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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  July 23, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> now at 6, a pilot seriously injured after his plane came crashing down near a south bay airport. thank you for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 6. i'm noelle bellow and i'm dan thorn. the crash happened and reid-hillview county airport in san jose. >> and tonight the surrounding neighborhood remains roped off as this investigation into what went wrong continues. incident was reported around 7.30, yesterday evening. some residents say they saw that scary moment when the plane took down power lines and crash landed kron 4 s camila barco has details.
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>> saturday morning crews loaded and remove this small engine plane off the streets of san jose. it crashed while taking off from read hill few county airport friday night around 7.30. the pilot suffered life-threatening injuries but he is expected to survive. the plane crashed in the area of ocala avenue in carl street nearby. several homes and a school residents like tom un says he's seen several other plane crashes in the area. yes, in one man right record here. >> another one here. the one that wrecked into the house. and then i think a couple of landing on my capitol expressway and tully. >> officers say no other injuries were reported. but mike heater says this situation could have been worse. think he was. >> he did what he could to make the accident. less traumatizing. could have been me. it could have question of these houses and he did it. >> the crash knocked out power
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to several dozen customers in the neighborhood that pg and e says power has been restored as of saturday morning. >> the and the national transportation safety board is investigating this plane crash. what we know more. we'll be sure to update you on air and online kron. 4 dot com for now in san jose. camila barco kron. 4 news. >> and happening now, a rally near the site of that plane crash is just about to start. neighbors are demanding the airport closed down for good kron. four's gayle ong live for us at the scene there tonight. gayle. >> ghana, noel, you can see the rally just beginning to start. it is underway as we speak. this is a neighborhood association gathering here near the site of the crash. they're demanding the immediate closure of lead hillview airport. people who live in this area say they have been concerned about a crash like last night. the proximity of the crash is so close to this residential neighborhood and 2 elementary
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schools. so the pilot in that crash seriously injured and is recovering at the hospital. as for the investigation, the ntsb and faa will be investigating what led to this site at the site of the speakers tonight will include the neighbor who lives right in front of where the plane crash and another neighbor who also experience a crash in front of her home more than 20 years ago. as you can see the rally just getting in the way people holding signs, keep families safe. close reid-hillview. now that sounds like they're about to chance hear some chanting. let's take a >> so we're gonna try talked to some of these neighbors. i was told that. >> county representative will be here to join the crowd and we will have been a day for you guys. at 8 o'clock live from san jose. go kron. 4
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gayle, we know there's been a lot of issues there with that airport. thank you for that live report. we'll have the latest coming up. >> at 8 o'clock on the peninsula tonight, a person has died after being struck by a caltrain train in palo alto. the accident was reported just before 5 o'clock this evening. that train was traveling northbound when it collided with the person near west meadow drive. there were about 200 passengers on board this train at the time. no one else was injured. the name of the victim has not yet been released. this is cal trains, 6th fatality of 2022. >> and the east bay hayward police are investigating tonight after a man was stabbed to death this morning. this happened amador street around 8 o'clock. this is citizen video showing the police there on the scene conducting their investigation. when officers arrived, they found the man was already dead with multiple stab wounds. the victim's information has not yet been released and no arrest has been made so far. >> in castro valley, a mobile home went up in flames last night. firefighters responded
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around 11, 30 to shamrock way. and this is what they found. smoke and flames coming out of that mobile home. crews were able to extinguish this fire within 45 minutes. no one was injured. the cause is still under investigation. another big story we're following tonight, the chief of the world health organization has declared. >> the monkeypox outbreak a global emergency. the director general made the decision to issue the declaration despite a lack of consensus among experts serving on the united nations health agencies, emergency committee. it's the first time the chief of the un health agency has taken such action. >> so inch hled, we have an outbreak that has spread around the would rapidly. 2 new modes of transmission about which we understand to lead to and which meets the criteria in the international health regulations. >> the declaration could allow for more funding for treatment, but it could also
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make it harder f r people to get the already scarce vaccines. san francisco's health department told kron 4 today that the city has a a significant number of monkeypox cases and lacks sufficient vaccine supply for the number of people who are seeking this vaccine when monkeypox cases were first identified in san francisco, the city's health department requested 35,000 doses to meet the need. but to date, only 7700 doses have been allotted to the city. san francisco has currently identified 197 cases and in to sup 8 more cases. >> in the bay area, man suspected of contracting monkeypox has fully recovered from his illness after successfully undergoing treatments that required a push through lots of red tape to receive. he tells kron forcefully call. he hopes oday's announcement fast-tracks access to the vaccine and other medications. >> more than 3 weeks after 33 year-old kevin kwan believes he was infected with monkeypox. he is all but
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symptom-free a little scarring. but i'm hoping that recovers kevin's mental state and body are in much better shape now compared to the early stages of his illness when lesions and rashes consumed him, he suspected monkeypox after a trip to new york city pride at the end of june. but initially the alameda county resident sought medical care when he returned to the bay area and physicians diagnosed him with scabies and before he was referred to doctor peter chin-hong. ucsf. kevin's case was probably one of the most severe cases that i've seen of the patients that i've seen so far through the centers for disease control and prevention's, exhaustive compassionate use system. doctor chan hong was approved to prescribe kevin. the antiviral drug t-poxx one of 7 patients to receive that treatment at ucsf. kevin feels fortunate to have had it because not all doctors are willing or able to prescribe. it was 6 pills a day morning and night for 2 weeks. so i'm
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completely off it. although kevin was never officially diagnosed with monkeypox doctor chin-hong says all of the visual signs pointed to a positive case. both he and kevin agree testing needs to improve. but doctor chan hong adds that the world health organization declaring monkeypox a global emergency will hopefully help fast track access to the vaccine and treatments to people with severe cases is also a possibility of. i'm getting an emergency use authorization designation which will make it easier for clinicians to treat it all over the country. we have the opportunity to launch this coordinated effort to stop it before it does become this prolonged std, more transition from an outbreak to an epidemic. >> phillipe all kron. 4 news. >> coming up, another fire breaks out here near yosemite national park, forcing thousands of people to evacuate the battle to contain the fast-moving blaze that's already destroyed some
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buildings. and an update from the president's doctor as he continues to recover from covid. >> and we track cooler temperatures today from coastal valleys in the bay area. but tomorrow warming up for the
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no. no. stop, i insist. that was good though. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. >> president biden likely has the highly contagious ba 5 sub variant of covid-19. that's the word from white house physician. doctor kevin o'connor. the president is quarantining right now in the doctor says he's improving,
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but he's also still suffering from symptoms like a sore throat loose cough and body aches. the president tested positive on thursday. the 79 year-old reportedly has a normal pulse blood pressure, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation and is receiving the antiviral drug paxlovid. >> covid-19 booster shots for those under 50 years old are now on hold. the move is part of the biden administration's plan to get more powerful shots on the market by the fall. this will also allow moderna and pfizer to develop the reformulated vaccines to be stronger against the dominant omicron subvariants. if these new boosters are available by september, it's not likely a second dose of the current boosters will be authorized for people under 50. coming up, slana get santa clara county's vector control is targeting mosquitoes carrying west nile virus. what
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>> welcome back. 6.15, on this saturday night and we are monitoring the oak fire burning near yosemite national park up in mariposa county. yeah. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon forcing evacuations for residents. well. >> threatening thousands of homes in the area. this fire is burning near highway one, 20 or rather one 40 by the community amid pines east of modesto. the fire has been spreading the threatening pace by this afternoon and has burned at least 9500 acres. at least 10 structures have already been destroyed and 5 have been damaged. one of the
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main roads that goes to yosemite valley is highway one, 40, which is now closed drivers that are trying to get to the national park. we'll have to go through highway one, 20. >> also and yosemite firefighters have made significant progress in the washburn fire. it's now 79% contained than 7 square miles of forest. the wildfire began july 7th forced the closure of the southern entrance to yosemite and the evacuation of the will want a community. the southern entrance of the park and highway. 41 have reopened this morning. but reservations are still required. >> yeah. we've been seeing these fires burning for the past couple. we now. yeah, even with the marsh fire happening in the east bay. but, you know, these high temperatures that really seem to be creating an issue. yeah, definitely. and it's all about wind direction as well for us in the bay area, even though there any major fires burning. >> in the bay area, we did see smoke impacts from that washburn up fire just about a week or 2 ago. but fortunately, with the oak and
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washburn fire, we are going to see smoke conditions remaining well to our east. so temperatures, they're still very hot and dry, especially near where those fires are burning in the mid 90's. but thankfully, we are going to see southeasterly breezes tomorrow 20 miles per hour or less. and that's going to keep all of that smoke and ash well to the east of the bay area. so we're going to continue to see good air quality for the most part for most of the bay area. right now we are tracking moderate air particles over and check near that. marsh fire is burning. but pittsburgh, you're currently seeing good air quality out there right now. so let's take a look at current conditions because we are going to notice the return of that nose sky, july over half moon bay and most of our bay area coastline. for that matter, keeping temperatures in the mid 50's for pacifica and half moon bay at 54 degrees. 35 degrees warmer for those of you in concord. holding steady in the low 90's. that was your daytime high for today. quite the temperature contrast, though, for napa and santa rosa. 68
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degrees for napa with santa rosa in the low 80's. so more than a 10 degree difference there. so very unique microclimate forecast for our north bay. but radar for tracking that stubborn marine layer along the coast going to make its way inland once again during the overnight hours and overnight lows tonight, widespread low to mid 50's. 49 degrees, though for santa rose in antioch on the milder side in the low 60's and temperatures for your sunday afternoon mid-nineties for concord and livermore but warming up into the mid 60's for downtown san francisco's a very seasonal temperatures there. monsoonal moisture could bring us a slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms with lightning in the north bay on wednesday. slight chance that we will notice that muggy and tropical feel in the coming days back to, you know, well, and and. >> all right, thanks a lot. in the south bay, mosquitoes carrying west nile virus have been found in a small area of milpitas. the zip code. there is 9, 5, 0, 3, 5, the county's vector control district will conduct a treatment tonight around 10 o'clock to reduce
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mosquito populations on monday, mosquitoes carrying west nile virus were also found in santa clara and sonny bill experts with the vector control district said the drought conditions were ideal for mosquito-borne illnesses to spread. there are mosquito eating fish that are available for people if they need them. the symptoms of west nile virus include high fever and disorientation muscle weakness and lack of vision. >> today in san francisco, several groups got together for a round table discussion on how to stop hate against the asian american and pacific islander community. according to a report from the california department of justice, the number of reported anti-asian hate crime events more than doubled annually after the onset of covid-19 speaking today, california attorney general rob bonta said incidents of hate went up across the board. 32% from 2020 to 2021. but for the aap i community, there's been a 177% increase.
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>> what i have taken solace in is the fact that while there has been a surge in i hate crimes and hate incidents, there has also been a search in action that our community has risen up back, dot and doing what we have always done. resistant. >> yeah. that positive that he sees is charges filed for hate crimes have also increased more than 30%, which does show the community police. they're both responding. >> now to texas, the school board in uvalde postponed a special meeting on the fate of its district police chief. the board was set to meet today to consider firing chief pete arre-dondo for his role in the flood response to the robb elementary school shooting 19 children and 2 teachers were killed. officials say the termination hearing will now be held at a later date. they are accommodating a request by or a don knows attorney and also following due process requirements. the superintendent has recommended arradondo is firing. but for
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now he will remain on unpaid administrative leave. >> a hyundai car parts supplier is accused of using child labor at an alabama plant. smart, alabama accused of hiring children as 12 to work inside their factory. that facility has been supplying parts to hyundai since 2003, the allegations came up after a 14 year-old migrant child living in the area temporarily disappeared. an investigation led police to discover the child worked at that factory. according to police. the childs reportedly not the only under-age migrant worker at the facility coming up next in sports, day 3 of the raiders training camp. >> as they continue their preparations for the season really has the details and reaction from the team coming up.
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carr has at his disposal. so just to name a few, you've got 1000 yard receiver last year and hunter renfroe the addition of one of the league's best receivers in davante adams and a great pass catching tight end and darren waller. the raiders finished 11th in the league last season in total offense. and this year they think they might just have even more to offer. here's what waller said today. >> guys are excited about specially with cement, the things that they're presenting to us to be able to do down there and i mean, even in the spring like us, like you guys want to make that jump this. this is one huge space, especially offense like we have to to be better at so excited about it with the guys that we have got so tany guys. i can. >> make plays for us in key situations like that. so to be a fun development. >> now to some bay area soccer, glens faced off against capital fc yesterday, 45th minute junior maki blocked a shot past capitals. quinn mccallion to make it to know glenn and 76, jose. so so with the service to drum
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evening, the score to a piece in the 83rd minute naples city and finds max pretty in who weaves his way around the defense to score a decisive game winner glenn's win 3, 2, they will that word at in seattle on sunday at 02:00pm in the western conference semifinal. and guys, if you're not familiar with the glens, they are the usl united soccer league. that one tier below major league soccer. ok? so pretty cool that we have one right here and there in the playoffs. yeah, i love it. i know we have a lot of soccer fans just in california, but an so it's definitely good to have a >> team like that. he was doing well. all kate, thank you. okay. so happening tomorrow, the san francisco marathon is actually back and thousands of people will be. >> taking a trip from the embarcadero to sausalito. and of course, back in this year, organizers are calling a bigger and more inclusive than ever before. the race will be the first marathon in california to have a non-binary division. the race weekend will also feature a program for runners with disabilities. 25,000 runners are currently registered for this year's event. of course,
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there will be road closures tomorrow. keep that in mind. that includes the embarcadero, which will be closed from midnight sunday morning until 3 o'clock sunday afternoon. so schedule accordingly. sidewalks on the golden gate bridge are also going to be closed for part of the morning. some muni lines also going to be impacted. so if you want more information on all those road closures and how you can get around the city tomorrow, go to our website. kron 4 dot com feel like one or both of us might be late to work. and accordingly. yeah. good stuff. if you're a runner, i am in awe of you. kron. 4 news all, right? we'll see in primetime.
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