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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  July 8, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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than we thought. >> there was a connection made today. >> they said they might come back to california. >> we'll see what happens! >> thanks, dr. phil, for hooking us up. >> thank you, dr. phil! ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> yearly doses that i wish. >> our country that until heated that monkeypox could be a problem at some point. >> tonight at 5, a group of san francisco lawmakers is slamming the federal government for its response to the growing number of monkeypox cases across the country, calling it a public health failure. thanks for joining us tonight on kron. 4 news at 5, everybody. i'm
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grant lotus. vicki liviakis, san francisco and la county have now each surpassed 50 cases of monkeypox accounting for almost 2 thirds of all the cases in the state with the numbers continuing to climb to bay area. legislators are now calling on the federal government to do a better job in getting the vaccine into the arms of people who need them. our first dan kerman reports. as the spread of monkeypox continue. san francisco state legislators, scott wiener and matt haney. >> are calling out the federal government for poor planning when it comes to the vaccine. we need to go faster because the virus is spreading. >> it at a minimum for anyone we've it's it's not just going to be as it can be extremely painful. thursday the biden administration announced it will begin shipping an additional. >> 144,000 doses of the monkeypox vaccine to states this monday at a news conference, friday county health officials in los angeles said they would be
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getting 6,000 of those doses help time. it's unclear how many san francisco will receive. >> but the san francisco aids foundation, which gets part of that allotment, says it clearly won't be enough. >> the foundation has received only about 90 doses the jenny vaccine. and we would need something like 6,000 to treat all of the patients that might get high rent. >> and while vaccines are behind, medical experts say so is testing, which is also critical to keeping monkeypox from getting out of control. >> it's very difficult to always recognize who's infected and people don't know they're infected. so they really need to have diagnostic. so you can keep the people are infected away from the people are not infected. it's just like the early days of covid. >> for now, the best defense against monkeypox is educating yourself. the san francisco aids foundation is holding a virtual town hall tuesday, july 12th at 06:00pm to get the word out in san francisco. dan kerman kron. 4 news.
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>> for the latest information on the disease, including the emergency response vaccines and a monkeypox case tracker. you can scan this qr code with your phone's camera and that will take you right to our website. kron 4 dot com. now to our covid coverage and cases continue to rise here in california. the latest numbers showing more than 16,000 cases on average a day more than 4,000 people are currently hospitalized because of covid and of those 4,000 you have almost 450 people in the icu and on average, you're talking about 21 californians who die each day because of covid. >> district attorney for the city and county of san for the city and county of san francisco. congratulations. >> and with that, brooke jenkins officially become san
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francisco's new district attorney. she replaces the farmer dha who was removed from office after last month's special recall election. our first rob nesbitt reports now on what was promised during today's swearing-in ceremony. >> district attorney brooke jenkins said today that she will restore accountability in san francisco, tough on crime, but promising alternatives to jail time for the city and county of san francisco. congratulations. brooke jenkins gained her new title of district attorney friday, promising changes with the criminal justice system. >> to continue our mission of being an advocate for victims up pursuing justice for victims. that is our job. >> she spoke at the podium about prioritizing the prosecution of violent crimes. burglaries, property crimes in the city's open air drug market starting today. >> drug crime laws will be enforced in this city. >> mayor london breed thanked others who were considered for the job, including supervisor
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catherine stefani and former prosecutor nancy tung who are in the audience friday. the mayor not being shy about the changes she expects from the da's office. now the jenkins is in and chase a building is out. >> back in work with the sheriff's department. back in work with the board of can work with the mayor. >> the former da says he's reached out to jenkins to offer his assistance in ensuring a smooth transition. his statement saying in part, quote, it has been my honor to serve san francisco's district attorney as we work for a safer and more just city. i am proud of the work we did to serve victims and to bring much needed reforms and accountability to our justice system. this is workable continue in the months and years ahead, district attorney jenkins will be in her new role until at least november if she chooses to keep ir spot in office, she will have to convince voters to keep her there. reporting the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> another big story we're following tonight. elon musk has ended his 44 billion dollar bid to buy twitter in a letter to the securities and
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exchange commission. musk claims that twitter did not provide him with the relevant business information he requested and did meet the terms of the deal. musk has previously said he wanted to assess twitter's spam accounts and twitter's board chair bret taylor tweeted a response saying, quote, the twitter board is committed to closing the transaction on the price and terms agreed upon with mister musk and plans to purchase pursue rather legal action to enforce the merger agreement. we're confident we will prevail in the delaware court of chancery coming up tonight at 5.30, we will be speaking with seen it in sure about the fallout between musk and the social media giant. news now mandatory evacuation still in place is forward progress on the arms be fire. it has been stopped. >> that's when burning along arms be road and sleepy valley road in unincorporated morgan hill. it's just a few minutes
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away from the morgan hill community park off of highway 1 one. those were images of the fire posted on cal se use twitter page cal fire says it's about 5 acres and 10% contained 20 homes in the area are under mandatory evacuation orders. people living on arms the road to sycamore avenue party lane and tahar away. have to leave right now. there are road closures in that area. an evacuation center is being set up at morgan hill community center. that is at 17 1000 montgomery road. and that isn't working. >> meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us now have a better. the winds there. yes, starting to gust now. pretty strong in that area are getting that on shore flow. but it's that breeze that afternoon sea breeze kicking in. here we go another day, another fire and they're your morgan hill looking at some of those winds gusting to 26 miles an hour. these winds. >> come on shore out of the west. all of a sudden they circle right around the topography, all of us and they
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start coming north. so that's pushing that fire for the south. but the fires in a very difficult place to fight. there's a lot of terrain there. there's a lot of the mountains there in that area. there's a lot of homes not too far by so hoping firefighters can get a handle on that fire. the good news is this is an on shore breeze and that is carrying with it. some higher moisture. those winds will continue to subside, though, as we head after the sun sets tonight. but right now that on shore flow continuing outside that is carrying with it, low clouds and fog along the coastline. you see turn of the winds, the head down towards san jose and further south in the morgan hill. all the big picture. you've got a low spinning off the coastline. there it is. that is going to affect our weather as it moves along the coast as we head toward the afternoon and evening and tonight and tomorrow on looks like more clouds on the way. but we've got a major heat up on the horizon. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. lawrence. the supreme court ruling on roe versus wade has raised some questions about the impact it could have on those seeking in vitro. >> or fertility treatments?
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doctor robin l vero with stanford children's health says his patients aren't really that concerned because california is a solid ground when it comes to protecting abortion rights. but he says that he can't say the same for him his colleagues in anti abortion rights states. >> they have colleagues in oklahoma, texas, you know, and and i know that they're having concerns there because of, you know, the thoughts that their embryos not be safe or may not be protected or that manipulation of the embryos can be affected. >> doctor al vero says patients in those states will more than likely deal with uncertainty for the foreseeable future. he says that he's also gotten calls from patients outside of california asking if they can travel to get some help. today president biden announced new actions aimed at protecting women's rights to abortion and contraception. following, of course, the supreme court's decision regarding roe v wade.
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our washington correspondent raquel martin joins us now live. raquel, what can you tell us? >> the key will president biden acknowledges that there is little he can do to guarantee abortion access in every state, but he says this executive order should help the men and women now living and restrictive abortion law staid navigate a new legal landscape. >> what we're witnessing is a giant step backwards. friday, president joe biden signed an executive order designed to protect them. now tens of millions of women living in states with new restrictive abortion laws. this is some of the match and just last week reported that 10 year-old girl. was a rape victim. i-10 years old and she was forced to have to travel out of the state to indiana. to seek to terminate the presidency and maybe save her life. the order largely asked federal agencies to find ways to help women with travel legal
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representation. >> access to contraceptive and reproductive care practice medicine. >> should not be frozen to the 19th century. the announcement comes 2 weeks after the supreme court overturn roe versus wade and 2 months after that decision was leaked to a lot of critics who believe the administration waited too long to respond to this. what is an inspiration for spots? >> yeah, i mean, i i started taking issue with the premise of the question friday, jan climb the white house gender policy council chair insisted administration was ready today that the decision was released. the president spoke and very powerfully about actions that we were or are you going to take? the attorney general issued very strong statement. president biden says the fastest way to restore women's reproductive care is by electing democrats this november vote vote. >> vote. and president biden really hammering down on that last point. he says the only way to pass a federal law. >> expanding abortion access
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to every state is sending 2 more democrats to the senate and maintaining the majority in the house, rihanna, washington, raquel martin, back to you guys. thanks for >> straight ahead, why new york officials are asking concealed-carry applicants to hand over their social media accounts. first. plus, president biden's executive order to protect abortion rights. is it waves so much here in california? but anti abortion rights activists say >> that it will tell us why. >> and vacation plans could be in flux. what about homes? giant sequoias silver? 400 acres are burning in your 70. we have the latest on that wildfire when we come back.
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>> now to the washburn fire burning inside yosemite. this is new aerial video capturing the fire charring the lower portion of mariposa grove. the fire has so far burned nearly 470 acres. there's no containment. a mandatory evacuation order has been issued for the community of well, a and one a campground. the red cross is opening up an evacuation shelter for people affected by the fire and parts of yosemite are closed, including the famed mariposa more than 500 mature giant trees now being threatened by the fire. maderas bat has the
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latest. >> i'm standing inside of the park near the mayor opposed grow. were there some of the largest trees in the world behind me, you can see the flames and the smoke from the washburn fire today. fire crews working on containing the blaze that threatens some of the largest giant sequoias in the world. the mayor opposed to grove is one of the most visited spots in yosemite national park with 500 giant sequoias standing tome. it's some of the oldest trees that there are. there's trees that are. >> 2000 years old there, massive giants. when you stand next to the end, these giants now under attack by the washburn fire. a blaze doubling in size in just the last 24 hours. everybody's been training and preparing for this. and that's what everyone is here to fight. that fire giant sequoias are known for surviving fire, but wildfires burn hotter in quicker. >> than ever before. because of dry conditions. climate change, the drought, the bark
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beetle. it's a combination of all of those things in just the last 2 years, the u.s. forest service blames several wildfires in california for killing nearly 20% of giant sequoias in the sierra nevada's. >> this fire puts even more at risk. again, the trail of the giant sequoias is closed off to the public. i did ask park officials when this area could reopen, but they say right now it's just too soon to reporting from yosemite national park, mid air is bad. back to you in the studio. >> boy, anything they can do to protect those giant sequoias. yeah. yeah. pressure. they are treasure. we're talking thousands of years old. these trees. i just happened drive-thru some in northern california. and i mean, they're 20 plus feet wide. i mean, they really have been around. boy, only right. just a little bit. but they are seeing some very tough conditions out there. it's been hot out there, of course. and well, again, another hot day in around that section. of course, temperatures. so not only the issue, the winds, you get those winds whipping through here as you 70 valley
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and some of those with them. not all that strong. actually 15 mile an hour winds out of the west. the good news is there's more of a moisture content. a westerly wind generally means you're getting some of that sea breeze effect. and that's what seeing there. and so that's some good news for them that will push that fire further to the east. and some of that smoke back in the 70 valley, too. so for the folks out there trying to get out there and enjoy some camping is kind of rough. go. in the meantime, though, we've got the fog moving in along the coastline, the overall sea breeze kicking in once again and we'll see more the fall racing on shore overnight. we've got area of low pressure that's been spinning off the coastline. now kind of a series week long. this next one going to factor in rolling right down along the coastline overnight and into tomorrow. they'll keep the fog in the forecast. and speaking of, we're right on cue. there is coming right across from our sutro tower cam. you can see just about to obscure the camera out there as that fog continues to flow on shore. so headed out there tonight, you might want to grab a jacket if you're closer to the coastline. as you can see, the cool fog moving in temperatures, low 60's still
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very warm in many of the valleys breezy around the bay area. right now, those sunny skies continuing until o'clock tonight as we're going to see a beautiful evening specially in some of the interior valleys. temperatures tomorrow. it's going to be a little bit cooler coast side 50's 60's out toward the beaches. i think the valleys may actually be a little bit warmer. probably some mid 80's by tomorrow afternoon. but then we're really going to start to feel the heat. i think we snap way up into the 90's as we head in towards sunday and monday, some places getting near triple digits. thanks, lawrence. the white house counsel to former president. >> donald trump talking about pat cipollone. he testified today before the house committee investigating the capitol attack. the testimony was behind closed doors. cipollone had been reluctant to testify, saying he was blocked from doing so because of presidential privilege. but other witnesses have said cipollone repeatedly fought trump's efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. he was also with trump in the west
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wing dunghe january 6th riot. the committee's next public hearing is scheduled for tuesday. an 8 year-old little boys paralyzed from the waist down after he was shot during the 4th of july massacre in highland park, illinois. >> cooper roberts, family says it he was shot in the chest. the bullet severing his spinal cord cooper attended the parade with his parents and his twin brother. his brother was also injured by shrapnel and his mother was shot in the leg and she underwent several surgeries. she demanded to be discharged so that she could be by cooper side. he is in critical condition and sedated on a ventilator. >> you know, if you know keely, she's she's just a fighter. and it sounds like cooper. got that part of her in him because he's fighting you. >> 7 people were killed. a total of 46 people were injured when the gunman opened fire using a high powered rifle on the parade crowd.
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police say 21 year-old the shooter confessed to the crime. >> new york state is taking a new approach to gun control requiring people to hand over lists of their social media accounts when applying to carry concealed handguns. state officials will then review the social media accounts for the applicants character and conduct. supporters say the new requirement will help catch warning signs that have been missed and many mass killings recently. critics of the new policy raise questions about how the law will be enforced and how it addresses free speech concerns. >> still ahead, japan's next leader bay shot to death during a speech. how the world is reacting tonight to the shocking assass
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when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers,
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they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie.
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for your wake of destruction. is reeling over the shocking events of the past. 24 hours, a gunman killed former prime minister bay. >> as he spoke outside a train station, was giving a campaign speech for his party with important national elections. coming up. when he was assassinated. television cameras and cell phones recording both the assassination and the arrest of the shooter. news nation correspondent evan lambert reports now on the moments that led up face death. a warning some of these images are graphic >> japan's longest-serving prime minister shinzo is dead
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at 67. it's a rare, deadly shooting in a country where that type of violent crime is nearly nonexistent. japanese officials say was giving a campaign speech near when dramatic video captured a 41 year-old gunman and former member of japan's navy using a homemade gun to shoot and kill the japanese leader. they suffered deadly injuries to his heart and neck. according to doctors who say he never regained vital signs after he was airlifted to a hospital for treatment, says it happened in japan in decades and decades. president biden visiting the japanese ambassador's residence to send his condolences and solemnly lay flowers on a growing memorial. he also wrote this handwritten note reading in part, it is not only a loss to his wife and family and the people of japan. it is a loss to the world, a man of peace and judgment. he will be missed. stunned reactions coming in from leaders across the world with australian prime minister anthony out an s e calling giant on the world
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stage and canada's justin trudeau saying this, he was a thoughtful. >> compassionate. >> leader understood the importance of service understood the importance of building a better world. the motives of the shooter tetsuya imogen me not entirely known. >> but police say you have a gun. admitted to attacking ave saying he believed rumors ave was connected to an organization. police did not identify. authorities say they found other homemade weapons and a computer at the shooter's home. >> and that was evan lambert reporting for us tonight. condolences bay among political leaders have coming up, a bipartisan manner. former president trump calling him a great man and leader and former president barack obama in a statement bay was devoted to his country and the alliance between the u.s. and japan.
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>> coming up, we'll be speaking live with seen it even sure on the fallout between elon musk and twitter after musk pulls out of the after musk pulls out of the 44 billion dollar acquisition. alright. shortest roost fry drives next. ♪ worth it. ♪ my $4.00 roost fries with 100% all-white-meat chicken, melty cheese, and good good sauce. order on the jack app today.
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what do you call my fries topped with 100% all-white-meat chicken... melty cheese, and good good sauce? i call them roost fries. but you might call them “hey! get your own!” try my $4.00 roost fries. order on the jack app today. >> billionaire elon musk has sent a letter to twitter's board saying that he is. terminating. 44 billion dollar bid to buy twitter. was yeah,
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he says he's out out the bottom line in the letter. musk says the company twitter is just not complying with the contractual obligation to give information surrounding. >> fake accounts on the platform. okay. this all comes after the social media company held a call yesterday to discuss the matter to discuss this matter. we now welcome scene that he ensure in. >> i have to wonder, was this ever real deal in musk's mind? >> you know, that is a great question. i know for sure that it was a real deal in the board of directors to twitter's mines because their job is to make sure that the shareholders get the most value that they can. that's literally their jobs. and what elon musk offered 44 billion dollars before. by the way, the market kind of started to tank was what they believe to be the best deal that they could get. they still believe it's the best deal. and now


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