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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  July 22, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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outside towards the coastline has been those cooler spots. and that would say if you are heading out right along the coast this weekend, that's where you want to keep that light jacket on hand with yet. this is your view outside at san francisco from tower. you can see a little bit of the bay bridge there in the distance. overall, a very nice start to the morning in a little less foggy than what we saw yesterday, cloudy blinken, the sitting right above us. so this visibility issues are really just a couple of patches, the east bay hills right along the coastline. as for current temperatures, most of us are in the 40's and 50's right now. novato sitting at 45 degrees. santa rosa. really cool. 47 definitely need those jackets up there in the north bay to start this morning. rest of us across the bay and keep the light jacket with you this morning. although this afternoon will be needed so much 70's right along the bay shore, upper 80's inland, a little cooler than yesterday for inland areas, even if it is only a couple of degrees. we'll take it. i'm talking more about your weekend's forecast. still to come, rain.
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>> well, it is friday. so we're going to see friday light and we certainly are seeing it right now. just 10 minutes heading into the city may so that fremont street exit san mateo bridge heading across tarhe peninsula about a 13 minute ride for you. there. let's check on the richmond. sandra fell bridge where things are still pretty light. 9 minutes and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls a 20 minute morning right? by the you now is 04:31am. and we are hearing from the family of a man who was shot and killed inside of a little more bowling alley over the weekend. the man has been identified now as 28 year-old antonio vargas kron four's, rob nesbitt spoke to the man's parents who are in livermore. >> it's been less than a week since jose and letizia vargas got the news that their son, antonio vargas have been shot and killed at granada bowl on on the emotion still hard to cope with as their livermore home filled with flowers and
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condolences. be a little piece here, jose saying the news of his son's death was so impactful but he can't describe the feeling and he would not wish it on his worst enemy. the livermore police department search for the suspect ended wednesday arresting roger amman, garcia at his last throw home and charging him in connection to the murder, the family of the victim relieved to find out that the 27 year-old is behind bars and people been key to park at the tcf says she feels a calmness knowing that garcia won't be able to harm anyone else and that his arrest has led to a piece of her home. according to police, the incident at the bowling alley started as a fight between a group of people and ended in a shooting. garcia has also been charged for shooting 2 other people who had to be taken to a hospital vargas is parents say that he attended school with the suspect, but they know of no other connection under describing their 28 year-old son as an honorable young man who will be remembered for being caring, respectful and a friend that anyone could count on. this is not garcia's first run-in with the law. the convicted felon has a criminal history that includes assault with a deadly weapon. he's currently being
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held at the santa rita jail reporting livermore. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> oakland police are looking for man accused of trying to kidnap a 2 year-old child at a bus station. >> surveillance video shows that suspect wearing a red shirt and blue had to get good look at this. it happened at the ac transit bus platform and high street and international police say the man tried to abduct the child, then attacked the mother, a passer byer stepped in to help. plazas at the san francisco bart station at twenty-fourth and mission street will be closed for about 2 months. bart install temporary fencing to curb illegal street vending city officials say that area has been a concern for a while because of all the illegal street vending and drug use in that area as well. the fence is a temporary solution until public works rolls out with a vendor permit application system that will keep tabs on who is legally allowed to sell goods. all entrances in elevators to bart stations will remain fully accessible.
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now, doctors are advising people not to wait to get the covid vaccine to say the boosters are still the best protection against the virus. however, some think it might be best to wait until updated vaccines. a potentially release later in the forcefully to call has those updates? >> delaying your second booster shot is not advised, says doctor sophy mccurry, a of covid out there. we don't how covid will affect you. the korea is a deputy health officer with contra costa health services. she says the longer you put the shot off, the more susceptible you are to a breakthrough infection and severe illness. 2 shots in the primary series and a single booster dose does not appear to be enough to stave off the most recent omicron subvariants including ba 5. now the predominant strain of the virus in the country potential that at vaccines may be coming down the line that includes variants. but they're still kind of work that at happened. doctor dean blumberg is a professor and chief of
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pediatric infectious diseases at uc davis health. i wouldn't way that would be like not wearing your seat belt all summer because maybe they'll be a better seat belt in the in the fall. doctor blumberg cautions against holding off until the fall on a second booster shot for those who are eligible. but he's optimistic about what might be coming down the pipeline. there's also some work that looks very promising that earlier strains of the virus and combines them. >> and a vaccine that appears to provide more widespread protection against many different variants. >> so it's hard to know which vaccines going to be best in the fall, but i would make sure you get your protection. now, the centers for disease control and prevention says just 28% of adults ages 50 years and older with a first booster. >> have received the second booster dose a second booster dose decreases your risk of death by 4 times phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> well, a new study finds fully vaccinated. covid patients have no greater risk
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for post-surgery complications in patients who were never infected. ucsf researchers looked at the records of 230,000 surgeries between 2020 2022, they say the rate of complications after surgery was about 5% for both vaccinated. patients with covid and the people never infected current guidelines recommended avoided elective surgeries until about 7 weeks after infection. in the east bay. the uc berkeley community is remembering a be loved chemistry. professor philip geissler. he died earlier this week during a hike in utah. he was 48 years old. kron four's terisa stasio spoke with a former student. but what he and others remember about geissler. >> pretty easy there. yeah, it does. you take it to seek help. get think chemicals to take it to see things get blown up. uc berkeley graduate comment miss arie is talking about his first class with
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professor philip geissler. he took these pictures that day as a freshman at cal. he says kim started with a multiple choice quiz and he and the hundreds of others soon found out that this was going to be a unique class with a unique teacher. glad you guys to call them because we're going to call them. and so that's that that was a first-class. first we miss you guys get are the same for us. a pretty well. >> and that he has behind him doing all the stuff he said they would do. so one of them blew up a balloon. it. >> the professor died this week while hiking in utah. the cause of his death is under investigation. but the san juan county sheriff's department issued a warning about exercising in extreme heat as the canyons area is experiencing. temperatures jumping past 100 degrees. second one is not especially if you haven't taken a lot of beforehand. >> so i think she was aware of all that you made you believe in the extra mile to make it much more enjoyable and more like. >> hands on and make it more
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memorable in 2011. guys are one uc berkeley's distinguished teaching award. >> the college chemistry dean posted about geysers passing on the school's website calling him a remarkable person. brilliant researcher and scholar. the praise is now being echoed by his former students. >> you have being nice and being genuine in teaching? that was a big thing that i'm going kind of say. it was coming back to that for sure to recess stasio kron. 4 news. >> former white house aide sarah matthews who described herself as a lifelong republican, said trump poured gasoline on the fire by tweeting condemnation of mike pence's refusal to go along with his plan to stop the certification of joe biden's victory and that is presented showed a minute by minute account of trump's actions demonstrating how he set by watch it happen on fox news at the white house. despite some of his close advisers, gop lawmakers in the son don junior urging him to do
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something to stop the attack. >> don junior first texted mister meadows at 2.53. hero. he's got to condemn this asap. the capitol police tweet is not enough. mister meadows replied, i am pushing it hard. i agree. don junior responded. this is one you go to the mattresses on. they will try to his entire legacy if this on this, if it gets worse, we say go to the mattresses. what does that mean? >> just a reference for going all in. it's a godfather reference. >> all right. you can watch the following hearings live at kron 4 dot com. and later today. well, a bay area upon shot helps reunite the ring of a former forty-niners with its rightful owner, an employee of the best collateral shop in sandra fell was presented with the ring. it has the forty-niners logo and it's engraved with the name
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hazeltine. well first and the rord has details. >> he's been dead for 35 years and hasn't worn a forty-niners uniform since the 1960's. but somehow a ring with his name on it popped up at a pawnshop this week in sandra fell. i deal solely in the joy that comes to our store. the rain came across my desk. i obviously knew something special is out of the norm for us. we don't see a lot of these things. amy neal is the operations manager of best collateral when she saw the name hazeltine on the ring. y began a google search and at hazeltine a former forty-niners linebacker cal grad and marin county native neil then posted about the discovery on social media in hopes of finding hazel times family people just. >> we're intrigued engaged you know, to me that's sort of the coolest part about this. is this, you know, this kind has been dead for 35 years now. you know what? going viral within hours, neil was put in
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touch with hazel times widow. she learned the ring was an honor to former players in celebration of the forty-niners 50 year anniversary in 1996. >> hazeltine was with the team for over a decade. he was a captain and a 2 time pro bowler in 1987 hazeltine died of a l s also known as lou gehrig's disease. >> learning about hazel times life and reuniting the ring with his widow has been a unique experience for neil as a lifelong forty-niners fan. she now feels like there's a deeper connection with the team. his whole story is just really intriguing to me. so, you know, the ring has sort of been. >> you know, whatever it's a side story. i think the real story, which is not he's a teen and his 15 years with the niners reporting in marin county, dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> still to come on the kron, 4 morning news at giants took on the la dodgers in it, wasn't it? a happy ending for the giants will have those highlights and more after the break.
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>> welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news. it's time for you now for 44, a him or early friday morning and a nice weekend on the way john sabol has been telling us what we can expect over the next few days. good morning, john. we're looking forward to at least few less of us in the 90's this weekend, further inland. while those of us closer to the bay and the coast will be holding on to some familiar stuff, which is the comfortable weather we've already been seeing.
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>> this is your view outside from the suture tower this morning. a little bit of a glow from the city lights down below, just a faint in very thin layer of cloud cover this morning. less of it that we've been seeing the past couple of days as we do push through the afternoon, they're still going to see hot temperatures for inland valleys, but not near as hot as some areas like the deep south are looking at arkansas, texas looking at temperatures climbing well into the triple digits again, as for us here across the bay area, we're just in the midst of some ocean cool there. we didn't see a lot of heat loss overnight. bakersfield at 78 degrees for your current temperature. compare that to our 50's and 40's that we have here in the bay area makes you thankful for that ocean cool there. even if at times it does come along with a little bit of fog with it this afternoon, sunshine, most of our inland highs only in the 80's today, which is a nice change from the 90's where we have been tomorrow morning, a few more spots of fog followed by more afternoon. sunshine and temperatures much like today, mostly back down into
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the 80's. as for today's temperatures, it's 50's and 60's for sf and at the coastline bayshore cities in the 70's for the most part with burlingame all the way down through palo alto, sharing a range of comfortable 70's today, south bay temps mostly in the 80's with san jose. 82 degrees. freeman through hayward in the 70's. only a few 90's remain livermore in concord, right at 90 degrees while berkeley and oakland only in the upper 60's warmer spots today, antioch in vacaville, but opposed to the upper 90's where you had been barely making the 90 degree mark today. as for tomorrow's temperatures right around the same as today, in fact, are inland areas will be trending a little cooler on average. still warm. but upper 80's certainly beats the mid to upper 90's, coastal and bay mostly in the 60's to 70's right now. john, thank you for that. hitting the roads this morning about a 10 minute ride from the maze to that fremont street exit. >> san mateo bridge heading from 80 to one o one just under 13 minutes for you. a
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richmond center fell commute about a nine-minute drive and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls 20 minutes. look at that fog starting nestle in use your low beams and drive slow. sanders is the giants took on the la dodgers and nearly went home with the wind. but the dodgers pulled it out of their heads last minute. kron four's callum mills has the highlights. the giants have their work cut out for them. beginning the 2nd half of the season, 12 and a half games back in the nl west and a half game out of the final national league. wild card spot. >> san francisco, the chance to make up some ground taking on the division-leading dodgers in la billie eilish in the is billie jean king in the usual parade of stars in l a bottom of the 3rd. justin turner hits a fly to right here. it's going back. luis gonzalez loses it in the lights. the pole falls house. that one hurts freddie freeman and trey turner both score what was ruled a double
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dodgers. talk to a quick 4. nothing lead. the child slipped out match early later in the inning. hanser roberto hammers one into left turner scores 5, nothing. dodgers dominating. however, it all turned around with one swing of the bat. coming up in the 7th inning, darren ruff bases loaded joost, deep drive to left. that one is gone. that is a grand slam. eilish can't believe that all of the sudden we're tied up at 5 first career grammy for rough top. the 8th bases loaded again. evan phillips. no pressure here walks tiros wilmer flores scores the go ahead, run 6, 5 giants. take the lead on that walk. however, in the bottom of the frame, trayce thompson, clay's younger brother smacks one deep to center off the wall. gavin lux scored 6, 6, tight, 2 batters later mookie betts. forget about it. forget about it way back here.
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>> to left off, harlan garcia, go on for a three-run homer, 9, 6 dodgers leave. that's 21st homer of the season. final score is 9, 6 dodgers. what a disappointment for the giants. the a's hosting the tigers and double header will start with game to open lefty. frankie only pitched 3 innings. however, he was looking good, giving up no runs and striking out 5, including miguel cabrera here. bottom of the 6th, sean murphy up to the plate sense this fall on a ride to center see later that one is way up into the suite. most fans have got to be pumps. that's a 447 foot. three-run homer ace take a 3 zip lead in the 9th. a second baseman nick allen. watch this. and other takes such a good diving makes the throw to first gets him out on the ground or a defense,
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locking it down like fort knox in this game 5, nothing a's. the final score. 6 open pitchers combined for the shutout in game one, a high noon affair. the a's didn't get off to a great start in this one. top of the 3rd, robbie grossman, the lines, one to left field, stephen piscotty trying to get there the wall, but it bounces off the wall to runner score 2, nothing. tigers, lead grossman with a couple of hits and 3 rbi on the day. tigers win 7 to they split the double header with the a's peters held their first training camp practice their newest weapon bay area native davante adams joined his teammates for his first official practice. the silver and black. >> raiders starting quarterback. derek carr will be looking to produce his best season ever with adams on board. plus, new head coach josh mcdaniels was the patriots offensive coordinator for 14 non consecutive seasons. he's expecting to give this vegas offense. a new look. there's excitement for this year's raiders team after tumultuous 2021 season, we saw
4:51 am
the departure of former coach jon gruden. plus several front office exacts mcdaniel says a lot of positions are up for grabs, heading into camp. >> great deal of competition that's about to play out here in the next 6 at a lot of spots on the and that's it a healthy thing. you know, we we tried to build the roster as best we could to this point with that in mind, we feel like that's the best way for players to improve and get better. feel like that's the way for our team to improve and get better. they're competing not only. >> with guys on the other side of the ball, but they're also competing with the guys and their own individual meeting room. i think it makes everybody better. >> well, thanks for staying with us for 51. we'll be right back after this break.
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>> welcome back. getting towards 05:00am for 54 now. and as you're looking outside from c church tower, definitely some low gray hovering across the bay, but we can thank that great for helping to keep us a little bit cooler. it's coming along with the nice seabreeze which is going to keep temperatures fairly cool compared to our inland areas out near along the coast and along the bay shore. you can see that we do hold on to a few low 90's inland, antioch, conquered in livermore are among those spots. but compared to where we're heading this afternoon again, for areas like fresno bakersfield, sacramento, and reading, which will well be
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into the triple digits all over again. doesn't feel so bad in comparison. reyna. bakersfield >> all right. well, you can now make 6 figures by tess taste in candy, the company candy funhouse wants to hire a chief candy officer, the starting salary, $100,000 a year the candy officer hit better like sweet stuff because they're going to have to approve all the candy in the company's inventory help, but do no worries. the job comes with dental benefits wolf. that's the least they can do right? all right. we'll check this out. this mansion for sale in san diego county, setting offer a better ecological footprint. its owners have been using goats to manage vegetation girl on the 4 acre property like that go just posen. and judging from these images of 10, a crate job to now, this isn't the first of herd of goats being. usually they do that here. they're trying to control the vegetation of even had some relatives use goats
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6th afternoon. seven-bedroom property is listed at just over. going to drum roll. please. 7 and a half million dollars. the goats, foreigners, however, are higher separately. so you have to hire those goats if you want them to continue to keep up the lawn. there. i will coming up in the next hour. >> a coroner in the east bay is expected to release more details about the death of tyrell wilson weather break down. what you can expect in a live report. a local health officials expressing a frustrated they are with the federal response to monkeypox. hear why they are calling it slow and inadequate. and polio has been detected for the first time in nearly a decade in the state of new york. doctors are using this time to remind everyone to get their vaccines will be right back.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news far. >> good morning and happy friday to darya and i'm reyna looking forward to the weekend are. >> absolutely. we made it here. the question is what's the weather going to be like a
5:00 am
it is still going to be hot for this to inland. but hey, for our inland areas here in the bay area like livermore, concord, you are falling down into the low 90's today which beats the upper to mid 90's where you have been you can see a little bit of glow from the sunshine there in the distance and a little bit of that cloud cover that's sitting in the bay this morning. good news is we're not going to see that gray for as long as we did yesterday. it's already a pretty thin layer and going to burn off really quickly, only really causing visibility issues and some of our hillsides. otherwise temperatures are cool for start 40's and 50's for most of us petaluma and santa rosa among our colder spots will brentwood pittsburgh in concord among the more mild spots in the 60's right now. later on today, our inland areas you are in for another warm one. but we are seeing some changes out there gradually and talking about them. still ahead. rain something you that in friday light. do we have it? we do right now heading into the city right now makes that free must ex about 10 minutes for your drive there. let's check on the san mateo bridge 80 to one o one.


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