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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  July 25, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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darya. i'm along that fresh well in the studio. not so much outside yeah. that's one of the big stories that we're following this morning. that air quality because the fires, we have an update on those. >> monkeypox and covid. that's all the news. but first, let's check the weather. hi, john. yeah, he's not going to be fun or the heat further inland. both spots will actually be looking at the worst impacts from both. >> the further inland you get the hotter, the temperatures and also the hazy or of conditions were sitting near the bay. that's not he's you're looking at. but rather some low cloud cover that is pushed in overnight. it is resulting in lower visibility in the east bay hills as well as along the coastline that will burn off later on today. and as marine layer burns off the haze, which is sitting right above us. now, all that smoke will have a chance to push a little bit closer to the surface. that's what you're going to be noticing more and more of an impact in those of us with respiratory sensitivities should be mindful of that later on today. as far as temperatures go right now, we're mostly in the 50's low 50's in the north bay mid 50's along the bay shore and some upper 50's further inland this morning
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tracking the rest of your forecast. still to come, right, tom, thank you for that. heading into the city right now. we have a disabled vehicle, 80 westbound right near that treasure island exit. >> so the meteor lights are on as they try to get the vehicle off the bridge. still around 12 minutes. mace to that fremont street exit. the san mateo bridge. no delays, no hazards. just under 13 minutes from 80 to one o one. a lot of richmond, we're still pretty much at the limit. look at that nine-minute drive and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 20 minutes on this monday morning. time now is 6, 0, one. and the oak fire burning in mariposa county keeps getting bigger. it is now grown to more than 15,000 acres. >> since it started on friday, thousands were actually forced to evacuate as firefighters work to fight this dangerous fire you have for a way to shattered with the very latest. >> as you watch these flames burned, there is 0 containment on fire which has burned more
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than 14,000 acres. chris ford, her husband and his 80 year-old father got in their truck and took off from their home on triangle road, literally with what they had on know, packing no extra clothes and we just had to leave. >> the fire ravaged right through triangle road and the surrounding areas leaving much devastation. everything around this burned. we're fine. >> sinn fein are in your house is still houses still standing, others for all around us. our friends, house next across the road. right up to and stopped. and the grace of god that is taught. >> kelly edwards of ponderosa basin filled of gas containers. so he would be ready if his area gets evacuated here, ready moved his cats to safety at a nearby
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elementary school, 11 cats. hard to leave it. what can't >> 10 years old. and then the rest of younger. part of the family off highway one, 40 along triangle road hand. crews worked on fire lines, making sure the flames didn't cross over. >> as helicopters continue to attack the flames from above. dozers, dig deep on a mountainside, creating a barrier line of dirt separating it from all the brush. but at a distance, a large fire front continues to threaten neighborhood at a distance fires burning in multiple fronts right now, this is one of the more active parts and obviously can see over my shoulder that there's a lot of available fuel. so what we're seeing is all that fuel being consumed by the fire. >> the good thing is right now version is keeping fire activity somewhat low, but says that inversion layer. listen, the sunshine comes out then receive the same to be over my shoulder, start to really pick up. and as the
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battalion chief said, there are many heads to this fire. this behind me happens to be one of them. >> he says crews will continue to create and fortified control lines. feel from the fire's path reporting in mariposa county time where we >> and all that. so oak point makes for bad air and the oak fire is impacting our air quality in the bay area, certainly as there is now an air quality advisory in effect. we have kron four's will tran live in the east bay giving us updates. good morning. well. >> good morning, see the sky right behind me. you see how hazy it is. and according to the air quality experts, they say we should expect hazy skies throughout the day as that smoke from the oak fire blows into our area. it is gusty at this time. so it's probably a double edge sword. yes, it will blow the smoke
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into our area, but hopefully will dissipate all of that smoky conditions. a little bit of good news. you can clearly see the cars right behind me. they do say at street level you should be ok, you should not feel it in your lungs. it's the higher elevations that you might be able to. feel it, especially if you are particularly sensitive to smoke, like, for example, if you go hiking, so keep that i'm mindful as you're moving about today. also, they do expect red skies in orange skies because the smoke bends the light. as far as the oak fire will. not only are we dealing with that air quality. we're also dealing with manpower in the form of a lot of fire departments. they have been told to be on standby just in case they need more help to be sent to that location. we do know over the weekend. 2 counties in the bay area. they sent equipment and personnel 2 near yosemite to fight this fire. sonoma county as well as alameda county fire departments. they are there at
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this particular time as the fire continues to grow. keep in mind, it's about 6 o'clock right now. a little bit past 6 o'clock. we should get an update at 7 o'clock as we always do for major fires. at last check, it was around 0%. containment. we'll see what happens. i only mention that because if it's still raging out of control, more fire departments will be sending help that weight. but as far as the skies, this is pretty much now that the sun is up. this is pretty much you can expect hazy conditions throughout the day. back to you. >> all right. thank you for that update. will and the fire burning in yosemite has now burned more than 4800 acres. and it's 79% contained. the good news is fire. officials say they've got it surrounded and the fire is expected now to burn itself out u.s. forest service believes that that fire was human caused in contra costa county. the marsh fire looks more like a marsh. then a fire. it had been burning in pete underground, pittsburgh for about 2 months.
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firefighters pumped a total of 200 million gallons of bay water on to those flames to put it out. >> well, developing news, the naacp is demanding san francisco school board member and shoe resign after making racially insensitive comments last week. and the organization voted unanimously last night to ask her to step town. kron 4. sarah stinson is live in the newsroom with more. sara? >> that's right. and shoe. she's apologized for her comments. list is growing of local leaders and organizations demanding she resigns the san francisco branch of the ncaa p is now calling on her to step down from the school board. in a statement, the ncaa p road and shoes comments are not only racist, but it shows there's a profound disconnect between her and the black community. she was new to the san francisco school board. she was appointed by mayor london breed in was one of 3 replacement on the board. but
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now she's being asked to leave already after she wrote comments in a san francisco parent action question near that implied black and brown students don't perform as well as others due to a lack of family support. she also wrote this was due to unstable family environments in the lack of parent parental encouragement to focus on or value learning these comments have been widely criticized as being racist. several city supervisors have called her own as well. hsu issued an apology saying that her statements reflected her own limited experiences and her inherent by bias. she says she's sorry for comments, but the ncaa peace as shoes explanation show she is very limited. did knowledge of black people. let's take a look at the civil rights organizations that and they wrote, quote, shoe has offered an apology and promised to do better while her apology is accepted. it is not enough to overcome the damage she has done the black community in san francisco cannot put its trust in her to be an advocate
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for the needs of black students, especially access to all the educational opportunity to nutty is available to other students. know the ncaa peace as as a leader shootings to be held accountable. the organization voted one 0, 5, to 0, demanding she step down immediately. daria, rana, this is something we will continue to fall right here from the newsroom for now, i'll send it back to you. all right. thanks a lot era. well, in the north bay, one man is dead and 2 others are injured in a shooting that happened are in. >> it happened yesterday just after 10:00am near cold right at golden gate village. well, the marin county sheriff's office says they found that man inside of the car. first responders tried to perform cpr and then rushed into the hospital. but unfortunately died. deputies say the other 2 victims are expected to survive. neighbors tell kron 4 that violence has really gotten worse in recent years. there. >> i want safety for the kids. this is ridiculous. they kids
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that have to go through this. the kids at lose their moms and their dads and their family. everybody. let's read. it's ridiculous. and it's really sites depressing. >> well, deputies have not released the victims names or given any information about potential suspects. witnesses told us the man who died did not live in the neighborhood. they say he was actually just there visiting his mom. >> in the east bay, a man died after being shot while driving. it happened friday night on 82nd avenue. police say that after the man was shot, he crashed his car into a wall. this is oakland, 66 homicide of the year. some thieves crashed into an ice cream shop in oakland and left with the atm here. surveillance video from inside the flavor brigade ice cream shop on fruitvale avenue. first, you see some people break into the shop. then. they drive their car right through the front window. check this out. the busiek lee. back it into the shop there. they don't know. and go in front in, right? yeah. they
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fronted in. it kind of gets wedged in there. they load up the machine and take off. the store's owner tells us they're going to be closed for about a month to rebuild an upgrade. their security system are all well. and the south bay, san mateo police are investigating a series of early morning. attempted break-in is now police say at least 4 homes and cars were targeted on sylvan avenue last week and want to tip. investigators say a resident woke up to the sound of their fence gate open easy in the video. so far police have not been able to locate any suspects. well, developing news out of los angeles. 2 people are dead, 5 others wounded after a shooting near a car show at packed park in los angeles. this happened in the san pedro neighborhood. it happened just before 04:00pm yesterday. now it's still very unclear how many shooters there were. but police say there were at least 2 police have not identified the victims and no arrests have been made. it's 6.11 and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news lawmakers on capitol hill are asking the
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biden administration to take action against climate change. >> as the nation starts heating up, we'll see what they think they can do to solve it. plus, the san francisco marathon returned over the weekend. we'll show you who won. >> and low gray sitting across the bay area this morning. you can see that of of sfo to start later on today. more sunshine comes out, but you also notice some haze inland. daytime highs today, mostly in the 70's 80's on the full breakdown. still ahead. i'm gonna earn 3% on dining including takeout with chase freedom unlimited. that's a lot of cash back. are you gonna stop me? uh-oh... i'm almost there... too late! boom!
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>> a lot of people waking up with tired feet this morning after running the san francisco marathon. a lot for the marathon. so what's my excuse? here they ran from the embarcadero to sausalito them back and nobody was chasing lies ahead with a for middle of our colors and maybe she going to let. >> we have made history at the san francisco marathon sunday morning. i'm ecstatic. that cannot be happy year for the first time organizers included a non-binary plus division and columbia was the first person to cross the finish line in that category. and this really hoping that i and opening up a little bit more space for other trans and non-binary run is by being here event.
6:16 am
organizers expanded the gender registration options. >> allowing people to choose non-binary trans to spirited male or female. when signing up, i want to move has some places. it was like that's still in and hopefully this is kind of a starting point for that. it was the biggest san francisco marathon. yet there were 6 running events in about 25,000 people participated. organizers also added guides. >> dual teams and service animals for runners simon, ricky was the first person who finished the full marathon. >> breaking ran the 26.2 mile race in 2 hours. and 31 minutes. it was his first marathon ever. yeah, i'm surprised. i didn't expect come out and go this fast race to run through the embarcadero. the golden gate bridge sausalito and ended at the ferry building a morning filled with foggy weather and steep hills. there are a lot of health
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>> more than i was expecting in the 2nd half. but all that's 10 miles. i was please just get to the finish line while the path to the finish line wasn't an easy one. ricky believes he is on track for his next race. nice perk of this time is that i called my for boston. so i think i want to go right there in san francisco, camila barco kron. 4 news. >> those to all of them out there that got out and absolutely just finishing you get the prize. yes, the weather. wasn't too bad for really nice. i have friend that ran and i think they finished. they at least posted but exactly. but the weather was really, really nice for actually perfect jogging. whether you had a little bit of that low gray. >> relatively clean air quality yesterday. and of course, the cool temperatures that make running feel all the better this morning. you're better chance to get out there and enjoy some of those cooler conditions. you can see the low gray over the south bay.
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an air quality is at its best right now. we're likely to see more and more haze towards the afternoon as more smoke is introduced to the region's from especially the oak fire. that, of course, is burning just south of yosemite national park. worst of air quality impacts currently are in the sierra as that smoke is sitting a lot so right above the central valley and right above the bay area. but as marine layer burn-off at the surface that higher smoke will have a chance to drift down into the bay area and have more and more of an impact later on today. now there's a lot going on in this week's forecast here locally. we're enjoying a little cool down in part because of this dip in the jet stream right here while much of the rest of the country is back to the searing heat back to the triple digits for the south. and we're also looking at some of our neighbors in the pacific northwest records being shattered up. their medford, oregon will be at 107, 209 degrees each of the next 3 days as well as portions of central oregon and washington. out to boise, idaho, 100 degrees and even some triple
6:19 am
digits back here at home barstow, bakersfield in reading each in the triple digits. now here locally will barely in the low 90's and only for a couple of spots. so comparatively actually quite cool. now we are seeing marine layer this morning burns off this afternoon. nice sunshine for us, but also some haze settling into the bay area tomorrow morning. we're going to see some unsettled weather there briefly, as we see monsoonal moisture working its way up into the region. what does this do for us? will the start the day tomorrow? we do have a slim chance of an isolated thunderstorm. this could come along with some isolated showers, which is the good part of this. the bad part is any chance of cloud to ground lightning which could result in a fire start after that. the rest of your forecast looks a lot calmer just remaining hot and a little hazy, which is the big downside of this week. 50's and 60's for your highs in sf and necr the coastline. some of our best air quality. also some of our greatest of conditions. nicest of temperatures could be found along the bay shore anywhere from the 70's to low 80's. for most of these spots. san jose,
6:20 am
you'll be 84 today. well, fremont hayward up to oakland in the 70's livermore. one of our few spots in the low 90's, concord, in danville at 87. well, the late h.o.a. comfortable 73, napa and sonoma in the low 80's with santa rosa in petaluma in the upper 70's. tomorrow's temperatures will be right around the same as today. upper 80's to low 90's inland and 70's along the bay shore. we do have that chance of an isolated thunderstorm early tomorrow morning. very slight chance after this. just hazy, but dry skies through the forecast right now. john, thank you for that. and with your head into the city right now, we have a disabled vehicle right there on the bay bridge. they were just able to >> get that clear. but the meter lights went on to about 13 minutes may so that fremont street exit san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. no delays 80 to one o one things moving nicely. let's check on the richmond center. fell commute still pretty much at the limit. 9 minute ride headed across towards center fell and the golden gate bridge not seen
6:21 am
even thick, dense fog like we've had over the course of last week, 20 minute ride from 37 to the tolls in national news. while our weather has been comfortable, millions of people have been enduring sweltering heat, which is igniting more talk in congress about how to combat climate change and washington correspondent raquel martin joins us live with the very latest. good morning workout. rana, good morning. what we know that the former vice president al gore, who is now a climate activists for over a decade at this point, >> has been warning about this type of record breaking heat wave. and while he understands the president can't do much about the gridlock in congress, he wants the president to use executive action to combat climate change. >> we have got to step up. this should be a moment for a global it definitely. former democratic vice president al gore is pleading for washington to respond to climate change. >> has now millions face record breaking heat were
6:22 am
saying this global emergency play out and it's getting worse more quickly than was predicted on abc's this week. gore a longtime climate activists said it's not too late to reverse some of the damage. he says president biden must use his executive power to take action further limit emissions from power and from tailpipes right now, the biden administration is promising to do more after west virginia. democratic senator joe manchin recently blocked the president's climate reform storm passing in congress. he in every senate republican argue the president's green energy policies could worsen inflation, climate investments that the president proposed are good for the economy on cbs's face the nation, u.s. commerce secretary gina raimondo. >> set the cost of inaction is too high. climate related events. >> are more frequent, more dangerous and more expensive than they've ever that's not the radical for us in the city of it's real miami republican
6:23 am
mayor francis suarez says they're already investing billions to combat rising sea levels. >> and severe hurricanes, he says congress must find a bipartisan solution. last week we did see the president roll out a 2 billion dollar plan to help communities combat severe weather but progresses are calling on the president to go further and declare a climate emergency. >> the president has not yet taken that step for now. washington, raquel martin, back to you. all right. thanks for cal. >> well, coming up on the kron 4 morning news, san francisco is testing 6 new models of trash cans around the city. how you can give your input on the pricey replacements will be right back after the break.
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happening tomorrow, brittney griner's trial resumes in russia. you have griner who was jailed on drug charges in february at a moscow airport after vape canisters with cannabis oil were found in her luggage. reiner pleaded guilty to the charges saying that she had the canisters in her bag, but she said she was rushing to pack and had no intention of breaking the law. the russian foreign minister says the legalization of recreational marijuana for medical and recreational use and parts of the united states has no bearing on russia. weiner faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted. happening
6:27 am
today, jury selection begins in the defamation trial of conspiracy theorist alex jones. the trial will decide if and how much he has to pay to the families of children who were murdered when a gunman opened fire in sandy hook elementary school jones. his web radio show falsely claimed that the shooting was a government hoax aimed at increasing gun control 20 children and 6 teachers really died. they were killed in that 20 fall shooting in newtrn, connecticut. jones was sued by the parents of 2 children who said that his followers harassed them and sent them death threats. up next on the kron, 4 morning news and alameda resident has recover from monkeypox, but he shares his story with us. this is story you won't want to miss.
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find new get up and go. find new roads. enjoy the open road and make no monthly payments for the rest of summer on all 2022 equinox models. plus, get 0% financing when you finance with gm financial. ♪ find new roads at your local chevy dealer. 6.30, right now. and on a monday morning, we want to set the stage for the week. 2 is going to be like we'll have a fresh start to the weekend that the weekend prepared you for all of that at least fresh this morning. as far as air quality goes, we're still looking at some good conditions across the bay later today, we are going to see some haze settling in. so if you have respiratory concerns. >> make sure that you're getting all those outdoor plans, any sort of workout down right now and then later on today, keep it indoors and take it a little easier. looking at that cruise ship pulled up right along the embarcadero on this foggy start. that is low cloud cover that you're seeing across the bay area this morning. helping
6:31 am
to keep us cool on the coast in the bay shore and also having a bit of an impact further inland will only be upper 80's to low 90's that are very warmest. as for the north bay, some of our coldest spots dropping as low as the upper 40's up in bodega bay, mostly mid to upper 50's along the bay shore right now. rain thank you for that. or i hit the roads this morning about a 15 minute drive traveling into the city. we had earlier disabled vehicle. >> it started the traffic to build there that is now removed. so hopefully things are going to start to continue to move through the city. let's look at the san mateo bridge. no delays, no accidents, no issues 80 to one o one just under 14 minute drive for you. all richmond center fell bridge heading out of richmond heading across or sandra. phil, about 11 minutes for you and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about a 20 minute morning right? it's 6.31. and san francisco's health department is trying to get more monkeypox vaccines as the virus continues to spread. >> the city has requested
6:32 am
35,000 doses to meet the demand of everybody wants shots today. they've only been able to vaccinate about 7,700 people and san francisco has 197 cases right now. that accounts for almost half of the 434 monkeypox cases reported in california, an alabama man who had monkeypox has now made a full recovery. but he only got better after undergoing treatment that required pushing to a lot of red tape. he shared his story with kron four's early to call. >> earlier this month through the centers for disease control and prevention's exhaustive compassionate use system. doctor peter chin-hong at ucsf was a to prescribe kevin kwong and 6 other patients at the hospital. the anti-viral drug t-poxx a federally approved treatment for smallpox in the u.s. but not monkeypox. you so. >> caring, so and it was so important for me to experience
6:33 am
that because it is really frightening thing. by the time kevin met with doctor chin-hong, he could barely walk. his body was covered in rashes and lesions and all previous treatments were unsuccessful. >> kevin started showing symptoms about 4 days after returning to alameda county from new york city pride events at the end of june where he is sure he was infected. kevin says he saw immediate results once he was given a t-poxx which not all doctors are willing or able to prescribe. he ingested 6 pills a day for 2 weeks. as soon as i began taking it. that's when my legion stops. >> progressing which i'm so grateful for the end of the >> you know, disease is progressing, you don't have to wait for a positive test to begin treatment. if the case look severe enough, although kevin was never officially diagnosed with monkeypox doctor chin-hong says all of the visual signs pointed to a positive case. both he and kevin agree testing needs to
6:34 am
improve. but doctor chan hong adds that the world health organization declaring monkeypox a global emergency. >> will hopefully help fast track access to the vaccine and treatments to people with severe cases. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> the cdc is getting rid of a program that allowed people to track covid-19 cases on cruise ships saying the cruise industry has access to the necessary tools to prevent and mitigate covid on board. the cdc says covid testing standards now very among cruise lines, which is why they removed that system. watch out. if you live on the peninsula, there is a mountain lion roaming around a residential neighborhood in this year's. a surveillance camera shot. >> of the big cats. but in the driveway of a home on u street early saturday morning, police say it doesn't look like this line was acting aggressively. he just seemed to be out for a stroll at the moment. that doesn't mean that if you were to see him in person that you or your pets would be safe. so
6:35 am
be aware. the city of san francisco is asking for your help. they're trying to decide on a new trash can design officials say the current trash cans costs way too much to maintain and they are easy to break into four's. gayle ong has that story. the existing trash cans we have on the street. we call the renaissance cancer, the green metal ones and their name. all the more fitting now because they will soon be a part of history. they've been on the street for about 20 years >> they've lived their natural life. they're pretty beat up and they really need replacing francisco public works has placed 6 trashcan models across the city. >> part of a pilot program hoping city residents will weigh in and help them pick san francisco's new trash can. if they're going to we need more. >> add time and i've seen a few like overflowing not and seeing them in a fever, which it would be solved by having more current plan calls for purchasing of 3,000 new cans. the city says all of the new models are easier to maintain. then the renaissance. but just
6:36 am
one week into the program, new cans grouping they can solve all problems. >> it doesn't seem that functional. i yeah, it doesn't provide trash can but not a lot of punch. now, john logan, after getting one look at the overflowing stop square model on the corner of center and the more streets. >> he's become the 6th, the bear saver, aka the valley trash can because it is network. so they know when the trash can a school. >> where high-tech city and i think we need to take advantage of the technology as well as just in total public works has placed 26 of the various models scattered across the city. >> but just because something is made for trash doesn't mean it comes cheap. once the winner is selected, each can is estimated to cost anywhere from 2 to $3,000. that means taxpayers may eventually shell out 6 million dollars or more on the project. when you think about the cost of a public amenity like that, it's not just the capital cost of
6:37 am
buying it. >> but it's about like, what's that long-term maintenance and frankly, the cancer getting rid of like they take a lot of maintenance. and despite the very beat up materials aren't that strong. i am fine with my tax money going towards keeping city clean air. so that's fine. >> the price is not but for me, i just hope there are more of them and their empty regularly. >> so is yvery just go have your say, qr codes are on the cans allowing you to cast your pick? voting is open through september. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> the university of california could soon see a huge influx of local students. uc leaders say they're now looking to increase its for in states callers by up to 33,000 by the year 2030. this comes as uc schools receive a record amount of new applicants. most of that growth is expected at the system's 3 most popular campuses. yeah. ucl a uc berkeley and uc san diego university officials plan to accommodate the surge with more online classes. more summer courses and offer new off campus programs as well.
6:38 am
time now is 6.37, and house speaker nancy pelosi is sparking controversy over a possible trip to taiwan. exactly. should she stay or should she go? it depends on the u.s.. joe khalil has those details. >> the russian war in ukraine has prompted american officials from both parties to be more aggressive toward china and more defensive of taiwan, concerned about how the u.s. would respond if china really did decide to strike from southeast asia. america's top general mark milley said the chinese military has, quote, become significantly more and noticeably more aggressive in this particular region. i think that it's important for us to show support for time. house speaker nancy pelosi made waves this week after reports she's considering a trip to taiwan defying the chinese government prompting this from president biden. not sure it's just not a good idea right now in may, the presiden himself vowed to
6:39 am
defend taiwan from chinese aggression later walking back his comments. but pelosi got some rare praise from a few republicans who called the move a strong statement to china in order to blunt. obviously is going to take a concerted effort by us and our allies around the world. the number 2 republican in the senate, john thune tells newsnation exclusively by continuing to support ukraine. the u.s. sends a message to china back off taiwan. the best thing that could happen for the free world. >> and essentially rain in china and their ambitions is for the ukrainians to be successful in defeating the russians. whose comments to news nation come after the cia director confirmed this week. china is building up its military for taiwan invasion, learning from russia's mistakes. there's one lesson i think they may be drawing from. >> putin's experience in ukraine is you don't achieve, you know, quick, decisive victories with underwhelming force and commerce secretary gina raimondo explained on cbs
6:40 am
face the nation. why protecting taiwan is a national security priority. and those are the sophisticated chips that you need for military equipment and high-end computing. we by almost all of them from taiwan. >> 2 out of 3 americans favor term limits or a mandatory retirement age for supreme court justices. this is according to a poll by the associated press. the survey was conducted just weeks after the supreme court issued controversial rulings on abortion and gun rights. that same poll shows 43% of americans have lost confidence in the court. the constitution gives federal judges and the supreme court justices life tenure and supreme court justice clarence thomas's wife may not be able to ignore the committee investigating the january 6 attack on the capitol. the committee says it is prepared to subpoena conservative activist ginni thomas. she was asked to voluntarily come for last
6:41 am
month, but she hasn't responded yet. the committee wants to know more about her efforts to keep former president trump in office and is also examining potential conflicts of interest for clarence thomas. as a result of january 6 cases that have come before the supreme court. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, superheroes of all shapes and sizes. a simple we take you inside this year's san diego comic-con and the giants couldn't pull off a win against the dodgers were going to take a look at last night's game. >> they we are going to be seeing conditions that get pretty warm again inland. only the 80's lynn, san jose and 60's and 70's and san francisco and oakland. but we do have a few upper 80's to low 90's for this deadline. i'll get to those numbers still to come.
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freedom for kids. control for parents. one bank with tools for both, all with no monthly service fee. chase. make more of what's yours. >> well, in entertainment news, fans of superhero movies have a whole lot to celebrate. yes, some major announcements made at comic con in san diego. james fletcher is there. but apparently he was enjoying himself too much. so we got this report from carlos benitez. san diego comic con in full swing. bring out the newest fan favorite. the rock giving dc comics fans a preview. his newest role in the warner brothers film
6:45 am
black. >> numbers. we'll never been the same. >> the former professional wrestler joined on stage with director joel micah. let sarah aldis hodge. noah sin ti know vacant ss when dell fans excited to asked johnson some hard hitting questions about the film >> the truth the good with they're already taller than >> and fans inside hall h waiting for hours. some overnight to be able to get inside and see their favorite stars, including the cast of the newest warner brothers film. she's am theory of the guns. starring zachary levi in
6:46 am
asher angle. all the facts that are in that room, it's not like a movie theater is like the real deal. >> and seeing the actors and directors. that's the connection that you just only get here. >> only there and we'll hear all about it. when james gets back tomorrow, i guess he's been posting john a little online. you see a couple of his it's been definitely excited. i'm sure he'll be talking about it next. stop tomorrow. will probably arrive in. okay. i thought we would see him in that video. maybe we do like ames take off the cape and lose the no one's taking i'm glad he's having a really good time down there. we're ready to have him back to borrow. but for now, we're just looking at a little bit of gray out there across the bay area, not the brightest of monday mornings. we've seen, but that cool marine layer that's filtered and is not just helping to keep us cool this morning. it's also helping to keep air quality.
6:47 am
good for the moment. as later today, once that marine layer burn-off smoke, that's sitting aloft right above the bay area right now has a better chance to sink in with us right now. most of that smoke is pretty concentrated up in the sierra nevada from the oak fire burning just south of yosemite national park really exploded over the weekend. >> and it we'll have an impact on our air quality today. why the air district has given out an air quality advisory for us across the bay area. now compared to the situation across the rest of the country. we're in for a little bit of a change here in the bay area. seeing a weak trough pushing through. this is going to keep our temperatures comparatively cool. compared areas like the deep south back in the triple digits or even our neighbors up in oregon. look at medford up in 107 degrees today tomorrow and on into wednesday, some record shattering heat across the both oregon and washington as well as in some of our inland areas. bakersfield, the reading in barstow holding on to triple digits here in the bay area. it's upper 80's to low 90's, atterbury warmest in
6:48 am
some monsoonal moisture. paired with that dip in the jet stream tomorrow resulting in the potential of an isolated thunderstorm popping up to start your morning tomorrow for the bay area. the good thing that we could see an isolated brief shower, the bad thing, any sort of lightning that could come out of this will also up fire danger along with, of course, the heat and dry weather that we're seeing as well as far as today goes, it's 50's and 60's for san francisco and at the coastline. well, temperatures along the bay shore in the 70's to low 80's burlingame at 76 redwood city at 82 south bay. temperatures in the 80's mostly with san jose at 84 degrees. fremont's on up to hayward in oakland are most comfortable all in the 70's. well, livermore, one of only just a few spots barely making the 90's. as you can see, temperatures may still be warm inland, but not as hot as last week was. so that is a positive change from the brutal heat. that was all week last week. temperatures tomorrow, wednesday, thursday and friday, mostly remaining in the upper 80's inland. again, that slight chance of
6:49 am
an early thunderstorm tomorrow morning. after that, it's nothing but sunshine along with some haze. thank you that. very warm forecast for us. all right. traveling into the city right now. >> about 14 minute maze to that fremont street exit as you're heading into the city, san mateo bridge still under 13 minutes. traffic is moving pretty nicely here across the san mateo bridge, a richmond, sandra fell commute a little slowing about 11 minutes as you're traveling out of richmond. sandra fell and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls a 20 minute morning right? time now 6, 49 and in sports, the giants got swept by the dodgers. yeah. and the a's are not looking too good either. we have kron four's kate rooney with the highlights. >> hoping for a hot start against their rivals to begin the 2nd half of the season and get back into the nl west race. but after 3 games, san francisco came into the series finale just trying not to get swept. you've got to check out. klay crushing some beers
6:50 am
behind the giants dugout of dodger stadium that i watch a game. >> top of the 5th, darren ruff at the plate crushes this baseball. deep to left and gone for a 2 run home run to tie the game at 4, 4 ruff's 11th homer of the season. bottom of the 7th jake lamb hits one down. the right-field line off tyler rogers that bounces over the wall for a ground-rule double and a runner would score to give the dodgers a 5, 4, lead. clay's little brother. trace coming to the plate and he. takes it deep into the right center gap center field. off the wall. another run scores. it's 7 for dodgers. >> got to check out play here. absolutely loving it. written on his little bro. brotherly love. the final score, though, 7 for dodgers. so >> this week, the giants 4 games straight. san francisco now 16 and a half games back of la in the nl west a's fans.
6:51 am
meanwhile, looking for a win with all-star paul blackburn on the mound against the rangers. >> not going to happen. top of the first is already down one. nothing. adolis garcia rips a 2 run homer to left good. it is 3, nothing blackburn got rocked rocks for 10 runs on 10 hits in 4 and a 3rd innings out. rangers built an 11 to one lead. the a's offense came to life a little bit scoring 7 runs on 4 homers in the last 2 innings. tony kemp shot in the 9th here got the is within 3. >> it was too little too late. a's drop to 14. and 33. >> at home the way we want believe in me, from my family coaches, teammates to fans. no, i do not have done this without you and on. but i think you guys for the rest of my life. thank you very much. and god bless you >> big poppy. david ortiz is officially a member of the baseball hall of fame class of
6:52 am
2022. popping becomes the first career designated hitter to be selected on the first ballot and the 4th dominican born player to be in trying to the hall along with his friend and former teammate pedro martinez, one marshall and vladimir guerrero. senior. he's a 3 time world series champ owner of 541 career home runs. it is, of course, beloved in boston for his role in leading the sox to their first world series title in 86 years. >> it's 6.52 and we'll be right back.
6:53 am
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>> it still on vacation. yes, he's still a guy, but he put it in so they're kicking off their mission to the moon on august. 29th. it's about a month from now or announcement comes on the anniversary of the apollo 11 moon landing. >> the mission which will not have a crew on board will send the orion capsule around the moon and back we do is the one with the mannequins. also with the mannequins, ultimate goal of this. the artemis mission is to land astronauts. astronauts on the moon and 2024 for the first time since 1972. so i guess it's not. this is the one that doesn't have humans on board. so this is the one where there's yes, so they can on the moon by 2024. okay. so i desperately
6:56 am
wanted to see this will be all over the weekend. but the issue with the dari is it scary? yeah, i just see that. so i figure if i go right after the show today. see, nope. they'll have time to, you know, have all the fear. kind of go out. i'm size if it is going to be scary, like, like, nope is apparently i got some good ratings and feels like did 44 million dollars ticket sales? >> you definitely want to see in the he kind of get all of his last 2 movies like us was really good in so tell me it's all part it says if it's on par with with us the first one get out. yeah, you know, you're going to be in for a wild ride with jordan peele, you know, a very anti scary movie that i admit i did see get out. and i love that. you love right? he could do no wrong. and 6, fish, right? coming up in the next hour, air quality is not very good throughout the bay area. and we'll tell you why which fires
6:57 am
are fueling are bad air. plus the naacp demanding school board member and shoe from san francisco. resign. >> for making insensitive comments. we have a live report. and one man is dead and 2 injured in a shooting that happened in marine city. we'll tell you what police we'll tell you what police know so far. frosty time is kinda like "you time", if "you time" tasted like a frosty. hey willie! can i get a hand with this? you got this brother. i know you've been working out. please, this is pretty heavy. that's why i got the small man. when it's frosty time... choose wisely. choose wendy's new strawberry frosty.
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7:00 am
>> happy monday to you. i'm darya reyna excited about them. fresh new week to start over and just to accomplish something. yes. so don't compare it to yesterday. last monday, today is its own thing. brand new and for some good advice, the only thing you can compare to i guess as far as yesterday goes is the weather, which is fairly similar. but that's okay because yesterday was certainly better than last week was we haven't been so hot for inland areas. >> and yes, we've had some great towards the coastline, but it's that same gray that's not only rescuing us from some of the hottest of temperatures elsewhere in the country, but also at this point, helping to keep air quality. all right. we have some smoke sitting above the bay area this morning. so that marine layer is actually keeping us fairly smoke-free for the start. if you want to enjoy some good air quality, enjoy it. now, as we're likely to see smoke settle down into the bay later on today. now, right now temperatures are in the 50's


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