 10 degrees warmer with low 80's back for warmest inland valleys and then 90's making its way inland more. my full forecast in just a few minutes. back to you. just seen. thanks. a today marks 9 years since the deadly crash of asiana flight to 14 at sfo. 3 teenage girls will killed. >> and more than 150 others were injured. the plane clipped a seawall while attempting to land in the burst into flames. one of the victims died after being run over by to rescue vehicles while she was laying on the runway covered in foam. the south korea with more than 300 people on board u.s. safety. investigators blamed the pilots for making key mistakes, but the ntsb also said the complexity of the plane's control systems contributed to the accident as well as years ago. >> still ahead today, 3.45 another tool in the wildfire
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preparedness tool box. the new app that lets you track fire data in real time. and after the break, committee members in the january 6 capitol riot investigation are receiving threats. we will hear recordings of some of the threats that a congressman i
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>> the future of dhaka, the deferred action for childhood arrivals now hangs in the balance. right now, a federal appeals court in new orleans is hearing arguments the
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legality of the program. the obama administration started the program allowing undocumented immigrants brought into the u.s. as children to live and work in the u.s. temporarily. more than 600,000 immigrants often described as dreamers are enrolled in the program. many of them now are adults. the 5th circuit court of appeals in new york in new orleans is hearing arguments on whether or not the program placed an undue burden on states and amounted to executive overreach. pat cipollone, the former white house counsel under former president donald trump has agreed to testify before the house select committee investigating the january 6th attack on the capitol. loney will speak to the panel on friday in a private and 10 transcribed interview. so i'm not going to see his testimony on tv. he is said to have repeatedly warned the former president and his allies against efforts to challenge the results of the 2020 presidential election.
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the investigation into the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol is now leading to new threats against members of the committee investigating that attack. some witnesses are also being targeted. alexandra limon, how has the latest from washington, d.c.? >> and we do want to warn viewers that some of the audio there are about to listen to is violent and contains threats. but congressman adam kinzinger released the audio recordings to show what some lawmakers investigating the attack on the capitol have been dealing with. >> natural lead. i as quickly as on twitter, illinois congressman adam kinzinger released audio recordings of threatening phone calls aimed at him that he says staff members like college and high school interns have to deal with. >> no, family is. and we're going to get you. >> lawmakers involved in the investigation of the attack on the capitol aren't the only ones being targeted with threats. california
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congresswoman judy chu's says trump's inner circle has been threatening the witnesses. the select committee is trying to talk to. they have been intimidating. >> witness says >> implying that there will be tremendous damage if they even do a deposition. >> congresswoman chu says the intimidation tactics have been systematic. they are sending e-mails implying that they will be rewarded if they. >> take the 5th amendment or do not appear still that investigation into the attack on the capitol is moving forward. the next public hearing is scheduled for july 12 at 10:00am. >> and the january 6 committee says the upcoming hearings will focus on new details and new information that the committee has learned. thanks to witnesses who have cooperated and who have testified under oath in washington. alexandra limon.
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>> still ahead at 3.30, today, it is sentencing day for several high-profile cases will go over them, including what a judge has just decided for a former cheers star. and after the break, we'll see how the current covid spike is impacting bay area hospitals.
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now at 3.30, covid-19, related hospitalizations are rising throughout the state and the bay area is no different. but
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as kron 4 swoop to call reports. >> health systems here saying they're not operating at a critical capacity. >> statewide covid-19, related hospitalizations are up 40% since the first week of june. and the number of covid-19 patients admitted into intensive care units. his increased 34% during the past month. we're starting to see a surge. we're fewer patients within our hospital. i would say probably more patients in our hospital with covid symptoms. and we have seen in the last few months there in kumar is president and ceo of dignity, health saint francis memorial hospital and saint mary's medical center in san francisco. he says the icu capacity at both hospitals has reached 70% portion or not in the situation right now where we need to flex up need to create more capacity. but we can't. ucsf says 56 hospitalized, children and adults have tested positive for covid-19 and its facilities in mission bay and oakland.
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>> that's a 7% drop from a month ago. hospitalization numbers actually been reasonable. someone in the last search that we had. our biggest challenges 10 and staff to vice president of clinical affairs for john muir health doctor nick mica says 32 hospitalized patients are being treated for covid-19 at the system's hospitals in concord and walnut creek. adding that 3 patients are in the icu. those numbers mirror what the hospital has experienced the last month, which doctor mike is says is manageable. we're following the numbers very closely. i don't think anybody really knows what to expect with the new variants as they come we do know there's a good amount of immunity and in the that i think has led to the lack of hospitalizations with this most recent recent uptick in terms of percent positivity and those who have been fully vaccinated and boosted are less likely to require a hospital. stay phillipe djegal all kron. 4 >> san francisco base jewel will not have to pull its e-cigarettes from store
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shelves, at least for now. the fda has put a pause on that order that required jewel to pull its products from the market last month, the fda issued an order banning juul sales, but a federal appeals court temporarily blocked that ban to stay on the market. the fda wants companies to show that their e-cigarettes benefit public health. the fda says it will conduct a further review of jewels products. now to southern california, where jurors have found the man accused of killing rapper nipsey hussle guilty of first-degree murder. the man 32 year-old eric holder junior and hustle had known each other for years. want to chance meeting outside of the grammy-winning rapper zell, a clothing store led to a shooting and hustles death. the evidence against holder was overwhelming from eyewitnesses to surveillance cameras from local businesses that captured his arrival, the shooting and his departure holder could get life in prison when he's sentenced in september. and this just in
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out to the kron 4 news room x cheerleading star jerry harris has been sentenced to 12 years behind bars in his child case. the 22 year-old was a star in the netflix docu series cheer. harris pleaded guilty to pressuring young boys descent in new photos and videos and soliciting from cheer come competitions. harris rose to fame on hit netflix docu series cheer. he had also been sentenced to another 8 years of supervised release after he got out of prison and he'll have to register as a offender. rapper nicki minaj is husband is expected to be sentenced today for failing to register as a offender in california. kenneth petty pleaded guilty to the federal charges last year and faces a minimum sentence of 5 years supervised release. petty was convicted of attempted rape in new york in 1995. ford incidents that occurred with a 16 year-old girl the year before he served more than 4 years in prison and must register as a offender.
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whenever he moves. a developing story we're watching today. president biden told wnba star brittney griner's wife he's working on bringing brittany home. the conversation coming just 2 days after griner sent president biden a hand written letter from a moscow prison. the white house says the president also penned a letter to griner in return a state department spokesperson says russia wrongly detained griner in february after authorities claim they found cannabis oil in her luggage, but financial and political activists are saying russia will not release griner without something in return. well, they're doing this trying to figure out. >> which hostages have more value. how do they determine value? they determine how upset the american people get by the hostage taking. >> if griner is convicted on those drug charges in russia, she could spend a decade behind bars. there. update now
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to that deadly smuggling incident near san antonio, texas. more than 50 migrants were found dead in a sweltering tractor trailer. alex caprariello has a look now at the memorial for the lives lost as one of the survivors described the conditions in that truck. >> for the first time ever, we're getting a clear picture of the excruciating circumstances. dozens of men, women and children lived through while locked inside the sweltering heat of a tractor trailer crossing through south texas. one of the 14 survivors, 20 year-old yana for you, lisa, kind of do not do moss told the associated press she made the decision to stay near the door of the trailer being used to smuggle immigrants because she thought would be cooler. simple advice that may have saved her life court don't at the mosque described life inside the truck. quote, the people were yelling, some cried. mostly women were calling for it to stop and to open the doors because it was hot that they couldn't breathe. 53 migrants would die
3:36 pm
from heat exhaustion and lack of air overnight in san antonio, people join together for a prayer service, a vigil and procession to honor the dead. their origins now known mexico, guatemala, honduras and el salvador. the mexican government said they will pay for the funerals for most of the migrants and will assist u.s. authorities to determine the criminal organization behind the human smuggling. >> that was alex caprariello reporting for us. 4 people have been charged in connection with those tests. we'll talk now about our weather forecast as we take this live look outside here at san francisco international airport. those clouds are thick today across the coast and it's been pretty muggy out there. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here are details. the clouds are pretty stubborn today. yeah, very stubborn, especially along our bay area coastline. but >> we are noticing that feels like temperature. thanks to that increase in humidity, making temperatures feel a little bit warmer than what they actually are. but still very pleasant. nonetheless,
3:37 pm
widespread 70's, as you make your way inland, better clearing in our live picture in the east bay over berkeley. but we're starting to see that fog bank return along the san francisco peninsula. and it's only going to get thicker. bring us another round of drizzle fest along the coast and even into the east bay shoreline, where we could see traces amount of rain for your thursday morning commute. so just keep that in mind. you may have to use the windshield wipers by mid morning with a lot more sunshine, better clearing and warmer temperatures for warmest inland valleys tomorrow from now. until then, though, low to mid 70's. so certainly feeling a little bit warmer. thanks to that relative humidity moisture, but napa and antioch, 77 degrees about 15 degrees warmer than those of you at half. moon bay, barely in the low 60's and overnight lows tonight, widespread mid 50's in santa rosa. cooling down to 51 degrees and talk a little bit milder in the low 60's. but temperatures tomorrow rebounding 5 to 10 degrees from today's daytime highs with low 80's returning for
3:38 pm
warmest inland valleys in concord, vallejo. and even santa rosa holding steady in the low 70's thanks to that flow. coastal clearing along the east bay shoreline. and even for downtown san francisco. 67 degrees exactly where you should be for this time of year. and it's only going to get warmer, especially for the 2nd half of the weekend and much of next week with low to mid 90's returning. that's 5 to 10 degrees above average. just scenes of summer right around the corner. back to you. here comes the heat. thanks for precept. coming up this hour, we'll have an update on the electric fire that's burning in amador county. >> the ongoing battle to keep people safe. and a raging south bay fire quickly consumes a family's home who they're not tanking for sounding the alarm so they can get out. and later, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. but maybe it might be an avocado. the big health benefits of eating an avocado every single
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a bay couple can think their dog for alerting them to a truck explosion outside of their home. and that may have saved their lives. the homeowners say they thought they heard fireworks going off. >> but it was their dog alerted them that something a lot more serious was going on. >> i got my husband thought. heard a firework. you know, when a donor does when they don't work and then. >> it was the couple's dog spencer that come barking at the garage and alerted them that their truck was on fire.
3:42 pm
everyone got out safely. no word yet on what caused the smart dog. still ahead, another tool in the wildfire preparedness tool box. we'll show you how the watch duty fire app works. that's coming what are you recommending for muscle pain? based on clinical data, i recommend salonpas. agreed... my patients like these patches because they work for up to 12 hours, even on moderate pain. salonpas. it's good medicine
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>> we're now on wildfire watch and the elector fired on the door county has grown to nearly 4,000 acres. containment has increased to
3:45 pm
10%. evacuation orders are in place and more than 1200 structures are threatened by the flames. thousands of people still do not have power. fire officials say the flames spread quickly amid dry brush in steep terrain. this is one of the largest fires that cal fire space this year. and there are concerns this fire could continue to grow. it started on july 4th, but it's unclear how it started. whether as fireworks are barbecue, it is under investigation. and as we move further into fire season in new resources, aiming to keep californians on top of wildfire risks and response. >> kron 4 s noelle bellow is introducing us now to the watch duty app. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. just seen you know, talk about having a go bag ready and all the things you'll need to have in case of a wildfire in your area. the developers of this new app are hoping you'll add it to the tools in your kit. >> we want to empower citizens much like way is to be able to actually contributes to the
3:46 pm
disaster that's happening around them and feel just a little bit less helpless. keeping watch over california. that's the goal of watch duty. a free app launched last year in the north bay. i almost lost my land more than once. so this is a deeply personal watch duty was co-founded by john mills, resident of healdsburg who used his software engineer background to create a way for residents to stay on top of wildfires burning in their region. >> there's you submit content, but it's moderate it right. so here's where we're getting a lot of really engaged is that especially in in the area we'll watch the last year. so it's not a lake and napa will get, you know, dozens and dozens of photographs from all these different angles about 25 to 30 moderators are also posting fire radio information and real-time updates for emergency services away for confirmation. we will listen to talk. channel is in control. channels are looking for the update. said, you know, the twitter updates from some police department and
3:47 pm
watch duty is now available across the entire state with plans to extend beyond california soon after downloading the app you create a log in select which counties you want to receive notifications about. >> the map of active wildfires. let you click through and check acreage and containment numbers. users can also click the camera icon in the top right corner to submit their own content to just be. >> someone texting their friends about the fire on their property. and now have a new price and value to the rest of the world and first responders. so we can really see where that the fire lines and perimeters are. there are more than 112,000 users and counting. >> mills says after each fire incident they find new people downloading and contributing. this is a real lot of holding fire and some fires of 60 miles an hour. so you need real time information. >> eventually mills would like to be a resource for other natural disasters as well. like floods are large earthquakes. that's a ways
3:48 pm
away here. the app is available in the apple and google play stores. you can also access it on your desktop at watch duty dot org and newsroom. i'm noelle bellow. back to you. thank you, noelle. let's talk about our forecast right now as we take this live look outside here in downtown san francisco. we can see the clouds that are sticking around today and it's pretty muggy out there. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here with details on. >> when things are going to start to warm up a little they're just saying, yeah, we will really start to see a warming trend until the 2nd half of this weekend. >> gradual warming from now. until then, let's take a look at their field where that nelson fire is burning. firefighters hoping to get full containment on that fire by the end of today, 79 degrees. a lot of sunshine and check out relative humidity. 43% of seeing a lot of moisture out there. thanks to these below average temperatures and wind speeds 20 miles per hour. but we're tracking that no sky july currently over half moon bay right now. so we're going to see another round of that stubborn marine layer making its way inland overnight.
3:49 pm
temperatures for the most part in the mid to even upper 60's along the bay area coastline. downtown san francisco, flirting with 70's at 68 degrees. berkeley, a little bit cooler in the mid 60's. thanks to that cool sea breeze influence with mid 70's for fremont and san jose napa. 77 degrees in petaluma barely in the low 70's but we are noticing temperatures feeling a lot warmer. thanks to that muggy. tropical feel a lot of moisture from coastal valleys, the airfield 39% relative humidity with nearly 100% where you should be as far as moisture content goes. thanks to that low and high cloud cover that's starting to make its way along our bay area beaches. >> getting that cool. sea breeze influence with fairfield right now seeing sustained winds at 20 miles per hour. but then we're really going to crank up the heat 5 to 15 degrees above average temperatures starting sunday and even through most of next week, a little bit of relief next tuesday. but that's going to be replaced by mid 90's once again a week from today on wednesday. back to you. just seen. risa. thank
3:50 pm
you. for your money. one brand of packaged baked goods is being recalled that wal-mart stores in all 50 states due to the potential presence of hard pieces of plastic. >> the brand enjoy life. natural brands announced the voluntary recall for more than a dozen of its products, including cookies. chewy bars and brownie bites. the items were also sold online and in stores in the u.s. and canada at kroger and some other grocery stores. so far there have been no reports of any injuries or illnesses. but if you have one of these products, you're being asked to throw it away. now, let's check in with newsnation to see what they're working on for tonight. >> tonight on dan abrams live on news nation. he was at ground 0. the 2020 election. and tonight, georgia secretary of state brad raffensperger joins us speaking out for the first time since appearing before the january 6th committee. he talks pressure from trump and election
3:51 pm
integrity in a news nation exclusive now here's a look at news nation prime. >> it is a new lifeline in a rough economy. americans turning to shops for cash and what used to be a pastime now becoming a necessity. i would take that of maybe getting really rid of a television opposed to not eating the growing trend to pond, just to put gas in the tank on news nation. prime. you can find newsnation on the channels listed right here. we have more details on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> up next, animal shelters all across our area are overcrowded and there are incentives coming from the south, a shelter trying to get these forever home.
3:52 pm
3:53 pm
in the
3:54 pm
south bay. the san jose animal care center is offering free pet adoptions because the shelter is full. they're waiving adoption fees for cats and dogs to try and get people. to get pets and give them a forever home. they're also waiving boarding fees so people can pick up their animals for free. you can visit their website or facebook page to see the pets that are available. 15 orphaned ducklings in the uk have found an unlikely foster dad. he is a 15 year-old labrador retriever named fred. and fred is a resident dog at a castle in england. he is now the proud father of these ducklings that were orphaned after their mother
3:55 pm
mysteriously disappeared. fred keeps an eye on these baby birds and even takes them for rides on his back. brad is actually an experienced foster dad. this is not the first time he's adopted a group of ducklings. he raised a flock in 2018 and in 2019. so it's safe to say that fred is happy to be a duck dad once again. and for your health. right now, a new study finds eating an avocado every day could help improve your diet and lower cholesterol levels. this is according to a team of researchers from 5 universities, including u c l a the study involved more than 1000 participants, half of whom 8 an avocado every day for 6 months and the other half, 8, less than 2 a month results found that eating avocado everyday had no effect on belly fat, liver, fat or waist circumference. but it did lead to a slight decrease in unhealthy cholesterol levels. so in that case,
3:56 pm
mabrisa, i think we should be having guacamole every day right after kron. 4 news at 3, 0, it's good for us. why not? we're doing ourselves and our bodies. good right? and its teeth detail. what's your secret ingredient for guac, though? real fast. ships for me, it's bad because it's like you saltiness. it's so good. you added she's add feta cheese. the best. all have to make it for you one day. i let's take a look at your temperatures for tomorrow because we're going to notice that stubborn marine layer along the coast and east bay shoreline. >> bringing us seasonal temperatures. 67 degrees for downtown san francisco with low 70's along oakland and hayward. but check out our inland valleys, warming up into the low 80's for your thursday afternoon. 5 degrees below average for concord. you should be at 85 degrees this time of year. but exactly where you should be for livermore. and santa rosa, both in the low 80's and then enjoy the 80's while they last because they're going to replace by 90's by sunday mid 90's. on monday, some relief on tuesday. but you're getting
3:57 pm
the trend hepe just we're going to be hot once again for most of this upcoming week. so let's enjoy the cooler seasonal forecast. well, we can back to you. will do thanks for free. she's going to bring some guacamole tomorrow. >> she gave me a she gave me a not. so i think that means yes. thank you for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock today. i'm justine waldman. really appreciate your time. i don't you know this, but i am from hyde park. that's where i grew up. and i want you to know that it is a beautiful and wonderful community that can all use your thoughts and prayers right now and some change as thanks for joining us here at 3. see them out.
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