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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  July 12, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> well, good morning and thank you for waking up with us bright and early for the kron. 4 morning news today is tuesday, july 12. i'm reyna harvey back in the building. >> and missed you guys. i missed you guys too. missed you too. it looks like he had mays added that it should and and now you are well slept and ready to go. well, slept. ready to go that nice. little 10 going on and just to be back. >> john, the weather this morning, a lot different from what i've experienced over the past couple of weeks. foggy
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this morning. fact back to the bay area. rain that got to love it. that's what's actually keeping a little bit of on the cooler side today. our inland areas, you're still going to be pretty warm. but our coastal besides cities tapping into a lot of this, this is your east bay hills camera. you can see much from it for the east bay. fog is sitting right above us for coastal areas. you're driving right through it. regardless we are seeing an impact from it. and the cooler forecast today, also some mist and drizzly conditions on the roadways, especially on the peninsula and in the north bay. watch out for those lower visibility pockets. fog is much denser and much more widespread than it was yesterday. 50's and 60's for most of our current temperatures. we've got oakland-alameda hayward and fremont at 59 berkeley. you're at 56. brett would be easiest of the warm spots at 71 degrees right now. as for temperatures later today, don't expect it to be quite as hot as yesterday was, but we've still got a few low 90's inland. most of us inland fall y back to the 80's coastal in
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bayside areas back down into the 60's to 70's. i'll be talking about the timing of fog burn off as well as when to expect any sort of cool down all still to come in your forecast, john, thank you so much for that. all right. let's go look at your bridges this morning. if you're heading into the city so that fremont street exit just under 10 minutes for your drive. there. >> let's check on the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. look at 80 to one o one just under 12 minutes on this tuesday morning. lot of richmond heading across towards san rafale just under 10 minutes for you. there. and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 20 minutes. well, in developing news mountain view, police say lori, how it was found murdered in her car back in september 1992. now nearly 30 years later, investigators have a man in custody. proffers amanda hari talk with investigators and her family members about that arrest. >> it's it's really a roller coaster of emotions. it's been nearly 30 years since indy saw
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her big sister, lori helps. lori was just 25 years old on september 5th, 1992, when a passer by noticed her dead in her car footprints were visible in the windshield. interior making officers believe she struggled for her life. the rope that had been used to kill her was still around her neck. sergeant david fisher says that rope is how they have been able to connect john woodward to the crime. >> so there is new dna evidence based new dna technology are able to test and all sample of dna that i was able to locate. mister woodward's dna on the rope that was used to strangle the victim. woodward is the president and ceo of ready tech and has been living in the netherlands. the santa clara district attorney charged woodward back in january. they asked homeland security, let them know when he would be visiting the u.s. wednesday. they got an e-mail that he would be landing at jfk on saturday, july 9th. he was not happy to see lori's
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sister cindy says she's went through an array of emotions since woodward was taken into custody. >> when i first heard that they were arresting him. i was. so it's happy and ecstatic. and then i came down from that to realize. you know, doesn't really matter what happens because lorries not coming back. she she didn't get to meet my kids. she and i probably would have nieces and nephews now from her. police say that woodward was lori's boyfriends. roommate. they believe he may have been jealous of lori of the motive. as much as we understand is a love triangle the suspect lived through the mail remain, we believe was romantically interested in the male roommate and he was dating the victim at the time. so we believe that. >> he was she was killed to a potentially eliminate her from romantic love triangle situation. rob baker with the santa clara county da's office says based on the technological advancements, they feel good about their
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case. we absolutely feel confident are charging decision and we wouldn't charge if we didn't think we can prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. but cindy says woodward has been tried twice before making her hesitant to believe there will be a conviction. you know, having been through 200 days. >> you can't hope to heart the mountain view police department will escort woodward back to santa clara county by july. 29th. he will then be arraigned on charges of murder of lori helps in mountain view. amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> well, the north bay, the santa rosa chp is asking for help in searching for the vehicle involved and a hit and run. that happened sunday night. well, that crash happened on stony point road around 10, 30 police say a woman was hit and sent to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police are now searching for a 2014 to 2016 black jeep cherokee. the damage to the front and right side. if you have any information you're asked to please call the santa rosa chp office. also learning more
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about a young man who drowned in lake berryessa over the weekend. his name is i year fairly. kron four's haaziq spoke with those who knew him. well, take a look. >> and then the one of us graduating that was in june well, a month ago, actually. and it really so great, too. be able to make that accomplishment with them. >> 18 year-old payton oliver and her boyfriend, 18 year-old zaire fairly have been together for the last 2 and a half years. both students at jesse bethel high school and were fairly was a standout on the school basketball team. she tells me that she was devastated to learn that zaire drowned sunday after falling off a at lake berryessa in napa. he was such dynamic and strong was it just something votes? you disappointed that it can happen >> yeah, i i honestly still
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don't really believe i think that's kind of the worst part about it is that it doesn't feel like it's real. he is. >> just the kind of could ever meet. >> here's a photo of zaire fairly with one of his best friends from middle school high one youngblood. how you guys in a photo. >> that was my 13th birthday. i'm a first time i was it was like let friends over have close friends to your and includes a we? had the best night ever. that's what i'd say. >> this is reason videos. i barely playing you basketball for coach. roberto hernandez is vallejo, jenna rose. he was a good kid, man. >> even though you know, the lay whole has a bad reputation some of the kids go into doing best of he decided, you know, too, to play basketball and, you know, always smiling it was a good kid, man. and you know, this one hurts a lot. >> what are you going to miss most about him? probably the
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joy. >> that he bought and he always look to make me happy in the only said that. i'm not be as long you're happy. i know god has his plan. then i know they are in god are looking over right now. >> has it made you kron 4 news? >> well, this is actually the 3rd drowning in lake berryessa in just 2 weeks on july. 3rd, a 35 year-old father died after saving his son who was in the water on june 27th. the 16 year-old fell into the water during a rafting trip and in the greater region between the lake in the sierra authorities say there have been at least 12 drownings there. for elementary schools in richmond are cleaning up the mess left behind by vandals after they were broken into over the past. weekend's police say lincoln elementary, richmond charter academy, nice term elementary in greenwood academy. we're all impacted.
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ryan phillips with the west contra costa unified school district says he's not sure how much that's going to cost, but that the district's goal is to have all buildings ready by the first day of school on august. 16th. >> we're already you know, extreme budget constraints and to have to direct resources to something like this is very unfortunate. it's hard to understand why. what would motivate someone to come in and destroy a school like this? >> well, investigators are working to evaluate the extent of the damage is and anyone who has any information about the vandalized. schools are asked to contact richmond police. fire crews continue to fight the washburn fire in yosemite national park. it's burning more than 2700 acres. it's just 22% contained. fire crews are using everything in their tool box to protecting giant sequoia trees. that also includes one of the largest trees in the world. it's caught the grizzly giant kron four's ella sogomonian has the latest for us.
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>> one of the nation's most iconic national parks is under siege by flames. the washburn fire exploded in size since last thursday at last check. more than 2700 acres of yosemite national park have burned so 500 firefighters are on hand. resources are arriving. >> more each day i look for big gains on the fire in the next couple days. >> they launched a massive attack in triple digit heat to save as much as they can. a big focus has been to say 500 giant sequoias firefighters are set to be proactively protecting the mariposa grove through a ground based sprinkler system, which is arguably one of the most famous trees on earth. >> and we've got a sprinkler system set around it and where we're trying to get some, you know, prevented for state, really and make sure that when the fire, if the fire comes over here that this tree is protected, crews are working in dangerous conditions surrounded by standing dead
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and fallen trees. >> the tower over pilots flying through the park. this one dubbed the grizzly giant weighs more than 2 million pounds. want to let you know, went right over the top of pretty good but they look to make more gains as the weather is expected to be in their favor. >> and no one has been hurt. >> well, that was ella sogomonian reporting for us in the latest community meeting, we learned that the fire is moving slowly, but it's producing extreme heat and billowing smoke. it's reached the bay area. the southern entrance to yosemite is closed. a park goers are told to be where the intense smoke and the long lines at the alternate entrances. the california senator dianne feinstein tweeting yesterday expressing her gratitude towards the fire crews working on the fire. she says, quote, yosemite is one of the most beautiful places in the world. and it's ancient giant sequoias are california's icons. thank you to all the firefighters working around the clock to save yosemite
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mariposa grove and prevent further damage to the park. well, coming up on the kron, 4 morning news fire crews in oakland. >> respond to an encampment fire causing several explosions. how firefighters get a handle on the flames. and employers are spying on their employees who are working from home. we'll show you the tech companies are putting on their computers. plus the continuation of the january 6 committee hearings today. we'll have more details in a report from washington, d.c.. will be right back after the break.
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to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you might be surprised. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ to the kron. 4 morning news it time for you now for and here on this tuesday morning. hey, we have to get a check of weather so you can plan your week. a little fog out there, john, is that right? i got the fog this morning for sure rain and it is definitely shrouding things out for much of the bay. >> bay bridge level. you're fine, but go right above it. you can start to see that foggy blake. it's obscuring the very top of the bridge a little bit closer to the coastline. you'll have the deeper fog and all the way out to the east bay hills in the north bay as well. you're looking impact of some misty conditions out there. so do watch for some slick spots on roads. you may be turned in that windshield wiper on a time or 2. we do have smoke making its way on from the
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washburn fire burning near yosemite national park on into the bay area. you could smell it yesterday in areas like antioch across the north bay. so make sure venturing outside if you have respiratory conditions. i'm a little bit of sensitivity to smoke, that you're being mindful of the fact that air quality is now being affected. high pressure ridge starting to build in to the east of us. we're seeing it combating this area of low pressure to our north high pressure, winning out for the most part. but we do have an influence from the ocean. keeping temperatures cool at the scene and also a nice, generous sea breeze this morning. that is bringing some of that ocean cool there in our direction and allowing temperatures inland to cool down just a little bit compared to yesterday after a foggy or start this morning conditions this afternoon. get quite sunny unless you're right along the immediate coastline. another dose of fog into tomorrow morning and temperatures tomorrow will be right around the same as today's as for today's temperatures. well expect 60's and san francisco little cooler than yesterday. 60's
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for coastal spots window of sunshine out there. but not as much as we had been seeing 70's for most of our bayshore cities and then up into the 80's from saying carlos down into the south bay, not in the 90's today for the south bay, like you were yesterday, san jose. you're down to 86 degrees a little more comfortable livermore. also out of the 90's down to 88 union city hayward up to oakland in the 70's. well conquered in danville at 83 north bay. temperatures anywhere from the low 90's that are very warmest in antioch, in vacaville to just the 70's in vallejo and benicia santa rosa down through petaluma at 78 degrees. now looking ahead of next 7 days today and like each other thursday, friday, saturday, we warm up a few degrees, taking a few more of us back up into the low 90's before we cool things off into the start of next week, fire danger will remain high as this forecast remains dry. great. tom, thank you for that. all right, let's check on your bridges this morning. hey, if you're leaving the east bay traveling into the city. >> pretty light this morning.
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still under about 10 minutes to make that drive to the fremont street exit. let's check on the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula just under 14 minutes to make that drive. well, the richmond center fell commute nice and light at about 9 minutes and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls just under 21 minutes. well, just one week after the devastating 4th of july parade shooting in highland park, illinois, one family of survivors is sharing their story of the horrific ordeal. we have. well now tumulty with that story. >> the term running for your life was as real as it as it got. >> scott emo for of was sickening along central avenue last week with the care when gunshots ripped through the air. and then all of a sudden you can. >> you can feel not only here but feel. the the banks of the shots going to do do. >> he grabbed the stand and says almost immediately he fatter than i thought to myself. >> like this is it. this is
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how i'm going to go because i slipped and i fell as long as she didn't get hurt. you know, i kind of came to terms with it and we're going to we're mental space trying to get her safely. he was worried about his wife and older to kids and to further away next to a flow. i picked up levi, i told lexi to jump off the float. and we just started running through the parking lot like hiding behind cars and trying to figure out what our plan was going to be. >> the fear very real for 5 year-old scanned for a morning and eat year-old lexi. >> i thought is they're probably like fireworks. and i was like and current. there's like 3 up this probably today. and if i don't stop and like 7 one and i was like, okay, it's not. and then as the u.s. people screaming and running for their lives. >> the family find the famed each other amid all the chaos. thank god that everybody was still there. but you turned the corner. i mean, you grow up with these people and you
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see their little kids and family screaming and, you know, trying to find their parents. everyone was scattered. >> scotch telling us he was worried initially for his dad at detroit himself to helping others helping people get up, trying to get kids to get out of there. >> and we'll weekly it or they say it's incredible how everyone in this community has rallied each other. >> nobody should be involved in in a shooting. whether it i'm partial ca go or anywhere else in this world. bush, they're hopeful change will coma soon. >> so that going forward, there's can simply enjoy a 4th of july was hurt rather than having to survive it. we're tired me for >> well, that was blown not reporting bronagh tumulty reporting for us. well, switching gears happening today, the january 6 committee, we'll focus on its latest public hearing on the role that far right. extreme is played in the capitol attack. washington correspondent jessi tenure joins us live with the latest. good morning. jessi.
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>> morning to you as well. the 2 committee members leading today's hearing say they'll be using the former president's own words against him in an effort to show a potential tie to the extremist groups. >> the siren to these folks. former president donald trump's tweet big protest in dc on january 6th be there will be wild. became a key moment in the january 6 committee's investigation as florida congresswoman stephanie murphy told nbc's meet the press how that caused them to oregon and organize during today's hearing, murphy said the committee will focus on whether the trump administration coordinated january 6th with various extremist groups whose leaders and others are now facing rare sedition charges for their roles in the attack. the oath keepers have denied there was any plan to storm the u.s. capitol. donald trump was, of course, the central figure who set everything into motion on cbs news face the nation, maryland congressman jamie raskin said the committee will also highlight new testimony
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from former white house counsel pat cipollone. he was aware of every major move. i think the donald trump was making. >> to try to overthrow the 2020 election and essentially seize the presidency. this follows testimony from former white house aide cassidy hutchinson who told the committee trump knowingly sent armed supporters to the capitol and wanted to join them. trump denies her account, but the committee has said cipollone did not contradict earlier testimony. i considered his testimony valuable. >> and this is now the only hearing set for this week. a prime time one was expected on thursday, but because of evolving information and things of that nature and then has been moved to next week live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. all right. thank you for that update. jesse. >> well, still to come on the kron, 4 morning news, president biden weighs in on abortion laws during a weekend bike ride. what he's encouraging women to do to ensure their access to abortions will be right back after the break.
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♪ ♪ my name's caleb. what's yours? i'm grace! did you just move here? yeah! cool! >> can do a lot of things. to accommodate. rights women. in the meantime, but for the mentally ill change us. to see if we have a national. way.
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>> president biden is encouraging women to keep protesting the overturning of the abortion law really way. his comments came during a weekend bike ride in his native state of delaware. the president also says he does have the power to ensure women have access to abortions with their private information protected. but he would need the help of congress to restore the rights from roe v wade. well, a drug company is seeking us approval for the first birth control pill that women could buy without a prescription, the request of the request from a french drug maker yesterday sets up an important decision for the food and drug administration due to the political fallout from the supreme court's decision overturning abortion rights. if the fda grants the company's request woman would be able to buy that pill over the counter. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, san francisco restaurants are being played with a storm of
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bad reviews. why one owner says it's all a part of an elaborate scam. >> we'll have more on that when we get back. welcome back
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to the kron. 4 morning news. a time for you now for 29 am here on a tuesday morning.
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>> and so we're just talk about the weather, john, and how things are a lot different i just came from those really hot and sunny in europe. now got the fog back here. rain is pretty much did the whole cut and now it's back to the 5 that a good sleeping weather, though. so we're talking about arrests now that you're home and mother nature is making it a little bit easier because we do have some of that fog sitting out there across the bay. >> very dense towards the coastline. watch for some spots out there that will be improving to provide low visibility as well. some wet conditions, misty to drizzly conditions this morning, all the way into the east bay hills and across the north bay, too. again, visibility is being affected for a lot of us this morning 50's and 60's for most of our current temps, san jose dublin. you're at 50 to 62 degrees. fremont hayward alameda, oakland, 59 some mid 50's across the north bay. some of cooler spots right now. as far as what we've got later today won't be quite as hot as


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