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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  July 26, 2022 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> look who's here to join us on a tuesday. better late than never, james >> jack? yeah. to stay where it's a little moist out there. how is your hair to get a little a lot of for and i think some may be thunderstorms or something in the north john, good morning. yeah, it's been an interesting morning for sure, guys. we have the midst of the coast and some roles. the thunder for this to inland this morning. quite hours sitting under a little bit of the low gray that we're seeing closer to the coastline currently, this is what we've got this line of showers stretching from solano county on 3 eastern contra costa out to the central valley had a roll of thunder around earlier this morning and a couple of pockets of heavier rainfall out towards modesto. now, couple light sprinkles. >> up there in solano county and even a few drops up in
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napa. for most of us, it is quiet, but i'm going to keep you updated on any field that monsoonal moisture sparks up any other activity this morning for the rest of us across the bay area. really close eye on radar this morning. as for current temperatures, it's 50's to 60's redwood city hayward, fremont oakland, right at 60 degrees. each actually a pretty mild morning compared to the past few days. so just a couple of degrees up to start nice comfortably. cool afternoon for coastal areas. not all that hot inland compared to much of the rest of the country. i'll talk all about it. still ahead right now. >> today heading from the maze that fremont street exit just under 8 minutes to make your drive this morning. the san mateo bridge about a 12 minute or i-80 to one o one. let's go ahead look at the richmond. sandra fell bridge tolls to one o one 7 minutes. and if you are in the south bay traveling up, 85 towards menlo park about 27 minutes. james, back to you. thanks a lot right now is 5, 0 one. and new this morning, united states is considering declaring
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monkeypox a health emergency. >> this after the world health organization decided to declare an emergency over the weekend. the declaration could allow for more funding for treatment, but it could also make it more difficult for people to get the already scarce vaccines. last week the federal government sent the state of california. another 10,000 doses. but so far they have not been distributed. >> well, san francisco general hospital's monkeypox vaccine clinic is closed today because ran out of vaccines. they reopened last week after getting more doses. but many people we spoke with say they waited for hours in long lines. many also said they didn't even get that shot because the clinic only administered a certain amount of vaccines each day the clinic gave out 550 doses yesterday. san francisco's department of public health says that they requested 35,000 doses. but so far only received about 7, 7800. they're not sure when they'll get another shipment. >> new monkeypox data from san
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francisco shows the virus is not just affecting and bisexual men. it has also spreading among the latino community kron. 4 s taylor bisacky has more on that. >> according to the san francisco department of health, the latest monkeypox data reveals that 30% of infections in the city are among the latinx residents. a large number for a group that only makes up 15% of the city's population. we know >> that the latino community, any time there's an economic or health disparity, our communities of the persons that are here. so here we are again with another health disparity of another health concern that's impacting our communities. i've been corrado vega is a manager at the latino task force. >> a group that was created more than 2 years ago to address and respond to the disparities of access to testing and vaccines. during the height of the covid-19 pandemic. since then, the task force has set up regular testing and vaccination
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clinics and build trust within the community. we're engaging with our health partners. >> to see what the best approach in how the infrastructure that we've built during covid. can we to to do direct outreach and services to the latino community has monkeypox spreads at a higher rate among and bisexual latino men. >> corrado vegas as the task force is working to educate the community and use their covid sites for monkeypox is well, we believe strongly that we are well positioned to get the right information out and to get in a culturally competent. on monday. san francisco reported an additional 18 monkeypox cases bringing the total case count up to 215. >> despite rising cases, vaccine supply remains limited. in san francisco, taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. >> well, in the east bay, a man is dead after a house caught on fire in antioch. that fire started around 8 last night at a home on surf and teen drive right near
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light way. that's right. near harbor park firefighter told us another resident managed to get out. okay. no word on how that fire started. happening today, oakland community leaders plan to announce a $7500 reward for any information that will lead to an arrest in a deadly shooting. kang phone was shot and killed on sunday in this. well, the 17th on the 13th avenue. this is surveillance video of the shooting and it shows 2 men walking up to fung's car, opening the door and then shooting him and then running away. local police say the men were trying to rob him. the police department is now offering a or a reward of up to $12,500 for any information leading to an arrest. the additional reward is coming from oakland's chinatown, chamber of commerce. they're holding a news conference at 10, 30 this morning to discuss that increased reward. >> time now is 5, 0, 5, and the more north bay, the victim of a deadly shooting in marin city has now been identified as an oakland resident. 42
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year-old michael arthur rogers was visiting his mother in marin city when he was shot and killed on sunday. the brown county sheriff's office says that they have found a key piece of evidence. >> understanding that there was a gun that was recovered as to who was the owner of the gun use the gun. we don't have that all i can say is that the gun was recovered and it was found at the scene of the shooting. so we don't know who the gun belonged to or what the connection is or how it was used. but we did collect a gun from the scene. >> in march, an 18 year-old was fatally shot near the same location as sunday's shooting at this point, police do not know if those 2 shootings are related. >> well, the oak fire continues to burn out of control in mariposa county. they grew to more than 17,000 acres since friday. it's only about 60% contained. we have really a shot. it's now with the very latest.
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>> which is rally. say >> 13 year-old rylie got lost with all the commotion, but probably knew this firefighter would get him back to his rightful owner. the oak fire destroyed much of the areas surrounding troy foster's 30 acre property. the house is still standing. >> the barn is still there. the property looks like. >> firefighters from williams quickly responded and put out a spot fire in a pile of logs choices. he actually saw the flames start burning late thursday night. i sat there and watched it come over that ridge. >> and it just kept coming. >> he says winds forced it down. several miles were burned hot, leaving a white powder in its path. >> and pretty soon and just went through and it all went to seager. >> on day 4 of the oak fire,
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the area, south jersey dale road where the flames already raged through, still managed to find the last bit of pine in its path. sending throw choking smoke into the air. the fire was really close. you can see the flames from our property for renee murphy, her husband and 3 kids, the giant dark plume of smoke where the oak fire began burning close to their mid pine home. >> those years continued to fortify containment lines. >> as the air attack continued from above, the fire has already tore through close to 17,000 acres. >> and crews work hotspots not far from where the flames destroyed homes while others survived, not fazed by their surroundings. cattle still continue to graze. well, these 2 big bucks look for food in the midst of the burned out areas at one point remains brothers home right along highway 49 had 30 people under
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his roof, including renee and her family up here. a lot of people would do that. you know, we're really tight knit. >> strong community and >> this is really at least our 5th major fire and the last 10 years. so this is a pretty normal for us. and our community comes together. we're we're really for. >> all the firefighters and what they're doing and they're out there risking their lives and and just that, you know, god's in control. and we are just waiting on him. >> fires just putting fire crews and residents at risk. also, people visiting yosemite national park saw firsthand how quickly a fire can grow. kron four's rob nesbitt has more. >> since igniting friday afternoon in the sierra nevada foothills. the oak fire has exploded in size and displayed unprecedented behavior. the worst 2 days of smoke i've ever seen or been a part of for sure. greg monday and 11 friends left from san francisco thursday to have a
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hiking weekend at yosemite national park. but the oak fire chunge their plans. they went from seeing black smoke in the distance friday to being surrounded by an orange clouds saturday morning. every. >> our it got closer and closer and like on our hike down, we could see ash falling on us, decided to leave a spokesperson for the parks as yosemite remains open and most facilities operational closer to the fire. thousands had to pack up and leave their homes and mariposa county. i hope i haven't lost a house where governor newsom proclaimed a state of emergency over the weekend. we have to >> make those evacuation notices and have those folks evacuate their homes as soon as we're fortunate to have a huge corporation. hector vasquez with the fresno fire department says winds were favorable monday for the 2500 people working to put out the fire. >> dealing with steep rocky terrain and intense flames of fire that burns with this intensity creates to create its own weather. also as monday and his friends experienced firsthand the
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checks, the air quality to i indexes like 3.15. i want to say. >> where we were at, which is extremely high. rob nesbitt kron, 4 news. >> 5.10, is the time. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. the latest effort to ramp up production of semiconductor computer chips here in the u.s. why that could help bring down prices and the products you like. >> and james, if you think doughnuts are sweet, stay with me. >> after the commercial break, i'll show you something so much sweeter than donuts. take you don't want to miss. be right back. >> with the jets do that to us. so angry. we are looking at some low 60's out there for high temperatures near the coastline later today. >> inland areas, not all that hard, only reaching into the 80's for most of our inland spots. >> compared to the triple digits elsewhere in the country doesn't sound so bad. your forecast ahead. >> and maybe leave your house a little bit early to go. grab
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about the mega millions jackpot. that's now the 4th largest in lottery history law. and, you know, kron four's will tran is getting in on it. he's live in san mateo county of more. i will. >> we have millions of reasons to join. and james, i got it correct to. it was the 4th largest. now it's the 3rd largest could be the second or maybe the largest as the jackpot continues to grow. thank goodness this is digital because 5 tonight's drawing, i'm sure it's well above 810 million dollars. this place. they've seen people windy for a look at winning ticket 121 $1000. and, you know, the odds of winning james, i got james to participate. odds of winning one and 302 million. the odds of you not winning. if you don't play 100%. so let's go inside. they are selling doughnuts and i promise you before the commercial break. these are so sweet. my mouth is watering, but my soul is
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>> of that money. so we continue to talk to people. i can tell you right now they don't start selling for about another hour. i hit the jackpot already. french roast. yeah. let you down for french roast. we just won the jackpot just coffee this you know what if i win tonight? i'm not just buying a cup of coffee. >> i'm buying a coffee >> thank you very much. will i guess then mode you my 2 bucks. so rights on the in the pool. thank you. will everybody is in the pool as you know, i'll be the only tomorrow. okay. yeah, fine. all right. john and i and rain in the lobby sending a postcard part morning. you, those casinos right a set of. but yes, if you are here in the bay area, maybe finally an opportunity buy something locally, too. >> it is just gray out there this morning are right across the east bay hills can't see much of anything right now.
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now as we work our way into the afternoon, we're going to notice that temperatures today don't have quite the hot feel that they had mostly on the upper 80's. and this morning, a little something different to we have some monsoonal moisture sparking up thunderstorm activity stretching from solano county. some light brief showers through eastern contra costa and then some heavier pockets just south of stockton between stockton on down we had some brief showers and even a lightning strike around tracy also show some showers around modesto, comparatively quiet for most of the bay area. but i'll be keeping a very close eye on this radar this morning. more smoke being put up by the oak fire up in the sierra nevada, especially being felt up there. but some of that is drifting on into the region. and if you are in upper elevations of the east bay, especially that's where you may have picked up that smell smoke yesterday and again today with the bay area, air quality management district. again, putting us under an air quality advisory. we've got multiple factors at play here. this low is not only helping to up that sea
5:19 am
breeze and keep us a little bit cooler along the central coast into the bay. but it's also interacting with that monsoonal moisture and sparking up thunderstorms for us to our north is where the real heat is. we've got triple digits for the south, but more than that one hole 5 in reading in medford both today and tomorrow over towards central washington, oregon pendleton and kevin mckenna wick up to one. 0, 6, in one. 0, 7. some records being shattered up there in critical fire. danger as they see such record shattering conditions. as for us locally, those 80's suddenly don't sound so bad anymore. 60's 70's near the bay and the coast, too. as we make our way into tomorrow morning, more of those drizzly sprinkle spots as we do see some more fog to start your wednesday morning forecast 60's for your highs in sf and at the coastline, it will mostly be 70's along the bay short, mixed with a few low 80's bilbray at 72 redwood city at 81 south bay. temperatures in the upper 70's to low 80's with san jose 81 degrees as well. fremont
5:20 am
hayward up through oakland, all 70's for you. and only one single 90 on the map. that's for you up in vacaville. everyone else below that mark today, as for next 7 days, tomorrow's temperatures as for thursday's to mostly back in the upper 80's inland 70's by the bay. just a couple of degrees warmer into the weekend, bringing us back into the low 90's reign. john, thank you for that. if you are in the east bay and you're taken 24 right now, if you're heading from walnut creek down to 5.80. >> just under 12 minutes to make that drive this morning. heading into the city may so that fremont street exit still under 7 minutes for your drive. so no major issues or delays there. the san mateo bridge 80 to one o one about a 12 minute commute heading across towards the peninsula. let's check on highway for 15 minutes as you're heading from antioch, into concord's to 42 darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of rain is 5.20, and national news. lawmakers are on the cusp of passing major legislation designed to boost us competition against china and bring down consumer
5:21 am
prices. raquel martin has a look. good morning. business leaders are hoping this 52 billion dollar plan passes the senate by today. after yesterday the vote was delayed. >> because of severe weather, the build up the chips act would invest big and semiconductor chips that are in everything from cell phones to cars to military equipment. >> we're on the brink of closing the book. after months of negotiations, the senate is set to pass the chips act. a bipartisan bill designed to bolster u.s. manufacturing, bring down consumer costs and strengthen us competition against china. it's a necessary investment. monday, texas republican senator john cornyn and senate majority leader chuck schumer said the crux of the bail is a multi-billion dollar investment to reduce u.s. made semiconductor chips. sadly, america's lagging behind the technology is found in everything from cell phones to cars to medical equipment. and
5:22 am
right now china is dominating global supply. one of the most important struggles of this century will be the fight for global semiconductor supply. so much to during a virtual roundtable with business and union leaders, president biden urged congress to get the bill passed as quickly as possible for own safety said as grow the ceo of lockheed martin, which builds military aircraft, told the president that technology is too important to national security to outsource to china. we've got to have confidence in the security of the hardware itself that >> it hasn't been tampered with or degraded when we perceive that to put it into. >> our aircraft while there is bipartisan by and there are still several republicans who plan to vote against this legislation. many of them calling it a corporate handout. the biden administration, of course, pushing back on that criticism. they say any company receiving federal funds. we'll have to follow strict guidelines for now washington, raquel martin, back to you. >> coming up on the kron 4
5:23 am
morning news, the latest on the back and forth at the federal level about getting covid boosters to people under the age of 50 will have the latest on the story coming up.
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reading. exactly. they sort of make me feel... like i'm the most fabulous thing you've ever seen? exactly. i'll take 'em. ♪ and we're back at 5.25. the plan to make a second covid-19 booster shot available to people under the age of 50 might be changing. reports suggest that that's because the federal health officials want to wait until vaccine makers produce a booster specific for the omicron
5:26 am
subvariant ba 5. >> they're hoping that pfizer and moderna can release them late september or so. doctor bob wachter, chair of ucsf department of medicine says that not only is it unlikely that new boosters will be ready to roll out by then. but even if they are ready, those under 50 will be at the back of the line behind older americans. >> that group will have their vaccines available to them more like november december, rather than september. and that means another 4 or 5 months of vulnerability. they don't get a second booster. now. >> it's unknown right now when % federal health officials will make a final decision on that second booster. >> time now is 5.26. the bart board of directors is going whether to bring back the mask mandate on bart. that meeting is going to be held thursday afternoon. the previous mask mandate expired on july 18th. they cited rising covid cases is the reason for maybe reinstating the mandate. if you're a bart rider, you don't
5:27 am
at this point have to wear a mask. the transit agency is still encouraging riders, however, to wear one. >> dave chappelle is set to perform in santa rosa tonight. but there is petitions out. there are open letters out against him doing so. i'll explain more coming up in a explain more coming up in a live report. pre-rinsing your dishes? you could be using the wrong detergent. and wasting up to 20 gallons of water. skip the rinse with finish quantum. its activelift technology provides an unbeatable clean on 24 hour dried-on stains. skip the rinse with finish to save our water. on 24 hour dried-on stains. that was quick. and rewarding. i earn 3% cash back at drugstores with chase freedom unlimited. that means i earn on my bug spray and my sunscreen. you ready to go fishing? i got the bait. i also earn 5% on travel purchased through chase on this rental car. that lake is calling my name! don't you get seasick? we'll find out! come on.
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>> 5.29 right now and we are checking out the weather. it was not rainy, but misty is my neck of the woods. yeah. it was warm to our eye was yesterday. not terrible. we'll find out, john, what we're temperatures like yesterday and going to see today. not so bad. yesterday was mostly just upper 80's for inland areas still warm but not near as hot as those triple digits that we've been talking about for the pacific northwest in the central valley. not too far from us at all. pretty still morning, right along the embarcadero got some low gray above us, a little bit of mist towards the coastline. overall, what we're noticing more than anything else this morning is the monsoonal moisture sparking up a few thunderstorms out towards antique. a stockton and modesto. as for the bay area, couple light sprinkles so far this morning in solano county. really just the southern edge of the county right there. and a couple of portions of the eastern contra costa. also having seen just a few drops
5:31 am
again as we make our way through this morning, we are going to see cool temperatures ahead of the warmth this afternoon. further inland, but much like yesterday, not too warm at all. mostly just the upper 80's out there for now, it's 50's to 60's all be breaking down the whole picture. all still to come right now the eve of that get in an early morning start hitting all across the golden gate bridge right now, 90 minute drive. >> as you're traveling from 37 to the tolls. no major fog like we saw at the start of the week. there. 8 min, so that fremont street exit as you're traveling along. let's check of the richmond. sandra fell bridge about a 7 minute, right? as you're heading out of richmond and in the south bay along one. 0 one. 35 up towards menlo park. about 28 minutes. darya. james, back to you. thank you. ray nance, 5.31 and lgbtq groups in the bay area are asking that a performing arts center in santa rosa. cancel. >> dave chappelle's show, which is supposed to happen tonight. it is. yeah. they feel the comedian shouldn't be allowed to perform because of
5:32 am
transphobic jokes that he's made in the past with kron 4. sarah stinson standing by live in sarah in santa rosa to explain. >> good morning, sir. >> that's right. live here at the luther burbank center for the arts. and it's in santa rosa. this is where dave chappelle is set to perform a comedy show tonight in several times this week, even though there has been a ton of public outcry petition an open letter to the venue here. let's start with that petition. take a look at your screen. got a live look for. you can see how many people have signed it so far. i think about 4.53 foreign 53 people have signed it saying they do not want him performing to protect the lgbtq community here. the creator of the petition says this venue is a nonprofit in claims to stand for diversity and unity. but that does not go with allowing people like chappelle to perform chappelle face. a lot of backlash from his netflix special due to
5:33 am
comments made about the trans seen him attacked on stage. i mean, last week public outcry was heard by a theater and minneapolis where chappelle was going to have a comedy show. but the venue canceled at the venue actually listen to the people who are saying this is not ok, please cancel. and they did. now sonoma county residents who signed the petition want his show to be canceled as well on your screen. you can see an open letter by trans life. sonoma county to the luther burbank center for the arts that reads in part, we are highly disappointed that you made the decision to welcome chappelle with open arms despite the fact that he's transphobia has been highly publicized in the media over for over many years in april of this year. you made similar decision to host transphobic author jordan peterson. these bookings represent the emergence of a disturbing pattern. this is in direct conflict with your commitment to make the arts more diverse, equitable and inclusive chappelle show tonight starts at 7 o'clock.
5:34 am
and he said to perform 2 shows tomorrow night and one on thursday. of course, i'm going to reach out to the venue and see this petition is open letter is going to affect their decision whether they let him perform or not. but so far it seems like the show is going on and the the the people who wrote that open letter, they said that they have reached out to the venue many times and the community is extremely disappointed. they have not heard back. darya james, of course, will do the work over here this morning and try and get some kind of response before the show tonight. for now, send it back to you. >> thank you very much, sara. 05:34am and more members of the san francisco board of supervisors are calling for board of education member and shoot a stepped down this after she made racially insensitive comments about black and brown students. kron four's amanda hari has the details. >> leaving their family dynamic. you don't think that their families are pushing them to be successful. you
5:35 am
should not be in that role. that was san francisco supervisor. shamann walton is reaction after seeing comments made by board of education member and shoe. >> in a questionnaire from a parent organization called sf parent action shoes response included that black and brown students do not perform as well as others due to a, quote, lack of family support, unstable family environments and lack of parental encouragement to focus on core value learning. i definitely think she resign before walton was elected supervisor. he was on the board of education himself. >> someone who has served on the board of education, annoying understanding that you have to be concerned families and our children and at the very least i have love for all of our children. he also says growing up he had experienced comments like shoes. yes, unfortunate. growing up. >> as a young black man and going to be k through 12 system here in california. definitely for some disheartening comments from
5:36 am
adults. and that's unfortunate. shoe is since apologized and said, quote, i am committed to listening learning and growing as a person. but walton says it's too late for that. the time to learn cultural sensitivity, the time to learn about. >> and being anti-racist is not why you serving on the board of education. other supervisors have also asked for shooter resign, including dean preston, connie chan, asha, south, i e and hillary ronen walton finds that encouraging. i'm happy that everyone can see. >> that her comments were out of line or race is there was there a typical and they just have no place coming out of the mouth of someone who serves as a member of the board of education. sue was appointed by mayor london breed to the board of education after 3 members were recalled. >> walton says that may not have allowed the public time to properly vet her. there's something about having to run for office and having to get in front of >> community-based organizations having to get in front of all types of parent
5:37 am
groups having to get in front of your constituency going to debate and having conversations about real issues. >> that was amanda hari reporting sunday night. the san francisco chapter of the naacp also voted to call for shoes. resignation. >> in the east bay, the oakland city council will be voting today to formally settle with former police chief anne kirkpatrick. now patrick sued the city in 2020 saying that she was fired in retaliation for blowing the whistle on wrongdoing. zit the oakland police commission. a jury sided with kirkpatrick over the whistleblower claim but sided with the city over a free speech claims the city of oakland will have to pay her one and a half million dollars. the payment will cover one year of kirkpatrick salary. plus, attorneys fees and other litigation costs. kirkpatrick says she's hoping this agreement is a signal to all who are witness to misconduct, to not stay silent. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news foreclosures here in the bay area are on the rise. we'll tell you what experts are saying about what this means for the housing market.
5:38 am
>> plus, a local park is closed because of dry conditions will explain in a minute. >> and today is set to be another warm one for inland areas, but not near as hot as some parts of the central valley are neighbors out there in the triple digits? well, we're only upper 80's to barely low 90's for only a
5:39 am
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5:41 am
amazon's decision to buy one medical. now amazon labor union president. it's going to be joining california nurses and workers to demand that one medical shareholders reject amazon's bid california health care workers are worried that this purchase could lead to fewer protections and lower standards for clinic workers. we've reached out to one medical and amazon for comment. haven't heard back from either yet. the protest is set to kick off at 3.30 this afternoon. >> time now is 5.41. and on the peninsula. hundreds of workers at sequoia hospital in redwood city are on strike. they want better pay and benefits. 95 1% of hospital workers voted to go on the picket lines against dignity, health the group has called on dignity and their leadership to improve their working conditions, invest in workers and retain staff to ensure that patients get the best care the workers represented by their local union have been in contract negotiations with dignity for several months. it's 5.41. we'll be right it's 5.41. we'll be right back.
5:42 am
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5:45 am
water flows from peters creek where the primary factor in this decision, those who have park reservations will be contacted via e-mail and you'll get a full refund >> well, 5.44, let's head over the weather center with jonathan keeping an eye on the weather. how dry things are out there. all thought this morning a little bit. misty us, this moisture is not going make a difference. i don't with only the midst could really help us out in the long run. it is nice and the temporary keeping things relatively cool for now, you can see some of that mist from the east bay hills right here. the low cloud cover that student in on into the bay during or overnight hours from the midst of the coast to some thunderstorm activity inland. here's some lightning strikes just north of modesto right now. some of this dry lightning is going up. fire danger up towards the sierra nevada. this is all brought in by monsoonal moisture interacting with the low to our west. couple light sprinkles in solano county out the eastern contra costa county. not going to make a
5:46 am
big difference in the long run smoke up in the sierra nevada. some of that settling on into the eastern part of the bay area, especially detecting that upper elevations of the east bay, is that still mostly sitting aloft right above the bay? but it is enough for another air quality advisory today. there's that low sitting to our west and sexually sparing us a lot of the heat that the pacific northwest is tapping into. but its interaction with the high pressure in monsoonal moisture drying into the region is resulting in those isolated thunderstorms, especially for the valley, the very eastern part of the bay area this morning. heat elsewhere in the country continues and especially for the pacific northwest. look at central washington, oregon pendleton in kennewick up well above 100 degrees both today and tomorrow. medford in reading up at 105 degrees, not just today, but leading into tomorrow as well. comparing our upper 80's in barely low 90's. to that, we're definitely on the cooler side in comparison, fog at the coastline again tomorrow morning after some afternoon
5:47 am
sunshine today, a few misty drizzly spots for the start of your day on wednesday. today's highs in the 60's for san francisco and right along the coastline, 70's to low 80's along the bayshore burlingame 78 degrees saying carlos redwood city in the low 80's today. same for most of the south bay san jose. it only 81 and freeman through oakland only in the 70's. well, livermore, 87 conquered 84 degrees. only one 90, and that's in vacaville right at 91 degrees today. santa rosa down to novato in the mid to upper 70's tomorrow and thursday, temperatures remain in the upper 80's that are very warmest low 90's at our warmest into the weekend. so no triple digits in sight. no major heat waves ahead of us. we do have a roles of thunder this morning, though, that ups fire danger and the continued dry weather will also continue to be high fire danger through the week right now. john, thank you. traffic has been light so far this morning. crockett down towards the maze. about 60 minutes. >> as you're making your drive, if you're taking 24
5:48 am
wannacry down to 5.80, just under 13 minutes for you heading into the city in. i'm in right maze to that. fremont street exit was check on the san mateo bridge 80 to one o one around 12 minutes for you to make that commute well in the south bay traveling up. 33 minute ride. 85 towards menlo park. 2, 80 82. i don't see any accidents or hazards along those highways. a double down. the fremont about 14 minutes for you. there. if you travel on a 80 southbound, you can see traffic starting to slow a bit. northbound moving just fine. all right. james, back to you. in the east bay. the trucks are moving again at the port of oakland. that's good news. after port operations were put on hold because big rig truckers. we're protesting the gig worker law called ab 5. the truckers claim the law creates a financial burden by making it harder for them to work their own hours. port officials say the protest made the supply chain backlog even worse. today, the san francisco board of supervisors
5:49 am
is going to discuss a plan to allow police officers to use live stream private security cameras for their investigations. the plan would allow law enforcement to gain access 2 devices that are used by homeowners and businesses like ring doorbell. cameras, shopping centre, surveillance cameras. the police chief bill scott believes that this non city owned camera system could really help patrol officers since the department is short staffed. it would not be blanket authorization. by the way, to take over private systems. chief scott says live footage would be sought only during specific police operations arrange with prior approval. but opponents say it's police overreach. >> 5.49 is the time and a bill to make daylight saving time permanent. here in the u.s. is starting to dim in the house is just not a priority. apparently is. the house says it's dealing with inflation and mass shootings in abortion and marriage equality. the
5:50 am
idea gained new momentum back in march when the senate approved the sunshine protection act, which would give us an extra hour of daylight in the fall and in the winter. lot of folks pushing for this. the bill, in fact, has bipartisan support. but apparently is back on the back burner again. foreclosures are on the rise here in the bay area. kron four's justin campbell takes a look at the latest numbers and what's behind them? >> there's a 90% jump in foreclosures in the bay area since last year. while you never like to see a jump in foreclosure activity. rick sharga with adam market research says despite the high number, he says the bay area is actually holding up quite well. the country as a whole saw foreclosure activity go up more than 150% year-over-year charter says there are multiple reasons for the high rise in foreclosures. first government eviction moratoriums put in place during the pandemic are gone. now banks can proceed with foreclosures. we're seeing a
5:51 am
uptick in of people reaching out to us. jason has to with esta. vo long group in oakland specializes in real estate and foreclosures since the banks want their mortgage money they couldn't collect during the pandemic. what's happening is? >> the or that granted for parents during covid are now requiring them to come up with all the arrears during the whole. the from aaron's period in addition to making the monthly mortgage payments has to says mortgage companies are requiring homeowners to make a balloon payment. even if you make your monthly mortgage payment were not going. accept it. >> until you come up with all the arrears, despite the rise in foreclosures, experts don't think the housing market crash is coming in. the bay area will continue to remain under the national average for foreclosures. part of that is because of how strong the housing market has been in the bay area. reporting in san jose, justin campbell kron, 4 news 5.51, and the berkeley animal shelter is lowering their fees this weekend. >> to try to move some pets and stop the overcrowding at
5:52 am
the shelter. the adoption fees are going to be. >> $50 during this weekend's event called the empty the shelter event. it's from 11 to 4 friday through sunday. every animal that's adopted at berkeley, humane gets behavioral and medical evaluation and treatment and that adoption package also includes 250 bucks worth of medical care at vca animal hospitals. a certificate for a free exam and a local vet and optional discounted pet insurance. all that, let's do it. >> five-fifty to be right back.
5:53 am
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5:56 am
sleep on the weekends? i that. well, yeah, but actually now they're saying that you can't really catch up. yeah. they for 8 hours of interact try to do the same that you, you know, you know what you're supposed to do, james, a i try so hard to get 8 percent are saying like, yeah, all right. and i don't know. but i mean, i think everybody is different. it catching up is catching up like on the weekends. if you can sleep, why not down? the hard part is getting a bit and get that solid uninterrupted. that 39 the good. yeah. and if you have nightmares, it's even harder. and here's the stuff of nightmares for just real quickly. i want to show you don't know if we can bring that back up at turkey. pp>> chasing a police officer i back of the eye. i'm not a rate of hundreds of kind of and turkey's particularly because i think they're ugly. look at their tasty, but they're ugly or not. and this big push chasing after a police officer as he was trying to drive away, scared him into his patrol car
5:57 am
started friving and it came after him while he was in a car. i think you'd be perfectly safe. jane bus with to do. if you get an aggressive turkey coming after get your car drivable and you want to drive away because they can run of 25 miles an hour. so you can't outrun a turkey. will we do? you run. i don't know. just about anything us off. these things are dinosaurs that never never got them at all. >> i guess that explains why you love to eat coming over the next hour. the mega millions is at 810 million dollars. so that's a lot of reasons to play we'll talk about ran about lucky jackpot. >> also, just days after the w h o ne monkeypox a global health emergency. the u.s. is now considering doing the very same more on that in a minute. and the oak fire continues to burn closer and closer to yosemite. we're going to hear i'll pick this one up. i earn 3% cash back on dining including takeout with chase freedom unlimited. so, it's not a problem at all. you guys aren't gonna give me the fake bill fight? c'mon, kev. you're earning 3% cash back.
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