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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  July 8, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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of a fast-moving brush fire in morgan hill. >> good evening. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. fortunately, firefighters were able to get a handle on the flames. they say ford progress has been stopped. however, mandatory evacuations are still in place. cal fire tweeted out a photo of what's being called the arm speed fire. this is a long arms be road and sleepy valley road unincorporated morgan hill, just a few minutes away from the morgan hill community park about 5 acres have burned. the fire 10% contained 20 homes in this area are under mandatory evacuation orders. people living on arms be road to sycamore avenue, hearty lane and to way of been told to leave their homes. and there are road closures in that area. >> there's an evacuation center that's been set up at the morgan hill community center on monterey road. cal fire says emergency personnel are supporting evacuees with water and food right now. a fire near yosemite has forced
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evacuation orders for the community of what, one, a and the campground there. >> the washburn fire has burned about 70 acres near the lower part of the so grove, fire crews are on the ground. they're also using air support. the area is home to the park's biggest sequoia grove, part of your 70 is closed. not clear yet how this fire started. >> chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with the weather conditions out there it's heating up. yeah, heating up and the winds kicking up. we've got that sea breeze blowing. of sequoias been around for thousands of years. you can actually see some of them survive. many fires out there. so they're pretty tough. but those winds, the other kicking in right now, you've got some westerly the 15 16 miles per hour blowing right up the valley now. an so that is going to move that fire toward the east. also sending that smoke up in the 70 value. so you can imagine some of the campers in and around that area that are feeling the effects of that smoke and that fire is that
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system continues to burn in that section. but back out, we go, of course, we've been talking about some fire conditions locally here, too, getting that sea breeze that afternoon wind is really kicking in. now. we're seeing some of those winds in morgan hill to 25 miles per hour. you see one o one there. and sam martin little further south, not as windy, but these are going to be some gusty winds over the next couple of hours and taking him for a closer look for the fire is located and you can the road right there where the fire is located, right? there the road and that's pretty rough terrain in and around that or you see the in this area. so this is a difficult place. should that fire again going any further so far? it hasn't too much, but you can imagine firefighters trying to work as fast. they can to get that fire under control before cause any more damage. the meantime, though, the out looks like the overall pictures we're seeing more of that sea breeze kicking in and that is bringing with it low clouds and some fog, the fire danger, but it will start to diminish overnight tonight as the winds begin to subside, it will pick up again by tomorrow afternoon. just a little bit as we're going to see again,
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some of those gusty afternoon winds kick in and around the bay area. but really it's kind of nice. we've got that on shore breeze that is carrying with a more moisture in the atmosphere and that keep the fire from burning is fast. guys, back to you. thank you. or screws in petaluma are working to clean up a hazardous spill at a milk facility. >> fire officials say 3,000 gallons of a milk mixture had made its way into a storm drain and into the petaluma river. officials say a pipe and broken at clover storm eta milk processing plant on lake, though street in petaluma crews started cleaning storm drains and sampling the materials that were released. a containment boom was also placed in the river to keep the materials from spreading the office of emergency services and the state's department of fish and wildlife were also notified information on what the milk mixture contained beyond milk was not immediately available. >> san francisco officially has a new district attorney brooke jenkins sworn in today at city hall. she is replacing her former boss chase abou dean, who, of course, lost his
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job in that recall election kron four's. rob nesbitt has the story. >> district attorney brooke jenkins said today that she will restore accountability in san francisco, tough on crime, but promising alternatives to jail time for the city and county of san francisco. congratulations. brooke jenkins gained her new title of district attorney friday, promising changes with the criminal justice system. >> to continue our mission of being an advocate for victims up pursuing justice for victims. that is our job. >> she spoke at the podium about prioritizing the prosecution of violent crimes. burglaries, property crimes in the city's open air drug market. the new da says holding offenders accountable does not mean a sacrifice and criminal justice reform. i am dedicated to creating new programs that can serve as alternatives to incarceration because we can't just stop at what we have. now, we have to continue to build these opportunities. mayor london breed thanked others who were considered for the job,
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including supervisor catherine stefani and former prosecutor nancy tung who are in the audience friday. the mayor not being shy about the changes she expects from the da's office. now the jenkins is in chase of voting is out. >> back in work with the sheriff's department. back in work with the board of can work with the mayor. >> the former da says he's reached out to jenkins to offer his assistance in ensuring a smooth transition. his statement saying in part, quote, it has been my honor to serve san francisco's district attorney as we work for a safer and more just city. i am proud of the work we did to serve victims and to bring much needed reforms and accountability to our justice system. this is workable continue in the months and years ahead, district attorney jenkins will be in her new role until at least november if she chooses to keep her spot in office, she will have to convince voters to keep her there reporting the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> and another big story we are following. the law on musk has ended his 44 billion dollar bid to buy twitter in a
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letter to the securities and exchange commission. he claims that twitter did not provide him with the relevant business information that he asked for did not meet the terms of the deal. musk been trying for some time to take measure of twitter's spam accounts. twitter chairman bret taylor responded by saying the twitter board is committed to closing the transaction on the price and terms agreed upon with mister musk and plans to pursue legal action to enforce the merger agreement. we're confident we will prevail in the delaware court of chancery >> san francisco and los angeles county have now each surpassed 50 cases of monkeypox. that accounts for almost 2 thirds of all the cases in the state and with the numbers continuing to climb to bay area, legislators are now calling on the federal government to do a better job and getting people vaccinated. kron four's dan kerman reports california now has more than 140 cases of monkeypox. but
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the balkan la county and san francisco. >> as those numbers rise, san francisco state legislator scott wiener and matt haney say the federal government has failed its residents by not having enough vaccine for those who need it. we want to continue to call attention to be absolutely urgent. need. >> to get more vaccine doses so that we can get people vaccinated. the biden administration is announce beginning monday. it will begin shipping an additional 144,000 doses of the vaccine to states across the country. >> at a news conference friday county health officials in los angeles said they would be getting 6,000 of those doses. it's unclear just how many doses san francisco will receive, but likely not enough. the san francisco aids foundation which gets part of the allotment, puts it in perspective. >> the foundation has received only about 90 doses the jenny u.s. vaccine. and we would need something like 6,000 to
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treat all of the patients that might be high rent. >> and while the country is behind in vaccines, medical experts say monkeypox testing also needs to be more readily available. results have to come back in a timely fashion so that people know that they're infected so they can stay away from behaviors that might continue the chain of transmission, educating yourself remains the best defense against monkeypox to get the word out. the san francisco aids foundation. he's holding a virtual town hall tuesday, july. 12th at 06:00pm. in san francisco. dan kerman kron. 4 news. the latest u.s. jobs report shows the economy added 372,000 jobs in june. >> our washington correspondent basil john reports, as the labor market has remained a strength of the economy, inflation is still hitting wallets hard in the fears of recession still linger. >> even as inflation continues to plague americans. the latest jobs report shows the job market remains strong. my
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economic plan is moving this country in a better direction. u.s. national economic council director brian deese said the u.s. has now recovered all private sector jobs lost during the pandemic. the strength of the job market recovery has meant more opportunity, higher wages for 10's of millions americans. it's meant stronger household balance sheets. people have been able to save a little bit and that creates a more resilient economy. but even with job growth, recession worry still linger. george washington university professor tara sinclair. i think those fears are their own problem. if people really buy this message that recession is coming, they may cut back on spending and that action and cutting back on spending could suffer a recession. sinclair says the federal reserve's priority is slowing down. demand to better max supply without triggering a recession. but they haven't been so successful that in the past. >> and so there's a lot of concern that if they're really going to fight off the inflation we're experiencing
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right now, that may come at the cost of a recession. sinclair believes of americans are worried they can focus now on building up their savings. but i think what actually makes sense, this is for individuals to take care of their own household financial situation reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> as covid concerns ease off at least somewhat across the country. money concerns are on the rise. a new poll says 40% of adults say inflation should be one of the government's top 5 priorities for next year. 44% say they consider their personal finances to be a major issue. both numbers higher than in december. among the specific concerns, people mention not surprisingly gas energy and food prices and your next trip to the costco food court might cost a little bit more prices have been raised on a couple of the really popular items. the chicken bake featuring do filled with chicken cheese bacon to sue dressing. sounds good. it's not going to sell for 3.99, which is a dollar
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higher than before the 20 ounce. soda is now $0.69 up from 59 one item. they are not adjusting the ever popular hot dog that stays at a $1.50. san jose city leaders are in the process of signing a lease with the vta to create a safe parking program for people who are home. it's designed to help people who are living in their cars or arvizu and provide a temporary place to park. >> and provide some basic services such as water, portable toilets and trash removal. the santa teresa light rail parking lot will be able to accommodate 45 to 60 arby's. the program could begin as soon as october. california is going make its own insulin. governor gavin newsom says he's approved a budget that allocates 100 million dollars for the state to create the medication. in california. >> we know people should not go into debt to receive lifesaving medication. >> newsom says he plans to sell it at a less expensive
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price close to at cost. the move coming in response to high prices for insulin. newsom says many americans are paying anywhere from 300 to $500 out of pocket a month for the drug. coming up, president biden signs an executive order on abortion access. >> what changes with that >> what changes with that signature? psoriasis really messes with you. try. hope. fail. no one should suffer like that. i started cosentyx®. five years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infection, some serious and a lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reaction may occur. best move i've ever made. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx®.
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>> today president biden announced new actions aimed at protecting women's rights to abortion and contraception caught contraception rather after the supreme court's decision to overturn roe versus wade and our washington, d.c., correspondent raquel martin joins us live with more recount. >> good evening. will president biden himself acknowledges that there is little he can actually do to expand abortion access in every state, but he says the executive order should help women and doctors now living in states with restrictive abortion laws navigate a new legal landscape. >> what we're witnessing is a giant step backwards. friday, president joe biden signed an executive order designed to protect them. now tens of millions of women living in states with new restrictive abortion laws. this is some of the match and just last week reported that 10 year-old girl. was a rape victim. i-10 years old and she was forced
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to have to travel out of the state to indiana. to seek to terminate the presidency and maybe save her life. the order largely asked federal agencies to find ways to help women with travel legal representation. >> access to contraceptive and reproductive care. the practice medicine. >> should not be frozen to the 19th century. the announcement comes 2 weeks after the supreme court overturn roe versus wade in 2 months after that decision was leaked to a lot of critics who believe the administration waited too long to respond to this. what is the ministrations response? >> yeah, i mean, i i started taking issue with the premise of the question friday, jan climb the white house gender policy council chair insisted administration was ready today that the decision was released. the president spoke and very powerfully about actions that we were or are you going to take? the attorney general issued very strong statement. president biden says the fastest way to restore women's reproductive care is by electing democrats this november vote.
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>> voe. >> president biden definitely hammering down on that last point. he says the only way to expand abortion access is by passing a national law. and only way to do that is get to elect at least 2 more democrats to the senate and also holding that majority in the house. but on washington, raquel martin, back to you guys. thank you. raquel. >> house speaker nancy pelosi, a part of the president's executive order doubling down on preserving abortion access, saying in that statement we have a sacred fundamental duty to expand freedom in america not to roll back fundamental rights while republicans seek to criminalize reproductive health care nationwide, house democrats will never relent in our fight to defend freedom for women and for every american. some antiabortion activists say the president's executive order want too much in california but say it will continue to encourage out of
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towners to seek abortion services here. kron forcefully pure gold reports from walnut creek. >> in the wake of the u.s. supreme court overturning the landmark decision. roe versus wade antiabortion activists who demonstrate outside the planned parenthood clinic in walnut creek. have noticed an increase in parking lot escorts on fridays. that's when abortions are scheduled. its response. they say to the surge of people seeking services says ramping up and more people are coming from out of with out of state plates to those who support president biden's stance that women should have access to the procedure without fear of legal ramifications, sympathize with patients managing through what is likely the most difficult decision of their lives, adding that they should not have to go through it with activists making them feel worse about it, getting out your car and having people scream at you, you're not going to get you're not gonna when somebody over that way. >> not going to get somebody to say, oh, you know what? i made the raleigh what other
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options do i have like somebody going to a place to do whatever it is that they need to do. you know, they're they've already battled with that in a statement praising president biden's executive order and denouncing the supreme court's overturning of roe versus wade, planned parenthood, northern california ceo gilda gonzales says her organization will, quote. >> continue to ensure abortion services are available to anyone coming to us from within california or from other states. we believe in the fundamental right of all people to make their own personal decisions about their fertility future and family waking up our country to realize. >> that it is a cent. >> and people don't want to deal with that way. i think it's a right last month. governor gavin newsom signed the state budget which includes more than 200 million dollars in new funding to protect and expand access to abortion and other health care services in walnut creek, phillipe djegal all kron. 4
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news. the supreme court ruling on roe versus wade has raised some questions about the effect it could have on those who are seeking in vitro or fertility treatments. >> doctor ruben vera was stanford children's health says his patients aren't really that concerned because california is solid on protecting abortion rights. but he says he can't say the same for his colleagues and other states. >> they have colleagues in oklahoma, texas, you know, and and i know that they're having concerns there because of, you know, the thoughts that their embryos not be safe or may not be protected or that manipulation of the embryos can be affected. >> doctor romero says patients in those states will more than likely deal with uncertainty for the foreseeable future. he says he's also received calls from patients outside of california asking if they can travel here to get help. >> all right. time for a look at the forecast. this is the
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view from mount tam, a beautiful view and the camera's moving a little bit. looks like it might be kind of windy. i have say one word to find out what's going on with the weather. >> friday friday. yeah. it's all looking good today. no matter what. we've got a little fog out there that wind is blowing around 2 in spots. but yeah, looking good. as we head toward the weekend that fog little thicker tonight out toward the golden gate bridge. remember yesterday we can see the entire bridge, but now completely covered in fog. streaming back on shore. get tonight. we've got an area of low pressure out there right now. and that's going to even that marine there and send it back on shore. and you see that blaoket of fog moving on shore now from our sutro cam continue to march inland and there will be early tomorrow morning. temperature wise. 75 degrees right now. nice evening in san jose. 58 cool and fog in pacifica. 69 over the hill and san mateo, 62 in alameda little breezy there. 81 in concord and 88 degrees still insanely. but the winds kind of kicking up today. winds and san francisco, some gusts over 40 miles an hour.
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yeah, that is a substantial sea breeze out there right now. well, that will continue in the next hour or so before the sun sets. and then things are going to begin to change. meantime, though, you can see low clouds and fog beginning to surge on shore right now. more of that on the way and speaking of that low, look at this off the didn't stay. we've had a series of these lows. they have been very strong but sitting off the coast all week long can interact with our weather pattern. one more will pass by for tomorrow. that's going to change things for us as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. i think once that moves through, high pressure starts to build and we really start to warm up. we may warm up a little bit starting tomorrow afternoon list of the valleys, mid 80's in the concord and also a place like livermore, maybe as high as 79 in 71 in hayward about 66 degrees in san francisco. thank you, lawrence. coming up, the push to preserve historic sites of black colleges and universities. >> and a shocking act of violence. former japanese prime minister bay assassinated as he delivers a campaign speech the latest developments and reaction from
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around the world.
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breaking news out of oakland right now. fire crews are on the scene of a fire that's burning at the jack london aquatic center. >> this is video from the citizen app. you can see quite a bit of smoke coming out of the building. we've reached out to the oakland fire department to try to get more information and we'll update you as soon as we get additional details.
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>> in other news, the national park service is awarding historically black colleges and universities in 9 states. nearly 10 million dollars in order to preserve a campus historic sites, including buildings since the 1990's. the park service has awarded more than 87 million dollars in grant money to various black colleges and universities. american airlines has agreed to pay its pilots triple the normal rate after a scheduling glitch left thousands of flights. understaffed. the glitch allowed pilots to remove trips from their schedules and that resulted and more than 12,000 flights which were missing one or even both required pilots. the pilots union says the airline has agreed to increase the rate for trips which were removed. pilots will also get double pay for certain holiday periods. >> coming up next, there's a new effort to try to solve a 21 year-old homicide case in
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san francisco. how much reward money is now being offered for information that leads to an arrest, a dire new warning to conserve water as california's drought crisis shows no sign of easing. plus, when king tides are expected to return to the bay area next week.
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worl leaders are expressing shock and outrage after the assassination of former japanese prime minister shinzo
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and president biden says he is stunned and outraged and deeply saddened by death. >> reporter sandra mitchell has the latest. >> shot from behind the 67 year-old former japanese prime minister collapsed on the ground. witnesses described a loud bang and a lot of smoke. shin soo was hit twice once in the head once in the neck. >> an assassination that shocked the japanese people. >> feeding excruciating pain premise that you expect us >> that heats the terribly sorry for the loss of this great statesman and heels and said he's speechless at the shooting scene be have been speaking before the upcoming parliamentary


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