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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 7, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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breaking news. >> that breaking news out of washington, d.c., tonight where president biden we have learned is expected to take executive action tomorrow to try to protect access to abortion. thanks for joining us tonight on kron. 4 news at 9, i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. the announcement is coming from 3 people familiar with the matter. >> they say that the president is expected to formalize instructions to the departments of justice and health and human services to push back on efforts to limit the ability of women to access federally approved abortion medication or to travel across state lines to access clinical abortion services. the president's executive order will also directing agencies to work with the to educate medical providers and insurers about how and when they are required to share privileged patient information with authorities. the order is coming 2 weeks after the u.s. supreme court overturn roe v
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wade ending the federal right to abortion. we'll, of course, be following this announcement on kron. 4 morning news. also breaking this hour, an apparent assassination attempt. japan's former prime minister shinzo has been shot during a campaign speech. >> this is file video here. according to japanese media, though bay collapse was bleeding and they say his heart has failed. he was making an election campaign speech ahead of sunday's election for the parliament's upper house. is the longest-serving prime minister in japan's history. we'll stay on top of this developing story. a let you know as soon as we get any new information. but things do not look good tonight for the former prime minister, shinzo >> meanwhile, at home, a big story out of san francisco, mayor london breed has named former prosecutor brooke jenkins as the city's new district attorney, big announcement that comes after voters. you may.
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>> remember recalled former district attorney chesa boudin in june after just 2 years into his term. a lot of people hope to have more of a balance between reform and justice. the second joins us now live in studio with more on jenkins and what this means for the city. quite a change. taylor. >> definitely a change in what for many of us jenkins has actually been a familiar face for a little while now, if you remember, she was the prosecutor who left her job at the district attorney's office while chase of a teen was in office and then joined the recall campaign, she quickly became one of the main faces of the recall effort and interviews and tv ads and now she vows to deliver on the things that chasen was criticized for leaving behind. >> as of thursday, chase is out. and brooke jenkins is in as san francisco's new district attorney, accountability and justice. >> balance of fairness. is what made her stand apart. >> mayor london breed shows
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jenkins to replace beans after a historic recall ousted him from office in june. jenkins join the da's office in 2014 and was the designated hate crimes prosecutor who also worked in the assault and homicide units. she later left her job to join the recall campaign criticizing how team handled some cases accountability. >> does not mean that we reject a full reform. we can have responsible reform. and accountability both at the same time. and i doubt to this city to balance both in the pursuit of justice and safety or all. >> jenkins promises to prioritize prosecutions of violent crimes, burglaries, property crimes in the city's open air drug market kron four's political analyst michael yaki says mayor breed's choice wasn't a surprise. it made it clear where she starred in the recall that this is so much too. >> eu has, i think, has the support of a voting machine,
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which was the recall effort. someone who has prosecutorial is going to be who who left office because she wanted it to be tougher on crime. all the things that were part of what this recall minute with 55 percent and more of the same. just don't want to see in the da's office because they're concerned about crime and safety as the relationship between the da's office and the san francisco police department remains. rocky jenkins says she hopes to mend that relationship while also holding officers accountable for any misconduct. >> the police officers association reacted to thursday's announcement writing, quote, newly appointed district attorney brooke jenkins. >> he's a qualified, competent and compassionate prosecutor who will allow san francisco to turn the page from the previous criminal defense attorney masquerading as the d a >> all to chase team for comment. but haven't heard back yet. meanwhile, our political analyst michael yaki explains how this all plays out over the next few months
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will impact both brooke jenkins run for da in november. and even the mayor's reelection campaign saying that in many ways the mayor was able to hide dean who oftentimes took the heat for many of the city's problems and crime. i'm taylor bisacky reporting back to you. thank you, taylor. so here's what we know about brooke jenkins. >> according to her linkedin profile jenkins got her bachelor's degree in political science and african american studies. it uc berkeley. she earned her law degree at university of chicago law school jenkins then worked in the san francisco district attorney's office for 7 years from 2014 to 2021. is a prosecutor mostly recently in the homicide department. she resigned in october in protest of nda. chase up with policies. she will be the second woman of color to serve as a sfda following in the footsteps of vice president kamala harris. >> other news now a san
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francisco superior court judge has postponed arguments until he knows whether the city's new district attorney will pursue a bunch of significant cases. judge richard omer was supposed to hear arguments on the legitimacy of thousands of bay area lawsuits brought under the americans with disabilities act. >> but the judge says that he doesn't want to, quote, spend judicial resources on the dispute until he finds out of the newly appointed da is going to pursue the case. the judge is giving the da's office until august 4th to file a declaration. >> a scary day at a starbucks in the south bay after a car just comes crashing in the santa clara county sheriff's office says 2 people were injured. >> yes, scary. it is conference. dan thorn live for us in cupertino tonight with more on. what happened. >> well, grant, vicki, there's still a lot of cleanup that needs to happen here after that car smashed into this starbucks on homestead road around noon today. deputies
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telling us that 2 people that were hurt were inside the store at the time. but it's still unclear tonight as to what caused this driver to come crashing in in the first place. shattered glass and broken tables at a mangled starbucks in cupertino. >> the culprit, the driver of this dark blue bmw pictures showing the car park in the store front after a frightening crash injured. 2 people inside starbucks customer emmalyn reid says she heard the commotion around noon thursday a little shocked, right? because i'm expecting to happen in your neighborhood. >> now it's going for walks up to safe. but the noise today was about santa clara county. deputies say the driver was not injured and is cooperating with their investigation. it's not known if the 2 people who were hurt were customers or employees. i just hope everyone's okay. it's looks scary. i know accidents happen but hopefully everyone's okay.
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>> a man and his son came back to the store to retrieve a mountain bike that was warped in the wreck. customers looking for their coffee fix found they're going to have to wait until a lot of cleanup takes place. i mean, i feel bad for the people working there. and and yeah, so hopefully it'll. >> get back to normal. >> well, we're still working tonight to figure out more information from the santa clara county sheriff's office as to what happened here. of course, what caused the driver to crash here in the first place? again. and it's still unclear tonight when the starbucks will reopen. but some of the cleanup workers here at estimating that will take at least a couple of days reporting live in cupertino. dan thorn kron, 4 news. thank you, dan. guilty on all charges. that's the verdict reached today in the trial of sunny balwani. >> the former president and c o o of theranos one. he was charged with 10 counts of federal wire fraud and 2 counts of conspiracy to commit
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wire fraud. he now faces up to 20 years in prison. he's scheduled to be sentenced in november. his conviction comes 6 months after former theranos ceo elizabeth holmes was found guilty of 3 counts of criminal wire fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. she also faces up to 20 years in prison. she set to be sentenced in september. >> oakland police say they are now aware of 6 people who were injured right after the a's game during the fireworks celebration, july 4th on tuesday, police chief leronne armstrong revealed that bullet fragments from he says celebratory gunfire struck and injured 5 people who were inside the coliseum. police say today they are from a 6th person but did not say how serious the injuries were. police are offering up to $20,000 in reward money for information leading to any arrests. >> some services go. supervisors are calling on governor newsom to take action
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against pg and e it's because of the utility's role in recent wildfires that are both deadly and destructive. our kron four's dan kerman explains. >> the number of wildfires linked to pacific gas and electric increases year after year. and now a member of san francisco's board of supervisors says enough is enough. >> the genie's asking me in terms of the way poor form safety measures being california and that we have seen time and time their information has not been a public eye has not been at chance parents to a supervisor. connie chan has authored a resolution calling on the governor. >> to not renew the utility safety certificate in 2023. and fund a study, a non-profit corporation known as golden state energy, which could take over the operation of gas and electric service. >> we need a governor to really paul's in start thinking about what does it
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take for us to make sure that when california have power, we're also not at the expense of their lives prior to the resolutions introduction thursday, community advocates staged a rally in front of city hall to support the measure has killed over 100 people scorched thousands of homes. >> wasn't millions of californians and caused billions of dollars of damage or communities. the time to act is now. >> and the governor to reject life and to burn. >> san francisco's government audit and oversight committee passed the resolution and it now goes to the full board of supervisors if passed, if their july 19th meeting, the measure will be sent to the governor and the state agency that needs to sign off and pg and e's wildfire mitigation plan. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> now to our drought emergency sonoma county held a virtual town hall today to give an update on the drought situation. there.
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>> at last check, the county is under severe drought conditions. that, of course, means that high risk for wildfires. proffers gayle ong has the latest. >> very, very difficult to predict when this drought will. and speaking at a virtual meeting thursday, sonoma county supervisor lynda hopkins says the county is now in its 3rd driest water year on record and water. reservoirs are near historic lows. lake sonoma is at 53% of capacity and lake sonoma as 59% capacity. and the words both are nearly half empty. the state drought monitor map shows the county is classified under extreme drought conditions. that means areas are at risk for wildfires year around. this is a huge strain on these forest ecosystems. >> our approach it in real time. it's currently has been to. we're pretty aggressively throughout the open space preserve. we numerous ones around the county around really just these these fires safe corridors of sheet fuel breaks in place for emergency access. a panel of environmental leaders spoke at
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the meeting, including a meteorologist from the national weather service. what climate research is showing is that droughts are becoming more frequent. >> and they're offering lasting for more than just one year. so that trend is likely to continue where we will see these periods of multiyear droughts, meteorologist brooke bingaman. it says the latest long-range weather forecast is showing la nina weather patterns, which is known to bring drought conditions does look like we'll go back to aligning its signal in fall and early winter. but we really need to monitor what the trend is for those wet months of december, january and february, because that will really tell us what could happen to our water supply for the following. summer water quality caused by the drought was also discussed. environmental officials caution people to keep a lookout for blue green algae and local waters that could cause health issues for humans and pets. in the meantime, outdoor water restrictions are in place in sonoma county. water seed now is water that we can use later and saving
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water now will reduce the chance that we'll have to take even more drastic measures next year. if we have another dry winter. the next drought update will take place early august. >> in sonoma county jail on kron. 4 news. >> all right. 4 zone forecast time as we take a live look there over the golden gate bridge. fog is just trickling in on this. looks like the. >> the feed is hiccup thing. yeah, you never get tired of that shot, though, right? golden gate. ahead maze this year we could use slovyansk some rain right after hear about the drought conditions. but really, you know, you had in the summer months, i mean, >> the chance to get a significant rain event to almost nil as we're going to see maybe a couple scattered showers. occasionally you see some thunderstorms of the of course, you start to worry about the fires. we get the thunderstorms right now. here's the latest. no long-range forecast and right to the summer months, including october. that's usually when we start to get back in the rain pattern again. right now it's showing
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above normal temperatures through that period, including much of california. kind of interesting during la nina event. usually we'll get some cooler than normal temperatures right along the coastline. parts of california. we have to ske how that works out right now. of course, not looking promising for much in the way of rain either. but beautiful sights out there tonight. we've got some patchy fog trying to form outside tonight. it's not been this running on shore. i think that's going to be the case overnight. we're going to see it picking up but not going to be asked that tomorrow. that means i think we're leading to a warmer day around the bay area with more sunshine and earlier, burn off outside just a evening out there as high pressure trying to build in but still got a ways to go. but that ridge going start to really start to build in as we get in toward looks this. a lot of part of the weekend and temperatures are going to be a warming up all around the bay area. 70 degrees right now. warm still in concord, a much cooler. 59 into san francisco. 64 in tehran. and 64 also for our friends in santa rosa. today's highs yet 64 degrees in san francisco with 71 a
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little bit above normal and oakland, 78 degrees right at the average in san jose. 81 in lemore, 83 in concord at 84 degrees in santa rosa. the on shore wind continues. but you notice more of a northwesterly wind and that means some better sleeping weather, not as muggy outside around the bay area. that's be case again tonight as the temperatures for overnight lows going to cool off a little further. but there is one last low that a swirling off the coastline. that's going to factor your weather the next couple of days. that is going to move a little bit closer by tomorrow. we'll keep patchy fog in the forecast for tomorrow. and also as we head into the first part of the weekend. but after that, i think we might see some offshore winds kicking in as we get into sunday temperature wise. yeah. going to get hot across much of the u.s. and how about the deserts? boy, how about of one 11 in phoenix? no. thank one. 0, 4 in tucson, 109 in yuma, even about 105 degrees in las vegas. so pretty toasty temperatures in some of that heat is going to start to work its way in toward the bay area as we head in toward latter part of the weekend and early next week. just a thinner
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blanket of fog overnight tonight, giving way to some sunshine by the afternoon. tomorrow. it's going to be much more comfortable overnight lows. so probably the 50's so overnight tonight for most bay area highs tomorrow, probably 80's. the warmer spots in the may be getting close. low 90's and parts of the north bay then put on some 50's 60's out of the coast. i lawrence new at 9 san jose international airport is getting 10 million dollars from the biden administration to >> update its terminals. the money is coming from last year's infrastructure bill that includes nearly a billion dollars for airports all across the country. the san jose airport will use the money to bring its facilities into compliance with the american disabilities act south bay representative zoe lofgren releasing this statement about the funding saying in part, americans with disabilities should be able to travel and access airport amenities fully and equally. these funds will help improvement at a san jose international airport. and sure it's accessible to everyone in our community. the city of los altos has a new
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police angela, a very it will take on the role starting on august. first, replacing former chief and leah who retired at the start of the month of area has more than 25 years of experience and policing and law enforcement. she most recently served as deputy chief for bart police. actor james caan has died. a statement from khan's family says he passed away last night. no cause of death was given. >> khan had a long and very successful film career highlighted by his role is a sunny corleone in the godfather ii. also starred in a horror film, missouri and holiday family favorite elf khan was 82 years old. a rally today in san francisco is calling on the city to help veterans find a home supervisor gordon mar and veteran leaders are pushing the veterans affordable housing access act proposed city law that would work to prevent homelessness and expand access to affordable housing options. the 2019
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homeless count identified 600 chronically homeless veterans in the city. that is 9% of the total count. >> i joined the army. >> some years ago, then in the united states army over 15 years after that, i'm tara, back to this city. i became homeless. we have to start somewhere. and we it's already been start folks here i work or, you know. the to work, you know. change has to continue happen. and so this program creates foundation for people like me. >> after the rally today, the audit and oversight committee voted unanimously to recommend the legislation to the full board for approval. it is expected to go for a final vote before the board on july 19th. >> it was a star-studded day at the white house today.
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president joe biden awarded 17 people including these 3 difference makers with the medal of freedom, the nation's highest civilian award car for correspondent raquel martin has a recap of today's ceremony. >> today's recipients include soccer champion megan rippey know the late republican senator john mccain and olympic gymnast simone biles who at 25 is now the youngest american to ever receive the high honor. right trail, blazers, humanitarians and decorated athletes were among the 17 americans awarded the presidential medal of freedom that the white house thursday, our nation's highest civilian award. simone biles, the most decorated olympic gymnast in history. >> was among the big names she has to her medal count. 32 farm room. president biden praised biles work both on and off the mask, highlighting her courage to speak out against
9:21 pm
assault within the u.s. gymnastics turned personal pain and the greater purpose. the president also honor the work of americans no longer with us. >> former apple ceo steve jobs was steve left us something special. >> technology, the capacity improve our lives in ways that haven't even yet been and an old friend, the late republican senator john mccain, we like how on the senate floor, but then we go down, have lunch together. i never stopped and learn job. never send a negative thing about in my life. >> after today, just 631 americans have received the award, including the president himself. this is america. he says today's recipients reflect the country at its best. >> one person missing from today's ceremony after denzel washington, the white house confirms he was unable to make today's ceremony because he tested positive for covid-19 but say he will be honored at a later date for now in washington, raquel martin,
9:22 pm
back to you. >> it is not deadly like covid, but local health officials are scrambling to get more monkeypox vaccine more doses. they're looking for and how one local man is doing tonight after getting his. >> plus, vicki gives us a taste of the tropics in wine country. you bet. it's coming up in today's dine. and dish. >> and what a local lawmakers doing now that the supreme court justice says that the court could start to taking away people's right to birth control.
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>> concerned women will soon lose access to contraception, things like condoms and birth control pills has prompted a north bay representative to take action. yeah, it's a new bill and it's coming in response to the supreme court's decision to overturn roe versus wade. our first justine waltman tells us what it entails. >> when it overturned roe v wade, the supreme court suggested it should consider past rulings that recognize the right to birth control. north bay representative mike thompson tells kron 4 news because of that he felt compelled to co introduce the protecting access to contraception act would prohibit states and local governments from taking any action that truncated individual right to contraception. >> this includes the sale purchase or use of any birth control medications. iuds,
9:26 pm
condoms, and even plan b, the bill would also authorize private citizens and the u.s. department of justice to take legal action against any parties that violate the bill. contraceptives are other medically sound. they're safe and they're effective. >> and i believe anyone wants access to them should have that representative thompson wants congress to vote on the bill during the next session. i'm justine waltman kron. 4 news. >> still ahead on kron, 4 news at 9. we're following renewed concerns from some about covid. this latest variant with local doctors are now saying about masking outdoors again, as cases continue to rise. plus, a scramble tonight for monkeypox vaccines. but first, how firefighters in south bexar now joining the effort to help their counterparts over in ukraine as the war with russia rages on
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hitting the road, not all 5g networks are created equal. t-mobile covers more highway miles with 5g than verizon. t-mobile has more 5g bars in more places than anyone. another reason t-mobile is the leader in 5g.
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we're following breaking news tonight in japan where japan's former prime minister bay has been shot in an apparent assassination attempt. >> a fire official in japan just said bay was not breathing and his heart stopped while he was being flown to a hospital for treatment. we're looking here, of course, a file video, a tv station in japan aired footage showing of a collapsing on the ground with several security guards rushing towards him to help bay was holding his chest
9:30 pm
when he collapsed. there was a good amount of blood they was making an election campaign speech when he was shot. this is ahead of sunday's election for the parliament's upper house and bay is one of if not the most prominent modern japanese politicians. he's the longest serving prime minister in japanese history. and gun violence is so rare in japan. if someone wants to carry out an attack, they'll use knives. sometimes our son. but this was a shooting. there have been reports of 2 shots that's not confirmed. but shinzo has been shot and it does not look good for him. hopefully he can pull through. we'll stay on top of this developing story tonight. and as soon as we get more information, we will break in and let you know. >> other international news a shellings continue in the eastern part of ukraine tonight, despite russia saying that they're letting their
9:31 pm
soldiers take a rest. ukrainian officials have confirmed that 9 civilians were killed today in the region. kron four's rob nesbitt reports on a donation now heading to ukraine from the south bay. the city of san jose has packed up more than 1800 pieces of equipment to provide firefighters and ukraine with breathe a bull air and protect them from toxic life-threatening smoke. >> 133 days of war in ukraine have left many parts of the country looking like this buildings have standing in. the death toll rising. it's why san jose mayor sam liccardo stood next to lifesaving equipment thursday that will be sent to the country to support those many families. >> every day we're under assault, russian military and nowhere is lifesaving need more right now than ukraine. the self-contained breathing apparatus is air packs and mask mounted regulators will help firnfighters in ukraine responding to hundreds of disasters and fires every day. >> equipment donated by the san jose fire department that will help protect the health
9:32 pm
of ukrainian firefighters. who are working so hard to save lives and protect their community every day san jose's donation will be distributed by the relief organization over ukraine founded by nick below gorsky who grew up in eastern ukraine. an area that has come under heavy shelling while russian forces advance on the ground family still in ukraine and i i'm in touch with him every day. >> from all the looks of it, you pay is in this war for a long time since russia invaded in february, nova ukraine has donated more than 22 million dollars in aid to ukraine. a majority of that spending has been dedicated to lifesaving medical aid with their most recent aid coming from the south bay. we're standing with the ukrainians. >> and will continue helping save lives and every help weekend to ukrainians. and relief is also come in the form of military equipment. >> so far the biden administration has transferred more than 7,000 types of small arms, 50 million rounds of
9:33 pm
ammunition. and more than 1 million grenades and artillery rounds to ukraine. >> reporting the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> wnba superstar brittney griner has pleaded guilty to drug charges in a russian court room. griner has been in russian custody since she was detained in february during airport search of her belongings. russian authorities claim they found vape cartridges containing the marijuana concentrate hash oil. the 31 year-old is on trial for large scale transportation of drugs, an offense that can carry a sentence of up to 10 years behind bars in russia yesterday griner's team, the phoenix mercury held a rally on her behalf. her teammates valley into keep pressuring the biden administration to try to broker some kind of deal to get griner home. >> her story as our story. her safety. is our safety. as we wear proudly on the we tell you again today and tomorrow and the day after that.
9:34 pm
>> we are all bg. >> the white house says it is working to free griner, along with other americans held by foreign governments experts, some of them believe russia will not release griner without getting something in return. russian state media has expressed interest in a prisoner exchange involving the man you saw viktor bout a russian arms dealer known as the merchant of death for providing weapons to terrorist groups. >> the search is underway in great britain for its next prime minister. boris johnson resigned today following a series of crippling scandals. the latest blow to johnson's political career is his appointment of an ally that he knew was accused of misconduct. and that followed outrage over his coronavirus lockdown parties at 10 downing street in a short speech. johnson acknowledged no one is remotely indispensable in politics. >> as we've seen westminster,
9:35 pm
the herd instinct is popular in the hood. moose, it and my friends in politics. no one is remain. lee indispensable. >> johnson says he'll continue to serve his country until a new leader is in place, which could take some 6 weeks or even longer. >> monkeypox continues to raise concerns in the bay area. santa clara county reported its second case today. >> statewide, there are more than 100 cases confirmed in nearly half of those in san francisco kron four's terisa stasio reports now on how the san francisco aids foundation wants to play a pivotal role in fighting the spread of monkeypox. >> and we're really have a caning urgently to get at least 1000 of the jenny vaccine. and the next 30 days into our hands. so we can try and be that curve new infections. and tyler to mir is the chief executive officer at san francisco aids foundation. and he is sounding the alarm. >> more monkeypox vaccine is
9:36 pm
needed. and now. >> actually opened a monkeypox hotline at the foundation and have been answering calls daily more than 500 calls a day and triage folks who may be eligible for vaccine. currently we have about 400 individuals on our waitlist for the vaccine. the foundation has received only about 90 doses the jenny u.s. vaccine. and we would need something like 6,000 to treat all of the patients that might be at high risk within our connect the san francisco public health department, which receives a vaccine supplies from the federal and state government. >> sent kron 4 news. this statement, quote, takes monkeypox seriously. well, most cases resolve on their own without pills or treatment. monkeypox can be serious. we are trying to contain outbreaks and reduce transmission to avoid the virus spreading to more people
9:37 pm
and potentially becoming endemic. they continued saying that they are increasing education about it, spread from close and extended contact with an infected person and that they do expect to get more doses soon. you had any side effects on the field. >> i feel fine. warren would receive his first of 2 shots the other day and a pop-up clinic in berkeley want to be a little more proactive, you know, where i've been recently bars clubs and at the gym. that was a little bit little bit concerned about how the virus is transmitted. warren went with several friends who also got vaccinated to the government or whoever needs to order a lot of start. vaccine demand is going to be pretty high. theresa kron, 4 news. >> for the latest information on monkeypox, including the emergency response and a case tracker. you can scan this qr code that will take you right to our website. kron 4 dot com and that our coronavirus coverage. the omicron
9:38 pm
subvariants ba 0.4 and ba 0.5. >> they've managed to evade the immunity that we get from covid-19 vaccination series are even a previous infection. the ongoing surge in covid cases now prompting calls to wear a mask even outside. >> virus can spread very effectively within about 6 feet. but it also can remain in the air for long periods of time. >> that is doctor john swartzberg with uc berkeley school of public health. in addition, the masking outdoors when around a large group of people, he also advises people to take a rapid test before attending any big events. he says it may take a few test before the results eventually come back positive. you say to keep btrs are not unique in the bay area, but this one certainly is. we're going to tell you why in tonight's dine and dish and its port, a historic move in
9:39 pm
the nfl for with the raiders did that's never been done bef we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27. tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty and help californians that are hurting the most.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> they've done it again. the las vegas raiders made history today by hiring a first the first african-american woman in the position of team president in nfl history. sandra douglas, morgan, she comes to the raiders here after having served as vice chair of the las vegas super bowl host committee. she also
9:42 pm
led to that is gaming control board. douglas morgan is a vegas native and has a connection to the nfl because her husband on played in the league. the vikings and cardinals. she joins the silver and black as the franchise, though, is mired in controversy from the departure of jon gruden and from president mark the dane as well as the danes successor, dan ventrelle lee who says he was fired in retaliation for bringing concerns from multiple employees to the nfl about a, quote, hostile work environment and the raiders organization. douglas morgan says she stands for complete transparency. >> it's no secret that this organization has faced the recent challenges. but i want to be clear, i'm not here to sweep anything under the rug or avoid problems or concerns that need to be addressed. the fact is i accepted this role because i believe in the promise of the raiders, i believe in the future of the raiders. and i believe in this organizations, tenants of
9:43 pm
integrity, community and most of all commitment to excellence. >> hockey now and the nfl nhl draft is tonight in the san jose sharks. the rest of the league pay their respects to former sharks player and scout brian marchment who passed away yesterday at the age of 53. meanwhile, with the 27th pick, san jose drafted center, philip beast, it who is 6, 4, 200 pounds, 18 year-old from sweden, new sharks, gm mike greer says he's excited to have the stead, the character and grit that he can bring to the sharks. round 2 of the draft is tomorrow with the sharks drafting 34th in 45th. 22 time grand slam champ rafael, the doll announced today he is withdrawing from wimbledon due to an abdominal tear he suffered during his 5 set match with taylor fritz. that's rough for tennis fans and for the doll. obviously the second seeded the doll was
9:44 pm
set to face nick curios in the semifinals. tomorrow, the da made history earlier this year at the australian open capturing his 21st grand slam title which broke the record for the most in men's tennis history. the 36 year-old will lose his chance of that calendar. grand slam, a feat that only 5 other players and that's tennis have accomplished. that's sports will be back with more news will be back with more news right after this. big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm.
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to the world, now you know. bay area loves a good keep bar right. you can find some of the cools joy to the city and beyond. so how to taste of the tropics. >> in wine country tonight on dine and dish i'm taking you to wilfred is the first and only picky bar in napa. >> you think now you don't necessarily think t known now. like when you're tired of wine tasting where you go. go here. you friends. yeah, this is will lounge in think 2 key with a twist where locals and tourists partake of taking drinks food, an ambience. >> it's a cross between disneyland traders, sam and pirates of the caribbean airport holes with mermaids who swim and of course, ghost pirates with magical treasure chest. and for those with a thirst centric drinks are you
9:48 pm
want what shareable bowl >> joel, the bark and about the practical concoctions like write about? >> this is batten down the complete with paper umbrella. >> there's the ever-popular flaming scorpion bowl to share. >> they com as wonder why, of course you want this point. put ladder to accompany your friend. this is the need need to the spam lighter proprietors. bring experience from the granddaddy of tiki bars. trader vic's. >> so why will for you ask why it's the name of uncle wilford who worked as a bartender in honolulu back in the day. and as they say here in wine country, cheers, aloha and >> i'm in vicki liviakis kron. 4 news.
9:49 pm
>> that school and what? well, maybe this bears looking for a poo poo platter because curious little cub found itself and a predicament. well, the home this is in the he was caught on camera clinging to the window sill trying get back to mama bear and siblings. northern california's bear league says the family of bears. was able to get into the house, but one little cub was unable to get out. he got trapped inside a room alone loan that you were closed. yeah. you see the family members there. a neighbor heard the mama bear crying. and called for help. yikes. that's when the bear league jumped in. so we had to get the bear cub down. >> and then we had to scoot him out after we opened the slider and said mama is common way right there. we've he's on his way. then we push him over to the doorway and he saw his mom any round out.
9:50 pm
>> like i should talk to their hands. kind of over. get them the bear league says the mom must have known everything would be ok because she waited on the deck patiently until. >> she got her ca back. well, first off, who knew there was a bear league? not well, maybe it's too much. yeah. yeah. that happens when eat too much. yeah. this bears they do a lot of trash. yeah. all right. you want to toss the line to shoot lords we're looking at changes coming our way. the weekend not too far away. friday. yeah, we're going to notice some changes in the atmosphere. high-pressure begin to take over and a thing or marine layer. we have seen a lot of fog out there tonight. as in previous nights as we've seen, really that deep marine, their surging well on shore almost all week. but >> now starting to see some changes in the atmosphere. and that's some good news. if you want some nice sunshine and warmer weather for the that you have to get away forecast
9:51 pm
if you're headed around. yeah, not bad at sfo, oakland, san jose. all looking good. >> no delays being reported there. the monterey bay, you're looking at temperatures into the 60's in the carmel. 62 downtown monterrey, maybe couple patches of fog to start your morning, but then lots of sunshine in santa cruz by the afternoon. 73 degrees and 71 degrees in carmel valley, southern california, enjoying some sunshine and temperatures very comfortable. 72 in san diego, 72 also in long beach about 80 degrees in downtown los angeles and the high country where those bears are hanging out. temperatures will be running in the 70's and the low 80's out there going to be toastie toward the afternoon and hot. 92 in reno. stick around for the weekend. should be a really nice weekend. you can see these temperatures cool off a little bit on saturday. only to warm right back up on sunday, probably some mid 80's by sunday afternoon. maybe even warmer as we head in toward monday. outside tonight, though, the fog really just kind of broke and i think it's going to start to move its way well inland. not thick as it's been. and that is some good
9:52 pm
news ahead. air quality is still looking great all around the bay area for friday. a clear conditions all around even in the interior valleys. tomorrow we're going to be a nice day lots of 60's in the san francisco, almost 70 degrees or so in the mission about 63 in half moon bay. 64 in daly city. look at the 60's in the millbrae, mostly sunny in the afternoon. 70 burning game. 71 in san mateo, 72 in foster city is 73 woodside. the south bay filled with 80's tomorrow afternoon. should be a nice, warm day with mostly sunny skies about 84 degrees in pleasanton. 84 also dublin. 74 in hayward. temperatures stay warm in the interior valleys in some of those places specially the north bay. they get closer to 90 degrees. you're looking about 91 in fairfield, 19 out bill about 85 in napa about 86 degrees in the nation. santa rosa could hit 90 by tomorrow afternoon as that sun really start to warm things up very nicely outside. next couple days we're going to see high pressure building in overhead.
9:53 pm
i think by sunday we may get in some offshore winds by sunday night into monday. that could push push temperatures closer to maybe triple digits as we start next week. so here we go. coming our way. thanks a you know, place sports. a lot of folks have back. >> just about everywhere. but that is not sitting well with these penguins. we'll tell you about his struggle to defeat them.
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
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>> okay. joy ride for this sheep and its driver. this is video from inside a police cruiser. >> in maine, police say 2 officers responded to a report of a sheep wandering onto somebody is property. they out. it's it's good size. and they they're having a good time and for good reason, she seems funny. they just kind of motion him crowd him into the sea. the police cruiser. he went on it. might be confused. might be scared out they say seems to be enjoying the ride, poking its head through the partition and bleeding. which is that's what they do, that they believe it's kind of the noise they make that as long as we're on the subject of animals
9:57 pm
>> these penguins, i have a more refined palate. they're refusing to eat the cheaper mackerel that the aquarium is now serving to them because of inflation. the birds are accustomed a better grade of dinner. high grade sushi. apparently zoo keepers had to get creative, though, to get these penguins to eat. they resorted to mixing the new fish with some of the better quality fish from their previous diet. and that seems to be working for now. but aquariums is some of the otters are also having a tough time accepting the new budget price fish. they're going to be hit to their all right. eye that wraps up kron. 4 news at 9. but pam and ken are here to. they're working as a dog or a cat knows that they're not when it comes to food. that's what they're focused all right. thank you, god. thank grant. thank you both. coming up next, at 10 o'clock. >> reports that the former prime minister of japan was shot during a campaign speech. we will have the latest on his san francisco has a new district attorney. we're going to have details on the mayor's
9:58 pm
pick to lead the office and the new da's philosophy on co
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> we continue to follow breaking news out of japan tonight. japan's former prime minister bay was shot during a campaign speech, according to japanese


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