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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 6, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> in bay, a brazen robbery outside a popular grocery store. the victim held up at gunpoint by 3 people. now the police chief talking about the crime. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 8. i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore. this all happened in danville in front of a trader joe's store kron four's terisa sesay was live in danville for us tonight. >> theresa, what did the chief have to say? >> well, the chief was addressing about this armed robbery that happened right in this parking lot in the middle of the afternoon. pam. danville, police say that the victim had just gone out of
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his car to do some shopping when. >> 2 male surrounded him one with a gun, demanding he hand over personal items after he did. the 2 took off in a waiting vehicle and recover that with a little bit more. >> detail danville police chief alan shields sharing details with residents and tips what to do if you find yourself a victim during a facebook community engagement session wednesday evening. and we believe and we recommend both the department, homeland security and the fbi recommend, which is the run hide fight program. and that's actually what we provide training to unbelievable out at trader joe's shopper surprised about such a violent act at their local store. just can't believe it happened here up and keep it more safe. most echoing the same thoughts too good to be safe and i'm glad they're doing that. >> hopefully they can proactively minimize all these
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things and future. there is a park to danville police vehicle in the parking lot. shopper say it's been here a while before last friday's robbery. some say that they would like to say more police around town police in danville. now i see. >> that they parked cars occasionally, which helps people slow down and look, which is good. i don't know. maybe get out here more bicycles that more presidents p% that way. >> now, police say that they were able to track down 3 people, they say involved in this armed robbery. one is an adult. he is now in detention at the martinez jail. the other 2 juveniles. but they are all 3 facing charges here in danville, theresa kron, 4 news. thank you, theresa. >> a san francisco man is charged with attempted murder after stabbing after a stabbing at a walgreens store. police say carlos and or stab
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a security guard on friday at the walgreens on powell street in the tenderloin district, sanders was arrested a few blocks from the walgreens at taylor and posts. a security guard was taken to the hospital and has since been released in a statement to kron 4 wei says, quote, the safety of our patients, customers and team members is a top priority. we are working with local authorities in their investigation. 3 people are in custody after a monthslong homicide investigation. we want to show you the 3 who are facing. >> charges for the death of 28 year-old lucas torres taurus was killed back on april 16th in san jose. police say that 26 year-old ricardo padilla was arrested in oakland. 28 year-old johnson, velasquez was arrested in san jose. and 31 year-old daniel macias was arrested in redwood city. a motive for the attack is still under investigation. but police say at the time of the shooting, the victim and the 3 suspects read a block party where some sort of argument took place. police are asking anybody who might have been at that bike park block party and
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saw what happened to call san jose police. happening now. the san jose housing department is meeting on a proposed safe parking program at the vta said theresa light rail station. the safe parking program is for people who are living in a vehicle or rv. >> it would provide a temporary designated location for parking while providing access for people's basic needs. the program would also offer support services to help transition people into more stable housing. we are following this meeting tonight and we'll bring you any updates as they become available. >> the end of the covid pandemic could still be years away. a study out of yale finds that it could be more than 2 years before living with covid at manageable research found most reach endemic phase after 4 years. but that does not account for mutations or variants such as omicron. the study comes as california is dealing with yet another surge statewide
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covid-19 related hospitalizations are up 40% since the first week of june. the vice president of clinical affairs for john muir health doctor. nick, make us says so far, things seem to be manageable. >> on the numbers very closely, i don't think anybody really knows what to expect with the new variants as they come around. we do know there's a good amount of immunity and in the that i think has led to the lack of hospitalizations with this most recent recent uptick in terms of percent positivity. the number of covid patients admitted into intensive care has increased 34% during past month. >> if you're still not vaccinated or you're behind on your booster shots now is a good time to get caught up. those who have been fully vaccinated and boosted are less likely to require a hospital stay when they're infected with covid-19 and covid is not the only virus seen an increase in the bay area. san francisco is now approaching nearly half the number of cases of the monkeypox cases. >> there are more than 100
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cases confirmed monkeypox in california. san francisco is reporting 40 cases and that number is expected to climb in the coming weeks. still the case rate is significantly higher than the rest of the bay area. counties in san francisco. it is. we are waiting to hear back from health officials in and santa clara counties. tonight, san francisco pride event. organizers are urging attendees to get tested for monkeypox after they received reports of positive cases rob nesbitt. talked with an infectious disease expert about how important it is to understand how monkeypox spreads. >> 3 big takeaways after talking with a doctor or don't panic, don't stigmatize and have a healthy attitude about your level of risk. i had a better understanding of that advice after hearing a firsthand account from someone with monkeypox here on my face. these are thankfully healing the fastest during his isolation period. matt ford posted on tiktok to tell the world what it's like to have
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monkeypox and that these are my arms and hands that you can see the 30 year-old actor says it's not just sores and lesions, but that his symptoms to mike sheets for soaked through monkeypox viral infection that can spread through direct contact with infectious sores, scabs or body fluids, as well as their shared materials, such as bedding and clothing. most of the positive cases in the u.s. are being reported among and bisexual men. san francisco pride parties, electrolux and afterglow sent out notifications this week alerting attendees about positive cases. infectious disease expert doctor peter chin-hong says it's important to be smart about your own risk assessment. the biggest risk isn't being at a party in electrolux is probably being. >> really intimate with somebody for multiple hours skin to skin. a big issue right now is vaccine supply. the demand far outweighing the initial 56,000 doses of that in a vaccine that were distributed to each state. doctor chin-hong says the next
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2 million doses promised by the u.s. government will be crucial. other pride events coming up like and fulton street. so these are going to be critical periods. foe. sun and cisco to actually get enough vaccines. the doctor says the scabs will come and go, but that is most concerned about the psychological stress and trauma that could come from monkeypox stigma that we've seen in other epidemics. hiv comes to mind you know, have affected clear but, you know, and that's why being vocal to try to fight that stigma and to reinforce everyone that there's no shame in getting this. doctor chin-hong says that anyone can get monkeypox and that the last outbreak in the u.s. happened in 2003 among pet owners of prairie dogs reporting the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news and for the latest information on this disease, including the emergency response vaccines and a monkeypox case. >> tracker, you can scan the qr code on your screen. it will take you right to our web site at our 4 zone forecast.
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as we give you a live look looking down from twin peaks in san francisco. not much fog in this shot. yeah, it's a pretty our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here. he's talking about the fog yet. kind of beautiful shots around the bay area this evening is some of that patchy fog showing up. we've got one from our sutro tower cam looking back out through the sunset and look at that and get some of that patchy fog out there, but not bad, but it's coming right at you right off the ocean waters, though, the sun. >> setting in the bay area after turned out to be nice afternoon. pretty great early on today with all that fog and we'll see more of that coming on shore up toward the golden gate bridge. you see one big patch of fog out there right now. a lot of birds flying around been very busy along the coastlines of birds of a moving into not some smaller fish out there toward the beaches, but we're going to see a change in the weather pattern in the next couple of days. temperatures 60's as you head toward the coastline. well inland, you're still looking at 65 degrees in dublin. 66 and lael. still 73 in saint alina. and 61 degrees in petaluma some changes are
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coming our way as we're going to see some clouds begin to gather and rolling toward the bay area tonight and tomorrow that on shore wind will carry with it. more low clouds and fog pushing. well, the interior valleys looks like we're going to see more of that overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning, but not as thick as the past couple of days. but look at the swirl off the coastline. you get that area of low pressure that's out there right now. that is going to get a little closer as we get into friday, bringing with it. guess what's more clouds are rolling into the bay area outside tonight. if you're headed out and about partly cloudy skies, we've temperatures cool off but not too bad. 50's and 60's by 11 o'clock tonight, we still could see a couple patches of drizzle along the coast. financial concerns continue for a lot of americans says the biden administration announces new plans to address the pain. >> financial analysts joins us live to talk about the current state of the economy. that's coming up in a 30. also ahead tonight, thousands of dollars raised for war torn ukraine. the efforts of one bay area woman to help hurting nation. but first, mayor london breed
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may be very close to appointing a replacement for ousted district attorney chase, a blue dean. what our political analyst says she ought to be thinking about. big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm.
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>> san francisco mayor london breed could appoint a replacement for former district attorney chesa boudin any day now being you might remember lost his job in the recall election and as our political analyst describes it, nothing about the mayor's
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decision process is likely to be easy catherine heenan joins us from our newsroom tonight to explain all this, catherine. yeah, well, michael yaki agrees that this could be pretty tough for mayor breed. on one hand, a lot of san francisco voters clearly want somebody perceived as tougher on crime. but on the other hand, the mayor has to consider the need to appease progressives in the city breed has said that she's talking to judges and attorneys crime victims, people wrongly convicted of crime. one big wild card chase, a brooding remember has still not ruled out running in november to try to get his job back. >> i asked jackie what the mayor should be thinking about. >> well, i think when mayor is thinking about is it's where she appoints. will that person be able to win in november when they have to run for the remainder. i'm greetings term. i think that's really first and foremost because in fact, a chance of beating with a
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run. again, that actually might be closer race than people think. i think that that decision will be made and chill. he sees who is appointed and what the field maybe 4 november has to feel this jumble that off. you know, he might just do it because in in in some runoff, you know, he does have a core voters. if you can raise money, if you can stomach what another campaign, a short period of time. you might. he may do it. >> yeah. key calls and fifty-fifty that boudin will be back in the race. names in the mix is possible. replacements include longtime prosecutor nancy tung, former deputy da brooke jenkins, who joined the recall movement. former police commission member joe alioto, among others. jackie says not really clear yet. who might be best for the job. as for making a tough decision. he says mayor breed needs to go with her gut as he puts it and just name somebody. ken and pam. all
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right. thank you for that. kathryn out la the effort to try to recall district attorney george gascon own is heating up there. >> organizers for the recall campaign say they plan to submit hundreds of thousands of petition signatures to county elections. officials as of today they needed more than 566,000 valid signatures by the deadline today to force a recall election. the recall da george gascon campaign announced recently that it had surpassed that amount. critics of attacks casco for not prosecuting certain low level misdemeanors, calling him soft on crime gas cohn whose may recall was the san francisco da from 2011 to 2019. and he's previously defended his policy changes saying his stances were well known during his campaign and it's election signified public support for his agenda. >> opponents of a new age stadium at the howard terminal are reviewing their options tonight. this now that the oakland city council decided not to let residents cast an
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advisory vote on the project in the november elections. the council majority voted down the proposal saying now was not the time for a public vote. that decision is not sitting well with members of the east oakland stadium alliance, which wants to see a new stadium at the current coliseum site. >> a lot of us that have the been fighting this for have been working on this project for years are really upset because our voices heard last night. >> financial details on the project are expected in september with a number of hearings before another council vote in november. mayor libby schaff, who has been working to move the howard terminal project forward said the city will not approve the deal unless it is a good one for oakland. >> we want to show you a map showing the situation alameda county, particularly around lake mark merritt in oakland. there is a power outage there that is affecting about 3500
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pg and e customers. this is all on the north side of the lake a little bit on the west side. but as you can see, most of this around the grand avenue area on the north side of lake merritt exact reason for the outage as of now and also we don't know exactly how long pg e estimates that outage could be in place. but significant power outage in the lake merritt area as of right now, we're also hearing about another out is not as large that is taking place in the sleepy hollow community of marin county just west of sandra fell into the map. winds out. there you go. you see that area. another outage in marin county. we'll keep an eye on it and keep you posted as the night continues. >> and now to our 4 zone weather forecast. we're looking at live over the bay area looking out over san francisco actually looks like the sunset district it looking towards the beach at ocean beach. actually lawrence looks
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halfway that in eyes. yeah. finally could i mean, it is been socked in along the coastline for days and even a lot of drills letter. but yeah, the fog is there. that's our typical weather pattern. this is typical for the pacific. it's getting going now. >> and heating up. we've got our second named storm. this one body spinning out there right now off the coastline of mexico. you can rain now being wrapped around up in this moisture kind of in the circulation moving parts of mexico, but they're missing the brunt of bonnie. and that's good news. this was a major category storm as of yesterday. it was a category 3 right now. it has weakened somewhat down to a category 2 with sustained winds of 100 miles per hour continue to move west northwest now about 14 miles per hour. so slow down just a little bit. but it is moving into some cooler waters and that traffic will continue to make its way away from the coastline. and so, bonnie, other than to turning up some big waves. so folks up there on a boat looks like of other too many people just yet going to fall apart as it moves into cooler waters by late friday, into saturday,
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becoming a tropical storm and then for the weakening expected after that outside this evening, beautiful look out toward the coastline from the east bay hills. you see that the deck of clouds in the distance there, the golden gate bridge out there. but it's kind of broken out there. and tonight we're going to see more fog, but it's not going to be as extensive as it has been over the last couple of nights and things are going to begin to change. you see right here overnight tonight begin to fill into the bay and into the interior valleys all the way the central valley again. but by the afternoon that breaks up quicker going to be sent letter out there as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. and then things are going to begin to change. we get the evening again that fog and surge back on shore and that will bring with it. some cooler temperatures. coast side. let's put on the number the 15, the 6, i think a little less muggy tomorrow's we have less of a southerly component. the wind. that is some good news. still, temperatures running in low 80's. the warm spots inland. thank you, lawrence. the man charged with shooting and killing 7 people at highland park's 4th of july parade in illinois is said to have confessed to that rampage. >> the 21 year-old suspect was
8:21 pm
denied bond at his first court hearing today via zoom. he did not enter a plea. authorities said that the suspect admitted to police that he was responsible for the mass shooting. they say police found 83 bullet shells and 3 ammunition magazines on the rooftop where he allegedly fired at the crowds. officials also said that he fled to the madison, wisconsin area where he considered launching another shooting at another event. but they say he came back to illinois because he was not prepared. >> new information from the investigation of the uvalde texas elementary school massacre. according to the report that was released today, a police officer armed with a rifle. watch the gunman in the uvalde elementary school massacre walk toward the campus, but he didn't fire on that suspect while he waited for permission from a supervisor that would allow him to shoot the report raises the question of whether or not the shooter could have been stopped before he even entered the building where he killed
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19 children and 2 teachers in late may. law enforcement response at robb elementary school has been under intense scrutiny since the tragedy. much of the blame for the delayed law enforcement response is falling on the school's police chief. pete arredondo who has since been placed on leave. in the south bay. san jose's largest school district has voted to keep officers on campus for at least the next school year a year ago, the san jose unified school district voted to keep officers off the schools. 6 months later, they quietly reversed course and approved $800,000 that allows each school to hire san jose police officers. if they choose to. now, the board has voted to extend that contract with police. the decision applies to high schools and middle schools. each school will be allowed to decide if they want an officer on campus and how those officers will be used. >> still ahead, another thing to put in your wildfire preparedness tool box. the app that ims to help users feel
8:23 pm
more informed when they face dire situations. >> new developments out of the sacramento river delta where 3 bodies have been identified as the man who tried to save a child from drowning their connection to the bay area. after the break.
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we gotta see this selection for ourselves. tile, wood, stone, laminate and vinyl. this hardwood is beautiful. this vinyl is durable. and this tile? so affordable! but when it comes to everything our family needs... this one is...perfect. now this store is the real deal. at floor and decor, there's plenty of room to explore. because with everyday low pricing on quality in-stock products and on-trend styles, you can really bring your living room to life. discover floor and decor today! >> in the bay, oakland, police are asking for help in finding
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this man. 73 year-old leonard hunt was last seen on tuesday just before midnight on 51st street. that's near highway. 24 and ucsf benioff children's hospital in oakland. but his family says that he is displayed early signs of dementia and functions at about the level of a 10 year-old who was last seen wearing a dark grey baseball cap, blue jeans, black, hooded sweatshirt and black shoes. anyone with information on whereabouts is asked to please contact the oakland police department, the bodies of 3 missing oakland man who jumped into the sacramento river in order to save a child have been found. 5 adults were fishing on bad, an island recreational area on sunday when an 8 year-old started struggling in the water, they all jumped into the river to save the child. the sheriff's office says the child was rescued, but 3 of the 5 adults did not return to shore. the rio vista fire department says it pulled the bodies from the
8:27 pm
water yesterday, a friend of the men says their who steal beavis and when perez and in the low gutierrez, we are told that the 3 would not wearing life jackets. first responders want to remind everyone that the water can be much stronger underneath that it appears on the surface. >> let's take a live look at sfo. tonight marks 9 years since the deadly crash of asia on a flight to 14 at sfo. the plane was coming in from seoul, south korea. it's more than 300 people on board. the plane clips the seawall just before the runway while attempting to land in skidded off the side of the runway eventually burst into flames. 3 teenage girls were killed more than 150 others were injured. one of the victims died after run over by to rescue vehicles. they didn't see her underneath all of that foam there to put the flames out u.s. safety. investigators blamed the pilots for making some big mistakes. but the ntsb also said that the
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plane's controls were over designed and made it too complicated to operate quickly in an emergency. >> coming up next tonight at 8 concerns over the current state of our economy is the century. second recession on the horizon? a financial expert joins us to talk about some pocketbook issues says after the break.
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recession continue. inflation remains at historic high levels and there have been a few hectic days on wall street. that's just part of things that we're looking at right now. the biden administration is trying to take some sticks to offer. americans really trying to push a >> plan to save people's pensions and considering reworking the student loan system. so for more on the current state of the economy and what we're facing, let's turn to financial adviser, jewish and chatty from morgan stanley. george, thank you for being with us again. >> so let's start with a look at the big picture. if you're looking ahead just the next couple of months and you're talking to just regular folks, what would you tell them to be looking out for? what is your vision of what what's ahead for us? >> when we take the younger people back to the future, i mean, the first thing that we want to take a look at is back in the 70's and 80's before. lot of the younger people are actually born. we had high inflation. we had high high unemployment. we had no oil basically in that little saving special were today. the
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employment rate is 3.6 overall united states in francisco bay area. it's 1.9%. >> everybody's working showers to going up in inflation is is ready, not so it's really the inflation problem that we have to, you know, work on in the cost of money that are lending to companies to grow their businesses. >> getting focus more on the bay area in the tech sector. we always feel like that's kind of invincible they they don't they can shrug off a lot of the economic problems and other industries face for that may not be the case anymore. there could be some layoffs coming. >> not really that. you know, you're you're you're right on can i mean, prior to january, you know, stock prices for tech companies where, you know, soaring through the roof, high prices lower. evan of that's called the pressure. any stray show. it was very large. now we've got a big show up to try to get the price to earnings ratio down growth companies. tech companies rely on lending. they have to borrow money. they don't pay dividends haulage activists really grown get market share. so now fast forward, a lot of the tech companies are seeing interest
8:33 pm
rates are going to be raising costs. funds are going to be higher. and so that price to earnings ratios going to be hard to get down a list to get a fishing show. there are some some people think you know what, it's going to be layoffs and morgan county. we really don't think so. we think you're in the bay area. now check is mission critical and companies will just not let go a lot of czech people. these people are hard to find they may have a hiring freeze show for a while company confidence consumer confidence isn't really high right now because you're going to transition trying to work on, you know, getting u.s. inflation number down. >> the 3 things i think people see every day and everyday life that affect how they're feeling about the economy. according a gas station, signs that we all drive by every day you buy at the grocery store and also the wild swings on stock market. what are stay predictions. but what are you feeling about what's happening with those 3 issues? >> well, let's just look at the cost of living. i mean, headline inflation is a high number. it shot. you know, we project this month is going to come out probably about, you
8:34 pm
know, a point, you know, 6%. so it has to peak. but those numbers are looking in the rear. but if you take away headline inflation, if you take away just, you know, you know, food and gas, which of the 2 things that are hard to control other country would be touch of inflation. coming our supply chains that things are getting better. prices are going down even the commodity. while pam, you may notice unit was trading at $120 a barrel last week. now it's trading at that $100 a barrel. so this more more supply coming in and that that happened, you know, you know, week like the mandate will see price point try to come down. but people have to be patient. it's when impatient people overreact and the past money on 2 very patient people. so we have to be patient with this. and, you know, maybe we're going to drive less the more efficient what we're doing, you know, spend less because we have to be cautionary. consumer confidence is down because of all the headline news that's pretty negative. but, you know, we're in good position to weather the storm better than we were in the 70's and the 80's. so you know that that is if the senate effective, we're going to long getting inflation down. if
8:35 pm
government and companies get more supply into the supply chain, that will help get prices down to 2 more of a norm or it may be more come down next year can point to a lot more people into market. yeah, i was going to ask about housing and perspective on history is interesting because, you know, a few months ago, interest rates were down around 3%. >> now there are around during that, you know, the 70's and 80's. we're looking at 15, 20% interest rates on mortgages, right a huge difference. what how do you see mortgage changing as we get through this inflationary hump? well, good gauge for the mortgage rates is the 10 year bond that she and her media interest show banks really, shep. mortgage rates. >> don't want to get stuck there. years out with the really, really low rate when they could be getting a lot more money. so, you know, right now we're pushing the mortgage rate really double, which is carving a lot of people out of the marketplace. but again, in perspective, you know, 5, 6%, interest rate on mortgages is, you know, a lot lower than it had been in history. that doesn't help
8:36 pm
somebody right now who watch by house, especially the bay area because candidate, you know, if you own a house in your refinance to 2 and a half 2% rate. you really don't want to show your house. you want to hold on to it because if you go buy your next house is going to be 6% mortgage rate. so that's kind of keeping the supply of houses down. and that's that's raising the prices up. you know, where million dollar house here, it's going to cost $400,000 nationally. so people have to kind of rethink if they really want to stay in the bay area. if they can afford to stay in the bay area because they could, you know, move to the east coast the florida make, you know, half their salary, but live better because the cost living for a lot lower so that the decision to people have to get really think about. >> so there are a lot of jobs out there. but nonetheless, people are starting to dip into their savings. some are even dipping into their retirement pension accounts and whatnot. the for a one give us some advice on what people should be doing as it pertains to how to stretch their money. what to do? should they dipping into savings? what do you think?
8:37 pm
>> we've been used to 10 years of really free money. interest rates have been low. people have been overspending. you can't do that whenever there's, you know, difficult time. she got to take difficult actions. you have to look really at your own, you know, budget and look at those things that you must pay for, like your food, your rent, those kind of things and all the other things, you know, you really have to cut back on those. i think things are going to be okay. long term. but you just don't know. the economy could many, many different ways. we think it's strong. we think it will do well. but the left to be a lot more conservative their spending. we've got to reduce credit card debt, get ready credit card debt. you've mentioned once before pm with you. you know, if you've got you've got a credit you're going to be directly affected by interest rates. rising. so get rid of that debt. and if you can't do that, switch credit card companies have to give you a lower rate companies to allow you to do that. watch your debt. what your get ready. you know, keep that you never take any money out of your 4 one k plan that money is designated for the future. when your paychecks stopped, that's what you're going to lie on that intial security. so you've got to be really just us here. take the
8:38 pm
tough action. you know, hard to do, but i don't think it's going to be all that long. i think we'll see him play should go down by the end of the year about 6.7%. and then in 2023 will probably training about tree nuts for the reserve. watch it. our supply chain will get better and it will become a lot more economical to live here in the bay area and throughout the rest, united states. that's what hopeful that that's important. yeah, yeah, that that's a great note to end on a george. thank you for your time. we really appreciate there's always the signs for optimism out there. if you look hard enough. >> so appreciate year. we're going to get thank you. thank you, still ahead tonight, at 8 o'clock, the biden administration stepping up efforts to get britney griner released from that russian jail. details on the negotiations and a possible swap. next. the wildfire in amador county continuing to party tonight. the latest update from cal fire as the crews battled the electra fire. >> and clouds moving on shore now. but a little broken out there for tonight. what does that mean for the day ahead tomorrow? we'll talk about that coming up next.
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fire administration telling the wife of brittney griner that they are working to get the wnba star released from prison in russia. >> president biden today shared a letter with surround reiner that he plans to send to the imprisoned athlete. it's in response to an impassioned letter that griner sent to the white house detailing her fears. her trial began last week. she was
8:42 pm
arrested in moscow 5 months ago for allegedly bringing cannabis well into the country. >> a big thank you. went out tonight to neighbors and even strangers who helped to raise money for ukraine when the war started an east bay woman started a gofundme so that she could travel to poland and help ukrainian refugees. sara hammond from all renda wanted to provide the aid on the ground so that the money would go farther further. tonight she is back as she is expressing her gratitude to all of the people who donated. >> $2000, a pay raise $2000 point. we'll be able to make such a big difference. and then i thought $5,000 is the money kept on coming in sometimes for total strangers because the people that you see here tonight forwarded the appeal on 2 friends who forwarded it to friends, etcetera. so we ended up raising almost $13,000. >> $13,000. heyman says that money raised helps several
8:43 pm
organizations in ukraine, including a multicultural center. the jcc and the polish scouts. plus it pay for an ambulance to go to a hospice center in western ukraine and to van loads full of food to feed people at hospitals and children's centers. >> coming up, the a's try for their first 3 game winning streak at the oakland coliseum this season. grant lotus has the highlights and all t
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when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie.
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>> and let's take a look outside at the 4 zone forecast bucky ball along the embarcadero san francisco and looks like a nice night out there. i was going to go over and talk to lawrence about the weather. and pam said have got to come. have to be here with me that right? i came over talk about we've got some nice weather coming up. it's been pretty gray. i think a little less great tomorrow. we'll see a little more sunshine around the bay area's. >> all the fog start to move on shore ready. but it's kind of broken out there now. it will be filling in overnight tonight. it's tomorrow morning, but we continue to see these weak systems kind of a play with the fog there as it moves on shore to mcgee past couple days, we've had a little southerly component. so kind that a muggy feel. the dew points running very high, but today temperature of 68 degrees right about the average in san francisco. 71 in oakland, 77 degrees in san
8:47 pm
jose. 76 little cooler than normal. the livermore. same with concord and 76 degrees in santa rosa. good news is air quality looking fantastic again for tomorrow afternoon. that sea breeze bringing a nice fresh ocean air temperature wise. it will be cool. and parts of san francisco. 61 in the sunset about 63 downtown. also the marina 50's and 60's co side. maybe a couple patches of drizzle not as wet overnight tonight toward the coast, 6, 6, in burlingame, about 70 degrees in san carlos. 72, you'll find sunshine in the afternoon. redwood city south. they fill up plenty of 70's by tomorrow afternoon. even 80 degrees in morgan hill. and then we'll see a few low 80's showing up inland as we're going to start march in those temperatures up a few degrees each day by lot of part of the weekend. i think we see some place to get pretty hot around parts of the bay area. but 81 in benicia tomorrow. 81 also in the napa valley looking at 59 degrees in stenson about 70 in mill valley next few days. the temperatures are going to start to warm up in the few degrees. but much warmer weather expected getting hot on sunday inland. we could see triple digits on monday. thank
8:48 pm
you, lauren. see electra fire continues to burn in amador county. it's now covered more than 4100 acres. it's 40% contains. that's up from yesterday. the fire began monday and it's burning in an area off electoral road and highway 49, the southeast of the town of jackson officials say they believe fireworks could be to blame for starting that fire. one first responder was injured more than 1200 structures are still threatened. evacuation orders have forced about 700 residents in amador county and about 400 people in calaveras county to flee their hom s as we move through the fire season, a new resource aims to keep california is on top of wildfire risks and response force noelle bellow introducing us to the watch student app. >> we want to empower citizens much like ways to be able to actually contributes to the disaster that's happening around them. and still just a little bit less helpless. keeping watch over california.
8:49 pm
that's the goal of watch duty. a free app launched last year in the north bay. i almost lost my land more than once. so this is a deeply personal watch duty was co-founded by john mills, resident of healdsburg who used his software engineer background to create a way for residents to stay on top of wildfires burning in their region. >> there's you submit content, but it's moderate, right? so here's where we're getting a lot of really engaged is that especially in it in the area? we'll watch the last year. so it's not a lake not but we'll get, you know, dozens and dozens of photographs from all these different angles about 25 to 30 moderators are also posting fire radio information and real-time updates for emergency services away for confirmation. we will listen to talk channel control channels are looking for the updates any and all the twitter updates from some police department and watch duty is now available across the entire state with plans to extend beyond california soon
8:50 pm
after downloading the app you create a log in select which counties you want to receive notifications about the map of active wildfires. let you click through and check acreage and containment numbers. users can also click the camera icon in the top right corner to submit their own content to just be someone texting their friends about the fire on their property and now have a huge rise value to the rest of the world had first responders. so we can really see where that the fire lines and perimeters are. there are more than 112,000 users and counting. mills says after each fire incident they find new people downloading and contributing. this is a real lot of holding fire and some fires are moving 60 miles an hour. so you need real time information. eventually mills would like to be a resource for other natural disasters as well. like floods are large earthquakes. that's a ways away here. the app is available in the apple and google play stores. you can also access it on your desktop
8:51 pm
at watch duty dot org and newsroom. i'm noelle bellow. back to you. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> maybe just maybe the a's can get a little bit of a roll here after winning 2 straight games at home for the first time since april 19th. the a's are going for a season-best 3 straight at the coliseum today out of the ballpark. but kids snow school taken in the ball game. it's a good day top for the a's. nick allen, diving to his left flashing the leather and in time to get the runner starter, james kaprielian appreciate suns. last game. scoreless going into the 6th and in the 6th. how about ramon lauriano? let's catch there. deep to center solo shot his 6th of the season. it's one nothing a's. but in the top of the 7th, the jays finally get to completely and
8:52 pm
and this one stings extra because it's matt chapman doing the deed. takes him deep. his 13th tied at one inning later, bo bichette it. number. dante bichette it. he takes that domingo acevedo pitch down the left-field line for another solo blast. low scoring here. 2, 1, to that would be the final jays. take it. the a's lose. but they will host the astros on friday football. now, cleveland browns about this and agree to trade quarterback baker mayfield, the carolina panthers, cleveland receive a 4th or 5th round pick in 2014 depending on mayfield's playing time. mayfield it was the number one overall pick in the 2018 draft and a record of 28 30 in 4 seasons with the browns. cleveland signed the embattled qb deshaun watson
8:53 pm
earlier this year. that prompted this trade here and the trade closes the door on. well, a lot of people thought was the most likely landing spot for jimmy garoppolo, the niners qb. they're trying to trade him, you know, thinking might be able to go to carolina, but doesn't look like that anymore. but maybe this opens the door for cleveland to sign garoppolo because lot of people think the shawn watson is going to face a lengthy suspension and they're going to need somebody otherwise. and looks like the niners could very well have to release jimmy g outright and get nothing in return former san jose shark in nhl defenseman brian it passed away today at the age of 53. the former enforcer was in montreal, actually for the nhl draft as a scout for the sharks. the cause of death has been released, but the team released a statement today that reads brian's lifelong love of hockey was unparalleled and he was amongst the most dedicated
8:54 pm
physical and fear says players ever to play the game. he spent more than 20 seasons with the sharks organization 334 games as a player and 15 years as a member of the sharks, scouting department, most importantly, they say brian was a loving son. and father. we'll be right back after a quick commercial break.
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>> and that wraps up kron. 4 news tonight at 8%. and vicki standing by with what's coming up at 9 o'clock. thank yes, thank you, ken. next at 9, this is a crazy story. you know, these freeway shootings, they're all over right? talk about too close for comfort. we're talking to a bay area couple. you see them here. >> they were nearly hit by bullet after they were caught up in this freeway shooting. and the east bay woman is feeling a chance that i get shot will hear from the driver coming up after the break. crazy staff yet california cutting cannabis taxes. >> how the effort impact the industry that's already struggling. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. keep it here. kron. 4 news at 9 is next.
8:58 pm
hitting the road, not all 5g networks are created equal. t-mobile covers more highway miles with 5g than verizon. t-mobile has more 5g bars in more places than anyone. another reason t-mobile is the leader in 5g.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> just by chance or greater power, whatever. >> decided to choose the the path without a senate. >> now at 9 close call, the east bay couple gets caught in the crossfire of a freeway shooting and they make it out. ok, thanks for joining us here at kron. 4 news at 9. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. yes. shaking your head saying that a stray bullet enters the front passenger window and exits the back. >> window narrowly missing both of for sale. and th


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