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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 26, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> now at a monkeypox cases reported in all 9 bay area counties. but the ongoing wait for vax a's just keeps getting longer. dave chappelle is in santa rosa for a 2 night performance on the bay area is receiving the controversial comedian amid criticisms over his comments on the transgender community. and the numbers are out for tonight's mega millions. 830 million dollar jackpot. will there be a winner in the bay area? thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news tonight at 8. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. not enough shots to go around san francisco general hospital shut down its monkeypox vaccine clinic today.
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>> because it ran out of vaccine. it had reopened last week after getting more doses. but a lot of people waited for hours to get the shot. and then some said despite waiting, they were not able to even get the vaccine because the clinic only administers a certain number of vaccines. every day san francisco general gave out 550 doses yesterday. >> the city's department of health says it requested. 35,000 doses from the federal government. but it's only received about 7800. they're not sure when they will get another shipment. meantime, the california department of public health says that it has more than 10,000 doses which have been sitting in waiting for 5 days or so at lotus joins us now here in the studio with more on the delayed doses and what is going on then can i think a lot of people would think this dpis more excusable. if we had just gone through covid and almost had a practice run here. but once again, we have real problems getting these vaccines to people who want
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them and need that for the last 2 weeks. most of the pressure is but on the federal government to get more monkeypox vaccines out to the states. but now we're learning about the thousands of doses that are sitting in waiting and questions are being asked about why california doesn't have a more streamlined vaccine process. the state has more than 10,000 doses that have yet to be distributed to county health departments. state health department leaders tell kron 4 they received a new vaccine shipment from the feds last thursday, but all the while 6,500 people are currently on the monkeypox vaccine. waitlist at the magnet health clinic in san francisco, the state department of public health says distribution of the more than 10,000 monkeypox vaccine doses. we'll start by the end of this week, but still has not offered an explanation for the initial delay. state senator scott wiener says he has put in a request for answers. usually
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there. >> pretty fast to in the so i've been in korea about what's going on every day that we go without vaccination and the arms of individuals who are at high risk for monkeypox is another day where the spread infection continues to grow in our community. >> the u.s. is considering declaring monkeypox a health emergency after the world health organization declared a global health emergency this past weekend. the virus may not be life threatening, but certainly something to be avoided as more patients come forward to share the seriousness of their symptoms. their stories, including tales of weeks long. quarantines and health experts are also calling on the white house to a monkeypox cordinator is our one person in charge making decisions instead of several different organizations trying to decide next steps when it
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comes to vaccines and treatment. pam and ken, back to you. thank you. grant monkeypox can now be found in all 9 bay area counties as napa county confirms it's probable case. >> san francisco county continues to see a spike in cases. city officials say they are now 222 confirmed cases in the city. alameda county has 50 cases. santa clara county is reporting. 39, all other bay area counties are reporting fewer than 10 cases. there are 2 cases of monkeypox identified in children in the united states. one case as a toddler who lives in california. we don't know exactly where that is. according to the cdc kron four's justine waltman reports on one of doctor says is the possibility that children be the become the next group to get sick with this virus. >> if they're spreading daycares, it's going to be a disaster. and it essentially. >> we don't want that to happen. and the best way to keep that from happening is getting this under control. now, monkeypox is not rapidly
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infecting children. according to barker on an infectious disease researcher from stanford. so far, most of the cases are among and bisexual men. but anyone can catch the virus through close skin to skin contact in the case of children. the cdc said this could include holding culling feeding as well as through shared items such as towels, bedding cups and utensils. but the doctor does not want parents and caregivers to worry. i think overall the risk is quite low at this point to stop the spread of monkeypox doctor kron wants increased testing and vaccines. kids get rashes. but if a kid develops a new rash that looks like pimples or blisters. talk to your doctor. there sre 2 monkeypox cases in kids in the u.s. one is a toddler in california. even those 2 cases that happened, they were from household transmission. they were not. >> community transmission of an unknown source. they were unknown source and that that,
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you know, if it was an unknown source, that would be much more concerning. >> the cdc says the monkeypox vaccine is being made available for children through special expanded use protocols in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news for the latest information on the disease, including a monkeypox case tracker and vaccination sites. you can scan this qr code. it will take you straight to our website. >> the sonoma raceway says it is reviewing its policies after 2 confederate flags were discovered at camp sites. the flag flew over the weekend during a national hot rod event at the raceway. the raceway's website says displays of the confederate flag are prohibited. photographs of one of the flash were sent to the naacp of santa rosa. sonoma. the group's president said that the raceway needs to do more to prevent acts of hate, saying, quote, sonoma raceway must maintain continue to be proactive in addressing the harmful. the elegy is of racism that plague our country
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and that are shared by some of its patrons. the raceway released a statement on the flags reading in part our procedures to manage incidents like this are a top priority and will be further refined to prevent future incidents. sonoma raceway says the owners of the flags did cooperate and taking them down and the semitic flyers have been passed down in center fallon tonight. police are looking for the person or persons responsible. >> police say the fires are left in plastic bags in the driveways of homes in the west, in neighborhood. police did not describe specifically what was written on the flyers, but did say nobody was threatened. detectives are now trying to find video of the suspect who distributed the flyers. similar incidents have occurred around the bay area in recent weeks, including last week in berkeley. when someone carved swastikas on the sides of several cars. a call tonight in the north bay to cancel comedian dave chappelle show. the comedian is set to perform a total of 4
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shows over 2 days, but the lgbtq community has called his show inappropriate because of slurs against the trans community. kron four's terisa stasio in santa rosa tonight with more on the controversy. >> i'm here in santa rosa and all 4 shows of dave chappelle here at the luther burbank center for the arts are sold out and there is a long waiting list. we spoke to people coming in to see the tuesday show about the comedian and the controversy about his comments. dave chappelle front and center facing a backlash about his ongoing comments about the trans community. chappelle has been subjected to heavy criticism since the october 2021. relays of his netflix stand-up special. the closer some of the material in that special has been condemned as transphobic and he continues to experience backlash. a group here in the north bay put together this online petition demanding the santa rose art center to cancel the act. that happened recently in
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minneapolis. and it's sad because dave chappelle used to be one of my favorite comedians and then >> i'm even seeing him at this very prior to my transitioning and prior to him taking such a hateful stance against my community. he keeps doubling down on it. he just called monkeypox the he's very clear in his stance is out at the venue tuesday night, the crowd of nearly 1000 had this to say about the controversy and the concern expressed by the lgbtq community. i was just speaking about this earlier. you i think. >> i feel his heart and his message there are times when >> he speaks and he's funny. and then there's times when you can hear has heart yeah, i i have compassion for those. it's i think it's ridiculous. i love dave chappelle and he should be able to tell say anything that he wants and that the whole world lgbtq+
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community is trying to make it so that isn't fun. and tonight, my friend and i we are both from the >> i think that. when it comes to comedy, you know, i don't i think everything should be ok to make fun of it. >> kron 4 reached out to the arts center and received this statement. quote, many members of the staff which represent the diversity of the community, watched the closer and otter material from the artists to understand contacts. in the end, we determined it is not our role to censor, unquote. the chp was called in to protect against any kind of problems. but so far the evening has been quite peaceful here in santa rosa terisa kron. 4 news. >> a lot of smoke from the fires. you 70 lot of smoke toward half dome. how might that be affected the bay area to? we'll talk about that coming up next. calls are getting louder for san francisco school board member to resign after her apparently
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races answering a questionnaire. >> leaders of 2 local groups who are not happy that she's still on board. >> local oakland city leaders calling for justice for an uber driver shot and killed on the job. the new effort by police to get witnesses to come bowl. wait. you're a night manager and mom and birthday cake baker? so adding “and” student might feel daunting. national university is here to support all your “ands.” national university. supporting the whole you.
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>> this home that we had just gotten married at 2 weeks ago. it explodes.
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>> the rapidly expanding fire near yosemite national park has grown to more than 18,000 acres acres. rather crews made progress on the fire overnight. containment is now 26%. it is california's largest fire of 2022. so far it's destroyed. at least 25 homes and more than 1400 more buildings are still threatened. firefighters hope to have the fire completely under control by the end of the month. the smoke from the massive oak fire in mariposa county continues to cause a lot of concern. an air quality advisory is still in effect for the bay area through tomorrow. >> the air district says the smoke is expected to remain elevated, but the air quality is also ranging from good to moderate on the index. however, doctors say even brief exposure to wildfire smoke can harm your body, even for those without preexisting conditions. >> air quality alert. we see an increased number of heart
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attacks and in patients. so we know that this affects more than just a lot. when you inhale this, this causes inflammation and damage to the lungs. we also know it even goes beyond the longs. these particles are so small they go through the lungs into the bloodstream. >> so let's check or skies tonight and bay area. this is a look out at the san mateo bridge, which is really hazy at this hour. >> hazy, not necessarily from smoke, lawrence, it's it could be some moisture in the area. we see the fog bank coming over the hills of san mateo county. yeah, it's really helped us out quite a bit seeing that sea breeze outside and that fog moving back on shore. that was just enough. really produce some pretty good air quality around the bay area. can say that elslwhere, though, around the state, we've seen a lot of that smoke building up in the central valley because the fire there and of course, in and around the 70 valley. here's a look at half dome and look at all the haze out there today as all that smoke from
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the fire really building up in the valley there. you can really just see kind of obscured half dome up there in the distance. but we're hoping to clean things up here in the not too distant future and clean up the skies to. but right now you're talking about the poor air quality. it has improved. it was very poor this afternoon. but we've got that afternoon sea breeze kicking and that tends to send a lot of that smoke up over the sierra nevada and onward to a nevada and clearing up the skies little bit there. of course, the fire continues to burn so that smoke will build up their probably poor in the central valley overnight tonight around the bay area. how about that? a whole lot of green out there center showing no pollutants in our atmosphere, at least not down. the surface may be above about 6,000 or so, but down below the air quality looking great all around. and i think it stays that way again for tomorrow. we've got that on shore. wind continuing. that will keep most of smoke out of the bay area skies for tomorrow. now we do see a wind shift. that's a different story. we might see some of that smoke coming back in our direction. and you can see that fire located there. now and the winds in and around that fire. more of a west
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northwesterly wind kicking even 18, 20 mile an hour winds kicking up in around that fire stuff, pushing most of smoke east, the bay area. now up above. we've got a little subtropical moisture rotating on and that will bring with it, the least the threat of some more thunderstorms across the sierra nevada and the chance of the possibility of some more fires. but right now it looks like most of staying out of the bay area. but we've seen it happen before that wind goes right direction. remember the paradise fire a few years back that brought all that smoke back in the bay and all never forget morning waking up and looking out of the orange sky. i don't think any of us. well, don't have that. have to get that picture. i thanks that. we are learning is the name of the man who died in a house fire in antioch contra costa county coroner's office says 61 year-old. >> frank lucas was found inside his home last night. fire started just after 8 on serpentine drive to stop davis drive. firefighters arrived to find the home's garage burning and that that is where they believe the fire started. one
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other person who was in the home at the time did make it out safely. >> leaders in oakland's chinatown are adding another $7500 to the reward for information that leads to the capture of those responsible for killing an uber driver. the incident happened 2 sundays ago just outside the city is little saigon neighborhood as kron four's. dan kerman tells us this brings the total reward to $20,000. he was sunday, july 17th when 2 people approached uber driver. >> patrick fung's vehicle just outside oakland's little saigon neighborhood. seconds later, he was shot and killed. you got shot and killed outside a place where he should feel safe. >> his on we are all tired. we are tired of living in the city where gun violence is a huge problem. the frustration was echoed by numerous speakers at a news conference tuesday. we cannot wait for another tragedy.
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>> to happen, you know, if it get done, we're not okay. the desperation and anger in our communities are growing by the day. oakland police chief leronne armstrong says help is already on the way additional officers are being deployed to the little saigon neighborhood as they were to the chinatown neighborhood when they saw a spike in crime last year. i hope that that's what impact is is that that redeployment helps prevent crash happened so we can see less people victimized. lets people hurt less harm to the community. >> the chief says a vietnamese speaking liaison officer has also been assigned to that neighborhood and plans are in the works for a police substation. there. but community members say it will take more than police and video cameras. they say oakland's residents must start speaking up and turning in those who commit crime. there are videos there are there are faces for you to help out. >> and this this is a time because we were suffering.
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>> and we need your help. the oakland chinatown, chamber of commerce also announced the crime against asians reward fund has added $7500 to the reward for information leading to the arrest of funds killers. this brings the total reward to $20,000. we want to help. hopefully. getting justice. one family, dan kerman kron. 4 news oakland's police chief says there are fewer homicides this year compared to last. 66 so far in 2022. that number down 12% from 2021. >> he also says shootings are down more than 20%. >> alexis, gabe has now been missing for 6 months. the 24 year-old oakley woman disappeared from antioch on january. 26 police considered her former boyfriend, marshall jones, a prime suspect in her disappearance and likely murder jones was killed last month near seattle when police tried to arrest him. in the meantime, volunteers have
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continued to search and look for any clues to her disappearance. they have found some things such as parts of a lexus is cell phone. the city of oakley is offering $100,000 reward for information on her whereabouts. >> still ahead, are you a multimillionaire tonight? get your tickets ready. the numbers from tonight's mega millions jackpot after the break.
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>> the whole country is waiting to hear somebody finally hit the jackpot mega millions. drawing happened at the top of the hour a few minutes ago and now we wait to see if there is a winner. yeah, it's been a busy day for bay area. gas stations, another lotto tickets spots kron four's justin campbell live at a chevron, a san jose with more. justin. >> at and this is the 3rd largest mega millions jackpot in that history. almost a billion dollars on the line, too tempting for people not to take their chance and buy a ticket. the lottery machine here at the chevron bird avenue in san jose has been printing tickets all day tuesday and people notice that they're out of the neighborhood and they come in and that by like $20, sofa take $40.50, dollars. oscar villalobos is the assistant manager and also a cashier.
8:25 pm
i've seen a lot of people getting the mega-millions i might write out my so can you blame him? the prize is 830 million dollars. thomas martinez stopped in for some chips and tickets. 830 million. that's a lot of money change. a lot of lies about honestly. martinez says he would use the money on a motorcycle travel and his family, everybody. grew up with live with family wise. i would just take care of a mega. millions says the of winning are one in 303 million, but that's not stopping people from trying their luck that i had to buy guys me feel like i was missing out on something. can find you give me some promise you some right? yeah. what do you give me a >> more than >> now those numbers are the winning numbers are on your screen right now. if you're looking at them all, read them out. it is 7. 29, 60 63, 66
8:26 pm
15. i know somebody is going to be a millionaire tonight. that is a lot of money. ken and if one of those guys that i interviewed earlier, hopefully day one, i could use that money right now. i've got bills to pay after this live got a lot of bills, though. i that i did. you guys when i mean the day i did you guys play. we're still here. his chair would be one and she wouldn't be haha. >> but good luck to all right. exactly. thank you. still ahead, how much waste a cargo ship was able to pick up after sailing from hawaii to the bay area? >> the organization responsible for making our oceans just a little bit cleaner. plus, confidence in the economy continuing to decline. the next move from the government to offer relief
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from inflation and calls for a san francisco school board member to step down are growing. we're going hear from growing. we're going hear from the la when i make decisions as a leader, it's not about me or the folks that are here. it's about the next seven generations coming behind us, making sure that they have the ability to move forward. prop 27 will help small rural tribes like mine get a seat at the table will be transformational for my tribal members. taxing online sports betting gives us an opportunity to really enhance the lives of our tribe and strengthen the future of our people. vote yes on prop 27. when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i was hit by a car and needed help.
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>> number of groups calling for the removal of san francisco school board member and shoe is growing. we are now hearing from the san francisco latinx democratic club and the asian american pacific islander council. just a day after the naacp demanded
8:30 pm
chu's resignation. controversial remarks regarding race are at issue here as kron four's haaziq madyun tells us at least one of the groups is now calling on mayor london breed to ask for the commissioner to step down. >> this is a still photo of san francisco board of education commissioner and shoe and sf usd parents at a recent virtual meeting titled a conversation with the commissioner, members of the lot next democratic club where you guys know president, were you not buy that? >> we're not invited. >> the vice president of the san francisco that next democratic club, kevin ortiz says that is a big problem because it says shoot out that she's committed to listening learning and growing as a person in the wake of stating that the lack of family support and unstable family environment caused black and brown students not to value learning. what is she not getting fall? your community. >> there's many stories of immigration because they came to the u.s. in hopes for a better life for their children
8:31 pm
and includes an educational path where they could be able to succeed and thrive debt. and so for us, it's like we need someone who actually understands these issues from the ground up like that. he's ready to go hit the ground running and how can we have someone dictate policy when they have certain beliefs about a or an inherent bias, which is why we came out pretty early on calling for the resignation the commissioner. >> usd african-american parent advisory council member latoya pitcher was among the parents invited to the meeting with commissioner shoe. she did not apologize to this. she apologize that we felt that way. but she didn't acknowledge your racism. she didn't apologize for her comments and the harm that her comments cost is also in attendance was in a a c p member in sf usd parent that bracket. thompson. >> coming away from that meeting, were you? less concerned about her being on the school board are more concerned. >> i was more concerned. she had already acknowledged that she has this inherent anti-black bias and latin x buys that she can't control.
8:32 pm
and so we as someone who's the leader, you should be able to say, you know what? i think this is not appropriate for me right now to be making decisions. there are other people within my community can too can represent the voice of asian american families throughout this district who are more culturally competent. this is not the first time that african-american sf usd parents took exception to similar comments. >> take a look at this as few as the board meeting from 2016. >> is the home life? there's a problem at home for the students that are completely zoned out because they're either hungry are going through some sort of trauma at home parents within our various communities, love their children and have the same aspirations for higher education for for them. even if many are incapable of providing the level of support that the more advantaged can provide. several san francisco supervisors are calling for and shoot a step down. but the city's top official doesn't seem ready to make december says the latinx democratic club is for the mayor to step
8:33 pm
up and call for the resignation of commissioner. simply need to have someone who represents, you know, all in that the unified school and not just one or 2 communities. we reached out to commissioner and shoe to give her the opportunity to be a part of this conversation. >> we received no reply. haaziq kron. 4 news. >> tonight, mayor london breed is responding to the calls to remove shoe saying and words were wrong and very hurtful. there's a ifference between recognizing systemic inequality and perpetuating harmful stereotypes. but it is important that she apologize and committed to working with members of the community to understand and learn she needs to follow through on that. and really listen and reflect, especially as someone who represents all children in our school district, not our 4 zone forecast as we step outside and show you is really dramatic shot looking from mount tam of the green hills of the mountain looking down
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on the fog of the bay. yeah, it's a beautiful shot. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow looking at the high temperatures. yeah. so many people loving the see some of that fog in their neighborhoods and they're not seeing it is again going to be another hot day these last couple weeks, especially very hot all across the country again tomorrow. triple digits in the dallas again, 102. >> in oklahoma city. but talking about hot weather, the pacific northwest yesterday. guess what? going to be another hot one tomorrow. maybe not quite as hot in seattle, but yesterday, 93 tomorrow 91 will cool off just a tad. still, 95 in portland, a one. 0, 5 in medford, 101. and and how about kennewick 107 degrees tomorrow afternoon. all right. out there. we've got that fog. that beautiful fog rolling back on shore. and that is keeping our air clean and well, our temperatures much cooler as you approach the coastline. of course, highs today actually running a little bit below the average in san francisco. 65 degrees. oakland check in at a very nice 70 degrees. 81 in san jose. 87 degrees in livermore.
8:35 pm
86 degrees in concord and 78 degrees in santa rosa. this time of year. got to watch out for the monsoon. got some low clouds moving along the coastline. monsoon popping up over the sierra nevada. more of that to calm. i think high-pressure, those going to begin to take over here in the next couple of days is that ridge builds in going to see a larger contrast in temperatures and maybe 40 degrees cooler along the beaches as we head in toward friday and saturday is we're going to see temperatures running cool, the sea breeze and the fog cau side numbers. they're probably going to be the 50's and low 60's. but the valleys. yeah, 90's, maybe some triple digits. a big change in the weather coming our way overnight tonight. patchy fog. some drizzle out along the beaches. otherwise that fog in the stretch. well, on shore by tomorrow morning. only to give way to sunshine by the afternoon. highs in the afternoon. tomorrow. you're very comfortable. temperatures inside the bay. lots of 70's, maybe couple low 80's and the santa clara valley, upper 80's inland 50's 60's coast side. but here comes the heat thursday and friday. triple digits in the valleys. much cooler out of the coast. or
8:36 pm
some breaking news to tell you about. now. a strong earthquake shook the philippines tonight. these are pictures showing some of the damage. >> many houses and buildings have cracked walls. you see damaged vehicles, broken windows. the u.s. geological survey measured the earthquake strengths at 7, one person was treated for a cut on her foot. but that is an early report. the is probably likely we might see more reports of injuries, possibly deaths because of 7. of course, is a very strong earthquake. will keep you posted. >> other news now game up to save up. that's the motto for san francisco's new partnership with the giants. the city is working with its home team to bring awareness to the ongoing drought in california starting on friday and through the rest of the water conservation public service announcement will air before games mascot. lou seal will show fans how they can take small action too. make a
8:37 pm
big difference. there will also be interactive pop-up surround oracle park that will educate fans about water conservation. still ahead tonight, a day more than 100 bay area. students get stranded overseas. what's to blame? and the big effort to get them back home and a push to end of wales being kept in captivity for the public's amusement. >> the new legislation from 3 california lawmakers.
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>> after a 45 day voyage of small cargo boat filled with a lot of plastic waste is now docked in sausalito. the 130 foot long boat sailed from honolulu through what is known as the great pacific garbage patch. that's where they were able to recover large amounts of ways ranging from fishing nets to kids, plastic toys. these are images of some of the trash was collected from that voyage, sausalito based ocean voyages institute sponsor the cleanup in about a week. the boat will head back to honolulu and sales through the great pacific garbage patch again for a second cleanup. >> 3 california members of congress, one from the senate and 2 from the house are introducing legislation designed to end the practice of capturing and breathing wales for public display. the bill called the strengthening welfare and marine settings act would prevent any future capture or breeding programs for wales. studies have shown certain species are
8:41 pm
cognitively and emotionally sophisticated animals which do not thrive in captivity. wells in captivity dies significantly younger and wales, which live in the wild. this bill would allow exceptions for animals being transported to a sanctuary or released into the wild california already has a law that bans the breeding of orcas and using them for shows for the public. currently, there are about 50 whales being held in captivity in the united states. take a look at this. this is a live picture for the first time in recorded history. a rare tropical plant known as the corpse flower is kidding. ready to bloom in san jose and it could bloom an anytime now it's going in the biology department's tropical greenhouse a san jose state university. it may bloom sometime this week affectionately known as terry titan. the nine-foot plant is expected to bloom, as we said sometime this week during the 24 to 36 hours when it is fully open, it smells like
8:42 pm
rotting flesh. that's in order to attract flies and other bugs. there are only an estimated one-thousand corpse flowers in the wild and the number is unfortunately declining because of habitat loss. coming up in sports, forty-niners open training camp jimmy gaooppolo and deebo samuel. t
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when i make decisions as a leader, it's not about me or the folks that are here. it's about the next seven generations coming behind us, making sure that they have the ability to move forward. prop 27 will help small rural tribes like mine get a seat at the table will be transformational for my tribal members. taxing online sports betting gives us an opportunity to really enhance the lives of our tribe and strengthen the future of our people. vote yes on prop 27. it's g getting out of germany tomorrow. the nation's flag carrier, is canceling nearly
8:45 pm
all of its flights tomorrow. >> due to a strike by the airlines ground staff striking workers are seeking wage increases and say the staff is overworked due to shortages. hans is cancel nearly all of its flights in germany wednesday. the move affected. estimated 134,000 passengers most flying out of the airline's hubs in frankfurt and munich and a group of bay area students are just now getting home from europe after a shortage of lufthansa staff that left them stranded in europe for 5 days. members of the saratoga and lynbrook high school bands wrapped up a 2 week tour last week, but 114 saratoga students and teachers were stranded in prague, concerned parents and some elected officials reached out to congresswoman anna eshoo is office for help her office and made contact with flying my group. that's a travel agency that deals with large parties. the office also called united airlines a partner with the
8:46 pm
state department, the american embassy in prague. but finally, it was the german embassy that was able to lend a hand and through that crisis team was formed with of cars is getting complicated. they paid for a charter flight and a bus for the students to get back home a long chat. the 2 democratic senators meantime, are urging the department of transportation to fine airlines for delaying or canceling flights because of staffing or operational issues. >> california senator alex padilla and massachusetts senator elizabeth warren want transportation secretary pete buttigieg and other regulators to crack down on the aviation industry. the senators say the department should use his authority to impose fines up to more than $37,000 on airlines to stop unfair or deceptive practices. there is a scramble among federal leaders to stabilize the economy. the biden administration is trying to calm fears of a recession and the federal reserve is poised to raise interest rates again.
8:47 pm
kron four's washington correspondent hannah brandt breaks down why there is still growing economic concern in the nation's capital. >> republicans say they have a recipe for economic success of the way we turn this country around to do opposite of what joe biden tells us to do as families struggle with inflation. congressman jason smith is one of many lawmakers on the right president biden for high prices. a new report from the conference board says consumer confidence in the economy is down for the 3rd month in a row. i don't want to diminish the squeeze that some families are fueling because of rising we had a very robust economic recovery. white house economic advisor brought already says there are signs of strength, too, like low unemployment and falling gas prices. we're working every day to try to address some of the cost pressures. the federal reserve is expected to announce another interest rate hike on wednesday aimed at lowering inflation by slowing down spending. but even the fed is concerned too much of a slowdown could cause a recession. it's a tricky balance. the fed doesn't want
8:48 pm
a recession, but if it gets more hopefully it will be short economics professor joann weiner says the future of our economy is hard to predict largely because of how the pandemic changed. and that to me is the biggest uncertainty out there as we don't know how economy is going to function. but republicans are warning things are definitely headed in the wrong direction. this out of control economy. >> is about to go over a cliff. >> and congressman steve scalise says republicans know how to fix it. open up our energy reserves. stop printing money. >> how about that? no more multi-trillion dollar bills in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> federal student loan payments pause may be extended again. president biden is considering extending the moratorium for a few more months or even until next summer. that's according to bloomberg news student loan payments were expected to restart on august 31st. but student loan processor say they've been told to hold off on sending out billing statements by the department of education. the president is
8:49 pm
reportedly still mulling over a plan to forgive $10,000 in student loan debt per borrower for your health tonight, the company enjoyed life. natural brands is expanding a recall of its products because of the potential risk of hard plastic pieces. >> the company first issued a recall on several products back in june. however, an internal investigation revealed additional goods were also affected. the products were sold in several retailers, including trader joe's and walmart with best buy package dates between september. the 24th of 2022 and march 13th of 2023 for a full list of the products affected. you can check our website kron 4 dot com. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> it's been almost a year and a half since the forty-niners drafted quarterback trey lance and then starter jimmy garoppolo first saw the writing on the wall today as
8:50 pm
the forty-niners reported for 2022 training camp. but we finally have a better understanding of how that story might end. jimmy g showed up at the forty-niners facility today for a physical. this is older video, though. that's all about all he'll do with the reading gold head coach kyle shanahan said today that the team has, quote, moved on from jimmy garoppolo to last year's 3rd overall pick that slants even a couple of passes. the physical shanahan said he does not plan for up a little practice with the team trade talks for the qb stalled after he had shoulder surgery in march. but now that his rehab is on the right track, the forty-niners are hoping they can move him soon. if the forty-niners trade or release garoppolo, they'll save more than 25 million dollars in cap space. here's more from shanahan today. >> to me, the of a job come into camp and when that job and take us real close to the super bowl. but we have moved on to trade for starting camp out this way. we think jimmy would have been traded to the
8:51 pm
surgery. didn't happen and it did. you needed to do it. so there's there at all. but it's good to see that he is but now it's all just seen how this will end up. this is trace team and that's nothing against jimmy. we made that decision a year ago and we're going with that and we're not going mess around with that anymore. jimmy knows we're going to treat rhinos are going to train our team does so. that's and everyone likes of the guys. so it's. >> it is what it is. >> the other big story line is wide receiver deebo samuel who requested a trade after his contract negotiations went south in april. samuel didn't report to the forty-niners facility today when asked whether he practice prior to getting a deal done. gm john lynch was noncommittal but he did give a reason to believe that talks with tivo are moving in a promising direction. >> we've had productive and substantive you you know, i don't want to everyone all excited that something is imminent because we're not there yet. you know, really hopeful that in the near future will be able you know,
8:52 pm
announced something that's exciting for everyone involved. and that's good devos here and we're excited about moving forward with them as part of the state. >> chop chop. there's a new apex predator at the tank today. the san jose sharks named david quinn, their new head coach quinn comes to the tank, the a team usa for whom he served as head coach at the 2022 olympics in beijing and the 2022 world championship. his prior nhl head coaching experience is with the new york rangers where he compiled a winning record and led the team to top 10 finishes in power. play percentage block shots and takeaways. quinn knows he's got his work cut out for him. but when asked if he felt any extra pressure to win in the bay area, given the success of other franchises like the warriors quinn, stay cool as a cucumber. >> all this pressure all the time. nobody puts more pressure on themselves and coaches and general managers. and, you know, certainly congratulate the worriers. but
8:53 pm
i don't think that's going to put any extra on us. least me personally. i put enough pressure on myself and i'm like hoses standards pretty high. so. we certainly congratulate the warriors and happy but, you know, i our level of our standards and our expectations don't change. >> it was just a couple years ago that the sharks. >> we're one game away from reaching the stanley cup finals. and since then, it's just been a pretty brutal situation. so hoping that quinn can turn things around. that's it for sports. ken pam, back to you. all right, kate, thank you. coming up, could this building's solve all society problems? wilhelm, one country in the middle east. hope so hoping to finish this building. >> by the end of the decade.
8:54 pm
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8:56 pm
>> all right. take a look at this. an ambitious plan for the future of civilization. they're calling it a linear mega city which hopes to address issues with traditional urban living. the line as it's called, is a development plan for saudi arabia. the development would house 9 million people stretched across the length of 75 miles o be higher than the empire state building feature homes, retail schools and parks development has already started. the project involves 2 buildings running parallel to one another covered in mirrors. >> the designers say that there will be no cars and 0 pollution. commuting will be through a high-speed train that will run under the will
8:57 pm
also feature smart devices such as drone delivery, a marina and a stadium, the country's crown prince wants it completed by 2030. it looks like something out of the jetsons cartoon. well, let's see how it works see how it works. so from there that wraps up kron. 4 news at 8, but still a lot ahead on this tuesday night. grant and katharine standing by with a look ahead. you can thanks pretty cool about the animal migration routes. you know, if you're cutting off 75 miles. i guess they only have camel story whole yeah. all coming up at 9 o'clock, san francisco police want to access to privately on surveillance cameras. we've been hearing about this. >> how long they'll have to wait for an answer from the board of supervisors for that discussion stands tonight. also coming up, the san francisco woman gets. >> by a dog attacked and then attacked by the dogs owner.
8:58 pm
tonight she shares the incident which is captured on video. keep it here. kron. 4 news at 9 is next.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at thing. that is serious invasion of her privacy and civil liberties. >> we think it will seriously harm and further increased policing and incarceration.


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