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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  July 8, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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stunned and outraged and deeply saddened by death. >> reporter sandra mitchell has the latest. >> shot from behind the 67 year-old former japanese prime minister collapsed on the ground. witnesses described a loud bang and a lot of smoke. shin soo was hit twice once in the head once in the neck. >> an assassination that shocked the japanese people. >> feeding excruciating pain premise that you expect us >> that heats the terribly sorry for the loss of this great statesman and heels and said he's speechless at the shooting scene be have been speaking before the upcoming parliamentary elections.
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bystanders and security guards rushed in to help. >> the former prime minister was airlifted to the hospital, but there was little doctors could do. his heart stopped. he was not breathing. world leaders were quick to condemn the attack at the white house today, president biden said he was confident japan would robbed in upheaval. japan is very, very stable ally. i do not believe it's likely to have, but i don't know yet. i could have found destabilizing impact on japanese security or japanese summit there. >> he was considered a close ally to the u.s. the first to visit president trump. and before that, president obama in japan where guns and gun crimes are rare. police quickly arrested the suspect. they found a weapon to metal barrels attached to a wooden board. and in a raid of his home found other homemade guns
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they can make well, japanese prime minister fumio kishida said he was using the harshest words possible to condemn the unforgiveable attack and vowed the parliamentary elections set for sunday. >> we'll go au. >> and that was sandra mitchell reporting. police say the suspect, a 41 year-old man, a military background. they say he did confess to the shooting. he is expected to be charged with murder. president biden says the assassination will leave a deep scar in many communities. former president obama also mourning the death saying but was devoted to both the country. he served in the extraordinary alliance between the u.s. and japan. adding i will always remember the work we did to strengthen our alliance. the moving experience of traveling to hiroshima and pearl harbor together and the grace he and his wife akia bay showed. >> san francisco police department is offering a $100,000 reward for
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information that would lead to the arrest in a 21 year-old homicide case back in 2001. 25 year-old paula. brian was last seen in front of a former establishment next to geno's gina's bar near 6 and mission street in san francisco. police say paul was seen with an unidentified man in a red car less than 2 hours later, the mother of 2 was found for 55 harriet street. anyone who has any information is being asked to call san francisco police. the shooter connected to a freeway shooting in the cat in the castro valley area is still on the run. it happened yesterday in the eastbound lanes of 5.80, at 100 64th street. the highway patrol says the shooting sent one person to the hospital. authorities say a witness reported the shooting, but when officers arrived, they say they could not find a car or a victim. the victim later checked into a local hospital. their injuries were not life-threatening. now for an
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update on california's drought emergencies. sonoma county leaders held a virtual town hall this week to give an update on the drought situation there. and the county is under severe drought conditions. of course, that raises the risk of wildfires. >> kron four's gayle ong has a closer look. >> very, very difficult to predict when this drought will. and speaking at a virtual meeting thursday, sonoma county supervisor lynda hopkins says the county is now in its 3rd driest water year on record and water. reservoirs are near historic lows. lake sonoma is at 53% of capacity and lake sonoma as 59% capacity. and the words both are nearly half the state drought monitor map shows the county is classified under extreme drought conditions. that means areas are at risk for wildfires year around. this is a huge strain on these forest ecosystems. >> our approach it in real time. it's currently has been to. >> we're pretty aggressively throughout the open space preserve. we numerous ones. rowan county around really
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just these these fires safe corridors of sheet fuel breaks in place for emergency access. a panel of environmental leaders spoke at the meeting, including a meteorologist from the national weather service. what climate research is showing is that droughts are becoming more frequent. >> and they're offering lasting for more than just one year. so that trend is likely to continue where we will see these periods of multiyear droughts, meteorologist brooke bingaman. it says the latest long-range weather forecast is showing la nina weather patterns, which is known to bring drought conditions does look like we'll go back to a lightning is signal in fall and early winter, but we really need to monitor what the trend is for those wet months of december, january and february, because that will really tell us what can happen to our water supply for the following. summer water quality caused by the drought was also discussed. environmental officials caution people to keep a lookout for blue green algae and local waters that could
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cause health issues for humans and pets. in the meantime, outdoor water restrictions are in place in sonoma county. water seed now is water that we can use later and saving water now will reduce the chance that we'll have to take even more drastic measures next year. if we have another dry winter. the next drought update will take place early august. >> in sonoma county jail on kron. 4 there is new concern over the clarity of lake tahoe's water. there's a new report by uc davis. >> it says the water clarity last year was 61 feet. that was down by 2 feet from 2020 and it is the second lowest level since measurements began in the 1960's lake tahoe historically has had clarity of more than 97 feet. that number, though, has been a really dropping in recent decades. king tides are expected to return to the bay area next week. according to the national weather service, kingides usually cause flooding and low lying areas of the bay like around the
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embarcadero, certain parts of mill valley and a lot of coastal trails. the highest tides are expected next wednesday. and meteorologist lawrence karnow was here at least were being forewarned. yes, 7, 7, foot heights coming in the morning hours. >> yeah, next tuesday and wednesday. so yeah, you want to watch out for that. that's one where you park your car to come back and say, oh, my gosh for you, drive for ever done that cancer keep going move along a guy. so we've got some fog out right now. is that cloud cover could begin to move in. hey, here's a look at your getaway forecast on this friday. got some clouds out there right now. you find the cool temperatures coast side, but boy, the 2nd half the weekend going to get hot. no delays reported around the bay area this evening at how about the monterey bay to get away. you're looking at some fog in the morning hours. still some cool temperatures there in that fall kind of flirting with the coastline. lot of clear out of monterey, but pacific grow and carmel be socked with low clouds and fog. expect temperatures there to be in the 60's and pretty
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breezy in the afternoon. come a valley, though, could sneak up in about 70 degrees. southern california. 73 in san diego. 78 the forecast in long beach about 80 degrees in downtown los angeles and head of the high country. of course, worry about that fog. it looks like lots of sunshine all day long and temperatures in the 70's. he was 90's by the time to make your way in reno. that's coming it's going to heat up in the tahoe area. those temperatures getting near 90 degrees by monday and well for the bay area. you can see we've got that fog that's moving in now. and that will be a factor as we head into early tomorrow morning. more. the fog and low cloud cover really kind of soaring on shore, filling into the bay. and then it's going to break up a little bit earlier by tomorrow afternoon. lots sunshine behind that could allow for some warmer temperatures late in the day. some of these numbers should look very nice for the afternoon 60's in the san francisco for the most part on the coastline. a little bit cooler with the fog. you've got a lot of 60's inside the bay. further south. you go. you warm those temperatures up very nicely. the south bay looking good 70's and 80's the east bay. they're going to
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speak up in the mid 80's by tomorrow afternoon. thank you, lawrence. in sports, steph curry proved once again that he can make shots from anywhere. >> even from 97 yards out, lotus has highlights round one of the american century championship. want to miss it. >> also, the former white house counsel under president trump testifies before the house committee investigating the capitol attack. (burke) a new car loses about ten percent of its value the minute you drive off the lot. or more. that's why farmers new car replacement pays to replace it with a new one of the same make and model. get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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national news. paps up only need the former white house counsel to president trump testified today before the january 6 committee. he had been reluctant to testify saying he was blocked by presidential privilege, but they really want d to hear from him because other witnesses have said that he repeatedly fought trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election and he was with trump in the west wind during the january 6 riot. today's testimony was not televised. it was behind closed doors. the next public hearing is scheduled for tuesday today. there were funeral services in the chicago area for several of the 7 people killed during a 4th of july parade. friends and family members gathered at a synagogue were 63 year-old jacquelyn sundheim taught preschool helped to organize events. relatives of another victim, eduardo uvaldo. ended his burial on what would have
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been his 70th birthday? well, those grandson and wife or injured in otthathootin services were also held for 88 year-old steven strauss. 78 year-old nicolas toledo. >> americans are loving flag football. now the game has shot at becoming an olympic event. why the nfl is now the game's biggest cheerleader coming up.
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>> it's 24. john, our 4 zone
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forecast to the live view of the walnut creek area. >> on lovely a friday night. and lawrence, that means it's time to talk about. >> for fun thing. always looking for something to fun to do on the weekend. we've got 4 of them right here for you to go. looks like there's going to be a lot of this one tomorrow evening. it is the free telescope viewing that they break out those big 20's telescopes up there at chabot space center. if you want to go check that out. that is a free event. it looks like it is going to be clear to start the evening. i would heap up there early if you can likely going to see some fog rolling a little bit later in the night. but there will be plenty of stars early on mild temperatures to mainly in the upper 60's starting at 7.30, tomorrow night about this continue in alameda county fair. that's always a great time. still running now, mostly sunny skies, warm temperatures, mid 80's there that starts at 11:00am on saturday. continuing on sunday as well. and this one to this should be a lot of on the outs. charity classic car show in petaluma. all those hot rods out there to check out. and boy, did they take care of those cars? they look
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absolutely gorgeous. upper 70's little warm out there on saturday. also don't forget this. yeah. get those cowboy boots out. how about this one? the bill pickett rodeo that is going to be in oakland that starts at 2.30 on saturday. expect temperatures there in the mid 70's. that one also continues on sunday, guys. pop. yours. the most popular sport in america may look a whole lot different in the future. instead of the bone jarring hits, we've picked. >> come to expect in football football for children and college athletes could go actually tackle free. know they're talking about flag football being talked about as a safer alternative. >> aaron nolan shows us how the nfl is hoping, in fact, the game becomes an olympic event. >> the first world games since the start of the pandemic kicked off yesterday in birmingham, alabama. >> we get to showcase not only hammond to permit him metro area, but really the entire state of alabama. the games features more than 36,000
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athletes from around the world. >> competing in sports. you don't see at the olympics like sumo wrestling, tug of war. and for the first time in the event's 41 year, history flag football, that's due in large part to backing from the nfl. the move is a strategic one. nfl executive troy vincent put it this way in an interview with the associated press. what does the next 100 years look like? when you look at football, it's not professional football. its flag. the hard-hitting violent nature of tackle football is a draw for many fans. but all of those hits are taking a grim toll on the players. scientists have studied the brains of dozens of nfl players who have died after experiencing a decline in cognitive function, finding evidence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy. our cte, even a small impact to the head can have an effect. we call those
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sub concussive impacts. >> and those are the kind of impacts that are experienced by football players. nearly every play the game. one of the latest players with cte in his brain is damarious thomas. >> the wide receiver who want stored for the denver broncos died last year at the age of 33. doctors say it didn't cause his death, but cte may have contributed to memory loss. paranoia in isolation that marked the last months of his life. >> there does seem to be an increase in risk with the longer you play football. but you don't have to play that long to be at risk. >> and that was aaron nolan reporting for us tonight. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> hey, a week ago today, the warriors agreed to a two-year contract with free agent guard dante divincenzo guys going to play a key role next year and today they made that deal official. the di vinci enzo signing came in the wake of
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gary payton, the second signing a three-year deal with the portland trail blazers last thursday, her to lose up to but there's divincenzo putting pen to paper. he appeared in 42 games last season for the sacramento kings. he also played for the milwaukee bucks averaging 9 points, 4 rebounds and nearly 3 assists per game. he can jump. he can shoot. he can defend just kind of an all around good players not going to, you know, excel in any one area, but he will help the where number 0 for the warriors, formerly worn by gp 2. all right. let's head out to edgewood tahoe around one of the american century championship. speaking of the dubs, hey, steph curry looking good. take fresh off his 4th nba championship. so clutch. look at this incredible. shot from. under 100 yards. it goes in. that's an eagle. and steph
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can jump a little bit. he site some love from it. his brother seth, his dad dell there and zachary family. anything they touch turns to gold staff signing of football for a lucky fan and he can throw a football. everything's accurate. could staff nice catch by the fast. that is a fun event out there. one handed catch because why she, by the way, forward a hockey guy remains at the top of the leaderboard in that celebrity classic fun time. they're all right. other hockey news, new sharks, drafty and 27th overall pick. philip, be steady. is excited to get to work with san jose. he spent 5 seasons in the swedish hockey league. next season will be his first in the nhl take in the nhl central scouting report. the state was ranked
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17th overall amongst international players. the sharks also drafted 8 other guys in round 2 today including center camera in love with the 34th pick and defensive end or tie us have laws with the 45th pick beast. explains is exciting. this says he's ready to go in san jose. >> can't wait to start contributes. allows. >> place to to a team like the compete level and this be a reliable and on whole lives and to get we're just like his characters make up. >> big sentiment and can as good habits in this ready as a youngster, which, you know, you look at 70 kids. you've got to kind of keep some a lot of havoc and he's already got the habit in this game. so he's one of the players we have identified that there's a possibility of are really excited that it's there. >> new sharks, gm, they're making some selections in the draft. finally to wimbledon
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men's semifinals. novak djokovich taking on cameron norrie. both trick shot there from joker for ice maybe that's all he could do. >> yeah, really just said. and athletic. when is there now match point. >> djokovic's serve just too much overwhelms norrie that will do it. joe can ditch with a kiss to the crowd. he advances to the finals where he will face. nick curious on sunday. all england club. but how about steph? right out there? i mean, we know he loves golf. it might be his first love. >> basketball makes the money, but >> if you ever really got good, you can do whatever he wants. pretty much thanks to we'll be righ
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an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm.
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to the world, now you know. do a bunch of push-ups to get an autograph from steph curry, a file. that's somebody decided do to get that autograph. she's going to have to earn it. curry who's in south lake tahoe, as you just saw playing at the american century championship golf tournament. >> this guy do 30 push-ups for number 30 before signing the fans. curry, jersey. the guy completed the task and he got the autograph. but he got a little greedy and has since stepped also sign i should can cook on the jersey as well. we don't know if that actually happened, but we do know he
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got at least got that autographed. >> gorillas at the atlanta zoo apparently couldn't hide their excitement about friday, least about playing in a hammock. this is floyd rolling around and that hammock and getting ready to celebrate his 3rd that's coming up this month a day that will include extra troops and little special parties for floyd. >> well, it is a party on to him. so yeah, he is. he doesn't need extra treats that having a good time. you have for simple pleasures. we'll see it in bank for joining us. have a good night.
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: world and shock. the assassin's homemade gun. >> can it happen here? >> announcer: then, look at what the airline did to her suitcase. it is completely shredded. >> announcer: how to keep your e from looking like a tangled with a t-rex. >> announcer: and prayers for little cooper. >> the 8-year-old boy paralyzed with the fourth of july parade. >> he doesn't understand why he can't stand up. >> announcer: plus, front-page outrage over the elderly store kirk thrown into jail for defending himself during a violent assault. >> the drama hapd


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