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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  July 7, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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its activelift technology provides an unbeatable clean on 24 hour dried-on stains. skip the rinse with finish to save our water. area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> that breaking news at 3 o'clock. we now know who will be san francisco's next district attorney brooke jenkins, one of the leading voices in the fight to recall chasing gene will now have the job. thank you so much for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3. i'm justine waltman. mayor london breed's office has confirmed with us here at kron. 4 that the mayor has selected brooke jenkins as next district attorney kron four's catherine unit here live with us now in the newsroom with more on what we've learned and a little bit more about the new da. thanks for joining us, catherine.
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yeah, this is interesting out. the recall election held one month ago today. and since then. >> there's been a lot of speculation on who mayor breed would pick as a chase. abboud aims for placement. and yes, we are told it is brooke jenkins who worked in the da's office quick in discussed, she said and then helped work on the recall campaign jenkins was a deputy da from 2014 until she resigned in protest last october during the recall campaign, she criticized for focusing on plea deals and diversion programs and said that he failed to address a rise in anti-asian hate crimes during the pandemic. the 40 year-old will be the second woman of color to serve as san francisco da. after now, vice president kamala harris and she will serve in that role until at least the november election. analysts say there is a good chance. remember that? chase will run again and try to get his job back. so imagine for a moment goes to facing off when i interviewed
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during the right before the recall election, he essentially accused jenkins of lying about him in her recall campaign ads and was really angry about her while she was one of the favorites to replace him. some people pointed out that she has not run for office before other names in the mix included longtime prosecutor nancy tung, san francisco supervisor catherine stefani and former police commission member joe do very knees. the formal announcement from mayor breed. that's coming up at 5 tonight. justine, thank you craft and we will be covering that for everyone tonight during kron at 5. we'll hold the mayor's press conference live as soon as it starts. >> our other top story today, jurors in san jose have found former theranos coo sunny balwani guilty on all felony counts of fraud in the theranos trial kron four's. charles clifford joins us now live with all the details on what happened in court today. good afternoon.
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>> good afternoon. sunny balwani. the former ceo coo of theranos has been found guilty on 12 counts of defrauding investors and patients. he now could be facing decades behind bars. thursday afternoon, romesha ball one. he walked out of federal court in san jose, but his time as a free man is coming to an end moments earlier, a jury found that guilty of 10 counts of federal wire fraud and 2 counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. he showed little emotion as the verdicts were read. now faces up to 20 years in prison. >> his conviction comes 6 months after former theranos ceo elizabeth holmes was also found guilty of 3 counts of criminal wire fraud. and one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. both holmes and balwani were accused of defrauding investors and misleading patients by claiming that their company theranos had created blood test that could quickly diagnose a variety of ailments. in reality, the company's tests were unreliable following thursday's verdict, stephanie
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hines, the united states attorney for the northern district of california, said she believed that justice had been served. we are gratified. by the jury's hard work and a 10 and f to the evidence percent. we appreciate the verdict. and look forward. to sentencing proceedings after leaving court on thursday about one in his legal team declined to speak to the press, but one is scheduled to be sentenced in november. meanwhile, elizabeth holmes, who is also facing up to 20 years in prison, is scheduled to be sentenced in september. all right, back live now, both both ball, lonnie and homes remain free on bail until their sentencing hearings. >> but for now in the south bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. thank you so much. charles. >> former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin has been sentenced today to 21 years in prison for violating george floyd's civil rights. this adds a few years too. the sentence that chauvin is already serving for his murder conviction. federal prosecutors had sought 25 years arguing that he killed
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floyd in cold blood. chauvin's attorney had sought 20 years arguing that chauvin was remorseful. back now here in the bay area. a 9 year-old boy died in a south bay swimming pool. he drowned at an apartment complex in mountain view. and edna, merry way. the child was rushed to the hospital, but he died there. authorities say this is a tragic reminder of the dangers that can come with the summer swimming season. kron 4 sarah stinson brings us some pool safety tips. >> the child going or anybody can go under water within a few seconds. the drying process starts here in houston. martin said in her 3 decades of experience, she seen some close calls. a couple of unconscious but again, they were swimming in unsupervised area the lifeguards were able to get to them quickly. the cdc reports that children ages one to 4 die from drowning more than any other cause of death. the drowning of a child is a parent's worst nightmare. here
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are some basic tips to make sure you can avoid that from happening. always swim with a buddy. you know, we don't want to come by yourself. in case there isn't an issue. you can alert that person that is with you. karen recommends you to go to a school that has a lifeguard in in the least bit. make sure there's some supervision if you're and a backyard pool or in a complex pool, make sure that there's an adult. >> on deck that that that has identified themselves as somebody that's watching over those summers. >> cpr is crucial to saving anyone's life, not only at a pool, but any body ofwater. if you see an unconscious swimmer, this is what karen says you should do. reach a throw. don't go. >> so if you see somebody that's in distress and they need reach out, throw something that they hold on to get that person to the side, get them out of the water. open the airway and call 9-1-1 immediately. have your kids wear floaties when they're in the pool, especially if they don't have basic swim skills.
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and if you're in open waters always wear a life jacket, know the risks and the weather conditions of that day don't swim in water that are unfamiliar with lakes. rivers, oceans are unpredictable. so look for signs. >> follow rules. if you have questions, ask somebody. >> that was sarah stinson reporting for us this afternoon. also a 9 year-old boy who was badly injured in the amtrak train crash that killed 3 people last week has died. julian news of dixon died last wednesday at the knee children's hospital. oakland. that's according to a gofundme page that his family has set up. it was last monday when the train crashed into a car in unincorporated brentwood. julian was one of 5 people in the car. the crash killed 3 women, including the boy's mother and grandmother, the 85 passengers and crew members on the train were not hurt. other national news now, the father of the suspected gunman who opened fire on the 4th of july parade in highland park said that he had no idea
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that this was going to happen and he had no warnings about this tragedy. he tells abc news he cannot be blamed for his son's actions even though he signed a consent form for his son to apply for gun ownership. the father says the boy and he and his wife were all together just days before the attack. and they asked his son if he had any plans for the holiday and he said no. he also says he spent nearly one hour with his son in the yard the night before the attack talking about the planet. and they say that his son was in a great mood. today. california senator alex padilla hosted a roundtable to address gun violence across the state. the conference is a follow-up to the national gun bill. senator padilla said the move will help keep guns away from domestic abusers, improve gun background checks for gun buyers and strength and red flag reporting laws. all steps he said that are on the right direction to fight the epidemic of gun violence. >> but it's not just mass shooting that this is an
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important point. got to make sure today, it's also every day gun violence that impacts our communities. we will keep up the pressure that we can keep making progress to deal with the violence because the cannot accept violence as just a fact of life in america. >> senator padilla was joined today by members of the giffords foundation. another gun safety advocates. and now to our covid coverage. and if you do have covid, it's now easier to get the covid-19 pill. the fda announced that pharmacists can now begin prescribing paxlovid kron. 4 s camila barco has the details. >> this is a game changer for people who have covid because they can now get the covid-19 pill paxlovid quicker and relieve themselves from their symptoms sooner. state license pharma says now have the power to prescribe people with the covid-19 pill paxlovid. they're probably the experts in drug interactions. >> and drug interactions is really key when we mark
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prescribing park grievously only doctors in decisions were able to prescribe the pill. >> now people can get it over the counter. if they're eligible this really cuts down on the number of steps, a number of hoops that patients have to jump through. paxlovid is given to people who have covid and are at risk of getting terribly sick. infectious disease expert doctor peter chin. hong says it should be taken within 5 days at the start of symptoms for it to be effective if taken within that period of time can cut down hospitalizations. >> by as much as 89%. and that's in the highest risk group of unvaccinated folks in order to get it. people need to bring in some paperwork to their local pharmacies. >> patients need to show their recent health records like blood test and a list of any of the current medications they're taking this way. pharmacists can determine whether someone who has covid-19 is eligible to be prescribed. paxlovid doctor peter chin. hong says the fda's authorization will allow
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many more people to have access to the pill. >> in places it's se there aren't enough physicians and prescribers. so i think having pharmacist empowered to do this will mean a lot more people. >> who of lower means can get cbs health already provides covid-19 care at more than 1000 locations inside drugstores and now packs of it is one more treatment that they're offering to patients in. burlingame, camila barco kron. 4 news. >> president biden honored the first american to receive the covid-19 vaccine with the medal of freedom. today, sandra lindsay, a new york critical care nurse received the nation's highest civilian honor. president biden says she was selected for her work as a long island. critical care nurse and for rolling up her sleeve for the shot outside of clinical trials. she says she couldn't believe that she was offered this
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opportunity. >> never in my wildest dreams would i think that i would blow this place in history, but i am honored and humboldt. my colleagues and i in health care in the medical community have worked tirelessly to get to this point. >> in addition to saving lives, lindsay says the vaccines also relieve some of the burden on health care workers. 17 people received medals today, including gymnast simone biles and the late john mccain. coming up here at 3 o'clock has covid-19 got so contagious that you're still at risk, even when you're outdoors. the startling new data that has experts concerns. and do remember when our skies turned orange during wildfire season one state, the skies turned green this week. we'll tell you why. that's coming up. 3.45? and a couple caught in the crossfire at a bay area freeway. one bullet just barely missed them will hear their story next.
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>> you >> this is the moment where a bullet narrowly missed an east bay couple while they were driving on the 5.80, freeway. the couple got caught up in the crossfire. but freeway shooting kron four's taylor seconds spoke with them about what happened. >> you >> terrifying moments as bullets flew across i-580,
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while garrett mason and his fiance were leading oakland to drive to pleasanton a couple weeks ago. >> i noticed the vehicle in front there passenger got outside of there window. basically we're sitting. and their passenger side window facing backwards and then literally a second later, you hear about 4 gunshots. i believe one of which went to of this vehicle. mason says the stray bullet entered his passenger side window. >> just barely missing his fiance and exited out the back window .hot. >> without he says it was a close call, but they're both physically okay. jason says he saw the 2 suspect vehicles minutes before the shooting began in broad daylight approaching the freeway. a vehicle. >> kind of us off at a four-way stop. >> and at that point. that he got onto on-ramp line, the vehicle behind me was also on
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my tail. those 2 vehicles then broke off and started the and weaves through traffic. he says the suspect shot at a black mercedes car from smaller car, possibly a hyundai. usually the guy getting shot at his car might have been hit because the news words quite heavily. >> but that that just the and kind of dots, you know. >> the mason says he filed a police report and is unaware of any other cars affected amid a rising freeway shootings. governor gavin newsom recently announced that alameda and contra costa counties would receive dozens of freeway cameras in the fall. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. in the east bay, neighbors in danville are on alert following a string of recent crimes in the town. one of them was a robbery that happened outside of a trader joe's last friday. >> police say 3 people robbed a man at gunpoint and police did arrest the group of robbers. all of them are teenagers, but residents are
3:18 pm
still concerned. and now they're asking for a greater police presence. >> some dental now i see. >> that they parked cars occasionally, which helps people slow down and look, which is good. i don't know. maybe get out here more like on bicycles that the more presidents that way. >> so there is a parked danville police vehicle in that trader joes parking lot. but shoppers tell us it's been there a while even before last. friday's robbery. lake tahoe is a very popular place to celebrate the 4th of july of this year. people left behind a lot of litter on the beach. thousands of pounds of trash. this photo. the trash was taken by the u.s. forest service. more than 300 volunteers, a dive team and a beach cleaning robot removed 3400 pounds of trash on july 5th at zephyr cove, volunteers found blanketed in piles of
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trash. they gathered over 2700 pounds of cans shoes, beach chairs and other waste on that site. and for the past 8 years, residents and visitors have gathered for beach cleanups. every 5th of july. leave. no trace is not the saying. we pack it in. pack it out. they're packing it up to the marin county right now as we take this live look outside here at the golden gate bridge. the weather really pleasant out there today. the clouds have kind of given way to some sunny skies and rig as is here now, not only tracking the warmer weather but also a fire that has just started near truckee. yeah, that's right. near the airport there. just seen fortunately forward progress has been stopped at about 12 acres. but let's take a look at fire conditions. 77 degrees, relative humidity, very dry out their 26% with wind speeds in that 18 mile per hour range in your full sierra forecast right now, taking a look at incline village. a lot of blue skies
3:20 pm
out there. much cleaner along that beach area. but radar for right now, we are tracking a lot more clearing and drier conditions, not just for the bay area, but even for this year as well. we're going to begin a gradual warming trend continuing through the weekend. not much high cloud cover. in fact, very few high cirrus clouds also known as fair weather maker clouds, the truckee warming up into the low 80's by tomorrow, south lake tahoe in the upper 70's. and we're going to see temperatures really starting to warm up sunday into monday of this upcoming week in the low to mid 80's. so we're going to be about 5 to 15 degrees above average. and even on thursday, we have a slight chance of sierra thunderstorms as well. so going to keep our eyes on that from the kron. 4 weather center. temperatures out there right now. 60's 70's and back into the 80's for warmest inland valleys, checkout conquered in livermore in the low 80's right now with oakland at 71 degrees downtown san francisco and pacific and the low to mid 60's along the san francisco peninsula
3:21 pm
coastline. thanks to that cool sea breeze. but we're seeing widespread 70's. but check out santa rosa warming up to 82 degrees this afternoon with high temperatures tomorrow, flirting with 90's for santa rosa and avato mid 70's for downtown san francisco and oakland. and taking a look ahead at your next 7 day forecast. only going to get harder from here peaking sunday and monday low to mid 90. so 5 to 15 degrees above average. little relief in the coming days after that until low 90's return a week from today. back to you. just seen. >> the thank you. >> actor james caan has died at a statement from his family says he passed away last night. no cause of death was given. khan had a long and successful film career highlighted by roles as sonny corleone in the godfather. you also started the horror film, missouri and the holiday family favorite elf seen here. khan was 82 years old. still ahead at san joaquin county family says they're
3:22 pm
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afternoon. we're all feeling the impacts of inflation. and the turns out there are shoppers out there that check and tally these rising prices. >> and they get the data to the government that it needs to make some major economic decisions. reporter kelsey kernstine has the inside look at the job of a secret shopper. >> right now you're watching the most important shopper in america. price checking the most important carton of sheriff ryan is an economic assistance for the u.s. government permission rising everyday items from stores big and small. her receipts make up the all important consumer price index or cpi. the official measurement of inflation. and we begin with rising costs, nation soars to a 40 year high record gas prices on top of a runaway inflation has all of our head spinning right now. news nation getting rare access to how it's all done. my big question is how many stores you going today? i usually had
3:26 pm
about 10 stores today. >> i am price a variety of items. in fact, there are 400 economic assistance doing this exact same thing all over the country from cities to suburbs and rural areas from the east to the west. so have you know, which grocery store to go to? do you go to big ones are small ones. >> we can do a survey where consumers are purchasing their goods and services. and from there we get our locations and we go to a variety of stores, whether they be a big store are a smaller store. we follow her four-day break, checking everything from dairy to produce. >> what here of labor statistics, fine will impact all of us. if prices are too high, the fed will keep raising interest rates, but and her co-workers prices falling that they could ease up so much riding on the price check. it's very fulfilling to know i'm a small part of providing data the government that's use for important policymaking decisions have been doing this. >> that was kelsey kernstine
3:27 pm
reporting for us. it is important to point out that these price checkers don't set the prices themselves. why? there's both. >> burns added the launch of a national mental health hotline. i'm hannah brandt in washington. we'll have that story coming up. plus, after multiple scandals and battled british prime minister boris johnson has finally resigned. and why local doctors are saying even being outdoors can be dangerous during this current covid surge.
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>> our top story 3.30, the summer sun is moving. people outdoors even as covid-19 transmission rates remain high throughout the bay area. kron 4 sweet, gentle explains why health officials are now suggesting wearing a mask outside to protect yourself from the covid infection. >> with a few exceptions, masks are not required indoors in california, but they are highly recommended by the state and centers for disease control and prevention. doctor john swartzberg still wears his in public chances of somebody. >> who doesn't have any symptoms but is infected can spread this first very great and indoors. you re breathing other people's their doctor. swartzberg taking it a step further by suggesting we wear snug fitting n 95 or kn 95 masks if in crowded spaces outdoors this virus can spread very effectively within about
3:31 pm
6 feet. but it also can remain in the air for long periods of time. doctor swartzberg is an infectious disease expert and clinical professor emeritus at uc berkeley school of public health with around the public pool at a picnic or concert outside. >> doctor swartzberg says he would be wise to mask up. people are right within your space. >> then you risk and you are you can be at substantial risk and that's a city where right now given the amount of virus circulating and these very transmissible subvariant. i would have a mask on in that circumstance. the omicron subvariants ba 0.4 and ba 0.5 have managed to evade the immunity. we get from vaccination. >> where previous infection. we used to be able to think that if you had covid was one and done and you were. >> we know that's not the case to. and if you plan on attending a large gathering, take a rapid test before meeting up. keep in mind if you test negative but feel
3:32 pm
symptoms, isolate. >> it may take a few tests before the results come back positive. ball kron. 4 >> also for your health this afternoon, many people continue working from home while they are sick. but experts now saying work stress, can tax your immune system and even cause your symptoms to stick around longer. so you're going want to remove all those distractions and get the proper amount of help your body fight off the infection. they say at a minimum you should unplug for 3 to 5 days to promote a full recovery. across the pond. british prime minister boris johnson has resigned following days of defections in his own party, hurting his ability to govern. johnson has been in power for almost 3 years. despite several controversies, including office parties that broke pandemic lockdown rules. johnson has appointed a new cabinet and will remain in power until a new prime minister is selected. the
3:33 pm
launch of a national mental health hotline is just days away. and advocates are hopeful this will transform how our country helps people in crisis. but there are some doubts that the hotline is ready. hannah brandt explains why. >> sue 9, 8, 8, will be the national hotline for mental health. help anywhere the country we call age and you're going to talking who trained professional is going to be able to help you on july 16th, 9, 8, 8, will replace the existing 10 digit suicide prevention number. the change comes from legislation led by congressman chris stewart and seth moulton. too many americans died by suicide today because they just don't know >> how to get help. and it's going to change that. while congress dedicated some money to the new hotline, much of the funding was left up to the states and a majority of states still haven't established a permanent plan in the long term. they don't have a stable source of funding that they will be able to draw a study by rand
3:34 pm
corporation found a lot of local crisis centers feel unprepared for the launch of 9, 8, 8, federal leaders say they're working to trouble shoot issues around under staffing technology and funding. the 16th really is the start of a transition and not the there's still a lot of work to be done for now. call centers that are prepared may have to fill in the gaps while others catch up. we both every barricade that was about this program to be implemented. unsuccessful. >> now it's up to the states to fund the congressman. moulton says lawmakers may pass further legislation to fix problems that come up, but he believes this launch will be a game changer. it's not been a perfect on day one. we all know that. but the simple fact that it's going to be up and running. means a lot of lives will be saved in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> and if you are loved, one needs some help. right now, the original national suicide prevention lifeline number still works. that numbers on the screen right now. 800,
3:35 pm
273-8255. it is available. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. we'll talk about our forecast right now as we take this live look outside from our mount tam cam. and we could see a little bit of haze out there today on this sunny thursday in our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now to look ahead towards the weekend. it looks a lot warmer. >> yeah, a lot warmer and less of that marine layer. so if you love that sunshine today, it's really going to stick around. let's take a look at our latest drought monitor map because this latest one was released today. little change still holding steady with severe drought and just july should be one of the driest months in the bay area. but we've actually seen above average rain in the form of drizzle 5, one hundredths of an inch of rain for downtown san francisco with slightly less than a quarter of an inch of rain of half moon bay. and that's all the rain that we're going to see in the coming summer months ahead. so going to keep an eye on that drought monitor. but we are going to see clear blue skies out there
3:36 pm
over the and radar for not really seeing much of that marine layer. so temperatures out there right now warming up into the low to mid 80's for warmest inland valleys, checkout antioch, 84 degrees. 25 degrees warmer than half moon bay, barely in the low 60's with when tracker for tracking a little bit of a sea breeze. for those of you in downtown san francisco. 22 miles per hour, sustained winds and take a look ahead at your next 7 day forecast. it's only going to get warmer and drier from here downright hot sunday and monday, the 2 hottest days of the next 7 days. temperatures 5 to 15 degrees above average where we could actually warm up into the low triple digits for warmest inland valley, some relief next tuesday. but then warming up once again back into the low 90's. next thursday. back to you. just staying. >> thanks for brees said it was a star-studded day at the white house today. president joe biden awarded 17 people with the medal of freedom. that's the nation's highest civilian award. our dc correspondent raquel martin has the story. today's
3:37 pm
recipients include soccer champion megan rippey know the late republican senator john mccain and olympic gymnast simone biles who at 25 is now the youngest american to ever receive the high honor. all right. trail blazers, humanitarians and decorated athletes were among the 17 americans awarded the presidential medal of freedom at the white house thursday. our nation's highest civilian award. simone biles, the most decorated olympic gymnast in history. >> was among the big names she has to her medal count. 32 farm room. president biden praised biles work both on and off the mat, highlighting her courage to speak out against assault within the u.s. gymnastics turned personal pain and the greater purpose. the president also honor the work of americans no longer with us. former apple ceo steve jobs was steve left us something special.
3:38 pm
>> technology, the capacity improve our lives in ways that haven't even yet and an old friend, the late republican senator john mccain. we like how on the senate floor, but then we go down, have lunch together. i never stopped in modern john. never send a negative thing about in my life. >> after today, just 631 americans have received the award, including the president himself. this is america. he says today's recipients reflect the country at its best. >> one person missing from today's ceremony after denzel washington, the white house confirms he was unable to make today's ceremony because he tested positive for covid-19 but say he will be honored at a later date for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. >> coming up, a long-time bryson customers. you can get a new verizon phone in the mail and this we're hearing is not a scam. and it looks like
3:39 pm
a scene right out of a movie. but this did happen. why the skies turn green in south dakota. and for the first time in nfl history, the las vegas raiders have hired the first black woman to lead the team. we'll introduce you to her coming up. does your plug-in fade too fast? try febreze fade defy plug. it has built-in technology to digitally control how much scent is released to smell first day fresh for 50 days. la la la la la. for the power of a deep clean in
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her eyes. and he's sending new 4 g lte flip phones to users who are still on verizon's 3 g network. >> fries and is planning to
3:42 pm
shut down their 3 g network at the end of the year. which means 3 g devices will no longer work. according to a support page rise and will automatically activate activate the scent of isis. after 30 days, customers can call rise and if they don't want a new phone to be sent to them 18 t sprint and t-mobile have all recently. we're tired. their 3 g networks. and now that major cannabis tax is gone, the cost to buy marijuana is now going down the state got rid of the cultivation tax while making some adjustments to the budget. the cultivation tax was more than $10 per ounce in medical cannabis attorney says taxes like the cultivation tax resulted in the loss of customers for a lot of growers. it was. >> almost impossible for small size cultivators to make a living at it and instead just deal with their neighborhood drug dealers instead. >> the bill eliminating the tax will also freeze the excise tax of 15% for 3 years
3:43 pm
after which the rate could be adjusted to replace money lost by the elimination of the cultivation tax. still ahead here, the san joaquin county da is speaking out on the controversial illegal fireworks raid. >> the explosive evidence that
3:44 pm
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you can really bring your living room to life. joaquin county district attorney is defending the actions of her deputies after
3:46 pm
a massive illegal fireworks bust. 3 weeks ago, a mother shared video of her family walking with their hands up. all deputies raided their home, calling the officers actions, quote, excessive. and now we're getting a look at what deputies discovered inside the home through their body cameras, which paints a very different picture. cher calvin reports. >> when you have 600 pounds in your house with a 3 year-old child that is child endangerment. the san joaquin county district attorney firing back saying the public only heard one side of the story behind this raid at a rip in home in june. when this story broke. the homeowner spoke to the media and shared this video calling it an overreaction. sheriff's deputies entered the homes guns drawn with tactical gear. looking for fireworks. the image of the child walking out of the home. >> hands above the head resonated with many i call pool. but today the san
3:47 pm
joaquin county sheriff's office released their body camera footage of the raid county prosecutor tory verb or salazar says this woman was not a victim, but a repeat offender with the 2021 conviction for selling illegal fireworks during the raid last month. authorities say they found 447 pounds of illegal fireworks in her home. don't stand before me. >> and tell me you're concerned about your 3 year-old or your neighborhood when you could have blown the dickens out of all that and taking them all down. the rip in raid was part of a six-week task force to get illegal fireworks off the street. investigators there sees nearly 10,000 pounds of illegal fireworks, including the type only allowed at professional shows 540 of them were. and 80's and 100's and thousands legally considered bombs. it is the same as if your neighbor had a bomb. >> and you went over and go, hey, yeah, let's go said it off. of course not. he would never do that.
3:48 pm
>> that was cher. calvin reporting for us this afternoon. and you got to see this skies and south dakota's plains region turn green on tuesday as ad retro storm rolled right through the area. experts say the green skies occur when blue light from a rain cloud is combined with the red and yellow light from the sun set and because the director was packing a lot of moisture, including large hailstones the sky turned green, a direct chose to find is a long-distance thunderstorm with winds up to 60 miles an hour and packing a lot of hail. pretty creepy looking. do you think right? it's crazy. like a scene out of stranger things. have you seen that show its like that? the upside take a look at your bay area forecast. 0 tracking green skies. a lot more blue out there. warmer temperatures out there for your bay area thursday afternoon. radar for not even tracking that much marine layer and we're going
3:49 pm
to see less and less of that in the coming days as temperatures start to warm up and also less of that. no sky july and drizzle as well. so we're going to see a lot more sunshine and warmer temperatures as well. already seeing that warm up out there specially far warmest inland valleys out of the 70's and back in the low to mid 80's checkout conquered in livermore, 81 to 82 degrees with mid 70's for san jose. so pleasant temperatures there. 71 degrees for oakland with downtown san francisco at 63 degrees. check out already warming up to 82 degrees as the santa rosa. just to your north. so overnight lows tonight, widespread mid 50's. 52 degrees for those of you in santa rosa with antioch. little bit on the milder side at 61 degrees. but high temperatures tomorrow, 5 to 10 degrees above average. going to see widespread mid to upper 80's for warmest inland valleys in the north bay and east bay. check out santa rosa and nevado flirting with 90's. when you should be in the low 80's this time of year in
3:50 pm
oakland, 77 degrees, 10 degrees above average there with downtown san francisco. very pleasant temperatures in the mid 70's. no one going to complain about that along the coast at 73 degrees in san jose. little bit on the warmer side at 82 degrees. so let's take a look at your next 7 day forecast is we're going to be on cruise control through saturday by sunday, though, really going to feel that summer sizzle, temperatures 5 to 15 degrees above average with low to mid-nineties first most of our inland valleys. but our warmest inland valleys could actually warm up into the triple digits with relieve not arriving until tuesday with seasonal temperatures. returning to your bay area forecast. back to you just thank you. >> the las vegas raiders have broken another barrier for the first time in nfl history. a black woman will lead an nfl franchise. >> sandra douglas morgan was named the new raiders president today. she previously served as the vice chair of the las vegas super bowl host committee and also led nevada's gaming control board. the raiders are no stranger to making history.
3:51 pm
the team had previously employed the first hispanic and black head coaches in the nfl. but this appointment is coming amid a turbulent time for the raiders. morgan will be the 3rd raiders team president in less than a year. the previous president claimed that he was fired for reporting a hostile work environment, too. the nfl. now let's check in with newsnation to see what they're working on for tonight. >> tonight on dan abrams live on news nation. democrats had the chance to modify roe v wade into law under 2 democratic presidents and a democratic majority in congress. so why didn't they do it then? now here's ashley with a look at ben c. >> thanks, dan. tonight on banfield body sold teeth. mined for gold earns hand it over with chips of concrete inside a colorado funeral director has admitted to doing terrible things with the bodies. she was interested to cremate. how can you be certain this will happen to your loved ones on banfield?
3:52 pm
>> you can find newsnation on the channels listed right here. we have more details on our website. kron 4 dot com. here's what's just in now to the kron. 4 news or 2 people had to go to the hospital because this car crashed into a starbucks in cupertino today. this is according to the santa clara county sheriff's office, which tweeted out these pictures, you can see the car would smashing right through the entrance. this is the starbucks that's on homestead road. the extent of injuries is not clear for the 2 people who went to the hospital. we're told, though, that the driver was not hurt and is cooperating with investigators. kron four's dan thorn is following the story. he will have much more on what happened here in cupertino in our later newscast. and also on kron 4 dot com. up next. the science has spoken getting angry when you're hungry. >> it's not really entirely your fault there. some actual science to back up the term angry.
3:53 pm
3:54 pm
a jelly bean that's good for you? try nature's bounty jelly bean vitamins. good-for-you nutrients in a tastier-for-you form. more sweet dreams. more flavorful immune support. get more with nature's bounty jelly beans. when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers,
3:55 pm
they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie. little grumpy when you're hungry, join the club. scientists say that being hangry is a real thing. psychologist in london say there is a link between hunger. >> and our emotional well-being. in a study, researchers observed 64 people over a 21 day period and each person recorded their hunger levels and the motions on app and researchers found that people's hunger levels contributed to 37% of how irritated they felt and 34% to
3:56 pm
their anger. the study also found that feeling hangry for even one day can affect your overall mood. you know, it's real. and, you know, you've been hangry before. maybe these penguins for hangry. they're from japan and they have a much more refined palate when inflation forced the japanese aquarium to feed them cheaper macworld, they refused to eat it. the birds are accustomed to a much better grade of dinner. zoo keepers had to get creative in order to get the penguins to eat. so they started mixing some new fish with some better quality fish. and that seems to be working. the aquarium says some of the otters also had a hard time accepting the new fish. they were hangry mabrisa while they are some high quality fish >> living the good life. let's take a look at your bay area forecast. final check of your weather. temperatures really going to warm up for the end of your workweek forecast. so
3:57 pm
happy friday. they area it's almost inside and certainly going to feel like summer for warmest inland valleys for santa rosa and nevado flirting with 90's are already going to be in the upper 80's there with mid 80's for valais and conquered checkout. fremont 83 degrees with the redwood city barely in the low 80's and widespread mid to upper 70's around the bay area's shoreline. but half moon bay, 66 degrees. so taking a look ahead at your next 7 day outlook, 90's for warmest inland valleys, peaking sunday and monday. stay cool. back to you, risa. thank you. and thank you so much for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3. i'm justine waltman. we'll see you tomorrow.
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