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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 23, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news. too, was. >> did what he could to make the accident. less traumatizing. could have been me. the co 2 question of these houses and he did >> a pilot badly injured after he crashes his plane on to a san jose street last night. just yards away from an elementary school. and tonight, people who live in the area held a rally demanding that nearby airport the shutdown. good evening and thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm dan and i'm noelle bellow. residents told us this was one of many airplane crashes
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they've seen. >> in their neighborhood. this was the scene today just outside of reid hillview county airport. a tow truck carting away that mangled the mangled remains of the plane. the pilot, as we mentioned, seriously injured but expected to survive. as for the airport, some people are saying enough is enough kron four's gayle ong has that part of the story from san jose. >> the wreckage of the site has been cleared and now neighbors are demanding the airport closed. of those 24 hours after a small plane crash in front of a home in east san jose, neighbors of reid-hillview airport gather near the site saturday >> speakers included the homeowner who lives right in fronr of where the plane crashed colin carl streets. and this woman who experience a plane crash in front of her home more than 20 years ago. residents have feared a plane crash. the proximity of friday's crash so close to 2
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elementary schools. residents say they are also concerned about environmental issues with the airport county board of supervisors chair cindy chavez attended the rally. she has been pushing for the airport's closure. >> on thursday, there will be a congressional hearing in front of roe. conn committee. it will give us an opportunity not only to talk about the crash, but also the because we need the faa and the epa to help us. >> the ntsb and faa are investigating the crash reporting from san jose gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> san jose police say a man died in a car crash last night after his vehicle went off of the road and struck a light pole. this happen in the area of a born road and brigadoon way right before midnight. police say the driver died at the scene. the cause is still under investigation. tonight. victim's identity has not yet been released on the peninsula. person has died after being struck by a caltrain train. the accident shut down caltrain in both directions in palo alto just before 5 o'clock this evening.
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>> one track has since reopened. but at reduced speeds train was traveling northbound when it collided with the person near west meadow drive. there were about 200 passengers on board the train at the time. but no one else was injured. the name of the victim has not yet been released, but this is cal trans 6th fatality of 2022 and the east bay hayward police say a man was stabbed to death this morning right before 8 o'clock. >> this happened on amador street. this is video from the citizen app and showing police on the scene conducting an investigation. when officers arrived, they tell us they found a man dead with multiple stab wounds. the victim's name not yet been released. no arrests have been made so far. anyone with any information is asked to call hayward police. >> in castro valley, a mobile home went up in flames last night. firefighters responding around 11, 30 to that home on shamrock way. and this is what they found. smoke and flames just pouring out of that mobile home. crews were able to extinguish the fire within
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45 minutes. no one was injured and the cause is under investigation. all right. taking a look now at our 4 zone >> live look at our friend, the bucky ball, good friend. right are embark and arrow tonight to it. >> foggy, of in fact, several of the bay area pretty cool out here. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez standing by with a look at karl. yeah, we would for bucky to karl. so let's take a look along the coast because we are tracking patchy drizzle right now impacting. >> your saturday evening commute. and let's take a look also at visibility. >> extremely poor out there. so dangerous driving conditions already at or near 0 along the bay area coastline, starting to extend into the east bay shoreline, not quite making its way into our inland valleys, but that will arrive overnight impacting your sunday morning commute. so please plan ahead and drive safely. give yourself some extra time because we are going to see though, better lifting and clearing a little bit earlier tomorrow. so thanks for that
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extra sunshine, warmer temperatures for our hottest inland valleys. temperatures out there right now. still in the low 70's, but just barely for those of you concord at 71 degrees. you are exactly 20 degrees warmer than half moon bay at 51 degrees. so still tracking that 20 degree difference even at this 10 o'clock hour, widespread low to mid and upper 50's. not really seeing that many 60's for that matter. just because of that deep marine layer. so radar for we are noticing fairly dry conditions. a little bit of patchy drizzle right along the coast, especially downtown san francisco, possibly even into the east bay shoreline. so keep me posted on that. let's take a look, though, at that monsoonal moisture. well to our south and east, this is going to have a huge impact on our forecast, especially by the middle of this upcoming week. we actually have a chance of pop-up thunderstorms in the north bay with lightning included in that muggy monsoonal moisture going to continue through later next week. your full 10 at 10
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outlook coming up after the break down and won't back to you. >> all right, thanks a lot. for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic upended life for billions of people, the world health organization has declared a global health emergency because of the expanding monkeypox outbreak. and the extraordinary move comes as the disease spreads in just weeks to dozens of countries. joe khaleel has the very latest details from washington, d.c.. >> monkeypox is now a global health emergency. that rare declaration coming from the world health organization saturday who director doctor tedros gabe resist said it wasn't an easy call. the committee who makes that determination was split. but it means now who member nations will provide more funding, more resources and coordinate on vaccines and treatments, hoping those measures will slow global transmission. the who says the vast majority of growing cases are among men who have with other men here in the u.s.
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there are nearly 3,000 cases almost a 3rd in new york alone, california, florida, georgia and illinois. also case counts higher than 200 the white house and the cdc are facing questions about whether the level of testing they're doing now is enough and whether they were caught flat footed. but there's one key important similarity. >> covid and with monkeypox and that is cdc's inability to see the data in real time. during an interview with news nation's leland vitter last week. doctor bob leahy to pointed out the u.s. bought more than a million doses of a vaccine from denmark before it was inspected and approved by the fda. the european union said, well, this low, you know, this vaccine is safe. and the fda still said we're not going to approve it. >> the white house did release its strategy on monkeypox in june. the cdc scaled-up testing opening 78 sites in 48 states. it includes shipping out nearly 300,000 vaccines around the country immediately
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with plans for 1.0, 6 million more over the coming months and the agency is working with labs to produce tens of thousands of tests every day. that was joe khalil reporting for us tonight. the san francisco health department >> told kron 4 today that the city has a significant number of monkeypox cases and lack sufficient vaccine supply for the number of people who need the vaccine. monkeypox cases were first identified in san francisco. the city health department requested 35,000 doses to meet the need. but to date, only 7700 doses have been allotted to the city. san francisco has currently identified 197 cases and it is anticipating more cases. 434 monkeypox cases have been identified statewide. >> a man suspected of contracting monkeypox has fully recovered from his illness after undergoing treatments that required pushing through lots of red tape. he tells kron four's felecia gaal that he hopes today's announcement from the
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w h o fast tracks access to the vaccine and medication. >> earlier this month through the centers for disease control and prevention's exhaustive compassionate use system. doctor peter chin-hong at to prescribe kevin kong and 6 other patients at the hospital. the anti-viral drug t-poxx a federally approved treatment for smallpox in the u.s. but not monkeypox. you so. >> caring, so and it was so important for me to experience that because it is really frightening thing. by the time kevin met with doctor chin-hong, he could barely walk. >> his body was covered in rashes and lesions and all previous treatments were unsuccessful. >> kevin started showing symptoms about 4 days after returning to alameda county from new york city pride events at the end of june where he is sure he was infected. kevin says he saw immediate results once he was given t-poxx, which not all doctors are willing or able to
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prescribe. he ingested 6 pills a day for 2 weeks. as soon as i began taking it. that's when my legion stops. >> progressing which i'm so grateful for by the end of the >> you know, disease is progressing, you don't have to wait for a positive test and begin treatment. if the case look severe enough, although kevin was never officially diagnosed with monkeypox doctor chin-hong says all of the visual signs pointed to a positive case. >> both he and kevin agree testing needs to improve. but doctor chan hong adds that the world health organization declaring monkeypox a global emergency will hopefully help fast track access to the vaccine and treatments to people with severe cases. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. president biden likely has the highly contagious ba 5 subvariant and that's the word from the white house position. >> doctor kevin o'connor, the president is right now quarantining and the doctor
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says that he is improving, but he's also still suffering from symptoms like a sore throat, a loose cough and body aches. the president tested positive on thursday. the 79 year-old reportedly has a normal pulse blood pressure, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation and is receiving the antiviral drug paxlovid. >> meanwhile, covid-19 booster shots for those under 50 are now on hold. the move is part of the biden administration's plan to get more powerful shots on the market by fall. this will allow moderna and pfizer to develop a reformulated vaccine to be stronger against the dominant omicron subvariants of the new boosters are available by september. it's not likely a second dose of the current boosters will be authorized for people under 50. >> few children under the age of 5 are being vaccinated against covid. the cdc says around 544,000 children in that age group nationwide have received only one dose since it became available to them
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last month. that's just under 3% of the 23 million children in that group. some doctors say hesitancy by parents to vaccinate their children could lead to higher infection rates and leave the youngsters susceptible to more severe medical conditions. >> coming up here on kron, 4 news at 10 and san francisco marathon returns this weekend, which streets you'll want to avoid tomorrow. plus, big basin redwoods state park back open again to visitors following multiple wildfires. what you can expect on your next trip to the park and the oak fire burning near yosemite national park has jumped nearly 12,000 acres tonight, a report from the firefight after the break.
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>> the oak fire currently burning near yosemite national park is forced thousands of evacuations. it's grown to nearly 12,000 acres with 0% containment. and tonight, governor gavin newsom has declared a state of emergency in mariposa county. reports say the fire has destroyed 10 residential and commercial structures. >> and caused damage to many more along the way. officials say this fire as a result of hot weather and dry conditions caused by the worst drought in decades. reporter monica santa has more. >> it's been just over 24 hours since the oak fire broke out. and just take a look here behind me. you can see the smoke here in the background and crews desperately trying to get a hold of this rapidly spreading fire. the damage
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evident as the oak fire rages on. >> fires burning. it started yesterday 02:10pm, grew rapidly. extreme conditions out here. super dry, hot. >> this rapid spreading wildfires destroying anything in its path along the triangle road. too many. all that's left of this home and just down the road to charred cars. sit in this now empty plot of land this home. one of the lucky ones. but you can see just how close the fire was. at one point. >> we can from the 10 structures have been lost. i'm not sure if those are all homes or just buildings. >> take a look. there's a group of firefighters here behind me. they're putting out some flames right now monitoring this area, trying to keep the flames from moving this way towards a home that's here sitting in this area off triangle road. you can also see there's fire engines. everyone doing their best to try and keep any more homes from being destroyed.
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>> the attack also coming from the air. but the hot dry conditions isn't helping an exceptional drought that we're in right now >> just really got a grip on our national forests are really is a perfect storm of conditions. tonight, the firefight continues in mariposa county. >> as local state and federal partners work together to gain the upper hand. >> tonight, more than 400 firefighters are on scene battling the oak fire. and we're told more resources are on the way reporting for mariposa county when he got on the kron. 4 news. >> firefighters have made significant progress in containing the washburn fire. also burning and yosemite national park. it's now 79% contained after burning more than 7 square miles of the forest. the wildfire began on july 7th and forced the closure of the southern entrance to yosemite and the evacuation of the community of wawona, the southern entrance of the park and highway. 41 reopened this morning. reservations that were still required. if you're planning on entering the park and now
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our weather forecaster murray. sarah king is joining us now with a the smoke is burning over there in that area. i know. and just in the sierra was starting to notice some improvement because of the washburn fire getting near full containment. >> now they have to deal with smoke and ash from this oak fire. so let's take a look at smoke tracker for because you could see that smoke and ash going to stay well to the east of the bay area. and you can thank mother nature's natural ac for that winds out of the southeast. going to keep that fire well to our east. but as you can see, it's going to haveia huge impact for this year, specifically south lake tahoe. you can notice very poor to unhealthy air particles tocplease limit your outdoor activity as much as you can for this weekend. and even through the middle of next week. let's take a look at air quality for the bay area. we're tracking very good conditions out there right now. and that's all thanks to that cool sea breeze influence pushing all of that away. so air particles not going to be
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an issue not only tonight, but even for tomorrow was, well, we're going to stay under that good category for most of the bay area. and when tracker for we are tracking winds out of the north. but that's going to shift overnight and into your sunday morning winds out of the southeast at around 30 miles per hour or less along the san francisco peninsula 20 miles per hour. less for the rest of the bay area. but we are going to see, though, overall temperatures going warm up tomorrow. so today we noticed a little bit of a break. cooler temperatures thanks to that slow clearing of that marine layer. still mild out there. check out and 77 degrees. you're more than 25 degrees warmer than half moon bay at 51 degrees with conquered. also in the low 70's. but just barely temperatures tomorrow in the mid 90's for concord in livermore. so few degrees warmer than today. we're going to be about 5 to 15 degrees above average for most of our east bay valleys, mid 80's for santa rosa and so seasonal temperatures there with
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oakland, 72 degrees in downtown san francisco in the mid 60's. exactly where we should be for this time of year. but the one thing we're going to notice is that increasing cloud cover and that mugginess more of that tropical feel they some monsoonal moisture streaming through the bay area starting tuesday, giving us pop-up thunderstorms by wednesday. mainly for those of you in the north bay going to stick around friday and saturday, but drier and calmer conditions expected. so really going to keep our eyes on monday on not only monday, but also wednesday with that thunderstorm threat in the coming days because this could actually spark some fires. and that's what we don't need these dry conditions. as we know, the dry lightning has worried me ever since we had all of those fires back in 2020, you know, that was better than they were calling the complex hopefully that's not the case this time. hopefully nothing >> well, big basin redwoods state park. speaking of those czu lightning complex fires. it's back open. partially the park started allowing visitors back in yesterday. kron four's justin campbell. >> was at the park for that
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reopening after being shut down for 2 years from that czu lightning complex fire. >> loni finley along with his wife and triplets haven't visited the park since the czu lightning complex fire tore through the forest in twenty-twenty. a lot of it looks still. >> the same. i mean, the trees, the big trees are still pretty much where they were. it's a lot clearer. there's a lot more open spaces. there are no buildings left after the fire. officials are still rebuilding the park with whatever they can down. and literally there's just flames, even milling the fallen redwoods to make fences. >> limited access, only 45 car spots open per day that you have to go online and reserve reservation system has worked great so far. no, it's but pretty far out. but once you have your paper super easy to kind of park visitors drowing nolan says you don't need a reservation. if you bring a bicycle. she says friday people came in slowly at a
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steady pace, mainly excited to see. >> the redwoods seeing how excited the visitors are just to be here. it fills me with light. if you plan on visiting the park park rangers, tell me, make sure you bring water and sunscreen. if you look behind me, you can see this is one of the sequoia trees burned by the fire are racing the tree canopy, making it hotter and more drier here at the park. >> see all these old trees and everything that are, you know, thousands of years old. it's us. you don't you don't see him anywhere else. some red words are hollow on the inside burned from the fire in 2020. but park rangers say they are resilient, still standing and growing for a new generation to see them. i can bring my children back to >> and say, hey, you know, this is going to be be here again, reporting in big basin. justin campbell kron, 4 news. >> well, happening tomorrow, the san francisco marathon is back. thousands of runners will be making the trip from the embarcadero to sausalito. and of course, back here to
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san francisco on this year's organizers are calling it a bigger and more inclusive event than ever before. the racenwill be the first marathon in california to have a non-binary division. they will also feature a program for runners with disabilities. 25,000 runners registered for this year's event. of course, there will be road closures tomorrow, including along the embarcadero, which will be closed from midnight until 3 tomorrow afternoon. the sidewalks on the golden gate bridge also going to be closed for part of tomorrow morning. some muni lines also going to be impacted. so if you want more information on those road closures and how that's going to affect your neighborhood or possibly commute into the city. you can visit our website kron 4 dot com. >> still ahead here, santa clara county's vector control targeting mosquitoes carrying west nile virus. what residents need to know. and up next, uber agreeing to cooperate with the department of justice following the 2016 data breach. >> that story after the break.
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>> new at 10 tonight, uber has entered into a non prosecution agreement with the department of justice and have agreed to cooperate with the investigation into a significant 2016 data breach. the company admitted to and accepted responsibility for concealing the breach from the federal trade commission for over a year. hackers used
10:27 pm
stolen credentials to access and copy large quantities of data, including information on 57 million of its users and 600,000 drivers. the company will pay 148 million dollars to implement a corporate integrity program and will now cooperate with an investigation into the company's former chief security officer joseph sullivan. now facing charges of de friday drivers. >> and the south bay mosquitoes carrying west nile virus have been found in a small area of milpitas. the zip code for that area's 9, 5, 0, 3, 5, the counties vector control district currently spraying that area to reduce mosquito populations on monday. mosquitoes carrying west nile virus were also found in santa clara and sunnyvale experts with the vector control district said the drought conditions have made it easy for the mosquito-borne illnesses to spread. you should discard any standing water on your property as they are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. the symptoms of west nile virus
10:28 pm
include high fever, disorientation, muscle weakness and lack of vision. >> coming up here on kron, 4 news at 10, much of the country under an extreme heat wave. what forecasters are saying tonight and the uvalde chief of police, we'll keep his title for now. why the school board has postponed a meeting surrounding his firing. and later, despite a promise from the white house of stock shelves by now, baby formula. still hard to find the new timeline on when you can expect to find a steady supply on your store shops. and today we saw cooler temperatures in the bay area before we warm up for the 2nd half of the weekend. details on that and your full 10 at 10 outlook after the break.
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>> people around the country are dealing with unusually sweltering temperatures this weekend. and today, more than 85 million americans in the midwest and the east coast. we're either under a heat advisory or a heat warning and more of the same is expected for tomorrow. parts of california, including the central valley. >> we'll be seeing temperatures in the triple digits. correspondent ryan bass reports on how folks across the nation are trying to beat the heat hot. >> it's dangerous from the northeast to the southwest. millions of americans are doing what they can to beat the heat with 85% of the country seeing high temps topping 90 degrees into the
10:32 pm
weekend. it will be a steamy saturday night with heat advisories. they are currently stretching from california to maine. that's over 2000 miles. the tri-state area just recorded the hottest week of the year so far. in fact, much of the i-95 corridor is dealing with scorching temps, possibly climbing to levels that haven't been felt for 10 years. in some spots. there's only been a couple of summers that i can actually remember. they compared to the one we're currently and in texas and oklahoma. some cities click triple digits. the summer scorcher is rivaling texas record setter in 2011 which brought with it a brutal drought in nearly 8 billion in agricultural losses. this current heatwave already led to a record number of wildfires across the lone star state this week. we've had this very persistent upper-level ridge of high pressure across the southern part of the country. >> pretty much from the southeast into texas, oklahoma. and it's just been sitting there all summer long. so those areas of the country, including middle tennessee,
10:33 pm
we've just been baking consistently every days. >> here in nashville, the city just son 90 degree temperatures for 28 days in a row. the 5th longest heat streak on record. they have been under the california. they were out there last year. >> other than the land. so it's up there. it's why forecasters like sam put out heat advisories and he hopes americans all over the country. listen to the advice of officials and do what's needed to stay safe. it doesn't take very long for the heat and the humidity to take a toll on the human body. and so you can see heat, stroke and heat exhaustion set in really quickly. in just a few minutes with these very persistent hot temperatures outside. >> that was ryan bass reporting for us tonight. we've got for meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joining us now with more on this nationwide heat wave. yeah. and it's still hot out there right now. even at this 10 o'clock hour out of the triple digits. but just barely for those of you in phoenix, arizona, las vegas.
10:34 pm
>> mid-nineties cut that in half. those are the temperatures we're seeing in san francisco. 55 degrees. thanks to our cool marine layer and sea breeze. widespread 60's along the coast for the western part of the u.s.. but tomorrow, more triple digit heat is expected and we're going to notice a slight warm-up from today's daytime highs. but nowhere near that scorching dangerous heat that they're expecting away from the west coast. let's take a look at temperatures today below average for downtown san francisco at 62 degrees. low 90's for livermore and conquers about 5 to 10 degrees above normal there. and here's a live look outside outside of the exploratorium with bucky ball. it up and we are noticing that deep marine layer overhead and temperatures for the most part in the low 50's for half moon bay, low 70's for concord's. a 20 degree difference out there right now. 71 degrees for concord and antioch in the mid 70's at 77 degrees. so we're
10:35 pm
seeing more than 25 degree difference between our coolest coastal city and our warmest inland valleys. specifically for those of you in the east bay 90's expected once again for the 2nd half of your weekend. radar for we are tracking a fairly dry conditions. patchy drizzle along the coast, especially in downtown san francisco. that's going to be continued becoming more widespread, even into the east bay shoreline and overnight lows tonight, widespread 50's. but those of you in santa rosa cooling down to 49 degrees and mid 90's for conquered in livermore, mid 80's for santa rosa and avato in san jose. 84 degrees. dan, all back to you. >> all right, thanks a lot. meanwhile, overseas fire crews in greece also dealing with large wildfires. crews there are battling for major fires all around the country. one fire that broke out this morning on the resort island of which prompted the evacuation of more than 450 people. the country's biggest fire is burning near its border with turkey in a forest that is home to many rare species of plants and animals.
10:36 pm
>> now to texas where the school board in uvalde have postponed a special meeting on the fate of its district police chief. the board is set to meet today to consider firing chief pete arre-dondo for his role in the flawed response to the robb elementary school shooting 19 children and 2 teachers were killed that day. officials say the termination hearing will now be held at a later date. they're accommodating a request by aired on those attorney and also following due process requirements. the superintendent has recommended arradondo is firing for now. he will remain on unpaid administrative leave. >> a hyundai car parts supplier is accused of using child labor at an alabama plant. smart. alabama's accused of hiring children as young as 12 years old to work inside of their factory. the facility has been supplying parts to hyundai since 2003. those allegations coming up after a 14 year-old migrant child living in the area, temporary le disappeared, an
10:37 pm
investigation led police to discover the child worked at the factory, according to police. that child is reportedly not the only under an under-aged migrant worker at the facility. >> other news tonight in san francisco today, several groups got together for a roundtable discussion on how to stop hate against the asian american and pacific islander community. according to a report from the california department of justice, the number of reported anti-asian hate crime events more than doubled annually after the onset of covid-19, california attorney general rob bonta said today incidents of hate one up across the board. 32 1% from 2020 to 2021. but the aap i community, there's been a 177% increase. >> what i have taken solace in is the fact that while there has been a surge in i hate crimes and hate incidents, there has also been a search in action our community has risen up back, dot and doing what we have always done.
10:38 pm
resistant. >> bonta says one thing he sees as a positive charges being filed for hate crimes have also increased over 30%. what shows? but the community and police are responding >> despite a claim from the white house that u.s. store shelves would be stocked with baby formula by mid july. more than 20% of formula products are still out of stock. evan lambert has an update on the baby formula shortage. >> more formula is showing up on newsnation going one-on-one with a top food and drug administration official to get answers on the lingering baby formula shortage. some families still struggling in recent weeks to find what they need after the crisis had a michigan abbott plant forced to shut down in february and then storms close the same plant last month in st. louis. on thursday, a nonprofit distributed donated milk to moms in in response to the infant formula we created this
10:39 pm
project donor milk. this pastor rise through the building, according to data from market research company. i alright, the amount of formula out of stock actually rose in june. >> in may, it was at 23.7%. but in june at nearly 30%, the fda pointing to 17 flights of international formula delivered to american retailers and hospitals since may amounting to nearly 61 million 8 ounce bottles of formula. the fda says that formula has been inspected for proper nutrient levels and cleared of bacteria. concerns consumers can have confidence that fda has looked at these formulas that are coming to the country for both nutrition and for food safety. but officials have also given changing timelines on when things will be back to normal. at the end of may, the fda commissioner said this. my expectation is that. >> within 2 months we should be but young, normal and with the plethora. but that deadline has come and gone.
10:40 pm
what is timeline? when can we see our own u.s. supply back to what it was before this crisis that this happened? plan? >> i would say by early to mid august, we should continue to see very significant improvements in on shelf availability. >> that was evan lambert reporting for us tonight. >> the mega millions grand prize. now up to 790 million dollars after there was no jackpot winner from last night's drawing. it's a big one, guys. it's the 4th largest jackpot in u.s. history. there's not been a winner and 3 months, pretax 790 million dollar prize is for the winner. who takes the annuity option? that money is paid out in 30 annual payments. the california lottery is advising players, though, to buy their tickets in person this time around. we tell our players avoid buying tickets online or through a 3rd party delivery service because those are regulated or even authorized here in california, they're not permitted to operate. so
10:41 pm
there's no oversight with online lottery tickets. please, please, please buy your tickets at an in-person location. we have 20. >> most winners choose the cash option, which would be 464 million dollars. >> next drawing is going to be held on tuesday. >> nearly 18 million people tuned in thursday night to watch the hearing of the house committee investigating the january 6th attack in the u.s. capitol. it was the 8th televised hearing so and only the second one to air in prime time. it focused on the role that former president donald trump played in the insurrection. 20 million people watched the first primetime hearing on june 9th and the nielsen ratings company says that up to viewers who have tuned in, especially on thursday, 77% are 55 years old or older. there are more hearings expected to take place in september. >> nasa is conducting one of its final tests on the giant rocket that will send a spaceship flying around the moon next month's the series of artemis missions. well,
10:42 pm
ultimately land astronauts on the moon in 2020 for that mission will begin with an unmanned mission next month. and then in 2024, nasa will send up a crew to perform a flyby before the final mission, which would be landing. those astronauts back on the moon for the very first time since 1970, to see if they can do it. still ahead, a ukrainian seaport hit by a missile. what a spokesperson for the country is saying. >> about the attack. >> well, gas prices like these who needs car keys. rich demuro gives us a look at the growing number of e-bikes center hitting the road when we return.
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>> welcome back. gas prices have been slowly decreasing, but the cost to fill up your tank still pretty production. some drivers are making the choice to avoid the pump altogether by going electric, but they aren't spending tens of thousands of dollars on a new cano. there are not many people instead opting to hang up the keys, pick up a bike helmet. rich demuro takes a look at electric bicycles in tonight's tech smart. >> if you've been on a bike path lately, you've seen the trend eve bikes are all the bus. there are many styles and brands to choose from. so here's what you need to know if you're thinking about going electric. >> it's like a regular bike, but you got the matter there. sergio mara loves taking his electric bikes, an rv trips
10:46 pm
that easy nessa you don't you go a lot longer distance. well, again, this time. he got them here at pentagon's newest store in yorba linda. i just don't look at the brand and for all of their bikes in general, california based had ago has more than 200 family run shops coast to coast, providing sales and service. there's always somebody there to help you out, whether it's a flat were set ring out something with the electronics. the appeal of a new bike is apparent. the moment you get on one when people use the go what they like about them is that they really bridge that, you know, use ability. >> easy use. and also, you know, just get people out. going jacob palmer of bestreviews says the first thing to choose in an e-bike is the style. you want to have a mountain bike. you want to have something that you could put cargo on and carry. then it's all about battery size and weight. >> budget bikes go between. 25 and 45 miles on a charge, premium bikes go between 40 and 110 miles. 2 other brands
10:47 pm
bestreviews likes rad power bikes and bikes. what we found about bikes is that the real selling point of is when you get on it and you get going, it's just cool. feel it already. you forgot to tell me where the break as start peddling and you feel the motor give you a boost to power. a case an hour. going up hill. >> and it's so effortless joy. plus, new possibilities about how to get around. you can really ride these no matter how old you are. you know what they ate, what size? we have something for everybody. now get electric bike can cost several $1000. you're going want to protect your purchase. our friends at best reviews, say one way to deter would-be thieves is with an alarm lock that goes off when you attempt to move the bike. >> all right. for more information, you can find it all my website. just go to rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> and now kron 4 sports.
10:48 pm
>> giants pitcher carlos rodon said before all-star week that he put the break was coming at the worst possible time for the giants. turns out he may have been onto something. the giants have won 7 of 9 games heading into the break. and now they just can't win in la gabe kaplan company looking to make a huge dent in this series. game 3. they lost the first 2 games. >> we go to the bottom of the 3rd dodgers leading one, nothing. trey turner takes alex wood deep. to left center. no doubt about that won't hurt. goes back to back with mookie betts homered before la extend their lead to 2 julio yet another stellar outing for the dodgers. a couple runners on in the 60 gets david be are looking on a beautiful curve ball to end the inning. 6 shutout innings. 5 strikeouts, perri, u.s.. bottom of bottom of that frame, gavin lux smokes one into right. that will go all the way to the wall. bring some cody bellinger to score lux in the 3rd with a triple
10:49 pm
dodgers pad. their lead to 3. now the giants would make some noise in the night scoring 2 runs and looking at on austin slater strikes out looking a questionable pitch from david price but strands the runners. >> giants fall. 42 and there now left looking to avoid the tomorrow. just like meanwhile, the a's going for their 3rd straight win. how about that hosting the rangers? top of the 6 tonight, texas threatening with the bases loaded. dominic acevedo gets charlie culberson to ground into a double play and loss of a do gets out of the inning unscathed. bottom of the come with the bases loaded now seth brown grounds it it goes under the glove of nate lowe. at first everybody safe. ramon lauriano comes into score a's. get on the board. first it would pad their lead with a couple of sac flies after that. and then check this out in the top of the 8th we're is garcia 1000 foot ball. boy,
10:50 pm
that's who that is laying out and leather. >> hatch, he receives a standing ovation from the crowd. well deserved. that's a sports center. top 10 play. if you ask me a's win 3 to one and they are going to try to sweep the rangers in a game tomorrow. >> raiders training camp rolling on today. one of the biggest points of focus this season. it's going to be the many offensive weapons. derek carr has at his disposal. we'll name a few of them here. he's got 1000 yard receiver last year and hunter renfroe one of the league's best receivers joining the team in davante adams and then a great pass catching tight end darren waller. the raiders finished 11th in the league last season in total offense and this year. well, they think they might just have even more to offer. here's what waller said today. >> guys are excited about specially with cement, the things that they're presenting to us to be able to do down there and i mean, even in the spring, like that's like, hey, this is what we've got to do
10:51 pm
to you guys want to make that jump this. this is one huge space, especially offense like we have to be better at. so guys are definitely excited about it. and as we get going into full speed with in training feel like it will develop more and more side about it with the guys that we have got so many guys. i can make plays for us in key situations like that. so to be a fun development. >> and finally in the san jose earthquakes in portland taking on the timbers in the 71st minute is where pick it up. tied at one orleans, dire honest korea with the header. that goes in for the goal to give the timbers the lead. that celebration, portland goes on to win their 4th straight game 2 to one with the facts and not a good game for the quakes. they will come back home to host real salt lake. jt this game. so i'm still on the a's the ball he the best play made by someone wearing his uniform this but
10:52 pm
on the way to the roster, right? might as well. exactly. well, if you are intrigued by rare plants which bloom only once in a great while. take a look at this. >> a corpse flower is set to bloom any day now at the uc santa cruz campus. it is one of the largest flowers in the world. >> and it takes many years to bloom, but then it dies within a day. there's another corpse flower at san jose state university in the biology departments greenhouse. if you want to check out, either them just be prepared. they're actually called corpse flowers because the blooms smell like rotting flesh. so, you know, maybe wear a mask. a checkout kron 4 dot com for more information on how to catch guys. i don't know why anybody would want to do that. >> it looks it. >> coming up next, forget with the fox says what does the gators say? the growing gator doctor downside of a florida
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
here's why tribal leaders urge you to vote yes on prop 27. the act provides hundreds of millions every year for permanent solutions to homelessness, mental health and addiction in california. prop 27 supports financially disadvantaged tribes that don't own big casinos. by taxing and regulating online sports betting for adults 21 and over, we can protect tribal sovereignty and finally do something about homelessness in california. vote yes on prop 27.
10:55 pm
>> us or spaces like have you heard an alligator or well? now you have florida deputies wrangled in an 11 foot gator spotted under a homeowner's jeep in tampa. but the giant reptile does not go willingly. as you just saw, he let out
10:56 pm
that roar. i would have ran away he clamped down and did a death roll. experts say that roar is called a bellow when it's coming from a cake. no one else is heard and loves the oh, yeah. oh, my goodness. that ella what it's like the thorn on the side this bello. there. we that all together. i mean, you are after and your >> that all right. let's take a look at final check of your forecast for your saturday night. we are going to warm up into the mid 90's. so 5 to 15 degrees above average for our warmest inland valleys in the east, the including antioch, in livermore. >> 93 degrees mid 80's. for those of you in the north bay and south bay. so slightly above average there. but the good news is we're out of the low 60's and back into the mid 60's for downtown san francisco. exactly where we should be at 65 degrees with
10:57 pm
hayward at 74 degrees. so let's take a look at your 10 at 10 outlook because we are going to notice monsoonal moisture increasing that high cloud cover on tuesday. possible threat of pop-up thunderstorms in the north bay bringing the potential for lightning on wednesday so that something very concerning, especially with our very dry drought conditions. you know, the drill. we don't want anything like the complex fires we had, but friday and saturday going to notice that. but again, tropical feel as well. we'll have to deal with it. thanks recent. that's all we've tonight at 10. thanks for joining us.
10:58 pm
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