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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  July 25, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> we saw the huge cloud of smoke. >> have no idea where it was coming from so friday. we're definitely pretty nervous about it. >> now at 5, california's largest fire of the year is raging near yosemite national park. the oak fire started friday forcing thousands of people to evacuate. many of them still not alert, allowed to return to their homes. good evening, everybody. thanks for being here tonight on kron. 4 news at 5. i'm grant lotus name ella sogomonian in for vicki liviakis tonight. among the residents who evacuated were also visitors who had to flee the area. >> kron four's rob nesbitt
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actually spoke with the hiker who had to evacuate over the weekend. he joins us live in the studio with the latest on the oak there are a dozen intense when guys with a 2500 firefighters are battling this fire. they say weather conditions were favorable today. >> but intense smoke is impacting air quality throughout the area as a group of hikers found out this weekend. since igniting friday afternoon in the sierra nevada foothills. the oak fire has exploded in size and displayed unprecedented behavior. the worst 2 days of smoke i've ever seen or been a part of for sure. greg monday and 11 friends left from san francisco thursday to have a hiking weekend at yosemite national park. >> but the oak fire change their plans. they went from seeing black smoke in the distance friday to being surrounded by an orange clouds saturday morning. every. >> our it got closer and closer and like on our hike down, we could see ash falling on us, decided to leave a spokesperson for the parks as yosemite remains open and most facilities operational. >> closer to the fire. thousands had to pack up and
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leave their homes and mariposa county where governor newsom proclaimed a state of emergency over the weekend. we have to >> make those evacuation notices and have those folks evacuate their homes as soon as we're fortunate to have a huge cooperation. hector vasquez with the fresno fire department says winds were favorable monday for the 2500 people working to put out the fire. steep rocky terrain has been a hindrance and flames were so intense that it's created its own weather as monday and his friends experienced firsthand the checks, the air quality to i indexes like 3.15. i want to say. >> where we were at, which is extremely high. >> the oak fire is about 10% contained and is currently moving towards the ferguson fire. burn scars in the northeast side of the burns reporting live in studio. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. thanks so much, rob. and later on kron 4 news, we'll be getting a live report from mariposa county on the latest efforts to contain the oak fire. that's coming up at 5.30.
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>> we also an eye on the washburn fire in yosemite. it has burned more than 4800 acres, but is 87% contains the other good news. the fire officials say, yeah, they have surrounded in the fire is expected to now just kind of burn itself out the u.s. forest service believes a person started this fire. for the most part, we are enjoying clear set guys here across the some smoke from fire to make its way into parts of our region this week. this is video from pleasanton where you can see the haze there in the distance, some smoke moving west. the good news, though, is that the air quality officials say should remain pretty healthy. but the bay area air quality management district has issued an air quality advisory that runs through wednesday. the district is also reminding people to take basic precautions. if you do smell smoke. >> if you smell smoke, you're likely breathing smoke and wildfire. smoke is really harmful to our health. so if you can smell it in the air, the best thing you can do to
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protect your health is to head inside and keep your windows and doors closed. if it's not too hot to do so you can also set the ac units in your car and your home to recirculate you avoid pulling in that smoky air from outside. >> so far the air district is not issued a spare. the air alert, although that could change if conditions worsen. >> and we are getting reports of smoke from the oak fire has reached to county and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is joining us here to talk about the smoke as it's making its way out here. are we going to reall see or smell anything so far? we haven't to. the says about 6,000 feet up in the atmosphere. so that's too far high for to get the ground just yet. now could mix to the ground at some points in the next few days. but right now is staying well above the surface. so other than some beautiful sunsets here, quality down below looking good. no, a troubled year centers at all around the bay area. you are green everywhere you go. >> and that is because of that smoke still remains what we call a loft. now as that smoke stays aloft. that's good news for us. but of course, some places boy, white, right in and around that fire they're
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seeing right near the service. so you get 70 valley. there you go. you get to 20 hard force meadows mariposa and you can just see terrible area in and around the fire to some of the valley where the worst air quality conditions are on the scale here. and that's going to be sticking around the fire continuing to burn out there. but the bay area so far, the forecast looking good for tomorrow. again, we've got that sea breeze blowing that on shore flow at the surface. and that tends to scrub out the atmosphere and keep our air quality looking good, at least through tomorrow, things could change the weather patterns change. but here you go. here's the very latest on the fire. you can see that right there as the fire continues to burn. a lot of that smoke going right up. unfortunately in the yosemite valley, you can see a spreading right there. terrible for people trying to get to a vacation. they're hoping for those beautiful, pristine conditions that you see in the sierra nevada. here we go. overall, though, the pattern looking a little more dangerous as far as weather is concerned. you'll notice here. some of the monsoon begins to work its way back in the sierra nevada. some that begin to pop up. in fact, there's some suggestion that we might
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see some of that monsoonal moisture work its way back in the bay area. we've got little area of low pressure along the coastline. we've got high pressure. the east kayaking, the funnel. some of that moisture back up our way that could bring a couple of showers. maybe some lightning strikes in the bay area overnight tonight. it's tomorrow morning. i think the best chance will be in the east and also parts of the north bay. that's only a slight chance overnight tonight. guys, back to you. thanks, lawrence. zach or berg. san francisco general hospital has announced that due to lack of vaccine supply all vaccination appointments. >> are canceled for tomorrow. the united states is considering declaring monkeypox a health emergency health and human services secretary xavier becerra says the u.s. is working with global partners to try to stop the spread that comes after the world health organization decided to declare an emergency for monkeypox over the weekend. this declaration could allow for more funding for treatment, but it could also make it harder for people to get the already scarce vaccines. 2 weeks ago there
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was discussion at the federal level to make a second covid-19 booster shot available to people under the age of 50. >> but that plan may be changing. now. kron four's dan kerman reports one of the leading voices in the fight against covid-19. that's doctor bob wachter is hoping that the fed's reconsider and stick with the first idea. >> hopes that those under 50 could join the ranks of those eligible to get a second booster for covid-19, maybe on the back burner reports. monday suggest that's because federal health officials are hoping pfizer and moderna. we'll have a new be 5 specific booster ready to go in late september. i think it's highly unlikely. i mean, just feels far more likely as we look at booster rollouts previously that the first well, they won't get their date for approval in the senate nation. doctor bob wachter, who chairs ucsf department of medicine says. >> not only is it unlikely new boosters will be ready to roll out in late september, but even if they are ready, those under 50 will be at the back of the line behind older
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americans. that group will have their vaccines available to them more like november december, rather than september. and that means another 4 or 5 months of vulnerability. they don't get a second booster. now, that's why walked are still suppor the idea of allowing those under 50 to get the second booster. now, i think were me and i were under 50. i would at least one access to it because it would restore some of my protection that has weighed both against getting an infection and certainly not a will get infected. that restores some of your protection. but most importantly, it very definitely restores your protection against getting a severe case. hospitalization and death. it's unknown when federal health officials will make a final decision on that second booster. dan kerman kron. 4 news. president biden's doctor says his covid symptoms have almost completely gone away. in a statement, doctor kevin o'connor said the president suffered a sore throat. >> body aches and a loose cough and will continue to take paxlovid has plans.
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president biden tested positive for covid last thursday has been isolating at the white house. he canceled plans to travel to florida this week but is expected to participate in virtual events throughout the week. that's what developing story. the naacp is demanding that san francisco school board member and a shoe. >> resign for what they call racially insensitive comments that she made last week. kron 4 sarah stinson reports. >> by is united. on this map. and we're not backing she needs 2 resign. >> and choose new to the san francisco school board. she was appointed by mayor london breed and was one of 3 replacements on the board due to controversy. but now she's found herself starting her own controversy and is already being asked to leave. she wrote comments in a san francisco parent action question near that implied black and brown students don't %
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perform as well as others due to a lack of family support. she also wrote this was due to unstable family environments and a lack of parental encouragement to focus on core value learning she has bars sentiments. >> and very much. that's very much. the assault. that you manage it of african americans. >> the naacp says and shoes comments are not only racist, but it shows there's a profound disconnect between her and the black community. at least 2 city supervisors have called for shoe to resign as well. issued an apology for her comments saying that her statements reflected her own limited experience, inherent bias. the naacp says they accept her apology to do better, but you still need to be held accountable. respects. >> miss and but sheen does not have. a feel what it respect.
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>> all. >> short term. u.s.. >> kron 4 sarah stinson reporting the naacp voted unanimously that will all 105 members that she step down immediately. and shoe has responded to their calls for her resignation. she tells kron 4 in part, i have apologized to have acknowledged that what i said is wrong and i have clarified what i wanted to say on the subject. despite shoes apology, san francisco latinx democratic club at said that they are outraged at the racial epithets made about black and brown students, families from hsu. they are also calling on her to resign. >> still to come tonight, what we're learning about the person shot and killed him or in yesterday and how people who live in the neighborhood are now reacting. >> plus, with the white house is saying about where gas prices are going and neighborhood crime has been on the rise in the peninsula. >> what thieves are targeting?
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♪ >> well, looks like these are on a car break-in spree in san mateo where police are investigating a series of early-morning attempt. police say at least 4 homes and cars were targeted on sylvan avenue last week. run forces it but unit reports. >> gosh, i mean, somebody trying to break in your house, you know, you don't know what there up to that if they're just trying to steal things or if they, you know, they have
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other intentions, you don't know. so the person seen in this video has neighbors concerned after attempting to break into 4 homes and several vehicles early last friday morning here on sylvan avenue near alameda day. let's pull in. san mateo andrews of ilya has lived on this block for the past 12 use. this house was broken into a house. you know, 2 doors down is broken into a house around the corner. so it's a problem. his neighbor who lives a few doors down, talks about an incident that happened in her home. she asked not to reveal her identity by did come home. morning, someone in my >> had chase that man down the street. >> to a brother well, i don't think i was thinking quite straight. >> that is not the advice from officials here at the san mateo police department. they recommend if you wake up and someone is in your home or someone trying to break in the first line of defense to call the same police department,
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san mateo police investigators have limited details on the description of the burglar other than what you see here. they're asking for the we're asking people to check their video. surveillance cameras and a lot of times people. >> a recording. and if they don't necessarily get something that alerts them to it, they want to check their video to check your video. >> this surveillance video shows that is what residents are doing here and people are. >> you you know, paying close attention to the ring cams. and you know, having like lot of lights on at night and, you know, really looking out for each other in san mateo has the met. kron 4 news. >> we have an update to a deadly shooting in marin city. police identified the man who was killed as michael arthur rogers. the second from oakland, 2 other people were hurt in that shooting just yesterday at around 10:00am near cole drive at golden gate village. witnesses said that rogers was visiting his mom when he was shot. the marin county sheriff's office reports thatithey found him inside of a car. first responders tried cpr and
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rushed him to the hospital, but he died. deputies said that the other 2 victims are expected to survive. and neighbors tell us that violence has gotten worse in recent years. no word yet on any suspects. >> the trucks are moving again. and operations have resumed at the port of oakland after several days of protests, hundreds of big rig truckers had been blocking any cargo from moving in or out of the port. this was in protest of the gig worker law ab 5 truckers claim the law created a financial burden by making it harder for them to work their own hours. port officials say protest created a tough situation for then even helped create a supply chain backlog. the port's director danny, when saying in a statement, quote, we appreciate the independent truck drivers use of the designated free speech zones and we thank local law enforcement for their
5:18 pm
continued assistance. the truckers have been hurt. we now urge them to voice their grievances with lawmakers, not the port of oakland. >> in other news, the pacific northwest is bracing for a major heat wave with temperatures expected to top triple digits in some places this week. parts of the p nwr under several excessive heat watches today that have the potential to be upgraded to heat warnings. >> kron four's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. joining us now in lawrence. you. look around the country and even portland. yeah, it's really hot. they've been spared most the time so far been caught around the rest of the country. the one place that has really had it the bay area right along the coastline been lucky so far. but i have a feeling that will come at some point. but yeah, it's going to be hot across the country's midsection. again, one, 0, 2, in dallas, but it's fascinating. here we go. we're going to really heat up as you make your way up in the pacific northwest, 100 and boise, 100 in portland about medford, 106 101.
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>> in banda 100 burns, toasty temperatures all around. it looks they are going to be in for a big heat wave for tomorrow. maybe the following day outside, though, our saving grace has been that low clouds and fog and that sea breeze carrying on shore each day and every night returns once again. and here we go. we've got that fog marching inland. you can see making its way over san francisco in that nice see breeze blowing right now. keep set to air cool. and of course, breezes that fresh air as well. now we're watching this very closely. we've got some monsoonal moisture beginning to make its way up in the sierra nevada. you can see a little back for the south. some of the models are suggesting some of that energy is going to begin to back its way into the bay area overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. so we're watching very closely, especially parts of the east bay. you get to well out in places like concord getting a brand. what i think you've got a better chance of thunderstorms in parts of the north bay into slama county watching that closely because it just takes one lightning strike. and then we're talking about more fires. but right now looks
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like the heat is on the 7 northwest. we're going to be dealing with some of that monsoonal moisture working its way into california for at least another day. but this is the kind of pattern the kind of sets up during summertime. we're going to be dealing with us and not only this week, but i think in the weeks ahead as well, temperatures out the door right now. you've got 50's 60's coast side. still very warm inland. 70's and 80's in the valleys, even hot. 98. brett, what how about that? 63 for a contrast in the san francisco looking out over a tomorrow. looks like a nice day. temperature wise. we'll break down again. very similar. you've got 50 60's near the coast. so some warm 80's well inland. still ahead, the most s spopular sport in t country is unveiling its new streaming service. but >> is it everything fans were hoping for what some people say still missing.
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>> well, it took until 2022, but the nfl is finally entering the streaming market with the launch of nfl. plus. now the question is grant with the service change. the average fans viewing experience will find out. the nfl is a little bit late to this party, though. the whole streaming thing that the last of that. >> 4 major motor karen sports leagues to offer a subscription streaming service. but you talk to people who are familiar with the streaming services that baseball hockey. >> and the nba use and a lot of people think folks are going to be disappointed with this new nfl. plus, especially
5:24 pm
if there wanting to watch out of marquee games as they're happening watching life. yes, let's find out more with news nation's paul gerke who reports. >> the national football league has launched nfl plus an exclusive streaming subscription service on mobile devices for 4.99 per month or 39. 99 per year. more of a premium package fans can access live out of market preseason games, live, local and primetime regular season and playoff games. radio feeds nfl network shows on demand nfl films, archives and more. it sounds sweet. but unlike its contemporaries, nfl plus will not include out of market regular season games. so if your offense fan in philly or a seahawk stand in san antonio, you'll still need directv's sunday ticket. the exclusive home of out of market contest since 1994. it costs around $300 depending on how and when you sign up, however, directv's deal with the league expires at the end
5:25 pm
of this season and will not renew apple. amazon and google have emerged as front runners to take that mantle. all of which could offer a more accessible service to a larger audience. nfl commisshoner roger goodell hopes to make a decision on that by the end of the year. and the nfl isn't ruling out adding features to nfl plus down the road. we think this is a major step forward. second l it will evolve, build and get better as more and more content becomes available on this platform. >> that was paul gerke reporting for us tonight. they say the streaming service preserves the sanctity of watching football on a television screen since this is only for mobile devices, phones or tablets and that's key to the league's broadcast partners. new 10 year deal starts in 2023. that is worth more than 100 billion dollars. >> it's a lot of money will falling. gas prices are exciting. the biden administration, the president's team has been very
5:26 pm
public about their efforts to bring those costs down. triple a rap. andrew gross says that the biggest reasons for the decline are lower global oil prices and less demand. nearly 2 thirds of drivers are saying that there are driving less to avoid buying gas. he also says when the president ordered the release of oil from the strategic petroleum reserves, it helped. >> if they had taken that step. >> could they have gone a lot higher than 5, 0, one. it's likely which is great news. how far they're going to fall. >> we're not quite sure. >> national average is now at $4. and $0.36. prices at the pump are down nearly $0.70 a gallon in a little more than a month. and gas prices are continuing to fall around here in the bay area. the cheapest gas is actually in marine county. you're looking at about $5 and $0.62 on average for a gallon of regular there near san jose. you can expect to pay a 5.73 per gallon. and that's right in line with the
5:27 pm
state average fare tesco is up there as usual sitting at $5.84 the most expensive gas is in napa county right now hovering at around $5 and $0.89 on average. >> coming up, the biden administration announces a new plan to help repopulate forests that have been destroyed by wildfires. scary moments when a woman walked into a dallas airport and began to open fire. how the ordeal ended and a live report from mariposa county on the latest efforts to contain that massive oak fire where the fight stands. thousands of people have been forced to people have been forced to leave their homes. meet three sisters. the drummer, the dribbler, and the day-dreamer... the dribbler's getting hands-on practice with her chase first banking debit card... the drummer's making savings simple with a tap... ...round of applause. and this dreamer, well, she's still learning how to budget, so mom keeps her alerts on full volume. hey! what? it's true! and that's all thanks to chase first banking. freedom for kids. control for parents. one bank with tools for both, all with no monthly service fee.
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>> welcome back. our coverage on that oak fire continues. it is now burned more than 16,000 acres and containment is 10%. now we're keeping an eye on this one. san francisco and alameda county firefighters are both trying to help out on the front lines doing what they can. reporter rosh spoke to evacuees who were forced to leave their homes what's the feeling around that area right now? >> well, right now, i want you to take a look here to my left. nice and clear, as you can see. but if you follow the ridge line up through the top of those bushes, there you see a plume of smoke. we have seen that get bigger and darker throughout the day. a really good indication that this fire is far from over. >> on day 4 of the oak fire, the s


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