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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  July 26, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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point. we've been seeing a lot of that lately near the coast in right on top of the bay. >> seeing a lot of people out there enjoying what is a cool morning. great for your jog or sleeping in. if you want to do that as well. we've actually seen some thunderstorm activity for the central valley monsoonal moisture pushing up some of that our direction. and we've seen a few lightning strikes around tracy just north of modesto, comparatively, really quiet for the bay area, mostly just misty drizzly, conditions along the coastline for us 50's and 60's for current temperatures, aside from breadwinner for spot back up to 70 san jose in pittsburgh at 63 oakland, dublin, as well as hayward and fremont at 62 50's and san francisco. timber on on up to santa rosa to start. i'll be talking about the rest of this week's forecast. still to come, let's get a look at the roads with rain. >> john, thank you for that, ok? so we do have an accident up in the north bay northbound. 1 one at san antonio road up in sonoma county cell. a slight delay. one lane blocked there. so you can still get through. but again, traveling up north, he got that issue 15 minute drive
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into the city right so that fremont street no hazards across the bay bridge. the san mateo bridge just under 16 minutes, traveling from a 80 heading across towards one o one. a richmond center fell commute about a 7 minute drive as you're traveling there. and let's check on one. 0 one. 41 minutes traveling from 85 up towards menlo park. darya. james, back to you. thank you. it's a 9, 0 one. and new this morning, the u.s. is now considering declaring monkeypox a health emergency. >> this after the world health organization already declared an emergency over the weekend. the new declaration would allow for more funding for treatment, but it has also make it more difficult for people to get the vaccines, which as we know are already hard to find. last week the federal government sent california another 10,000 doses of monkeypox vaccine. but so far that hasn't been distributed. >> san francisco general hospital's monkeypox vaccine clinic is closed today because there simply out of the
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vaccine they reopened last week after getting more doses. but a lot of folks that we spoke with said they had to wait and hours in line to get them and many once they got to the front of line, we're told the clinic couldn't give one to them because they are to reach their capacity for that day. the clinic gave out 550 doses yesterday. san francisco's department of public health says that they requested 35,000 doses, but have only received 7800 so far. and they're not sure when they're going to get more. >> and new monkeypox data from san francisco shows the virus isn't just affecting and bisexual men but also targeting and spreading within one particular community as well conference. sacking has more on that. >> according to the san francisco department of health, the latest monkeypox data reveals that 30% of infections in the city are among the latinx residents. a large number for a group that only makes up 15% of the city's population. we know >> that the latino community,
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any time there's an economic or health disparity, our communities of the persons that are here. so here we are again with another health disparity of another health concern that's impacting our communities. >> i've been corrado vega is a manager at the latino task force, a group that was created more than 2 years ago to address and respond to the disparities of access to testing and vaccines. during the height of the covid-19 pandemic. since then, the task force has set up regular testing and vaccination clinics and build trust within the community. we're engaging with our health partners. >> to see what the best approach and how the infrastructure that we've built during covid. can we to to do direct outreach and service to the latino community has monkeypox spreads at a higher rate among and bisexual latino men. >> corrado vegas as the task force is working to educate the community and use their covid sites for monkeypox is
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well, we believe strongly that we are well positioned to get the right information out and to get in a culturally competent on monday, san francisco reported an additional 18 monkeypox cases bringing the total case count up to 215, despite rising cases, vaccine supply remains limited in san francisco, taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. >> 9, 0, 4, is the time in the east bay. one man is dead after a house caught fire in antioch. the fire started about 8 o'clock last night at a home on certain teen drive. that's near a light way and balboa park. a firefighter tells us there was another person in that house. but that person managed to get out. no word yet on how that fire started. happening today, oakland community leaders plan to announce is extra $7500 reward money for information leading to an arrest in a deadly shooting. it was on sunday. the 17th that someone shot and killed the victim now identified as con phone. and
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this is surveillance video along 13th avenue showing the 2 men walking up to his car and shooting him before running off. investigators think the men were trying to rob him. police are offering a $12,500 reward for information leading to an arrest. and on top of that oakland's chinatown, chamber of commerce has come forward with an extra $7500 in reward money. they're holding a news conference at 10, 30 this morning to talk more about that. >> it's 9, 0, 5, in the north bay, the victim of a deadly shooting in marin county has been identified as an oakland resident. 42 year-old michael arthur rogers was visiting his mother in marin city when he was shot and killed on sunday. the marin county sheriff's office says that they found a key piece of evidence. >> understanding that there was a gun that was recovered as to who was the owner of the gun use the gun. we don't have that all i can say is that the gun was recovered and it was found at the scene of the shooting. so we don't know who the gun belonged to or what
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the connection is or how it was used. but we did collect again from the scene. >> they're also trying to see if there's any connection to an 18 year-old who was shot and killed near that location in march. >> well, the oak fire burning in the sierra foothills has grown out over 18,000 acres since it first started on friday. the fire, though, is 26% contained. that's an improvement. more than 6,000 people are under evacuation orders right now that fire destroyed 55 structures and threatening 2400 others. cal fire says the helicopters have dropped 300,000 gallons of water on this fire so far with crews on the ground working fee virtually to build containment lines san jose's fire department has also sent crews there. they left yesterday trying to help in that fire fight. >> and fire isn't just putting crews and residents at risk. people visiting yosemite national park are also being affected. kron four's rob fladeboe. sorry. rob nesbitt takes a look. >> since igniting friday afternoon in the sierra nevada
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foothills. the oak fire has exploded in size and displayed unprecedented behavior. worst 2 days of smoke i've ever seen or been a part of for sure. greg monday and 11 friends left from san francisco thursday to have a hiking weekend at yosemite national park. but the oak fire change their plans. they went from seeing black smoke in the distance friday to being surrounded by an orange clouds saturday morning. every. >> our it closer and closer and like on our hike down, we could see ash falling on us, decided to leave a spokesperson for the parks as yosemite remains open and most facilities operational closer to the fire. thousands had to pack up and leave their homes and mariposa county. i hope i haven't lost a house where governor newsom proclaimed a state of emergency over the weekend. we have to >> make those evacuation notices and have those folks evacuate their homes as soon as we're fortunate to have a huge cooperation. hector vasquez with the fresno fire department says winds were favorable monday for the 2500
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people working to put out the fire. >> dealing with steep rocky terrain and intense flames of fire that burns with this intensity creates to create its own weather. also as monday and his friends experienced firsthand the checks, the air quality to i indexes like 3.15. i want to say. >> where we were at, which is extremely high. >> rob nesbitt kron, 4 news. >> tonight could be your night. more than 810 million dollars are on the line. yeah. the jackpot keeps growing for the mega millions. 3rd largest in lottery history. now we've got kron four's will tran has been chatting with folks all around san mateo >> dreaming dreaming of what may come. good morning. well. >> i won't tell people if i won, but they most of all my bike out rain and make sure it doesn't run past my live shots anymore. so i would never be disturbed like this, but they would be hints that we want james and a lot of people like
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ron, because i would get a full tank of gas. not i have to >> but a full tank. look at this. our newscast since we started doing this story's a few hours old. >> went from a 10 to 830 million dollars. so even a bigger payout. let's go inside. let's talk to some people. and let's see if we can talk to them and have them tell us their dreams. good morning, will from jennifer, 80 dreams about winning and what would you do? spend it. good enough dream for me. gent. i'm sorry. go okay. yes. and tickets right there. >> okay. so jen is busy right now, but i can tell you a little details. it's the 3rd largest for now james and area. the cause. >> nobody has won since april. the odds of winning and never tell me the odds in the words of harrison ford as han solo. never tell me the odds. but if you want to know it's one in about 320 million in far as winning. but the odds of you
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not winning if you don't play 100%. so a lot of people are here. they're enjoying something a lot sweeter than doughnuts. in fact, that so you just bought some tickets, any dreams and what you would do if you want, sir. hope other people, how other people that's good stuff. okay, jen, what would you do? >> when i the lotto, if you won the lottery, yes, okay. happening all the people and then go back to mike on the, you know. >> make all the family oh, my goodness. i feel like a heel because everybody's talking about helping all about helping myself. if you don't believe that, ask my mom, we're all in this. james, a quick update. we have about 30 people in our office school. and if we win. >> you know, i i said they wouldn't i wouldn't tell people what i want to not that they will be a lot of out there, including all of this at our party for those who have not pumping their money yet, do it because this will close at around 5 o'clock
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tonight as far as our office pool is concerned. back to you. >> okay. so if it's a 400 lump sum divided by 30 people, that's about 13 and change million for each of us 13, a little over 13 after texas, payroll the need to be taxes. so i might be able to buy you a home in the bay so true. all right. well, thank you very much build. it doesn't go as far as it used to not in order. >> it's 9.11. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news. lgbtq groups are calling for dave chappelle show to be canceled. and we're going to tell you why. and where he's supposed to play. plus, the latest on the back and forth at the federal level about giving covid boosters to people who are younger than 50. and we're keeping the familiar 60's around at the coastline today, staying pretty gray out along the coastline. definitely bring the jackets that direction. >> where is will see 70's
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along the bayshore 80's to just a couple low 90's for the stanley, not near as hot as much of the rest of the be talking about as well in p- your forecast. >> and if you waited until the 9 o'clock hour to hit the roads, we are checking on your bridges and your highways for you will have an updated look you will have an updated look at that. once we make it back. you will have an updated look at that. once we make it back. i earn 3% cash back at drugstores with chase freedom unlimited. so i got cards for birthdays, holidays, graduations, i'm covered for everything. which reminds me, thank you for driving me to the drugstore. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> 9.14, right now and we're taking a peek at the weather for you. we are. we've got a live look outside behind this. john also has a great look from a different part of the bay. and then every a picture we're seeing. john nice, sunny skies so far yet trying to give us a little sunshine. san jose looking nice and clear now you saw a little the gray earlier. it's a long gun. now. >> and you've got a day in the south bay in the upper 70's to low 80's. really nice stuff, especially as compared to last week. we've seen some thunderstorm activity, not so much in the bay, but out towards the central valley in the sierra nevada. earlier this morning, a couple lightning strikes around trac% in north of modesto and some showers around sacramento, comparatively really quiet for the bay area. we're just got a little gray in some spots of miss near the coastline. as for the sierra nevada, more smoke from new york fire being put up to those areas to our east. it is sitting aloft. that means above the bay area. so most of us won't really be seeing or smelling that haze today. but if you are in the
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east bay hills, that's where we're most likely to see it enough for an air quality advisory yet again today, low pressure to our west high pressure to our east in are right in the middle of it. this northerly flow which is pushing monsoonal moisture on up into the central valley in the sierra foothills, the potential of lightning strikes in the sierra does have fire danter a little higher this morning. temperatures remain really hot for most of the country, especially the pacific northwest, anywhere from reading up to medford. expect temperatures above the triple digits today and tomorrow, interior areas, oregon and washington climbing one. 0, 6, able today and tomorrow, even some 90's and seattle down to portland, comparatively, really comfortable for the bay area. we're in the 60's at the coast. 70's along the bay upper 80's to just a couple of low 90's. for the statement tomorrow morning, another dose of fog welcoming that is that's helping to moderate temperatures followed by some comfortable afternoon sunshine. today's highs will be in the 60's for san francisco as well as right at the coastline. 70's to 80's
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for bayshore cities. burlingame, another nice one at 76 low 80's from san carlos to redwood city, mostly low 80's for the south bay with campbell 83 saratoga. 84 fremont all the way up through oakland in the 70's. well, livermore on up through conquered in the 80's. and there's that one low, 90 vacaville at 91 degrees. aside from that, it's 70's and 80's and solano and sonoma counties. napa county also in the mostly the upper 70's while nevado down through mill valley hanging on to what's mostly the 70's today. as for tomorrow thursday, not a lot of changes from today. we are getting rid of the monsoonal moisture, though. and that means no chance of thunderstorms looking for be on this point. the weekend gets just a little warmer with highs climbing back into the low 90's inland right now. john, thank you that. will traffic is looking great unless you're traveling along one. a one northbound at san antonio road. >> up in sonoma county, we do have an accident. so you are starting to see a slight delay as you're traveling up north through nevado and sonoma
9:18 am
county. 40 minute drive, though, at the bay bridge. so traffic definitely improving here. last time we checked in, we were at around 60 minutes as you're making your way to that fremont street exit 8 minute ride heading out of richmond heading across towards san rafale. so traffic is moving. if you are hopping on 8.80, traveling from san leandro down to milpitas just under 35 minutes to make that drive right now. you can see the northbound side, though. that one's really much better doubling down to fremont about 17 minutes along southbound 6.80, and the san mateo bridge just under 14 minutes from a 80 to one o one darya. james, back to you. >> time to talk winners and losers with our financial expert rob black. good morning, rob. good morning, darya. are you the kind of guy who put your hands up on the roller coaster up and down hold on? somebody that heads up in the air. now that kids, ok, as i probably clinched as a child, you have to prove to your kids. sure, cool. >> so i mean, that's what we've got to do is just let go and just watch the stocks.
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>> yeah, it's it's inflation. we know it. we saw at the beginning or the middle of last year and now it's a little bit out of control. we've seen and housing costs. we've now seen it in wages that restaurant job. so we've got some fear like inflation, fear of the federal reserve raising interest rates too much to slow down the economy, which would lead to a recession. so we have fear of a recession, fear of inflation, fear of the fed fear earnings not living up to expectations and a lot of fear right now. it's like you said, hands up in the air. you will be ok, never happened. wore down years in a row. we're getting through this know i had a bad quarter. that's worthy of note. so inflation is hitting them targets and same thing 30 days ago. alphabet, microsoft reports tonight. so there's some things that are happening. the fed reserve fight is going to raise interest rates. 25 basis point tomorrow. so this is the week to be after that will probably i just i just realized there's another occasion. you do this when you're being robbed, hands up in the air. that's not good
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>> oh, my god. i'm so excited about this. nfl streaming up. i figured out what jimmy garoppolo can do. he'll be a star. how so? well, because you're saying is the hard knocks of the nfl. they got their own streaming thing. they'll do the shows. maybe they can do. will he get his got hollywood looks. i know it's not just is a good looking man. >> not every got the arm to be a nfl quarterback at this point. but i digress. this is 10 years ago, 20 years ago, this was even an option. our phone now is a market for the just like our tv is a market. and nfl said you're not going to use rising anymore. we've got a lot of data from them in the last couple years. they gave us 2.3 billion dollars over 5 years. we're gonna start or on streaming network and 4.99. a month. 39. 99 a year. an extra 5 bucks a month. we'll get check. and gm insider look into the some of the teams. if you want to play fantasy football, maybe that's your shtick for action and knowledge. it would be only in
9:21 am
marquee games and national game. so it's not going to be the whole package that whole nfl packages up for sale sometime the next 100 days. it's probably going to go to apple or youtube tv or netflix to go to someone big, maybe amazon prime. and that's going to be a big guy as far as billions and billions of dollars. so don't care for the nfl owners. their product is still alive and well and they're making lots and lots okay. but what? but so this would be the whole gamut of everything they do. >> because they do like some feel like our docs. they do some features stuff. so you can see. >> you can see it on their platform at this point. >> for hard knocks are hard knocks for who got some good alliteration to and again, daryn, this all about, you know, this is the most watched thing on television than life sports. live sports are still a draw for abc. nbc, cbs and fox. they'll keep their their terrestrial television. long story short streaming isn't in play and it's going to be cut even more interesting as apple jump center or amazon drops in later this year as well. and and maybe wrestling will jump into the ring too. i'll show
9:22 am
you my muscles. my hope. muscles. 8 my vitamins. every so that's a big man that he's been with the wwe. as long as i can 50 plus. so it's in 40 years and i are chic and a whole kogan. but he 75 plus years old and he's involved in assault, harassment, with employees. he's got some cover too, is like the nfl. but my kids between kids between ages 6 to 6 in 25 love wrestling and they're good looking people, strong they've got great stories tied towards them. i don't know. the stories are still, you know, appropriate with woke culture, so to speak. family friendly entertainment. 1 billion plus homes that they're and 30 plus languages. and they're probably going to be up for selfies. mcmahon is having
9:23 am
problems paying off women and netflix would love it. amazon would love it as well as disney and comcast for the family friendly angle on it. and again, it's just eyeballs. that's all i do. die focus where our eyeballs in our dollars are going. and you follow those 2 things will be a great investor. well, i think a lot of people i was go jimmy garoppolo. so once again, i think sir. >> all right. what are and, you under control program called there somebody like crazy like gronk, you know, guys that are leaving right? i see what you're north mix the 2 products together. w yeah. are intelligence about entertainment? all right. thank you, rob. if you have a question or idea for rob, maybe a little bounce it off of you can email reach him on twitter or facebook. we'll be
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frosty time is kinda like "you time", if "you time" tasted like a frosty. hey willie! can i get a hand with this? you got this brother. i know you've been working out. please, this is pretty heavy. that's why i got the small man. when it's frosty time...
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choose wisely. choose wendy's new strawberry frosty. after my car accident, choose wisely. i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised. >> 9.26 is the time for your health this morning. the plan to make that second covid-19 booster shot available to people under the age of 50 might be on hold for a minute. reports suggest that the federal health department now wants to wait until vaccine makers produce a booster specifically aimed at the omicron subvariant ba 5. they're hoping that pfizer and moderna can do that by late september. but doctor bob wachter, chair of ucsf department of medicine says that not only is that unlikely that the boosters will be ready to roll out by then. but even if they are, it just means that people under 50 will be once again at the back of the line behind older americans.
9:27 am
>> that group will have their vaccines available to them more like november december, rather than september. and that means another 4 or 5 months of vulnerability. they don't get a second booster. now. >> it's unknown when federal health officials will make a final decision on that. second booster will let you know when they make that announcement. in the meantime at 9.27, we'll take a break. up next on the kron 4 morning news. more members of the san francisco board of supervisors are calling for board of education member and shoot a step down. >> we're going to hear from more of them coming up in a
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>> welcome back. it is 9.29. we're looking forward to a pretty nice day out. we are. yeah, john, with a full look at the forecast this morning. heather down. yeah, definitely not bad today. we've got the gray this morning. we'll get the sunshine later on today. and temperatures not going to be too terribly hot. still hanging on to a little bit of that cloud cover right atop the bay. although further inland, you're under nothing but sunshine. same for the south bay. we actually saw some thunderstorms earlier this morning in the central valley. most of that activity is now up into the sierra foothills, upping fire danger as we see the potential of lightning that direction comparatively really calm for the bay area. we're just looking at some 60's for most of us currently a few 50's near the golden gate like in san francisco, timber on in berkeley as well as up into the north bay front with our only spot in the 70's currently while oakland and hayward at 62 right now, i'll be talking about the
9:31 am
afternoon's forecast. still to come john, thanks for that is a good time to hit the roads. if you are traveling along 24. >> wannacry down to 5.80, just under 13 minutes to make that drive for you this morning. a bridge is pretty light as well. 40 minutes mace to that fremont street exit headed into the city. let's check on the san mateo bridge just under 14 minutes, making your way 80 heading across towards one o one. well, our richmond center fell commute host a one o one just under 9 minutes. and if you are traveling along 8.80, san leandro down to nil fetus a little under 32 minutes. darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot of tonight. 31 and now more members of the san francisco board of supervisors are calling for board of ed member and shoot a step down. >> this because she made racially insensitive comments on a questionnaire. kron four's amanda hari has more. >> leaving their family dynamic. you don't think that their families are pushing them to be successful. you should not be in that room. that was san francisco supervisor. shamann walton is
9:32 am
reaction after seeing comments made by board of education member and shoe. >> in a questionnaire from a parent organization called sf parent action. suez response included that black and brown students do not perform as well as others due to a, quote, lack of family support, unstable family environments and lack of parental encouragement to focus on or value learning. i definitely think he should resign before walton was elected supervisor. he was on the board of education himself. >> someone who has served on the board of education, annoying understanding that you have to be concerned families and our children and at the very least i have love for all of our children. he also says growing up he had experienced comments like shoes. yes, unfortunate going up. >> as a young black man and going to be k through 12 system here in california. definitely for some disheartening comments from adults. and that's unfortunate. shoe is since apologized and said, quote, i am committed to listening
9:33 am
learning and growing as a person. but walton says it's too late for that. the time to learn cultural sensitivity, the time to learn about. >> and being anti-racist is not why you serving on the board of education. other supervisors have also asked for shooter resign, including dean preston, connie chan shuts off aiea and hillary ronen walton finds that encouraging. i'm happy that everyone can see. >> that her comments were out of line or race is there was there a typical and they just have no place coming out of the mouth of someone who serves as a member of the board of education. sue was appointed by mayor london breed to the board of education after 3 members were recalled. >> walton says that may not have allowed the public time to properly vet her. there's something about having to run for office and having to get in front of >> community-based organizations having to get in front of all types of parent groups having to get in front of your constituency going to debate and having conversations about real issues.
9:34 am
>> that was amanda hari reporting and on sunday night, the san francisco chapter of the naacp voted for shoe to resign. >> in the east bay, the oakland city council is voting today to formally settle with former police chief anne kirkpatrick kirkpatrick sue the city back in 2020 saying she was fired in retaliation for blowing the whistle on wrongdoing committed by the oakland police commission. a jury sided with her over those whistleblower claims, although it also sided with the city when it came to free speech claims the city of oakland will have to pay her 1.5 million dollars. now that payment is supposed to cover a year of her salary. plus, attorneys fees and other litigation costs. kirkpatrick says that she's hopeful that this agreement will send a signal to all others who witness misconduct to never stay silent. happening today, amazon workers plan to protest amazon's decision to buy one medical. amazon labor's labor union president will be joining california nurses and workers to demand that one medical shareholders reject
9:35 am
amazon's bid. california health care workers are worried that the purchase would lead to fewer protections and lower standards for clinic workers. amazon sent kron 4 statement this morning saying sharing one medical's customers, personal information outside of the company. we'll be illegal and they've never use it for other amazon products or advertisements unless the customer gives him permission. they say if the deal goes through one medical's customers information will be handled separately from all other amazon businesses. the protest today set to kick off at 3.30 this afternoon. >> on the peninsula, hundreds of workers for sequoia hospital in redwood city are striking, demanding better pay and benefits. 95% of hospital workers voted to go on the picket line after their employer dignity health threatened to cut workers benefits. the group has called on dignity is leadership to improve working conditions, invest in workers and retain staff to ensure patients get the best care. the workers union has been in contract
9:36 am
negotiations with dignity for months. brittney griner's trial resumes in russia today. she faces drug charges that carry a maximum of 10 years in prison. if she's convicted, she was arrested at the moscow airport in february and they claim that they found vape. carrot canisters with cannabis oil in her luggage. she admitted to having the canisters but said she was in a rush packing the trial and heard and have re strong criticism from the basketball star's teammates and fans and the u.s. has declared her wrongfully detained. russia says, though, that that is not true. >> we'll take a break at 9.36. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news foreclosures in the bay area are on the rise. we'll tell you what experts are saying that could mean for the possible housing market going forward. plus, a local park is closed because of the dry conditions will have an update in a minute.
9:37 am
>> cooler at the coast with highs only in the 60's. staying kevin gray out that direction. 70's along the bay, the new head inland. and we've got some 80's to below low 90's. honestly, a lot cooler than we were last week and a lot cooler than the rest of the country. your forecast ahead. before you leave the house, you need to know your drive time. so we're actively tracking that will have a look at that and more what to get that break. when i make decisions as a leader, it's not about me or the folks that are here.
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>> 9.39 right now and the clamor is growing from the lgbt community, too. tried to get dave chappelle show canceled tonight. santa rosa. yeah, we've the comedian coming to town. folks upset at him saying that he continues to. >> you know, people in the trans community negatively in his act. kron 4 sarah stinson has more. >> people are demanding that dave chappelle show be canceled here at luther burbank center for the arts. they say the venue should stand against chapelle's comments about the trans community, his rhetoric >> almost rage against the trans community is really dangerous. he keeps doubling down on it. he just called monkeypox the he's very clear in his stances. but the show is still happening tonight. despite hundreds of people signing this online petition, which is gaining more
9:41 am
signatures by the hour. dave chappelle has received backlash on his comedy tour across the country in response to comments made about the trans community. he made these comments in his netflix special and in recent shows. and it's sad because dave chappelle used to be one of my favorite comedians and then >> i'm even seeing him at this very prior to my transitioning and prior to him taking such a hateful stance against my community. the lgbtq community in sonoma county says the frustration, more lies with the luther burbank center for the arts for allowing him to perform in the first place always be the dave chapelle's. >> my issue really isn't. our issue really is with luther burbank and what they claim to stand for and paper and how their actions are in direct violation of that. >> the venue released a statement to kron 4 news explaining they watch. it tells content and they did not want to censor the artist and that the decision was not made lightly. the center for the arts also said in the statement in part, quote, we
9:42 am
do understand that each individual has their own perspectives and their own reactions and that real feelings and emotions are involved, which is why we respectfully responding and encouraging a dialogue. i like to say that i'm a strong believer in freedom of speech said. >> these bank. this is a lucrative venture for them. and they do have a diversity statement and they are violating that last week. a theater in minneapolis. listen to public outcry and cancel chappelle show the day of people here in sonoma county. wish the same thing happened tonight. we'll have to see if protesters end up coming out. >> i'm sarah stinson reporting in santa rosa. back to you. >> we'll be right back.
9:43 am
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9:46 am
that now and the hottest, i guess the hottest days are still to come. we haven't hit the hot spot of the summit, which so for most of the country. actually funny. you mention that this is the hottest week of the summer for the rest of the country. for san jose. that will be september. and for san francisco. that's actually usually in the early fall, our hottest week of the year. so, yeah, some of the hottest times of the year are still ahead of us here in the bay area. >> well, looking at the gray that we have out there on the head of another know, sky july day. it's easy to believe that because we've been a whole lot cooler than much of the rest of the country has been saw some thunderstorm activity from monsoonal moisture out in the central valley earlier. that's really calm down now. and we've been pretty calm all morning long, comparatively here in the bay area. oak fire burning just south of yosemite national park. still putting up a lot of smoke. that's having a big impact up in the sierra. some out into the central valley. but it's sitting aloft. that means right above us. so having minimal impacts here in the bay until you head up into the hillsides of the east bay, we do have an air quality advisory in effect, though, to
9:47 am
our west since a low pressure area and to our east that high pressure ridge that's actually pushed up that monsoonal moisture into the valley. why we had a few rolls of thunder there this morning. and we do have some potential lightning strikes in the sierra this afternoon, which could result in increased fire danger even more so on top of the dry and hot conditions were dealing with. look at all these triple digits across the country, including in the pacific northwest for areas like henwick washington pendleton, oregon at one. 0, 806 degrees today. medford, oregon at one. 0, 5, even reading tapping into the triple digits at one. 0, 4, bowl today and tomorrow. now foggy conditions near the coastline will keep the spots in the 60's. well, very warmest only upper 80's to low 90's, not so bad in perspective. we will see lots of sunshine this afternoon. another push of fog and low cloud cover into the evening tonight. and another relatively cool day into tomorrow with most highs rising only to the upper 80's highs in san francisco. 60's at the coast. you'll stay that way as well. well, 70's for
9:48 am
most of our bayshore areas. really nice afternoon along the bay foster city at 76 mountain view at 77, even santa clara and sunnyvale holding on to the upper 70's 80's for the inland east bay 70's along the east bay shoreline, oakland at 70 while conquered at eighty-four today. and only one 90 on the map. that's for you in vacaville the late show at 75 and center fell. 81 tomorrow and thursday. temperatures remain just like they are today. upper 80's inland 70's by the bay. a little bit warmer this weekend, but not a big change only into the low 90's. rain on the eve of that scene. a lot of improving out there. but we do still have an accident in the north bay northbound. 1 one. >> san antonio road in sonoma county. so one lane is blocked there. factor that in as you're traveling to nevado up to petaluma heading into the city right now, meteor lights are off. so 15 minutes maze to that fremont street exit. let's check on the san mateo bridge 80 to one o one just under 14 minutes as you're heading across towards the peninsula. the golden gate bridge and a 21 minute drive.
9:49 am
37 to the tolls. let's check on the richmond. sandra fell bridge about 8 minutes as you head out of richmond, daria. james, back to you. >> thanks a lot. reyna is 9.48. east say the trucks are rolling again at the port of oakland after port operations had been put on hold because bigger truckers are protesting the gig worker law called ab 5. they claim that the law created a financial burden on them by making it more difficult for them to work their own hours. port officials say the protests, however, over this time of really made the supply chain backlog, even worse. but maybe we'll see that clear up because they're rolling now happening today, san francisco board of supervisors is to go discuss a plan to allow police officers to use live stream private security cameras for investigations. this would allow them to access to like regular devices. you have like your homeowner, maybe your doorbell camera or surveillance camera that you ever at a shopping center. the police chief says this is a non city own cameras that
9:50 am
would be used to help patrol officers solve crimes because there short staff and they say would be a blanket authorization to take over. they say that the live footage would be sought only during specific police operations arrange with prior approval. but still opponents call it police overreach. >> well, a bill to make daylight saving time permanent in the u.s. which was hugely popular among people, is now actually starting to dim a little bit in the house. they say it's just not a priority for him. they're dealing with inflation, mass shootings, abortion rights, marriage equality. the idea had actually gained a lot of new momentum back in march when the senate actually approved what they called the sunshine protection act, which would give us an extra hour daylight in the summer fall. we wouldn't have to change our clocks back and forth. the public's been clamoring for this. despite the bipartisan support, it looks like this bill is now once again on the back burner. foreclosures are on the rise in the bay area. kron four's justin campbell takes a closer look at the
9:51 am
numbers and what they mean. >> there's a 90% jump in foreclosures in the bay area since last year. while you never like to see a jump in foreclosure activity. rick sharga with adam market research says despite the high number, he says the bay area is actually holding up quite well. the country as a whole saw foreclosure activity go up more than 150% year-over-year charter says there are multiple reasons for the high rise in foreclosures. first government eviction moratoriums put in place during the pandemic are gone. now banks can proceed with foreclosures. we're seeing a uptick in of people reaching out to us. jason has to with esta. vo long group in oakland specializes in real estate and foreclosures since the banks want their mortgage money they couldn't collect during the pandemic. what's happening is? >> the or that granted for parents during covid are now requiring them to come up with all the arrears during the whole. the from aaron's period
9:52 am
in addition to making the monthly mortgage payments has to says mortgage companies are requiring homeowners to make a balloon payment. even if you make your monthly mortgage payment were not going. accept it. >> until you come up with all the arrears, despite the rise in foreclosures, experts don't think the housing market crash is coming in. the bay area will continue to remain under the national average for foreclosures. part of that is because of how strong the housing market has been in the bay area. reporting in san jose, justin campbell kron, 4 news. >> we'll take a break. we'll be right back. in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas.
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>> just about done with the show for this morning. but we want to go check in with olivia horton and see what's coming up on live in the bay today. high livia. >> hi, daryn. good morning tuesday. so we've got some amazing gusts coming on the show. you know her voice from your morning drive nikki blades from 99. 7 now is back on the sofa chatting some of the hottest topics in today's buzz in the bay. then they're helping see the tri valley area. we're learning how the grassroots organizations open heart kitchen is keeping the community said. plus, she left her career as a professional chef to chase her dreams. we're chatting with play. and they rose haw about changing careers which inspired our question of the day. go ahead and scan that qr code so you can weigh in today. we want to know if you doing your current
9:56 am
job, what other profession would you want to be doing? let us know in your answer could be read live today on the show. 01:00pm that and much more happening today on live in the bay guy. i give trash man try. i got to tell you, i was doing the recycling. so i i only have the. >> it was really fun. the cardboard. that's a good job at it. and it's a necessary job all of our men and women out there doing that. and, you know, you work out. it's early in the morning. enjoy it. i given it tax some fall back here's you. prefer that. all right. let's take a look at the forecast plus, we want to look at what happened with the cops. yes. so was in vacaville, a turkey. >> started chasing an officer forcing him to jump into his patrol car. start dry. play. and that turkey kept up because they can run like 25 miles an hour. no joke. so this was kind of a scary moment. if you're ever confronted by a mad turkey, you get your car, don't try to outrun them because they are basically dinosaurs that never got the memo that their time was done. they are scary.
9:57 am
really are very are. both you a that are like that. it turkey was. all right. let's take a look at the so bad this week. definitely not. like last week we were in the upper 90's, mostly upper 80's this week. just a little warmer this weekend. >> we'll see you tomorrow night. good luck with the lotto.
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