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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  July 6, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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utilization has been extreme ice. president of clinical affairs for john muir health doctor nick mike. it says 32 hospitalized patients are being treated for covid-19 at the system's hospitals in concord and walnut creek. at that 3 patients are in the icu. those numbers mirror what the hospital has experienced the last month, which doctor mike, it says is manageable. this is where we want we want to get enough people vaccinated that there was nothing unity amongst the community that we knew we were going to be able to to weather the storm so that even infection rates went up. >> people wouldn't be as. and that's kind of where we are right now. darren kumar is president and ceo of dignity, health saint francis memorial hospital and saint mary's medical center in san francisco. >> he says the icu capacity at both hospitals has reached 70%. we've definitely got capacity, both medical center. so we're not in a surge capacity like we saw in january. we're just seeing a higher percentage of our patients actually come into
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hospital. that, by the way, happened to have covid as well. ucsf says 56 hospitalized children and adults have tested positive for covid-19 and its facilities in mission bay and oakland. >> that's a 7% drop from a month ago. >> statewide covid-19 related hospitalizations are up 40% since the first week of june. and the number of covid-19 patients admitted into intensive care units has increased 34% during the past month. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> the cdc has added 3 new destinations including a nordic favorite to its high risk travel list for covid guatemala, morocco and sweden are now among the nearly. >> 115 destinations at the top spot for high covid transmission. almost half of the places monitored by the cdc are now at level 3 officials advised travelers make sure that there are up to date with their covid vaccines before visiting one of these destinations. >> back here in the bay, san
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jose's largest school district has voted to keep officers on campus for at least this next school year a year ago. you may recall the san jose unified school district voted to keep officers away from schools 6 months later, they quietly reversed course and approved 800,000 bucks that allows each school to hire san jose police officers. if leaders in those schools want to. now, the board has voted to extend that contract with police. the decision applies to high schools and middle schools. each school will be allowed to decide if they want an officer on campus and how exactly those officers will be used. >> happening now, protesters are marching in downtown berkeley to try and stop uc berkeley from building student housing in the infamous people's park. protesters say the housing project would displace homeless people who live in the park and increase the cost of housing last month, the california state appeals court granted an order
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to temporarily delay the school's plan. the next court date is set for july 19th. >> san francisco mayor london breed is likely getting close to appointing a replacement for former district attorney chesa who lost his job in a recent recall election. what should she be considering and what are the chances for more high drama kron four's? catherine heenan joins us now live in the newsroom with some thoughts from one of our political analysts, catherine. yeah, michael yaki who agrees to grant this could be really tough for mayor breed. >> on one hand, a lot of san francisco voters clearly wants somebody perceived as tougher on crime on the other hand, she does have to consider the need to appease progressives breed has said that she's been talking to judges. attorneys crime, victims of people. e people are wrongly convicted of crime and a decision on a brooding replacement could happen in a matter of days. one big wild card chase remember, still has not ruled out running for da again in
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november. so i ask key what the mayor should be thinking about. >> well, i think when mayor is thinking about is it's where she appoints. will that person be able to win in november when they have to run for the remainder. i'm greetings term. i think that's really first and foremost because in fact, a chance of beating with a run. again, that actually might be closer race than people think. i think that that decision will be made and chill. he sees who is appointed and what the field maybe 4 november has feel this jumble that off. you know, he might just do it because in in in some runoff, you know, he does have a core voters. if you can raise money, if you can stomach what another campaign, a short period of time. you might. he may do it. >> jackie is calling and fifty-fifty the will jump back into the race and names in the mix as possible. replacements
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include longtime prosecutor nancy tung, former deputy da brooke jenkins, who joined the recall movement, former police commission member joe alioto bernie's. he says he will run among others. jackie says it is not clear yet whether one person would be a lot better than the other. as for making a tough decision. he says mayor breed needs to go with her gun as he puts it and just name somebody grant and vicki. >> all right, kathleen, thanks for that. now to la county and the effort to recall district attorney george gascon own is heating up. their organizers for the recall campaign say they plan to submit hundreds of thousands of petition signatures to county election officials. today they need more than 566,000 valid signatures by today's deadline to force a recall election. the recall da george gascon campaign announced recently it had surpassed that about. critics have attacked a gas going for not prosecuting certain low level misdemeanors, calling him soft
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on crime. gas cone was san francisco's from 2011 to 2019, he's previously defended his policy changes saying his stances were well known during his campaign and his election signified public support of his agenda. >> all right. taking a live look outside right now. sutro cam well behind the fog of. >> there's the golden gate bridge. we we're sure that somewhere. >> can't see it. but we can see a big old storm in the pacific. lawrence is here with more on that. yeah, bonnie, continuing to churn out there off the coast of mexico. what a storm and spin. this was a major hurricane. 24 hours ago, you can see becomes a little more ragtag in its appearance and that sign a body beginning to fall apart somewhat. the good news is so far it has been moving away from the coastline. they've seen renegade showers moving up along the coastal sections, but not in the full front of bonnie at all. and here's the very latest with bonnie sustained winds of 105 miles per hour. still a category 2
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hurricane that is moving west-northwest at 12 miles per hours. that current track is what we wanted to see that pulls away from places like port of i r to cohen keeps away from the population, moves out into the ocean, becoming what we call a fish storm bother nobody. but the fish out there looks like by friday, probably just becoming a tropical system as it moves up the coastline. and in some cooler waters around the bay area. of course, we've got some different weather here. we've got changes coming our way. we've got fog and low clouds moving in along the coastline. and here comes again tonight filling into the bay and filling in the valleys. look at that. pushed all the way to the central valley tonight. probably some patchy drizzle again, especially coastline. maybe couple patches just inside the bay. then as we head toward the afternoon skies start to clear out to see a little more sunshine. i think by tomorrow afternoon, temperature wise numbers looking good plan on lot of 70's inside the baby. a very comfortable day. some low 80's well inland. but as we get toward the weekend, everything begins to change. how about this? starting to heat things up. and boy, by sunday we're talking mid 90's in the hot spots inland could be looking at triple digits
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early next week. >> thanks, florence. coming up, the suspected killer of them are in cyclist was in court today. what she may have spent thousands of dollars on to try and hide from authorities. plus, dhaka recipients are waiting for an answer. what was said at today's hearings, too. >> try to keep the program alive.
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the future of dhaka,
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the deferred action for childhood arrivals program is hanging in the balance tonight. earlier today, a federal appeals court in new orleans. >> heard arguments on the legality of the program. the obama administration started dhaka, which allows undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children to live and work in the u.s. temporarily. more than 600,000 immigrants often described as dreamers are enrolled in the program. many of whom are now adults. the 5th circuit court of appeals in new orleans is hearing arguments on whether the program places an undue burden on states and amounts to executive overreach. the woman accused of killing a broome county cyclists was in court today facing murder charges. >> you're looking at the lineup of caitlyn armstrong's photos on the left is an image of how she looked when the investigation began. the 2 photos on the right there are her most recent booking photos. there's speculation she surgically changed her appearance to avoid authorities after police found
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a receipt for cosmetic surgery and her belongings. armstrong was on the run for more than a month before being arrested at a hostel in costa rica last week. she's accused of killing pro cyclist moriah wilson over a love triangle. >> still ahead, the biden administration is stepping up efforts to get brittney griner out of russia. details on the negotiations at a possible
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>> the white house says securing the release of wnba star brittney griner from russian custody is a top priority for president by griner is a houston native. and she's been detained in russia since her arrest for months ago. she wrote a letter to the president asking him to do more to bring her home course. washington correspondent anna wiernicki reports on the negotiations on a possible swap deal. >> just a few hours ago, the white house says that president biden and vice president harris spoke by phone to brittney griner's wife telling her that they are pursuing all diplomatic possibilities to bring her home. >> wednesday, president biden told wnba star brittney griner's wife he's working to bring brittany home. the conversation came just 2 days after griner sent president biden a handwritten letter from a moscow prison. the white house says the president also penned a letter to griner in return. this is something that on which he's personally
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engaged on a daily basis. state department spokesperson ned price as russia wrongly detained griner in february after authorities claimed they found cannabis oil in her luggage. if griner is convicted on the drug charges she faces, she could spend a decade behind bars. but bill browder a fine answer and political activists to expose a multi-million dollar fraud scheme orchestrated by russian officials says russia won't release criner without something in return. all they're doing is trying to figure out. >> which hostages have more value. how do they determine value? they determine how upset the american people get by the hostage taking grounders says russian media has expressed interest in a prisoner exchange involving viktor bout a russian arms dealer known as the merchant of death is in us prison. >> he's responsible for thousands, if not not many more. tens of thousands of deaths with arms that he
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supplied to different rebels in different regions of the world. >> and even if the u.s. and russia agree to a prisoner swap, rauner says we likely won't even know about it until after it happens in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> now to southern california where jurors have found the man accused of killing rapper nipsey hussle guilty a first-degree murder. that man, 32 year-old eric holder junior so had known each other for years when a chance meeting outside the grammy winning rapper zell a clothing store led to the shooting and hustles death. the evidence against holder was overwhelming to see surveillance video here. you know, have eyewitness accounts, cameras all over the place from businesses that captured holders arrival, the shooting, his departure holder could get life in prison when he's sentenced in september. following the supreme court's overturning of roe versus wade. some airbnb hosts have offered their homes to guests who need to travel. >> to have an abortion, but
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pro abortion legal experts say it may not be that easy. several states like oklahoma and texas have laws that allow private citizens to target people or companies who aid and abet an abortion and that could pave the way for lawsuits against airbnb hosts where the company itself. >> 2 u.s. senators are calling on the fcc to investigate tiktok and its chinese parent company byte dance. this comes after a recent report showed engineers and top executives at tiktok repeatedly accessed the private data of users in the u.s. the company responded saying it does not share data from u.s. users with the chinese government just last week, fcc commissioner brendan carr urge people and google to remove the tiktok app from its stores. >> brown county's music legend carlos santana. you gave fans a big scare last night performing in michigan. he collapsed on stage.
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videos, show santana being wheeled off stage but waiting to the audience to show that he was ok and then the fans cheering happy to hear that. the 74 year-old said manager says that he's in the hospital being held for observation, he's doing well. and santana later posted this on facebook. thank you for your precious prayers. my wife, cindy and i are good. just taking it easy. forget the eaton drink water. so i do hydrated and passed out blessings in miracles to you all tonight show in pennsylvania has been postponed. santana is currently on his miraculous supernatural tour with earth, wind and fire in support of his latest album. happy to hear. he appears to be on the up and up and we turn our attention. >> back here to the bay area where we're looking live at the golden gate bridge. boy, depending on your vantage
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point, it case beautiful and clear. blue skies are beautiful and fog. if you're into that, we could send him as inspiration the bay area, right? i mean, you look around each way you've got something else to talk about and sing about it. i'm sure is good inspiration for more songs on the way that mr. hey, you guys out there tonight. we've got some low clouds and fog really surging on shore. this is looking out toward the coastline. look at the fog making its way. so towards towered 1000 feet there and kind of thickening up. now, it's going to be more of that overnight tonight. >> and tomorrow morning, it's going to go well inland. temperatures today running a bit below the average in the senate. just go 70 degrees. 71 in oakland, 77 degrees and saturday. 76 in livermore, 75 in concord and 76 degrees in santa rosa. the sea breeze continuing to blow, though it has done so for last couple of days. and boy, those winds as you make your way right into the delta. look at that. 25 mile an hour winds on the southwest in the fairfield. that is a significant wind. again. and that's going to bring with it. a whole lot of low clouds and fog. we've got that nice clean air out there.
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it's going to stick around for another day as we get toward the latter part of the weekend. things are going to be a little stale in the atmosphere as high pressure takes over head. but in the meantime, low clouds will surge on shore tonight. little swirl in the atmosphere. going to bring a few more clouds our way as we head into friday. once that system moves through. that's we start to talk about some much warmer weather as we get into the weekend. enjoy the temperatures now it's going to stay fairly cool. co-signed got 60's in the sunset about 63 in downtown san francisco. 65 in the marina. 61 degrees in daly city along the coastline. just kind of touching, go with low clouds and though. i think we'll see a little bit more tomorrow. a couple patches drizzle early on the morning, though. temperature about 65 degrees in millbrae. 66 in burlingame work your way down the temperatures warm up very nicely. mid 70's for the south in the mount. the 71 in palo alto in the south bay filled with many 70's by tomorrow afternoon will be warm. there. places inland, still very comfortable for this time of year to be a watch. warmer than that. i think as we get the weekend, then we start talking triple digits. you make your way over the east
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bay hills. so enjoy these temperatures while you not going to last forever. 79 degrees in benicia. 78 degrees in play about 81 in the napa valley back toward the coastline. you got cooler numbers in the 50's in the 60's with that fog kind of hugging the coastline. the better part of the day next few days. you're going to see those temperatures warming up and then we get into sunday. i think we may see an offshore wind beginning to kick in on sunday. if that happens, temperatures getting hot 90's inland. you see temperatures 70's 80's around the bay and maybe even some triple digits by monday and tuesday. thank you. lauren took next. the ultimate dad hack goes viral. how it helps dads relax, whether kids work on their baseball swing.
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mark coleman: south florida is very transient. people are coming and going constantly. twenty-seven years ago, i planted the church that we're at now. in the first summer, a third of our congregation moved away and they were all leaders. ringing in my ear was dr. stanley saying, "trust god, trust god."
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oregon, the he's showing us how to work. >> smarter, not harder. well, helping out his kids practice or baseball swing. that is derrick radley with the fishing pole. it figured out you can attach the baseball to the poll. it's a lazy man's way playing this death or brilliance personified really? >> all right, dad. up tips here. this will be a forthcoming this weekend. i think you know, i mean the video tells you what happened. it seems is chilling in the
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chair. >> it hits the ball. a lot the ball scenario. but dad doesn't or kid doesn't have to go fetch. it just got a real it back in. couple of favorite pastimes is rolled into wood baseball. >> the dad hack. >> is what people are calling this. it's been viewed almost 30 million times, right? with full this is little fishy. accept the poor family dog. you know, what's it going to do now? >> out of a a great. that's it for us. given that we're here at the news at 6. very much and thank you. thank you. coming up next, as 6 o'clock. >> have a lot going on. the oakland city council has voted not to have the howard terminal ballpark proposal put on the november ballot. what this means for the effort to get that project approved. and a new covid-19 variant could send cases skyrocketing this summer. what bay area
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hospitalo are doing to get ready for the possible surge. i'm ken wayne, i'm pam moore. the news at 6 is next.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6.
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>> we're really upset because our voices heard last night. >> now has 6 opponents of a new age. the stadium at the howard terminal are now reviewing their options as after the oakland city council decided not to allow residents to cast an advisory vote on the project during the november election. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. the oakland city council failed to pass that proposal. only 2 council members voted yes, 5 voted no. the decision keeps the 12 billion dollar waterfront ballpark project moving forward. kron four's dan kerman has more >> we're very upset members of the east oakland stadium alliance are discussing next moves. now that the oakland city council opted against letting residents cast an advisory vote in november on the proposed howard terminal, a stadium we're going to put on all hold energy towards just getting our voices heard. >> the defeated public vote


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