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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  July 26, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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up. although this looks like the winds still blowing, just a touch up. there could be perfect if exercising. i have a feeling could yeah. good morning for it for sure. great morning for that job with the low gray and the cool breeze. gotta love that. i prefer it at least to the 80's 90's. >> which we will have later today for inland areas. staying cooler towards the coastline. we actually did have some thunderstorms this morning in the central valley been a little quieter the past couple of hours. you're still seeing that green out there around stockton, modesto, just a few light sprinkles bay area. we've just seen the misty conditions, a few light showers earlier for eastern contra costa and solano counties. right now it's 50's and 60's for current temperatures. yeah, that good work out whether right now in some of our best air quality of the day is also what we're seeing currently. so get out there and enjoy it. we do have a comfortably warm afternoon, at least compared to much of the rest of the country. i've got those details still ahead right now. >> for that, if you're traveling along 24 westbound at pleasant hill road lafayette got an accident. so you're seeing a slight delay
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as you're traveling there, heading into the city. once you reach the maze, 40 minute drive to that fremont street exit. no accidents or hazards along the bay bridge this morning. 13 minutes to make it from a 80 to one on one. so you can see the peninsula's moving along pretty nicely is unless you're headed up north. 85 to menlo park. 46 minute drive as you're traveling there. now to 18, 82, i'm not seen as many delays over there and out of richmond heading across towards sandra fell about 12 minutes. darya. james, back to you. >> thanks a lot. rain. it's 8, 0 one in new this morning the u.s. is considering declaring monkeypox a health emergency. this after the world health organization already decided to declare an emergency and this declaration, the new one would allow for more funding for treatment, but it can also make it more difficult for people to find the vaccines, which are, as we know in short supply last week, the federal government gave california another 10,000 doses. but so far they have not been distributed.
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>> well, san francisco general hospital's monkeypox vaccine clinic is closed today because it right now vaccines they reopened last week after getting more doses. but a lot of folks that we spoke with said they had to wait in line for hours to get their shot. and many said that when they got to the front of the line, the clinic said couldn't give him a shot. they've run out of vaccine and we had a certain amount to give out each day. the clinic yesterday gave out 550 doses. san francisco's department of health says that they requested 35,000 doses from the government. but so far we've only received about 7800. they are sure when they're going to get another shipment will let you know when we find out new monkeypox data from san francisco shows the virus is obviously been affecting and bisexual men but also now spreading. >> in one particular community and crown for sale. the sacking has more on that. >> according to the san francisco department of health, the latest monkeypox data reveals that 30% of infections in the city are among the latinx residents. a large number for a group that only makes up 15% of the
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city's population. we know >> that the latino community, any time there's an economic or health disparity, our communities of the persons that are here. so here we are again with another health disparity of another health concern that's impacting our communities. >> i've been corrado vega is a manager at the latino task force, a group that was created more than 2 years ago to address and respond to the disparities of access to testing and vaccines. during the height of the covid-19 pandemic. since then, the task force has set up regular testing and vaccination clinics and build trust within the community. we're engaging with our health partners. >> to see what the best approach in how the infrastructure that we've built during covid. can we to to do direct outreach and service to the latino community has monkeypox spreads at a higher rate among and bisexual latino men. >> corrado vegas as the task force is working to educate
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the community and use their covid sites for monkeypox is well, we believe strongly that we are well positioned to get the right information out and to get in a culturally competent. on monday. san francisco reported an additional 18 monkeypox cases bringing the total case count up to 215. >> despite rising cases, vaccine supply remains limited. in san francisco, taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. >> in the east bay, a man is dead after a house caught fire in antioch. this is video from the scene where the fire broke out about 8 o'clock last night at this home on serpent teen drive right near hall light way. that's near harbor park. if you're familiar with the area, the firefighter told us that another resident was inside but did manage to get out. no word on how this fire started. we'll let you know. also happening today, oaklatd community leaders plan to announce us an extra $7500 in reward money for information leading to an arrest in a
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recent deadly shooting. it was on sunday. the 17th the someone shot and killed the victim now identified as khan feng. this is surveillance video along 13th avenue showing 2 men walking up to his car, opening the door, then shooting him before running off. investigators say the men were trying to rob phone. police are offering a $12,500 reward for information leading to an arrest. and on top of that oakland chinatown, chamber of commerce is now offering an extra $7500 in reward money. they're going to be holding a news conference at 10, 30 this morning to talk more about that contribution. >> time now is 8, 0, 5, and in the north bay, the victim of a deadly shooting in marin county has been identified as a resident of oakland. 42 year-old michael arthur rogers was visiting his mother in marin city when he was shot and killed on sunday. the vernon county sheriff's office says that they found a key piece of evidence. >> understanding that there was a gun that was recovered as to who was the owner of the gun or use the gun. we don't
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have that all i can say is that the gun was recovered and it was found at the scene of the shooting. so we don't know who the gun belonged to or what the connection is or how it was used. but we did collect a gun from the scene. >> back in march and 18 year-old was fatally shot near the same location as sunday's shooting. but at this point, police don't know if they're related in any way. >> well, the oak fire burning along the sierra foothills grew over well over 18,000 acres. now since it broke out on friday, that fire is 26% contained. that number has gone up this morning. more than 6,000 people are under evacuation orders right now with that fire destroyed. 55 structures and threatening another 2400. cal fire says helicopters have dropped. now up to 3300,000 gallons of water on this fire. crews are also actively working to. dig containment lines. the san jose fire department effectively crews yesterday to try to help out in that fight. >> the oak fire is not just
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putting crews and residents at risk, but people visiting yosemite national park as well. kron four's rob nesbitt has more. >> since igniting friday afternoon in the sierra nevada foothills. the oak fire has exploded in size and displayed unprecedented behavior. the worst 2 days of smoke i've ever seen or been a part of for sure. greg monday and 11 friends left from san francisco thursday to have a hiking weekend at yosemite national park. but the oak fire change their plans. they went from seeing black smoke in the distance friday to being surrounded by an orange clouds saturday morning. every. >> our it got closer and closer and like on our hike down, we could see ash falling on us, decided to leave a spokesperson for the parks as yosemite remains open and most facilities operational closer to the fire. thousands had to pack up and leave their homes and mariposa county. i hope haven't lost a house where governor newsom proclaimed a state of emergency over the weekend. we have to >> make those evacuation notices and have those folks
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evacuate their homes as soon as we're fortunate to have a huge cooperation. hector vasquez with the fresno fire department says winds were favorable monday for the 2500 people working to put out the fire. >> dealing with steep rocky terrain and intense flames of fire that burns with this intensity creates to create its own weather. also as monday and his friends experienced firsthand the checks, the air quality to i indexes like 3.15. i want to say. >> where we were at, which is extremely high. rob nesbitt kron, 4 news. >> 8, 0, 8, and are you feeling lucky? the jackpot is at 810 million dollars in the lottery and and growing. could get bigger than that before the drawing tonight. the mega millions jackpot is what we're talking about at this point. it's the 3rd largest jackpot in lottery history. proffers will tran is talking to people in wishing and dreaming about what could be come tomorrow well,
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>> o one can dream and we have 810 million reasons why your dream will come to reality because 3rd largest jackpot and will probably become secular. maybe even first as many people continue to show up to buy tickets. no one has one thing table and somebody has to win eventually the odds of winning one in 300 and about 20 million. but the odds of you not winning if you don't play 100%. so a lot of people are showing up buying their lottery tickets. mega-millions years is gentleman right here. how many did you buy about 10, 10, 10? what would you do? everybody starts to dream about what they would do if they want. what would you do if you >> quit my job. first inning. fish for fish forever. it. >> have you thought about i don't have a life. so i think about things like this. have you thought about do i do that? pay out, which is
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470 million dollars or you get monthly, i believe. and that's a little bit more. but it's spread out throughout your lifetime. payout and hibernate a okay. and then you say you bought 10, you might even go back to an office pool and then starts telling that the numbers as well. maybe. yes. okay. very good. thank you so much. skews me. excuse me. >> i need help here. i got money. >> i started an office pool so many people that pool has grown in size and a lot of people have joined in. this is will's office pool. can i get? >> this is everybody's money that contributed. can i get mega-millions as well? there it is. and hopefully this will be the last time that anybody sees me on camera once they get the lottery numbers, ok? so that's i but the $18, right? that's it. ok? so i'll get a partial. the pool is
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large. i'll try to get a whole bunch spread out through locations in the bay area. if i get the lottery ticket and we when we all win and my number, if you guys are paying attention at home, it's 4, 1, 5, hello. hello. i reception with you. will. >> there it >> good i know a lot of people to kron have joined in. these are the numbers, big party at my place. even if you didn't contribute to. but i have to ask you to leave by 10 o'clock. because no way i'm hanging out or being caught hanging out with 9 millionaires. that's 10 o'clock at night. back to you. >> take a picture of those tickets and sent and all of us do you want verify? verify. thank you. well, all right. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, the latest effort to ramp up production of computer chips here in the u.s. why that's important and how it could bring prices down for all of us. and the latest on the back and forth in the federal government about
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giving covid boosters that second booster shot to people under the age of 50. >> and the state of the economy is at the top of everybody's minds. we're going to tell you how to prepare your finances if the u.s. enters a recession. and today 60's at the coastline, keeping the familiar round out that way. little cooler inland, only upper 80's to low 90's still warm, but nah, triple digits like much of the rest of the country. >> your forecast is ahead. >> all right. and traveling on this tuesday morning were keeping a close eye on your roadways and highways
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>> 14 is the time. and as inflation affects the prices of just about everything across what we pay for our lives, many are concerned about the looming possibility of a recession. and we have alex and fox o'connor speaking with a financial analyst about how to better prepare. if that does happen. going to a lot of inflation, right? male, we're going through some challenges for a lot of people in. so i think it is appropriate for people to be focused on the economy. that's what doctor ray perryman, the perryman group said in response to the question of if we could see a recession in the near future, there are 2 ways a recession can begin either having 2 fiscal quarters where the growth product is going down. >> or the national bureau of economic research can vote to decide if the country is in a recession. berryman says that people are dealing with hardships already due to the inflation and the economic status is not going to change
8:16 am
overnight. i think the prudent thing for people to do right now obviously is take a look at their budgets, make make sure they're doing the kinds of things that that >> that that are appropriate for what they deal with. a lot of people have retirement accounts, retirement accounts or 4 o one k accounts are all different depending on your job and what plan you chose. harriman says that if your account is an investment account, it could actually go up. if you're in stocks, you may see a downward trend in the close future. the reserve is attacking inflation. >> by raising interest rates have already that the couple times are certainly to do some more. >> so you your 4 o one k that you might actually go up if you have a, if you have stocks primarily and you're in in the in this in the system that conflicts with for lot of reasons. generally speaking the lower economic growth brings lower stock valued over time. by the same token, the market always looking forward. he ended by saying that unless you are planning on using your 4 o one k money in the next few months, it should be ok, regardless of what type of account you have.
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>> it's 68 right now. we want to check out the weather and we're seeing some sunshine break and the south big morning, john. yeah, it's nice to see the sunshine, daryn, are just talking about how it's been a little gray for good. weather could talking weather, too. so the opposite our inland areas are enjoying not the hottest of weather, which has been really nice shift for those of you in areas like could conquer. that had been seeing so many near triple digit temperatures. now you're just upper 80's. really nice change of pace. as for the south bay, it's going to be low 80's to upper 70's today. we have seen monsoonal firing up some thunderstorms across the central valley saw a couple lightning strikes around tracy just north of modesto earlier, things have calmed down a little since then, but we do have heightened fire danger in the sierra because of potential lightning strikes up there. and, of course, the smoke in the sierra, especially from the oak fire, still burning near mariposa just south of yosemite. some of that smoke has drifted our direction, but
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it's staying right above the bay area. so the spot you may find the most of it will be those east bay upper elevations like mount diablo. and it's enough that the bay area air quality management district has issued an air quality advisory, high pressure to the east low to the west. that's actually what's drawing in this monsoonal moisture. our direction. also what's helping to keep us cool compared to areas to the east and north of us. we've got the triple digits for the south of the u.s. and also for the pacific northwest kennewick washington pendleton and medford, oregon. well above 100 degrees both today and tomorrow, reading all the way up to 104 makes those upper 80's and low 90's. he not all that bad in comparison. we do have the gray this morning, less and less of it towards the afternoon unless you're right along the coastline. tomorrow morning, another dose of fog and some drizzle as well as some misty conditions right along the coast. more sunshine tomorrow and keeping the relatively mild conditions around. as for today's daytime highs at 60's for san
8:19 am
francisco and that the coast while 70's to low 80's along the bay shore, again, some of her most comfortable spots really spoiled in foster city and san mateo with those mid 70's san jose 81, while santa clara and sunnyvale in the upper 70's kind of like fremont will be at 78 livermore. 87. so still warm, certainly for some of our inland areas, just not near as hot as we once were. vacaville are very hottest spot at 91 and are only spot on the map in the low 90's tomorrow and thursday will keep those upper 80's around a little bit of a bump in temperatures this weekend. taking us back into the low 90's at our warmest by friday rain. john, thank you for that. well, if you're traveling along 5, 18, 80 heading from crockett down towards the maze. >> a little under 24 minutes as you're traveling. 24 of heading from walnut creek down to 5.80, a little under 15 minutes for you. 14 run headed into the city meter lights of it on for the past 2 hours. thankfully, no accidents or hazards. there. san mateo bridge just under 14 80 to
8:20 am
one. 0 one. let's check on the south bay traveling up, 85 to menlo park. 41 minutes to 37 are clear. and 17 also moving along nicely. a 15 meter on antioch, into concord's to 42. and the richmond center fell bridge just under 10 minutes. darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of 20 lawmakers are on the cusp of passing major legislation designed to boost us competition against china and bring consumer prices down. raquel martin takes a look. good morning. business leaders are hoping this 52 billion dollar plan passes the senate by today. after yesterday the vote was delayed. >> because of severe weather, the build up the chips act would invest big and semiconductor chips that are in everything from cell phones to cars to military equipment. >> we're on the brink of closing the book. after months of negotiations, the senate is set to pass the chips act. a bipartisan bill designed to bolster u.s. manufacturing,
8:21 am
bring down consumer costs and strengthen us competition against china. it's a necessary investment. monday, texas republican senator john cornyn and senate majority leader chuck schumer said the crux of the bail is a multi-billion dollar investment to reduce u.s. mad semiconductor chips. sadly, america's lagging behind the technology is found in everything from cell phones to cars to medical equipment. and right now china is dominating global supply. one of the most important struggles of this century will be the fight for global semiconductor supply. so much to during a virtual roundtable with business and union leaders, president biden urged congress to get the bill passed as quickly as possible for own safety said kind of grow the ceo of lockheed martin, which builds military aircraft, told the president that technology is too important to national security to outsource to china. we've got to have confidence in the security of the hardware
8:22 am
itself that >> it hasn't been tampered with or degraded when we receive that to put it into. >> our aircraft while there is bipartisan by and there are still several republicans who plan to vote against this legislation. many of them calling it a corporate handout. the biden administration, of course, pushing back on that criticism. they say any company receiving federal funds. we'll have to follow strict guidelines for now washington, raquel martin, back to you. a 22 and coming up on the kron 4 morning news. gas prices keep going down around the country. so what are we pay now? we'll take a peek at the pump after the break. it's beautiful out here. it sure is. and i earn 5% cash back on travel purchased through chase with chase freedom unlimited. that means that i earn 5% on our rental car, i earn 5% on our cabin.
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>> 25 and you may have noticed gas prices are going down and the president is very happy about. yeah, because as we know, he and his team have been pretty public about their efforts to try to bring down those prices at the pump for everybody. a aaa andrew gross as the biggest reason for the decline that we've seen is the fact that >> global oil prices and global demand have gone down. nearly 2 thirds of drivers say they try and avoid driving as much as possible. so they have fewer trips to the gas station. also says that when the president ordered the release of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve, well, that also helped. >> if they had taken that
8:26 am
step. >> could they have gone a lot higher than 5, 0, one. it's likely which is great news. how far they're going to fall. >> we're not quite sure. >> we know the national average has fallen to 4.33, which is $0.70 less than we're pan about a month ago. let's take a peek at bay area prices. napa is now on top with the most expensive gas beating san francisco by a dime 5.89 san francisco, 5.79. everybody is below 6 center fellas 5.62. >> nice to see sarah. >> well, dave chappelle is performing a comedy show in santa rosa tonight. despite hundreds of people signing a petition against it. i'm live with the details coming
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>> 8.29 and we're looking at the weather. it's pretty comfortable out there. a little moist, maybe. yeah, but compared to the other parts of the country, john, we are great. we'll take today's temperatures. yes, i will take that range of 60's to just barely a low 90 here. they're in the day as compared to the triple digits and areas like washington and oregon, which 3rd quite used to those numbers. the bay area sitting under a bit of low grade this morning. pete, thankful for that gray. its offer test
8:30 am
another nice and relatively cool day, especially right along the bay shore and the coast. we have seen some monsoonal moisture which is sparked up a few thunderstorms out towards the central valley. been comparatively quiet. for those of us here locally saw a couple light sprinkles this morning. eastern solano and contra costa county's current temperatures in the 50's to 60's dublin hayward as well as palo alto at 61, berkeley and san francisco in the mid to upper 50's. same for you across the north bay light jackets on this morning and then a pretty enjoyable afternoon for most of us. i'll get togthose details. still ahead, rain. john, thank you for that check in on the golden gate bridge where we do have a little fog. but look at that drive times. still. >> down to 20 minutes, 37 to that. also not slowing you down there heading into the city meteor lights on 60 minutes. mace to that fremont street exit. checking on the san mateo bridge a 14 minute ride from a 80 heading across towards one o one crockett down towards the maze. about 20 minutes for you. if you're traveling through there and if
8:31 am
you're taking 1, 1, in the south bay heading up, 85 to menlo park around 40 minutes. darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. it's 8.30, and the developing story we're following lgbtq groups in the bay area are asking. >> that the dave chappelle show in santa rosa be canceled for tonight. yeah, they feel the comedian should be allowed to perform based on his transphobic jokes of the past that he's still making kron 4 sarah stinson is live in center is with more. good morning, sara. >> yeah, there's a sign behind me that says dave chappelle tonight and this is despite hundreds of people signing that petition demanding that this venue, they cancel performance tonight. let's just take a look at the petition because they've gained dozens of signatures just this morning as we've been talking about this. and you can see they're just 17 signatures away from getting the 500 they were hoping for. you can see they are asking
8:32 am
luther burbank center for the arts in santa rosa to cancel his show is comedy show tonight. they said they want them to cancel it to prep, protect the lgbtq community. but this would also support the commuiity as well. now, the creator of the petition says this venue is a nonprofit in claims to stand for diversity and unity. but people say that doesn't go along with allowing people like chappelle to perform year. that doesn't coexists chappelle face. a lot of backlash from his netflix special about comments about the trans community. and since that specials aired, he's made, of course, a lot of different shows have been going on and he continues with his comments that the community says are transphobic even after he was attacked on stage show in la. he joked that his attacker was probably trans last week. public outcry was heard by a theater in minneapolis where chappelle was going to have a comedy show. but the venue canceled it the day of now. sonoma county residents. they want the same thing to happen here. and that's why the have that petition out there. let's hear
8:33 am
from someone with the trans life, sonoma county. this is an organization that was started in 2015 and they wrote an open letter to the venue but have not heard back. >> he keeps doubling down on it. he just called monkeypox the he's very clear in his stances and i believe it or not. my issue isn't so much with dave chappelle because there will always be the jordan peterson. so always be the dave chapelle's might issue really isn't. our issue really is with luther burbank. >> and what they claim to stand for and paper and how their actions are in direct violation of that. and their silence is in direct violation. >> because, again, organization, they have not heard back from. >> this venue, they would hope that they would at least give some kind of response. and as i said, it looks like the show is continuing on. >> it starts at 7 o'clock tonight. there's also several of these comedy shows this week at this place in santa rosa. so we've reached out. we
8:34 am
have not heard back yet. and when we do, we'll let you know, darya james, we will have more of a report about an hour. we have 2 people we talked with with that trans live organization. so stay tuned for my next report for now. send it back to you, ok? we'll see you then. thank you, sir. and some more controversy in san francisco. more members of the san francisco board of supervisors are calling for a board of education member and shoot a stepped down. >> this because she made racially insensitive comments in an answer that she did on a questionnaire. kron four's amanda hari has more. >> leaving their family dynamic. you don't think that their families are pushing them to be successful. you should not be in that role. that was san francisco supervisor. shamann walton is reaction after seeing comments made by board of education member and shoe. >> in a questionnaire from a parent organization called sf parent action shoes response included that black and brown students do not perform as well as others due to a, quote, lack of family support,
8:35 am
unstable family environments and lack of parental encouragement to focus on or value learning. i definitely think he should resign before walton was elected supervisor. he was on the board of education himself. >> someone who has served on the board of education, annoying understanding. but you have to be concerned about families and our children and at the very least i have love for all of our children. he also says growing up here to experience comments like shoes. yes, unfortunate. growing up. >> as a young black man and going to be k through 12 system here in california. definitely for some disheartening comments from adults. and that's unfortunate. >> she since apologized and said, quote, i am committed to listening learning and growing as a person. but walton says it's too late for that. the time to learn cultural sensitivity, the time to learn about and being anti-racist is not why you serving on the board of education. other supervisors have also asked
8:36 am
for shooter resign, including dean preston, connie chan. >> asha, south, i e and hillary ronen walton finds that encouraging. i'm happy that everyone can see. >> that her comments were out of line or race is there was there a typical and they just have no place coming out of the mouth of someone who serves as a member of the board of education. sue was appointed by mayor london breed to the board of education after 3 members were recalled. >> walton says that may not have allowed the public time to properly vet her. there's something about having to run for office and having to get in front of >> community-based organizations having to get in front of all types of parent groups having to get in front of your constituency going to debate and having conversations about real issues. >> that was amanda hari reporting sunday night. the san francisco chapter of the naacp also voted for shoe to resign. >> in the east bay, the oakland city council will vote today to formally settle with former police chief anne kirkpatrick kirkpatrick sue
8:37 am
the city back in 2020 saying that she was fired in retaliation for blowing the whistle on wrongdoings at the oakland police commission, a jury agreed with kirkpatrick over the whistleblower in claim, although it also sided with the city over free speech claim the city of oakland, however, in the end, will have to pay her 1.5 million dollars. that payment is supposed to cover a year of her salary. plus, all the attorneys fees and litigation costs that have accumulated kirkpatrick says she hopes the agreement. we'll send a signal to all those who witness misconduct to never stay silent. >> it's 8.37. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news after being swept by the dodgers. the giants try to get back on track in arizona. >> and a local park is closed because of how dry it is. we'll tell you where you can go. even if you do have a reservation.
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>> 40's the timing on the peninsula. san mateo police now are investigating a series of early-morning attempted break-ins. police say several homes and cars were targeted on sylvan avenue last week. that's right. near hillsdale shopping center. the person you see here in this video is believed to have tried to break into the homes and cars. san mateo police investigators have limited details right now on the description of this person other than what you see in the video, they're asking for your help. >> we're asking people to check their video. surveillance cameras and a lot
8:41 am
of times people a recording. and if they don't necessarily get something that alerts them to it, they want to check their video to check your video and people are. >> you you know, paying close attention to the ring cams. and you know, having like lot of lights on at night and, you know, really looking out for each other. >> and police say don't try and chase down a burglar. if you think someone trying to break into your home, but instead call 9-1-1. a 41 is the time. we'll be right back.
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when i make decisions as a leader, it's not about me or the folks that are here. it's about the next seven generations coming behind us, making sure that they have the ability to move forward. prop 27 will help small rural tribes like mine get a seat at the table will be transformational for my tribal members. taxing online sports betting gives us an opportunity to really enhance the lives of our tribe and strengthen the future of our people.
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vote yes on prop 27. >> it's a 43 and for your health. the plan to make a second booster shot for covid available to people who are younger. then 50 years old might be changing. reports suggest that's because federal health officials want to wait until vaccine makers come up with a booster. that's more specific to the omicron subvariant ba 5. they're hoping pfizer and moderna can release those specific boosters in late september. doctor, bob black church, air of ucsf, department of medicine says not only is that unlikely, though boosters will be ready to roll out then. but even if they are ready, those that are younger than 50. we'll be back at the back of the line behind older americans. >> that group will have their vaccines available to them more like november december,
8:45 am
rather than september. and that means another 4 or 5 months of vulnerability. they don't get a second booster. now. >> so pretty much the same. get the booster. now it's unknown when federal health officials will make a final decision on the second booster being specific to the new variants. >> well, campgrounds at we're told redwoods state park are temporarily closed now because the ongoing drought campground facilities at that park are going to stay closed for the remainder of the camping season is just too dry. california state parks, a low water flows from peters creek where the primary factor in making their decision. and those with reservations to that park. we'll have to be contacted. now that look for your e-mail will be provided information on how to get a full refund. yeah. and so that's the part that you can to go to because the drought that this part you can't go to because of wildfires. so. >> all going to get out there weather-related. fortunately, i'm not i'm not in a good way. we've got john with our john. yeah, it's definitely sad news to see that especially for people that want to go out
8:46 am
there and enjoy that. the low water levels. bad news for us. bad news for the vegetation, of course, as well. >> we are seeing moisture. it's just different than what we need to see it in the form of its the fog. the low cloud cover that's sitting right across the bay. >> did result in some misty conditions near the coastline this morning. we do have monsoonal moisture firing up a few showers out there in the central valley. even a couple of lightning strikes which does upper risk of fire danger, especially in the sierra right now, we've actually got an area of heavy rainfall just south of sacramento, very brief, heavy rain, but definitely something we're looking at out to our east, relatively quiet in the bay, comparatively smoke up in the sierra nevada, the oak fire contributing to that recently. some of that has drifted over towards the bay area. but sitting above us and as it is a lot about the only spot you're really detecting, it is upper elevations in the east bay enough. so though, that we do have an air quality advisory in effect today, low pressure to our west of this high to our east is what's
8:47 am
pushing that monsoonal moisture up our direction and why we have such an active morning. that's not going to be the case. the rest of the week. this is the only morning bringing that potential to us what we have across the rest of the country is still some of that scorching hot temperatures in the specially true for the pacific northwest, reading in medford into the triple digits the next couple of days. central washington, oregon can awaken pendleton well up above 105 degrees makes those upper 80's and low 90's here at home. i guess im not so bad in comparison. and that's really only for for this to inland spots. most of us, 60 70's to just low 80's today. we will see a lot of sunshine once the gray burns off, unless you're at the coastline stay pretty great all day long. as for tomorrow, another foggy start with some misty and drizzly conditions during wednesday morning. today's highs 60's for san francisco in right along the coast. 70's to 80's for the bayshore with areas like millbrae burlingame, san mateo and foster city. some of nicest palo alto at 78. and
8:48 am
even santa clara holding on to the upper 70's while san jose 81 freeman through oakland in the 70's while 80's for the inland east bay, only one single 90 on our map. and that's in vacaville at 91 degrees. sonoma, 82 santa rosa. really nice. 76 for you tomorrow and thursday, keep the upper 80's on average around before low 90's this weekend. very similar. just a little bit warmer, staying dry through the rest of this forecast. john, thank that. well, if you're taking 6.80, doubling down to fremont just under. 22 minutes for your drive. >> as you're traveling there, let's check on the bay bridge. 16 minutes of traffic has been steadily building. i don't see any accidents or hazards. so as you're traveling into the city right now, san mateo bridge just under 15 you want to one heading across towards the peninsula. if you take an 8.80, started san leandro and you're traveling down to milpitas. it will take about 31 minutes. you see we just have little pockets of delays. as soon as you hit milpitas, things are moving a lot
8:49 am
quicker down there. crockett down towards the base along 5.80, in 80, about 20 minutes for you there. and in the south bay traveling up, 41 minutes. 85 to menlo park darya. james, back to you. >> thanks a lot. let's talk sports. the lucky number 7, not so lucky for the giants. no, not last night. the a's, however, did have a good night as they face the houston astro's. we've got kate rooney with all your highlights. it was only a little over a week ago that the giants are playing as well as any team in the majors winning 7 out of 9 games heading into the all-star break. >> now that feels like a distant memory so far nothing has gone right in the 2nd half. in fact, the best part of this game, the outfield hot at chase field from that. like to take a dip in that scoreless in the 5th for all the perdomo lines. one down the left-field line into the corner, jake mccarthy scores. it is one, nothing. >> d'backs. bottom of the 6th with it, carson, kelly. takes
8:50 am
us and long hanging curve ball. not a great pitch. deep to center and off the wall. mccarthy and david peralta score 4 zip, arizona. the giants didn't even get a base runner until the 6th inning. david v r. makes a nice diving stop at 3rd dr throws the runner out at first some of the only defense we've seen recently. but san francisco bassett home, 2 of the giants, 3 hits for bunt singles. >> 2 of their 3 base runners were doubled up for picked off. and so the final score, 7, nothing cakes. meanwhile, the kids out in full force and having some fun at the coliseum. we love to see that is hosting the astros open scored 5 times in the bottom of the 4th. tony kemp. also homered strokes. this one deep to center and off the wall. all this on dress and chad pender score. it's 4, nothing a's. to sky bolt easily. the
8:51 am
best game in various sports, by the way, skies this one to right and god. for a 2 run homerun living up to his name. it is 6, nothing. oakland, the astro's got the go ahead. run to the plate in the night. lou trivino. put out that fire by striking out jeremy pena to end the game 9th save of the season to be no a's win 7 to 5. the forty-niners report for training camp tuesday and they bring a lot of questions with them. >> what's aoing to happen with jimmy garoppolo? it's been 173 days since the start of the forty-niners offseason 173 days in which the qb has not been traded. he now he's still getting up to speed after a surgery. so unclear whether he'll be excused from training camp, whether we'll see him this weekend. how about deebo samuel, who requested a trade as contract negotiations stalled but he's been in the bay area working out and kyle shanahan said on a podcast he expects the bill will participate in drills just tbd
8:52 am
when his deal will actually get done. if it does and might not be making the same kind of headlines. but the forty-niners do have some really intriguing position battles to sort out a look at trey lance. they're also working on who's going to be center strong safety and others. in some, there is a lot to watch for. the raiders have been added since last wednesday already. and don't forget, kron 4 are your home for the raiders preseason will be carrying the last 3 exhibition games. first one is august 14th, pre and postgame coverage of all those games. going to have a lot of great stuff. live shots from the stadiums. an exclusive interviews. plus, a whole lot more. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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>> we're going to loop this one more time. watch that loads. this happened in pull out to see some whales. >> yeah. >> is such a small bonus such a big whale or i don't know, maybe. oth begins. and i think, you know, well, it's i think it was like a 19 foot her. and that will clearly much bigger than that. this was off the coast of massachusetts on sunday. now we'll have been spotted in the area over the past week or so. and so people are kind of out and about hoping maybe they catch a whale breaching and, you know, blowing its blowhole
8:56 am
and catch could view. do you know was going to be as close can i'm looking inside. there's somebody inside the like clothes compartment of the vote. >> if someone were out it be like a seesaw like they be slingshot and in the back. yeah. yeah, that they get. so that's a good thing note is nobody was hurt. >> 56, lots more ahead in the next hour. the mega millions is it 810 million dollars and growing tonight could be your night. yeah. the big jackpot on the line. >> plus, just days after the who named monkeypox a global health emergency, apparently the u.s. government now thinking about doing the same thing. we'll have the latest there. plus, the oak fire burning closer and closer to yosemite national park. this morning, we're going hear from a hiker we had to evacuate.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> and welcome to the finest hour. 9 o'clock on tuesday. not bad. not far. so good. now, look at all right. as we take a glance outside, this is the embarcadero in the bay behind us. john also has a look at a similar view. what you see in john? yes, still under the gray out there, but that's pretty familiar at this
9:00 am
point. we've been seeing a lot of that lately near the coast in right on top of the bay. >> seeing a lot of people out there enjoying what is a cool morning. great for your jog or sleeping in. if you want to do that as well. we've actually seen some thunderstorm activity for the central valley monsoonal moisture pushing up some of that our direction. and we've seen a few lightning strikes around tracy just north of modesto, comparatively, really quiet for the bay area, mostly just misty drizzly, conditions along the coastline for us 50's and 60's for current temperatures, aside from breadwinner for spot back up to 70 san jose in pittsburgh at 63 oakland, dublin, as well as hayward and fremont at 62 50's and san francisco. timber on on up to santa rosa to start. i'll be talking about the rest of this week's forecast. still to come, let's get a look at the roads with rain. >> john, thank you for that, ok? so we do have an accident up in the north bay northbound. 1 one at san antonio road up in sonoma county cell. a slight delay. one lane blocked there. so you can still get through. but again, traveling up north, he


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