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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  July 21, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> well, good morning and thank you for waking up with us bright and early for the re on thursday. and it's almost the weekend. but even to me to tell you that you probably already have it marked on your calendar. you've probably been checking the forecast over the next few days because a lot is happening in the bay area over the weekend. john. but for today, still foggy behind usc. they still got the fog for a lot of us across the bay area. rain at that. >> definitely something you've been seeing regularly the past few mornings. something else you've been seeing pretty regularly is the heat in
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london. the mild conditions near the bay shore. so for those events going on this weekend, a little closer to the water. good news for you. you are further inland will get prepared for that heat all over again. as far as visibility goes very similar situation to yesterday. so fog is sitting right above the bay itself. that means it's or hillsides where you're encounter yet. and then right along the coastline, it's a little more pushed down to the surface. so you will be running into visibility impacts along highway one along routes like the golden gate bridge this morning. so keep your eye out for that. as for current temperatures right now, we're mostly hanging out in the 50's oakland at 56 dublin in hayward at 57 back to the upper 40's for pedal. we met this morning. we had some chilly mornings up in the north bay later on today. daytime highs similar to yesterday, one to 2 degrees cooler for a few spots looking not much of a difference, though. we've been in this holding pattern all week longer guard list of where you're at. what is the weekend bringing us with those details are still to come back over to all right, john, thank you for
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that. and let's get a look at your traffic this morning about a 10 minute drive. >> traveling from the maze to that freeman street exit san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. about a 13 minute morning commute. you're richmond center fell bridge about a nine-minute drive and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 20 minutes on this thursday morning. recently elected san francisco school board commissioners already facing criticism over comments she made about black and brown families. school board, member and shoe made the comments in a san francisco pier action question near. she has since apologized. also issued an updated response. well, some people say it's encouraging that she apologize. others say it's just not enough. kron four's amanda hari has those details for us. >> the comments that are being called racially insensitive response to a question about how san francisco unified school district can increase academic outcomes for the most marginalized students. san francisco school board
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commissioner and shoes response included that black and brown students do not perform as well as others to, quote, lack of family support, unstable family environments and lack of parental encouragement to focus on value. learning it. >> in the city of all right. well, i guess that back is kicked out on us. let's go to our next story. san francisco supervisors approved to affordable housing measures. one is going to benefit of veterans who will get priority access. now i 112 million dollar investment will allow the city to build and repair more affordable units in the city. the second measure will increase the transfer tax for real estate sales over 10 million dollars. it's estimated that it will bring about 170 million dollars a year for the next 5 years. well, it's starting out to be a very hateful campaign season in the city of san francisco. the flyers that they were found attacking supervisor
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gordon mar who is running for reelection. well, you can see the signs on your screen right now. we don't want to read them is they're so bad. marceau the spouse or the size found on saturday along the sunset business corridor. he says that hate has no place in san francisco and that this simply adds fuel to the fire to keep going and continue his mission to create affordable housing opportunities like the veterans, housing among other initiatives. >> kick out the chinese was one of the bullet points. and besides being a proud chinese american, i legislative the first ever chinese cultural preservation district in san francisco and also worked to house the homeless. i might be increased public school funding so you don't have to wonder what what i stand for. you know, just look at my record. >> maher says he refuses to be divided or distracted. he is busy working to solve the problems that are facing the city. any plans to continue to be a voice for the trent and
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the quality, affordable housing and compassionate solutions to homelessness. how local police department says the fbi is now involved in that investigation into the deadly shooting of a rideshare driver. the shooting unfolded on saturday morning in oakland's chinatown, neighborhood in newly released surveillance video. the suspects can be heard robbing the victim before the shoot him. authorities are hoping that someone is going to recognize one of the suspects are both of their voices. take a listen. >> yeah. >> what do you hear in that audio? >> what we hear audio a request for property. give your something to that effect. we hope that people take the time to listen closely to what we believe that it it's honorable enough for people maybe to determine who that might maybe associate that voice within the visual. any
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of that information would be helpful for us as we work as hard as we can around the clock to identify the people responsible for this for. >> anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police. a little more. police have arrested a man who is accused of a deadly shooting at a bowling alley over the weekend. the suspect is roger garcia was arrested in the door and san joaquin county livermore police along with look toward officers and swat teams arrested garcia. he's accused of killing 28 year-old antonio vargas at granada bowl on saturday. first, he also faces charges for shooting 2 other people. one of oakland's largest homeless encampments is be left in place, at least for now. caltrans will set to begin clearing out the wood street encampments on wednesday. that's following a huge fire last week. however, federal judge pot the sweep on hold a hearing on friday could decide the next step. kron four's dan thorn has that story. >> this massive fire stopped trpffic for hours in west oakland. the burning coming
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from the sprawling wood street homeless encampment under the i-880, overpass the july 11th fire was the latest of a series to break out at the site over the last year sparking the state's transportation agency to schedule a cleanup starting wednesday. i don't want this to happen. diction. >> are unconstitutional. living on public land. >> theo cedar jones is a resident of the wood street encampment. he, along with hundreds of others, would have had to move out if caltrans cleanup happened as planned. but a federal judge stopped the clearing out with a temporary restraining order. caltrans. >> has engaged in 100, i think enclosures in the last several displacing thousands of human being. it is a ghastly. train of crimes against humanity. >> a spokesperson for caltrans would not comment specifically on the temporary restraining order but said the agency stands by its believe that the encampment is unsafe and should be cleared. the state
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agency has previously said they would work with the city of oakland and alameda county to set up shelter beds for the residents. jones would prefer to stat. >> people clay were home. we're not were landed. none of the people living out here are lacking for shelters. what we lack is land. >> sovereignty. >> the property where the residents lived is owned by caltrans, along with the city, railroads and other government agencies. a hearing is set for friday at 10:00am to determine if the restraining order continues for the closure begins. reporting in oakland, dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> well, the port of oakland is warning of damage to businesses if truckers protests continue. the port's director danny wayne released a statement on wednesday that reads in part, we understand the frustration expressed by the protesters at california ports. but prolong stoppage of port operations in california for any reason. well, damage all the business operations at the ports because california
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ports to further suffer market share losses to compete imports. the protests began monday over the state's gig worker law ab 5 requires companies that hire independent contractors to reclassify them as employees. wayne says the protests shut down operations at shipping terminals. a vigil was held in aurora, colorado to mark the 10th anniversary of a shooting inside a movie theater that killed 12 people early wednesday morning. dozens of people gather at a memorial outside city hall in the denver suburb to remember the victims and to show support for those who lost loved ones. one survivor paul adams spoke on how the community support has helped her heal. >> you never seen anything really like this right here. of course, you there haven't been nothing like this to happen, the strength that people work together, even people who lost people in the that weren't even involved the strength of the city. actually the world for makes me feel
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like their strength. >> in 2012, a gunman opened fire inside a crowded movie theater in aurora, colorado during a midnight showing of the dark knight rises killing 12 people and wounding 70 others. he was later convicted of murder and attempted murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. mayor of highland park, illinois, the scene of a mass shooting on july 4th, testify before congress. she wants senators 2 august ban assault-style weapons like the one used to kill 7 people in her community. washington, d.c., correspondent raquel martin has more on that. i will be haunted for ever highland park mayor nancy rotering says she's unsure how her community will recover. >> after a gunman opened fire at the annual 4th of july parade. we were screaming, run shooter. she was there when a 21 year-old killed 7 people and injured dozens more less than a minute is all it took for a person with an assault weapon. >> to shoot 83 rounds into a
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crowd forever changing so many lives. wednesday rotering called on senators to ban assault-style weapons. >> to stop future shootings. some angry illinois democratic senator tammy duckworth, an iraq war veteran, said assault weapons belong on the battlefield, not america's streets. we can to hunt. >> we can still have an armed citizenry can do all of that without weapons of war. but republicans argue a ban won't stop the killings and will only stop law abiding citizens from protecting themselves against. >> the horrible spike in violent crime. republicans like iowa senator chuck grassley say democrats ought to focus their attention on improving mental health. we can't keep seeing. >> schroder after shooter follow the same predictable path and nobody does anything about it. congress recently passed gun safety legislation. >> putting millions towards for this isn't where we stop. america must do better. illinois democratic senator
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durbin says despite republican push back, he's pushing for a voted for the first assault weapons ban do it again in washington. raquel martin >> still to come on the kron 4 morning news, firefighters are still fighting the smoldering fire near pittsburgh. we're going to bring you in air quality update and we'll tell you how you can keep you and your family safe. lawmakers in dc now taking steps to define the role of state presidential electors and vice president in a presidential election. all in hopes of preventing another january 6. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> well, firefighters continue to pump about 2000 gallons of water. a minute on the smoldering marsh land fire near pittsburgh. the mars fire began nearly 2 months ago. but it's continued to burn deep down in the pete in few soil. there, which is notoriously hard to put out by running hoses, from water pumps to the burn zone. firefighters are hoping to stop the fire from burning into the rainy season. they say it could take up to 20 million gallons of water to fully extinguish the fire people who live or work nearby are fed up over constantly smell of smoke in the area. >> morning, hours out of the day, it's reasonable. but the 4 hours out of the day you can go outside. bay area koala t officials have extended the air quality advisory in the
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area through today. seems like every day we've got to just extended a little farther for their for their. >> he said he's really that live out. their been talking to me about just how crazy it is that they just keep smelling that every day. you know, especially when we have the fires that make it all the way to where we live either in the city or in the east bay and the city really difficult breathe. and if you're like me, you've got issues with allergies and all that stuff. they should probably limit their time outdoors. yeah. and i know a lot of people driving along highway 4 between concord, out to antioch, specially around pittsburg bay point. that's where it's been the very worst did. and even people that aren't bothered by it necessarily don't have the respiratory sits up and say it's just not been so much fun. >> and just the fact that that fire continues to smolder subsurface right there. so as you that, it's not just the wildfires that often contribute to those smoky conditions, but also in this case that fire that's burning there right here in our own bay area. and that's
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contributing more to our air quality was than any sort of fire in the sierra. nevada has been as far as where we're at right now. you can see the embarcadero sitting under a little bit of gray right now. but what we are going to be seeing later on today is going to be more that sunshine kind of like we've been seeing this trend of weather where we start cloudy, start grey and cool and then get to the searing hot conditions inland. just nice and comfortable near the bay shore in the coastline. the bay area has been nothing short, but bringing a save her it of weather lately. we're still sitting right at the edge of this high-pressure ridge that continues to bring searing heat across much of the rest of the country. and even though our high temperatures are in the 90's for the bay area compared to some areas like the central valley which have been in the triple digits, hasn't been at that comparatively. now we will see another push of cool ocean air right out into the bay today. keeping temperatures very much so moderated near the shoreline and near the bayshore. now, oftentimes during heat waves with an offshore wind, you'll get that heat stretching all the way
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off towards the coast. that is certainly not been the case this time around. it's just been the m and t with relief to be found near the water. so if you do need to find a spot to get to, that's nice and cool. make sure to head out that direction. as far as we go with futurecast definitely on the cloudy side this morning, skies clear nicely this afternoon, though. and as we work our way through the day today, 60's for coastal spots will be in the 70's to 80's along the bayshore familiar territory here. we've spent pretty much all week in this range of numbers right along the bay, san jose. 85 fremont, 79 hayward an i-75. well livermore in concord back into the 90's. we go. oakland only at 73, antioch, in vacaville for yet another day being are very hottest of spots. getting your look ahead in our next 7 days. temperatures will cool just a little bit into friday and saturday. nicely timed, at least that we will be falling into the 80's on those days. bayshore in coastal areas continue on your mild trend reyna. tom, thank you for that. i let's go look at your
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traffic this morning about a 10 minute drive. >> heading into the city amazed to that fremont street exit. let's check on the san mateo bridge just under about 13 minutes as you're making your way 80 heading across towards one o one. let's check on the richmond. sandra fell bridge just under 9 minutes of traffic is still pretty light. and the golden gate bridge yesterday we had a lot of dense fog. the air today looks like conditions are a little clearer this morning about 20 minutes making away from 37 to the tolls. i want to talk. he is now for 19 and rudy giuliani has been ordered to testify next month before a grand jury in fulton county, georgia. it's investigating donald trump's alleged attempts to undermine the 2020 election. giuliani, who is trump's former lawyer was subpoenaed after failing to appear at a hearing in new york. the same grand jury has also subpoenaed republican sen lindsey graham. a former trump adviser, steve bannon arrived at a dc court one day after
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federal prosecutors accused him of willfully in or eid, a congressional subpoena in open defiance of the u.s. government. bannon, a longtime adviser and strategist for former president donald trump. he's facing a pair of federal charges after refusing for months to cooperate with the house committee investigating the january 6 capitol insurrection and the january 6 committee will be holding their 8th public hearing on tomorrow night during prime time. this one is going to focus on what former president trump did during the riot. 2 witnesses are expected. matthew pointing juror who served on the national security council and former white house aide sarah matthews. kron four's going bring you a hearing on the january 6 insurrection are on interrupted coverage starts at 05:00pm. you can watch the hearing or you can tune into kron on and watch it over there. all right. well, the time for you now fall 04:20am, and a bipartisan group of senators introduced legislation that would clearly
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define the role of the state presidential electors. the vice president in the presidential election. this is all a part of an effort to prevent something like january 6 from happening again. washington correspondent basil john joins us live with the latest. good morning, basil. well, good morning. and yes, 16 senators have come together to clarify a lot for more than 100 years ago and they believe this will help restore the country's faith in democracy. >> there was bipartisan support for some important common sense reforms. wednesday, west virginia democratic senator joe mansion along with maine republican senator susan collins. >> introduced a bill to clarify rules during a presidential election to prevent a repeat of january 6th. how do we defend this country and the constitution? >> and this this wonderful capital that we have. so this can never happen again. mansion says the ambiguity in the original law was weaponized during the last
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election. the confusing antiquated language that we have on the books today from 18 87. >> electoral count act is a real and present danger to our democracy in the last election. former president donald trump pressured his vice president mike pence to reject the votes this bill would address that. it reasserts that the constitutional role >> of the vice president in counting electoral votes is and solely ministerio. the legislation also makes it more difficult for congress to raise an objection to state results clarifies how we presidential candidate can raise concerns around the state's election. this is not create a new cause of action. instead, it will ensure prompt and >> adjudication of its use. >> another bill was also pushed forward that would protect poll workers from threat and clarifies how the
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postal service handles election mail reporting live in washington. i'm basil, john. all right. thank you for breaking all that down for us. basil. well, still to come on the kron, 4 morning news and the south bay of hundreds of people who are about to lose their jobs. >> because kitchen, a shutting down. we're going to break down what that means for the local economy. once we get back.
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don't touch my piano. are about to lose their jobs in the south bay. you have amy's kitchen. they're shutting down its san jose frozen food plant. less than 2 years after it opened well for justin campbell has that story. >> sources tell kron 4 that the workers are no longer in the building. it's just senior management. a few people that are clearing out the rest of the company's belongings. >> amy's kitchen says this food factories losing 1 million dollars a month and they cannot overcome current economic hurdles. a representative wasn't available for an interview, but in a statement, the company says the plan on last play west avenue opened in 2021. after demand for their pizza skyrocketed. they opened this factory to meet consumer demand. but the company says a tight labor market, inflation supply chain issues and the war in ukraine increased raw material costs. amy says the cost of sunflower oil used in many of their meals increased
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by 125%. the company says they will keep their 3 other food processing plants open. but the reportedly 300 people who worked here will have to find a new job reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. more bad news for the well. 33 to some of the residents might now be able to return until after 2023 new year. we're going hear from some of the frustrated residents, right frustrated residents, right when we get ba when a truck hit my car, frustrated residents, right wthe insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you
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welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news. a time for you for 29 going on for 30. a m gets an early start to the morning. >> but it's thursday and that means you're just a day away from friday, which are just a day away from the weekend. for all of you are thinking about the plans that must be made. let's get a look at our forecast. good morning pay the rain. we are looking at a day that's going to bring some pretty familiar stuff to it. honestly, we're keeping the fog around this morning. we're keeping the heat around this afternoon for inland areas. >> but the moderated temperatures near the bay, the coast are also sticking around. looking outside at your east bay hills camera can't see much from it because we do have that blanket of cloud cover sitting right above our bayshore cities while near the coastline in through the golden gate. that's where we're right back to the fog. even if you missed the spots out there near the water as far as temperatures go right now we're mostly in the 50's redwood city andan


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